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For technical reasons over which i have no control, it has become necessary to disable all email notifications of content updates on this website, effective immediately.

I’ve been looking for an alternative method of notifying subscribers of content updates, but so far nothing has met my standards and so i cannot say when, or if, email notifications will ever be reinstated.

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Article update: The Thunderbird Privacy Guide for Dummies!

I added and edited a fair amount of content in The Thunderbird Privacy Guide for Dummies!. Primarily i added info about an updater script for Linux that can be used to check for and download the newest version of the user.js from the HorlogeSkynet/thunderbird-user.js repository at GitHub. The script will also automatically append your user-overrides.js, if you have one, to the user.js.

I am not the original author of the script, who wrote it for updating the ‘ghacks’ user.js for Firefox. I only adapted it so it would (should) work for Thunderbird. The script should be usable for Mac and Linux, though i can only test on Linux. There’s a batch script for Windows in the ‘ghacks’ repo that could be adapted to work with Thunderbird if anyone is so inclined.

user-overrides.js update for Thunderbird, round 3

Another user-overrides.js update for Thunderbird, mostly minor stuff.

You can compare this version (68r2) to the previous version (68r1) here.

Grab the new version here and if you don’t know what this is all about, read The Thunderbird Privacy Guide for Dummies!.

The frequency of updates will stabilize at some point in the near future, but right now things are moving a little fast.