I think you'd better watch this recent video from Jeff Berwick

Jeff Berwick is also known as the 'Dollar Vigilante'. Although i watch some of his videos, i don't often link to his work because too much of the time (let's say 25% or so) the information he presents isn't entirely factual. His latest video is another example of information which may very well be false, however, like the Protocols of the Learned Elder of Zion, it doesn't matter whether it's false or not because what he describes is generally accurate and this is verifiable when one researches the U.N. and the globalists plan for so-called 'sustainable development' (aka Agenda 21, the 'Green New Deal', 'The Great Reset'), which is anything but sustainable or green. And so i would encourage everyone to watch this video where Jeff talks about an alleged whistleblower from the Canadian government with regard to the "pandemic" and what's really in store for Canada and the rest of the world over the next year or so.

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