COVID-19(84): From A Two-week Lockdown To Mandatory Vaccination & Life In Prison

COVID-1984 From A Two-week Lockdown To Mandatory Vaccination & Life In Prison - Activist Post

Unfortunately, COVID-1984 continues to escalate. We were initially told that we would need to have a temporary two-week lockdown to 'flatten the curve.'

Six months later, we are still in lockdown and now mandatory vaccination policies are being rolled out in addition to severe penalties for violating mandates which include life in prison!

We have seen cases where people have been forcibly removed from their home by the police, in front of their families, and have been forced into quarantine.

All of this in response to a virus with a 99+% survival rate, which multiple world-renowned experts believe originated in a laboratory funded by the US government.

Watch the full video report for free and decide for yourself.

Content update: Exposing Antifa, Black Lives Matter

The page, Exposing Antifa, Black Lives Matter, has been updated with new information.

While there are certainly decent people with good intentions in the BLM movement, there is without doubt a lot of rot, hatred and Marxism at its core and at the funding level. That the good people in this movement, as with most revolutionary movements of the day, are so blind as to not recognize how their cause has been co-opted by filthily rich and politically influential dirt bags is sad indeed.

Video: Harry Vox & Syrian Girl Dismantle US/Israeli Lies

Harry Vox / Syrian Girl Dismantle US/Israeli Lies - PressTV

With riots rocking major US cities and video of explosions and US military storming and attacking US citizens, mothers and veterans, could Trump be looking for a distraction in the form of a war with Iran? Harry Vox and Syrian Girl deconstruct the news of the US military plane which harassed an Iranian civilian passenger flight.

New article: White Privilege in 2020

The Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements are intertwined. Both are being funded by some of the same people and foundations, George Soros among them. For more about Antifa, see the article Exposing Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Seattle.

After publishing the above article, i followed up with another short piece that provides some perspective on white-on-black crime and so-called 'white privilege'. See White Privilege in 2020.