MSM silent as PCR Covid test ruled useless

MSM deathly silent as PCR test legally ruled useless to test for Covid - Nexus Newsfeed

Four German holidaymakers who were illegally quarantined in Portugal after one was judged to be positive for Covid-19 have won their case, in a verdict that condemns the widely-used PCR test as being up to 97-percent unreliable.

Earlier this month, Portuguese judges upheld a decision from a lower court that found the forced quarantine of four holidaymakers to be unlawful. The case centred on the reliability (or lack thereof) of Covid-19 PCR tests.

The verdict, delivered on November 11, followed an appeal against a writ of habeas corpus filed by four Germans against the Azores Regional Health Authority. This body had been appealing a ruling from a lower court which had found in favour of the tourists, who claimed that they were illegally confined to a hotel without their consent. The tourists were ordered to stay in the hotel over the summer after one of them tested positive for coronavirus in a PCR test - the other three were labelled close contacts and therefore made to quarantine as well.

Legal resources for small businesses - know your rights!

The restrictions that state governors and law/code enforcement officers are pushing under threat of force are illegal and unconstitutional, but there are people and organizations that are fighting this "new normal" crap and winning big. These folks are here to help small business owners, so please take advantage of the services they offer.

The Constitutional Law Group
Genesee, PA

Rick Martin is a lawyer who is helping business for free and they offer a lot of free resources. This group is apparently *crushing* these criminal governors and dictators. Check out their videos and the 'Seeking Help' and 'Resources' pages.

This is the first resource i would heatedly recommend for all small business.

The Healthy American
San Clemente, CA 92674

Peggy Hall is a civil rights activist who seems to really get people fired up with her presentations. She is also helping small businesses
and offers free and paid resources. See the 'Documents' and 'Videos' pages (this website)

There's a lot of general resources here regarding the "pandemic", much of it news articles, studies and commentary from scientists, doctors, whistle-blowers and researchers. See the Coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2) news and resources page.

Alternative information

As you may be aware, the censorship on platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., has reached a truly Orwellian level. Anyone questioning the official "pandemic" narrative or the experimental vaccines, whether they be a scientist, medical doctor or government official, is not only subject to being censored and kicked off of all mainstream social media platforms, but may be in danger of losing their credentials. Here's a few alternative video platforms if you want to learn more about what these people have to say. Understand there's plenty of garbage on these platforms, however there's also a lot of solid, factual information from healthcare professionals and scientists.

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CDC launches probe after thousands injured by experimental COVID-19 vaccine

CDC Issues New Guidelines, Launches Probe After 1000s Negatively-Affected Following COVID-19 Vaccination | ZeroHedge

Thousands of people have been unable to work or perform daily activities, or required care from a healthcare professional, after getting the new COVID-19 vaccine, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

V-safe Active Surveillance for COVID-19 Vaccines

Nurse collapses minutes after receiving Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine (video)

Nurse Passes Out on Live Television After Taking Coronavirus Vaccine | Political Bomb Show

A nurse at CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee passed out on live television after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday.

Their PR stunt for the vaccine could not have possibly gone any worse.

Nurse Manager Tiffany Dover was speaking during a press conference about the vaccines when she told reporters she was feeling a bit dizzy.

video: The side effects of having faith in a Covid vaccine