Is Charlie really the freak we've been led to believe?

I've been researching a very wide variety of topics for quite a few years and if there's one nearly universal truth i have learned, it's that the truth is often vastly different than what we've been told. Is the same true for Charles Manson?

Manson has been portrayed as nothing more than a brainwashing murderous cult leader and lowlife hippy freak, yet when you listen to his words, another dimension emerges. I think Manson was a highly complex person and he seems to have been quite well educated well beyond the "education" provided by our government indoctrination centers (public school). The man certainly had his faults and he was extremely eccentric, however we are products of our environment and his early life was spent in an incredibly toxic one.

Charles Manson died in prison in 2017. He spent much of his life in and out of various "correctional" institutions and "reform" schools. I think a lot of people probably think he was a murderer, yet there is no evidence that ever killed anyone. This didn't stop the courts from charging him with seven counts of first degree murder and sending him to prison in 1971 for the remainder of his life.

Whatever you think of Manson, one must admit that he had a fascinating mind and perhaps a prophetic one. He may have been a habitual liar as well, yet he spoke the truth about certain controversial subjects, such as who and what we really are and about how our society functions.

I write this after having watched a video interview he gave in prison which i encourage you to watch also.

Charles Manson Interview With Penny Daniels

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