Hate the way the interwebs look? Firefox too?

I keep many of my web and Firefox tweaks in the Firefox Tweaks and Fixes and Styles and Things article/guide. There's also an assortment of stuff there that isn't Firefox specific for tweaking the way websites look or work, such as CSS styles to display images and other content hidden by JavaScript without having to enable JS, how to copy and paste text without formatting and without a browser add-on, and quite a few other little hacks.

On the Firefox-only side, there's a link to the CustomCSSforFx project which is an excellent way to change the appearance of many of Firefox's widgets and pages. There's also some troubleshooting information and more.

Article update: Firefox Extensions – My Picks

I updated Firefox Extensions – My Picks to include information regarding the dreaded CSP header modification issue that Mozilla has so far not addressed and which can result in compromising ones privacy and possibly worse.

Even if this is something you're not interested in, i humbly suggest briefly reading about the CSP issue and, at the very least, complaining to Mozilla about it.