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Top 5 "Conspiracy Theories" That Turned Out To Be True - James Corbett (video)

Episode 356 – Top 5 "Conspiracy Theories" That Turned Out To Be True : The Corbett Report

From the video description...

We all know the old trope of the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who believes crazy things like “the government is spying on us� and “the military is spraying things in the sky� and “the CIA ships in the drugs.� Except those things aren’t so crazy after all. Here are five examples of things that were once derided as zany conspiracy paranoia and are now accepted as mundane historical fact.

The transcript for the video is available on James' website.

Please visit The Corbett Report website and subscribe to his feeds. James is a great guy and an accomplished researcher who has published a wealth of material about a wide variety of subjects, many of which certain organizations and governments would rather you knew little or nothing about.

New article: Greenpeace, Global Warming and the State of "Science" Today

I was going to write a short post about the "science" of human induced global warming (or is 'climate change' the new fad now?) based on the article, Greenpeace Founder: Climate Change Hoax Is Completely Made-Up Issue, which was posted at Breitbart, but my post turned into something a little bigger than a post apparently. Please read, Greenpeace, Global Warming and the State of “Science Today.