Article update: Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017 – An acoustic analysis and personal impressions

I knew about the supersonic boom produced by a projectile traveling faster than the speed of sound when i originally did my acoustic analysis of the Vegas shooting, however i ignored this for what ever reason and instead attributed the first sounds to reach the concert venue as bullet impacts. I think i was thrown off by the fact that in some cases these early sounds, followed 30-40 ms. later by the muzzle blast, were indeed bullets impacting objects including metal and glass as can clearly be heard in at least one of the videos.

Whatever the case, i have corrected the article to include information about the supersonic shock waves produced by projectiles which, by the way, is why silencers are not effective on high velocity rifles. In the end this oversight should make absolutely no difference in my calculations because the sonic blast of a projectile is produced by the projectile, not the gun, and so it would have been heard at almost exactly the same time as that same projectile impacted an object.

Anyway, this was a rather stupid oversight on my part and i will certainly own up to it.