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Debunking the Kooksville Kooktards - 'What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas'

In a stunning display of ignorance, Alexandra Bruce of Forbidden Knowledge TV re-posted a video by the mentally retarded Greg Reese titled, What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. The video refers to the 1-Oct-2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas by Stephen Craig Paddock.

Greg works for InfoWars, home of the king of the Bullshit Artists, Alex "Bullhorn" Jones. If anything ever happens to poor Alex, like his brain becoming functional again as a result of repeated lightening strikes while vacationing in Israel, i think Greg would be a wonderful successor to the throne.

From the video description:

It’s the two-year anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting and Greg Reese shares the many discrepancies found in the public domain that negate the official story, as well as new details I had never heard before along a theory of what really happened.

Rather than using the word "theory", perhaps Bruce should've considered something slightly more accurate, like "the dumbest pile of horseshit i ever heard in my life". You'll understand why in a minute...

Video: What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

I tried three times to leave a comment on her page but it wasn't posted. Apparently Bruce doesn't like having her Kooksville narrative challenged.

Here i'll address some of the comments Greg makes in the video.

Greg: "videos from the event show no muzzle flash"

Video: Las Vegas Shooting (Robert Goodwin video)

Greg: "windows intact during the shooting" and "police inside the room after the shooting said, there was no broken window"

Uh, yeah, except for the windows 32-134 and 32-135 of which LE video shows the 135 window as broken after entering the hotel room. That an officer did indeed state "we do not have a broken window" can likely be explained in that it wasn't noticed initially because of the curtain covering it, or he was commenting about a different window. Reese doesn't bother to show the entire video however because it debunks his own claim. Here we see an officer pulling back the curtain and sticking his head out of the "intact" window.

Video: Officers inside Stephen Paddock's room after the breach

Greg: "multiple shooters"

Videos from multiple witnesses at or near the venue record both the muzzle blasts and the sonic booms from the projectiles. Using simple math and multiple recordings in different locations around the venue, it is possible to determine whether there were multiple shooters and their approx. locations. My research dictates that there was one shooter targeting the concert venue and that the shooter was located at or near the Mandalay Bay.

Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017 – An acoustic analysis and personal observations

All reports of shootings at other locations/hotels were investigated in real time by special task forces and ALL were found to be without merit. Furthermore, given the anti-gun agenda of the left/right and government in general, why downplay the tragedy if there were other shootings?

Greg: "there was also shooting going on inside the Mandalay Bay"

No kidding. Paddock fired through the front door of his room at hotel staff.

Greg: "muzzle flashes coming from the sky"

You mean the strobe lights that helicopters are required to have at night (and which are flashing completely out of sync with the gunshots)?

Greg: "while hovering in position overlooking the Route 91 Harvest festival"

Funny, because the same video in which he makes this claim doesn't show them hovering.

Greg: "took LE 72 min. to get into Paddock's hotel room"

The shooting lasted only about 10 min.. Once it stopped, there was no rush to get into the room where, potentially, a nut-case with automatic weapons and bombs might have set up an ambush. Paddock had a camera outside the hotel room, as well as another looking through a peep hole in a door, so the officers were already at a distinct disadvantage. I wonder how anxious Greg Reese would have been to bust down that door and yell "hands up!"???

Greg: the Saudi's did it

So there's a fight between 2 Saudi's that results in Paddock shooting up a concert in Vegas to send a warning to Trump (who loves the Saudis). Why, i can't possibly imagine anything more plausible than that. /end sarcasm

Yes, i do believe there is potentially a lot more to this story than what we've been fed. There are multiple evidences of foreknowledge, there's the Diazepam (Valium) with the possibility of being mixed with alcohol and the fact that nearly all of these shooting since at least Columbine have an SSRI component.

Most important was the 4chan posts which appears to have predicted the event, named names, and provided motive.

The Las Vegas mass-shooting and the "john" posts on 4chan
Three posts by "john" on the 4chan message board that indicate foreknowledge of the 2017 mass-shooting in Las Vegas

To disregard real evidence and push the Alex Jones Kooksville nonsense is doing a huge disservice to the credibility of serious researchers. This leads to the public dismissing their work as loony fringe conspiracy theory and thus ignoring the real facts and the very real possibility of a bonafide conspiracy.

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