The Architects Of Western Decline

Annie Sprinkle Vagina Exam
Ellen Steinberg, known as Annie Sprinkle, was a Jewish feminist, porn actress, and lesbian. She would masturbate on stage with a dildo and then invite members of the audience to peer up her vagina with torchlight and speculum.

The Architects Of Western Decline: A Critical Study Of The Frankfurt School


Marxism, the Frankfurt School, and the Leftist Takeover of the College Campus – The Clarion Sound

Karl Marx's ideas of historical materialism, the exploitation of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie, and class-based division are staples of American collegiate academia. Any second-year university student, no matter his degree path, has already been taught from the enlightened minds of Marx and Engels. However, what if these ideas of Marxism go much deeper than mere economics? What if Marxist philosophy has extended to every facet of the American college campus?

To some, this idea might seem preposterous and a manufactured right-wing conspiracy. To any politically moderate or conservative student, it's a living reality.

While socialist and Marxist-influenced ideas have spread throughout the corridors of America and thus led to the election of such prominent democratic socialists as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, many Americans don't realize how deep an impact Marxist ideas have made culturally — namely, on college campuses. The Frankfurt School was a movement of far-left European philosophers who sought (among many other things) to apply the ideas of Marx in a social context. What developed from this school was Critical Theory, which is ultimately a re-envisioning of the way the world is seen.


Marxism, the Frankfurt School, and the Leftist Takeover of the College Campus

How did socialism become mainstream? Look no farther than modern-day socialism's roots: Marxism. When one observes the modern political scene occupied by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris, one observes nothing but modern-day Marxism. When one observes the modern-day college campus, one observes nothing but the Marxist-leftist indoctrination of America's youth.


Garret/Galland Investment Research You Can Trust

The 1950s were a simple, romantic, and golden time in America.

California beaches, suburbia, and style. Atlas Shrugged was published, NASA was formed, and Elvis rocked the nation. Every year from 1950–1959 saw over 4 million babies born. The nation stood atop the world in every field.

It was an era of great economic prosperity in The Land of the Free.

So, what happened to the American traits of confidence, pride, and accountability?

The roots of Western cultural decay are very deep, having first sprouted a century ago. It began with a loose clan of ideologues inside Europe’s communist movement. Today, it is known as the Frankfurt School, and its ideals have perverted American society.


Jewish Faces in Porn

Jews have been the pioneers of socially and spiritually destructive porn as an industry. Porn is a sin industry, meaning most of it has long existed in the black market, and has long had connections to other forms of vice and crime including all manner of prostitution. Obviously, a "porn actor" is intrinsically a prostitute, thus pornographers, who employ the "actors" to engage in sex acts for their profit, are mega-pimps engaged in a form of mega-prostitution. If an industry deals long with prostitution and other outlawed vices, this creates certain blackmail opportunities over time as influential persons -- politicians, etc. -- gradually fall into the far-flung vice net. Jewish domination of porn and related sin industries, it is suspected, has allowed them to blackmail and control politicians. But the pornography itself is the most destructive impact on Gentile and Christian society.


Authoritarians and Jews: The Push to Normalize Pedophilia, by Eric Striker - The Unz Review

Advocacy for legalizing pedophilia is nothing new in post-war Western nations. Influential Jewish and homosexual intellectual and cultural leaders like Allen Ginsburg, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Hakim Bey, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Gabriel Matzneff, et al –fueled by Jewish anti-fascist hysterics and the theories of Reich, Freud, and Adorno — openly promoted sex with small children as an act of liberation — unimaginable in 2020.

Groups like NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) were generally accepted as fellow travelers in the “LGBT” movement of its time and were members of mainstream gay advocacy organizations like the International Gay and Lesbian Alliance (ILGA). In the UK, the Pedophile Informational Exchange was also involved with gay activism. The Netherlands, France, Germany and other liberal states all had parallel above-ground groups dedicated to lowering or abolishing the age of consent, sometimes embraced by mainstream political organizations like the German Green Party (which for years was represented by Daniel-Cohn Bendit in the European Parliament).


Harvey Milk | Jewish Virtual Library

American politician and gay rights activist Harvey Bernard Milk was born on May 22, 1930, in Woodmere, New York and raised on Long Island. Though Milk was a secular Jew, his grandfather, Lithuanian immigrant Morris Milk, co-founded the Sons of Israel Synagogue in the heavily Jewish Long Island town. Harvey Milk chose to shun religion as he had strong feelings about the role of organized religious in the oppression of homosexuals.

Milk moved to San Francisco in 1972 and opened the camera store Castro Camera in the Castro District, a neighborhood that was experiencing a mass influx of gay men and lesbians. Between 1972 and 1976, Milk unsuccessfully ran for office in California three times. During these campaigns, Milk dubbed himself the “Mayor of Castro” street and his outrageous antics earned him media attention and votes, although not enough to be elected. He took advantage of his growing popularity at the time to lead the gay political movement in battles against anti-gay initiatives.

In November 1976, voters in San Francisco reorganized elections in order to choose supervisors from neighborhoods instead of voting for them in city-wide ballots. Milk was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from District 5 in 1977 and made history as the first openly gay man to hold office in a major American city.

Milk began his tenure by sponsoring a civil rights bill that outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation.


Allen Ginsberg: The Father of American Degeneracy – Dissident Mag

This is the rallying cry of the "Beat" Generation, a literary and cultural aesthetic which formed in the early 1950's; usually associated with Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. The movement, which spawned in the post-WW2 era, promoted sexual degeneracy and individual "liberation"; resulting in a pro-drug and overall pro-perversion ideology. At a time when in 20th century America such degeneracy was considered blaspheme, Jew Allen Ginsberg, a so-called anti-establishment rebel, was fomenting this destructive ideology in the halls of a very-establishment Columbia University.


Masters of Porn: The Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviance – The Occidental Observer

Reich was, by his own account, not only a compulsive masturbator from early childhood but a self-confessed pervert with wide-ranging sexual interests. Beginning sexual activity at the early age of four with a maidservant whose pubic hair he was allowed to play with, he went on to seduce the family cook at eleven-and-a-half. While still a small boy, he had begun to take an unhealthy interest in farm animals and could be seen prowling around the stables where he “stimulated mares by inserting whip handles in their vaginas.” At 15 he began visiting brothels where his insatiable appetites made him the talk of the town. Here he is in his Autobiography describing his uncontrollable libido:

Was it the atmosphere, the clothing, the red lights, the provocative nakedness, the smell of whores—I don’t know! I was pure sensual lust. I ceased to be. I was all penis! I bit, scratched, thrust, and the girl had quite a time with me! I thought I would have to crawl inside her…

Nursing an incestuous passion for his mother, he would snoop on her having sex with the family tutor. “I need a woman,” he wrote in his journal, “who is both mother and whore.” Once he was tempted to break into his mother’s room, while she was engaged in sex with his tutor, and demand to be part of a threesome:


American Oligarchs I: The Pritzkers and Transgenderism - National Justice

The Pritzker family, heirs to the Hyatt Hotel, today use their estimated $29 billion dollar fortune to speculate on the stock market, dodge taxes, buy politicians, and rip people off with predatory banking schemes.

The Jewish clan has made capitalist-activism, where money wrung out of working class people is used to pay for the pet projects of the anti-social left, central to their plan to radically re-engineer America. The Hyatt Hotels have been specifically targeted in the past for their atrocious working conditions, while they have also raked in large illicit profits through Superior Bank, a usurious subprime lending racket that ripped off and ruined the lives of scores of poor people. The money-lending venture so abusive it compelled the government to force the Pritzkers to pay a $460 million dollar settlement. In a functional system they would've gone to prison.

One member, the billionaire Jennifer Pritzker, is a male-to-female transgender who served in the US military.

According to research conducted by Jennifer Bilek, "Jennifer's" money, along with other figures like fellow Jew and transsexual Martine Rothblatt, has put the wind in the sails of the transgender top-down revolution, granting it scientific and medical credibility through the power of their checkbooks, along with trained operatives who have helped institutionalize it in the corporate world. The Pritzkers are heavily invested in the world of pharmaceuticals and science.

Through the Tawani Foundation, Jennifer has been able to corrupt and influence the direction of the ACLU, various military academies, medical institutions (including for children) and universities.

In recent years, Jennifer has donated millions to the University of Minnesota Medical Department's Human Sexuality department, carved out a "Pritzker School of Medicine" at the University of Chicago, and a "Transgender Studies" chair, handpicked by Pritzker, at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Other members of the Pritzker family donated $25 million to University of California at San Francisco's child health department, which under the auspices of two Jews, predictably advocates for confused or ill young children to be given irreversible transsexual surgeries.


How Jews Gave America Gay Marriage – Fash the Nation

Since gay marriage was legalized in 2015 the American public has seen that the slippery slope from legal gay marriage to trannies in girls locker rooms to troubled children given hormone blockers is real. And Americans aren’t too happy about it: as Alyssa Rosenberg lamented in the Washington Post, the number of Americans who express discomfort around LGBT people has risen for the first time since 2014.

In light of this, it’s worth looking back at how this slippery slope began and how gay marriage was legalized in the first place.

An interesting perspective on this subject can be found in an article published in 2014 by Tikkun Magazine titled “How Jews Brought America to the Tipping Point on Marriage Equality” which details how “Jewish activists gathered enough force to help push the state-by-state dominoes over to legalizing same-sex marriage” and how “Jews can claim a fair share of the credit for bringing Americans to a tipping point of accepting marriage equality.”


Jewish Daily Forward openly admits Jews are behind homosexual & transgender movement – The Realist Report

The Jewish Daily Forward recently published its annual Forward 50, a list of the 50 most influential Jews in American life (could you imagine the outrage if an explicitly White news outlet published a list celebrating and commending the 50 most influential White people in American life?).

To introduce the list, Forward editor Jane Eisner describes the immense influence Jews have over American political and cultural life, essentially admitting in the process that Jews are the leading proponents of homosexual marriage, gay rights, and the disgusting, entirely degenerate and insane movement supporting transgenderism.

Due exclusively to Jewish influence and subversion, these Talmudic, degenerate cultural and social movements have become mainstream in American society today, a fact that Vice President Joe Biden once openly celebrated.


Feminist Punks and Hoodlums (Part I) | Veterans Today

Augustine was indeed ahead of his time. He was a man who actually saw moral and metaphysical things just the way they really are. He clearly understood that once a person rejects the moral, social and political order, soon or later he will end up imitating it or borrowing from its principle[1] in a deceptively promiscuous way.[2]

We can easily see Augustine’s point by looking at some of the vital contradictions that exist in the feminist movement. It must be stated at the outset that feminism was a largely Jewish movement. Some of the leading lights in the movement include:

Betty Friedan (defender of pornography), Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologue), Gloria Steinem (abortion), Rosa Luxemburg, Andrea Bronfman, Bella Abzug, Blue Greenberg, Brenda Howard, Arlene Raven, Buz Hahn, Betty Comden, Cathy Young, Clara Fox, Elfriede Jelinek, Ellen Willis, Emily Mehlman, Gertrude Stein, Gloria Alfred, Grace Paley, Hanne, Blank, Helen Cohen, Jennifer Miller, Jean Rothernberg, Joyce Warshow, Judy Blume, Judy Cohen, Kathy Pollitt, Kitty Carlisle, Lisa Goldberg, Madeleine Stern, Melton Florence, Mollie Orshansky, Muriel Rukeyser, Naomi Klein, Nina Hartley (pornographer), Pamela Waechter, Rachel Adler, Ruth Ginsburg, Ruth Morgenthau, Ruth Segel, Ruth Westheimer, Sally Fox, Sally Lilienthal, Savina Teubal, Shirley Broner, Spencer Laszlo, Susan Sontag, Sylvia Siegel, Tillie Olsen, Trude Weiss-Rosmarin, Wendy Wasserstein, etc.

These people have opened the feminist floodgate. And we all know that once the floodgate is opened, you simply cannot tell the water where to go. This is one reason why feminist thoughts have infiltrated much of the entertainment industry.


Freudian Fraud: Sex and Psychoanalysis | Veterans Today

On his way to America in 1909, Sigmund Freud declared: “We are bringing them the plague.”[1] That plague was none other than psychoanalysis.

Psychoanalysis, in its whole scope, is or was a system that sought to subvert classical psychology, which started with the Greeks and which was to a large extent based on reason. Psychology progressively began to be viewed as an academic exercise for smuggling in Jewish ideology. As E. Michael Jones puts it,

“The redefinition of psychology was a revolution in the truest sense of the word. What was up went down, and what was down went up. Before that revolution, reason sat on instinct like a rider on a horse.”[2]

When reason lost its proper place, Jewish psychology—or shall we say psychoanalysis—began to unleash a plethora of sexual instinct upon mankind. Sigmund Freud played a big role in bringing about this transformation. The ethics of this form of psychology, as Heinze argues, is neither Greek nor German or Western, but it has a Judaic ring to it.[3]


George Soros: The money behind the transgender movement - Washington Times

Three years ago, a Supreme Court ruling paved the way for gay marriage.

After it, the mainstream media had one question: What was next for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement? They had, after all, won the big fight. In addition, many corporations had adopted policies barring discrimination based on sexual orientation, and two of America’s most watched shows at the time “Modern Family” and “Glee” featured openly gay characters.

“I really do believe [the Supreme Court ruling] is the domino that is going to tip over the rest of the dominoes,” Wilson Cruz, an LGBT activist, told CNN at the time. “Do not get in the way of this train, because it will run you over.”

To ensure things ran full-steam ahead, billionaire George Soros, through his Foundation to Promote Open Society, dedicated at least $2.7 million to the cause that year, according to his tax returns.

Some Republicans at the time mistakenly thought the LGBT movement had reached its pinnacle, that the culture wars had ended. They thought the party could now focus on fiscal concerns, which weren’t nearly as divisive.

But that was foolish — the LGBT movement was just getting fired up, and Soros-affiliated groups were already plotting their next prize.


Jewish founder of porn company Monarchy Distribution admits ✡ Jews created and own porn industry

Back in 2013, Michael Kulich, the (now deceased) Jewish founder and chairman of the porn company Monarchy Distribution revealed that the porn industry was "pretty much founded by the Jews" and that the business side is still controlled by them.


Is Porn Being Used as a Weapon?


Snuff Porn Pedophilia: Killing Children for Sexual Pleasure – Darkmoon

ROME, ITALY — Italian and Russian police, working together, broke up a ring of Jewish gangsters who had been involved in the manufacture of child rape and snuff pornography.

Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years old from Russian orphanages, raping the children, and then murdering them on film.

Mostly non-Jewish customers, including 1700 nationwide, 600 in Italy, and an unknown number in the United States, paid as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and murdered.


Jenji Kohan and the Jewish Hyper-Sexualization of Western Culture | The Occidental Observer - White Identity, Interests, and Culture

The hyper-sexualization of Western culture (the most conspicuous result of the Jewish takeover and virtual monopolization of the Western media and entertainment industries) can, therefore, be viewed as the practical ethno-political application of psychoanalytic theory to a traditional Western culture regarded as inherently authoritarian, fascistic and anti-Semitic due to its "repressive" sexual morality. MacDonald points out that "psychoanalysis has been a veritable treasure trove of ideas for those intent on developing radical critiques of Western culture" with these ideas influencing thought in a wide range of areas, "including sociology, child rearing, criminology, anthropology, literary criticism, art, literature, and the popular media."


NPN Email Alert

ADL knows the fastest way to destroy existing society is through homosexuality. Historically, no nation pervaded by sodomy endured for long. It’s for this reason that Jewish Bolshevik Bella Kuhn, conquering Hungary after the Russian Revolution in 1917, force-fed homosexuality into the curriculum of public education, transforming Hungary’s youth into moral degenerates. The same thing is happening today as ADL promotes homosexuality in our school system, even from the kindergarten level.

Several years ago, through Barnes and Noble bookstores, ADL promoted homosexuality through their “No Place for Hate” program. It encouraged families visiting the bookstores to invite a homosexual couple to their home for an evening. This would teach kids, ADL suggested, that there’s no truth in Christian judgments against sodomy. Gays, ADL says, are some of the nicest, most non-threatening folks your kids can get to know.


Weimar 2.0: German "Talent" Show Features Jewish Woman Eating Sausages With Her Butt


Jews: Sexually Perverted ~ and Remaking Society in Their Image | The Ugly Truth

Source: Times of Israel, Originally posted September 25, 2013

NOTE by Chris Rossetti: Just as Jews tend to remake the societies they invade into mirrors of the multiracial, multicultural cesspools in which they evolved, so also they instinctively attempt to mold their host societies to match the high levels of sex perversion naturally present among Jews. Jews are far more likely to be homosexual than non-Jews, for but one example among many. As the two articles ~ from Jewish sources ~ excerpted below show, Jews have historically recognized and tolerated a number of bizarre sexual categories.

They are clearly infecting us with their own long-term psychosexual illnesses, which are today illustrated by such repulsive manifestations as Yuval Topper ~“born female [and who] underwent a sex reassignment surgery to become male, discovered that he’s gay, married a gay man, and …became the first Israeli transgender man to conceive and give birth to a baby” ~ and the “the all-transgender, all-Jewish, folk punk band called Schmekel.”



Here is an exhaustive list proving, once and for all, that the radical homosexual movement in the United States is a Jewish movement. Jews created it and run it from top to bottom. They are pushing the perversion and degeneracy that is spreading disease, sin and sickness through America like a wildfire.


New Book Exposes History and Money Behind The Transgender Lobby - National Justice

In The Transgender Industrial-Complex, a copy of which was provided to National Justice for review, author Scott Howard provides over 400 pages of mostly unknown names and groups who, largely over the last 20 years, have used their money to fund phony science, corrupt law, judges and politicians, disseminate disinformation, and organize often thuggish and violent activism to force mostly English-speaking liberal democracies to seriously debate whether men can get pregnant or children should be allowed to choose to take drugs and have irreversible "gender affirmation surgeries."


Jill Soloway and the "Transgender" Agenda, Part 1 – The Occidental Observer

In a recent article I explored the Jewish role in the hyper-sexualization of Western culture. I made the point that this phenomenon — the most obvious result of the Jewish takeover and virtual monopolization of the Western media and entertainment industries — represents the deliberate ethno-political application of psychoanalytic theory to a Western culture regarded as inherently authoritarian, fascistic and anti-Semitic due to its "repressive" sexual morality. This hyper-sexualization agenda, which has had disastrous social consequences for White people, operates in tandem with the Jewish-led "civil rights" movements which demand deference for non-Whites and sexual non-conformists — these serving as proxies for Jews as the prototypical outsiders in Western societies. With the legality of "gay marriage" seemingly secured (largely as a result of Jewish efforts) the focus of the "identity politics" agenda has now shifted to deconstructing traditional Western views about what it means to be a man or a woman.


The Money and Masterminds Behind Drag Queen Story Hour - National Justice

Drag Queen Story Time as a Concept was created by a Jewish lesbian named Michelle Tea (Tomasik) and RADAR Productions of San Francisco. RADAR productions is a Bay Area production company whose mission statement reads “RADAR is a Bay Area queer literary arts organization creating and supporting a community of queer artists through commissioning, developing and presenting ground-breaking literary work”. RADAR Productions is also instrumental in disseminating the program throughout the country.

RADAR is funded by a number of organizations, including The California Arts Council, The San Francisco Public Libraries, The Horizons Foundation, and notably The Walter and Elise Haas Foundation, and The Zellerbach foundation.

The Walter and Elise Haas Foundation is a Bay Area "philanthropy" founded by Walter Haas. Walter Haas is the son of Jewish Bavarian immigrants, who married Elise Stern, daughter and niece of the founders of Levi Strauss Jeans. Haas is best known for being the President of Levi Strauss from 1928-1955, he is credited with saving and growing the brand. The Walter and Elise Haas Foundation focuses their energy and capital on 5 areas, according to their website, The Arts, Economic Security, Education, Jewish Life, and Net Safety. The site prominently features articles like “How the World Should Be: Jews, Social Justice and GLIDE” by Rabbi Michael Lezak.

The Zellerbach Family Foundation is the other Bay Area “philanthropic” organization that funds RADAR Productions and Drag Queen Story Hour. The Zellerbachs are a wealthy family of Jewish immigrants known for owning a huge paper and paper pulp conglomerate and enormous timber and land holdings in the Pacific Northwest.


The Jewish Century And Pornography - Brave New WorldBrave New World

Jewish scholar Yuri Slezkine of the University of California postulates in his work The Jewish Century, “The modern age is the Jewish Century, and the twentieth century, in particular, is the Jewish Century.” “Modernization,” Slezkine continues, “is about everyone becoming Jewish.” Similarly, in a speech delivered at the B’nai B’rith in 1902, Solomon Ehrmann, a Viennese Jew, envisioned a future in which “All of mankind will have been jewified and joined in union with the B’nai B’rith.” When that happens, “not only the B’nai B’rith but all of Judaism will have fulfilled its task.” According Albert S. Lindemann of the University of California, for Ehrmann, “Jewification equaled enlightenment.”

What, then, has this “Jewish Century” produced? It surely has produced massive debt and massive death on a large-scale, as we have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and now in Mali and Algeria. But here I want to focus on a specific issue: pornography. It is almost common knowledge that pornography destroys lives. Several scientific studies have shown that it leads to sexually aggressive behavior. Cambridge anthropologist J. D. Unwin noted back in 1934 that out of 86 civilizations he had thoroughly examined, one of the backdrops that led to their eventual collapse was sexual promiscuity. We also know that Jewish organizations have fought for unrestricted pornography. Pornography was even viewed as a drug more harmful than crack cocaine. One particular expert in the branch of medicine, Jeffrey Satinover of Princeton, declared that pornography “does what heroin can’t do.” Research has shown that pornography initially got people interested in having sex, but in the end it destroys the natural way of making love. Some neurosurgeons such as Donald L. Hilton of the University of Texas have even gone so far as to say that prolonged exposure to pornography can cause brain damage. Why don’t those studies lead to the closing of the pornographic industry? The love of money, as we all know, is the root of all evil. The pornography industry has a $97 billion revenue every year.


The Jews Who Tranny You

!!! WARNING !!! If you have a weak stomach, be sure to close your eyes when Nathanael suggests doing so !!! WARNING !!!


The Sexual Subversion of America, Part 1 of 2 – The Occidental Observer

Beginning in the 1920s, the outcry against Hollywood’s subversion of morals was so great that various forms of legislation — federal, state and local — were proposed as an antidote.

As a way of heading off this legislation, Hollywood’s Jews in 1934 entered into a voluntary agreement with the Legion of Decency, a Catholic operation. That agreement was known as the Production Code. The Catholics forced the issue by organizing boycotts at a time when the film industry was reeling from the effects of the stock market crash and their heavy indebtedness to the nation’s banks.

The most memorable and most effective boycott was organized by Cardinal Dougherty of Philadelphia, who forbade that city’s Catholics from watching movies in the city’s movie houses, which at the time were largely owned by Warner Brothers. His efforts created a situation in which Warner Brothers was losing $175,000 a week at the height of the depression.

The man who ran the Production Code office for the next 20 years was a Catholic by the name of Joseph I. Breen, a man who had no illusions about the attitudes of the Hollywood elite during the early 1930s:

They are simply a rotten bunch of vile people with no respect for anything beyond the making of money. . . . Here [in Hollywood] we have Paganism rampant and in its most virulent form. Drunkenness and debauchery are commonplace. Sexual perversion is rampant . . . any number of our directors and stars are perverts. . . . These Jews seem to think of nothing but moneymaking and sexual indulgence. The vilest kind of sin is a common indulgence hereabouts and the men and women who engage in this sort of business are the men and women who decide what the film fare of the nation is to be. They and they alone make the decision. Ninety-five percent of these folks are Jews of an Eastern European lineage. They are, probably, the scum of the earth (Gregory D. Black, Hollywood Censored, p. 70).


Times of Israel Celebrates Jewish Role in LGBT Civil Rights Movement

Indeed, radical Jewish activists, who are deeply influenced by their Jewish background and ethnicity as Dr. Kevin MacDonald so ably demonstrated in his masterpiece Culture of Critique, have been leading champions of all of the degenerate and entirely subversive movements and cultural norms mentioned above. Incredibly, Jewish news outlets and activist organizations often openly and proudly report on these facts, as The Times of Israel recently did in regard to the Jewish role in the so-called "civil rights" struggle for the LGBT community.


Why New Jersey's Orthodox stalled a bill banning child marriages - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

(JTA) — A bill that would ban teenagers under 18 from marrying in New Jersey has been stalled because of opposition from the state’s haredi Orthodox community.

Agudath Israel of America, the national haredi organization, says it supports the bill but that its provisions are too strict. Citing child marriages that take place in observant Jewish communities, it wants to see an exemption made for older teenagers who want to wed.


US Embassy Pushing LGBT Agenda on Country of Georgia, the People Fight Back, 97% Say No to Gay Pride

For years, social liberals have attempted to force LGBT ideology on the Republic of Georgia, a profoundly Christian country with deeply good people, amazing food, and—most importantly—strong traditional values. Unfortunately, the United States' own Embassy has again and again pushed for the LGBT agenda and is currently supporting a so-called "Pride Parade" which has been strongly condemned by the Georgian Orthodox Church. The Patriarch of Georgia, His Holiness Ilya II, is a kind and holy man (with whom I was blessed to meet when he spoke at WCF X in Tbilisi). Patriarch Ilya has made clear that Georgian Christians will not be silent while their Christian roots are undermined and attacked.


Who runs Hollywood? C'mon - Los Angeles Times

I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.


Joe Biden Acknowledges 'Immense' Jewish Role in American Mass Media and Cultural Life

In a remarkable but under-reported address, one of America's most prominent and influential political figures has acknowledged the "immense" and "outsized" Jewish role in the US mass media and cultural life. Joe Biden – now President of the U.S. – said that this has been the single most important factor in shaping American attitudes over the past century, and in driving major cultural-political changes.


G. Edward Griffin Interviews Yuri Bezmenov (1984)

In this program G. EDWARD GRIFFIN interviews former KGB agent and USSR defector YURI BEZMENOV, they talk about the Subversion occurring in the West and how the Communists are doing it.

The Subversion of the West was the goal of the USSR/KGB, by indoctrinating the youth in Marxist ideology, the communists planned to put in power the most degenerate, valueless, corrupt, selfish and untrustworthy of individuals. With these corrupted individuals in the press, politics, academia and finances, the Subverters/Communists would use them to corrupt western society and they would do it in 4 steps:

DEMORALIZATION - Indoctrinating the youth to values totally contrary to American values and the natural order (promotion of homosexuality, sexual liberation, destruction of the family, materialism, etc..), this takes 15-20 years since it is the time needed to "educate" one generation of students in the enemy country (with the ideology of the enemy).

DESTABILIZATION - It takes to 2 to 5 years, what matters here is economy, foreign relations and Defense Systems. The goal here is to influence the mentioned sectors with the Marxist Ideology (Interventionist Economy, Welfare State, Relations with Communist Regimes, Wars) and Destabilization that helps communists in their goal to world spread crisis. Infiltration of Communists and sympathizers. in the Defense of the USA, Transfer of Technology.

CRISIS - Can take as little as 6 months to have change in power, either with an "Uprising" or "Revolution" in such way of destroying the current government and making sure there is chaos on the streets.

NORMALIZATION - Can be indefinite, Communists and Technocrats will step in to provide a solution to the problems they created, whether you like it or not. The new system with the new bureaucrats (Or if you will, the Slave Owners) will not only remove the liberty of the people, they will confiscate their weapons, surveillance and facial recognition will be used, they will re-assign dissidents, create labor/slave camps, destroy anything that could be a threat to them and the USA will lose its power and influence around the world.


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