The Climate Crisis (of 1936)

Tony Heller runs the website Real Climate Science, a website dedicated to exposing the man-made CO2 global warming crisis bullshit. I learned of his work through James Corbett, who has also spent a significant amount of time researching and exposing the same.

There is a wealth of articles on Tony's website, but this one happened to catch my eye just now:

The Climate Crisis Of 1936 | Real Climate Science

From July 7-14, 1936 every state reached 90F (32C), forty states reached 100F (38C) and sixteen states reached 110F (43C.) It was the hottest week in US history.

California, South, Dakota, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, North, Dakota, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, West, Virginia, Kansas, Minnesota and Ohio were all over 110F. South Dakota reached 115F and California was over 120F.

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