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Hottest COVID Nurse Whistleblower Award Goes To...

Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski

What the hell, may as well have some fun in Clown World while we're waiting to be put in the !!! COVID NINETEEEEEN CAMPS !!!.

So who's the hottest COVID-19 nurse whistleblower? Nurse Erin!

Erin Marie Olszewski, RN-BSN, is a registered nurse, Army combat veteran, author, public speaker and activist. Erin was one of the earlier whistleblowers during the COVID-19 p[L]andemic.

Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski

Erin worked in a Florida hospital when they started preparing for the first big wave of COVID-19 victims, except the wave turned out to be a ripple. Since Erin wasn't needed in Florida, she was shipped up to Elmhurst Hospital in New York, the 'epicenter of the epicenter' of the COVID-19 scamdemic, and while there she witnessed and recorded fraud and negligence to a degree that i don't think many of us imagined could take place in a hospital in the United States.

Erin has since written a book, Undercover Epicenter Nurse: How Fraud, Negligence, and Greed Led to Unnecessary Deaths at Elmhurst Hospital, in which she details her incredible experience. You can find many video interviews of Erin on BitChute.

Thank you Erin, for all you've done.

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