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Content update: Firefox user-overrides.js for arkenfox user.js

I update my user-overrides.js to coincide with the latest 'arkenfox' user.js for Firefox. The repo is here and the file can be downloaded here. Changes are as follows:




user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.cookies", false);

5 thoughts on “Content update: Firefox user-overrides.js for arkenfox user.js”

  1. Thanks, I will follow your advise and get rid off the two add-ons ( the less add-ons the better) I mentioned. Actually I use your user-overrides.js as it is, I just enable the video in picture+controls because I think it is handy for watching videos…

      1. Thank you! I also noticed you got rid of a lot of add-ons in your “Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs”, just 4 now. And you changed the fonts add-on for “Enforce Browser Fonts “. Time for me to re-read your guide then :-)

  2. Hi,
    I just noticed that in your settings in your user-overrides.js file you disabled containers. So this is not necessary? If I keep your settings my add-ons “Firefox multi containers”, “Google containers” are useless then? Do you advise keeping your settings with containers disables and getting rid of these two add-ons?
    Thank you.

    1. hi Damien – i just opened an issue on the arkenfox repo asking this question, though i’m 99.9% sure that containers are not necessary when Enhanced Tracking Protection is enabled, which it is in the arkenfox user.js, so yeah, you can dump those add-ons

      i’ll reply again soon as i get an answer, but i’m pretty sure about this

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