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Do we need government? (video)

What do you think of when you think of anarchism?

Unfortunately anarchist philosophies continue to be attacked and seen as something that needs to be stopped at all cost, largely because of the chaos, destruction and the 'everyone for themselves' mentality of late caused by the mindless, self-hating, radical left-wing morons known as Antifa and, to an extent, the Black Lives Matter movement since the two are connected in various ways. What anarchism really is, is quite different than you might expect however.

According to my understanding (because i'm too lazy to actually look it up, and because it doesn't matter to me), an older definition of anarchy was something along the lines of a 'well functioning society, absent government'. Who wouldn't want that? Well, probably a lot of people, but those who seriously consider what the thinkers in the anarchist movement (absent Antifa, et al.) have to say, are more likely to change their opinion.

A segment of the video below was included in another video by James Corbett in the last 'News Bytes' post i did where James address the question of policing in an anarchist society. It's an important question and, as James stated, one that has most certainly been thought of and answered before. The whole video is very interesting however because it addresses the question of government as a whole, and so i wanted to highlight it here.

What Anarchy Isn't - Larken Rose

When the average person hears the word "anarchy," his mind immediately fills with misconceptions and false assumptions. Voluntaryists often have to spend more time explaining all the things that "anarchy" does NOT mean, than they do explaining what it does mean. Hopefully this video will help with that.

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