MUST SEE: Trump's Zionist Ball & Chain (video) | Ryan Dawson

Ryan Dawson of ANC Report has started releasing his previous paid-for documentary videos for free under a crowd funding model. Trump's Zionist Ball & Chain – God is not a Real Estate Agent is the latest video to be released and it's a 'must see', information dense affair.

AIPAC's power comes not from Jews but from a small clique of criminal billionaires
They are nicknamed MEGA for the Mega Donors. I have exposed the methods of these criminals
They have three pillars.
1 Banks/hedge funds
2 Real Estate
3 Media / films
And they use bribery and blackmail to advance in all three. The same gambit is used to gain political leverage through bribery, blackmail, and controlling the press. Once in power it's a game of ethnic nepotism. This film focuses on #2 the Real Estate Syndicate

First Annual Best Actress Award goes to…

The runner-up for best actress is Nijirah 'Mah Incubator' Al-Sabah for her stunning live performance, 'Think of the Poor Little Innocent Babies (but not the bombs, sanctions and depleted uranium that killed them)', which she gave before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990, in the lead up to the Iraq war.

AND THE WINNER of the First Annual Best Actress Award goes to 16 yr. old Greta 'I Want You To Be Scared!' Thunberg for her brilliant and inspiring series of live performances throughout her 2019 World Tour, 'We're All F**king Dead In 11 Years… In 11 Years… In 11 Years… In 11 Years'.

Raised by a family of talented actors and suffering from OCD and autism, it seems nothing can stand in the way of Greta's incredible exploitation by her loving parents and the worlds elite in their quest to monetize air.

!!! YOU GO GRETA !!! #gretathunberg #climatechangeisreal #globalwarming #climateemergency #stopclimatechange

We're already looking forward to Greta's highly anticipated squeal… in 11 years.

Trump offers to pimp out our military to his Saudi masters (video) – Tulsi Gabbard

Despicable. Trump's offering to place our military assets under the command of a foreign country—Saudi Arabia—is a disgrace and betrayal of my patriotic brothers and sisters in uniform and to our Constitution. We are not your prostitutes. You are not our pimp.