Content update: user-overrides.js for Thunderbird

FINALLY i got around to updating my user-overrides.js for Thunderbird to coincide with Thunderbird v78.* and the HorlogeSkynet user.js.

The repo is here.
The change log is here.
The file can be downloaded here.

If you have no idea what the hell any of this is about, you might want to read The Thunderbird Privacy Guide for Dummies!.

Thank you for your time.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

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Article update: The Thunderbird Privacy Guide for Dummies!

I added and edited a fair amount of content in The Thunderbird Privacy Guide for Dummies!. Primarily i added info about an updater script for Linux that can be used to check for and download the newest version of the user.js from the HorlogeSkynet/thunderbird-user.js repository at GitHub. The script will also automatically append your user-overrides.js, if you have one, to the user.js.

I am not the original author of the script, who wrote it for updating the 'arkenfox' user.js for Firefox. I only adapted it so it would (should) work for Thunderbird. The script should be usable for Mac and Linux, though i can only test on Linux. There's a batch script for Windows in the 'arkenfox' repo that could be adapted to work with Thunderbird if anyone is so inclined.