COVID-19 'vaccines' and blindness

This information comes from the CDC VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database. This information is accurate as of 13-Jun-2021. As usual, it must be mentioned that only approximately 1% of vaccine related injuries are reported to VAERS.

There are currently 692 events regarding blindness and/or vision problems in conjunction with the COVID-19 "vaccines". If we assume the 1% number to be roughly correct then the total number of cases could be in excess of 69,000. Many of these reports are accompanied by a diagnosis of blood clotting and stroke. Following are descriptions of a few of these events.

0903832-1 Patient received injection at 14:05 at 14:12 he reported not feeling well. Patient was diaphoretic, clammy, pale, described the inability to see, had difficulty following commands. Patient transferred to gurney with max assist and transferred to E.R. Patient symptoms resolving during transport. Left patient in E. R. care at 14:15.

0905675-1 18 minutes post vaccine dose 1, Pfizer COVID vaccine, development of globus sensation without airway compromise or stridor. Frequent throat clearing and swallowing. Followed by diaphoresis, loss of vision, extreme neuropathic tingling over entire head non painful. Bradycardic event to heart rate 35 recorded by Apple watch. Loss of consciousness with pupil dilation. Weak pulses but no loss of pulse. Heart rate recovered quickly. Blood pressure after initiation of iv fluids was normal in upright position once loss of consciousness subsided. Continued globus sensation. 30 minutes after initial event, again developed clammy hands, head tingling and worsening globus sensation but again no stridor or airway compromise. Given PO Benadryl 25 mg which did resolve globus sensation in next 30 minutes. Monitored for one hour post event with no subsequent symptoms other than fatigue.

0905934-1 Experienced a vasovagal response about 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine. I felt it coming on and knew I needed to elevate my legs above my heart but could not at the time, so I sat down and put my head down. I had intense cold sweats and loss of vision for about 2 minutes until my blood flow returned to my head. I was then able to get to a recliner to elevate my legs with assistance. The entire episode lasted approximately 30 minutes. I was able to stand and walk after this time without dizziness. I contacted my doctor today 12/21/20 and he advised I report this episode.

0907531-1 vasovagal syncopal reaction. I experienced sudden onset of feeling flushed and warmth body wide, sudden metallic taste in mouth, muffled hearing, dizziness, lightheaded, began to lose vision and consciousness, pallor noted by nurse caring for me, blood pressure recorded was 90/60. I have never experienced this type of reaction before to any vaccine or blood donation but know it can occur occasionally.

0909651-1 Severe headache, chills, sweating, stomach upset, altered mental state, vision impairment, shaking. Started 30 minutes after injection and increased in severity over the next 48 hours then began to decrease. Headache is still present 4 days after injection.

0911035-1 "Approximately 7 hours after receiving the vaccine patient who is a L&D Nurse return to work in her area. She describes that after finishing with a C-section she felt burning in both of her eyes (she thought this feels like an allergic reaction, but I am not sweating and haven't rubbed my eyes). She went to the restroom to get a cloth to wash her eyes; afterwards she reports her vision went totally black in both eyes. She reports feeling frustrated that no one came to help and some panic in trying to figure out how to get out of the restroom. She did make it out of the bathroom. Her Staff reports she postured and turned arms inward, head going to one side and passed out. They also report ~ 10 minutes of incoherent conversation and stating ""I got the vaccine, maybe I was given the wrong thing and now I'm blind"". Upon waking, patient vision fully restored and patient does not remember incoherent conversation. Differential diagnosis- TIA vs. CVA > seizure disorder>>> complex migraine"

0919022-1 Complete loss of vision in the left eye 12 hours after receiving second dose (Moderna mRNA-1273) while having a fever of 102 F for 6 hours. Loss of vision lasted for 1 minute. Loss of vision occurred while standing. Referral to primary care and ophthalmology specialist found normal eye exam and MRI of orbits but presence of tachycardia especially while standing (fluctuations between 60 beats at rest/laying down to 130 beats per minute standing). Postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is suspected. Currently pursuing cardiac workup with cardiologist and Covid POTS specialist. POTS specialist believes autoantibody development after vaccination could be suspected as recovering covid patients similarly present to clinic with POTS like symptoms.

0930602-1 I had the worse headache I've ever had in my life, soreness in my arm. When I woke up in the morning it was pounding, spread to the right half of my head, nausea, photo sensitivity, vertigo. It took 36 to 48 hours before I could function. 48 to 72 hours later I had another headache with vertigo. I had complete vision loss in my left eye.

0930989-1 0530 - woke up. nausea, dizziness, malaise, generalized significant joint and muscle pain. Unable to stand. 0535 - crawled to Bathroom in case of vomiting, tried to stand and had near LOC (vision completely black, only able to hear), dizziness, nausea, tingling and loss of function of hands/feet acc. by extremities twitching, hyperventilating, cold sweat. 0555 - husband helped me downstairs with plan to go to ER, but I refused and wanted to sit down. violent body shakes, nausea, hyperventilating, chills, dizziness. Ear temp 98.8. Was covered in blankets and drank ~8oz water. 0630 - body shakes stopped. mild waves of nausea/generalized malaise and muscle pain/lightheadedness continued. 0730 - same symptoms, ear temp 100.1. Removed some blankets 0800 - ear temp 99.8, chills, lightheadedness, mild headache.

0937926-1 Vaccine given Thursday afternoon. Saturday morning had fainting spell. Vision and hearing lost before collapsing and fainting. After a few seconds came to and was disoriented and tired and then shortly recovered. I have no prior history of ever fainting or loosing consciousness.

0940196-1 Chills, body, body aches, headache, blurry vision all 1-8-21 then nx day 1-9-21 loss of balance, confusion, Night of 1-11-21 loss of vision for several hours, could not see to dial the phone for help, no one else at home, stayed up most of night, could see in am still slightly blurry, made emergency appt with eye doctor. eye doctor stated no permanent vision damage.
0943426-1 Hypotension 91/71 with orthostatic hypotension <80 SBP ( my BP cuff doesn?t read lower than that). Near syncope at 0615. Loss of vision, tinnitus, lowered to the ground and followed by nausea and sweating. Resolved in minutes. Continue to be dizzy today with clammy and dizzy upon standing

0944507-1 Loss of vision; Possible lowgrade central retinal occlusion; retinal venous dilation; Decreased vision; Unexplained Retinal Hemorrhages; A spontaneous report was received from an ophthalmologist retinal specialist concerning a 46-year-old, male patient who received Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine and developed loss of vision, decreased vision, unexplained retinal hemorrhages, retinal venous dilation, and possible low grade central retinal occlusion. The patient's medical history was not provided. Concomitant product use was not provided by the reporter. On 23 Dec 2020, approximately four days prior to the onset of the symptoms, the patient received their first of two planned doses of mRNA-1273 (Lot number: 025J20-2A) intramuscularly in the arm for prophylaxis of COVID-19 infection. On 27 Dec 2020, the patient experienced decreased vision. On 29 Dec 2020, the physician examined the patient. There was some retinal hemorrhage, venous dilation, and possible low grade central retinal occlusion. Lab work was requested by the physician and results were pending. Treatment information was not provided. Action taken with mRNA-1273 in response to the events was not provided. The outcome of the events, loss of vision, decreased vision, unexplained retinal hemorrhages, retinal venous dilation, and possible low grade central retinal occlusion were unknown.; Reporter's Comments: This case concerns a 46 year old male patient. The patient's medical history is not provided. The patient experienced a serious, unexpected event of loss of vision, unexplained retinal hemorrhages, retinal venous dilation, and possible low grade central retinal occlusion. The event occurred 4 days after first dose of the mRNA-1273. Very limited information regarding this event has been provided at this time. Based on temporal association between the use of mRNA-1273 and the event, a causal relationship cannot be excluded. Additional information are required for further assessment.

0946141-1 Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine At 2 PM I went blind in my left eye. Went to emergency room at Hospital Was told I have Blood clot in my eye causing the blindness and Ophthamologist says it will probably be permanent

1105119-1 Permanent loss of vision in right eye three weeks after receiving first COVID 19 vaccination. Diagnosed with Branch Retina Artery Occlusion (BRAO) clotting of the retinal artery. Emergency Room admittance and 4 day stay at Hospital at direction of Retina Specialist Dr.

1106591-1 4 days after I had the 1st shot I had an optic nerve stroke in my right eye with complete and permanent vision loss

1195295-1 Extreme left arm and shoulder neck pain and tightness within a week of shot and has persisted for over a month. Treated with Methocarbamol and Diclofenac Sodium. Within two and a half weeks of the shot, on March 23rd, sudden loss of peripheral vision in right eye. Doctor diagnosed as NAION, non-arthritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy. Vision loss in one eye is blurred from varying angles and grayed out and is considered permanent. Eye problem caused pain down neck and jaw. Also, a rash developed over chest with symptoms similar to shingles.

1225716-1 Blindness/stroke in left eye. Treatment-Hospital admission-no treatment able to be provided. Outcome: permanent blindness in left eye

1296528-1 Blood clot in right eye resulting in permanent loss of vision.

1298806-1 TRANSIENT ISCHAEMIC ATTACK; BLINDNESS UNILATERAL; VISION BLURRED; COMPUTERISED TOMOGRAM HEAD; ECHOCARDIOGRAM; MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING HEAD; ULTRASOUND DOPPLER; This spontaneous report received from a patient via a Regulatory Authority Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) (VAER reference number 1231357) concerned a 79 year old female of unknown race and ethnicity. The patient's height, and weight were not reported. The patient's past medical history included congestive heart failure, and atrial fibrillation, and concurrent conditions included diabetes, and other pre-existing medical conditions included patient has no allergy or illness. The patient received covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s (suspension for injection, route of admin not reported, batch number: 1802070, expiry: UNKNOWN) dose was not reported, 1 total, administered on left arm on 08-MAR-2021 for prophylactic vaccination. Concomitant medications included ergocalciferol, magnesium, and mecobalamin. On 06-APR-2021, the patient woke up with lost of vision in left eye for 4 to 5 hours. Patient went to her ophthalmologist; the sight came back but very blurry. Retina specialist had seen patient on 13-APR-2021 and diagnosed transient ischaemic attack of left eye. The patient was guided to go to ER on 13-APR-2021. On 06-APR-2021, the patient experienced blindness unilateral, vision blurred. The patient was admitted in the hospital on 13-APR-2021 and was hospitalized for 3 days. Laboratory data included: Computerized tomogram head (NR: not provided) UNKNOWN, Echocardiogram (NR: not provided) UNKNOWN, Magnetic resonance imaging head (NR: not provided) UNKNOWN, and Ultrasound Doppler (NR: not provided) UNKNOWN. Laboratory data (dates unspecified) included: Eye exam (NR: not provided) Unknown. The action taken with covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s was not applicable. The patient had not recovered from blindness unilateral, transient ischaemic attack, vision blurred, computerised tomogram head, echocardiogram, magnetic resonance imaging head, and ultrasound doppler. This report was serious (Hospitalization Caused / Prolonged).; Sender's Comments: V0: 20210500771 - Covid-19 vaccine ad26.cov2.s- blindness unilateral, transient ischaemic attack, vision blurred, computerised tomogram head, echocardiogram, magnetic resonance imaging head, and ultrasound doppler. This event(s) is considered unassessable. The event(s) has a compatible/suggestive temporal relationship, is unlabeled, and has unknown scientific plausibility. There is no information on any other factors potentially associated with the event(s).

1312642-1 My mother had her first Moderna COVID-19 vaccination on March 1st. On March 10th, she suffered a blood clot in her eye that caused the eye to lose vision. Her eye doctor said she is now permanently legally blind in that eye.... I do not know if the blood clot was caused by the vaccine, but I am reporting it in case there is a correlation.

1329508-1 Ischemia in left optic nerve causing permanent vision loss; Ischemia in left optic nerve causing permanent vision loss; This is a spontaneous report from a contactable (patient). A 43-years-old female patient received bnt162b2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE, Solution for injection), dose 2 via an unspecified route of administration, administered in Arm Right on 18Jan2021 10:00 (Batch/Lot Number: EL3248) as 2ND DOSE, SINGLE for covid-19 immunization. Medical history included intervertebral disc protrusion, Bulging disc C-Spine, endometriosis, and allergy to sulfa. The patient was previously vaccinated with first dose of bnt162b2, in left arm (Lot number: EK5730) on 28Dec2021 at 12.00pm for covid-19 immunization. Concomitant medications included ashwagandha; loratadine (CLARITIN); vitamins NOS (MV) taken for an unspecified indication, start and stop date were not reported. The patient did not receive any other vaccines within 4 weeks prior to the COVID vaccine. The patient received other medications within 2 weeks of vaccination. The patient was not diagnosed with COVID-19 and has not been tested for COVID-19 Since the vaccination. On 06Feb2021 08:00 the patient experienced ischemia in left optic nerve causing permanent vision loss. The patient received treatment for adverse event and events result in Doctor or other healthcare professional office/clinic visit. The outcome of events was not recovered. No follow-up attempts are possible, information about lot/batch number cannot be obtained.; Sender's Comments: Based on known drug safety profile, there is reasonable possibility of causal association between the events blindness and ischemia and the suspect drug. The impact of this report on the benefit/risk profile of the Pfizer product is evaluated as part of Pfizer procedures for safety evaluation, including the review and analysis of aggregate data for adverse events. Any safety concern identified as part of this review, as well as any appropriate action in response, will be promptly notified to regulatory authorities, Ethics Committees, and Investigators, as appropriate.

COVID-19 injection and spike protein shedding - consequences for the unvaccinated


The COVID-19 vaccines are still experimental. They are currently being used on an "emergency" basis and are not FDA approved. It takes years to be sure something new is safe. The vaccines are new as is the technology they employ. This new biotechnology introduces something called a "spike protein" instead of the traditional attenuated antigen response in a conventional vaccine. No one knows definitively the long-term health implications for the body and brain, especially among the young, related to this spike protein. In addition, if documented problems with the protein do arise, there will never be any way to reverse the adverse effects in those already vaccinated.


Dr. L.Palevsky COVID Vax Installs Genetic Instructions to Make Spike Protein in Body & Sheds 4/23/21

vax installs mRNA genetic instructions from the SARS-Cov2 spike protein which then uses YOUR body to reproduces itself which is creating infertility, blood clotting, and shedding of the Spike Protein to close family members via breath, saliva, sweat, & skin sloughing who in turn are experiencing symptoms of clotting, bruising and INFERTILITY even though they were NOT vaccinated.


SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE2

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) includes the cardiovascular complications in addition to respiratory disease. SARS-CoV-2 infection impairs endothelial function and induces vascular inflammation, leading to endotheliitis. SARS-CoV-2 infection relies on the binding of Spike glycoprotein (S protein) to angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) in the host cells. We show here that S protein alone can damage vascular endothelial cells (ECs) in vitro and in vivo, manifested by impaired mitochondrial function, decreased ACE2 expression and eNOS activity, and increased glycolysis. The underlying mechanism involves S protein downregulation of AMPK and upregulation of MDM2, causing ACE2 destabilization. Thus, the S protein-exerted vascular endothelial damage via ACE2 downregulation overrides the decreased virus infectivity.



Occupational Exposure An occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with the study intervention, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an AE. Such persons may include healthcare providers, family members, and other roles that are involved in the trial participant’s care.

Editors note: 'AE' = adverse event. What Pfizer is talking about here is the potential for an unvaccinated person to suffer an 'adverse event' should they come into contact with a vaccinated person.


Dr. Mike Yeadon: On Covid-19 Vaccines (The SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein is NOT a Passive Protein)

Dr. Yeadon:

"The spike protein is not a passive protein that the virus uses to anchor to human cells. Its biologically active... and prompts cells to stick together.

They are capable of precipitating some of the steps of the blood coagulation pathway.

All of the gene based vaccines that harness the bodies ability to manufacture the spike protein or part of it, should be regarded as having a class risk.

Can you think of a benign explanation for why you would want to give an experimental use authorized gene based vaccine to tens of millions of people who cannot possibly die if they run into this virus?

And the answer is - no you can't, can you?

So if you can't think of a benign explanation for what's happening, and
remember its not the only bad thing that's happening, then you have to look for malign explanations.

And I think I've come across what it is. Its this damn vaccine passport."

Don't let them fool you into thinking this will only be a temporary measure--- like income tax. Once it starts, there's no recovery from it. If you're asked to do anything at all-- if you're told you don't comply-- you're have the validity of your passport shut off, and you're be coerced into doing whatever they tell you.


Bloodclotting and the Spike Protein: A Known Problem Long Before The Vees Were Produced

Dr. Mike Williams gives us a fully referenced account of how the spike protein ITSELF, independent of the full coronavirus body, was KNOWN to be a problem for human blood clotting before it ever found its way into the new crop of experimental, gene-altering 'vaccines'. Or more precisely, a gene therapy was then designed in order to turn our cells into spike protein-producing FACTORIES with an unknown end date.


Dr. Thomas Cowan - How they "Found" the so-called, "Spike Protein"


Critically Important – Unvaccinated People are Suffering A Multitude of Adverse Reactions With Concerns of Sterility & A Possible End To Reproduction For Humans From Being Near Vaccinated People Shedding Spike Proteins! | Z3 News

It is not a normal immunization. The injections causes the body to make a synthetic protein against a SARS COV-2 spike protein. It is a synthetic protein that has never been seen. It does not shut off or stop. It has made your body into a factory for a synthetic protein that has never been seen before that theoretically can be in your saliva, urine, feces, sweat, seminal fluid, blood, etc. It is adversely affecting the most delicate hormonal system. To get & stay pregnant is an enormously complex system and we know that the spike protein antibody cross reacts with Syncytin 1 & Syncytin 2 which are essential for the placenta, fertilization & maintaining the pregnancy.


Dr Sherri Tenpenny - Spike Protein Crosses The Blood Brain Barrier


COVID-19 Vaccination: Experimental Gene Therapy Under the Guise of Immunity? A Special Interview With Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Mercola:

I thought it was just a spike protein, but it's also this HIV protein?

Judy Mikovits:

Yeah. The spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 contain HIV and syncytin -

Dr. Mercola:

Oh okay.

Judy Mikovits:

So you put all three. You put the ACE2 receptor from a coronavirus, you put HIV, and you've expressed the gamma retrovirus envelope protein that is cross-reactive with our human syncytin. So this is why people are testing positive as you expressed that gene aberrantly under stress, as you wear the mask and cripple your immune system and change the expression of our genes. This is a nightmare. It's beyond – I'm angry at this point and time because it should never be allowed.


Dr. Ardis on the Jab

Dr. Rima interviews Ian Trottier and Dr. Ardis on the unavoidably unsafe COVID "vaccine" approved under an Emergency Use Authorization. Does the shedding of spike protein occur? Can anyone be protected from second-hand adverse reactions?


Vaccine Shedding, Evidence SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Can Alter Human Genes And VAERS Truth