Article update: The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies!

The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies! page was updated a bit. I dumped the ‘First Party Isolation’ add-on and added the ‘Font Fingerprint Defender’ add-on. Other than that, it was just some polishing that took place.

I removed the ‘First Party Isolation’ add-on because a) i never explained what it’s for, primarily because i want to keep the guide short and simple, and b) because i already explained how to create new Firefox profiles which kind of negates the need for the add-on given the audience the guide is intended for.

Now if you’ll excuse me i have some things i need to address.


‘ghacks’ user.js and my user-overrides.js updates for Firefox

The fellas over at the ‘ghacks’ user.js repo updated their prefs file for Firefox and i in turn updated my user-overrides.js. Run the ‘ghacks’ updater script to grab theirs and you can grab mine here (direct link). Changes since the last version of my user-overrides.js can be seen here. Remember to kill the fox and run the ‘ghacks’ prefsCleaner script after updating the files.

Site updates – 13-Jan-2020

On the page, FAQ: Firefox Hardening, i changed my stance on the CanvasBlocker add-on for Firefox. I think it’s still a beneficial addition to Firefox, however it should be configured to avoid the CSP issue if used in conjunction with uBlock Origin and/or uMatrix. To do this, you need to enable ‘Expert mode’ and then on the ‘Misc’ tab, disable the option ‘Block data URL pages’.

For the Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs i updated the information for CanvasBlocker.

I updated and rearranged the add-ons on the Firefox Extensions – My Picks page. The list of recent changes can be seen at the bottom of the page.