Dumb-ass of the Day Award Recipient: Josue De Luna Navarro

Global Warming Science Settled!

If i had to pick the top problem facing the world today, i think i'd have to choose education, as in a severe lack thereof. Government might be next followed by environmental issues. There is no doubt we humans are destroying the Earth with our retarded wars, waste, consumerism and greed, from which all of the aforementioned problems originate.

That said, there is somewhere between little and no creditable evidence that human produced CO2 is warming the presently cooling climate, but such facts are conveniently overlooked by those standing to gain from the carbon tax scheme and the brainwashed masses who swallow what the media and the governments tell us.

Josue De Luna Navarro is a fellow member of the Institute for Policy Studies which appears to be something of a propagandizing think-tank that uses social media to promote their agendas.

The story of IPS began at a high-powered State Department meeting of generals and defense industry executives in 1961, at the height of the Cold War. In the room were White House staffer Marcus Raskin and State Department lawyer Richard Barnet, who had joined the Kennedy Administration with hopes of systemic transformation. But after hearing the speeches and rhetoric of the officials that day, the two young public servants concluded that systemic change can only happen through the power social movements. Within two years, Raskin and Barnet had left the Kennedy Administration and founded the Institute for Policy Studies, where they could more freely “speak truth to power.”

For more than five decades, IPS scholar-activists have provided critical support for major social movements by producing seminal books, films, and articles; educating key policymakers and the general public; and crafting practical strategies in support of peace, justice, and the environment.

While reading the news today, i ran across an article that was published on the Common Dreams website by Navarro, A 'Red Deal': Why Indigenous Communities Belong at the Center of Climate Action. Perhaps exploiting ignorant, mentally handicapped children (Greta Thunberg) isn't getting the corporate job of monetizing life enhancing CO2 done fast enough, so apparently Navarro thought that introducing the "Red Deal" in order to promote the "Green New Deal" might work. Exploiting children and Injuns is an effective tactic, you gotta admit, because no one wants to be the penis criticizing them. And of course using science to bolster the "global warming" agenda isn't gonna work because the scientists aren't on the side of the global warming extremists.

The idiots pushing the CO2 = "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE IN 11 YEARS" claims that they've been pushing like crack cocaine for decade after decade after decade, don't have the honesty, integrity, or even the intellectual curiosity to actually look at the science that largely refutes their debunked fear-mongering nonsense.

Congratulations Navarro, you win the Dumb-ass of the Day Award!

For more on the subject of the politicized CO2 myth, read !!! GLOBAL WARMING !!! GLOBAL WARMING !!! GLOBAL WARMING !!!.

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