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I'm entering the COVID-19 game (and that's exactly what it is; a game) kind of late. I haven't bothered to study this "pandemic" very closely because i saw what was happening early on, both from my own observations of history and manufactured crises, as well as from creditable sources like James Corbett and a few others.

As each day passes it is becoming more and more clear, even to the medical community apparently, that this virus is not particularly dangerous (about half that of influenza type A) and that it is a Trojan Horse that is being used to conceal many political agendas. Unfortunately i doubt that healthcare workers in general understand what those agendas are and how important all of this is. I say unfortunate because i think it is the medical professionals that are very much on the front line of a battle they don't fully understand and i don't mean with regard to the virus, although at present there's certainly a huge amount of confusion in that department as well.

The real battle that the medical community is fighting, at least some of them, and whether they know it or not, is a battle against an Orwellian, globalist, communist world order and they are fighting it by pushing back against the garbage and lies being pumped out by organizations like the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and various governments around the world.

What is envisioned by the globalists for us pesky humans -- us "useless eaters" -- is not at all dissimilar from Orwell's 1984 where everyone is tracked, monitored and controlled in every way and all travel, activities and purchases are possible only with government permission. Those paying any attention have already seen many glimpses of what the post COVID-91 world might look like as it is envisioned by the globalists themselves and it is a very dark place.

"The Globalist Agenda in 12 Minutes" with Aaron Russo

This Cornavirus "pandemic" will make the events of September 11th, 2001, look like a pothole. Everything is shutting down as economies and livelihoods are destroyed and this all plays right into the hands of the globalists. I said that i think it is the medical professionals that are on the front line of this battle because it is they who, despite not being aware of the scope of the political situation, may be able to interrupt their plans by pushing back against the WHO, CDC and governments by exposing their lies, but this needs to be done very quickly if there is to be any chance of success. Many more doctors and scientists need to speak out and talk about what they know and what they are seeing in the patients they are treating.

The days of contemplating those "wacky conspiracy theories" are over. Much of what they've been saying is either already here or knocking on your front door. The reasons behind the massive purging of social media, the marginalizing of independent journalists, and the neutering of purveyors of so-called "fake news" have suddenly become all the more obvious in the last few weeks, but the credibility of those in the medical community is harder for the mainstream to attack as long as enough of them start talking and start talking soon.

For those that want to stay updated regarding this issue, i've created a page where i'm posting news daily. See the COVID-19/Coronavirus information resources page.

Episode 375 – Corona World Order : The Corbett Report

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