Hitler and Gun Control

Gun Control and the Nazis – Setting the Record Straight

Quite often i find uninformed bloggers, patriotic Americans, and the mainstream media drawing sensationalist parallels between the political climate of Hitler’s Germany and that of the United States at present. 1 2 3 Though there are disturbing similarities, the context in which those policies are rooted could not be more at odds; while Nazi Germany was essentially a police-state dictatorship, similar to what the U.S. is devolving toward today 4 5 6, it is quite clear that the ideology driving the politics in Hitler’s Germany was intended to avoid the same sort of tyranny, corruption and moral erosion which the people of the U.S. and elsewhere find themselves battling today.

A popular example of one such parallel asks us to compare gun control laws in the U.S. with those of Nazi Germany. Here we are led to believe that Hitler disarmed all German citizens, resulting in the slaughter of six million defenseless Jews on his way toward world domination. Those who have researched German’s role in World War II beyond the history that our mainstream institutions have provided however, are likely to reach very different conclusions regarding Hitler 1, the Jewish holocaust 2, and our subject of focus here; the gun control laws in Hitler’s Germany.

Many are aware of the depth to which corruption is embedded in all levels of government and how our mainstream media falsifies, minimizes or simply omits many subjects of importance. 1 2 We know that officials cannot be blindly trusted and that our history books do not always portray an accurate account of historical events, yet many still subscribe without question to the official narrative regarding Germany’s role in the war, never bothering to question whether those that wrote the history may have had an agenda that would best be served by falsifying it.

In order to paint an accurate picture of who was disarmed and why, i think it is necessary to briefly examine the circumstances behind Hitler’s rise to power, for there is a great deal more to the story than what is typically revealed. To begin, we must put into context the mindset of not only the German people during the 1920’s, but the mindset in general throughout the developed world, a time during which African Americans were still being lynched in the United States. 1

Prior to World War II and before Hitler rose to power, the Jews had been expelled from approximately 67 countries including Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Prague, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the Ukraine, sometimes more than once by a single country, and persecuted in other forms in as many more according to Jewish history. 1 Rather than automatically attributing the lengthy historical persecution of the Jews to antisemitism as many Jewish organizations would have us do, one might consider why no one wanted the Jews. The expulsion of the Jews was obviously not unique to Germany, nor was the internment of subversives and undesirables which had occurred in many countries both before and during the war. 2 3 4 5 The United States government had forced Japanese, Italian and German-Americans into concentration camps during the this period, subjecting some detainees to forced labor in at least one case. 6 7 8 9

The Treaty of Versailles after World War I, which erroneously laid the blame for the war entirely upon the shoulders Germany, was heavily influenced by powerful Jewish businessmen and politicians, including Louis Rothschild, Phillip Sassoon, Bernard Baruch, Stephen Wise, Paul Warburg (former Chairman of the Federal Reserve) and his brother Max Warburg. 1 The treaty succeed not only in robbing the German people of their dignity, but also in gutting the state financially and militarily and dividing large portions of her land amongst the victors. 1 2 The erosion of German values and corruption of its political system continued after the first war as Jewish politicians, lawyers and businessmen took up residence in Germany where they undermined the government and spread Marxist propaganda through the radio and print companies which they influenced or owned. 3 German culture and morals were further assaulted by the pornography that came with the Jews, who were prominent in the industry then, as they are today. 4 5 6 7 8 9

I can think of no better quote to summarize the reason for Hitler’s rise to power than that spoken by Ernst Zündel during a 1996 interview by an Israeli journalist in which he stated that “Hitler was an organic outgrowth to Jewish behavior“. 1 2 Although i have not thoroughly researched the circumstances under which the Jews had been expelled and persecuted in hundreds of countries prior to World War II, it appears their behavior was a key factor in many instances. Certainly many of us today can clearly see the result of Jewish-Zionist behavior in Palestine 3 4 as well as the heavy handed and disproportionate influence they wield in the worlds most powerful institutions, including the news media, entertainment, government, politics and finance. 5 6 7 8 9 10 Hitler had a solid insight regarding the effects the Jews and their central banks had upon German culture, politics and economics. 11

At this point i think it is important to state that it is not my intention to imply that the Jewish people as a whole are responsible for all the worlds problems, however when one considers the impact that portions of Jewish culture and ideology has, and continues to have upon various nation states, i think it is abundantly clear that this influence is responsible for a significant number of the most important problems we face. Ultimately however, i think we only have ourselves to blame; we, the “99%”, Jewish or otherwise, who make it possible for the “1%” to maintain power, enslave us with their monetary systems, brainwash us with their media, and send us to fight and die in lucrative wars which are engineered and financed by corrupt politicians and international bankers for reasons which seem to consist of little more than personal greed and geopolitical control. The Jewish people as a whole are also victims of these self-serving elitists, as well as any nation which has succumbed to the international bankers. Hitler planned to eliminate the threat that international Jewry posed in Germany by expelling the Jewish business cartels from his country. In a broadcast to the German people in 1941, he stated, in part:

This conspiracy of democratic Jews and Free Masons dragged Europe into war two years ago. Arms had to decide.

Since then a struggle has been taking place between truth and lies and, as always, this war will end in the victory for truth. In other words, whatever lies British propaganda, international world Jewry and its democratic accomplices may concoct they will not change historical facts. And it is a historical fact that for two years now Germany has been defeating one opponent after another.

I did not want it. Immediately after the first conflict I again held out my hand. I have been a soldier myself and I know how difficult it is to win a victory.

My hand was rejected. And since then we have seen that each peace offer was immediately exploited by the warmonger Churchill and his confreres so that they could say it was proof of our weakness.

In March of 1933, less than a month after Hitler was appointed chancellor and prior to his order to boycott Jewish businesses and Kristallnacht, international Jewry declared economic war upon Germany in the form of a world-wide call to boycott German businesses. The achieved goal was the complete economic destruction of the country. 1 2 3 This declaration of war occurred well before the German government began restricting the rights of Germany’s Jews.

Judea Declares War on Germany

Upon economic warfare having been declared by world Jewry, it would appear that the German government had the legal right, according to international law, to confiscate the arms of a self-established enemy residing within its borders, however this confiscation of firearms would not take place for another five years when, in November of 1938, Herschel Grynszpan, a Polish Jew, assassinated Ernst vom Rath, a popular German diplomat. 4 5 Thus the numerous claims that all Germans were disarmed, or that Jews were illegally disarmed, are factually incorrect. While the somewhat restrictive gun control law from 1928 was left in place for the first five years after Hitler was appointed chancellor, the revised firearms law enacted by the government in 1938 actually removed or relaxed many restrictions regarding firearm ownership. Following is a summary of the gun control laws in Germany by date: 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

  • 1919: Gun ownership is restricted to persons possessing a weapon or hunting license. Arrangements are made by the allies to confiscate all privately owned firearms under the threat of sanctions.
  • 1920: The German population is to be disarmed with severe penalties for violates.
  • 1927: Production of handguns with a barrel length of 98mm or greater and a bore of 8mm or larger is banned.
  • 1928: The general prohibition on the acquisition of firearms is lifted, however strict provisions are made requiring separate permits to own, sell, carry and manufacture firearms and ammunition. A license is still required to own long guns.
  • 1931: Due to the rising political crises, the acquisition of firearms and ammunition is subject to further restrictions.
  • 1933: Nazis seize power.
  • 1938: A weapon permit or hunting license is required for handguns only, the permit restriction for long guns is removed. The acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as well as the possession of ammunition is deregulated. The age limit for purchasing firearms is lowered from 20 to 18. Firearms permits are valid for three years instead of one. Holders of annual hunting permits, government workers and NSDAP members are no longer subject to firearm ownership restrictions. Jews are prohibited from manufacturing, dealing, possessing and carrying firearms and ammunition (violators are subject to imprisonment for up to five years).
  • 1945: Legislative power is transferred to the Allied Military Commission.
  • 1945-1946: All of Germany is disarmed, including the military, police and civilians. All firearms must be turned over to the nearest Allied Commander within 10 days. The maximum punishment for possession of a firearm is death.

The relaxing of the German gun laws of 1938 by Hitler’s government sits in stark contrast to what we are experiencing today in the United States where there is an obvious effort to circumvent the 2nd amendment to our constitution by what many see as a criminal and tyrannical government which is hell-bent on widening its scope of power. While it is true that Hitler set up a fascist, police-state dictatorship, one must account for the reasons why he did so, including the extremely desperate situation Germany was facing prior to his rise as a result of severe hyperinflation and unemployment, widespread prostitution and pornography, drug use and general lawlessness. Germany was also facing a very real threat of a communist takeover by the Bolshevik Jews who influenced the political, legal and educational systems, as well as the media. 1 2 3

Many of the Germans who did not initially support Hitler were willing to tolerate him out of pure desperation at a time when poverty and unemployment were rampant. In the early 1920’s a loaf of bread cost hundreds of billions of reichsmarks and a kilogram of butter cost thousands of billions. 1 Hitler proposed real solutions to these enormous problems and eventually gained the overwhelming support of the German people, including former communists in some cases, because he produced tangible results. In just a few short years he created millions of jobs and completely reversed the exponential downward spiral of Germany’s economy at a time when much of the rest of the world was still battling the effects of the banker engineered Great Depression. 2 3 4 Most importantly, Hitler restored the dignity of the German people which had been stripped of them by the Jewish-backed power-brokers who authored the Treaty of Versailles. These dramatic changes would not have been possible without the removal of the influential Jewish bankers, businessmen, politicians and communists. 5 The overwhelming support which Hitler came to enjoy — an unheard of 90% at one point — resulted in some of the largest and most enthusiastic rallies the world has ever known. 6 Widely praised for his accomplishments by many world leaders and economists, no state before or since has been able to match what Hitler had accomplished in Germany in just a few years.

German woman burning money
A German women feeding a stove with worthless money during the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic

Unlike Barry Soetero and the rest of the Jewish-Zionist funded presidents that have occupied the White House after the murder of John Kennedy, Hitler’s campaign did not rest on wish-washy words like “hope” and instead rested upon clear goals which were met through decisive action. Hitler did not require an armored vehicle and bullet-proof barriers between himself and his audience while presenting to millions of Germans in the streets and at rallies because nearly all of Germany and, in fact, much of the world respected and admired him. Which politician in Washington, D.C. can say the same today?

Hitler greets supporters at a May Day gathering
Hitler greets supporters at a May Day gathering in the Olympic Stadium, Berlin (click to enlarge)

While there are indeed parallels between Hitler’s Germany and the U.S. today, it is abundantly clear that the foundations of those politics could hardly be more different. There can be no comparison between the corrupt, lobbyist-fueled, weak-kneed whores who have occupied Washington, D.C. for decades and Adolf Hitler, who did not bow to Zionist handlers or worship at the Wailing Wall while our countrymen pay the price in blood and tears and taxes and bailouts as the nation loses its sole, descending dangerously close to the conditions present in Germany during the period of the Weimar Republic.

Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
President Donald Trump at the Western Wall, Jerusalem
President Donald Trump at the Western Wall, Jerusalem

For a great deal more about Germany’s role in World War II and the Jewish holocaust, please read: Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust.

Also see: Debunking the Myth of Water Fluoridation by Hitler and “those evil Nazis!”

27 thoughts on “Gun Control and the Nazis – Setting the Record Straight

  1. To fight racism in the world we must all be considered Anti-semitic. Learn the truth. Look at the source evidence in regard to the extermination of the German people by the Zionist elite. We must come together regardless of color and creed before they crash our economy and pit our peoples against one another. The Rothschilds plan to leave our lower classes destitute is taking place as we speak. Read the source material. Don’t believe anything if there is no visible evidence.

    1. Just as there are Fly Over States here in the Jewish-controlled U.S.S.A. So there are fly over nations around the world along with entire populations deemed disposable.
      IQ unites the elites of the world against the bulk of humanity, whom they regard as inferiors. Regardless of their own national or ethnic origin.

  2. With His birthday just a week away, it behooves all who have studied this Great Man to consider one of the greatest acts of Mercy in human history: namely Hitler’s actions – or more accurately, non action – at Dunkirk.
    Here the victorious Wermacht could have been unleashed to annihalate the thoroughly defeated and surrounded British Army forced to the beaches of France with naught but the Atlantic Ocean at their backs.
    Instead of attacking, Hitler halted the inevitable slaughter, or mass surrender and unbelievable SHAME the stupid Brits would’ve endured, and allowed their evacuation.
    Yet instead of acknowledging this Man’s immense humanity and good will towards a foreign government and people he admired and tried mightly to befriend, he is criticized and the English made out to be heroes in their hour of complete defeat.
    Such is the power of the pen, cinema, and especially talmudvision that not one in a million Westerners can see the plain fact that Hitler was a true Man of Peace when it came to Europe. And a lion when it came to destroying Jewish Bolshevism and the homicidal, blood drenched Soviet Union.

  3. Of course not all Jews are Talmudicized monsters who have brought soooo much grief to the world. But the problem is identifying those who are pathologically perverted. Ergo, declaring the entire Tribe to be suspect, and erecting barriers so as to prevent the abuse and destruction of a nation’s culture and society seems the Historical and most prudent modality. Such can be done without violating the most basic Human Rights. Yet the violation of some civil rights is almost inevitable.
    For those interested in the Jewish Question, I heartily recommend the trilogy on Judaism by Prof. Kevin MacDonald; especially his third book, THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE. In my opinion easily the Most Important Book written in the past 50 years.
    This was an EXCELLENT article!

  4. Hitler was put into power by the international banking establishment and he was taken out by them when he began to print his own currency called labor treasury certificates- Support was then given to their other puppet Uncle Joe Stalin the Freemason and he became the new manufactured enemy after WWII- Without western technology, technicians, and financial aid Soviet Communism would have collapsed –

    1. Hitler was put into power by the international banking establishment and he was taken out by them when he began to print his own currency called labor treasury certificates

      the financing and the reason are two very separate issues – Hitler was a product of the parasitic effect that international Jewry had upon Germany beginning with the close of World War I, a war which he fought in, was wounded in, and won several prominent medals for, including two Iron Crosses

      to distill it down to bankers and greed is to overlook a great deal of what Hitler accomplished in post-Weimar Germany, as well as who he was as a person

      if you were going to fight a war and you’re enemy offered to finance it, would you turn down the offer?

    2. I believe it to be a canard that Hitler was funded by the International Banking establishment, in other words The Jews, and would like to see solid proof of this assertion. It is similar to the off heard claim, just as ridiculous IMHO, that Unkle Adolf was a Rothschild! So much of what we hear about Hitler, including quotes supposedly by this towering figure, are suspect due to the overwhelming success of His revolution and the threat it posed to the Jewish-controlled capitalist and communist world at the time. The British Foreign Office, for instance, requested that the free cruises offered to German workers avoid coming near their coast lest the British working class get it into their heads that there really could be a Workers Paradise within reach. Hitler showed the world what a modern industrial nation could accomplish PEACEFULLY with social harmony and racial/ethnic solidarity!

      1. i’d like to see creditable evidence that Hitler was a Sephardic Jew and, without that, i think your implication that “nazi” in “Ashkanazi” is tied to the NSDAP suffers a major blow

        as far as the Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Hasidic Jews resulting from a single bloodline, the DNA studies seem to be all over the map and tainted with plenty of bias, so i’m not sure anything can be concluded from them

        Surprising Discovery that Ashkenazi Jews Descend from Europeans | Ancient Origins

        regarding Hitler being a puppet of the Ashkanazi, the first two points need to be established first

        1. I believe you either missed, or was misled, by the use of the word “alien” in Angela Goodson Lord’s comment above. She is no doubt referring to Little Green Men!
          Ergo, whether Hitler was a Sephardic or Ashkanazi Jew becomes moot when such a bizarre and unprovable additional assertion is introduced into an already rather pointless discussion.
          Hitler’s DOCUMENTED myriad accomplishments, especially in economics (labor-based currency, barter on an international scale) make his DNA make up, whether Martian or Jewish, a completely moot point, and is only brought up to co-opt serious discussion of his triumphs that would have changed the course of History had his revolution not been crushed by the All-lies and their Jewish masters.

          1. I believe you either missed, or was misled, by the use of the word “alien” in Angela Goodson Lord’s comment …

            i was sincerely hoping that was not what she was referring to – i chose to read “alien” as non-Jewish

            i agree with the rest of your comment regardless

            1. Your succinct style of writing ought to be applied to the National Socialist “Economic Miracle” that was THE reason for Jew War Two.
              Just as Khadaffi”s Libya was labeled a “threat to the International financial order” by France’s half Jew president, Sarkozy, despite Libya’s economic success that was the highest on the African continent, so, too, was Hitler’s Germany.
              His bartering with South American nations, long the victim of Jewish/US Crony Capitalism and militarism, showed the world a peaceful way to trade that cost less; since the Jewish middlemen were cut out. Just one example of why He had to go. And his memory tainted with the Holohoax.

              1. Wayne Costigan:
                “His bartering with South American nations, long the victim of Jewish/US Crony Capitalism and militarism, showed the world a peaceful way to trade that cost less;”
                You’re well informed there. My country is included in that group. Thanks for the mention.

              2. Wayne Costigan: “His bartering with South American nations, long the victim of Jewish/US Crony Capitalism and militarism, showed the world a peaceful way to trade that cost less; …”

                Thanks for the mention, my country has been 1 of those.

        2. I think I will start with the bloodline. The AshkeNAZI Zionists, Sephardic Jews and Merovingian DNA is a human alien hybrid bloodline. If you track their migration patterns back you will discover that before they migrated to Judah and Mesopotamia they came from Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Before that they are said to have out of the Himalayan Mountain region where their gods were what we call aliens today that created a sort of Garden of Eden for them inside the Himalayan Mountains. The Koran has them flown out of the Himalayan Mountains as well as the Black Adams. In any case this Semite line has always been connected to alien human artificial insemination that carry what is called Copper Based Aquatic Blood. If you want proof then DO YOUR HOMEWORK LIKE THE REST OF US. If I can spend the time doing the research so SHOULD YOU.

          DNA studies show this bloodline as having it’s origins in the Middle East I believe and that they are related to the Indian Adams whose origins are also found in the Middle East.

          You sound like a disinformationalist whose job it is to make sure the new information coming out is discredited. There are many of you TROLLS online being paid by the ASM’s to do this. You demand proof but as you do this you show us that you have NOT DONE YOUR HOMEWORK and that you expect US TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOR YOU.

          When I look at the Globalists who carry this DNA they all seem to have Semite characteristics. Even the Bible states that the bloodline of Cain will show these facial features. Look at the pictures of the Sumerian Statues and you will see they were depicted as dark hair dark eyed people with large and crooked noses. Their eyes are goggly. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see these characteristics in leaders like Hitler with the hollowed out eye sockets. It is not at all unusual for an AshkeNAZI Rothschilds to hire a Sephardic Jewish woman to work for him. AshkeNAZI considered the Shepardic Jews as lower class Jews aka semite alive, this is still true in Israel today where the Jews are the second or third class citizens under the AshkeNAZI. To follow this tread even further the Judah Semite Jews were considered through out India as the lowest cast of humans alive thousands of years ago.

          1. your opinions are not evidence – i asked for evidence

            i’m not publishing further comments until you post creditable evidence that Hitler was a Shepardic Jew – and that aliens are involved as well since you’re making that claim

          2. Ms. Lord- while I do not agree with your point of view, I would lay down my life protecting your right to Free Speech. That said, and while I find alternative, esoteric topics interesting, including the possibility of Ancient Alien contact, no matter how improbable, this forum is NOT the best place to expound on such, since the average person perusing these comments will inevitably immediately dismiss the ENTIRE crucial topic of the Hidden Truth of Hitler’s aims and achievements, as a joke.
            I’ve had many jobs over my 40 years since leaving high school, but, I swear, a paid Interner troll is not one of them; though I am certainly open to such easy work! Problem is, trolling, from what I’ve experienced, seems to be the province of the Jewish-funded Left.
            And if you ever deign to read Kevin MacDonald’s masterpiece, The Culture of Critique, I recommend the expanded paperback version easily available for a song, used, on the web. It looks at Jewish political and social movements from an Evolutionary Psychology perspective, and their Group Evolutionary Strategy to overwhelm other nations. A strategy the National Socialists seem to have copied and been successful implementing, notwithstanding their lack of alien DNA.

            1. What interests me about Hitler is not his accomplishments and the fact that we have been lied to about WW11 what interests me is his involvement with aliens or should I say the Thule Society’s interest in communicating with them. The Nazi’s were using alien technology, we know that now. The Bell or “Die Glocke” is one example of their alien technology. If the readers on this blog are not interested in the most fascinating aspect of Hitlers covert involvement with alien technology then I can’t imagine why this data is ALL OVER THE INTERNET and history.

              Yes the AshkeNAZI Left Wing Globalists are sending in the TROLLSs but so are the Right Wing Republicans who are als AshkeNAZI Zionist Globalists, they control both parties.

              I recommend Jim Marrs and so many others who talk about Hitlers UFO involvements. You can’t swing an umbrella around among we the TRUTH MOVEMENT with out hitting so many reallly good researcher, authors, writers and speakers on the subject. I also think that Jordan Maxwell has quite a bit of data out here. TOO MANY REALLY GOOD PEOPLE TO NAME.

              1. Ms. Lord, the entire point of the article, I believe, was to correct a falsehood that had seeped into society that equates all totalitarian governments, typified by the NS’s of Hitler’s Germany with Gun Control. Twenty years ago my car sported a bumper sticker that said “All those in favor of gun control raise your right hand” with a picture of Herr Hitler giving the Roman salute.
                I was besmirching a great man because I had been hoodwinked into believing the Big LieS told about him and his movement.
                For you to derail the discussions with tall tales of alien technology does an immense disservice to the cause. Said cause being the search for theTruth. An Aryan trait that goes hand in hand with an inborn sense of Justice.
                Gen. Patton declared the Germans he’d just defeated to be “the finest race in Europe.” The myriad technological accomplishments of the German nation, once unified by Bismark into a modern nation state, stunned the world and scared the crap out of the English, French, and Russians. Ergo, any seemingly magical technology developed by the Third Reich is readily explained by the ethnic traits of a highly intelligent, industrious, sober people.
                Ya know, kinda like what Amerika (sic) used to be like before the Jews purposely began Browning down a nation built by similar Northern Europeans, all without help from ET.
                And while there is much to be thankful for on the Internet, such as this site, among many others fighting the good fight against world domination by Talmudic Jews, there is also a lot of garbage. Just because numerous authors claim aliens exist and interbred with humanity doesn’t prove it is true.
                And if Jews truly were of ET stock, what difference does that make? This is first and foremost a spiritual war. Secondly, a contest of who gets to control information. Which is why the Internet is such a threat to the MSM and their masters.
                So much of what has been said about National Socualism is 180 degrees opposite of the Truth, that further muddying the already cloudy waters with such bizarre theories of yours does a grave disservice to the MILLIONS who sacrificed their lives trying to free Western Civilization from Jewish domination and eventual destruction. If you can’t comprehend that, I feel sorry for you.

              2. The Nazi’s were using alien technology, we know that now.

                we don’t know that – to “know” is to have proof – we can speculate that the bell involved massive amounts of electricity and, potentially, the spin of mercury at very high velocities


                i have requested that you provide evidence to back your previous claims and, instead, you provide nothing but more unsubstantiated claims – you are done here

          3. I agree with you on the points that the Cain’s bloodline/or what many believe are Satan’s children… and their DNA has that distinctive fingerprint in it… think about it… Satan’s World… so his children get to own all that comes from it… oil, gold, water, the atom, drugs, etc, etc… and those who swear allegiance to them get a small portion of table scraps… sad but true!

              1. The fully debunked LIE that the NSDAP was “funded” by Jews/Zionists has been around for quite a while, sown, no doubt, by His enemies in order to further sully Hitler’s name, and confuse the truly ignorant.
                It has been shown that exactly one prominent Jewish businessman donated $$ to one of Hitler’s rivals early in the struggle for leadership within the Nationalist Socialist Party. That failed miserably, of course. Hitler took control and led the National Socialists to political, economic, and moral, if not martial, victory.
                And, please, let us all cease using the Jewish-Commuist slur word, NAZI !

                1. hi Wayne

                  the finances of Hitler’s Germany is not my forte, but it is my understanding that some of that financing was indeed provided by Jewish controlled banks – the first thing about this that i would say is that there is nothing unusual about banks financing both sides of a conflict – the other thing i would say is that, personally, i would be more than happy to accept financing from my enemy in order to fund their own destruction as long as i could offset accusations of collusion

                  i think Hitler’s intentions were pure – he seems to have been a simple and moral man – and maybe the early NSDAP was not financed by the Jewish mafia, however that funding did make its way into Germany at some point according to my understanding and whether it was in the 30s or 40s doesn’t really matter

                  looking forward to anything more you wish to share on the subject

  5. Someone has to be steering the global ship, and all the evidence points to the Jew as being at the helm. No other people on the planet have confronted all the Empires of human history as has the Jew. This gives them a legacy of experience unmatched by any other people in human history in dealing with their fellow man of other races/religions/ and cultures. Being chosen of God, and in that stormy one and a half thousand years of being God’s chosen ones, it only added to their uniqueness as a people as recorded in history, both biblical and secular. That God/Jew relationship ended with their betraying and killing God’s son, for thirty pieces of silver, (the price of a slave as it was then) Jesus called them ‘money lovers’ and they proved their mercenary mindset and contempt of ‘their’ Christ, in killing their ‘Messiah’ for so paltry a sum. Money was their weapon then, and it is today. God’s response was HIS casting them off, using the power of Rome to destroy Israel and scatter them across the earth, where HE said they would be hated by all people’s. So true. From being God’s chosen ones, to doing the work of the Devil, the Devil has given them a world for doing his bidding in having God’s son put to death. The Jews are tools of the Devil. It is fitting that the Devil would take on God’s cast offs, for who has had as much experience as them in world affairs? That is why in whatever nation they settle in, they go straight for the jugular (the money supply) and end up taking over or being ousted from the host country because of their controlling growing power that threatens all about them. Their success in doing that is proven by their being ejected from scores of country’s over the past two millenia. They now own a WORLD. Operating from the shadows, with enormous monetary power, in a world where everything and everyone has a price, and can be bought, they pursue their global agenda with their bought and paid for puppets of power, the politicians. Like all rulers of the past they all fell by their own arrogance of power, and have left only ruins of their attempt at world domination, ruins which are but a tourist attraction today. The Jews are about to leave the greatest ruins of all.

    1. Hi Michael
      Though i appreciate your comments it is a mistake to criticize an entire people, lumping them together under the title ‘Jew’ and assume that all Jews follow the same path. There are internal rifts among Jews, even in Israel where many do not support the Zionist government. Many of the most important works of historical revisionism regarding the “holocaust” were written by Jews. Thousands of Jews fought for Germany during WW2, some attaining very high ranks in the German military. Many Jews have the foresight to see how Zionism and promotion of the holocaust myth is creating unwanted blow-back for their people as a whole.

      When i speak of Jews, i try to be specific. Just as with your Italian mafia analogy, it is only a very small number of Jews steering the ship (influencing politics, the media, banking, etc.). Many of the rest subscribe to the ideals of this criminal cabal only because they have been indoctrinated with their propaganda all their lives and many others do not subscribe at all because they are capable of thinking for themselves.

  6. When one looks at Mafia’s across the USA, and all the criminal activity they are responsible for, everyone knows they are of Italian descent, be they from Sicily, or Sardinia, or mainland Italy, that criminal bent was brought to the USA, and they have proven to be the most ‘successful’ if I may use that term, in creating a criminal empire within America. That is fact, everone knows who the Mafia are, and their family background. It does not make the individual who exposes them, anti-Italian, or prejudiced. It is just how it is. Likewise an examination of history reveals the Jews influence in human affairs is long in its making, much of it done in the shadows, as they have used others as front men for their particular goals. Interestingly they used Pontious Pilate and the Roman judicial system to crucify Christ. Pontious Pilate tried several times to release Jesus, but the Jewish religious leaders pressurised him with subtle threats that endangered his political position, so that his political ambitions overuled his sense of justice. He followed that age old political duplicitious manoeuvre and capitulated to them. Pilate washed his hands in public, as to say he was free from the blood of this man, while at the same time sentencing Jesus to death. A typical Politican. Politics, Money, Religion, Jews. That same pattern of human rule has been going on for a long time now.

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