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Terrain theory vs. germ theory - Dr. Vollmer debates Dr. Cottrell

[HIGHLIGHTS] TERRAIN Theory vs. GERM Theory [A DEBATE] (Amandha Vollmer vs. Paul Cottrell)

Edited highlights from the 1st only known video recorded debate about Viruses & Germ Theory in the 21st Century. Natural-minded Doctor Amandha Vollmer vs Allopath Paul Cotrell, 29 April 2022 Hosted by Jesse Hal.


CRUCIAL INFORMATION: What is the World Health Organization "Pandemic Treaty"?

What is the WHO "Pandemic Treaty"

Have you heard about the WHO Pandemic Treaty? There is a lot of discussion online that President Joe Biden is about to sign over U.S. Sovereignty later this year when he signs the World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty.


Dr. Zelenko on COVID-19

Dr. Zelenko - WWIII - Civil War on the Horizon & More Viruses Coming

12bytes: I respect Dr. Z. I think he's an intelligent, knowledgeable man who genuinely cares about people. That said, i strongly believe he is very wrong about viruses and germ theory. Read The Contagion Myth and Virus Mania to understand why i say this. Nevertheless, this is a worthwhile interview.

Dr. Zelenko joins Maria Zeee to discuss World War III, the fact that he sees civil war as a real possibility due to the masses waking up to the reality of the Great Reset, the psychopaths behind the NWO and more viruses coming (backed by Bill Gates)