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In Case of Popular Awakening, Break Glass | Helen of desTroy

From Helen of desTroy...

In Case of Popular Awakening, Break Glass

In the blink of an eye, Operation OMFGVIRUS has been swapped out for Operation Race War, and don't you dare ask what happened to our bleak socially-distanced future - the aim is to get us to relax just enough to almost believe it was all a bad dream before whacking us with the Second Wave (to be blamed on all those irresponsible protesters - whatever could have made them all disregard our SAGE advice and flood the streets to demand justice? Surely not a pack of malevolent media vultures gleefully cackling over the military precision with which we're being clobbered with each successive blow - just when you thought the lockdown was over, it's curfew time! and was that a local ADL representative who just tossed that brick through your window? I could have sworn i saw him at Temple the other week, what's he doing wearing that armband...) and revealing they've been contact-tracing us all along, and aren't we lucky that they have, because there are criminals about.

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