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GOOD NEWS! Did you hear? The COVID-19 'pandemic' ended on June 6, 2020.

Comparing COVID-19 timeline to influenza

The chart below was assembled by 'Ethical Skeptic' (website, twitter) using data provided largely by the CDC. According to this data, the rise and fall of the COVID-19 'pandemic' largely coincided with that of the seasonal flu. While this data is extremely useful in combating the baloney of a 'second wave' as churned out by the Big Pharma funded media whores on the boob-tube and mainstream social media platforms, the numbers are not accurate. First and foremost, there can be no argument that the number of COVID-19 related deaths and cases is grossly inflated. Secondly, the numbers provided annually by the CDC for influenza cases are derived from guesswork and then inflated to include cases of pneumonia and other diseases where there is no influenza diagnosis. From the CDC website:

We look at death certificates that have pneumonia or influenza causes (P&I), other respiratory and circulatory causes (R&C), or other non-respiratory, non-circulatory causes of death, because deaths related to influenza may not have influenza listed as a cause of death.

The key word in that statement is "or".

The chart provided by 'Ethical Skeptic' clearly shows that the COVID-19 virus largely followed the influenza seasonal flu virus in terms of its timeline. The 'pandemic' is over, if there ever was one.

Comparing COVID-19 timeline to influenza

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