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Article update: The Thunderbird Privacy Guide for Dummies!

I added and edited a fair amount of content in The Thunderbird Privacy Guide for Dummies!. Primarily i added info about an updater script for Linux that can be used to check for and download the newest version of the user.js from the HorlogeSkynet/thunderbird-user.js repository at GitHub. The script will also automatically append your user-overrides.js, if you have one, to the user.js.

I am not the original author of the script, who wrote it for updating the 'arkenfox' user.js for Firefox. I only adapted it so it would (should) work for Thunderbird. The script should be usable for Mac and Linux, though i can only test on Linux. There's a batch script for Windows in the 'arkenfox' repo that could be adapted to work with Thunderbird if anyone is so inclined.

Coming soon: Thunderbird Privacy Guide for Dummies!

I have been holding off on creating a security/privacy guide for the Thunderbird email client because i've been waiting (and waiting) to see what would happen with a user.js for Thunderbird project on GitHub.

The proposal for a privacy-centric user.js for the bird was first brought up as an issue at the arkenfox/user.js for Firefox repository. I was quite interested in such a project, however the months rolled by and not a lot of progress was made and then the original project owner, 'dngray', stopped using Thunderbird.

Today the very kind 'dngray' transferred ownership of the repository to 'HorlogeSkynet' who has expressed an interest in maintaining the project, which i think is great news.

I started writing a Thunderbird Privacy Guide for Dummies! back in May of 2019, but held off on publishing until the user.js project solidified. Now that the day has (hopefully) been calendared, i will be working on finishing my guide.

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