Exposed: Donald 'Drain the Swamp' Trump


As everyone likely knows by now, Julian Assange, the former chief editor of Wikileaks and winner of the 2019 EU Journalism Award, as well as many other awards and citations, has been arrested and is facing possible extradition from the U.K. to the U.S. where he will likely die in prison if the government thugs have their way. This may well be the biggest attack upon journalism in U.S. history and it affects journalists everywhere.

Donald Trump used Wikileaks while on the presidential campaign trail to gain favor with his supporters, referencing the organization around one hundred forty one times in 2016, however it seems he's suffered a terrible memory lapse since those long-gone 'drain the swamp' days.

Trump, 2016: "WikiLeaks, I love WikiLeaks"; "This WikiLeaks stuff is unbelievable"; "It's been amazing what's coming out on WikiLeaks"; "This WikiLeaks is like a treasure trove"; "Boy, I love reading those WikiLeaks".

Trump, 2019: "I know nothing about WikiLeaks".

The Cover-Up Continues: The Truth About Bill Gates, Microsoft, and Jeffrey Epstein -

Much of the article notes the closeness of Epstein and Maxwell to Prince Andrew and suggests that both wielded considerable influence over the prince, largely due to Maxwell’s role as his “social fixer.” It states that Maxwell was “manipulating” the prince and that “the whole Andrew thing is probably being done for Epstein.”

One line stands out, however, as the first major clue toward demystifying the true origin the of the Gates-Epstein relationship. Soon after Rosser introduces Epstein in the article, he states that Epstein “has made many millions out of his business links with the likes of Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Ohio billionaire Leslie Wexner, whose trust he runs.”

Both Wexner’s and Trump’s relationships with Epstein prior to 2001 are well known and date back to 1985 and 1987, respectively. Mainstream media, however, continue to report that Gates and Epstein first met in 2011 and have declined to follow the leads laid out by Nigel Rosser. I am personally aware of this withholding of information to a degree as a BBC reporter contacted me in 2019 for details about this 2001 Evening Standard article, which I provided. To date, the BBC has never reported on the contents of that article. Notably, the BBC has received millions in funding for years from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Not only was Rosser’s article never retracted, but neither Gates, Trump, nor Wexner disputed the claims made in the article at the time, which was well before Epstein became notorious. In addition, given that Gates is named alongside two known close Epstein associates at the time—Donald Trump and Leslie Wexner—it further suggests that Gates’s ties to Epstein prior to 2001 were considerable enough to warrant his mention alongside these two other men.

From The Mind Unleashed...

Trump Supporters Are Hurting Assange With Their 4-D Chess Talk

At a time when everyone should be out in the streets shaking the earth and protesting the Trump administration’s prosecution of Julian Assange for exposing US war crimes, those who continue to support this president have one message and one message only when it comes to the WikiLeaks founder: Don’t do anything. Relax, wait and see, trust Trump, and don’t do anything. Trump is about to save Assange, and save us all. Do nothing.

Who do you guys think this strategy benefits, exactly?

Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
Barry Soetoro, commonly known as Barack Obama, at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

I think the 'Q' garbage invokes a dangerous and nonsensical 'wait for it' approach while this criminal Zionist whore of a "president" and his neocon Zionist administration wreck havoc upon the world, not that this orange-faced buffoon is any different from the last Israel-loving buffoon or the next. Clinton, Trump, Obama, Bush, Sanders, Romney, etc., are just different names and faces attached to the same destructive and criminal U.S. government policies that never change regardless of who happens to occupy the White House. For those who still falsely believe that voting in the presidential "election" actually makes a difference, or those who believe doing so is their duty as an American, Larken Rose has this passionate message for you:

Video: Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose

I have a couple friends who saw Trump as a potential savior and i suspect they still hold some hope, though one is now contemplating leaving the U.S.. When i challenged one of them regarding their position, the answer was that Trump was a closet anti-Zionist who was "keeping his enemy's close". Even Ryan Dawson of the Anti-Neocon Report, whom i respect as a researcher and activist, felt that Trump was the lessor of the evils; the "wildcard". Of course anyone who has done even casual research would have quickly discovered that Trump, who used to be a democrat (not that this makes any difference other than in the public mind), is and has always been an establishment player in bed with the Zionist-Russian-Jewish mafia. In his excellent and well-researched 2006 book, Supermob: How Sidney Korshak and His Criminal Associates Became America's Hidden Power Brokers, which details how the Russian-Jewish Supermob rose to power in the U.S., Gus Russo mentions Donald Trump. Here he is referring to Trump's 325 million dollar acquisition of what he would later call 'Trump's Castle':

Ironically, Trump was quickly granted a license, although his attorney was Roy Cohn, who had been indicted four times — Korshak was never indicted. Cohn would later be disbarred, after racking up an appalling list of alleged misdeeds, including being accused of ordering a luxury yacht set ablaze to collect on a $200,000 insurance policy, as well as committing the federal crimes of fraud, conspiracy, and corporate manipulations. Though he was acquitted of all charges in 1986 (the same year he was disbarred for borrowing $109,000 from a client and never repaying), he died mere weeks later on August 2 from the AIDS he was diagnosed with in 1984.

Years later, when Trump ran into a close friend of Korshak's, he said, "Oh, Sidney Korshak. Great guy — if it wasn't for him, I never would have gotten Trump's Castle." Trump's crowing, as usual, was premature: his Atlantic City investment has been a steady money loser ever since.

Jake Morphonios of the Blackstone Intelligence Network has also researched some of Trump's activities, including his business dealings in Russia:

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, candidate Donald Trump lied to the public when asked if he was involved in business deals with Russia. The reason that Trump lied is not that his business activities would necessarily have been illegal. He lied because to admit to negotiating with Russia on a major business deal that could net him hundreds of millions of dollars, there would be an obvious conflict of interest.

If elected, Donald Trump would be in charge of US policy toward Russia at a time when tensions between the two nations were high. Such conflict of interest would undoubtedly raise concerns among some voters who might worry that his pursuit of money could influence him to use US foreign policy as an unspoken negotiating tool with Russia.

As often happens, the big lie was exposed. Candidate Trump and his team were not only working on a massive Russian deal to build the tallest building in Europe inside Moscow, but part of the negotiation included trying to buy the Kremlin's approval of the project by offering Russian President Vladimir Putin a free $50,000,000 penthouse in the new Trump tower.


A major player in the negotiations was one of Donald Trump's advisers - a man named Felix Sater. Sater is a Jew from Russia who had helped the Jewish Russian mafia to orchestrate a $40,000,000 stock fraud scheme. Sater plead guilty to his role in the operation in 1998. It is widely acknowledged that the Russian mafia is intimately linked to the Russian intelligence services.


This was not an isolated event. Trump's inner circle has many such business ties to corrupt figures in Russia. The Mueller investigation revealed that Trump's campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, who had made millions of dollars working on behalf of Jewish oligarchs and others connected to the Russian Mafia, had overseen an effort at the Republican nominating convention to rewrite foreign policy positions in the party platform in such a way as to favor Russia.

Morphonios has included mentions of Donald Trump in many of his videos, perhaps the most revealing of which are his series titled "Trump's Ties to Russia". As of this writing there are three videos with the last alluding to a fourth which hasn't surfaced as of this writing. The first video is more or less an introduction to the series and not so important, but the others are very important.

Video: Trump's Ties to Russia - Part 2 - The Russian Mafia

Video: Trump's Ties to Russia - Part 3 - Mafia Money Laundering

Video: Jake Morphonios: Trump's Deep Connections to Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeff Epstein

Today, Donald Trump repeatedly sent his "well wishes" to serial child rapist and trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell. In this video, I'll show you why Trump has reason to be very afraid. The Maxwell-Epstein rape tapes could burn the Trump dynasty to ashes.

In the article, By Supporting Zionist Stooge Donald Trump You Make Yourself A Useful Idiot Of The Jews, the author writes:

Those who are foolish enough to give credence to the demented ravings of the conspiracy theorists among us who tell us that Donald Trump is a secret "Jew hater" who is simply pretending to like the Jews but actually hates them covertly and is planning their imminent destruction, need to watch these two videos and decide for themselves what the truth is.

Here's the videos the author refers to:

Video: Netanyahu: No greater supporter to Jewish people than Trump

Video: The Greatest Trump Mural In The World - Johnny Gat

Video: Why Trump Bombed Syria? - Johnny Gat

Video: Rabbi Rubashkin - The Meth Messiah

Video: (((WHO))) Finances Trump?

Video: Donald Trump EXPOSED

Video: Drain The Swamp Trump Goldman Sachs

Know your oligarch: A guide to the Jewish billionaires in the Trump-Russia probe - U.S. News -

Of 10 billionaires with Kremlin ties who funneled political contributions to U.S. President Donald Trump and a number of top Republican leaders, at least five are Jewish.

How Allen Weisselberg Rose Up The Trump Organization

The Trump Organization’s low-profile CFO just got a big-time promotion.
Allen Weisselberg, who has played a key role in Donald Trump’s ventures for decades, will lead The Trump Organization alongside Trump’s two sons throughout the president-elect’s White House tenure.

“Together, Don, Eric and Allen will have the authority to manage The Trump Organization and will make decisions for the duration of the presidency without any involvement whatsoever by President-elect Trump,” said Sherri Dillon, an attorney representing The Trump Organization, at a Wednesday press conference.

In addition to his role at The Trump Organization, Weisselberg has held positions at a number of Trump-related entities, according to a November Wall Street Journal profile. He is treasurer of The Donald J. Trump Foundation, the New York-based nonprofit now the subject of an inquiry by the New York State Attorney General. He was also on the board of the Miss Universe Organization.

Unlike other Trump confidants, such as real estate attorney Jason Greenblatt and special counsel Michael Cohen, Weisselberg has had almost no public profile.

Gary Cohn (investment banker) - Wikipedia

Gary David Cohn (born August 27, 1960) is an American investment banker and political figure. He is the chief economic advisor to President Donald Trump and Director of the National Economic Council.[1][2] He was formerly the president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs from 2006 to 2017. Cohn is a registered Democrat, but has donated extensively to Republican politicians as well.[3][4][5] Cohn is considered one of the most influential voices in the Trump administration.[6]

A closer look at Trump's Jewish inner circle - Americas - Haaretz - Israel News |

Still, Trump's cadre of advisers is not short on Jews. While the real-estate magnate and former reality TV star may not officially appoint family members to his Cabinet because of federal anti-nepotism regulations, here's a look at his Jewish advisers, their views and possible roles in his administration.

Donald Trump, America's first Jewish president | David Peyman | The Blogs

On policy, there is no question that Donald Trump is the most pro-Israel, pro-Jewish candidate to ever run for the U.S. presidency. And this year's Republican Party platform is the most pro-Israel political platform in the history of the United States, on either side of the political aisle.

Video: Trump mockingly 'thanks' Ilhan Omar in speech to Jewish lobbying group

In another article, The Mueller Report, Alfa Bank, and the Deep State, by Peter Dale Scott, who has done a great deal of research regarding 'deep state' politics, he highlights a possible connection between Trump, the U.S. government and Alfa Bank, a private bank in Russia.

This cartoon, originally published in the Aug. 25, 2019 edition of the New York Times International, is depictive not only of the Trump-Israel partnership, but of the U.S. governments relationship with the racist Jewish state in general:

The Trump-Israel Relationship

Klaus Marre in his article for WhoWhatWhy, Deutsche Bank, Trump, Russia, Saudi Arabia: What’s the Connection?, looks at the role played by Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank plays a crucial role in these transactions, and House Democrats, now armed with subpoena power, have made the German financial institution one of their main targets in trying to get to the bottom of the president’s opaque dealings.

Knowing that disclosure of the information would not be in his interest, Trump and three of his children went to court this week to prevent Deutsche Bank (and Capital One) from releasing any documents to congressional investigators.


Long before most people were talking about that, WhoWhatWhy had already explained why Germany’s largest financial institution may be the key to tearing down Trump’s house of cards.

The article links to a few previews WhoWhatWhy articles about Deutsche Bank, including a deep, 3 part series titled, Deutsche Bank: A Global Bank for Oligarchs -- American and Russian. In the first of the installments we read:

Recent media reports confirm that Deutsche Bank has been subpoenaed for records in relation to the ongoing Russia collusion investigation. This development immediately raises questions: Chiefly, what did a certain bankrupt but ambitious American real estate developer have in common with predatory Russian oligarchs who had been plundering their own country’s industry and generating vast currency flows out of their homeland since the 1990s?

The article continues with a laundry list of criminal activities involving Deutsche Bank.

In light of all of the above, the question must be asked; why did the Mueller investigation fail to produce solid evidence of a Trump-Russia collusion if indeed such a collusion did/does exist? First and foremost is the fact that Mueller himself is an establishment criminal and one who was key in promoting the non-existing weapons of mass destruction possessed by Iraq which was used as a pretense for invasion and the spreading of U.S. style "democracy", the results of which the country is still paying dearly for. Secondly, -- and this is only a theory -- if there was a Trump-Russia collusion regarding the 2016 election, i suspect an honest investigation might expose some very powerful people, some of which backed the 2016 Trump campaign with substantial donations. One of these people is Sheldon Adelson who backed Trump again in 2020 with a $75 million dollar contribution to a pro-Trump super-PAC. According to the NPR article, "Preserve America raised nearly $84 million at the end of August and in September — largely from the Adelsons."

video: DONALD TRUMP EXPOSED - Johnny Gat Archives


Video: Donald Trump Exposed as an Inside Tool of the Zionist Swamp - (List of Zionists In Key Positions)

Truth Media Revolution video exposes the Zionists in key power positions within the Trump Administration, and the Zionist "All For Israel" oligarchs that placed Donald Trump in power. (Posted for Posterity) in the new age of Orwellian Internet censorship and government mass surveillance.

The US government is run in accordance to the Hegelian Dialectic with the two main political parties acting as fake opposing foils, when, in actuality, they both works for the same Zionists/global elitist masters. In accordance to the Hegelian Dialectic they create problems, provide reactions and then provide the solutions to the problems they themselves created. Hence the reason for the massive divisiveness and false flags occurring now. To see the larger picture, one must realize that the rights of Americans are being quickly removed through this dialectic, see who the wars are really for, and who benefits? The time to wake up to this harsh reality is now, as the censorship measures they are enacting via their false flag agenda are increasing more and more. They are not far from the point where soon they will be arresting American citizens who expose their murderous crimes.

Video: Israel Controls Donald Trump & Plays Him Like an Orange Fiddle

Video: Trump's Connections to the Epstein Gang

Donald Trump, long-time friend / party-buddy of Jeff Epstein... introduced to Melania by Epstein at Ghislaine Maxwell's Kit Kat Club in NYC...

friends with Epstein's pal, Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman... brought into his own administration: Bill Barr as Attorney General (Barr was working for the CIA when his father hired Epstein as a "teacher" at Dalton);

Alex Acosta as Secretary of Labor (Acosta is the crooked prosecutor who gave Epstein his first sweetheart deal in Florida by working with Epstein lawyers Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz); Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce (Ross, as a Rothschild Bank agent bailed out Trump in NJ - and was an associate of Epstein)...

Trump used Epstein's own attorney, Dershowitz, as his personal attorney during his impeachment trial... the connections go on and on. Trump isn't draining the swamp. Trump IS the swamp.

From the article TORBA: Kushner Wouldn't Allow Trump on Gab Unless He Banned Criticism of Israel:

Andrew Torba revealed that Jared Kushner would not allow President Trump onto Gab unless the free speech platform banned criticism of Jewish people and Israel.
Torba, the CEO of Gab, spoke to Lauren Witzke of TruNews on Tuesday, and discussed his attempts to bring President Trump onto his free speech social network after he was “totally nuked from the entire mainstream internet” in January this year. “All I wanted to do was to give him his voice back, because there’s a hundred million people or more that want to hear what he has to say,” Torba told Witzke, but as previously reported, said that Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and his “cronies” were the ones that blocked access to Gab.

Torba said Kushner and his cronies tried to get Torba to “sell out” and “compromise on Gab’s free speech policies,” suggesting that Gab “clean up [their] image,” before President Trump was allowed on. Witzke queried Torba into exactly what people Kushner wanted banned, and Torba revealed that he “specifically had problems with people criticizing Jewish people and Zionism and policies related to Israel”:

“That’s specifically what I was told, in that you have to do something about these people. He called them Jew-haters, I call them Jew-criticizers,” said Torba. “Some of these people believe that anyone who criticizes or even has remotely any sort of criticism towards Jewish people or towards Israel or towards international policy, is all of a sudden an anti-Semite right, which is totally absurd on its face.”

Video: Trump's Pedophiles part 1

Video; Trump's Pedophiles Part 2

Video: Donald Trump Before and After taking office

Zion Don before the "election" and a couple hours after he took the oath of office

Video: John Bolton, Donald Trump, & The Mob

Video: The Epstein Network, the Mafia, & 1 Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb

Greenpeace, Global Warming and the State of "Science" Today

We're told that the science clearly dictates that humans and our industrious nature are clearly the cause of global warming, except there's two problems with this dictum; 1), the science is anything but settled and 2), there seems to be so much margin of error in the data used to prove that humans are the cause of warming as to make it almost entirely useless.

Yes, we are absolutely killing the planet with the incredible amount of pollutants that we produce and we desperately need to rectify our trashy ways. I don't think there's any arguing with that, but it is another matter entirely to link human activities to a global rise in temperature. While i think it is certainly possible that human activity may be causing a warming trend, the data that "scientists" are using to prove this out seems to be utterly unreliable and heavily manipulated at best and completely fabricated at worst.

Remember when the Climategate scandal hit the interwebs in 2009? Climategate was a huge leak of internal data, software source code and emails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU). I downloaded that dump and examined some of the data myself. The leak was a major embarrassment to the CRU, one of the premiere research institutions regarding climate science. Among the data was an email in which the director of the CRU was "disappointed" with the temperature data because it indicated that the temperature had been declining for the last 15 years or so as i recall. There were many more bits of information in that leak that brought the whole man-made-global-warming hypothesis into serious question and a lot of scientists became upset when they learned that the data they had been relying on was in error.

Science these days is bought and paid for. Richard Horten, editor in chief of the prestigious Lancet medical journal, had this to say:

The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.

Simply put, if you, as a scientist, fail to produce the results a vested interest expects and provides funding for, do you think you'll ever get funding from them again? And science is all about funding.

I haven't researched the deepest depths of the human-warming climate question, but James Corbett of The Corbett Report has dug quite deeply into many aspects of this question over the years and i highly suggest watching some of the many videos James has produced regarding the subject. Here's a short introductory video, 10 Climate Myths Debunked (in 60 seconds!):

What prompted me to write this was a couple of articles from Breitbart, Greenpeace Founder: Climate Change Hoax Is Completely Made-Up Issue and Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists. Patrick Moore, B.Sc., Ph.D., a co-founder and former president of Greenpeace, had this to say as quoted from the first article:

As time went on, I watched as Greenpeace evolved, basically hijacked by the extreme left. We were pretty centrist when we started. We were basing our positions on science and logic, as I saw it, and I’ve been a scientist all my life; that’s my orientation — not to make up stories and not to exaggerate unnecessarily. And I found that Greenpeace was just going off into this sensationalism and misinformation, and using fear to get people to send them money...


[They] invent ever-more far-fetched problems that in the end don’t really exist. The climate change issue is a completely made-up issue. Of course, the climate has been changing ever since the Earth was born; and, of course, it’s still changing now. It hasn’t really changed very much. People don’t even realize that 20,000 years ago there was a mile of ice on top of New York City and three miles of ice on top of Montreal. That change from then until now is substantial, but the little bit of temperature change that has occurred in the last couple of hundred years on the planet Earth is nothing compared to the changes that have occurred in the past over time. It is completely exaggerated, and it being used to scare people.


Our addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is fertilizing all of the plant life on Earth, including all the forests and all the food crops on Earth, and we have something like a 30-percent average increase in the growth of plants over the last 50 years because of the CO2 that we’ve put in the atmosphere. CO2 is the primary food for life, and along with water, H2O and CO2, plants make sugar, mainly glucose, which is a carbohydrate, which is the basis for all the energy for all of life, beginning with photosynthesis.

If people just understood that basic fact, and the fact that CO2 is now lower than it has been virtually in the history of the Earth — because life has taken it out and deposited it in sediments, called fossil fuels, and carbonaceous rocks like limestone and marble and chalk, all of which contain carbon that used to be in the atmosphere or dissolved in the ocean where they were absorbed by living creatures to make themselves.

In the second article Dr. Moore says the following:

Scientists are co-opted and corrupted by politicians and bureaucracies invested in advancing the narrative of "climate change" in order to further centralize political power and control.


And so you’ve got the green movement creating stories that instill fear in the public. You’ve got the media echo chamber — fake news — repeating it over and over and over again to everybody that they’re killing their children. And then you’ve got the green politicians who are buying scientists with government money to produce fear for them in the form of scientific-looking materials. And then you’ve got the green businesses, the rent-seekers, and the crony capitalists who are taking advantage of massive subsidies, huge tax write-offs, and government mandates requiring their technologies to make a fortune on this. And then, of course, you’ve got the scientists who are willingly, they’re basically hooked on government grants.
When they talk about the 99 percent consensus [among scientists] on climate change, that’s a completely ridiculous and false number. But most of the scientists — put it in quotes, scientists — who are pushing this catastrophic theory are getting paid by public money, ...

The fact that much of the science of today is junk science is something i am well aware of. It is a fact which became all too apparent during my research into pharmaceutical companies and vaccines. Regarding vaccines, "the science is settled" we are repeatedly told, however this is completely untrue. The same is true regarding man-made global warming. Science is never settled, it is an ongoing process of discovery and we haven't been here very long. We are still a 'type 0' civilization according to science, bumbling around in our diapers still trying to figure out the most basic of things.

Resources for further study:

RT: Google executives called Trump voters 'extremists' & vowed to fight populism (video)

A disturbing hour long video which captured a mass meeting of Google employees and leadership after the 2016 presidential election was apparently recently leaked to Breitbart and then removed from the original post. The video can be found in the RT post, Google executives called Trump voters 'extremists' & vowed to fight populism.

Regardless of ones political preference, or the absence thereof in my case, the video is very disturbing in that it clearly demonstrates the desire of Google's leadership to push their political views upon the rest of the company's employees with the obvious goal of influencing employees to think a certain way while maintaining and developing Google's various platforms. This apparently unprecedented meeting as far as the number of employees reached, appears to have been broadcast internationally to all of Google's offices within 24 hours after the 2016 election and was, in essence, a giant Google ultra-left wing hug-box event which even included having the employees turn and hug their fellow coworkers. That this kind of meeting took place is perhaps understandable, but the scope of the meeting, and the left-leaning political agenda that flavored it with the clear intention of influencing how Google should work for its users, is incredibly offensive.

Following are some highlights of the meeting:

  • (00:00:00 – 00:01:12) Google co-founder Sergey Brin states that the weekly meeting is “probably not the most joyous we’ve had and that “most people here are pretty upset and pretty sad.
  • (00:00:24) Brin contrasts the disappointment of Trump’s election with his excitement at the legalization of cannabis in California, triggering laughs and applause from the audience of Google employees.
  • (00:01:12) Returning to seriousness, Brin says he is “deeply offen[ded] by the election of Trump, and that the election “conflicts with many of [Google’s] values.
  • (00:09:10) Trying to explain the motivations of Trump supporters, Senior VP for Global Affairs, Kent Walker concludes: “fear, not just in the United States, but around the world is fueling concerns, xenophobia, hatred, and a desire for answers that may or may not be there.
  • (00:09:35) Walker goes on to describe the Trump phenomenon as a sign of “tribalism that’s self-destructive [in] the long-term.
  • (00:09:55) Striking an optimistic tone, Walker assures Google employees that despite the election, “history is on our side and that the “moral arc of history bends towards progress.
  • (00:10:45) Walker approvingly quotes former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s comparison between “the world of the wall with its “isolation and defensiveness and the “world of the square, the piazza, the marketplace, where people come together into a community and enrich each other’s lives.
  • (00:13:10) CFO Ruth Porat appears to break down in tears when discussing the election result.
  • (00:15:20) Porat promises that Google will “use the great strength and resources and reach we have to continue to advance really important values.
  • (00:16:50) Stating “we all need a hug, she then instructs the audience of Google employees to hug the person closest to them.
  • (00:20:24) Eileen Noughton, VP of People Operations, promises that Google’s policy team in DC is “all over the immigration issue and that the company will “keep a close watch on it.
  • (00:21:26) Noughton jokes about Google employees asking, ‘Can I move to Canada?’ after the election. She goes on to seriously discuss the options available to Google employees who wish to leave the country.
  • (00:23:12) Noughton does acknowledge “diversity of opinion and political persuasion and notes that she has heard from conservative Google employees who say they “haven’t felt entirely comfortable revealing who [they] are. and urged “tolerance. (Several months later, the company would fire James Damore allegedly for disagreeing with progressive narratives.)
  • (00:27:00) Responding to a question about “filter bubbles, Sundar Pichai promises to work towards “correcting Google’s role in them
  • (00:27:30) Sergey Brin praises an audience member’s suggestion of increasing matched Google employee donations to progressive groups.
  • (00:34:40) Brin compares Trump voters to “extremists, arguing for a correlation between the economic background of Trump supporters and the kinds of voters who back extremist movements. Brin says that “voting is not a rational act and that not all of Trump’s support can be attributed to “income disparity. He suggests that Trump voters might have been motivated by boredom rather than legitimate concerns.
  • (00:49:10) An employee asks if Google is willing to “invest in grassroots, hyper-local efforts to bring tools and services and understanding of Google products and knowledge so that people can “make informed decisions that are best for themselves. Pichai’s response: Google will ensure its “educational products reach “segments of the population [they] are not [currently] fully reaching.
  • (00:54:33) An employee asks what Google is going to do about “misinformation and “fake news shared by “low-information voters. Pichai responds by stating that “investments in machine learning and AI are a “big opportunity to fix the problem.
  • (00:56:12) Responding to an audience member, Walker says Google must ensure the rise of populism doesn’t turn into “a world war or something catastrophic … and instead is a blip, a hiccup.
  • (00:58:22) Brin compares Trump voters to supporters of fascism and communism, linking the former movement to “boredom, which Brin previously linked to Trump voters. “It sort of sneaks up sometimes, really bad things says Brin.
  • (01:01:15) A Google employee states: “speaking to white men, there’s an opportunity for you right now to understand your privilege and urges employees to “go through the bias-busting training, read about privilege, read about the real history of oppression in our country. He urges employees to “discuss the issues you are passionate about during Thanksgiving dinner and don’t back down and laugh it off when you hear the voice of oppression speak through metaphors. Every executive on stage – the CEO, CFO, two VPs and the two Co-founders – applaud the employee.
  • (01:01:57) An audience member asks if the executives see “anything positive from this election result. The audience of Google employees, and the executives on stage, burst into laughter. “Boy, that’s a really tough one right now says Brin.

Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - Misc. Resources

Resources for further study of Zionism, World War II war crimes, historical revisionism and miscellaneous resources.

Israeli/Zionist/Jewish political influence

Jewish social and cultural influence

Jewish/Israeli human organ trafficking

Jewish/Israeli/Mossad human trafficking, sex crimes, abuse

False-flag Jewish hate crimes

Israel and 9/11

Jewish/Israeli/Mossad spying, terrorism and criminal activities, misc.

Jewish role in the Atlantic slave trade

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Jewish Anti-Zionist organizations

Jewish history

Miscellaneous resources and recent events

101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire

This is a documentary film about the New Hampshire Free State Project.

This is a really cool documentary about the New Hampshire Free State Project which is largely about restoring personal liberty and limited government in the New England "live free or die" state. The basic goal of the Free State Project is to convince 20,000 liberty lovers to move to New Hampshire in order to have a greater impact in its government.

From the film description:

"101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire" is a documentary adaptation of the Free State Project's list of 101 Reasons to Move to New Hampshire, which was written in 2002 by Michele Dumas.

The FSP is an effort to move 20,000 liberty-minded people to a low populated state that has an existing pro-freedom culture. In 2003, participants of the FSP voted for the "Live Free or Die" state, New Hampshire, as its destination.

For over 12 years the 101 Reasons list has helped inspire thousands of activists and entrepreneurs to sign up for the FSP and continue New Hampshire's reputation as a beacon for liberty.

To view the Statement of Intent of the Free State Project, visit