Pronouns - an exercise in STUPID

Why did i do it? Why did i succumb to searching .edu domains using the keyword 'pronouns'?

Google returns about ONE POINT TWO MILLION RESULTS for .edu top-level domains. For whatever reason, many .edu domains redirect to non .edu resources. Here's a few samples of the woke ludicrous idiocy occurring in schools in the United States of communist/Marxist/socialist/radical left-wing/LGBTALAPHABET+ influencers...

Vanderbilt University

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

University of Minnesota

Duke University

Example of “xe/xem” usage: Maria left xyr backpack and xe has an important paper in there, can you go grab it for xem?

St. Bonaventure University

Why does it matter?

In English, our most commonly used pronouns (he/she) specifically refer to a person’s gender. For queer, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and transgender people, these pronouns may not fit, can create discomfort, and can cause stress and anxiety.

Dickinson College

Mistakes and Misgendering

Misgendering refers to the experience of being labeled by others as a gender other than one that a person identifies with. Because many (not all) associate their pronouns with their gender identity, using the wrong pronouns intentionally or unintentionally is a form of misgendering. If you accidentally use the wrong pronoun when identifying someone, please apologize or say “thank you”,  and immediately use the right pronoun.

Western Washington University

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of Wisconsin River Falls

Chicago School of Professional Psychology



Ok, Groomer... Compilation of Videos Unearthed of Very Stable LGBTQIA+2&!XYZ#

Here's What Democrats Literally Believe These Days

Anyone interested in how and why these degenerate lifestyles came to infect western culture would do well to research the Frankfurt School.



Scottsdale Unified School District - You've been Served

Leigh Dundas, Miki Klann and Ron Watkins speak out to the Scottsdale Unified School District in Scottsdale Arizona.

During the meeting, Miki and Ron declared their intention to file a claim against the Governor's surety bond on behalf of the SUSD board members.

Each member of the board were charged with practicing medicine without a license, child abuse, segregation and inappropriate sexual material in the school libraries.

In order to resolve the problem, the board members must:
- Remove all mask mandates and recommendations
- Remove all "experimental treatment" clinics and recommendations
- Discontinue the Critical Race Theory and agendas
- Remove all inappropriate sexual material from the libraries
- Greenburg must resign

Miki served each board member with 10 letters of intent by 10 different parents. Each claim carries a liability of up to 100K - this means each board member carries a total liability of $1 million in the event that the claims are filed.

Now the board members have 5 days to rectify the situation or the parents of SUSD will file the claim against them.


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