The Club of Rome wants you to kill yourself (else they'll do it for you)

I just added more content to my !!! GLOBAL WARMING !!! article regarding the Club of Rome. Following is an excerpt...

It is the Club of Rome and David Rockefeller that has pushed the "human induced global warming" agenda. This organization, founded in 1968 at Rockefeller's estate in Ballagio, Italy, is hugely important and influential. The Club of Rome is consulted by various governments and it pushes agendas that affect the entire world, yet the public knows little or nothing about it.

Following is an excerpt from an issue of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), 23-Jun-1981, titled 'The inside story of the Club of Rome' by Nancy Spannaus:

In his speech before 120 diplomats and government officials in Washington, D.C. this last week, EIR founder Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. identified the major policymaking institutions of the advanced sector as the real problem leading the world toward World War III. No one could exemplify this judgement more clearly than Alexander King, cofounder of the Club of Rome, as he described the origins and workings of that institution to EIR in Paris last month.

King's Club of Rome is not a power in its own right. Many in the United States and developing sector would hardly recognize its name. Yet the institutional connections of this elite group, which began with a mere four individuals in 1968, make it one of the central coordinating bodies for the worldwide depopulation policy which ranges from mass sterilizations, to right- and left-wing terrorism, to fomenting of Salvador-like civil wars. It is the policies formulated in the Club of Rome, on behalf of the "black noble" families of Venice and Great Britain, which are then transmitted through leading institutions such as NATO, the OECD, and governments of nations like Canada.


Gradually the policy profile becomes clearer. "Many of us felt that the nation-states of especially Western Europe were not looking at the long term, but were bound up with short-term electoral cycles, and far too traditional." The meaning of that is directly linked to the views of the Council on Foreign Relations, whose member Lloyd Cutler, then personal counsel to President Carter, wrote an article on future governments last year. Governments will increasingly be absorbed with the business of managing scarcity, Cutler said, and therefore must be cut off from the demands of the constituencies.


King is interested in promoting zero growth through the rubric of the "technetronic society," as envisioned by such madmen as Zbigniew Brzezinski and the late H. G. Wells. How does this cohere with the so-called concern for the "humanization" of science reflected in the educational reforms and King's discussion of the policy review by the Nobel Foundation in 1968? Merely that an increasingly small group of technocrats will run the increasingly smaller core of industry, manipulate the overall population through the "information" society, and leave the bulk of the world's population without access to the tool of technological development.


King's description provides the reader with a remarkably clear image of how the Club of Rome functions to shape the policy directions of leading institutions. The Club of Rome is not at all interested in wielding power as such-that makes it too direct a target of opposition. It prefers to act "as a catalyst," leaving the appearance that the student rebellions, destabilizations, and economic retrenchment programs it is fostering are "just popping up spontaneously."


The so-called academic institutions are quite revealing. Key among them are IFIAS, the International Federation of Institutes of Advanced Studies, and IIA SA, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis. These groupings, both technically oriented, are key penetrators of explicitly anti-Club of Rome governments and institutions, including especially the Soviet Union. Acting as impartial experts, their members are ruining dozens of nations, controlling international institutions like the United Nations, IMF, and World Bank, and perverting the best of scientific minds looking for a solution to underdevelopment.

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