Way to go Mozilla – How to manually re-enable add-ons disabled by Mozilla certificate issue (4-May-2019)

Mozilla allowed one of their security certificates to expire which affected a LOT of users, me included. The result was a yellow warning bar in the browser stating that some add-ons have been disabled. Indeed, all but 2 of mine were disabled.

The problems begin when one attempts to re-enable the affected add-ons only to find that there is apparently no way to do this from within the Firefox UI.

The fix that worked for me comes from ghacks.net and it’s especially well suited for anyone that disables Mozilla’s ‘Studies’ feature, but it should work in all cases. Following is the corrected and properly formatted code and instructions.

  1. Exit Firefox
  2. In your Firefox profile, make a backup of extensions.json and open the original in a code editor
  3. Replace all instances of "appDisabled":true with "appDisabled":false
  4. Replace all instances of "signedState":-1 with "signedState":2
  5. Save your changes, then set the file permissions to ‘read only’
  6. Restart Firefox, load about:addons and make sure to select the ‘Extensions’ menu
  7. Disable and re-enable all of the disabled add-ons

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Make good and sure you remember to restore the proper permissions for extensions.json after this issue is resolved (a day or so?) and you probably do not want to install or remove any extensions while the file is set to ‘read only’.

Article update: Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things

Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things was updated. I removed most of the Shadowfox theme stuff in favor of using the default ‘Dark’ theme for Firefox and some CSS. Other stuff was moved around and i fixed many typos and spelling errors.

Make sure to check it out if you’re using an add-on to darken the entire web and are bothered by the ‘white flash syndrome’.

Firefox user-overrides.js update

I updated the user-overrides.js for Firefox again. I really try to not push updates this often because i know it can be a hassle for users, but several things needed to be changed or corrected. Changes as follows…

* misc. edits to intro text
* changed/corrected some pref descriptions
* removed some unneeded prefs related to smooth scrolling
* removed all [DEF=*] tags since these values could be changed by Mozilla at any time, yet are rarely ever re-checked (by me)
* moved ‘privacy.trackingprotection.cryptomining.enabled’ from the testing section to the user customization section

Rather than repeating myself, please see this post regarding how to implement the changes.

thanks.. byby

About that ‘Maximize All Windows’ add-on for Firefox…

I asked the developer of the ‘Maximize All Windows‘ add-on if he’d be willing to create a minimalist version without the extra features, the goal being to only maximize the Firefox window when it starts and nothing more, and, less than 2 hours later, he released Maximize All Windows (Minimalist Version)! Thank you ‘ericchase‘! I updated the link in Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things.

Small update: Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things

Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things was updated slightly, but one of the additions is well worth mentioning, and it is the Maximize All Windows add-on by ‘ericchase’.

The privacy.resistFingerprinting preference does several things in order to help prevent browser fingerprinting (if it’s not enabled, ENABLE IT!), one of them being to set a generic viewport size when Firefox starts. The problem is that Firefox won’t remember its last window size upon restart, so if you maximize the window and then restart, it likely won’t be maximized. While this may be an annoyance to some (me), there is good reason for it since the viewport size, which is knowable by a website if JavaScript is enabled, is much more unique than, for example, the User-Agent. For those willing to sacrifice some privacy, give Maximize All Windows a try. This works far better than the tutorial (deleted) i had on the tweaks page which leveraged window manager options of the OS.