Image Submission

This contact form is for submitting images only. Please use the General contact form for all other inquiries.

You are welcome to submit images for consideration for posting on this website, but please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Images must fit in either the Abandoned or Liquidated categories.
  • All images must be yours or must be original images that you have permission to share
  • Single images should be clear, well focused, well composed and of a high resolution. If you are submitting a set, they should be of at least decent quality and should tell a story.
  • All images must be accompanied by a detailed description so that it makes sense to those viewing it. What does the image show? Where was it captured? When was it captured? What is the story behind it?
  • The preferred method to submit images is to upload them to a free image hosting service and then paste the direct links to the images in the message text box below. You can get the direct links to the image files by left-clicking each image and then clicking "Copy image location" or "View image" and then copying the URL in your browser address bar. A direct link to your image file will end in .JPG.
  • If you are unable to upload your images to a hosting service for some reason, then you may submit images, one at a time, by attaching them below as long as the file size is less than 10 MB. Understand that email is not the best way to send large attachments and so i may not receive your images. If you have sent an image and it does not get posted to this website after a couple of days, please contact me.
  • Unless you specifically remove it, your images will likely contain EXIF data. This data may contain detailed information about your camera and its settings, but may also contain the GPS based location at which an image was captured. While in some cases you may want your images to include this data, it is also possible that you may not. If you do not want EXIF data included with your image, please remove it before uploading or sending it (some image hosting services will remove it automatically). If you are unable to remove it and you want it removed, let me know and i will remove it for you.

Some image hosting services you may want to check out are ImgTC, Imgoat and cubeupload.