Content update: The Firefox Privacy Guide for Dummies!

As a result of some chatting with the fellas over at 'arkenfox' i decided to remove the storage cleaner (was Site Bleacher and later Cookies AutoDelete) from The Firefox Privacy Guide for Dummies!. The reasoning here was that a storage cleaner isn't strictly needed as long as First Party Isolation and Resist Fingerprinting were enabled in the Firefox prefs, however my decision was premature. After further testing and further discussion i realized that the 'arkenfox' user.js will break session restore and there's no way to get it to work without compromising privacy to an unacceptable degree. Also, by default, service and shared workers will break. Personally i don't want to bother with these things and i certainly don't wish to subject followers of my 'dummy' guide to these issues, and so i reinstated Cookies AutoDelete in the guide.

2 thoughts on “Content update: The Firefox Privacy Guide for Dummies!”

    1. yes – it’s necessity is debatable, plus it can break site functionality in rare cases – that, combined with the intended audience for this guide, caused this decision – you can certainly still use it if you wish, but you should understand how to add filters/exceptions if a site breaks

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