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"[The PCR test is] as good as that Scientology test that detects your personality and then tells you need to give all your money to Scientology." -- Dr. David Rasnick, Ph.D., Biochemist, Protease Inhibitor developer, University of California (source)

"There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles." -- Denis G. Rancourt, Ph.D, Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association ( (source)

"It’s all bullshit […] It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality […] Why has the whole world been destroyed?" -- Dr Alexander Myasnikov, Russia's head of coronavirus information (source)

Video, 22-Apr-2020: Full Press Conference - Dr. Dan Erickson & Dr. Artin Massihi on Covid-19

Two emergency room physicians with a combined 40 years of experience in microbiology, virology, immunology and related fields, use science and data to completely destroy the major talking points parroted by the mainstream (political) narrative regarding the COVID-19 virus "pandemic".

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The COVID-19 "pandemic" is a Trojan Horse that is being used to implement a plethora of Orwellian agendas, particularly those of the globalists. Bill Gates and his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) of which Gates is apparently the largest funder, is at the center of all of this, though certainly not exclusively so. This page is dedicated to exposing the truth and presenting alternative theories and information regarding the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 "pandemic". The information presented here is sourced largely from creditable sources including medical professionals in the field, whistleblowers, scientists, independent journalists and commentators.

I will be adding new content to this page daily so you may want to check back often. Note that "new" may include older articles that i feel are relevant. All articles added are posted immediately following their respective date heading.


Governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company | World news | The Guardian

The World Health Organization and a number of national governments have changed their Covid-19 policies and treatments on the basis of flawed data from a little-known US healthcare analytics company, also calling into question the integrity of key studies published in some of the world’s most prestigious medical journals.

A Guardian investigation can reveal the US-based company Surgisphere, whose handful of employees appear to include a science fiction writer and an adult-content model, has provided data for multiple studies on Covid-19 co-authored by its chief executive, but has so far failed to adequately explain its data or methodology.

Data it claims to have legitimately obtained from more than a thousand hospitals worldwide formed the basis of scientific articles that have led to changes in Covid-19 treatment policies in Latin American countries. It was also behind a decision by the WHO and research institutes around the world to halt trials of the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine. On Wednesday, the WHO announced those trials would now resume.

Two of the world’s leading medical journals – the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine – published studies based on Surgisphere data. The studies were co-authored by the firm’s chief executive, Sapan Desai.

It's All Political! Corona Lockdown Leaders Now Joining Mass Protests! - YouTube

"Stay home, save lives," the politicians and media demanded. And Americans stayed home for months and lost their jobs and their mental and physical health. If you go out, they said, you will kill people by passing on the virus. But all of a sudden these same politicians have turned on a dime in the aftermath of the killing of a Minnesota man in police custody - all of a sudden they are not only encouraging but joining mass public protests. Social distancing has given way to the demands of social engineering. Meanwhile a large part of the US is in smoldering ruins. What's going on here?

COVID-19: 'The Facts Changed - But Government Lockdown Policy Didn't' - 21st Century Wire

Despite routine denials by governments, particularly the US and UK, a large body of evidence-based research has come to light over the last two months which should have flipped the script on COVID-19 ‘threat.’ In this discussion, the host reminds viewers to always be vigilant and practice discernment when determining trustworthy sources, and to think critically and to stay flexible and maintain the ability to pivot in light of new information – especially when so many lives depend on it.

Is the Coronavirus Scare a Psychological Operation? | Dig Within

Governments have used psychological warfare throughout history to manipulate public opinion, gain political advantage, and generate profits. Western governments have engaged in such tactics in the war on terrorism as well as in its predecessor, the war on communism. In both cases, state-sponsored terrorism and propaganda were used to distort the public’s perception of the threats, leading to increased governmental control of society and huge financial benefits for corporations. It appears that the same kinds of effects are being seen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

WHO To Resume Hydroxychloroquine Trials After Lancet Cautions Over Dodgy Study | Zero Hedge

The World Health Organization announced on Wednesday that it would resume trials involving hydroxychloroquine after The Lancet issued a major disclaimer over a study which prompted the WHO to halt ongoing trials, according to AFP.

WATCH: Anna Brees interviews Prof. Robert Endres – OffGuardian

Prof Robert Endres is leader of the biological physics group and the physics of life network at Imperial College London. He sits down with independent journalist Anna Brees to discuss his issues with the Imperial Model.

Global Capitalism, "World Government" and the Corona Crisis - Global Research

The COVID-19 crisis is marked by a public health “emergency” under WHO auspices which is being used as a pretext and a justification to triggering a Worldwide process of economic, social and political restructuring.

Facts Vs. Fake. A Worldwide Lockdown of Everything - Global Research

As most of us who look for our own sources of information, outside the mainstream dominated, government dictated or supported lies, data collection and statistics on COVID infections, as well as death rates, are vastly inflated and willingly falsified, to increase the fear factor and prolong the all destructive lockdown. See this. This horrendous cheat is not just actively practiced in the US, but also in Europe. A point in case is Italy, see this.

Another case in point is Switzerland. The official Swiss Federal Office of Statistics (BAS, for German “Bundesamt für Statistik”), keeps records of all deaths in the country per week. In the first 18 weeks of 2020 (ending 3 May 2020), there were actually less deaths reported that in the first 18 weeks of 2015 – 25,400 (2020) vs. 26,596 (2015). How is that possible if the official death corona-death toll in Switzerland is 1,642, as of 24 May 2020. In other words, pretty much the same number of people die every year with or without corona.

Unmasking Who is Behind the Plandemic and Rioting to Usher in the New World Order

Those working to implement the plan have done so mostly behind the scenes throughout the years, and those who discover the leaders of this movement and dare to publish it, have either been eliminated if they were too big of a threat, or just ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists,” since they control the media and have conditioned the public for many, many years to believe the things they want us to believe.


Moderna’s Guinea Pig ... “Sickest in His Life" after Being Injected with Experimental Vaccine • Children's Health Defense

You know Ian Haydon from many appearances on CNN and other networks celebrating his heroic act of volunteering to test Moderna’s experimental COVID vaccine. The sun has now set on Haydon’s television career. He is no longer useful to the Pharmedia narratives that all vaccines are always safe for all people, that Moderna’s business partners, Tony Fauci and Bill Gates, were justified in skipping animal studies and that Moderna’s vaccine will soon rescue us from the Pandemic. Ian Haydon is now an embarrassment to Fauci, Gates, and their CNN cheerleaders. He will therefore vanish into the censorship twilight.

Moderna chose Haydon for the study because of his robust good health. He was among the 15 volunteers in the high dose group. Within 45 days, three of these—a shocking 20%—experienced “serious” adverse events according to Moderna’s press release meaning they required hospitalization or medical intervention. Less than 12 hours after vaccination, Hayden suffered muscle aches, vomiting, spiked a 103.2 degree fever and lost consciousness. His girlfriend caught him as he fell. His Moderna trial supervisor instructed Haydon to call 911 and described him as being the “sickest in his life”. Moderna let Haydon believe the illness was just a sad coincidence unrelated to the jab. Moderna never told Haydon he was suffering an Adverse Event.

CoVid not killing patients: Doctors and nurses are - YouTube


Weekly Update --- Listen to the Doctors, End the Lockdowns - Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul's latest on the health damages of the lockdowns...

Beyond Epidemiology and Economics. The Shutdown's Devastating Impacts on Education, Health, Family, Religion, Civil Society ... - Global Research

There is not a single social institution that has been left intact by those who are now determining our public policies. At what point do these disruptions, along with the incessant calls for a “new normal,” become a subversion of the institutions we have built and upon which we rely? All this is happening without public discussion, much less consensus.

It is time to stop focusing on the official distraction of minutiae: masks, hand washing and six feet apart, and start seeing how the disruption of all major social institutions is impacting the lives of everyone in America. We came together as a nation to “flatten the curve,” but by now it is clear that, much like the Iraq War, there is no exit strategy. There will be no vaccine for this coronavirus anymore than there is for the common cold, another type of coronavirus. All such viruses mutate constantly. Humans will never be virus free. Death is, and always has been, a tragic part of human life. We have been made fearful of our own mortality.

Listen to the Doctors, End the Lockdowns - Global Research

Six hundred physicians recently signed a letter to President Trump calling for an end to the coronavirus lockdowns. The physicians wrote that, far from protecting public health, the lockdowns are causing “exponentially growing negative health consequences” for millions of Americans.


CDC Reduces COVID-19 Fatality Rate to 0.26 Percent - The Vaccine Reaction

In a new document providing guidance for public health officials on COVID-19, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the infection fatality rate (IFR) for the disease at 0.4 percent, or about half the nearly one percent fatality rate the CDC estimated in March 2020 when it was predicting up to 1.7 million COVID-19 deaths in the United States.

12bytes says: And this figure is almost certainl way over-blown and there's a lot of evidence to support this claim in articles that follow.

Misleading CDC Report on COVID-19 Testing Combines “Apples and Elephants” - The Vaccine Reaction

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledged last week that it had lumped genetic tests that identify people with current COVID-19 infections together with serology (blood) antibody tests that measure whether someone has had the viral infection in the past.1 Combining the tally of the two tests overstates the country’s ability to test people who are currently sick with COVID-19 and provides an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic.2

TRUTH with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Episode 2. Released June 1, 2020 - YouTube

In Episode 2 of TRUTH, RFK, Jr. spoke with Polly Tommey about the health epidemics of children, delving even deeper into the specific injuries caused by vaccinations, including those listed on the product inserts. Discussion surrounded the fact that there is essentially no safety testing for vaccines; and, once citizens know this information and do their own research, they become steadfast advocates who can’t turn away. The episode closed with a discussion of rights to refuse vaccinations and that parents shouldn’t be bullied!

The Great COVID-19 Vaccines to the Rescue Hoax. "Making A Billion Dollars" vs. "Harmful Side Effects" - Global Research

Instead of serving the public interest by reporting truthfully on major issues, establishment media serve as press agents for powerful interests.

Their managed news misinformation and disinformation includes the myth of barbarians at the gates to support endless wars on nations threatening no one, along with handouts to Wall Street and other corporate favorites — notably Big Pharma.

What's To Blame For Nationwide Riots - Police Brutality Or Lockdown? - Dr. Ron Paul

Are the riots engulfing the nation simply fallout from the shocking killing of a black suspected forgerer at the hands of a white police officer? Or is there something else to the story? The ramifications of three months of nationwide lockdown may be more profound than people understand.

Dangers of Wearing Masks in the Heat and Humidity - The Vaccine Reaction

You add heat, humidity, probably months of more physical inactivity than usual because of social isolation and distancing, and now you mask up, it’s certainly going to make it a lot more difficult to breathe, which can lead to further respiratory complications. You also have a better chance of overheating when you’re wearing a mask when it’s this hot outside. Our body has several methods and mechanisms to help cool themselves down, sweating, etc. But one of them is through breathing out hot air, so if we’re, one, increasing our work of breathing because we’re breathing through a mask in the heat and the humidity, and then we’re unable to exhale hot air, then certainly overheating can occur.

Mandatory Vaccines? The Supreme Court Said Yes! But Wait, There's More…

If there is one topic that even comes close to the amount of coverage the virus gets, it is vaccines, and the big question is will they be mandatory?

Recently Jason goodman of Crowd Source The Truth interviewed Alan Dershowitz and Dershowitz made some very bold controversial statements…

Dershowitz, a high profile lawyer who has formerly represented president President Trump, OJ Simpson and even Jeffery Epstein amongst other high profile clients, stated you have no constitutional protectuon against being forcibly vaccinated for an infectious disease.

Lets take a closer look…

Life in Sweden During the Coronavirus 'Pandemic' - 21st Century Wire

This is a brief look at what life in Sweden has been like during the Coronavirus ‘pandemic’. Unlike Europe, the UK and the US, Sweden did not opt to ‘Lockdown’ and voluntarily push its economy and society into a downward spiral. Hence, life in this Scandinavian country has remained relatively normal, with only a few common sense safety measures put in place to mitigate concerns regarding COVID-19. You’ll see restaurants, bars, gyms and parks – all open and being used much the same way as in ‘normal’ times.

UKC News: 'Documents Reveal Government Lockdown Was Political, Not Scientific' - 21st Century Wire

An incredible discovery of UK government documents from SAGE science advisory committee reveals that Downing Street’s decision to ‘Lockdown’ the country was in fact a political one, and little to do with “The Science” that government insists it’s being guided by.


The Media and Police Finally Admit Someone Died from Underlying Health Conditions... And It Was... | Dollar_Vigilante



“It’s all Bullsh*t” – 3 Leaks that Sink the Covid Narrative – OffGuardian

The science of the coronavirus is not disputed. It is well documented and openly admitted:

  • Most people won’t get the virus.
  • Most of the people who get it won’t display symptoms.
  • Most of the people who display symptoms will only be mildly sick.
  • Most of the people with severe symptoms will never be critically ill.
  • And most of the people who get critically ill will survive.

This is borne out by the numerous serological studies which show, again and again, that the infection fatality ratio is on par with flu.

There is no science – and increasingly little rational discussion – to justify the lockdown measures and overall sense of global panic.

Volunteer Describes His Serious Reaction in Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Trial - The Vaccine Reaction

Haydon said he came down with a fever of over 103 degrees and that he felt sicker than he ever has before. He sought medical care at an urgent care center. After he was released from the center and returned home, he fainted.


Try as one might to downplay Haydon’s adverse reactions and those of the other three participants in the Moderna trial, these were severe reactions. What is noteworthy is that nine percent of the participants experienced these reactions. Imagine what this would mean were this vaccine to be given to tens of millions of people living in the U.S.

Health Officials Admit Virus Not As Deadly As Previously Thought: So Why Are We Still On Lockdown? - YouTube

We have started to see official government health institutions like the CDC for example, quietly admit that the virus is much less dangerous than what we were initially told

This is good news right? So why are hundreds of millions of people around the world still on some form of lockdown?

Despite the virus appearing to slow down, the agendas attached to the crisis have not slowed.

In this report, Spiro is joined by journalist and broadcaster Richie Allen of the Richie Allen Show to discuss and break down what we are witnessing unfold from the initial stages and potential source of the outbreak, to the new digitalized system of control being rolled out in its wake.

US On The Brink Of Martial Law As Officials Implement Contact Tracing Methods To Track Rioters - YouTube

As peaceful protests turn to violent riots, government officials finally admit the protest are being hijacked by organized groups from out of state with the purpose to cause destruction and chaos.

President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to have military police on standby ready to deploy to American cities within hours in an attempt to restore order. The second time Trump has suggested deploying the US military domestically which is thought to be unconstitutional. The White House sites the Insurrection Act as authorization.

Meanwhile, officials in Minnesota, the origin of the unrest have stated they are currently using methods very similar to contact tracing to track down networks of out of state protestors which officials estimate consists of approximately 80% of those engaged in the demonstrations.

Doctors Gagged as Feds Launch Censorship Campaign

The FDA, FTC, Department of Justice, and some state attorneys general have launched a coordinated censorship campaign that prevents medical and naturopathic doctors from communicating their extensive knowledge about how to stay healthy during the pandemic using natural medicine.

WATCH: Perspectives on the Pandemic #7 – OffGuardian

Investigative journalist Sam Husseini has had a storied career asking world leaders questions they would prefer to dodge, on subjects ranging from missing weapons of mass destruction to very real nuclear stockpiles. Now he takes on the “elephant in the room”: the extreme dangers posed by bio-research facilities not just in China, but all over the world…


German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’ — Strategic Culture

  • The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.
  • The people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).
  • Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths [25,100 in Germany] during the influenza wave 2017/18.
  • The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.

As the Quarantine Guts the Economy, America’s Five Wealthiest People Have Gotten 75 Billion Dollars Richer • Children's Health Defense

This nationwide, extended quarantine has permanently shuttered over 100,000 small businesses, cost 38 million jobs and 27 million Americans their health care. The Super Rich elite are flourishing while a despairing middle class flounders. According to a report by Americans for Tax Fairness, billionaires are watching their wealth compound beyond imagination.

Between March 18, when lockdown began, and May 19, the combined net worth of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) and Larry Ellison (Oracle) grew by $75.5 billion. According to Forbes data, the total wealth of the 630 U.S. billionaires jumped by $434 billion—15%—from $2.948 trillion to $3.382 trillion. Tech stocks are the most bullish about the Surveillance State. Microsoft (Bing), Facebook and Amazon are facilitating our devolution into militarized oligarchy by enforcing censorship against all expressions of dissent.

Zuckerberg’s wealth increased by 46.2 percent (up $25.3 billion); Bezos’s by 30.6 percent ($34.6 billion); Gates’s by 8.2 percent ($8 billion). Their stocks hit all-time highs this week. Amazon shares were up 29% since January and Facebook spiked 10 % in lockstep with the Lockdown.

German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’ — Strategic Culture

Germany’s federal government and mainstream media are engaged in damage control after a report that challenges the established Corona narrative leaked from the interior ministry.

Some of the report key passages are:

  • The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.
  • The people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).
  • Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths [25,100 in Germany] during the influenza wave 2017/18.
  • The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.
  • A reproach could go along these lines: During the Corona crisis the State has proved itself as one of the biggest producers of Fake News.

So far, so bad. But it gets worse.

The report focuses on the “manifold and heavy consequences of the Corona measures” and warns that these are “grave”.

More people are dying because of state-imposed Corona-measures than they are being killed by the virus.

A List of Hundreds of Social Media Posts Reporting Falsified Death Certificates


Bill Gates' Web of Dark Money and Influence - Part 3: Health Surveillance, Event 201 & the Rockefeller Connection

Over the last four months Bill Gates has made dozens of media appearances where he has called for several controversial “solutions” to COVID-19. Gates says these proposals must be implemented before society can go back to “normal.” From calling for extended lock downs, health surveillance (aka contact tracing) and digital certificates.

The science behind the lock downs has been called into question numerous times by health experts. Most recently, Michael Levitt, a Stanford University professor who predicted the initial trajectory of the pandemic, stated that he believed the lockdown was a “huge mistake” and may have actually cost lives. TLAV has also exposed contract tracing and the call for an “army” of people to monitor the public as an expansion of surveillance. Coincidentally, it was reported just this week that the Gates Foundation recently invested hundreds of millions of dollars into tech companies like Google, who may end up building the contact tracing infrastructure.

Italian politician demands Bill Gates arrest for crimes against humanity – Unity News Network

Speech delivered to the Italian Parliament – May 2020

Hobbes said that absolute power does not come from an imposition from above but by the choice of individuals who feel more protected renouncing to their own freedom and granting it to a third party.

With this, you are going on anesthetizing the minds with corrupted Mass Media with Amuchina (a brand of disinfectant promoted by Mass Media) and NLP, with words like “regime”, “to allow” and “to permit”, to the point of allowing you to regulate our emotional ties and feelings and certify our affects.

So, in this way, Phase 2 is nothing else than the persecution/continuation of Phase 1 – you just changed the name, as you did with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). We have understood people, for sure, don’t die for the virus alone. So people will be allowed to die and suffer, thanks to you and your laws, for misery and poverty. And, as in the “best” regimes, the blame will be dropped only on citizens. You take away our freedom and say that we looked for it. Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule).

It is our children who will lose more, who are ‘raped souls’, with the help of the so-called “guarantor of their rights” and of CISMAI (Italian Coordination of Services against Child Abuse). In this way, the right to school will be granted only with a bracelet to get them used to probation, to get them used to slavery – involuntary treatment and to virtual lager. All this in exchange for a push-scooter and a tablet. All to satisfy the appetites of a financial capitalism whose driving force is the conflict of interest, conflict well represented by the WHO, whose main financier is the well-known “philanthropist and savior of the world” Bill Gates.

We all know it, now. Bill Gates, already in 2018, predicted a pandemic, simulated in October 2019 at the “Event 201”, together with Davos (Switzerland). For decades, Gates has been working on Depopulation policy and dictatorial control plans on global politics, aiming to obtain the primacy on agriculture, technology and energy.

Gates said, I quote exactly from his speech:

“If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world”.

With his vaccines, Gates managed to sterilize millions of women in Africa. Gates caused a polio epidemic that paralyzed 500,000 children in India and still today with DTP, Gates causes more deaths than the disease itself. And he does the same with GMOs designed by Monsanto and “generously donated” to needy populations. All this while he is already thinking about distributing the quantum tattoo for vaccination recognition and mRNA vaccines as tools for reprogramming our immune system. In addition, Gates also does business with several multinationals that own 5G facilities in the USA.

On this table there is the entire Deep State in Italian sauce: Sanofi, together with GlaxoSmithKline are friends of the Ranieri Guerra, Ricciardi, and of the well-known virologist that we pay 2000 Euro every 10 minutes for the presentations on Rai (Italian state TV. She’s probably talking about Burioni). Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline sign agreements with medical societies to indoctrinate future doctors, making fun of their autonomy of judgment and their oath.

Hi-Tech multinationals, like the Roman Engineering which is friend of the noble Mantoan, or Bending Spoons, of Pisano, which are there for control and manage our personal health datas in agreement with the European Agenda ID2020 of electronic identification, which aims to use mass vaccination to obtain a digital platform of digital ID. This is a continuation of the transfer of data started by Renzi to IBM. Renzi, in 2016, gave a plus 30% to Gates Global Fund.

On the Deep State table there are the people of Aspen, like the Saxon Colao, who with his 4-pages reports, paid 800 Euros/hour, with no scientific review, dictates its politics as a Bilderberg general as he is, staying away from the battlefield. The list is long. Very long. In the list there is also Mediatronic, by Arcuri and many more.

The Italian contribution to the International Alliance Against Coronavirus will be of 140m Euros, of which 120m Euros will be given to GAVI Alliance, the non-profit by Gates Foundation. They are just a part of the 7.4 billion Euro fund by the EU to find a vaccine against Coronavirus – vaccines which will be used as I said before.

No money, of course for serotherapy, which has the collateral effect of being super cheap. No money for prevention, a real prevention, which includes our lifestyles, our food and our relationship with the environment.

The real goal of all of this is total control. Absolute domination of human beings, transformed into guinea pigs and slaves, violating sovereignty and free will. All this thanks to tricks/hoax disguised as political compromises. While you rip up the Nuremberg code with involuntary treatment, fines and deportation, facial recognition and intimidation, endorsed by dogmatic scientism – protected by our “Multi-President” of the Republic who is real cultural epidemic of this country.

We, with the people, will multiply the fires of resistance in a way that you won’t be able to repress all of us.

I ask you, President, to be the spokesperson and give an advice to our President Conte: Dear Mr. President Conte, next time you receive a phone call from the philanthropist Bill Gates forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. If you won’t do this, tell us how we should define you, the “friend lawyer” who takes orders from a criminal.

Thank you.

Administration Ignores Scientists on COVID-19 Temperature Screenings | Union of Concerned Scientists

Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were completely ignored by the White House when they stated that the best available science shows that temperature checks are not a reliable tool for screening people for COVID-19. CDC scientists have requested that Trump administration officials completely remove the CDC from efforts to implement this plan at several major US airports.

Who Owns The Fed? Are They To Blame For 40 Million Unemployed? - Dr. Ron Paul

Who's in charge? Is The Fed responsible for 40 million unemployed? The concept of a "Deep State" may be a new one for Americans to come to grips with, but unaccountable power is as old as the hills. Liberty & sound money are the only neutralizing agents to Deep State power.

The Gates / Fauci Vaccine Developed by Moderna. Video Featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Andrew Kaufman - Global Research

This is a four-minute video featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Andrew Kaufman that explains exactly what is in the Gates/Fauci covid19 vaccine currently being developed by Fauci’s own vaccine company, Moderna.

Most of the vaccines currently under process by big pharma are likewise mRNA vaccines, a type never before used on humans.

The Gates/Fauci vaccine against covid-19 is no ordinary vaccine. It uses three needles, two of which are electrodes that will alter the DNA of every cell in the body.

Gates and Fauci have bypassed all required phase-one animal testing, normally a 10-year testing requirement, as well as human safety testing. This assault on our bodies will likely be issued as mandatory, since it is being developed under emergency powers. Trump’s attorney, Alan Dershowitz, has stated categorically that “you have no constitutional right to refuse a vaccine”.

'It's Just the Flu, It's All BS' - Russia's Top Official COVID Doctor Admits in Bombshell Invu

In an interview that aired Wednesday, Myasnikov gestured for the cameras to stop running and said candidly: “It’s all bullsh*t.”

“It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality,” he told television personality Ksenia Sobchak in the interview for her YouTube project.

“Why has the whole world been destroyed? That I don’t know,” Myasnikov said, adding that he’s more concerned about a second wave that he claimed “we’re unprepared for.”

Study Of 100,000 Coronavirus Patients Shows No Benefit From Treatment With Hydroxychloroquine – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

This is hardly the first trial to find problems with hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. In April, a study testing high doses of chloroquine as a treatment for the coronavirus was stopped early after 11 patients died. This outcome came only days after a hospital in France had stopped an experimental treatment using hydroxychloroquine, citing a “major risk” of heart damage.

Even prior to these studies, chloroquine was already well known to cause dangerous side effects. Patients taking the drug have been shown to be at risk of suffering blood in the urine or stools, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, mental health problems, breathing difficulties, vomiting, jaundice, and numerous other complications. While hydroxychloroquine is often claimed to be safer than chloroquine, it too can cause serious side effects including allergic reactions, liver problems, low blood sugar, seizures, and heart problems.


New Research Study Clarifies Health Outcomes in Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated Children • Children's Health Defense

Redding CA— A new peer-reviewed study in the journal SAGE Open Medicine details the health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children from three pediatric practices in the United States concludes that unvaccinated children have better health outcomes than their vaccinated peers.

Children in the study were followed continuously for a minimum of 3 years from birth. The study was based on medical records of over 2000 children enrolled in three pediatric practices and born between November 2005 and June 2015. Vaccination status was determined based on any vaccination received prior to one year of age which yielded 30.9% of the children in the unvaccinated group. Results show that vaccination before one year of age led to significantly increased odds of medical diagnoses of developmental delays, asthma and ear infections in children.

In a separate analysis, based on the number of vaccines received by one year of age, children receiving more vaccines were more likely to be diagnosed with gastrointestinal disorders compared to those who received no vaccines within the same timeframe. In temporal analyses, children vaccinated prior to six months of age showed significant risks of each of the disorders studied as compared to unvaccinated children in the same timeframe.

I’ve signed death certificates during Covid-19. Here’s why you can’t trust any of the statistics on the number of victims — RT Op-ed

As an NHS doctor, I’ve seen people die and be listed as a victim of coronavirus without ever being tested for it. But unless we have accurate data, we won’t know which has killed more: the disease or the lockdown?

Dr. John Lott: COVID-19 death toll may be half what’s on record - One America News Network

Dr. John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center has said the recorded coronavirus death toll may be a dramatically overstated. One America's John Hines sat down with him to learn more.

Immunity Passports Are a Threat to Our Privacy and Information Security | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Moreover, digital-format immunity passports could normalize digital-format proof-of-status documents more generally. Advocates of immunity passports visualize a world where we can’t pass through a door to a workplace, school, or restaurant until the gatekeeper scans our credentials. This would habituate gatekeepers to demand such status credentials, and habituate the public to submit to these demands.

This digital system could easily be expanded to check not just a person’s immunity status, but any other bit of personal information that a gatekeeper might deem relevant, such as age, pregnancy, HIV status, or criminal history. The system could also be adjusted to document not just a particular person’s status, but also when that person passed through a door that required proof of such status. And all data of all such passages could be accumulated into one database. This would be a troubling step towards digital national identification, which EFF has long opposed because it would create new ways to digitally monitor our movements and activities.

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Smackdown! Homeschool 'Park Patriots' Vs. Brazoria County Park Closures

Politicians are drunk on power and they are not about to enter any kind of 12 step program.

But throughout the country it is the people who are fighting back. And they are scoring tremendous victories. On a small scale, a hundred flowers are blooming daily as Americans who perhaps yesterday were not at all political, or who went along to get along, are realizing what is at stake and are standing up.

Amid the COVID Crisis, Washington Stuffs a New Goodie Bag for Israel – Mondoweiss

This is pretty ambitious stuff considering Israel already gets over $3 billion a year and millions of U.S. workers are currently unemployed. So, what did the debate look like? There wasn’t one.

Bill Gates' Web of Dark Money and Influence - Part 2: The COVID-19 Operation

Before we dive into the current COVID-19 crisis, a bit more background on Gates is needed. In the last piece we discussed the history of the Gates Foundation’s investments. What is important to note is that by using the Foundation as the front organization, Gates can donate and influence hospitals, universities, media, governments, and health organizations. The Foundation clearly has the ability to shape the decisions made by some of the institutions they fund, including when these decisions go against the desires of the masses they claim to be helping.

Walmart Now Sells Used Clothing As Unemployment Nears Great Depression Levels  | Zero Hedge

As the economy plunges into depression with tens of millions of people unemployed, Walmart is taking no chances on losing its customer base and announced this week, it will start selling used clothing, shoes, and accessories on its website.

Doctors Gagged as Feds Launch Censorship Campaign | The Alliance for Natural Health

The FDA, FTC, Department of Justice, and some state attorneys general have launched a coordinated censorship campaign that prevents medical and naturopathic doctors from communicating their extensive knowledge about how to stay healthy during the pandemic using natural medicine.

The Campaign Against Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Sustained by Corrupt Medical Professionals with Ties the Big Pharma - Global Research

A few years ago the British medical journal, The Lancet, published a paper touting the safety of HCQ. But this was before HCQ with zinc was found effective if used earlier enough against Covid-19. Covid-19 turned HCQ’s effectiveness into a big problem for Big Pharma’s big profits.

Are You Ready For Your...Immunity Passport? - Dr. Ron Paul

Think of it as the REAL ID on steroids. The airlines and sectors of government are pushing for a biometric "immunity passport" to prove that one is not corona contagious before flying, attending large events, maybe even going to work. Is this the number of the beast or a sensible reaction to a pandemic? Something in-between? Plus today's program will look at another pandemic: depression and anxiety as a result of the shutdown. And Minnesota Governor Tim Walz emptied out hospitals and cancelled surgeries to make way for a coronavirus tidal wave that never hit. How many deaths occurred in the push to avoid deaths? Finally, freedom action in Brazoria County as homeschoolers challenge park shutdowns.

The Tests: The Achilles Heel of the COVID-19 House of Cards - Global Research

Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction, invented in 1985 by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1993) Kary Mullis.

It is a machine capable of detecting the smallest amount of DNA or RNA (nucleic acids) present in the cell being studied. It detects and then amplifies the detected material, much like a photocopier-enhancer.


The first disappointment is that RT-PCR does not detect the virus, but a genetic trace (RNA) of the virus, which is not the same thing.

A positive RT-PCR test does not necessarily indicate the presence of a complete virus. It is the complete, intact virus that is the transmissible actor of COVID-19.

As the FDA [based on CDC] admits [5], the detection of viral RNA by RT-PCR does not necessarily indicate an active viral infection (with clinical syndrome)!

A second disappointment is that RT-PCR cannot quantify the viral load since it artificially amplifies (multiplies) the detected genetic material. It only says whether the virus is present or not, and again, only traces of the virus, not the whole virus.


But many steps are required to prime and amplify the specific genetic material and it is a complex and very sophisticated process with many opportunities for misinterpretation or misrepresentation [8] :

Mishandling, miscalibrated or contaminated equipment (from the person being tested, the laboratory technician or the environment), misstorage or misdirection and the whole result can be compromised.

PCR tests can be falsified when the sample is contaminated with other strains, especially bacterial strains.

There is a significant risk of false negatives, as reported in the Alternative Well-Being website [9] :

1- The test is badly done

2- The virus is elsewhere (not in the site where the sample is taken)

3- The tests have not been approved

4- The virus is already mutating

There is an even higher risk of false positives, as pointed out by the independent journalist Pryska Ducoeurjoly [10], based on the Swiss Medical Journal (8 April 2020) and the French journal Prescrire [11].

2- Rapid antigenic test

A variant of PCR, the results of which may take 24 to 48 hours to be known, is a faster antigenic test (results in 15 minutes), certified by the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products in Belgium [12]. It allows the detection of antigens (viral proteins), again from a nasopharyngeal swab.

However, it is much less specific!

In one study, only 50% of patients confirmed positive by RT-PCR were detected by this antigenic test.

This test is not recommended by the WHO for the detection of COVID-19 disease.

That says it all.

BOILER ROOM: The COVID 'Global Cities' Agenda with Patrick Henningsen and Mark Anderson - 21st Century Wire

On this episode HESHER ( is joined by PATRICK HENNINGSEN of 21WIRE ( and MARK ANDERSON ( to discuss the globalist and internationalist “Global Cities” agenda being accelerated under the guise of the COVID-19 crisis, and underpinned by a series of tyrannical executive orders of many of the Mayors and Governors in the United States. The agenda depends on subversion of the US Constitution and suspension of the democratic process, with the origin of the “new” powers being wielded by Fourth Industrial Revolution corporate evangelists, Silicon Valley moguls and establishment pop-up controlled opposition groups like Extinction Rebellion and backed by UN Agenda 21/2030 presently being rapidly advanced now by confabs like the World Economic Forum in the name of COVID-19. A deep dive into the Global Cities initiative. All this and more on this episode of BOILER ROOM.

Medical Professionals and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy – OffGuardian

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, and other like-minded medical professionals, have launched Medical Professionals and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy. A new initiative to organise those who, based on years of experience and their own research, do not believe Covid19 is anything like the “threat” it is constantly presented as.

MSHFD – Medical Professionals and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy

Especially with regard to the, in our opinion, completely excessive measures to contain the “COVID-19 pandemic”, which, according to the findings of the renowned Prof. John Ioannidis, Stanford University, is comparable in its dangerousness, reflected in the “mortality rate”, with a viral flu caused by influenza viruses, our request to speak is more than necessary to reassure and educate the people in our respective countries.

Resisting the New World Order: Face Mask Shaming – Hypocrisy in the Corporate Media and a Doctor Speaks Out AGAINST Face Masks

The 2020 Coronavirus Plandemic has been their most successful campaign to date in their agenda to establish this “New World Order.”

If you are reading alternative news from sites like Health Impact News, you are in a position to resist these efforts to radically change our way of life, and become part of the resistance movement that is gaining speed.

Today we revisit the topic of face masks, and face mask shaming.



Do you know someone with Corona-Phobia? Someone who has an irrational fear of Coronavirus? Here are our top 10 reasons Del & The HighWire Team does not suffer from Corona-Phobia. Use these in Covid convos with your friends!

MSNBC Reporter Speechless After He's Owned for 'Mask Shaming' People As Crew Has on No Masks

Lake Geneva, WI — To those who have been paying attention over the last couple of months, the mainstream media’s coverage of the pandemic has been unethical, inconsistent, divisive, and in some instances outright false. The media has gone from telling Americans not to wear masks to shaming them for not wearing masks. Not surprisingly, their impetus behind this mask shaming is utterly hypocritical, as the following video shows us.

Mandatory Masks, Contact Tracing, Social Distancing - Tyrants Desperately Clinging To Power - Dr. Ron Paul

With a new CDC report confirming that the Covid-19 death rate is far, far lower than originally estimated, and Covid deaths plummeting across the country, desperate governors are ignoring facts and imposing even more authoritarian measures to oppress the population. With rebellion breaking out everywhere, at what point are we going to see a clash between a population no longer believing the coronavirus myths (that it is ten times more deadly than the flu, for example) and a political class drunk on power?

Objective:Health - Brave New Normal: The Technocracy has Arrived -- Health & Wellness --

The coronavirus panic, as unwarranted as it was, is serving as the justification for whole host of technologies rarely imagined in the recent past. With a tanking economy, the quick erosion of civil liberties and a citizenry desperate and afraid, the top-down control of the populace the elite have dreamed of for centuries seems easily within their reach.

Contact tracing, 5G surveillance state, immunity passports, data mining, cashless society - our post-plandemic world is starting to look a whole lot like something out of dystopian science fiction story. As so many of these 'future' technologies start becoming the present world, is anyone slowing down to think about where we're heading? Is this level of technocracy what people are asking for?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we look at the Brave New Normal of the technocratic Big Brother state. The future is here, and it's grim.

Robot Dogs Replace K9s Herding Sheep And Help Police Enforce Social Distancing - Activist Post

Large creepy robot dogs aren’t just being used for corralling a herd of sheep. They are also being used to enforce social distancing amid this CV pandemic.

“Germ-Ridden Masses” – How America's Wealthy Elite Describe the Rest of Us

Many of the world’s super wealthy are trying to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic on their luxury yachts. But how to get to them without interacting with the public and catching the virus themselves? Such are the difficult quandaries only billionaires have to deal with. Fortunately, financial news outlet Bloomberg has solved the big question of the current era. A new company, it excitedly informs its readers, offers chartered private jets from your location to the Mediterranean island of Malta, without the need to “risk exposure to the germ-ridden masses.”


Since the lockdown began, America’s billionaires have seen their wealth balloon by $434 billion according to the Institute for Policy Studies, even as the economy crashes and nearly 40 million Americans have been made unemployed. Among the biggest winners from the worldwide suffering has been Michael Bloomberg himself, owner of the eponymous news network. The former Mayor of New York has added $12.3 billion to his net worth in the last two months, increasing his fortune by over 25 percent. Bloomberg spent around $1 billion on his recent failed presidential run, amassing only 43 delegates before pulling out. Regardless, his big money media campaign flop pales in comparison to the fortune he has reaped thanks to the Trump administration’s CARES Act, perhaps the largest wealth transfer in human history, in which 82 percent of the tax savings will be enjoyed by those who earn over $1 million per year.

Not Wanting to Get Left Behind, Merck Nabs $38 BILLION from U.S. Government to Develop COVID Vaccine

Despite the fact that they are currently embattled in two federal lawsuits for fraud regarding the development of their MMR and Gardasil vaccines, Merck jumped into the COVID-19 race and nabbed $38 BILLION of American taxpayer funds to develop COVID products, including vaccines, it was announced today.

Fog Around COVID-19 Made Thicker by New Ontario Rules for Handling Deaths - Global Research

the new ‘expedited death response’ takes the critical and sensitive task of completing the Medical Certificates of Death (MCODs) out of the hands of the people who know and care for the residents and patients.

Instead, the chief coroner and his staff now have the exclusive right to complete MCODs for people who die in LTCHs. The new rules also give the OCC the power to complete hospital patients’ MCODs. This is despite the members of the OCC very rarely seeing the bodies of LTCH residents and hospital patients, much less meeting them before they die.

“Seeing the body doesn’t actually tell you a lot about the cause of death,” the Chief Coroner for Ontario, Dr. Dirk Huyer, said in an April 20 telephone interview when questioned about this.

Other aspects of the new procedures contribute to the well-documented inflation of the number of COVID-19-linked deaths and they also prevent autopsies from ever being performed on virtually all people designated as having died from COVID-19 (see below).

Interview 1547 – James Corbett Discusses Bill Gates on Press For Truth : The Corbett Report

via PressForTruth: Who Is Bill Gates? is a documentary produced by James Corbett that explores the life of Gates, his family background, his rise to power and how a software engineer eventually became the trusted face of global health. In a four-part series this film covers his plan to monopolize global health, to vaccinate the world, to create a population control grid and how his eugenics ideology has shaped his world view. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with James Corbett of The Corbett Report about the making of the film, life in a post-COVID-19(84) world and, most importantly, what we as individuals can do to help stop such a monolithic threat to society!


Another Gates Vaccine Bites the Dust—Sick Monkeys Everywhere! • Children's Health Defense

All vaccinated macaques sickened after exposure to COVID-19. Edinburgh University’s Eleanor Riley told Forbes the vaccine provided “insufficient” antibodies to prevent infection and viral shedding. Vaccinated monkeys spread the disease as readily as unvaccinated.

Interview 1548 – James Corbett Dissects the New Normal : The Corbett Report

In this conversation, streamed on May 26th, James Corbett joins RichieFromBoston to discuss the latest developments in the unfolding corona world order and to examine his new documentary, Who Is Bill Gates?

Studies on Covid-19 lethality – Swiss Policy Research

Covid-19 infection fatality rates (IFR) based on antibody studies

Population-based antibody seroprevalence studies.

CountryPublishedPopulationIFR (%)Source
GlobalMay 19Most countries
Three hotspots
GermanyMay 4Heinsberg Cluster<0.36¹Study
IranMay 1Guilan province<0.12Study
USAApril 30Santa Clara County0.17Study
DenmarkApril 28Blood donors (<70y)0.08Study
USAApril 24Miami-Dade County0.18Report
USAApril 21Los Angeles County<0.20Study

How To Sue Your Governor - Activist Post

A wonderful and fitting article about being civilly disobedient ran at the American Institute for Economic Research entitled “Why Aren’t Americans Suing Their Way Out Of Lockdown?”

That article, by Robert E. Wright, presents a legal framework for why more lawsuits should take place. Below, I’m going to offer a framework for HOW to make that happen. If the courts were inundated with 30 million lawsuits tomorrow, it would be a great thing. I once had the joy of suing the government in a manner similar to this one. Alternately, if even just one key test case is brought before the courts successfully, as Wright describes in his piece, it could have a tremendous impact that ripples through the country.

Power Freaks Losing Control As Public Laughs At Coronavirus Lockdowns - Dr. Ron Paul

From the Lake of the Ozarks to the Texas Gulf Coast, Americans spent Memorial Day weekend in defiance of the forced "lockdown" orders of the politicians. Dr. Birx was furious over people refusing to wear masks at the beach. Other local tyrants screamed and threatened. The people are ignoring them. Deliverance from this coronavirus-induced government tyranny is not coming about because politicians have seen the error of their ways. It is coming about because the people are finally waking up.

Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to the Healthy - Global Research

“By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.” — Russell Blaylock, MD

Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: A New COVID Vaccine Could Kill 50 Million People in the U.S.

Dr. Mikovits spoke the truth about the fraudulent use of government research money, the marketing of inaccurate retrovirus tests, Medicare fraud, the contaminated blood supply, and the harm that is associated with vaccines and their schedule of administration.

Her research showed how retroviruses are linked to the plague of modern illnesses that are bankrupting the U.S. healthcare system.

She was arrested without a warrant and held in jail for 5 days without the opportunity for bail as a fugitive from justice. Her career was destroyed.

Her story is documented in the book Plague: ​One Scientist’s intrepid Search For the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board-certified in three specialties. She is the founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, a medical clinic located near Cleveland, Ohio. Her company, provides online education and training regarding all aspects of vaccines and vaccination.

Dr. Tenpenny has invested nearly 20 years and more than 40,000 hours documenting and exposing the problems associated with vaccines.

Were conditions for high death rates at Care Homes created on purpose? – OffGuardian

Alternatively, could medical experts and government bureaucrats, with the full knowledge of at least the top tier of government officials, have created conditions shortly after the pandemic struck that contribute to the high death tolls while engendering virtually no public backlash against themselves?

This article shows that the third hypothesis is highly plausible. The people who created the conditions may be unaware of, or oblivious to, their implications. But it’s also possible that at least some of them know exactly what they’re doing.

Coronavirus Tracking Bracelets Flooding Market, Ready To Snitch on People Who Don't Distance - Ben Swann

#Coronavirus Tracking Bracelets Flooding Market, Ready To Snitch on People Who Don't Distance. Plus Italy is hiring 60,000 "Civic Volunteers" to snitch on people not following distance guidelines.

Your "Immunity Passport" Future Begins To Materialize As Airlines Call For Digital ID Tracking Systems

“We foresee the need to collect more detailed passenger contact information which can be used for tracing purposes,” the report states. “Where possible, the data should be collected in electronic form, and in advance of the passenger arriving at the airport including through eVisa and electronic travel authorization platforms.”


The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : The 'Science' Behind Social Distancing

Now we learn the whole social distancing lockdown that has paralyzed the nation comes from a very surprising source. A May 2nd article in the Albuquerque Journal reveals social distancing hysteria is NOT based on scientific evidence or clinical medical trials for that matter.

Australian Scientists Confirm Coronavirus May Have Been Created In Laboratory – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

With arguments continuing to rage worldwide over the precise origin of the new coronavirus, a team of Australian scientists has produced evidence confirming that it may indeed have been created in a laboratory. Led by Professor Nikolai Petrovsky from the College of Medicine and Public Health at Flinders University, the team examined the ability of the virus to bind to a specific enzyme (ACE2) that enables it to infect cells. They found it binds far more effectively to the human version of this enzyme than to that of other animals. Describing their discovery as “particularly surprising”, they say a virus would typically bind better to a receptor in its original host species, such a bat, and that it would have a lower initial binding ability in its new host, in this case humans. Commenting on the finding, Professor Petrovsky says: “In the absence of evidence of historic human infections with this virus…this either is a remarkable coincidence or a sign of human intervention.”


Medical Doctor speaks out about Big Pharam and - altCensored

German Medical Doctor Katrin Korb discusses COVID-19, the lockdown and the vaccine during a protest held in Oldeburg.

New Rockefeller COVID-19 Action Plan & The UN's NWO Website As The CDC Goes Door to Door - YouTube

Recently Spiro was joined by Helen Buyniski a journalist for RT, to breakdown the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 document titled ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.’

The 2010 Rockefeller document, particularly the ‘Lock-Step’ portion, laid out a scenario involving a global health pandemic. The document ultimately came to the conclusion, that the only way to mitigate a global pandemic, was by implementing China’s hardcore authoritarian police state lockdown as the model world wide.

And here we are today, as we find ourselves in this exact scenario, just a coincidence? Just about a month ago, on April 21st the Rockefeller Foundation released another document titled ‘National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities.’

In this report Spiro is joined by Helen Buyniski breakdown what the social engineers have in store for us in this Rockefeller blueprint document.

Spiro and Helen also discuss the United Nations New World Order website (yes it is real) in addition to recent reports of the CDC going door to door in Atlanta Georgia taking peoples blood for antibody tests related to the Coronavirus and much more.

The Top Twelve Lies about Covid19 -- Puppet Masters --

Many lies have been told about this virus. These are just the top 12 we have selected.

USA Plan: Militarized Control of Population. The "National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan" - Global Research

The Rockefeller Foundation has presented the “National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan”, indicating the “pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities”. However, it is not simply a matter of health measures as it appears from the title.

The Plan – that some of the most prestigious universities have contributed to (Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins and others) – prefigures a real hierarchical and militarized social model.

At the top, the “Pandemic Testing Board (PTB), akin to the War Production Board that the United States created in World War II“. The Pandemic Testing Board would “consist of leaders from business, government and academia” (government representatives would not in the first row, but finance and economic representatives being listed in order of importance).

This Supreme Council would have the power to decide productions and services with an authority similar to that conferred to the President of the United States in wartime by the Defense Production Act.


The “pandemic response body” would above all have the task of controlling the population with military-like techniques, through digital tracking and identification systems, in work and study places, in residential areas, in public places and when travelling. Systems of this type – the Rockefeller Foundation recalls – are made by Apple, Google and Facebook.

According to the Plan, information on individuals relating to their state of health and their activities would remain confidential “whenever possible”. However, they would all be centralized in a digital platform co-managed by the Federal State and private companies. According to data provided by the “Pandemic Control Council”, it would be decided from time to time which area should be subject to lockdown and for how long.


The operation is carried out in the name of “Covid-19 control”, whose mortality rate has so far been less than 0.03% of the US population according to official data. In the Rockefeller Foundation Plan the virus is used as a real weapon, more dangerous than Covid-19 itself.


According to Dr. Anthony Fauci the Reopening of the US Economy Would Endanger People's Heath - Global Research

Anthony Fauci, director of the IHSS is playing a “blame game”.

He wants the lock down to continue, no reopening of the US economy because that would endanger people’s health.

Dr. Fauci intimates that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are dangerous. The evidence is anecdotical, says Fauci. The corporate media presents it as a untested drug.

“The only tool we have right now for fighting the coronavirus is social distancing” says Dr. Fauci. And of course confinement, “stay at home”. Neither of these “recommendations” are medical solutions, i.e. drugs which can be used to prevent and inhibit the infection.

Fauci is opposed to the treatment of COVID-19 using chloroquine. What he wants is for all of us to be vaccinated.

According to CNN, Trump is to blame:

Trump has been pressing federal health officials to make the drugs — hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine — more widely available, despite little reliable evidence that they are effective at treating the virus.

What Fauci fails to mention is that Chloroquine was “studied” and tested fifteen years ago by the CDC as a drug to be used against coronavirus infections.

Bill Gates' Web of Dark Money and Influence - Part 1: Philanthropic Narrative Shaping

Bill Gates has used his immense wealth to garner influence and media time, spreading his message of fixing global health issues while he continues to make billions. Using the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to dole out grants and donations, Gates has created a web of organizations who owe their budget to the foundation or answer directly to Gates. By tracing the Foundation’s investments and Gates’ relationships we can see that nearly every person involved in the fight against COVID-19 is tied to Gates or his foundation by two degrees or less. This gives Bill Gates and his foundation an unchallenged influence over the response to the pandemic. Equally worrisome is Gates’ call for global lock down until the entire world has been vaccinated and given a digital certificate to prove immunity.

Coronavirus Fact-Check #5: Infection-Fatality Ratio Update – OffGuardian

The more data we gather, the more obvious it becomes that early fatality rate estimates were MASSIVELY exaggerated

The Modern-Day Cult of Corona: The Imposition of a "Multilayer Control Grid". The "Lock Step" Future of Humanity? - Global Research

All deviation from lockdown dogma is logged and reported, including consorting with known heretics, and this Panopticon – attacked when it debuted in China allegedly as totalitarian police-state control – is now being embraced in western media as the work of benevolent governments concerned with citizen welfare. While this transformation was laid out chillingly in ‘Lock Step,’ a hypothetical future outlined in 2010 in the Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network’s “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” any discussion of predictive programming is off-limits.

Sheriffs: We Took An Oath To The Constitution, Not to Governors & Lockdowns - Activist Post

In this report, Spiro is joined by multiple Sheriffs from across the country who clearly state their position. Public safety and people’s constitutional rights are their number one priority.

These Sheriffs are true patriots who not only serve the people in their communities by upholding their sworn oaths, they serve as a great reminder of how this country and the rule of law is meant to be upheld, as many state Governors blatantly disregard the Constitution and impose broad and wide-ranging authoritarian lockdowns which many would argue are causing far more damage than the virus itself.

Foreign Arms Sales Quietly Added To List Of "Essential" Work - Ben Swann


WATCH: Prof Sunetra Gupta on LockdownTV – OffGuardian

Professor Sunetra Gupta was one of the first scientists to publicly criticise the now widely-discredited Imperial Model. Her team’s work at Oxford suggested both that the coronavirus had been in the country much earlier than expected, and that consequently the infection fatality rate was far lower than either WHO or Imperial College had estimated. (She also appeared in our second list of experts coming out against the coronavirus hysteria).


Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% ‘Serious’ Injury Rate in High Dose Group • Children's Health Defense

Despite Moderna’s cheery press release this week, the clinical trial results for its groundbreaking COVID vaccine could not be much worse.

The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology that the two men hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet President Trump’s ambitious “warp speed” time line. Dr. Fauci was so confident of his shot’s safety that he waived ferret and primate studies (Moderna suspiciously reported no specific health data from its mouse studies). That appears to have been a mistake.

Horowitz: The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media? - Conservative Review

The CDC just came out with a report that should be earth-shattering to the narrative of the political class, yet it will go into the thick pile of vital data and information about the virus that is not getting out to the public. For the first time, the CDC has attempted to offer a real estimate of the overall death rate for COVID-19, and under its most likely scenario, the number is 0.26%. Officials estimate a 0.4% fatality rate among those who are symptomatic and project a 35% rate of asymptomatic cases among those infected, which drops the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) to just 0.26% — almost exactly where Stanford researchers pegged it a month ago.

Senate Approves $38 Billion for Israel Amid Historic Economic Downturn

Menifee, CA (IAK) — The Senate Foreign Relations Committee quietly passed a bill yesterday to give Israel a minimum of $38 billion over the next ten years despite the ongoing devastation to the U.S. economy caused by the coronavirus.

Del Bigtree Debates Constitutional Lawyer Alan Dershowitz – The Highwire

Alan Dershowitz, leading U.S. constitutional lawyer, goes head-to-head with Del Bigtree, after Dershowitz strongly stated earlier this week “if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.”

England Falsifies COVID Data: More than A Hundred Thousand Coronavirus Tests were "Double-counted" - Global Research

“Diagnostic tests which involve taking saliva and nasal samples from the same patient are being counted as two tests, not one.

The Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England each confirmed the double-counting. This inflates the daily reported diagnostic test numbers by over 20 per cent, with that proportion being much higher earlier on in the crisis before home test kits were added to the daily totals.”

After State Killed 275k Jobs Over COVID-19, Sheriff Now Evicting Residents Who Can’t Pay - Activist Post

As a result of the state shutting down the economy, these unemployed residents of the state have been unable to pay their bills, including their rent and house notes. Now, in spite of the fact that this record spike in unemployment was a function of the state’s COVID-19 measures, Oklahoma is taking action in the form of evictions.

The Fed Enabled The Coronavirus Tyranny - Dr. Ron Paul

The Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional government-created monopoly. Bankers and politicians can act recklessly, while the rest of the population suffers the consequences and pays the price. Without the Fed, would U.S. Governors have been forced to act more rationally? Without the Fed, perhaps locking down the states would have been unthinkable. But now the unprecedented damage has been done, and bailouts from The Fed are proceeding. The American public has (and will continue) to pay the gut-wrenching price as long as The Fed exists. It enables the endless wars. It enables the bankrupt welfare state, and The Fed has enabled Coronavirus tyranny.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Moderna’s “Clinical Trial Results for Its Groundbreaking COVID Vaccine Could Not Be Much Worse” - Global Research

The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology that the two men hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet President Trump’s ambitions “warp speed” timeline.

Dr. Fauci was so confident of his shot’s safety that he waved ferret and primate studies (Moderna suspiciously reported no health data from its mouse studies).

That appears to have been a mistake. Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a “serious adverse event” within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab.

Scientific Advisor To UK Government Says Fresh Air And Sunshine Can Curb Spread Of Coronavirus – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

When a scientific advisor to the UK government admits that fresh air and sunshine can curb the spread of the coronavirus, one might hope that an end to the policy of lockdowns, which at one point had been imposed on half of humanity, would be in sight. As well as the damage they do to physical and mental health, lockdowns have become one of the greatest restrictions on civil rights in modern times. Unfortunately, however, Professor Penn’s advice seems likely to be ignored.

A Quarter Of Coronavirus Patients Who Died In England Had Diabetes – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

This finding follows the recent discovery by an American team that, among people infected with the coronavirus, death rates are four times higher in those with diabetes and hyperglycemia. Looking at data taken from 1,122 patients admitted to hospital with the virus, the American team found that 42 percent of them had diabetes or hyperglycemia. These findings are not just coincidence.

Urgent Trials Underway In France, Spain And United States To Test Vitamin D Against Coronavirus – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

As evidence builds that coronavirus patients with vitamin D deficiency are much more likely to experience severe clinical outcomes, urgent trials in Europe and North America are underway to evaluate whether vitamin D could be used to treat or prevent the disease.

Professor Sunetra Gupta: 'COVID Epidemic on Its Way Out' - 21st Century Wire

UnHerd: Sunetra Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at the University of Oxford and head of the team that released a study in March which speculated that as much as 50% of the population may already have been infected and the true Infection Fatality Rate could be as low as 0.1%. In her first major interview since the Oxford study was published, she goes further by arguing that Covid-19 has already passed through the population and is now on its way out.


Will the Political Class be Held Liable for Their Pandemic Wreckage? | James Bovard

Politically-dictated lockdowns and prohibitions have recently destroyed tens of millions of American jobs. Politicians have effectively claimed a right to inflict unlimited economic damage in pursuit of zero COVID-19 contagion. The perverse incentives driving the policy have multiplied the harm far beyond the original peril.

Almost 40% of households earning less than $40,000 per year have someone who lost their job in recent months, according to the Federal Reserve. The Disaster Distress Helpline, a federal crisis hotline, received almost 900% more phone calls in March compared to a year ago. A recent JAMA Psychiatry analysis warned that stay-at-home orders and rising unemployment are a “perfect storm” for higher suicide rates. A California health organization recently estimated that up to 75,000 Americans could die from “despair” as a result of the pandemic, unemployment, and government restrictions.

Dr. Rancourt: Masks and Respirators Do Not Work - A Review of Science Relevant to Curbing Covid-19 Transmission - Fort Russ


Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles. Furthermore, the relevant known physics and biology, which I review, are such that masks and respirators should not work. It would be a paradox if masks and respirators worked, given what we know about viral respiratory diseases: The main transmission path is long-residence-time aerosol particles (< 2.5 μm), which are too fine to be blocked, and the minimum-infective-dose is smaller than one aerosol particle. The present paper about masks illustrates the degree to which governments, the mainstream media, and institutional propagandists can decide to operate in a science vacuum, or select only incomplete science that serves their interests. Such recklessness is also certainly the case with the current global lockdown of over 1 billion people, an unprecedented experiment in medical and political history.

600 Doctors Warn Trump: Lockdown May Be More Deadly Than Coronavirus! - YouTube

Hundreds of doctors have sent a letter to President Trump warning that the nationwide lockdown is killing thousands of Americans. It may end up more deadly even than the coronavirus it is intended to defeat. Doctors understand that you don't kill the patient to save the patient. Also, homeschool moms in Lake Jackson, TX, defy officials and take their kids to the park. City workers call the cops - but in a twist, the moms know their Constitution and end up schooling both the cops and city officials.

Moderna COVID Vaccine Trial Sees 20% "Serious" Injury Rate as U.S. Invests BILLIONS More on Experimental COVID Vaccines

On Monday this week (May 18, 2020) Moderna put out a press release stating that they had seen positive results to the first phase of their COVID-19 vaccine trial.

The news sent their stock prices surging, as the pharmaceutical company is working with Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases which Fauci heads.

However, that all changed on Tuesday, May 19, 2020, when Stat News published an article stating that Moderna did not produce any data to back their claims.

Who Controls the Gates Family?

In this video, I talk about how Starbucks, Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Microsoft, and the Gates family are all tied to an elite, shadowy consulting firm.

Canada: 81 percent of Coronavirus Deaths are in Nursing Homes - 21st Century Wire

From the beginning of the Coronavirus mass panic, one the main talking points for western governments was that “No one is immune. The disease can kill anyone at any time.” Various versions of this propaganda set piece were used and recycled across all media platforms, whereby government’s intention was actually to scare the public into accepting ‘lockdown’ or the shutdown of society and the economic, supposedly in order to “save lives.” However, after a number of weeks that fear narrative is rapidly collapsing as real data and evidence comes flowing in – which shows that the overwhelming majority of public were never at any serious risk of dying from COVID-19. In Europe, the UK and in the US, the overwhelming majority of COVID fatalities have been with elderly persons, and within that demographic nearly all have been from care homes. This fact alone destroys western governments’ case for sweeping lockdown policies and school closures.

Governments Now Electronically Tagging Citizens Like Animals

In Hong Kong, returning residents are required to wear tracking bracelets to ensure compliance with mandatory quarantines. And, in the USA, a national army of "contact tracers" is quickly forming.

Pandemic 2020: From Statistical Fraud to Controlled Society - Global Research

We were therefore told, on the basis of figures given by the WHO (3.4% mortality rate), that the situation was one of extreme urgency. The statistical curves based on these data predicted, for example, the deaths of approximately 60,000 Quebeckers and 2 million Americans if we did not proceed with containment measures. These figures are chilling and would have justified the health emergency measures taken by governments. The problem is that these predictions proved to be exaggerated. Indeed, several experts have questioned the credibility of WHO data on mortality rates based on two major issues:

– how many cases of coronavirus are there actually?
– and how many people die directly from it?

The Gates of Hell: Remove The Gatekeeper & Seal The Doors |

Bill Gates is the gatekeeper to many gates. Whereas he may not hold the keys, he is the host and the central bank that provides access behind each closed door. He is at the heart of every major agenda. The level of control spans much farther than the United States of America, though a vast amount of the funding originates here. These heavily guarded gates are direct access to manifest, control, and monopolize some of the largest and arguably most important industries to man.

Controlling these gates means control of wealth, policies, priorities, population, health, narratives, minds, land, industries, and everyone’s future, if it is not stopped.

International Proposals for Warrantless Location Surveillance To Fight COVID-19 | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Time and again, governments have used crises to expand their power, and often their intrusion into citizens’ lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen this pattern play out on a huge scale. From deploying drones or ankle monitors to enforce quarantine orders to proposals to use face recognition or thermal imaging cameras for monitoring public spaces, governments around the world have been adopting intrusive measures in their quest to contain the pandemic.

Are You a 'Plague Virus' Authoritarian Nut? Take The Test -- Don't Panic! Lighten Up! --

Do you believe coronavirus is a plague-like killer virus that will end you and everyone you love unless you do everything the government says? Take our test and find out if your brains have fallen out.

Unmasking the Truth: Studies Show Dehumanizing Masks Weaken You and Don’t Protect You - Global Research

Dehumanizing masks have sadly become a part of the new normal in many states and nations around the world. Many local and state governments are forcing people to wear them, and many businesses are dutifully toeing the official line and refusing entry to customers who don’t wear them. Apart from the obvious truth that widespread mask usage has a deliberately dehumanizing effect (in line with the transhumanist synthetic agenda), many scientific studies show that masks serve no useful medical purpose for healthy people. Masks weaken you by causing hypercapnia (increased carbon dioxide) and hypoxia (decreased oxygen). They are designed for surgeons (so they don’t accidentally transmit bodily fluids like saliva into a patient they are operating upon) or for sick people (so they don’t infect others via large respiratory droplets). Scientifically speaking, they don’t stop healthy people from getting infected! Below is the evidence showing this. This will leave you with the inescapable conclusion that these masks are not about protecting health – but rather about control, dehumanization and the destruction of health.


Most states sharing coronavirus patients' addresses with law enforcement, report says

At least two-thirds of states across the country are sharing the addresses of people who have tested positive for coronavirus with first responders, and at least 10 states are going so far as to share patients' identities as well.

The Slippery Slope to Despotism: Paved with Lockdowns, Raids and Forced Vaccinations - Activist Post

“You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business… And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.”—Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor

Terry Michael’s research into Tony Fauci | Brasscheck TV

Scientific fraud and human rights violations on an epic scale

Was Trump Right? New Study Shows Success With Use Of Chlorine Dioxide On COVID-19 – Collective Evolution

A recent preliminary study in Ecuador has looked at the use of chlorine dioxide as a treatment for COVID-19. Thus far, after oral and intravenous treatment, patients have recovered in only 4 days.

12bytes says: This is hardly surprising. I've used chlorine dioxide myself and it is an extremely powerful pathogen killer.

White House Buries CDC Report on COVID-19 | Union of Concerned Scientists

According to AP news, White House officials halted the release of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report containing guidance on reopening the country, telling CDC officials that the report would never “see the light of day.”

Weekly Update --- Listening to the Coronavirus 'Experts' Has Led to Death and Despair - Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul on the real coronavirus tragedy...

Brave New Normal (Part 2) – Consent Factory, Inc.

I’m talking about actual, bona fide fascism, or totalitarianism, if you want to get technical. The kind where governments declare a global “state of emergency” on account of a virus with a 0.2% to 0.6% lethality (and that causes mild, flu-like symptoms, or absolutely no symptoms whatsoever, in over 97% of those infected), locks everyone down inside their homes, suspends their constitutional rights, terrorizes them with propaganda, and unleashes uniformed goon squads on anyone who doesn’t comply with their despotic decrees.

I’m talking about the kind of totalitarianism where the police track you down with your smartphone data and then come to your house to personally harass you for attending a political protest, or attack you for challenging their illegitimate authority, and then charge you with “assault” for fighting back, and then get the media to publish a story accusing you of having “set up” the cops.

I’m talking about the kind of totalitarianism where the secret police are given carte blanche to monitor everyone’s Internet activity, and to scan you with their “surveillance helmets,” and dictate how close you can sit to your friends, and menace you with drones and robot dogs, and violently pry your kids out of your arms and arrest you if you dare to protest.

I’m talking about the kind of totalitarianism that psychologically tortures children with authoritarian loyalty rituals designed to condition them to live in fear, and respond to absurd Pavlovian stimuli, and that encourages the masses to turn off their brains and mechanically repeat propaganda slogans, like “wear a mask” and “flatten the curve,” and to report their neighbors to the police for having an “illegal” private party … and to otherwise reify the manufactured mass hysteria the authorities need to “justify” their totalitarianism.

Coronavirus: A New York Perspective – A Conversation with Erika Schwartz, M.D. - YouTube

This week, Dr. Hotze is joined by special guest, best-selling author, and physician from New York City, Dr. Erika Schwarz. Dr. Schwarz takes the best of conventional and integrative medicine and applies them to preventing disease. She shares personal knowledge of the practices in New York hospitals regarding COVID-19 and explains the concept of “herd immunity.”

Vaxxed Film Reveals Deaths and Injuries Caused by Vaccines by Interviewing the Victims – Gardasil Vaccine the Worst?

With the current rush to fast-track a vaccine that will supposedly stop the Coronavirus, it is important to look at some of the history of vaccines, especially ones developed to supposedly stop viruses.

Perhaps one of the most deadly and dangerous vaccines to ever hit the market in the U.S. is the Gardasil vaccine which supposedly targets a virus that is thought to cause cancer, the human papillomavirus (HPV).

For the better part of the last decade, Health Impact News has published more stories of lives destroyed by the Gardasil HPV vaccine than any other single vaccine.


We have published hundreds of stories about Gardasil over the past few years, and not just personal stories of the vaccine’s effects, but also articles uncovering the corruption that allowed this vaccine to come to market, and published scientific studies, all outside the U.S., showing how dangerous this vaccine really is. Many countries, like Japan, do not recommend this vaccine any longer.

Washington State: Residents Who Refuse COVID Test to Be Placed Under House Arrest - 21st Century Wire

As many US states struggle to roll-back their highly damaging lockdown policies, various complex technocratic ‘gating’ systems are now being devised by public health officials – all of them presumable designed to prevent a theoretical “second wave” of coronavirus infections and deaths. One such precondition is the call for “mass testing and contact tracing” for COVID-19. This is being proposed as a requirement for the lifting lockdown restrictions, supposedly until a vaccine or effective treatments arrive which are meant to rescue the public from the alleged unprecedented global pandemic. Most Americans have yet to question what this system of medical martial law really means in terms of basic rights and civil liberties. This issue may be coming to a head now.


Herd Immunity Saved Russia From Coronavirus Says Expert | GreatGameIndia

The coronavirus death rate in Russia is much lower than in other countries due to the higher herd immunity among Russians, Director of the Gamalei Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology Alexander Gintsburg said on Monday.

DayStar TV -- COVID-19: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Del Bigtree Talk About the Vaccine - YouTube

Are vaccines the answer to the Coronavirus outbreak? Watch the preview of this special episode of Table Talk as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Del Bigtree join host Joni Lamb at the table discussing vaccinations and the truth behind their planned use against COVID-19.

Professor Karol Sikora: 'Fear is More Deadly Than COVID-19' - 21st Century Wire

Highlights of this discussion:

Virus ‘getting tired’:
– In the past two weeks, the virus is showing signs of petering out
– It’s as though the virus is ‘getting tired’, almost ‘getting bored’
– It’s happening across the world at the same time

Existing herd immunity:
– The serology results around the world (and forthcoming in Britain) don’t necessarily reveal the percentage of people who have had the disease
– He estimates 25-30% of the UK population has had Covid-19, and higher in the group that is most susceptible
– Pockets of herd immunity help *already* explain the downturn
– Sweden’s end result will not be different to ours
– lockdown versus no lockdown

Fear more deadly than the virus:
– When the history books are written, the fear will have killed many more people than the virus, including large numbers of cancer and cardiological patients not being treated
– We should have got the machinery of the NHS for non-corona patients back open earlier

Masks and schools:
– Evidence on masks is just not there either way so it should be an ‘individual decision’
– We should move to 1m social distancing which means restaurants and bars could reopen
– More schools should reopen in June as ‘children are not the transmitters of this virus’
– We should be getting back to the ‘old normal’ not a ‘new normal’

Coronavirus 'Contact Tracers' - The Tools Of Dictatorship - Dr. Ron Paul

Thanks to trillions in "bailout money" passed by Congress, thousands of "contact tracers" will soon descend on the country demanding to test people for the coronavirus, to track down those they've been in contact with, and potentially to impose involuntary quarantine. Are we OK with the government tracking our every movement under the guise of fighting a virus that appears to have nearly run its course in the US?

Also - Oregon fights back against dictatorial governor and several US states revise massively inflated Covid death numbers.

US Biowarfare Act Author: Vaccines, Corruption, Coverups & Secret Bioweapon Programs

In a time of great confusion where so many possible scenarios of what we are seeing take place regarding the coronavirus outbreak, the origins of the virus and the severity of the pandemic, one is reminded of the quote from former CIA Director William Casey…

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

While at this point we certainly do not claim to have all of the answers, we are working hard to provide alternative perspectives from top qualified experts and encourage the viewer to consider more than one possibility while having an open mind and draw your own conclusions.

In this interview Spiro is joined by the author of the US Biowarfare Act Professor Francis Boyle to discuss the latest developments regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, the source of the virus and the corrupt interests involved.

Professor Boyle also outlines two reports which he claims confirm his position on the origins of the virus. One, from a Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist in France. The second, a leaked memo from the 5 Eyes intelligence alliance.

Dr John Lee Dismantles UK Government's COVID-19 Lockdown Policy - 21st Century Wire

As the UK government continues to double-down on what can only be described as a failed ‘lockdown’ policy, independent scientists and experts continue to challenge the official narrative on COVID-19 and why governments took the unusual move of shutting down entire economies and societies in order to supposedly “save lives.” Upon closer examination though, this does not appear to add up. How well were these policies thought through by politicians? Do they even make any scientific sense?

President Donald Trump Letter to World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus - The Black Vault

President Donald Trump sent the following letter to the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) on May 18, 2020. The entire letter is below, without editorial.

Which Side of the “Vaccine Information War” Are You On?

At this point in history one of the most crucial aspects of this information war is the vaccine information war. We are in the final stages of the battle for hearts and minds – the struggle between those who believe in freedom and those who believe in control. More specifically, the fight between the principles of self-ownership, freedom of choice, freedom of association, and basic human dignity.. and those who believe in collectivism, force, and slavery.


Professor Karol Sikora: fear is more deadly than the - altCensored

Freddie Sayers interviews Professor Karol Sikora, the Founding Dean and Professor of Medicine at the University of Buckingham Medical School and an ex-director of the WHO Cancer Programme.

PLEASE SHARE: Italy Calls For Bill Gates to be Charged with Crimes Against Humanity - The Dollar Vigilante

“We, the people, will build the fires of resistance to such an extent it will not be possible to repress all of us. I ask you, leader (of parliament), to be our spokesperson who will give advice to President Conte: Next time you receive a phone call from the “philanthropist” Bill Gates, forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.”

Sara Cunial, Italian MP, denounced Bill Gates as a “vaccine criminal” in a 7-minute speech that was met with wide applause from the Italian parliament.

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Listening to the Coronavirus 'Experts' Has Led to Death and Despair

In fact, as we now have much more data, it is becoming increasingly clear that the US states and the countries that locked down the tightest also suffered the highest death rates. Ultra locked-down Italy suffered 495 Covid deaths per million while relatively non-locked down South Korea suffered only five deaths per million. The same is true in the US, where non lockdown states like South Dakota were relatively untouched by the virus while authoritarian-led Michigan, New York, and California have been hardest hit.

As Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Takes The Lead, Its Chief Medical Officer’s Recent Promotion of “Gene-Editing Vaccines” Comes to Light

Moderna’s chief medical officer has described the company’s products as “hacking the software of life” and permanently altering a person’s genetic code. If Moderna is poised to bring the first Covid-19 vaccine to market, a deeper look at his comments and his employer are warranted.

Mandatory Vaccines? The Supreme Court Said Yes! But Wait, There's More… - Activist Post

Dershowitz — a high-profile lawyer who has formerly represented president President Trump, OJ Simpson and even Jeffery Epstein amongst other high-profile clients — stated you have no constitutional protection against being forcibly vaccinated for an infectious disease.

The Dem’s $3 Trillion Dollar HEROES Act Can Not Brace Us for the Coming Shock

The actual number of people who stand to benefit the most from last month’s CARES Act could fit into Dodger Stadium and still have plenty of elbow room to catch any foul balls that might come their way. Just 43,000 of the richest Americans, those making at least $1 million a year, were handed a $1.6 million-dollar average “windfall” by provisions included in the bipartisan bill by Republicans.

H.R. 6666 - The Nullifying Your 4th Amendment and Forcibly Separating Your Family to Keep You 'Safe' Act

Representative Bobby Rush (D-Il) introduced on May 1st H.R. 6666, a piece of Orwellian legislation that could create a national surveillance and quarantine program, allow government entry into our homes to test for Covid-19 and even grant the authority to remove Americans from their homes by force.

COVID19 Testing: What are we doing? What does it mean? - Vaxxter

Calls for testing – to see if a person is or isn’t infected – began soon after the emergency was declared, but performing those tests was initially slow due to an inadequate number of test kits. As the kits became available, those developed by the CDC had a defect: The reagents reacted to the negative control sample, making the test inaccurate and the kits unusable.

In various countries, thousands of test kits purchased from China were found to be contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 viruses.

Gov. Abbott Wants You to Be Monitored and Tracked - YouTube

Please join me as a plaintiff in the federal lawsuit that I will be filing against Governor Abbott to stop his surveillance and contact tracing program. Join my lawsuit - email

Vitamin D Benefits Confirmed by New COVID-19 Research - The Vaccine Reaction

Research on Vitamin D has exploded in the last ten years, and not only is there a large and growing literature on Vitamin D’s role in reducing the risk of acute respiratory infections and reducing morbidity and mortality in critical care settings,2 but new research confirms a relationship between vitamin D levels and the respiratory illness believed to be caused by the novel coronavirus SARS CoV-2.

German Study Shows COVID-19 Might Not Be as Fatal as Previously Thought - The Vaccine Reaction

A new study out of Germany using antibody testing shows that the coronavirus may not be as fatal as once previously thought. The study focused on one of the hardest hit regions in Germany called Heinsberg. It found that 15 percent of the population had antibodies for the virus in this area, suggesting that they had the disease already, with a mortality rate of 0.37 percent. That’s less than one-fifth of the mortality rate considered in Germany as a whole.

Oakland Puts Entire City at Risk by Suspending Sex Offender Registrations Over COVID-19 - Activist Post

Alameda County in California has a population of 1.6 million people, many of whom have been denying stay at home orders, going to the beach and other places. Most of those 1.6 million people have also been shopping in grocery stores and exposing themselves to others for months during the lockdown. However, out of this 1.6 million, there have been only 2,392 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Monday. In the entire state of California, hospital bed occupancy is at less than 10% capacity. If we look at the numbers alone, officials are losing the case for maintaining a total lockdown. Nevertheless, officials keep making brash decisions, especially when it comes to child rapists and other sex offenders.

CNN Reporter Caught Removing Mask When She Thought The Camera’s Were Off – Collective Evolution

These lockdown and quarantine measures have also been heavily criticized by those in the field, leading many to believe that the ‘powers that be’ have made and are making the new coronavirus seem much more dangerous than it actually us. This was also complimented by various politicians as well as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who recently expressed that governments are using this pandemic to push more authoritarian measures on the citizenry. Information has even surfaced suggesting that the number of deaths attributed to the coronavirus is not accurate, and that people who have died of other causes have been listed as a coronavirus death, thus inflating the numbers.


Colorado Department of Public Health Accused of Falsifying COVID-19 Death Numbers – Collective Evolution

The idea that deaths being attributed to the new coronavirus are greatly inflated has been a common theme all around the world for the past month or so, and it’s gaining even more traction. There are many reasons why this belief has been circulating, and one of them is the fact that health professionals, as well as those within politics, have been emphasizing this point.

For example, not long ago Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health stated that, even if it’s clear one died of an alternative cause, their death will still be marked as a COVID death. She explained that this is how coronavirus deaths were being calculated and was quite clear about it.

Vittorio Sgarbi, an Italian politician and Mayor of Sutri gave an emotional speech at a hearing on the 24th of April. He emphasized that the number of deaths in Italy due to COVID-19 are completely false and that the people are being lied to so that the government could impose more authoritarian measures on the citizenry. According to a study out of Italy, 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities that were examined specifically for this study were people who suffered from previous medical conditions. More than 75% had high blood pressure, about 35% had diabetes and a third suffered from heart disease. The study provides insight as to why their death rate may be much higher compared to other countries.


The latest example of this comes from state Rep. Mark Baisley, who asked asked 18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler to investigate whether the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) broke the law by classifying several deaths at a Centennial senior living facility as coronavirus deaths when they really weren’t the result of the coronavirus, as first reported by 9News. In a separate report by CBS4, Montezuma County Coroner George Deavers said CDPHE classified an alcohol-poisoning death in his county as a coronavirus death. Both men accused CDPHE of changing death certificates to add COVID-19.

Bill Gates And The Population Control Grid

The takeover of public health that we have documented in How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health and the remarkably brazen push to vaccinate everyone on the planet that we have documented in Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World was not, at base, about money. The unimaginable wealth that Gates has accrued is now being used to purchase something much more useful: control. Control not just of the global health bodies that can coordinate a worldwide vaccination program, or the governments that will mandate such an unprecedented campaign, but control over the global population itself.


The US is Dramatically Overcounting Coronavirus Deaths

Over 86,500 people have reportedly died in the United States from the Coronavirus, and the fear generated by those deaths is driving the public policy debate. But that number is a dramatic overcount. Our metrics include deaths that have nothing to do with the virus. The problem is even worse as the Centers for Disease Control over counts even some of these cases and the government has created financial incentives for this misreporting. Relying on these flawed numbers is destroying businesses and jobs and costing lives.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Exposes Big Pharma, Fauci and the Danger of a COVID-19 Vaccine - 21st Century Wire

s the COVID-19 crisis continues to drift on, western governments are looking for more excuses to extend what is now known to be a disastrous lockdown policy. One of the hooks which politicians and health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci continue to dangle in front of the public is the promise of a “cure” for the Coronavirus, or more specifically – a vaccine. The sheer scale of the corruption between industry and government is difficult to fathom. Masterminding the public campaign for a Coronavirus vaccine ‘panacea’ is billionaire Bill Gates and his funding machine, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who are now partnering with Big Pharma to roll-out a global vaccine program for 7 billion people worldwide. This incessant rush to market means that this new ‘miracle vaccine’ will not go through the normal research, development and safety procedures. With such a well-connected and well-financed corporate and ideological cartel now in control of western governments, there’s a very real danger of unprecedented corruption on a global level – a clear and present danger to the health and well being of many millions.

REVEALED: Pressure Placed on Pharmacies NOT to Prescribe Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 - 21st Century Wire

As a result of both Democratic Party and mainstream media disdain for Trump, combined with pressure from Big Pharma, it now appears that serious political and financial pressure has been put to bear on pharmacy and drug store outlets across America to discourage doctors from prescribing hydroxychloroquin to patients who are suffering from symptoms of COVID-19.


Starting in 2003, after outbreaks of coronaviruses SARS and MERS, scientists began the race to create a coronavirus vaccine, so why don’t we already have one? Top immunologist and microbiologist, Prof. Dolores Cahill, Phd, sheds light on why vaccine makers are struggling to produce a safe & effective product.

Fascism, California Style: Leaders Using Lockdown Rules to Thwart Any Political Challenge - 21st Century Wire

In a rambling interview this week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (above, wearing a mask) informed America’s largest city that stay-at-home ‘lockdown’ orders will continue ‘with all certainty’ for another three months, bringing his house arrest sentence for upwards of 13 million residents up to the month of August. All this, despite the fact that LA only has recorded some 1,613 deaths from Coronavirus – a mere fraction of casualties suffered by New York City which is set to lift its lockdown in a few weeks time.

Dr. Fauci Agrees - Just Say No to Masks - YouTube

Surprise! Dr. Fauci agrees with Dr. Hotze. Let’s make this TV commercial go viral!

TSA To Check Passengers' Temperature At Airports | Zero Hedge

The official said anyone who is flagged at a thermal check will be transferred to officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As to what happens next is anyone's guess...

Global Capitalism, "World Government" and the Corona Crisis - Global Research

The COVID-19 crisis is marked by a public health “emergency” under WHO auspices which is being used as a pretext and a justification to triggering a Worldwide process of economic, social and political restructuring.

Bill Gates' and Rockefeller Foundation's Plan to Track Americans

Bill Gates — who illegally invests in the same industries he gives charitable donations to, and who promotes a global public health agenda that benefits the companies he’s invested in — has gone on record saying life will not go back to normal until we have the ability to vaccinate the entire global population against COVID-19.

To that end, he is pushing for disease surveillance and a vaccine tracking system that might involve embedding vaccination records on our bodies. One example of how this might be done is using an invisible ink quantum dot tattoo, described in a December 18, 2019, Science Translational Medicine paper.

$138 Million Government Contract Will Fund Production Of 500 Million Pre-Filled COVID-19 Vaccine “Injection Devices”

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any stranger, two U.S. government agencies have taken things to an entirely new level. The U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have just put out a press release that is absolutely jaw dropping, but so far hardly anyone is talking about it. According to the press release, a 138 million dollar contract has been awarded to ApiJect Systems America for two projects known as “Project Jumpstart” and “RAPID USA”. Apparently the goal of these projects is to have vast numbers of “injection devices” ready to go once a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available.

Navigating the Hysteria And Fear Around Covid-19 -- Society's Child --

As everyone must be aware by now, this 'pandemic' we've been watching in slow motion has been vastly exaggerated and met with exaggerated responses that are, however, all too real and cannot be undone. What's spreading uncontrollably around the world is secondarily a virus and primarily a lack of common sense, and actions that will leave the world as we know it in ruins unless we somehow manage to stop them.

Techno-Tyranny: How The US National Security State Is Using Coronavirus To Fulfill An Orwellian Vision

Last year, a government commission called for the US to adopt an AI-driven mass surveillance system far beyond that used in any other country in order to ensure American hegemony in artificial intelligence. Now, many of the “obstacles” they had cited as preventing its implementation are rapidly being removed under the guise of combating the coronavirus crisis.


Chief among the troublesome “structural factors” highlighted in this presentation are so-called “legacy systems” that are common in the U.S. but much less so in China. The NSCAI document states that examples of “legacy systems” include a financial system that still utilizes cash and card payments, individual car ownership and even receiving medical attention from a human doctor. It states that, while these “legacy systems” in the US are “good enough,” too many “good enough” systems “hinder the adoption of new things,” specifically AI-driven systems.


As previously mentioned, one “legacy system” cited early on in the presentation is the main means of payment for most Americans, cash and credit/debit cards. The presentation asserts, in contrast to these “legacy systems” that the best and most advanced system is moving entirely to smartphone-based digital wallets.


In addition, the NSCAI document from last May calls for the end of in-person shopping and promotes moving towards all shopping being performed online. It argues that “American companies have a lot to gain by adopting ideas from Chinese companies” by shifting towards exclusive e-commerce purchasing options. It states that only shopping online provides a “great experience” and also adds that “when buying online is literally the only way to get what you want, consumers go online.”


In addition to their vision for a future financial system and future self-driving transport system, the NSCAI has a similarly dystopian vision for surveillance. The document calls mass surveillance “one of the ‘first-and-best customers’ for AI” and “a killer application for deep learning.” It also states that “having streets carpeted with cameras is good infrastructure.”

It then discusses how “an entire generation of AI unicorn” companies are “collecting the bulk of their early revenue from government security contracts” and praises the use of AI in facilitating policing activities. For instance, it lauds reports that “police are making convictions based on phone calls monitored with iFlyTek’s voice-recognition technology” and that “police departments are using [AI] facial recognition tech to assist in everything from catching traffic law violators to resolving murder cases.”


The NSCAI document also touches on the area of healthcare, calling for the implementation of a system that seems to be becoming reality thanks to the current coronavirus crisis. In discussing the use of AI in healthcare (almost a year before the current crisis began), it states that “China could lead the world in this sector” and “this could lead to them exporting their tech and setting international norms.” One reason for this is also that China has “far too few doctors for the population” and calls having enough doctors for in-person visits a “legacy system.” It also cited U.S. regulatory measures such as “HIPPA compliance and FDA approval” as obstacles that don’t constrain Chinese authorities.

More troubling, it argues that “the potential impact of government supplied data is even more significant in biology and healthcare,” and says it is likely that “the Chinese government [will] require every single citizen to have their DNA sequenced and stored in government databases, something nearly impossible to imagine in places as privacy conscious as the U.S. and Europe.” It continues by saying that “the Chinese apparatus is well-equipped to take advantage” and calls these civilian DNA databases a “logical next step.”


Who are the NSCAI?

Given the sweeping changes to the U.S. that the NSCAI promoted in this presentation last May, it becomes important to examine who makes up the commission and to consider their influence over U.S. policy on these matters, particularly during the current crisis. As previously mentioned, the chairman of the NSCAI is Eric Schmidt, the former head of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) who has also invested heavily in Israeli intelligence-linked tech companies including the controversial start-up “incubator” Team8. In addition, the committee’s vice-chair is Robert Work, is not only a former top Pentagon official, but is currently working with the think tank CNAS, which is run by John McCain’s long-time foreign policy adviser and Joe Biden’s former national security adviser.


In addition, since at least January, the U.S. intelligence community and the Pentagon have been at the forefront of developing the U.S. government’s still-classified “9/11-style” response plans for the coronavirus crisis, alongside the National Security Council. Few news organizations have noted that these classified response plans, which are set to be triggered if and when the U.S. reaches a certain number of coronavirus cases, has been created largely by elements of the national security state (i.e. the NSC, Pentagon, and intelligence), as opposed to civilian agencies or those focused on public health issues.

Furthermore, it has been reported that the U.S. intelligence community as well as U.S. military intelligence knew by at least January (though recent reports have said as early as last November) that the coronavirus crisis would reach “pandemic proportions” by March. The American public were not warned, but elite members of the business and political classes were apparently informed, given the record numbers of CEO resignations in January and several high-profile insider trading allegations that preceded the current crisis by a matter of weeks.


In addition, both Kadlec and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, which was intimately involved in Event 201, have direct ties to the controversial June 2001 biowarfare exercise “Dark Winter,” which predicted the 2001 anthrax attacks that transpired just months later in disturbing ways. Though efforts by media and government were made to blame the anthrax attacks on a foreign source, the anthrax was later found to have originated at a U.S. bioweapons lab and the FBI investigation into the case has been widely regarded as a cover-up, including by the FBI’s once-lead investigator on that case.

Given the above, it is worth asking if those who share the NSCAI’s vision saw the coronavirus pandemic early on as an opportunity to make the “structural changes” it had deemed essential to countering China’s lead in the mass adoption of AI-driven technologies, especially considering that many of the changes in the May 2019 document are now quickly taking place under the guise of combatting the coronavirus crisis.


It is indeed striking how the coronavirus crisis has seemingly fulfilled the NSCAI’s entire wishlist and removed many of the obstacles to the mass adoption of AI technologies in the United States. Like major crises of the past, the national security state appears to be using the chaos and fear to promote and implement initiatives that would be normally rejected by Americans and, if history is any indicator, these new changes will remain long after the coronavirus crisis fades from the news cycle. It is essential that these so-called “solutions” be recognized for what they are and that we consider what type of world they will end up creating – an authoritarian technocracy. We ignore the rapid advance of these NSCAI-promoted initiatives and the phasing out of so-called “legacy systems” (and with them, many long-cherished freedoms) at our own peril.

TCR Live #106: 5G, Contact Tracing & Forced Vaccinations - The Big Picture

Derrick Broze breaks down his latest investigations for MintPress News and The Last American Vagabond.



Dr. Yvette Lozano a Dallas Texas Doctor, turns activist and calls out medical associations for making it harder to treat Covid patients with Hydroxychloroquine -- Dr. Lozano has successfully treated her private patients with a 100% success rated using the drug mixed with antibiotics and zinc

Coronavirus War Room Ep19 (with Dr. Judy Mikovits) by - altCensored


The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Idea – AIER

How did a temporary plan to preserve hospital capacity turn into two-to-three months of near-universal house arrest that ended up causing worker furloughs at 256 hospitals, a stoppage of international travel, a 40% job loss among people earning less than $40K per year, devastation of every economic sector, mass confusion and demoralization, a complete ignoring of all fundamental rights and liberties, not to mention the mass confiscation of private property with forced closures of millions of businesses?

Whatever the answer, it’s got to be a bizarre tale. What’s truly surprising is just how recent the theory behind lockdown and forced distancing actually is. So far as anyone can tell, the intellectual machinery that made this mess was invented 14 years ago, and not by epidemiologists but by computer-simulation modelers. It was adopted not by experienced doctors – they warned ferociously against it – but by politicians.

The COVID-19 Chronicles: China | New Eastern Outlook

Clearly, for those who took the time to look into the underlying health issues many who succumbed to COVID-19 had in the US, they would have found a wide variety of preexisting conditions ranging from morbid obesity, diabetes, heart disease, advanced age and even cancer that COVID-19 simply helped push over the edge.

Counting any and all deaths where COVID-19 was simply present as a “COVID-19 death” is inaccurate and borders on dishonest. As previously reported, many millions more in the US appear to have been infected by COVID-19 than is officially admitted with most people easily overcoming the pathogen.

What Happens In the Wake of the COVID-19 Lockdown? Economic Destruction, Global Poverty, Bankruptcies, Mass Unemployment. Neoliberalism to the Rescue - Global Research

It would be naive to believe that the financial crisis was solely the result of spontaneous market forces. It was carefully engineered.

The coronavirus continues to provide a camouflage. Fear and panic (generated profusely by the corporate media) create “favorable conditions” for “institutional speculators”, many of whom had detailed foreknowledge of the WHO decision to launch a Global Public Health Emergency on January 30th, at a time when there were only 150 “confirmed cases” outside China.

The collapse of stock markets has resulted in one of the most important transfers in money wealth in modern history, yet to be firmly established.

The Coronavirus is not the cause of financial collapse. What prevails is an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty which enables powerful financial interests to manipulate the stock market and consolidate their financial positions. There is evidence that “corporate insiders sold off billions of dollars worth of shares in their own companies just before the stock market imploded.”

This crisis has led to an unprecedented concentration of money wealth.

COVID-19: The New Digitized Economy has Real Implications for the Working Class

As social distancing measures persist across the country, corporations are setting in a “new normal” where most people are safely squirreled away in their homes, with paradigm-shifting implications for the working classes.

This U.S. State Has Already Established Legal Means for Mandatory Vaccinations

While the U.S. government and global health “authorities” debate how quickly they can roll out Contact Tracing surveillance programs and fast track vaccines, Americans are left wondering and debating over whether the vaccinations programs for COVID-19 might end up being mandatory.

forced vaccination

The document is called, “COVID-19 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH MANDATORY SELF-ISOLATION AIRPORT TRAVEL,” and can be found on the official website of the Florida Airports Council. The form asks travelers to put their home address, a detailed description of the trip, and the names and birth dates to family members who traveled with the person filling out the form.


At the bottom of the form it states the following:


Additionally, it says:

Pursuant to Executive Order 20-80 and the Florida Department of Health declaration of a Public Health Emergency, the State Health Officer and Surgeon General can order any individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated or quarantined for COVID-19. Any isolation or quarantine order issued pursuant to section 318.00315, Florida Statutes, shall be enforceable by injunction filed in a Florida Circuit Court.

Finally, passengers are reminded that, “Failure to follow any isolation or quarantine order by the Florida Department of Health is a second-degree misdemeanor.”

Oregon Governor Fines Salon Owner, Sends CPS After Her Kids

Lindsey Graham opened her Salem salon last week, in defiance of state lockdown orders. In response, Democrat Governor Kate Brown arranged a $14,000 fine through Occupational Safety and Health (Oregon OSHA) and sent Child Protective Services (CPS) to visit her kids at home while Graham was at work.

One on One w/Dr. Judy Mikovits: Truth about her Arrest and the One Issue Media can't "Debunk" - Ben Swann



Covid is not an epidemic in California. Why the current state of emergency in California is invalid and unlawful.

Trump Appoints Big Pharma Exec Connected to Bill Gates to Head Vaccine Developments

On Friday, Donald Trump announced his appointment of Moncef Slaoui, a former executive with vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, to lead “Operation Warp Speed”, Trump’s plan to fast track the development of vaccines for COVID-19. Slaoui will serve in a volunteer position, assisted by Army Gen. Gustave Perna, the commander of United States Army Materiel Command.

A Website Exposing How Much Big Pharma Pays Doctors – Collective Evolution

For example, when you type Big Pharma giant Gilead Science Inc. into the tool bar, you can see that the company spent $36,830,535.40 in Total General Payments and $45,394,349.76 in Total Research Payments in the year 2015 alone. 48.4% of payments were classified as “Compensation for services other than consulting, including serving as faculty or as a speaker at a venue other than a continuing education program.” The top paid physician made more than $600,000 in 2015 from simply prescribing drugs manufactured by Gilead Science Inc.

Another week, another governor with a God complex | Sovereign Man

Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.

Senate Approves Spy Bill, Possible Link to Pending Covid-19 Actions - Activist Post

In a vote of 80-16, the US Senate yesterday approved HR 6172, which reauthorizes several surveillance authorities originally passed into law via the USA PATRIOT Act as temporary measures. HR 6172 cements the collection of business records, the “roving wiretap provision,” and the so-called “lone wolf provision,” which allows the surveillance of those with no known connection to terrorist organizations. While the FBI has testified to the Congress that the “lone wolf provision” has never been used, this is widely thought to be inaccurate and that this provision is the authority under which US citizens, activists and journalists, are being widely surveilled.

Why We Should Think for Ourselves and Pushback When it Comes to COVID-19

In this video, I share some examples of why its more important than ever to think for ourselves, not trust the government's advice on COVID-19, and push back on the growth of the police and surveillance state.

Fake Cor0naVirus Numbers Say Doctor Whistleblowers: Dr - altCensored

Not that this isn't a conclusion we couldn't have come to ourselves but we now have multiple doctors blowing the whistle on the establishment's fakery

FTC Shuts Down Dr. Brownstein's Blog for Explaining How He was Curing COVID-19 Patients

Dear CHM Patients- I want to let you know that we have been ordered by the FTC to stop making any statements about our treatment protocols of Vitamins A, C and D as well as nutritional IV’s, iodine, ozone and nebulization to support the immune system with respect to Coronavirus Diseases 2019 (COVID-19).

PIH, Bobby Rush, and The Truth Behind Contact Tracing Surveillance |

Contact tracing seems to be all the rage lately, but is it really just “contact tracing,” and how many laws are being broken while they surveil the country going door to door with the threat of isolation? Is this about preventing spread or is it to gather data, instill more panic, or create a false need for mail-in ballots? How far are these people willing to go, and who was instrumental in getting this rolling? How far are you willing to go to fight for your rights?

Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" for Mass Vaxxing. "Big Bucks for Big Pharma" - Global Research

Big Pharma is poised to cash in big from mass COVID-19 vaxxing — at the expense of human health and welfare.

Mask - YouTube


Head of the Hydra: The Rise of Robert Kadlec

A powerful network of political operatives, a global vaccine mafia and their man in washington.

In the Race for Immunity, Sweden Leads the Pack - Global Research

In a pandemic, there is no substitute for immunity, because immunity provides the best protection against reinfection. That’s why Sweden set its sights on immunity from the very beginning. They crafted a policy that was designed to protect the old and vulnerable, prevent the public health system from being overwhelmed, and, most important, allow younger, low-risk people to interact freely so they’d contract the virus and develop the antibodies they’d need to fight future infections. That was the plan and it worked like a charm. Now Sweden is just weeks away from achieving herd immunity (which means that future outbreaks will not be nearly as severe) while the lockdown nations– that are just now easing restrictions– face an excruciating uphill slog that may or may not succeed. Bottom line: Sweden analyzed the problem, figured out what to do, and did it. That’s why they are closing in on the finish line while most of the lockdown states are still stuck at Square 1.


On Saturday, May 9, 2020, a couple hundred people held an #OpenTexas Rally at Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. The organizers held the rally to honor the actions of Shelley Luther for standing up for her workers and to celebrate her release from prison. The people who attended the rally believe that people have a God-given right to work and provide for their families; that #AllBusinessesAreEssential; and that the government has unconstitutionally overstepped its legitimate authority and have deprived people of their God-given and constitutionally protected rights and liberties during the COVID-19 panic.

n this seventh video, Dr. Ivette Lozano gave her perspective on truth and propaganda surrounding COVID-19 and the opposition she has experienced by treating COVID-19 patients. Dr. Lozano strongly opposes much of the so-called "science" and medical and media disinformation being fed to the general public.

Dark Winter, Restaurant Snitches, Black Mirror – New World Next Week : The Corbett Report

This week on the New World Next Week: Plandemic planners threaten a dark winter for America; the reopening comes with strings attached; and reality has officially overtaken science fiction.

‘Overwhelming Evidence’ Supports Vitamin D’s Immune Function Benefits – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

This new review is of course correct when it says there is an indisputable relation between vitamin D and the immune system. But while avoiding vitamin D deficiency is certainly essential for immune health, ensuring an optimum supply of other micronutrients is also important.

WATCH: UK Chief Medic confirms (again) covid19 harmless to vast majority – OffGuardian

From the beginning of this crisis we have been pointing out that there are two mutually contradictory messages at the heart of the covid19 rollout, and, just as Orwell describes in 1984, a major point of the exercise seems to be to get people to believe both at the same time.

Bill Gates Working Increasingly Closely With Pharma Industry – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

For more than a decade now, Bill Gates has been working increasingly closely with the pharmaceutical industry. Throwing billions of dollars into the field of drug discovery, Gates has recently been accused by James Love, the director of the nonprofit organization ‘Knowledge Ecology International’, of using his philanthropy to “advance a pro-patent agenda on pharmaceutical drugs, even in countries that are really poor.” Love openly describes Gates as being “a big defender of the big drug companies” and says he is “always trying to push things in a pro-​corporate direction.”

Severity Of Coronavirus May Depend On Where You’re Located On The Map, New Study Suggests – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

This study essentially suggests that to obtain sufficient vitamin D from the sun, a few degrees of latitude could be the difference between life and death. As important as vitamin D is, however, it is only one of many important nutritional factors affecting the immune system.

Rockefeller Foundation's Plan to Track Americans

Bill Gates has gone on record saying life will not go back to normal until we have the ability to vaccinate the entire global population against COVID-19. To that end, he is pushing for disease surveillance and a vaccine tracking system that might involve embedding vaccination records on our bodies

Bill Gates Explains that the Covid Vaccine will Use Experimental Technology and Permanently Alter Your DNA

The U.S. government along with major cities like Chicago are already moving forward with plans to use government resources and the military to distribute hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines to Americans by the end of the year.

At the forefront of this conversation is Bill Gates, who has emerged somehow as the world’s leading expert on pandemics and vaccines. Through his foundation he supports the WHO and the development of new vaccines, and is currently backing a number of pharmaceutical companies as they race to invent the product that will save the world from Covid-19.

Study: Coronavirus Has a Been a Boon for America's Billionaires

A new study found that in the past eight weeks alone, the country’s super wealthy have added a further $368.8 billion to their already enormous fortunes.

UKC News: ‘Another Good Reason to End the Lockdown’ - 21st Century Wire

As the US and UK governments continue pressing forward with their disastrous lockdown policy, the fissures in the economy are now widening, with more evidence to suggest that the death toll is being driven primarily by the lockdown itself, and not COVID-19. Meanwhile, confused Unions are trying to shut down schools and public services supposedly over “COVID safety fears” but are playing right into the hands of a billionaire class colluding with big government to kickstart their Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Trump Mobilizes Military to Deliver Coronavirus Vaccine – Appoints Another Bill Gates Funded Big Pharma Exec as Chief Military Advisor

Yesterday (May 13, 2020) President Trump announced that Moroccan-born Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the former chairman of GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccines division, would serve as Chief Adviser for Operation Warp Speed, the administration’s project to fast-track a COVID-19 vaccine.


Dr. Slaoui will become yet another member of President Trump’s medical advisors with strong ties to Bill Gates. During his days as chairman of GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccines division, Slaoui was instrumental in developing the vaccine Mosquirix, a malaria vaccine for use in tropical and subtropical areas.


Inflammatory Syndrome Affecting Children: Kawasaki Disease, COVID-19 . . . or Something Else? • Children's Health Defense

Years before COVID-19 came on the scene, the CDC estimated that about 5,450 children, primarily under age five, are hospitalized for KD each year in the U.S.—the equivalent of about 15 every day. While rare compared to other childhood diseases, KD attracts concern as the leading cause of pediatric acquired coronary artery disease, with life-threatening aneurysms being a possible outcome.

By early May, while affirming that the new syndrome was “Kawasaki-like,” some researchers were suggesting that “It’s really beyond that” and were latching onto COVID-19 as a convenient explanation—even though, in New York, well under half (40%) of the affected children had tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 with PCR testing. Hypothesizing that the illness could be a late-stage inflammatory reaction to SARS-CoV-2 infection, doctors baptized the apparently new inflammatory syndrome as “pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome temporally associated with COVID-19,” later settling on the more acronym-friendly “pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome” (PIMS).

Proposed $3 Trillion Transfer of Wealth Scheme is Being Called the HEROES Act

Recently introduced by Republican Bill Huizenga from Michigan, proposed legislation H.R. 6433 is being called the HEROES Act. It is a $3 trillion stimulus bill which would transform American society unlike anything this country has seen since the 1960’s.


However, the majority of funding would not go to families or small businesses in need. Instead, it is ridden with money for the rich, bailouts for poorly run cities and states, mass surveillance, censorship, and society-transforming blanket amnesty for illegal aliens, all while the country heads deeper into insurmountable debt. This is a classic transfer or wealth scheme.

Breaking: President Trump Says He Will Mobilize Military To Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine - Activist Post

President Donald Trump just announced that he believes a Coronavirus vaccine will be ready by the end of the year. Once this vaccine is ready, Trump intends to deploy the military to distribute the vaccine on a mass scale to most of the entire country.

Tyranny Crumbling? Wisconsin Supreme Court Smacks Down Governor's Lockdown! - Dr. Ron Paul

Wisconsin's supreme court has ruled that the governor's ordered lockdown of the state is unconstitutional. Bars and restaurants threw their doors open to willing customers and the celebration was like the end of prohibition. The lockdown crowd warns of "chaos" if people are allowed to go about their business of their own free will. Also today: tyrannical Michigan governor strips 77 year old barber of his license and Liberty University resists lockdown with voluntary on-campus offerings.

Plandemic Planners Threaten A Dark Winter For America - #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

Massachusetts Contact Tracing Program Handed to Clinton-Linked NGO with Questionable Past

In April, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced the partnership, called the COVID-19 Community Tracing Collaborative, with Partners in Health (PIH), a non-profit organization with highly questionable patronage and an even more dubious history.

April 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper Urges Testing and Tracing Entire US Population - Global Research

A 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper now proposes the next phase of the solution to the coronavirus crisis – after the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Paper which predicted and analyzed the problem and reaction. It’s problem-reaction-solution, Rockefeller-Gates style. Last month on April 21st, the New World Order (NWO) manipulators released a 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper entitled National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan – Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities. This came after countless MSM appearances by NWO frontman, eugenicist and depopulation-via-vaccines enthusiast Bill Gates claiming you would need digital certificates and immunity passports to travel around again, and that your inherent rights such as the right to gather or assemble may never return unless you’re vaccinated. Predictably, the April 2020 Rockefeller Foundation Paper is a blueprint for the creation of a colossal nation-wide DNA database of the entire US population. In a moment of raw honesty, the paper even admits that “The Rockefeller Foundation exists to meet moments like this” although to be fair it would be more accurate to say ‘The Rockefeller Foundation on behalf of its NWO masters exists to orchestrate crises like this, then pose as the savior to solve them.’ It calls for testing and tracing of all Americans – initially 1 million per week, then 3 million per week and finally 30 million per week (the “1-3-30 Plan”) until every single American is assimilated into the database.

A Well-Planned Epidemic - Global Research

Evidence demonstrates that the Coronavirus Operation started well before the “lockdowns” and the Fear campaigns.

Consider, for example, that whereas the WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on January 30, 2020 (1) the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARE Act), also known as H.R 748 was introduced over a year earlier, on January 24, 2019, at a time when most had not even heard of the Coronavirus.

The Surveillance State Beast is Feasting on Covid19

Covid19 is being used by Big Tech and politicians, including US President Donald Trump, to dramatically assault the privacy rights of all US citizens.
What is contact tracing? Find out...

No-Go Zone: Be A Good Boi, Take The Shot

Henrik cover some of the recent Covid-lockdown news. New York Times in a recent article talks about the coming "vaccine information war." The outlet argues that there will come a time when mandatory vaccination might be a requirement in order to fly, attend school or enter businesses.


Nobel Prof. Montagnier: COVID-19 Caused By a Vaccine Experiment Gone Bad? • Children's Health Defense

Luc Montagnier is a French virologist and recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). On April 18, Professor Montagnier appeared on a French TV station (video in French with English subtitles) to comment on the origin of COVID-19, echoing what several other scientists have suggested in saying that the virus had been manipulated by researchers. He also mentioned in his appearance on the program that components of HIV had been inserted into the coronavirus sequence, perhaps in pursuit of an AIDS vaccine.

When asked by one of the commentators if the coronavirus under investigation may have come from a patient who is otherwise infected with HIV, Professor Montagnier said, “No. In order to insert an HIV sequence into this genome, molecular tools are needed, and that can only be done in a laboratory.”

Setting The Stage For Phase 2 As States Deploy National Guard For Contact Tracing - YouTube

Several states are preparing to ease restrictions related to the Coronavirus lockdowns, other states have extended the lockdowns while a handful of states like South Dakota never imposed a statewide lockdown at all, why don’t we hear about this in the mainstream media?
Surely we would hear about these rogue states if there was a significant increase in the numbers of infected or deaths because the establishment would never miss an opportunity to justify the lockdowns and say see, we told you so, now get back in side!

All of this is taking place as many states across the country are beginning to implement their contact tracing programs. Several of these states are calling on the National Guard to assist in their contact tracing programs and training has already begun.

While it has been stated that the National Guard's function is not a law enforcement role, their roll is Public Health Service, it must be noted that the very foundation of the contact tracing program is not only tracking every individual and their contacts, but isolating and quarantining suspected individuals who are infected.

So where does the line of law enforcement end? And the function of a Public Health Service begin? Only time will tell.

AI-Powered Medical "Pre-Crime" Is Officially Here To "Fight COVID-19"


WA Governor To Residents: COVID-Test-Deniers Will Not Be Allowed To Leave Home To Get Groceries | Zero Hedge

As the press conference went on, one question kept coming up - what about enforcement? How will you ensure Washington State residents comply and what if they don't?

The answer is as scary as many have worried about. As Putvin reports, for those businesses/individuals that don’t comply, the governor stated that he confirmed with Attorney General Bob Ferguson, there will be sanctions in civil or crimal court.

At timestamp 38:55 in the video of the press conference below, one reporter asked:

“When it comes to contact tracing, how are you guys going to handle people or families who want to refuse to test or to self isolate?

If they want to leave their home to get groceries I know you’ve said they can’t do that; how will you make sure they don’t?“

Below is Jay Inslee’s response:

“We will have attached to the families a family support person who will check in with them to see what they need on a daily basis... and help them. If they can’t get a friend to do their grocery shopping, we will help get them groceries in some fashion. If they need pharmaceuticals to be picked up, we will make sure they get their pharmaceuticals... That’s going to help encourage them to maintain their isolation too.

“As far as refusal, it just shouldn’t come to that, and it really hasn’t. We’ve had really good success when we ask people to isolate, and they’ve done so in really high percentages, so we’re happy about that, and we believe that will continue.”

Wall Street Will Likely Be the Only Winners in the Pandemic Housing Crisis

The Trump administration lept into action to shore up the liabilities of the super-wealthy, pumping $1.5 trillion into the stock market, resulting in only a 15-minute rally. Meanwhile, a recent study of the CARES Act found that 82 percent of the financial benefits from the bill go to the 43,000 Americans who earn over $1 million per year, with less than three percent going to those making less than $100,000.

INTERVIEW: Debunking the COVID-19 Narrative with Prof. Dolores Cahill - 21st Century Wire

Are public health officials and the mainstream media really telling the public scientific accurate and correct information about the Coronavirus and treatment for COVID-19? Was there any scientific or medical basis for governments to impose a lockdown? Are the government-media complex irresponsibly spreading misinformation about COVID-19? Is this misinformation harming the public and causing needless suffering and additional deaths? Apparently, yes.

Corona Masks - Infection Prevention...Or Submission-Signaling? - Dr. Ron Paul

Ironically, as coronavirus deaths continue to decline in the US and as more states are "opening up," there appears to be an increase in mask wearing. Are the face masks going to prevent the spread of the virus? Will they protect people from the virus? Or may they actually cause harm to some people? Or...even: are they a new form of "virtue signaling," a show of submission to the "authorities"? Plenty of prominent MDs - including Fauci not long ago - have condemned the mass masking of America. Are they right?

The Bill Gates Barcode


COVID CHAOS: A Closer Look At Coronavirus Testing - 21st Century Wire

Following a request by the president of Tanzania to evaluate the country’s coronavirus test kits, state security services sent a series of non-human samples to the national health laboratory to be tested. The samples — which included goat, quail and papaya, as well as inorganic substances such as motor oil — were labelled with human names and ages, while technicians at the lab were not told of the plot.


Importantly, the president then expressed concern about false positive test results, saying that the some people are being told they are infected when they are not actually carrying the virus.

“Through the extra information I have here, there must be people who are told they are positive, while they are not really corona patients, and some might even die from worry.”

The lab’s director as well as its quality assurance manager were suspended, while the Ministry of Health announced a 10-person committee to investigate operations at the lab — not only procedures for handling and processing samples, but also the test kits themselves.

COVID-19: An Ocean of Fears and Lies - Global Research

It is not surprising that people of all walks of life, nationalities and cultures are starting to lose faith in what they are told.
We hear ad nauseam the alternative voices being called ‘conspirational’ by the ‘official’ commercially sponsored media.

Among those accused of promoting ‘conspiracy theories’, we find university professors, serious scientists, level-headed researchers and highly qualified doctors.

Mysterious Murder of Coronavirus Chinese Scientist in US Leaves Many Questions Unanswered - Global Research

Last week, Chinese scientist Bing Liu was shot and killed inside his home in Ross Township, Pennsylvania, USA. The researcher was a doctor of computer science at the National University of Singapore and lived and worked in the US, more specifically at the University of Pittsburgh, where he developed a research project on the new coronavirus. Recently, the scientist had announced some “important discoveries” about the virus, but he did not reveal the real nature of the topic. The researcher’s unexpected and violent murder in his own home brought some questions about such discoveries.

The mind-blowing history at Fort Detrick - CGTN

Since the Trump administration declared national emergency in mid-march over the rapid spread of COVID-19, the task of developing a vaccine has fallen on the U.S. Army's top virus research lab in Fort Detrick, located in suburban Maryland some 50 miles outside of Washington, D.C..
Over the past decades, leading researches on a wide range of viruses and bacteria were conducted inside the sprawling complex. Its state-of-the-art facilities also store some of the most dangerous toxins known to mankind, including Ebola, anthrax and the SARS coronavirus.

The obscure army base came under the spotlight in 2008 after one of its scientists was suspected to have perpetrated the 2001 anthrax attack, where several letters containing the deadly germ was mailed to American media and government offices.

Cybersecurity Companies Selling Hyper-control Technology to Governments to “Prevent Pandemics” - Global Research

The fear that the global pandemic of the new coronavirus will be used to justify a new world order based on a hyper-surveillance system becomes increasingly real. All over the world, multiple projects abound to build a global surveillance and remote monitoring system that stores data about all citizens and controls them partially or totally to prevent the spread of a new infection. Civil liberties, which for centuries have been a real pillar of Western thought and liberal ideology, now appear to be expendable in the name of “preventing a new pandemic”.

Return of the Brown Shirts? US Federal and State Governments to Hire Contact Tracers to ‘Hunt Down New Covid-19 Cases - Global Research

The US federal and state governments are now hiring “Contact Tracers” to track those who are infected with the Coronavirus. The Daily Beast, a liberal online news site claims that in order to reopen businesses and institutions, the government needs to hire thousands of Contact Tracers, the article ‘Contact Tracing Is Vital to Reopening the Country. These States Are Recruiting Thousands’ calls for a mass hiring of Contact Tracers since “health experts are pressing more than ever the need for contact tracing”the article claims that “It’s a tool that proved effective in past epidemics like SARS and Ebola, and it’s regarded as essential to safely reopening the country with the looming threat of higher surges in cases.” Currently, there are around 2,000 contact tracers or disease detectives, but they are estimating that the US workforce will need between 100,000 to 300,000 contact tracers, and that is just the beginning:

The Boston-Newark Megalopolis: Death Certification Agencies are Jacking-up their C-19 Body-counts. - Global Research

Some legerdemain is glaring. On April 14 New York City Health Commissioner added 3,778 C-19 deaths. These people had died in previous weeks, often at home. None were tested. In making this pronouncement the Commissioner described her marching orders as:
“We are focussed on ensuring that every New Yorker who dies because of Covid-19 gets counted.”

The number of “presumptive” C-19 deaths buried in the stats remains unknown, but looms large.

The main method of inflating C-19 fatalities is to insist, in every instance, that a positive test for C-19 warrants listing C-19 as a “cause of death.” This illogic also applies to presumed (untested) cases.

The Longterm Social Impacts from Economic Collapse and COVID-19 Outbreaks - Global Research

Economic collapse that’s harming most ordinary people in the US, West, and elsewhere — that’s likely to be long-lasting — is far more serious than numbers of COVID-19 infections and their aftermath.


Taking the panic out of pandemic - a conversation with Senator Scott Jensen MD & Kevin Roche


The Worst Is Yet to Come: Contact Tracing, Immunity Cards and Mass Testing - Activist Post

As long as “we the people” continue to allow the government to trample our rights in the so-called name of national security, things will get worse, not better.
It’s already worse.

Now there’s talk of mass testing for COVID-19 antibodies, screening checkpoints, contact tracing, immunity passports to allow those who have recovered from the virus to move around more freely, and snitch tip lines for reporting “rule breakers” to the authorities.

If you can’t read the writing on the wall, you need to pay better attention.

These may seem like small, necessary steps in the war against the COVID-19 virus, but they’re only necessary to the police state in its efforts to further undermine the Constitution, extend its control over the populace, and feed its insatiable appetite for ever-greater powers.

Fauci Tells Senate: 'Indefinite Lockdown!' Why Do We Keep Listening To Him? - Dr. Ron Paul

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared before a US Senate Committee today to warn Senators against opening the country after the coronavirus outbreak. Opening too soon - before a vaccine - will bring needless death and suffering, he said. No mention of the needless death and suffering caused by the lockdown itself - cancer treatments cancelled, surgeries cancelled, Depression-level economic collapse, depression, suicide, abuse. How long must we continue listening to this "expert" who has gotten everything wrong thus far?

The Important “Plandemic” Documentary that Has Justifiably Gone “Viral” - Global Research

The powers-that-be behind the banning of “Plandemic” and the disparaging and slandering of Dr Judy Mikovitz are obviously afraid of something that will expose them for planning something evil. Tyrannical corporate forces, starting with Google and YouTube and the CDC and Big Pharma and the MSM have kicked into high gear before any more of us ‘Sheeple” are allowed a chance to view some unwelcome truths that are considered dangerous to the powers-that-be.
There have been any number of pro-over-vaccination trolls that are being well-compensated by Big Pharma/Big Vaccine corporations (that have ruled the world for awhile now) by recommending the banning of the documentary. Examples include any number of similarly-ignorant, shameful lobbyist/troll “journalists” that write for newspapers like the Times, the Post, the Herald, the Tribune, the Daily News, the Journal, the Chronicle, the Register, the Observer, the Sentinel and virtually every other Big Pharma/Big Vaccine-controlled major media outlet all over America and the world.

I urge readers to watch the Pandemic clip before it has been banned

H.R. 6666: $100 Billion Dollar Contact Tracing Bill About Controlling/Tracking Population - Ben Swann

A House resolution from Illinois Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush that would put Big Government in charge of tracking citizens’ movements as they relate to COVID-19 mitigation efforts — even sending health bureaucrats to “individuals’ residences,” “as necessary,” as the legislation states

Stop Blaming the Virus! - YouTube

No, the current ongoing economic catastrophe, and the resulting widespread depression, and suicides, and domestic violence, and child abuse, and drug overdoses, and alcohol abuse, and increased crime and violence, was NOT the result of a stupid virus. It was the result of "GOVERNMENT" and its asinine, evil, enforced "solutions."

COVID-19 Scientific Statements Contradict Government Lockdown Policies - Global Research

There exists a huge disconnect between publicly available real scientific evidence and government policy surrounding the Covid crisis. Consider the following scientific “admissions” and how they contradict government “lockdown” policies:
In the first video, the UK’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Chris Whitty, states unequivocally that on an individual level the chances of dying of coronavirus are low. Even without a vaccine, he says, a high proportion of people will not get it.

Significantly, he refers to the virus as an “epidemic” and not a “pandemic”. Further, he says a significant number of people will have no symptoms, and of those WITH symptoms, for the great majority (around 80%), the symptoms will be mild to moderate. A minority will go to the hospital, he says, of which a great majority will survive.

“We Need An Army Of Contact Tracers” – Meet The Enforcement Arm Of The “New Normal”

As the people of the world grapple with a pandemic that is demonstrably less deadly than originally reported, the public is being primed to accept an exponential increase in invasions of personal liberty and privacy. Every day the public grows more weary of lockdowns which seem to never end, and the bankrupting of individuals and businesses around the world. Amidst the frustration and protest a solution is being presented.

Facebook Will Soon Warn You If You Like Or React To Coronavirus “Misinformation”

Social media platforms have been increasing their content moderation efforts amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This week, Facebook announced that they will begin warning users if they liked, reacted or commented on posts that are deemed to be “misinformation.”

Mountains Of Evidence Show COVID-19 Was All Over The World Oct/Nov 2019, Why Is It Being Ignored?


BREAKING: N.M. Gov. Seals Off Access Gallup, Blocks Roads Going In and Out - Ben Swann

The Governor of New Mexico invoked the state’s Riot Control Act on Friday as she sealed off all roads to nonessential traffic in the city of Gallup.

Bars And Restaurants Allowed To Reopen If They Agree To Snitch On Customers | MassPrivateI

If you are like me, you are looking forward to finally getting out of your house and maybe having a few drinks or a nice dinner at your local bar or restaurant. But going out to your local bar or restaurant once the lockdown ends comes with a steep price.

Weekly Update --- Authoritarians Using Coronavirus Fear to Destroy America - Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul on the hypocrites and anti-American thugs who are locking the country down...

CASHLESS SOCIETY 2020: Coronavirus Swings Society to “Touch Free” Digital ID and Digital Currency - Activist Post

Humans, unless they are of the heroic mold — like the forefathers of the United States of America — will embrace almost anything to save themselves. Given a serious crisis, many will trade away freedoms that were once valued as priceless, though braver folk gave up their lives to attain such liberty for all.


The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : Authoritarians Using Coronavirus Fear to Destroy America

A Fresno, California waffle restaurant dared to open its doors for business this weekend to the delight of a long line of customers, who waited up to two hours for the “privilege” of willingly spending their money in a business happy to serve them breakfast on Mother’s Day. This freedom of voluntary transaction is the core of what we used to call our free society. But in an America paralyzed by fear – ramped up by a mainstream media that churns out propaganda at a level unparalleled in history – no one is allowed to enjoy themselves.

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

Dr. Russell Blaylock warns that not only do face masks fail to protect the healthy from getting sick, but they also create serious health risks to the wearer. The bottom line is that if you are not sick, you should not wear a face mask.

The Cost of Big Pharma’s COVID-19 Vaccine Will be Paid in Lives and in Billions of Dollars - Global Research

Big Pharma and its minions such as Anthony Fauci and Robert Redfield are determined to use Covid-19 to vaccinate us all at the expense our lives and pocketbooks. They are using the media, grant-dependent professionals, medical journals, and the presstitute media to conduct a campaign of disinformation about an inexpensive and successful treatment in order to pave the way for a likely unsuccessful, possibly dangerous, but very profitable vaccine.

75,000 American Deaths Predicted From Overdose and Suicide During COVID-19 Pandemic - EcoWatch

The growing unemployment crisis, the stress of self-isolation and the fear of contracting the novel coronavirus are likely to lead to as many as 75,000 deaths due to drug or alcohol misuse and suicide, according to an analysis conducted by the national public health group Well Being Trust and reported on by CNN.


Could the pharmaceutical drugs most commonly used by those in the highest risk group for COVID-19 be contributing to the deaths of our most vulnerable? Zach Bush, MD, board certified internist, endocrinologist and specialist in hospice care gives clear insight into this important question.

Robot Deployed In Singapore Park To Remind Residents Of Social Distancing Orders

Governments around the world have been turning to technology to enforce quarantine related measures, including drones, robots, and advanced surveillance tracking. At the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in Singapore, authorities deployed a four-legged robot named Spot, which was created by Boston Dynamics. The robot is roaming the park as a part of a two-week trial, to see if the robot could help enforce social distancing measures because machines are less likely to spread germs than human enforcers.

"We Sent Them Samples Of A Goat, A Papaya & A Pheasant": Tanzanian President Catches WHO In Epic Lie

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases explodes across Africa, the creeping involvement of the WHO has made some leaders suspicious of the NGO. Tanzanian President John Magufuli was growing suspicious of the organization, so he reportedly decided to investigate whether the organization was as trustworthy and reliable as it claimed to be.
He played what the local press described as “a trick” on the organization: He sent the WHO samples of a goat, a papaya and a quail for testing.

All three samples reportedly tested positive. When the president heard the news, he reportedly confronted the WHO, then kicked the organization out of the country. Though, to be sure, the WHO has yet to comment on the situation.

It Is Not About A Virus… It Is About Control!

We have been covering many aspects regarding the pandemic of COVID1984, one very important aspect that we really haven’t touched on, which is detrimental to life as we know it, is food.
Henry Kissinger once said, “Control oil and you control nations, control food and you control the people.”

To help shed some light on the current situation is our guest today, Christian Westbrook. Christian is an independent researcher and creator of the "Ice Age Farmer" broadcast which documents the longstanding agenda to collapse our food supply and replace it with synthetic foods.

Christian focuses also on how to build food security for your family and within your community, and has recently launched "" to help spread that message as people become aware of the new challenges we face.

New York on PAUSE During COVID-19 Outbreak - The Vaccine Reaction

Violating New York’s stay at home orders can have serious legal consequences. Non-complaint citizens could face fines up to $1,0004 and in some cases, be arrested. New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said that “a range of available methods” can be used and “ultimately summons and arrest is one of those options, but that’s the last resort.”

Bank of England secret bail out of big business - over £100bn committed in 3 weeks - TruePublica

By TruePublica: While small and independent businesses are struggling to survive, the Bank of England is creating billions in new money to bail out Britain’s biggest companies – in secret.


As part of their activities to combat the economic fallout of Covid-19, the Bank of England has created a new scheme called the Covid Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF), to specifically support the UK’s biggest companies impacted by the crisis.

The Bank of England specifically said companies receiving or eligible for funds “will not be made public” and businesses are being made to sign confidentiality agreements.

World’s Super Rich Buying Pandemic Escape Mansions in New Zealand

Instead of paying $24,000 for a haircut or spending $120,000 on a banana duct taped to a wall, the world’s super wealthy have found a new commodity to purchase: pandemic bunkers in New Zealand. A number of the planet’s richest people, including billionaire co-founder of Paypal Peter Thiel, have, amidst a growing global pandemic, escaped to the country and bought luxury bunkers designed to withstand even nuclear explosions. LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman describes the practice as “apocalypse insurance.”

The Coronavirus Fearmongers Are Trying To Drive You Nuts. Don't Let Them! - Ron Paul

Ginning up fear and terror was key to getting hold of the country, tossing millions of Americans out of work, and setting fire to the Constitution. A nation ruled by fear is a nation that falls into tyranny. How the elites use fear as a method of control. Plus on today's program: Why did so many coronavirus deaths occur at nursing homes? The "Georgia Model" is working well so far...and it's driving the fearmongers crazy. And is HR 6666 as demonic as they claim?

CV-1984: U.S. Wants Orwellian Tracking Similar To House Arrest Funded By HR 6666; Israel Wants Microchips For Kids - Activist Post

Several U.S. states are exploring using technology to make sure COVID patients are staying home and adhering to social distancing and self-quarantine rules. Meanwhile, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that he wants all kids to get a microchip tracker when they are born as well as those who return to schools and kindergartens, something that would surely drip down to the rest of the population.

Health Officials Launch Mobile App to Pre-Register Chicagoans for COVID-19 Vaccine - The Vaccine Reaction

The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) has developed a website and an application known as the “Chi COVID Coach “ app where Chicagoans can now pre-register to receive a COVID-19 vaccine once it is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the U.S.1
According to the Chicago Sun Times, the “Chi COVID Coach” mobile app was developed by Google and MTX in collaboration with the CDPH to help communicate with Chicagoans who have either tested positive for the coronavirus or may be experiencing symptoms.1 The application uses Google Cloud’s technology to provide residents with real-time information.

Doctors Speak Out About COVID 19 & The Violent Suppression Of Your Rights

The only question, is whether We The People have the courage to stand for what we know to be right, or if we will allow ourselves to be scared into passively accepting the “new normal,” a locked down controlled society that was prepped for, planned out, and designed years ago. I for one, will never stop standing up for those who do not have a voice, like so many others who were not shown in this video. I hope you will be on the right side of history, and choose to stand with me.

Objective:Health - The Ultimate Insanity of the Covid Lockdown - Interview with Editor Joe Quinn -- Society's Child --

On this episode of Objective:Health we're joined by lead editor Joe Quinn to talk about the world's exasperating and mind-bogglingly stupid reaction to the SARS-cov-2 virus. Through careful analysis of data, Joe expertly expresses the frustration at the fact that people seem unable, or unwilling, to see what is directly in front of them, to come to the obvious conclusion that the planet is having the wool pulled over its collective eyes.

This is the Problem: Good Cop Fired for Asking Fellow Cops to Respect the Rights of the People

Seattle, WA — Last week, TFTP brought you the story of Port of Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson, who made a video calling out the bad cops throughout the country who are enforcing mandates in complete violation of the oaths they swore to uphold the constitution. This put a target on his back and in the cross hairs of authoritarians across the country. Now, proving the point that good cops are hard to find and the system is set up to purge them from the ranks, officer Anderson has been terminated.

Why “Operation Warp Speed” Could Be Deadly - The Vaccine Reaction

Fourteen potential coronavirus vaccines are vying to be selected as the winner of “Operation Warp Speed.” Government will shield pharmaceutical companies from liability for damages that their vaccines may inflict. Taxpayers will reimburse companies for development costs for vaccines that don’t make it to market.
If you’re cheering the government for cutting red-tape, think again. Liability shields for crony capitalists and no cost for failure policies guarantee errors will be made. Without market safeguards significant injuries to human beings are highly likely. Errors will be exacerbated if medical tyranny prevails with legal mandates requiring the COVID-19 vaccination for employment and travel.

Why Lockdowns are the Wrong Policy | Johan Giesecke, MD - The Vaccine Reaction

The Swedish government decided early, in January, that the measures we should take against the [COVID-19] pandemic should be evidence-based. And when you start looking around at the measures that are being taken now by different countries, you find that very few of them have a shred of evidence base. But one we know that’s been known for 150 years or more and that is washing your hands is good for you and for others when you’re in an epidemic. But the rest, like border closures, school closures, social distancing… there’s almost no science behind most of these.

UKC News: COVID Lockdown 'Stop Light' System, Evidence of Gov't Using MSM for PsyOps - 21st Century Wire

Over the weekend, PM Boris Johnson was meant to reveal the government’s plan to supposedly ‘exit’ the Coronavirus lockdown, only what he ended up showing was a ‘nudging unit’ masterpiece in government applied behavioural psychology and a program of highly weaponised propaganda designed to manipulate the public mind into believing that COVID-19 hadn’t already peaked on April 8th and was somehow laying in wait to ravage the country if ‘lockdown’ measures were ever lifted by Central Government.

RETRACTION #314: CBS News prints MASSIVE correction after FAKE testing line airs on CBS This Morning - Project Veritas


The Chinese System Comes to America - Activist Post

The plan: use the “pandemic” as the rationale for “re-imagining” the guts of society—education, the workplace, medical care, transportation, public events, social relationships, the family…

Pennsylvania Sheriffs Say They Won’t Enforce Business Shutdown - Activist Post

Cumberland County Sheriff Ronny Anderson says “I have no intentions of turning local business owners into criminals.”

Tracey Z and the nurses who never died – OffGuardian

Somewhere along the line somebody somewhere told a lie. They claimed five nurses were seriously ill and two of them had died based on nothing. A story which, coincidentally, lines up with the media scare-stories about how NHS staff are in terrible danger (when they’re not).


This is hardly likely to be an isolated incident. There are probably thousands of such claims circling the internet that never intersect with those informed enough to correct them, all creating a collage of panic and tragedy of which no individual part could ever stand up to scrutiny.

For example, we are aware of one widely shared story of personal loss which originated from a twitter account which was provably using Shutterstock stock images for supposed friends and family.

Whether “Tracey” was a victim of misinformation or a willing participant the important question remains the same: Who is inventing stories about Covid19?

Viral Video



Video: The Well-Known Hazards of Coronavirus Vaccines. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interviewed by Dr. J. Mercola - Global Research

While Kennedy was referring to Mikovits’ moral courage, the same can be said for Kennedy himself, whose career as an environmental attorney and activist is built on defending those who cannot defend themselves.
This includes children who are being harmed by vaccines that have yet to be tested for safety, especially when given in combination with other vaccines. In September 2018, Kennedy proved the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) violated its mandate for safer childhood vaccines as stipulated in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman: They Want To Genetically Modify Us With The COVID-19 Vaccine - Spiro Skouras

In this powerful interview Spiro is joined with Doctor Andrew Kaufman. Spiro and Dr. Kaufman discuss the expanding curtailment of basic civil liberties being normalized under the false pretext of a global health emergency.
Doctor Kaufman lays his reputation and his career on the line as he blows the whistle, on what he describes as a manufactured crisis to carry out a preplanned agenda to facilitate global governance and population control.

Doctor Kaufman is a well educated medical professional who convincingly illustrates, using the CDC's own technical data, how the public has been manipulated on the grandest scale.

The Fed’s Historic Gamble: Pre-Bailing Out the Banking System - Global Research

The Fed’s bailout of 2008-09 created a fragile system highly susceptible to another crash. The Fed’s solution in 2008-09 has become the Fed’s nightmare of a repeat, even greater, in 2020. So the Fed is throwing even more money at the system to prevent another crash. History will tell (soon) if it will be successful in staving off another financial crash, that will all but ensure a collapse into a bona fide depression.

Trump Regime Blocks UN Security Council Resolution for "Global Ceasefire" During COVID-19 Epidemic - Global Research

Run by warlord members from both right wings of the one-party state, the US geopolitical agenda prioritizes permanent wars against invented enemies to enforce their will on humanity by brute force and other hostile actions.

COVID19: The Big Pharma players behind UK Government lockdown – OffGuardian

In Part One of Who controls the British Government response to Covid–19?, I began an investigation into the individuals and entities that are, effectively, driving the UK Government response to Covid–19.
In Part Two, I will expand upon the Big Pharma and Artificial Intelligence (AI) links already identified and will introduce new connections that appear to have considerable bearing upon the UK Government’s Covid–19 strategy. I will expand upon the Bill Gates connections to the various organisations that are advocating global immunisation.

Bill Gates Offers Nigerian House of Reps $10 Million Bribe for Speedy Passage of Compulsory Coronavirus Vaccine Bill – Citizens Threaten Action to Stop It

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), on Monday (May 4, 2020), alleged that it has intercepted a human intelligence report that the Nigeria House of Representatives leadership was poised to forcefully pass the compulsory vaccine bill without subjecting it to the traditions of legislative proceedings.

The “New Normal” is Far from Normal – The Highwire

Which ‘agenda’ crowds? Well, first up is the global warming crowd, who want the economy to stay shuttered in perpetuity. Then there’s the vaccine religionist crowd, who want to inject the world with a product that isn’t on the market yet, but is being fast-tracked through safety testing at “warp speed.” And of course our big brothers, the surveillance crowd, who are attempting to hang technological millstones around Earth’s communal neck.
These agendas are, of course, all being done for our own communal good. So best to stay home, stay quiet and accept them. Right?

Fog Around COVID-19 Made Thicker by New Ontario Rules for Handling Deaths - Global Research

Procedures that came into effect in Ontario one month ago for dealing with deaths in long-term-care homes (LTCHs) and hospitals are contributing to exaggeration of the numbers of COVID-19 deaths — and preventing the true causes of many of those deaths from ever being uncovered.

Can We Trust the World Health Organization (WHO)? - Global Research

Many more questions are being raised than there are answers being discovered concerning the recent strains of coronavirus. Where and how did it originate? Was it the result of human engineering and manipulation or is it a strain that mutated naturally? What are the best tests to determine exposure and infection? Why are so many infected individuals asymptomatic? Are all elderly people equally susceptible to infection and how much do co-morbidities determine outcomes? These are just several of the important questions that still require definitive answers.


Cherry Health CEO and Board President ADMIT Health Center STAGED a COVID19 testing line for CBS News - Project Veritas



Triple board-certified M.D., Dr. Zach, joins Del in an evolutionary discussion on why Coronavirus is here, what it’s trying to tell us, and how we emerge from the darkness.

"We Need An Army Of Contact Tracers" - Meet The Enforcement Arm Of The "New Normal"

As the people of the world grapple with a pandemic that is demonstrably less deadly than originally reported, the public is being primed to accept an exponential increase in invasions of personal liberty and privacy. Every day the public grows more weary of lock downs which seem to never end, and the bankrupting of individuals and businesses around the world. Amidst the frustration and protest a solution is being presented.

"Metalhead" DARPA Robot Enlisted by Police to Enforce Social Distancing - Activist Post

The move toward using robots in law enforcement, private security, and even to scare away the homeless, has been a decade-long trend that is now becoming much more prevalent in everyday life in the wake of COVID-19. Where people were once appalled that drones went from “search and rescue” duties to surveillance, the Overton window has quickly moved to pandemic drones that can use thermal imaging to scan the public’s temperature readings.
The same move toward even more dystopian use of A.I. robots can be seen on the ground as well. “RoboCops” have been launched coast to coast in 16 states.

New Job Sector: "Contact Tracer" and "Disease Investigator"

For those who may have lost their jobs during the lockdown, it appears a whole new sector of jobs is opening up across the country. Cities and states are seeking “contact tracers” and “disease investigators” to track down anyone who may have COVID-19 or anyone who may have come in contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19.


While some people find these positions to be necessary to public health, others find them invasive and meddlesome. One of the most worrisome things about this is what kind of power is held by the tracers and investigators. If they feel someone isn’t quarantining properly, and they report that person, what happens next? Ventura County, California officials claimed they would remove people suffering from COVID from their homes if there was only one bathroom, a claim they’ve since walked back after public outrage ensued.

Mainstream Media Is Trying Hard To Convince Us That “Plandemic” Is A “Conspiracy Theory” – Collective Evolution

A segment of a new film set to be released this summer titled “Plandemic” featured an interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits. The interview is being deemed as false, misleading and a “conspiracy theory” by fact-checkers and mainstream media. As a result, multiple social media platforms are removing and banning the interview which received more than 1.5 million views in a very short period of time before it was removed.


Mikovits started her career as a lab technician at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in 1988. She became a scientist and obtained a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University in 1991. By 2009, she was research director at the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI), a private research center in Reno, Nevada. Judy was a well known scientist in her field, and was one of the leading scientists in her field. Judy was thrown in prison after she refused to discredit her own research that led to the discovery that retroviruses have been transmitted to 25 million Americans through vaccines.


Ethics and Fundamental Values in Times of Corona -- Science of the Spirit --

More to the point, shouldn't you be able to decide whether you want to take the risk of visiting your fragile parents, if you don't have any symptoms for example, because this deep care outweighs the risk of transmitting the virus? Shouldn't the elderly decide for themselves whether they want to cuddle their grandchildren? Or shouldn't you be the one who decides whether to meet some friends to make some music or not, weighing between risk of death and the very thing that makes life worth living in the first place?
If your answer is no to any of those questions, then you are in trouble. Because in today's world, we seem to lack the knowledge to justify our gut feeling that some things just should never be prohibited, some freedoms never be curtailed, and some things never dictated by the state. If we say we want to attend church or hug our parents, or visit a friend who needs us, and somebody replies that this might kill people and surely, avoiding death is more important than hugging your dad, what are we to say? It leaves us speechless. We kind of see the point, but then again, we kind of don't.

And it's not enough to point to the constitution either. If we don't understand why something is in the constitution in the first place and can't defend it, if even just to ourselves, then why should anybody bother? People will just point out that saving lives is more important than some petty legal argument.

Episode 378 – Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World : The Corbett Report

In January of 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates announced a $10 billion pledge to usher in a decade of vaccines. But far from an unalloyed good, the truth is that this attempt to reorient the global health economy was part of a much bigger agenda. An agenda that would ultimately lead to greater profits for big pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over the field of global health, and greater power for Bill Gates to shape the course of the future for billions of people around the planet.

Corona Tyranny – and Death by Famine - Global Research

By the end of 2020 more people will have died from hunger, despair and suicide than from the corona disease.


Questioning Covid-19 with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Kelly - altCensored

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world and many Dr.s and health experts are questioning the mainstream narrative and diving into the science and statistics of the covid-19 Pandemic.

In this panel with Dr. Kelly Brogan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and Dr. Barre Lando we discuss the pandemic and help you separate fact from fiction.

U.S. Field Hospitals Stand Down, Most Without Treating Any COVID-19 Patients : NPR

As hospitals were overrun by coronavirus patients in other parts of the world, the Army Corps of Engineers mobilized in the U.S., hiring private contractors to build emergency field hospitals around the country.

The endeavor cost more than $660 million, according to an NPR analysis of federal spending records.

But nearly four months into the pandemic, most of these facilities haven't treated a single patient.

COVER UP: Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; "Nobody Needed to Die" – True Pundit

Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose “expert” advice to President Trump has resulted in the complete shutdown of the greatest economic engine in world history, has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses.

Problem, Reaction, Solution - Mark Taliano

Bill and Melinda Gates, “major stakeholders” in the Pirbright Institute, “own” the identified problem, which is the coronavirus. The patent, pictured below, was acquired on November 20, 2018.


The facts have shown that, under the pretext of the Covid-19 epidemic, the inalienable rights of citizens have in many cases been violated and their fundamental freedoms, including the exercise of freedom of worship, expression and movement, have been disproportionately and unjustifiably restricted. Public health must not, and cannot, become an alibi for infringing on the rights of millions of people around the world, let alone for depriving the civil authority of its duty to act wisely for the common good. This is particularly true as growing doubts emerge from several quarters about the actual contagiousness, danger and resistance of the virus. Many authoritative voices in the world of science and medicine confirm that the media’s alarmism about Covid-19 appears to be absolutely unjustified.
We have reason to believe, on the basis of official data on the incidence of the epidemic as related to the number of deaths, that there are powers interested in creating panic among the world’s population with the sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restriction on freedoms, of controlling people and of tracking their movements. The imposition of these illiberal measures is a disturbing prelude to the realization of a world government beyond all control.

Are You Willing To Give Up Your 'Smart Phone' For Liberty? #ContactTracing - The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze examines how the coming "Contract Tracing" Army is going to use your smart phone and smart devices to monitor your location and determine your freedom of movement. Is there any way to survive what's coming other than ending our relationship with Smart Phones?

COVID-19: The Spearpoint For Rolling Out a 'New Era' of High-Risk, Genetically Engineered Vaccines -- Health & Wellness --

For weeks, talking heads have been promoting the liability-free vaccine(s) that will save the world — so Bill Gates and Tony Fauci proclaim — from what Gates has now dubbed "Pandemic I." As Microsoft News peddles self-congratulatory stories about the Gates Foundation's reorientation of its priorities to devote "'total attention' to the pandemic," Fauci — making the rounds of talk shows — pledges that a vaccine will make its debut in January 2021. Not to be outdone, the White House has now unveiled "Operation Warp Speed" — a joint pharmaceutical-government-military effort aimed at "substantially shrinking the development time for a vaccine" — and President Trump promises one by the end of the year.
Planet-wide COVID-19 vaccination — the overt objective that has all of these players salivating in anticipation — ignores a number of irrefutable obstacles. For one, the RNA virus being targeted, SARS-CoV-2, already "has mutated into at least 30 different genetic variants." The variants include 19 never-seen-before as well as "rare changes that scientists had never imagined could happen." Knowledge about these mutations may prove useful to clinicians wanting to better tailor their COVID-19 treatments, but the proliferation of mutations makes the chances of developing an effective vaccine immensely more uncertain.

Not to worry, say the entities funded by Gates (and also the Pentagon). Scientists working in the burgeoning field of synthetic biology are confident that they can "outdo" and outsmart nature using next-generation vaccine technologies such as gene transfer and self-assembling nanoparticles — along with invasive new vaccine delivery and record-keeping mechanisms such as smartphone-readable quantum dot tattoos. Does it matter that the researchers who have been experimenting with these approaches have never been able to overcome "nasty side effects"? Apparently not. Aided and abetted by the generous Gates and military funding, high-fanfare COVID-19 vaccine planning is proceeding apace.

Scientist Who Insisted on "Lockdown Orders" Steps Down After Breaking #Quarantine Twice To See Lover - Ben Swann

A leading epidemiologist who advised the UK government on its coronavirus response resigned from his government post on Tuesday, after the Telegraph newspaper revealed he broke the lockdown rules he helped shape by allowing his reported lover to visit his home. Plus, a new model claims that if all U.S. states lift lockdown orders, as many as 350,000 people will die by June. Why is anyone believing these consistently wrong models?

COVID-19 and the Rise of the Police State - 21st Century Wire

Just over a century later, here we are, yet again, immersed in a global war. However, this war, which is ostensibly sold to all of us as a battle to “stop the spread of the coronavirus,” is in reality a war devised by “the powers-that-shouldn’t-be” to remove the last remnants of humanity’s inherent freedoms and liberties.

American Police Officer Speaks Out Against Authoritarian COVID 'Rule Enforcement' - 21st Century Wire

One brave American police officer has taken to social media to speak out against the unlawful actions and brutal police state measures being used against the public during ‘Lockdown’, with many police officers around the country simply making up ‘COVID rule enforcement’ as they go along. He also points out that law enforcement has no legal authority to infringe on citizens’ Constitutional Rights by preventing lawful freedom of speech, assemble, religion and overall liberties. Lastly, he issues a stark warning to government and law enforcement – that if they continue to abuse the public in this way, it could initiate a dangerous public uprising.

The BS of Masks - YouTube

This Doctor and many other doctors like her are 100% correct when they say that a virus cannot be spread through the air. A virus by definition is NOT a living organism. A viral infection is the body's own immune response to toxicity where the cells expel exosomes that aid in cleansing the poisoned blood cells and facilitate in healing the body. The high level of public ignorance and fear driven disinformation regarding viruses vs bacteria/germs is partly to blame for the mass hysteria and fear that is driving this fake pandemic. Dozens of scientists and doctors have come forward lately trying to inform the public about the true nature of viruses, only to be banned and removed from Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Lockdowns For Thee, Not For Me! - #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to the 406th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

Coronavirus Roundtable With Dr. Buttar & Dr. Mikovits - - altCensored

I was honored to be a part of a Coronavirus roundtable discussion with Dr. Rashid Buttar & Dr. Judy Mikovits recently where we discussed many different aspects of COVID-19 and the lies and misinformation surrounding this topic. We also discussed the legal and constitutional ramifications of the current government response. This discussion was hosted by Brandon from, so thank you to Brandon and his colleagues at Transparent Media Truth ( for making this happen. Please enjoy, and be sure to Question Everything, including us!

The COVID Shockdown Doctrine – and How to Beat It - Global Research

The first move of this latest attempted grand heist has been to get around half the population locked-down in their own homes and induced into a state of fear paralysis. A formula that is activated by the ‘instructed’ mainstream media spreading a panic-warning of said virus spooking its way into all avenues of life and causing some form of untreatable sickness.
The effectiveness of this fear based indoctrination programme has been remarkable. A recent national opinion poll conducted in the UK suggests that more than 60% of the British public – believing what they are hearing and consequently suffering the Covid fear symptoms – do not want the lockdown measures to be lifted or even eased. This might be explained by the fact that the BBC – a masterful spreader of political disinformation – is regarded by many in the UK as ‘god’, followed closely by the Queen, on whose estate the Pirbright Institute is housed, a Coronavirus patent is officially registered and a Covid-19 vaccine is being developed.

The tactics currently being deployed rely upon deliberate deception, preplanned social engineering and applied behavioural psychology being trained on great swathes of the world population via a completely compliant media which works hand in hand with a corporate/ banker/political cabal whose sights are set on nothing less than totalitarian control of all avenues of human society as well as of the human brain.

COVID-19 and Fake News - Global Research

The people who define “legacy systems” are the billionaires like Gates, and the monopolies like Big Pharma. “They” define the problem, and “they” “fix” the problem. The Corona shock gave them all the power and opportunity to fast track it all. “They” will benefit. “We” will be further disempowered. “They” will engineer consent for it all.

WATCH: Corona ‘Crisis’, what really happened and how to learn from it? – OffGuardian

The now world-famous Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg – who has decades of experience with viruses, epidemics and their consequences – presents his vision on the Corona ‘Crisis’. A malignant crisis that is entirely driven by misinformation and panic.

Study Finds People With Low Vitamin D Levels May Be More Likely To Die After Contracting Coronavirus – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Deficiencies of vitamin D and other essential micronutrients are a major factor contributing to compromised immunity. If knowledge about the importance of micronutrients in strengthening the immune system had been disseminated globally over the past decades, the coronavirus pandemic could essentially have been prevented or quickly contained.
A micronutrient that has numerous important functions, vitamin D is produced naturally in the body when skin is exposed to sunlight. In recent years, however, evidence has been growing that deficiencies of it are now common worldwide.

In the United States and Canada, vitamin D deficiency is known to be widespread. In Europe blood levels of vitamin D have been shown to be low in 50 to 70 percent of the population, with India also now home to a growing epidemic of the problem. Even in Australia, a country where people typically enjoy an outdoor lifestyle with plentiful sunshine, deficiency is said to have reached crisis levels.

These findings have serious implications, as a lack of vitamin D has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, depression, miscarriage, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, and many other health problems.


COVID-19: The Big Pharma players behind UK Government lockdown -- Puppet Masters --

In Part One of Who controls the British Government response to Covid-19?, I began an investigation into the individuals and entities that are, effectively, driving the UK Government response to Covid-19. In Part Two, I will expand upon the Big Pharma and Artificial Intelligence (AI) links already identified and will introduce new connections that appear to have considerable bearing upon the UK Government's Covid-19 strategy. I will expand upon the Bill Gates connections to the various organisations that are advocating global immunisation.

What You Should Know About The Drugs That Allegedly Fight The Pandemic – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

The first of these drugs that has now been officially touted by the US government for patients infected during the pandemic is Remdesivir, a drug manufactured by the US-based Gilead corporation. The US government’s pandemic advisor, Anthony Fauci, announced to a stunned global audience that this drug was a kind of miracle cure for patients who became infected during the pandemic. The independent world press judged Fauci’s appearance differently – it spoke of a pharmaceutical propaganda show.

Horrifying Glimpse Into How DARPA Will "Save" You From COVID-19 & Venezuela Coup Tied Back To Trump


New Coronavirus Symptom: Democracy

Grim Reaper Fauci is cheerleading for an expensive new drug developed by the same profiteers who brought the world "pre-exposure prophylaxis" for HIV. Keen observers might recall that the first time Fauci got his claws in on the ground floor of drug development, thousands of asymptomatic or mildly-symptomatic HIV patients died due to AZT treatment - indeed, since Fauci took over NIAID, US life expectancy has actually fallen for the first time in the country's history. But never mind that - let's let him use us as guinea pigs some more. It's the patriotic thing to do.

#ExposeCBS UPDATE: CBS and Cherry Health Give Veritas Conflicting Statements on Staged COVID Testing - Project Veritas


Covid-19 Lockdown: Fairytales For Children And Hard Truths For Adults -- Puppet Masters --

The world has now been under Covid-19 lockdown for about two months, thanks to our fearmongering leaders, who've been comparing the coronavirus pandemic to a wartime situation and apparently competing with each other to see who can subject their populations to the most draconian measures. And they claim it's all necessary in order to save lives.
Never mind that as a consequence of the lock down it is likely that MORE people are dying than would otherwise have done, due to a variety of problems, not least the shuttering of primary health care - and particularly in 'Covid-19 hot spots', like the UK.

Event 202: A Propaganda Opposition Exercise | The Conscious Resistance Network

In Oct 2019, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and John Hopkins University held a “pandemic simulation” focusing on a disease outbreak in New York City, called Event 201. This event “coincidentally”simulated an outbreak of a novel Coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. Event 201 was a focus group for engineering the worldwide false flag event, and served as a “dry run” for the worldwide lock-down rehearsal that we are currently experiencing.
Event 202 will be a simulation exactly like the Event 201 simulation but from the reverse angle, simulating how millions of people might come together to overcome the fear and terror instilled into the masses and avert the pre-planned solutions by an elite class hell bent on imposing supra-Orwellian control over the entire earth.

Cuomo Announces Partnership with Bill Gates to “Revolutionize” New York Schools in Wake of Coronavirus

Taking time off from mismanaging a pandemic and turning lifesaving masks sent from all over the country into an art installation, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared yesterday that he would use the deadly COVID-19 virus as an opportunity to “revolutionize” the state’s school system, inviting Microsoft founder Bill Gates to implement his controversial ideas about education statewide.

Dr. Dan Erickson Questions California's Current 'Lockdown' Policy - 21st Century Wire

As Governor Gavin Newsom continues to impose a highly damaging social and economic ‘lockdown’ in California, real data is now emerging which further calls into question the underlying basis for the state’s experimental mass-quarantine policy. Meanwhile, medical professionals are speaking out and warning of healthcare facilities operating well under capacity, and also about the imminent danger of other systems, institutions and supply chains in danger of collapsing. Will the state now mitigate further collateral damage from its lockdown policy? Why won’t the state pursue a more science-based policy of ‘herd immunity‘?

Covid19 May Update – Swiss Propaganda Research

SPR has published a comprehensive new Covid19 update plus a fully updated 25-point summary.


The medical debate is mostly over, as all new serological studies converge towards a flu-like 0.2% overall lethality with 50 to 70% of deaths occurring in vulnerable nursing homes. Instead, the focus is quickly shifting towards the political and geopolitical impact of the coronavirus.

Ventilators May Increase Risk of Death From COVID-19

In recent weeks, several doctors and published papers have noted that COVID-19 patients who are put on ventilators have an increased risk of death. April 9, 2020, Business Insider reported that 80% of COVID-19 patients in New York City who are placed on ventilators die, causing some doctors to question their use.
According to The Associated Press, “Similar reports have emerged from China and the United Kingdom. One U.K. report put the figure at 66%. A very small study in Wuhan … said 86% died.”

Thousands Donate To GoFundMe For Jailed Salon Owner Who Stood Up To Judge In Viral Video | Zero Hedge

A GoFundMe account set up for a Texas salon owner who was sentenced to seven days in jail for flouting Governor Greg Abbott's stay-at-home rules has raised over $265,000 as of this writing.
Shelly Luther, owner of Salon À la Mode, found to be in criminal and civil contempt by Judge Eric V. Moyé of 14th Civil District Court in Dallas County, who also slapped her with a $7,000 fine, after she continued to operate in violation of the statewide order and a restraining order from the court.
Luther, 46, received a cease-and-desist letter from ordering her to close the salon. Instead, she made a public display of ripping it up - which gained attention among supporters, several of whom were at court.

Someone Snitched on a Food Pantry Helping Needy During Pandemic, So Gov't Shut It Down

Last week, Tracey Brown, of Amesbury, wanted to do something good for her community in their time of need. So, she converted her front yard free library box — that let people check out books for free — into a mini-food pantry.
The pantry was on her private property, contained non-perishable goods, and even had wipes outside so anyone who used it could wipe it down with they were done.


Brown’s idea quickly began to go viral, with other folks wanting to mimic her or donate supplies. Those in need were about to have a source of sustenance in their community without costing the taxpayer a cent and it was going to be amazing — that is until some tattletale neighbor ratted out Brown for helping folks.

SURF’S UP: California Beach Towns Challenging Gov. Newsom’s ‘Overreach’ Order on Coastline Closures - 21st Century Wire

Huntington Beach Mayor Lyn Semeta appeared earlier this week on the Fox News program “The Story” and confirmed that her city has filed a constitutional challenge of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent order to close down Orange County beaches. Dana Point has also joined the lawsuit.

UKC News: Top 'Lockdown' Scientist Quits After Being Caught Ignoring His Own Policy - 21st Century Wire

As the US and UK government take the global lead in total deaths attributed to COVID-19, their governments continue to insist that the policy of ‘lockdown’ has somehow been a fabulous success. To add insult to (national) injury, yesterday the bottom fell out of the official narrative after Prof. Neil Ferguson, the architect of the Boris Johnson’s lockdown narrative, abruptly resigned from his government advisory post after it was discovered he had violated government guidelines on social distancing whist having an affair with a married woman halfway across London. But the controversy didn’t end there – when pressed to explain the government’s ‘science’ position on the COVID crisis, Ferguson’s numbers simply didn’t add up. All this and much more.

What Will Schools Look Like After COVID? Prison Camps.

Here are those reopening guidelines.

  • To minimize movement, we forecast assigning students to classes nearest the Berlin Street entrance (on all 3 floors if needed only);
  • Once assigned to a class, students will spend their entire day (including lunchtime) in their assigned seats;
  • Students must expect to be regrouped based on the number of students returning;
  • Students must not expect to return to their regular class with their classmates;
  • Your child may not be with the same teachers as before as several members of our staff will not be returning to school;
  • Teachers not returning to school will continue working and keeping close contact with students remotely from home as recommended by the government;
  • Activities completed while in school will not be evaluated or graded;
  • No physical materials will be transported back and forth between home & school;
  • Students must include a mini garbage and recycling bag with their lunch in order to collect their personal garbage and dispose of it at home;
  • All students must bring in their personal, labeled, and filled water bottle as water fountains won’t be available;
  • Sharing of ALL items (pencils, pens, sharpeners, wax crayons, rulers, toys) is not permitted;
  • When weather permits, recess breaks will be held outdoors and will entail of walking outside safely distanced from one another in a prearranged pattern;
  • Gatherings (groups of students together) will not be permitted;
  • Limited travel throughout the school by all during the day;
  • Bathroom visits will be monitored/escorted so that proper disinfection by our caretakers can follow before another student uses the facilities;
  • As per government recommendations, masks and gloves will not be provided;
  • Students are certainly welcomed to bring these items from home. They are also invited to carry their own personal disinfecting wipes with them if they wish;
  • Lockers will no longer be used. Students will place their spring/summer jackets behind the chair they will be using & their school bags under their assigned desks;
  • There will be no cafeteria service or Home & School pizza & frozen yogurt days.
  • There will be no physical activity taking place in the gym, no art classes (although art and craft projects can be promoted as home suggestions), no library periods, and no drama classes;
  • No fundraisers or after school activities will take place;
  • Parent volunteers will not be permitted in school;
  • We recommend your child brings a book or two of interest from home to read;
  • Students with fever or flu-like symptoms will be returned home.

The 'Great Pandemic Of 1957' - And Why Nobody Remembers It - Dr. Ron Paul

Remember when the whole country was on lockdown over a pandemic that killed nearly 120,000 Americans? No? Because although there WAS a pandemic that year and it DID kill that many Americans, there was no lockdown. The mainstream media urged people to remain calm. And it passed. So what's different this time?

Civil Liberty Vanishes - Craig Murray

The sinister potential of coronavirus lockdown to suppress dissent was on display on Monday as police broke up a small group of protestors outside Westminster Crown Court during a case management hearing for Julian Assange. The dozen protestors, who included Julian’s father John Shipton, were all social distancing at least 2 metres apart (except where living in the same household). The police did not observe social distancing as they broke up this small and peaceful protest.
This is a stark illustration of the use of the current emergency powers to suppress legitimate dissent.

‘CBS News This Morning’ Aired Faked COVID-19 Drive-Through Testing Site Line of Cars | Project Veritas

[Mamaroneck, N.Y.—May 6, 2020] A CBS News crew pulled medical professionals off the floor at the Cherry Medical Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to line up in their vehicles so a CBS film crew would have a long line for their COVID-19 coverage.
'We Could Have Done Other Stuff,” Registered Nurse complains.

‘Apparently, the news crew wanted more people in the line,’ said a Cherry Health Supervisor.

“We pretended. There were a couple of real patients, which made it worse,” Said Another Registered Nurse.

Sweden Is the Model - Global Research

At present, there is no vaccine for the coronavirus. That means that one of the two paths to immunity is blocked. The other path is “herd immunity,” in which a critical mass of infection occurs in lower-risk populations that ultimately thwarts transmission.
Herd immunity is the only path that is currently available. Let that sink in for a minute. The only way our species can effectively resist the infection is through the development of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells. In other words, the only way we can lick this thing is by the majority of the population getting the infection and thereby developing immunity to future outbreaks.

That being the case, one would assume that the government’s policy would try to achieve herd immunity in the least painful way possible. (Young, low-risk people should go back to work if they so choose.) But that is not the government’s policy, in fact, the government’s policy is the exact opposite. US policy encourages people to remain at home and self quarantine until the government decides to lift the lockdown and allow some people to return to work. This policy assumes that the infection will have vanished by then, which of course, is extremely unlikely. The more probable outcome is that– when people return to work– there will be another surge in cases and another spike in deaths. We will have shifted the curve to a future date without having flattened it. We will have inflicted catastrophic damage on the economy and gained nothing. This is an idiotic policy that goes nowhere.

Not a Single COVID-19 Test is FDA Approved – Do We Really Know Who has COVID-19 and Who Does Not?

This was brought to my attention recently by someone who contacted me who has 43 years of clinical diagnostics experience. In addition to being a Med Tech at one of the New York City metropolitan area’s largest reference laboratories, this person spent 25 years of that 43 working for medical device manufacturers as a biomedical field service engineer and technical consultant. They installed, repaired, troubleshot and validated laboratory instrumentation.

Ground Zero in Wuhan: What Really Happened that Caused the World to go on Lock Down?

What really happened in Wuhan at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 that started this whole pandemic? Was COVID-19 something that escaped a laboratory that was being developed as a weapon? Or was it something that developed out of Wuhan’s live markets?
Or was it something else, like the roll out of 5G in the city? Wuhan is one of the largest cities in China with a population of over 11 million people. It is also one of China’s most polluted cities.

According to Jon Rappoport, none of these things are responsible for what is happening today. It was the fact that the Chinese Government was able to convince over 50 million people to stay home, voluntarily, with no protests, no demonstrations, no resistance. Previously, thousands of people had protested in Wuhan for lesser causes, such as the city’s terrible pollution problem.

But when 50 million people were convinced to stay home over a FEAR of something called a coronavirus, the World Health Organization and other global medical leaders cheered, and it became the blueprint for the rest of the world.

Fauci's Swine Flu Scam - 2009 - Brasscheck TV


Authoritarianism in the Age of Pseudoscience – OffGuardian

Long before the Johnson case, critics of Monsanto were already aware of the practices the company had engaged in for decades to undermine science. At the same time, Monsanto and its lobbyists had called anyone who questioned the company’s ‘science’ as engaging in pseudoscience and labelled them ‘anti-science’.
We need look no further than the current coronavirus issue to understand how vested interests are set to profit by spinning the crisis a certain way and how questionable science is again being used to pursue policies that are essentially ‘unscientific’ – governments, the police and the corporate media have become the arbiters of ‘truth’.


The case-fatality ratio for COVID-19 is so low as to make the lockdown response wholly disproportionate. Yet we are asked to blindly accept government narratives and the policies based on them.

Making an entire country go home and stay home has immense, incalculable costs in terms of well-being and livelihoods. This itself has created a pervasive sense of panic and crisis and is largely a result of the measures taken against the ‘pandemic’ and not of the virus itself.

Certain epidemiologists have said there is very little sturdy evidence to base lockdown policies on, but this has not prevented politicians from acting as if everything they say or do is based on solid science.


Ferguson’s previous modelling for the spread of epidemics was so off the mark that it may beggar believe that anyone could have faith in anything he says, yet he remains part of the UK government’s scientific advisory group. Officials are now talking of ‘easing’ lockdowns, but Ferguson warns that lockdown in the UK will only be lifted once a vaccine for COVID-19 has been found.


According to a 1982 academic study, a 1% increase in the unemployment rate will be associated with 37,000 deaths [including 20,000 heart attacks, 920 suicides, 650 homicides], 4,000 state mental hospital admissions and 3,300 state prison admissions.

Welcome to Gray State... The Movie Producer Who Predicted Today and Was Suicided



Redfield and Birx: Can they be trusted with COVID? • Children's Health Defense

U.S. military documents show that, in 1992, the CDC’s current Director Robert Redfield and his then-assistant, Deborah Birx—both Army medical officers—knowingly falsified scientific data published in the New England Journal of Medicine fraudulently claiming that an HIV vaccine they helped develop was effective. They knew the vaccine was worthless.
Redfield now runs the agency charged with mandating COVID vaccines. Birx, a life-long protégé to both Redfield and Anthony Fauci, served on the board of Bill Gates’ Global Fund. Redfield, Birx and Fauci lead the White House coronavirus task force.

Coronavirus: Fake 'Scare' Coverage And Overkill Response - Ron Paul

When the history of this coronavirus scare is written, it should note how wildly inaccurate were the projections of the "experts" and what a draconian response was put in place based on bad data. When the deaths did not add up to projections, the authorities started massively cooking the books, counting every "probable" covid death as a covid death. While the US accused China and Iran of misreporting the numbers, the US is doing the same thing on a much larger scale. Meanwhile new scare stories are released in the compliant media every day warning of dire consequences if we dare to re-open any part of the economy. How much of this is enough?

COVID 19 is a Statistical Nonsense – OffGuardian

The COVID 19 mortality statistics are the reason millions will undoubtedly download contact tracing (State surveillance) apps. This will help the vaccinated to secure their very own immunity passports (identity papers) and enable them to prove they are allowed to exist in the post-COVID 19 society, whenever the State demands to see their authorisation.

Leading German Virologist: 'COVID-19 Less Deadly Than We Thought' - 21st Century Wire

German scientist, Professor Hendrik Streeck has been studying groups of subjects in his country and has reached a number of compelling provisional findings regarding the viral behaviour of the new Coronavirus.

Weekly Update --- The Federal Reserve: More Lethal than Coronavirus - Ron Paul

The Federal Reserve is the real virus.

PlanDemic, a film about the global plan to take control of our lives, liberty, health & freedom. - YouTube

Humanity is imprisoned by a killer pandemic. People are being arrested for surfing in the ocean and meditating in nature. Nations are collapsing. Hungry citizens are rioting for food. The media has generated so much confusion and fear that people are begging for salvation in a syringe. Billionaire patent owners are pushing for globally mandated vaccines. Anyone who refuses to be injected with experimental poisons will be prohibited from travel, education and work. No, this is not a synopsis for a new horror movie. This is our current reality.

COVID-19, LOKIN-20 and the Death of Statistical Sense

Today we're joined by Iain Davis of for an update on how Britain is reacting to the coronavirus madness that is sweeping the globe. We talk about COVID-19, the Coronavirus Act and other legislative nightmares, the statistical chicanery that is perpetuating this crisis, and how people across the UK and around the world are reacting to the new normal.

Right-Wing Think Tanks Are Using Covid-19 To Push War with Iran - In These Times

Since the global Covid-19 pandemic began, a cluster of U.S. think tanks has been aggressively lobbying the Trump administration to escalate militarily toward Iran and tighten U.S. sanctions. This push has come despite warnings that such sanctions are worsening the death toll of Iran’s outbreak, which is one of the worst in the world. The think tanks leading this effort—the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) and American Enterprise Institute (AEI)—have cranked out non-stop statements, research documents, videos and media appearances since the crisis began. They are not shouting into the wind, but speaking directly to an administration that has proven willing to act upon their words.

The Scourge of Authoritarianism in the Age of Pseudoscience - Global Research

“The corruption of science, the falsification of science, and we saw all those things happen here. This is a company (Monsanto) that used all of the plays in the playbook developed over 60 years by the tobacco industry to escape the consequences of killing one of every five of its customers… Monsanto… has used those strategies…”


We need look no further than the current coronavirus issue to understand how vested interests are set to profit by spinning the crisis a certain way and how questionable science is again being used to pursue policies that are essentially ‘unscientific’ – governments, the police and the corporate media have become the arbiters of ‘truth’. We also see anyone challenging the policies and the ‘science’ being censored on social media or not being given a platform on TV and accused of engaging in ‘misinformation’. It’s the same old playbook.

The case-fatality ratio for COVID-19 is so low as to make the lockdown response wholly disproportionate. Yet we are asked to blindly accept government narratives and the policies based on them.

Hitchens on UK COVID Crisis: 'We Face Months of Continuing Idiocy' - 21st Century Wire

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to abate, rather than relax draconian ‘lockdown’ measures, certain governments like the UK and France are choosing instead to carry on with the systematic implosion of their economies and societies. This is certainly a puzzling state of affairs and highly counter intuitive, especially considering the fact the other non-lockdown countries like Sweden have already come through the crisis with minimal casualties. What’s more, the public are being constantly told by government officials that lockdowns are all about “saving lives.” Upon closer examination, the government argument does not appear to hold water, not least of all as evidence of massive collateral damage is already visible and will continue to threaten people, families and destabilize society for months, years or decades, depending on how long governments are intent on keeping the pressure on their citizens.

Fauci's Remdesivir Drug Fast-Tracked by FDA for Approval Exposed as a Fraud

Del Bigtree’s Highwire program exposes how the new drug Remdesivir, developed by Anthony Fauci at the NIH, and fast-tracked for approval by the FDA, is a fraud, because clinical trials did not show it prevented deaths due to COVID-19, and may actually cause more deaths.

After Cuomo, Clintons And Newsom Call For 'Army Of Contact Tracers' To Monitor Citizens, DC Posts Job Openings For 'Trace Force' | Zero Hedge

After former President Clinton, NY Governor Cuomo, Chelsea Clinton and CA Governor Newsom called for an 'army of contact tracers' to monitor citizens who have tested positive for COVID-19 and their contacts, Washington DC posted job openings to become an investigator with "Trace Force."
Operating under the Department of Health (DC Health), Trace Force investigators will interview those who have tested positive for the virus - collecting "demographic, clinical, social and historical data," while "conducting an assessment to determine whether safe isolation can be achieved at home." The program is a 13-month appointment.

Those who have been in contact with a positive case will be contacted to assess whether they have symptoms and require quarantine, and will 'appropriate escalate' cases when needed. Investigators will also use 'data management systems' to log interactions.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Interview - The COVID-19 Theory That You Are Not Allowed To Hear - The Last American Vagabond

Joining me today is Dr. Andrew Kaufman to discuss a topic that, despite being rooted in facts, evidence and years of research, has been suppressed, censored and ignored by the entirety of the mainstream medical and scientific community.

The Dead Zone and the Cure – Forbidden Knowledge TV

A 2003 episode of The Dead Zone TV series contains some shocking predictive programming of phrases and scenarios that we’re seeing play out globally today. YouTuber, Ari Novick cut together the highlights of the episode into this 3-minute clip.


In the 14th episode of the second season, entitled “Plague”, Johnny must help the local health inspector identify and find the source of a mysterious virus before it kills off the entire town.
1. The school is put on “lockdown”.

2. Everyone must wear masks, due to “political pressure”.

3. The town’s local health inspector in charge searches frantically for the animal vector, saying it would take the CDC months to identify it.

4. China is mentioned as a possible source of the deadly virus.

5. Johnny has a fitful dream, in which he clairvoyantly identifies the deadly pathogen and sees that chloroquin “suppresses the enzymes” of the virus.

6. The school nurse derides Johnny, saying that there’s no cure for the virus he identified and that chloroquin would ever work, as it’s an “anti-malarial drug”.

7. The infected patients all take chloroquine – all make swift and full recoveries.

8. The health inspector says, “The CDC would have figured it out eventually – but not in time.” Johnny saved everybody’s life.


A new Chinese study shows treatment with chloroquine reduces viral loads significantly faster than non-chloroquin therapies, reduces fever more quickly and earlier intervention produces greater results. A half dose was also found to be effective and no adverse events were reported.

On Monday, Italian pharmacology scholar, Annalisa Chiusolo told The Jerusalem Post that, “COVID-19 damages the hemoglobin, impairing the ability of red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body, compromising the lungs and resulting in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).”

Chiusolo says that SARS-CoV-2…needs porphyrins for its survival – and probably for its replication – so it attacks hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen in the blood, which translates to less oxygen available for the body.”


Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Health has known for at least 15 years that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses, having studied it during the SARS outbreak.

On August 22, 2005, the NIH published an article under the heading “Chloroquine Is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread,” in which researchers reported that, “concentrations of 10 μM completely abolished SARS-CoV infection.”

In addition, they reported that, “chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells…These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.”


52 Years Ago, a Pandemic Flu Killed 100,000 in the US and Nothing Shut Down—Not Even Woodstock

Mainstream media across the planet continue to refer to the COVID-19 outbreak as the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu of 1918. We are told that the economy shut down during the Spanish flu and people were ordered into quarantine, but it couldn’t stop the death toll from reaching 650,000 Americans. Now, the government has made harsh and sweeping regulations, shut down entire sections of the US economy, largely based on a model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), which says roughly 72,000 Americans will die from COVID-19.

Bill Gates offered House of Reps $10m bribe for speedy passage of compulsory vaccine bill – CUPP alleges - Daily Post Nigeria

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), on Monday, alleged that it has intercepted a human intelligence report that the Nigeria House of Representatives leadership was poised to forcefully pass the compulsory vaccine bill without subjecting it to the traditions of legislative proceedings.


The body in the statement alleged that a sum of $10 million was offered by the American Computer Czar, Bill Gates to influence the speedy passage of the bill without recourse to legislative public hearing, a development they averted as anachronistic, adding that the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila should be impeached if he forces the bill on members.

Suicides to Rise and Mental Health to Fall: Killing Ourselves to Flatten the Curve - Part 2 | Brendan D Murphy

In March, Lifeline’s telephone counselling service smashed its 57 year record, receiving more than 90,000 calls for help.
More than half of all callers were wanting to talk about concerns or anxiety about the COVID-19 health crisis with the busiest day being the Good Friday public holiday where 3197 calls were logged.

Lifeline is now receiving a call every 30 seconds at its 40 centres across Australia, many of which are located in regional, rural and remote locations. There has been a 25 per cent increase in demand for telephone counselling services.

Lifeline centres provide mental health education, face to face counselling and therapeutic groups for people at-risk, or bereaved, by suicide.

Kelly Saidey, the suicide and prevention manager for Lifeline Mid Coast, said the community is struggling under the impacts of COVID-19 which are mirrored through the emotions of grief and loss.

WATCH: Perspectives on the Pandemic #6 – OffGuardian

“The big issue is people suffering…the collateral damage appears more significant than the damage being caused by the actual disease.”

Nobel Laureate: 'Coronavirus Lockdown Policy Was Huge Mistake, There Will Be a Reckoning' - 21st Century Wire

This is a very revealing interview. As the US and UK continue their disastrous ‘lockdown’ policy, derelict politicians and mainstream media pundits are slow to acknowledge the serious damage on the economic and societal fronts is building. Leaders seem determined to double-down of what seems to be a failed policy of virus containment even though scientists had already shown that the crisis had in fact peaked some weeks ago.

Nevada Nurse in NYC: COVID is NOT Killing People – They're Being Murdered

Another nurse who has traveled to New York City to help with treating COVID-19 patients has gone public, describing the horrors she is seeing in how patients are being treated.
Nicole Sirotek is reported to be from Nevada, and she expressed her frustrations in a Facebook Live broadcast, apparently Sunday, May 3rd. Her video and Facebook Page appear to have been removed by Facebook Monday morning, although the video has surfaced elsewhere.

While trying to hold back her tears, she claims:

“Nobody is listening. They don’t care what is happening to these people. They don’t. I’m literally coming here every day and watching them kill them.”
Link to video:

Coronavirus Gives a Dangerous Boost to DARPA’s Darkest Agenda - The Last American Vagabond

Technology developed by the Pentagon’s controversial research branch is getting a huge boost amid the current coronavirus crisis, with little attention going to the agency’s ulterior motives for developing said technologies, their potential for weaponization or their unintended consequences.
In January, well before the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis would result in lockdowns, quarantines and economic devastation in the United States and beyond, the U.S. intelligence community and the Pentagon were working with the National Security Council to create still-classified plans to respond to an imminent pandemic. It has since been alleged that the intelligence and military intelligence communities knew about a likely pandemic in the United States as early as last November, and potentially even before then.
[...] Would those involved in creating such a mandatory vaccine, e.g. DARPA, pass up the opportunity to utilize the same technologies involved in producing the vaccine for some of their other admitted goals? This question, of course, has no obvious answer, but the fact that the arc of DARPA’s research is aimed at the weaponization of human biology and genetics in a way that is ripe for misuse, suggests very worrying possibilities that warrant scrutiny. Indeed, if one merely looks at how the crisis has been a boon for the Orwellian plans of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) and the federal government’s current efforts to dramatically increase its powers amid the current crisis, it becomes increasingly difficult to give government agencies like DARPA and their corporate partners like Moderna and Inovio the benefit of the doubt.


In this context, the current coronavirus crisis appears to be the perfect storm that will allow DARPA’s dystopian vision to take hold and burst forth from the darkest recesses of the Pentagon into full public view. However, DARPA’s transhumanist vision for the military and for humanity presents an unprecedented threat, not just to human freedom, but an existential threat to human existence and the building blocks of biology itself.

Unreliable COVID-19 "Estimates"in Virginia: Increase in "Testing Numbers" Attributable to Change in "Counting Methodology": Health Officials - Global Research

Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver said the old methodology counted the total number of people tested rather than the total number of tests conducted. Previously, if a single patient was tested four different times over the course of the illness, VDH reported that as one result.
“What we’re doing now is, we’re counting all four tests,” he said. “That’s the difference.”

Covid Cops Watch - Week 4 - altCensored

The British police are acting like the Gestapo after being granted new powers... They have turned into the Covid Cops.

REVEALED: UK Government's Post-COVID Plan to 'Reinvent Society' - 21st Century Wire

Despite the fact the real scientists have actually confirmed that the UK’s COVID crisis had already peaked on at least April 8th, government leaders are telling the public that they must remain under ‘lockdown’ for another month, or under some form of ‘social distancing’ control for the foreseeable future. What is the scientific basis for such government claims? What is the real objective continuing lockdown? As usual, a closer look at the real data and government documents reveal an ulterior motive and agenda at play – a plan to ‘reinvent government’ and civic structures.

Resistance To Lockdown Builds - Coronavirus Tyrants Losing Their Grip - YouTube

From Maine to California, Americans are defying government officials and reclaiming their First Amendment rights to assemble and protest. They are opening their businesses up in open defiance of the authoritarian political leaders. The resistance is building and thankfully remains (mostly) peaceful. How long until the dam breaks and the lockdown regime comes crashing down?


The HighWire does a deep dive into Anthony Fauci’s NIH-Funded study of Remdesivir, the new Covid treatment darling approved by the FDA today, and uncovered some shocking discoveries.

Dr. Ioannidis on Collateral Damage from COIVD-19 'Lockdown' Policy - 21st Century Wire

Here, Dr. John Ioannidis discusses the results of Stanford University’s preliminary serology study showing how many more people in California have already had Coronavirus which means the actual infection fatality rate is much lower than previous claims by the World Health Organization (WHO) and western governments. In fact, according to Dr. Ioannidis, the infection fatality rate is likely to be “in the same ballpark as seasonal influenza,” and that the overall risk of dying from COVID-19 in a country like Germany is the equivalent to the risk of “dying when driving to home from work, or even less.” Also, non-lockdown country Sweden now appears to be a success story in comparison to those countries who opted for the experimental and highly draconian lockdown policy. By choosing a common sense policy over a mass-panic approach of the UK, France or the US, Sweden has avoided horrific collateral damage including a high prevalence of suicides which will now result from Government-mandated mass unemployment policy being pushed by US and UK governments.

What Americans MUST Remember Once the Dust Settles...

With the current 24-hour news cycle, it’s extremely difficult to navigate and prioritize information. In this video, I’ve arranged key events on a timeline with the proper context so that we can better interpret the events taking place all around us, and so that once the dust settles, we can remember the facts.


Pfizer/BioNTech Target Fall 2020 for COVID-19 Vaccine Availability - The Vaccine Reaction

In recent weeks Inovio Pharmaceuticals of Pennsylvania and representatives of the German biotechnology firm CureVac AG and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom have announced that their experimental COVID-19 vaccines will be ready for use by September 2020. On Apr. 29, 2020, Pfizer, Inc. of New York stated in a news release that it also plans to have a COVID-19 vaccine (BNT162) available by this fall.


When asked by the Financial Times about development of COVID-19 vaccines, National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher said, “Our organization is very concerned about fast-tracking the vaccine without proper study. We are worried that corners will be cut and the proper human and animal testes won’t be carried out.”

Will Coronavirus Mutations Delay COVID-19 Vaccines? - The Vaccine Reaction

One of the issues vaccine manufacturers have with creating a vaccine against coronaviruses is that, like influenza viruses, they contain single strands of RNA. This viral type has a tendency to mutate, making it a challenge to create a vaccine that might remain relevant on an ongoing basis.


Nevertheless, several mutations have already been reported. By mid-April, researchers from the University of Cambridge mapping how the virus has spread from the epicenter in Wuhan, China, stated the virus has mutated into three distinct strains. The first is “Strain A,” thought to be the original strain found in Wuhan; the second is “Strain B,” two mutations from A and responsible for most of the cases in Wuhan and East Asia; and the third is “Strain C,” offshoot of B and the strain responsible for most of the infections in Europe.5

In April, researchers in Australia and Taiwan also published an article analyzing the mutation dynamics of SARS CoV-2 and found a mutant, stating, “This represents the first report of a significant SARS-CoV-2 mutant and raises the alarm that the ongoing vaccine development may become futile in future epidemic if more mutations were identified.”

Study Estimates CA COVID-19 Mortality Rate Under One Percent - The Vaccine Reaction

The University of Southern California (USC) and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health released preliminary results on April 20, 2020 from a collaborative study that suggests infections from the coronavirus in Los Angeles County are more widespread, and the fatality rate much lower, than previously assumed. Based on antibody testing results from 863 adults, the research team estimated that approximately 4.1 percent of the county’s adult population has been infected and has antibody to the virus. This infection rate is 28 to 55 times higher than the 7,994 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported to the county at the time of the study in early April, and translates into approximately 221,000 to 442,000 adults in the county who have been infected.

The Second Wave is Here…But It’s Not A Virus – The Highwire

Already you can see an attempt to condition Americans to fear a second wave of the coronavirus. It’s getting trotted out as one explanation why tech companies need to embed Chinese-style surveillance into our societal fabric forevermore.

As U.S. Faces Meat Shortages, Pork Exports from the U.S. to China Increase

Last week (April, 2020), we published a report on the state of America’s hospital system in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, and I wrote then:
The so-called Coronavirus pandemic “crisis” is very quickly taking a back seat to more serious crises in the U.S. right now, and perhaps none more critical than the closure of hospitals and emergency rooms, along with doctors and nurses being laid off, which is happening all across the country.
The other crisis facing the U.S. right now that may soon dwarf the Coronavirus “crisis” is the nation’s looming meat shortage.

The nation now faces meat shortages, America’s primary source of protein, as processing plants across the country have shut down or reduced operations. 80% of the U.S. meat processing plants are owned by only 4 companies. Some grocery stores have already begun to limit meat purchases in advance of the expected shortages.

Dr. Tenpenny: This is The Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated on The Human Race… - Activist Post

In this explosive interview, Spiro Skouras is joined by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. The two discuss the latest developments regarding the coronavirus situation which was declared a global health pandemic by the Gates-funded World Health Organization, as more information comes to light questioning the need for a global lockdown.

Shutdowns: Pointless, Stupid and Evil - Larken Rose

No, I'm not going to be polite or gentle when so many good people are being tricked into cooperating with widespread, devastatingly destructive "solutions" to a problem that only ever threatened a tiny percentage of the population (which can be protected separately).

Big Pharma Controlled FDA Approves Inadequately Tested Drug for COVID-19 - Global Research

Is newly touted/FDA approved Remdesivir to treat COVID-19 infected patients the latest example of an agency OK’d drug that may do more harm than good if used as directed.

On Saturday, Thailand Medical News (TMN) reported the following:

Coronavirus infected “Americans are getting their lives placed (at) risk again, this time as the incompetent and fraudulent team compris(ed) of…Trump…Anthony Fauci, and the US FDA…rapidly approved remdesivir as a drug to treat COVID-19 despite conflicting study results, and the fact that the drug does not clearly demonstrate any specific efficacy against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus,” adding:

Use of the drug in trials “show(ed) hepatoxicity effects coupled with even slight indications of nephrotoxicity and even cardiotoxicity, and there are insufficient studies to demonstrate its safety on humans.”

US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci and others are touting use of the drug for its alleged shortened hospitalizations of small numbers of COVID-19 infected patients on whom the drug was tested.

The WHO noted that remdesivir used in the study failed to improve patients’ health or reduce pathogens in their blood.

Trump, Fauci and the FDA endorsed “an unproven but toxic drug” for use in treating COVID-19 patients, said TMN.
If widely marketed, its use will be a potentially large-scale experiment that may be harmful to human health.

2009 H1N1 Vaccine Caused Brain Damage in Children. Dr. Anthony Fauci on "Vaccine Safety" Issues - Global Research

In 2009, NIAID Director Anthony Fauci was firmly in support of a multibillion dollar H1N1 vaccine project Today he is an avid supporter of a COVID-19
Today he is an avid supporter of a COVID-19 vaccine.

What he fails to acknowledge is that the 2009 H1N1 Vaccine caused brain damage in children.


Patients who suffered brain damage as a result of taking a swine flu vaccine are to receive multi-million-pound payouts from the UK government.

The government is expected to receive a bill of approximately £60 million, with each of the 60 victims expected to receive about £1 million each.

Peter Todd, a lawyer who represented many of the claimants, told the Sunday Times: “There has never been a case like this before. The victims of this vaccine have an incurable and lifelong condition and will require extensive medication.”

Following the swine flu outbreak of 2009, about 60 million people, most of them children, received the vaccine.

It was subsequently revealed that the vaccine, Pandemrix, can cause narcolepsy and cataplexy in about one in 16,000 people, and many more are expected to come forward with the symptoms.

Across Europe, more than 800 children are so far known to have been made ill by the vaccine.

Narcolepsy affects a person’s sleeping cycle, leaving them unable to sleep for more than 90 minutes at a time, and causing them to fall unconscious during the day. The condition damages mental function and memory, and can lead to hallucinations and mental illness.

Glaxo Smith Kline was involved in developing the H1N1 Pandemrix vaccine:

The Pandemrix vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was given to 6 million people in Britain and millions more across Europe during the 2009-10 swine flu pandemic, but was withdrawn when doctors noticed a rise in narcolepsy cases among those who received the jab.

UPDATE: Antibody Testing | Full Measure

Sharyl: Early results in Santa Clara County, California show up to about four percent of people, 81,000, had Covid-19 without knowing it. So the true number of infected could be 85 times higher than officials reported.
More studies are producing similar results. In Miami-Dade County, Florida, about 6 percent have been infected, more than 16 times what had been reported.

In New York State, almost 15% tested positive for antibodies. In New York City, nearly 25%.

Some say these test results are unreliable. However, they are in line with published research as far back as February when a study found 81% of coronavirus infections may not be detected.

In March, a study estimated 86% of coronavirus infections are so mild they are never diagnosed.

One reason it matters, it makes the death rate much lower than figures released to the public all of these weeks.

Why Sweden Succeeded While Others Failed - Global Research

Swedish experts figured out how pursue two seemingly-conflicting objectives at the same time: Contain the virus sufficiently so it doesn’t collapse the health care system while exposing enough people to the infection to eventually achieve herd immunity. They encouraged the public to comply with their distancing directives while –at the same time–they allowed the controlled spread of the virus. This is how they managed to achieve their core objectives: Containment and immunity. At the same time, Sweden eschewed the lockdowns, kept their economy running, and preserved an atmosphere of normalcy unlike any other country in Europe.

Lancet Editor Praises China, Slams Western Mishandling of COVID-19 Outbreaks - Global Research

Lancet editor Richard Horton debunked phony claims by the US and West, falsely blaming China for spreading COVID-19 outbreaks.


Horton explained that coronavirus warnings published well in advance of mass outbreaks by the Lancet were ignored in the US and West.

“Most Western countries and the (US) wasted the whole of February and early March before they acted,” he said.

Weeks earlier, he called the inadequate response by Britain’s Boris Johnson a “national scandal,” suggesting his regime has “blood on its hands.”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci & Pro-Vaccine Movement - Valuetainment

Robert F Kennedy Jr talks vaccines, Dr Fauci, family history and JFk assassination with Patrick Bet-David.

Politics and Corruption at the World Health Organization (WHO) - Global Research

This article, translated from French, was written prior to Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic outbreak.
Though even one death is one too many, compared with the alarmist forecasts from this professional organisation that were foisted on all the ministries of health the world over, one could say that the H1N1 viral pandemic, version 2009, has so far produced not much more than a mouse.

But what a fabulous show for the media!

What a brilliantly organized panic!


Like other world organisations born from the ashes of the war of 1940-45 (the WTO, successor to GATT, the IMF, the UN, successor to the League of Nations), the WHO is a sort of transnational superministry, in this case for health.

Its power overrides that of its national equivalents. It is not subjected to genuinely democratic electoral procedures, in the sense of representing the choice expressed by the populations of its member countries. This is true of all these organisations that in fact control our daily lives in their respective fields. Its constitution came into force on 7 April 1948.

All these organisations are in a way like the arms, the tentacles of an enormous octopus whose purpose is to coordinate, improve and reinforce significant action on a planetary scale.

To clarify a crucial point: it would be misleading to think that these organisations undertake anything at all independently of each other. One could as well imagine that the liver can go on doing its own thing without being at all involved with the heart or the kidneys.

All of them work towards the same goals, each in their own specialist sphere, and all of them answer to the UN and to those who provide their funding.


The spotless reputation of the WHO was already besmirched by a book that came out in 1997, Le OMS : Bateau ivre de la santé publique [The WHO, the drunken sailor of public health], ed. L’Harmattan, by Bertrand Deveaud, a journalist, and Bertrand Lemennicier, professor of economics, who had spent two years making enquiries throughout the world and consulting numerous official and confidential reports. Two medical journals well-respected by the profession had already sown doubts as to the integrity and the infallibility of the WHO, The British Medical Journal (BMJ) in regard to the management of the bird flu in 2005, and The Lancet (3), which described the WHO as an institution that was corrupt and on its last legs.


Other murky issues have been brought to the surface by courageous researchers: cholesterol and statins (6), mobile telephony, with manipulation of the data on the harmfulness of electromagnetic radiation (7)…and of course, serious doubts are being expressed on the real danger of the 2009 viral H1N1 pandemic, which has enabled the pharmaceutical companies to rake in millions of dollars of profit.

The bank JP Morgan on Wall Street estimated that, thanks mainly to the pandemic alert issued by the WHO, the pharmaceutical giants, who also finance the work of the ESWI run by Albert Osterhaus, were set to make $7.5-$10 billion profit.


Nicknamed “Dr Flu”, Albert Osterhaus, the best known virologist in the world, official consultant on the H1N1 virus to the British and Dutch governments and head of the Department of Virology in the Medical Centre of Erasmus University, has a seat among the élite of the WHO gathered together in the SAGE Group, and is president of the ESWI, which is supported by the pharmaceutical industry.

In its turn the ESWI recommended extraordinary measures to vaccinate the whole world, considering that there was a high risk of a new pandemic which, they insisted, could be comparable to the terrifying pandemic of “Spanish” flu in 1918. (10)


As for “Dr Flu” Osterhaus, it’s so bad that the Dutch Parliament (15) has serious doubts about him and has opened an enquiry into conflict of interest and bribery.


What all these experts have in common is the concealment of their connections with the pharmaceutical companies while they hold a senior and influential position in the decision-making hierarchy at the WHO, and the fact that they are never challenged. The conflict of interest is obvious, yet systematically minimized.


We are living in a time when globalisation has not, as it was expected to in the beginning, brought about a world that is better governed, more just, more transparent, but on the contrary, has created a system that is harder to decipher and understand, and is all-powerful.

This brew of omnipotence and dense secrecy, of being all-powerful and totally resistant to democratic investigation, is deadly. That’s the greatest threat to mankind today.

The Nobel prize winner who had Fauci's number | Brasscheck TV

Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry in 1993, invented the most important research tool in biology in the last 50 years.
When Mullis was alive (he passed away last year), he railed against Fauci and others like him who were using it to run scam after scam.

In the 1980s and 90s, it was AIDS.

Today, well we can see where not keeping corrupt scientists under control has led us.

Towards A New World Order? The Global Debt Crisis and the Privatization of the State - Global Research

While the lockdown is presented to public opinion as the sole means to resolving a global public health crisis, its devastating economic and social impacts are casually ignored.
The unspoken truth is that the novel coronavirus provides a pretext to powerful financial interests and corrupt politicians to precipitate the entire World into a spiral of mass unemployment, bankruptcy and extreme poverty.


What has occurred under the COVID-19 crisis is a “Global Adjustment” in the structure of the World economy. In one fell swoop this Global Adjustment (GA) triggers a Worldwide process of bankruptcy, unemployment, poverty and total despair.

How is it implemented? The lockdown is presented to national governments as the sole solution to resolve the COVID-19 pandemic. It becomes a political consensus, irrespective of the devastating economic and social consequences.

No need to reflect or analyze the likely impacts. Corrupt national governments are pressured to comply.

The partial or complete closing down of a national economy is triggered through the enforcement of so-called “WHO guidelines” pertaining to the lockdown, as well as to trade, immigration and transportation restrictions, etc.

Powerful financial institutions and lobby groups including Wall Street, Big Pharma, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were involved in shaping the actions of the WHO pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.


What kind of World awaits us?

A diabolical “New World Order” in the making as suggested by Henry Kissinger? (WSJ Opinion, April 3, 2020):

“The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order”

Recall Kissinger’s historic 1974 statement: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World.” (1974 National Security Council Memorandum)

The political implications are far-reaching.

What kind of government will we have in the wake of the crisis?



The Ministry of Covid Compliance is reminding us this week how the virus has a genetic targeting mechanism able to differentiate between essential cans of vegetables, bottles of liquor, lottery tickets and non-essential products like sneakers and paint. Thus the Ministry is able to help us better understand the lock-down policy.


We’ve been piling into crowded supermarkets for seven weeks buying food, and we are allowed to purchase liquor and lottery tickets. Those purchases are deemed safe by the state; however, it is critical for viral control that we not purchase sneakers or other hazardous items which pose a greater threat of proximity transmission.

Similarly the COVID-19 virus seems incapable of keeping up with the speed of passenger vehicles, buses, airplanes and trains. However, once you exit your COVID compliant transportation, the virus can swoop down and attack you if you are in the proximity of a open-space park or beach.

The Ministry appreciates our compliance in avoiding the dangerous virus freedom zones; and is thankful for compliant citizens who do not question the complex data analysis that goes into regional scientific tracking systems.

Politicians Have Destroyed Markets and Ignored Human Rights with Alarming Enthusiasm | Mises Wire

An economic cataclysm has been unleashed upon the world by Western politicians and bureaucrats. Unbelievably, economic activity in the West has slowed to a creep, as entire populations have been confined to their homes for weeks, if not months. As a result, millions have had their lives turned upside down. Most entrepreneurs and self-employed persons have had their livelihoods jeopardized.

The FULL Story Behind "Fauci's" 3.7 Million To Wuhan, Flu/CV Overlap & It Was Always Israelgate


7 Billion Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine for World's Population of 7 Billion – Was This the Plan All Along?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an instant market for vaccine development. Around $1 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds have already been given to Big Pharma to develop the much coveted COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, a new class of vaccines that have never before been successfully developed. ($450 million to Johnson & Johnson in March, and $483 million to Moderna Therapeutics in April.)
At least another $2 billion is being spent by the Bill Gates-founded Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).

And this is all just for starters, as over 100 COVID-19 vaccines are currently in development by most of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The CARES Act signed into law on Mar. 27, 2020 allocates $27 billion for COVID-19 vaccine development, just in the U.S. alone.

And if that wasn’t enough, earlier this week (May, 2020) President Trump seemingly gave a blank check to spend as much as possible to fast track a COVID-19 vaccine through “Operation Warp Speed,” a coalition of scientists, government officials, military agencies, and private companies led by Alex Azar, the Health and Human Services Secretary, and Mark Esper, the Defense Secretary.

Their goal: to deliver 300 million doses of coronavirus vaccine from November to December 2020 and another 300 million by January 2021.

So just by starting to research a COVID-19 vaccine, the already lucrative pharmaceutical industry just became the all-time most profitable industry on the planet.

the Cult of Corona (with Dack Rouleau) - Helen of Destroy

the novelty of the coronavirus has thrown a good chunk of humanity into an existential crisis wholly unfamiliar to them. this kind of crisis is the stuff of which religious Great Awakenings are made, even as modern Americans (and many other western countries) have abandoned traditional Religions & put their faith in dogmatic bastardizations of Science & Medicine. while real science is antithetical to dogma - it's all about experimenting & questioning, & the idea of unquestionable orthodoxy simply does not compute - Science-as-Religion takes all the negative aspects of religion, throws out the positives, & leads humanity into the serfdom of which our current lockdowns give only a taste. but don't tell the cultists that, or they'll burn you at the stake.

Event 202: A Propaganda Opposition Exercise

In Oct 2019, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and John Hopkins University held a “pandemic simulation” focusing on a disease outbreak in New York City, called Event 201. This event “coincidentally”simulated an outbreak of a novel Coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. Event 201 was a focus group for engineering the worldwide false flag event, and served as a “dry run” for the worldwide lock-down rehearsal that we are currently experiencing.

How the UK’s testing policy makes their Covid19 numbers meaningless – OffGuardian

Clinicians are being advised that if they have a patient with “typical” symptoms of Covid19, that any negative test could be a “false negative” and potentially disregarded.
This might explain why doctors would want to redo some tests, but selectively ignoring negative results is a highly irresponsible policy, especially if you base those decisions on a “typical clinical picture” for a disease with a very common pattern of symptoms.

The “typical” clinical presentation of Covid19 is a fever, cough and shortness of breath. This is far too vague to be used to clinically diagnose anything, and could obviously lead to thousands of patients with flu, colds or other minor respiratory infections being listed as Covid19 cases. Either because they were tested for Covid19 repeatedly until they got a positive result, or because they had their negative result dismissed as a “false negative” and were clinically diagnosed.

Remember the "Fake" 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency - Global Research

Remember the unusual circumstances surrounding the April 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic.
Media disinformation. An atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Corruption at the highest levels. The data was manipulated.

In July 2009, the WHO Director General predicted with authority that: “as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years — nearly one-third of the world population.” (World Health Organization as reported by the Western media, July 2009).

It was a multibillion bonanza for Big Pharma supported by the WHO’s Director-General Margaret Chan.


A financial windfall for Big Pharma Vaccine Producers including GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Merck & Co., Sanofi, Pfizer. et al.

The same Big Pharma companies are also behind the coronavirus pandemic.


Dr. Daniel Erickson, owner of seven CA urgent care facilities, was thrown into the spotlight after his press conference on the COVID 19 stirred up enough controversy to get censored by YouTube. Here’s Del’s follow-up interview and this doc’s message is clear: he is not backing down

Data Privacy Advocates Alarmed By NHS's New 'Contact-Tracing' App | Zero Hedge

Matthew Gould, head of the NHS unit developing the app, has said the location aspect of the system would be “an opt in” and not compulsory.
“If you want to protect the NHS and stop it being overwhelmed while at the same time want to get the economy moving, the app is going to be part of the essential strategy,” he told the Commons science and technology committee.

But Bruno Macaes, a diplomat and expert on the politics of cyber operations, thinks that both the British and French tracer apps may be underpowered.

He believes they will need at least 60 per cent participation by the population, induced by either cash payments or dropping phone charges, or making it compulsory by law.

Which raises questions about its efficacy, since health officials fear that fewer than half of Britons will willingly download the act given the potential risks to privacy.

We can't help but wonder: Why is HMG pouring so much time and money into developing an app that many members of the public might be uncomfortable with use?

Fear and Loathing of the COVID-19 Economy – Another Day in the Empire

Let me begin by saying I don’t know anything definitive about the origin of COVID-19. I don’t know if it is a natural mutation or a manmade biological weapon. I don’t trust the government and its media corporations to report the truth on the virus or the actual number of victims it has claimed. The WHO—owned by Merck, the GAVI Alliance, and the Gates Foundation—and the CDC—allowed to receive “gifts” from Big Pharma and corporations—are corrupt institutions that have lied about pandemics in the past, so why should we believe them now?


“The real number of COVID-19 deaths are not what most people are told and what they then think. How many people actually died from COVID-19 is anyone’s guess,” said Dr. Annie Bukacek in April. “Based on inaccurate, incomplete data, people are being terrorized by fear-mongers into relinquishing freedoms.”

But here is something a script-reading establishment media avoids reporting—the death toll from a decimated economy will be far higher than anything inflicted by this virus (or whatever it is).

COVID-19 is a near-perfect cover for the engineered crash of an economy already on Federal Reserve funny money life support. Instead of assigning blame to the responsible culprits—mega-banks, the financial and “investment” (speculation) class, transnational corporations, and their handmaids in government—blame is placed on an invisible virus that may or may not be manufactured precisely for the purpose of taking down the economy.

Déjà Vu: The WHO's Handling of 2009 H1N1 Pandemic: "Deeply Marred by Secrecy and Conflict of Interest" - Global Research

The same Big Pharma actors, the Gates Foundation, Anthony Fauci et al were behind the the H1N1 swine flu scam.
Members of the Expert committee of the WHO (including Director General Margaret Chan) were bribed in 2009.

The same committee was bribed in January 2020. And a lot of people have been bribed in relation to COVID-19. That’s an understatement.

The data on so-called confirmed cases and mortality were manipulated in 2009 and they are currently being manipulated in relation to COVID-19.

In 2009 Western governments and the WHO were complicit in a multibillion dollar fraud.


Text - H.R.6666 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act | | Library of Congress

To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

Bill Gates Partners With DARPA & Department of Defense For New DNA Nanotech COVID19 Vaccine! - Spiro Skouras

In this powerful interview, Spiro is joined by Whitney Webb and Ryan Cristian from The Last American Vagabond, as they discuss the rollout of a new system of control the likes of which the world has never seen.
It has been said to never let a good crisis go to waste and it appears the ones pulling the strings are taking full advantage of the current crisis as more and more evidence emerges contradicting the official story that suggests this crisis is no accident.

The fact that Bill Gates has teamed up with the Department of Defense and DARPA, which is the special project research and development arm of the pentagon to develop a brand new type of vaccine, which is being rushed into production is alarming to say the least.

Especially considering this new kind of DNA / RNA vaccine would normally take 15-20 years to roll out, while this one is being rolled out in a matter of months and is already undergoing human clinical trials. The urgency and rolled back regulations to streamline this new vaccine is of course, justified by the crisis.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: COVID-19 "May Turn Out to be Like a Bad Flu Season". His Peer Reviewed Article Versus His Public Statements - Global Research

Dr. Anthony Fauci and two co-authors published an article on March 26, 2020 in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Anthony Fauci is head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In the article, linked below, he states that COVID-19 may turn out to be comparable to a seasonal flu or similar to two relatively minor flu pandemics in 1957 and 1968. It is estimated that seasonal flu kills about 500,000 people globally every year and the two flu pandemics he cited each are thought to have killed about a million people globally.

9 Simulations, Drills and Laws that Planned and Prepared for the Coronavirus - Activist Post

They planned and prepared for the coronavirus decades in advance. The infrastructure has been clearly set up over the last 2+ decades to ensure that when Operation Coronavirus went live, all the pieces would be in place to bamboozle and enslave people, forcing them into a place where they would gladly accept or beg for mass vaccination.


Dark Winter (June 2001)

The NWO (New World Order) ruling class and the USG (US Government) have been carrying out drills or simulations for pandemics for a long time. In June 2001, they conducted an operation known as Dark Winter which simulated a biowarfare anthrax attack. By a strange coincidence, such an anthrax attack actually happened after 9/11. By another strange coincidence, Johns Hopkins was involved, and they also just happened to be involved in Event 201 (see below).


Whitney Webb’s piece on Dark Winter points out how “government insiders had foreknowledge of the Covid-19 crisis on a scale that, thus far, has gone unreported and that those same insiders are now manipulating the government’s response and public panic in order to reap record profits and gain unprecedented power for themselves.”


Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (Drafted 2001)

MSEHPA (Model State Emergency Health Powers Act) is a public health act originally drafted by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) with the intention of getting the 50 US states to enact similar legislation. It included sweeping and draconian legislation – including forced vaccination – as a response to epidemics, pandemics and bioterrorism. It is crucial to realize that the CDC owns patents on several vaccines so functions as a giant vaccine company as a much as (or even more so than) a governmental agency.


The Project BioShield Act (2004)

The Project Bioshield Act was an act passed by the United States Congress in 2004 calling for $5.6 billion for purchasing vaccines that would be used in the event of a bioterrorist attack. It was passed in the years following 9/11 and the Dark Winter-predicted anthrax attack, in days of fear over WMDs, chemical weapons, biological weapons and more. This law is classic problem-reaction-solution stuff, justifying all sorts of Big Pharma interventions by playing off the fear of the day.


The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (2005)

Where would Big Pharma be without their favorite politicians constantly passing laws to legally protect them from liability arising from their toxic products? In 1986, the US Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which set up special courts for the vaccine-damaged. The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, codified at 42 USC §247d-6d, gives the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) the power to waive legal liability for corporations producing “covered countermeasures” (i.e. vaccines) in the case of a public health emergency. A PREP Act Declaration (effective February 4th 2020) was issued to provide liability immunity for activities related to medical countermeasures against COVID-19.


USNORTHCOM Branch Plan 3560 (January 2017)

This unclassified 2017 US Military paper from NORTHCOM warned of a possible “novel influenza disease” that could strike the US and leave it unprepared. It outlines a planned and coordinated response to an infectious disease outbreak involving numerous governmental agencies, such as DHS, FEMA, USDA, HHS and even NGOs like USAID.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act (2017)

Similar to section 817 of the Patriot Act (the Expansion of the Biological Weapons Statute which gave the USG immunity from violating its own biological weapons laws), this act reorganizes the Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) into a new agency: the Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Security Agency. Activist Post reporter Janet Phelan wrote that this new act further cemented the USG’s “ability to covertly deploy through water, which is defined as critical infrastructure, any biological or chemical agent and claim not only immunity but also deny any legal right to protest this through the legal system. Given the covert nature of this delivery system, it is to be expected that the US would claim that the resultant mass deaths to be attributable to a naturally occurring pandemic.”

Crimson Contagion (August 2019)

In 2019, there were 2 exercises conducted in the second half of the year that both happened to simulate a situation where a viral pandemic broke out and made its way to the US! The first one, that finished in August 2019, was called Crimson Contagion and was run by the USG. The full name was Crimson Contagion 2019 Functional Exercise. In it, the USG prophetically simulated a viral outbreak that began in China and landed in Chicago, infecting 110 million Americans. The conclusion of the ‘simulation’ was that the Federal Government lacked the funds, coordination and resources to effectively combat the virus, a finding which justifies even greater spending on pandemic preparedness. The simulation was led by former Air Force physician Robert Kadlec (mentioned above) who was also involved in Dark Winter … and now COVID-19. What another amazing coincidence.

Event 201 (October 2019)

It’s the event everyone is talking about! On October 18th, 2019 in New York, the Johns Hopkins Center in partnership with World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201 – A Global Pandemic Exercise which was a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic that broke out in Brazil and came to the USA. Just another coincidence of course. Attendees included the US CDC, the Chinese CDC, WEF (in partnership with the WHO), Big Pharma reps (e.g. Johnson and Johnson) and others. Event 201 was run by NWO frontman Bill Gates, who has used his fortune to push GMOs and vaccines all over the world. Gates has been very visible during this pandemic using MSM platforms to preach the need for mandatory vaccines and possible “digital certificates” or “immunity passports” which people would need to travel again after the lockdown.

MIT Ridicules Critics Of Technocrat Coup d’état - Activist Post

The masterful and carefully constructed lead paragraph in MIT’s Technology Review article Five things we need to do to make contact tracing really work states,
"The ongoing pandemic is fertile ground for opportunistic hucksters, loud frauds, and coronavirus deniers who attack or blame everyone and everything from Chinese-Americans to Bill Gates to 5G networks. The latest front in this bizarre war: contact tracing."

You can see the clever use of words to conclude that anyone who would dare to criticize “contact tracing” is thrown in with “opportunistic hucksters, loud frauds and coronavirus deniers”. Furthermore, these deniers apparently make wild accusations, blaming “everyone and everything from Chinese-Americans to Bill Gates to 5G Networks.”

Bill Gates: Test Tube Meat, Mandatory Vaccinations & Real Time Global Surveillance From Space - Spiro Skouras

By now it is no secret the World Health Organization and the United Nations are among the many organizations funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In previous reports we have extensively documented Gates global vaccination programs and their connections to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals under the 2030 Agenda.

In this report, we document how Bill Gates is not only working to fulfill the UN's global vaccine program, but how Gates is also working to take control of the food supply chain globally, a long desired achievement of the UN.

Also find out about the mandatory vaccination policy being kept under wraps in addition to another Gates funded venture to blanket the earth with real time surveillance from space.

Bursting Fed Bubble + Socialist-Style Lockdowns = 30 Million Unemployed - Ron Paul

A staggering 30 million Americans are unemployed in just 6 weeks. A calamity of this magnitude has been created by government action combined with the bursting of the biggest economic bubble to ever exist, courtesy of the Federal Reserve. Government "planning" is a total failure. Liberty is the only thing that can rescue America.

Chile To Issue Controversial CV Certificates Despite WHO Saying Immunity Not Likely - Activist Post

Chile’s government is going ahead with a controversial COVID-19 immunity certificate program despite the World Health Organization and others warning that immunity to the virus might not be possible, the BBC reported.

A Protest from France | Mises Wire

After WWI, the distinguished British economist Edwin Cannan was asked, somewhat reproachfully, what he did during the terrible war years. He replied: “I protested.” The present article is a similar protest against the current lockdown policies put into place in most countries of the Western world to confront the current coronavirus pandemic.

UKC News: What's Really Behind COVID-19 Lockdowns? - 21st Century Wire

The data and numbers are now pouring in and it’s looking increasingly harder for leading lockdown governments to maintain their official narratives. While the res of the world are approaching normal, the UK and US continue to report shocking casualty numbers, now the most in Europe and globally, respectively. What is driving these unlikely trends?

Who Is Bill Gates? : The Corbett Report

Who is Bill Gates? A software developer? A businessman? A philanthropist? A global health expert?
This question, once merely academic, is becoming a very real question for those who are beginning to realize that Gates’ unimaginable wealth has been used to gain control over every corner of the fields of public health, medical research and vaccine development. And now that we are presented with the very problem that Gates has been talking about for years, we will soon find that this software developer with no medical training is going to leverage that wealth into control over the fates of billions of people.

Epidemiologist Dr Knut Wittkowski: 'Lockdown Has No Benefit, Only Negative Effects' - 21st Century Wire

In this interview, Dr. Knut Wittkowski states how his initial claims have now been vindicated – the US and European policy lockdowns – came too way too late as the virus had already made its way into the populations and therefore any panic measures to contain it would not be effective, and more likely could exact a massive cost on society and the economy. In other words: from a pubic health and respiratory virus mitigation perspective, the lockdowns were useless.

FBI Raids Medical Clinic Offering Vitamin C Treatment For Coronavirus – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

In a dramatic move, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has raided a Michigan clinic that was offering intravenous vitamin C treatment for people exposed to the coronavirus. The raid comes despite doctors in China and New York state already using vitamin C to save the lives of patients infected with the virus. Viewed in light of the growing worldwide threats to civil rights, the use of law enforcement to remove access to a safe and effective natural treatment for the virus is a disturbing development.

International Research Team Confirms Healthy Diet With Supplements Supports Fight Against Coronavirus – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Pioneering research carried out at the Dr. Rath Research Institute has shown that a group of nutrients including vitamin C, the amino acids lysine and proline, green tea extracts, and mineral trace elements work together synergistically to block viral proliferation and spread. As Dr. Rath described in his recent open letter about the coronavirus pandemic, you can take advantage of this scientific finding either in the form of vitamin-rich nutrition, or through taking dietary supplements.

UK Government Health Agency Recommends Taking Vitamin D Supplements During Coronavirus Lockdown – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

A micronutrient that has numerous important functions in the body, vitamin D is produced naturally when skin is exposed to sunlight. But in order for this process to happen, the body has to receive sufficient sunlight in the first place. With billions of people now confined to their homes under various systems of coronavirus lockdown, receiving the necessary sunlight to make sufficient vitamin D becomes almost impossible.

Why Sweden Has Already Won the Debate on COVID 'Lockdown' Policy - 21st Century Wire

As Europe and North America continue suffering their steady economic and social decline as a direct result of imposing ‘lockdown’ on their populations, other countries have taken a different approach to dealing with the coronavirus threat. You wouldn’t know it by listening to western politicians or mainstream media stenographers, there are also nonlockdown countries. They are led by Sweden, Iceland, Belarus, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Surprisingly to some, their results have been as good or better than the lockdown countries, but without having to endure the socio-economic chaos we are now witnessing across the world. For this reason alone, Sweden and others like them, have already won the policy debate, as well as the scientific one too.

We're Saved! Company Claims It's Patented 'Containing the Spread of Disinformation' And Will Stop COVID-19 Disinfo | Techdirt

A friend sent over a press release announcement from a company called CREOpoint that claims it has patented "Containing the Spread of Disinformation" and that it was now using it to "help contain the spread of COVID-19 disinformation." Would that it were so, but that's not how any of this works. Tellingly, the press release does not provide the patent number of any of the details about the patent -- which should probably be your first sign that it's utterly bogus. However, with a little sleuthing I was able to turn up the patent application... and it confirms that this is a ridiculous patent that never should have been approved.

France Says COVID Was Already 'Silently Circulating' & DARPA's "Implantable Nanoplatform" Vaccines

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/30/19).


The Inevitable Coronavirus Censorship Crisis is Here - Reporting by Matt Taibbi

Constitutional and cultural differences mean that the private sector, rather than the federal and state governments, currently takes the lead in these practices… But the trend toward greater surveillance and speech control here, and toward the growing involvement of government, is undeniable and likely inexorable.

Your Mask Is Making You Meaner, Dumber, More Afraid & Less Safe – LoveBreedsAccountability

Because you’re wearing one, you’re mad at anyone else who isn’t. You can’t say with any real certainty or evidence that you know you’re right to wear one, or that the other person is wrong not to. But that’s what you were told, and you believed it.


You’ve decided to become a “joiner” without doing even the smallest amount of research. You’ve ignored the exhaustive list of things the experts have gotten wrong about COVID-19. You’ve barely glanced at the totality of the social, economic and health-related collateral damage that those experts’ failures have cost you, your family and our country.


But your mask, more than anything else, is what’s reinforcing the belief that a dangerous environment lurks all around you. And I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. A dangerous environment doesn’t lurk all around you, at least no more than usual anyway. Your mask is making you more afraid.


The alternative to herd immunity is simple: stay home, keep the economy shut down, continue turning away any patient who doesn’t have COVID-19, and twiddle our thumbs for a year or two while our nation and its people rot away waiting for a vaccine to be found, approved, and delivered to everyone in America. And I’m guessing some of you, because you’re so bought into the fear, would say “Hey man, if that’s what it takes, so be it!” You’re insane. There isn’t a ventilator big enough to save the USA if we did that, and you’re so spoiled by all the comforts and security this nation has given you that you don’t even realize the irresponsibility of what you’re suggesting. The stupidity is eclipsed only by the sanctimony. One of the only things we know for sure about COVID-19 is that the overwhelming majority of people who get it will either have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. So for the love of all that’s holy if you’re not elderly or immunocompromised, go do everything you can to contract COVID-19. Because the sooner you get it, the sooner you’ll develop antibodies that will prevent you from getting it again. And that means you won’t be able to spread it. And when enough of us get it and can no longer spread it, do you know what happens? It stops spreading. That’s the goal. That’s where we want to be. That, if you were truly wanting to do something noble and contribute in a meaningful way to beating this, would be your goal. But because the experts have you so bought into the fear, and because they’re talking to you about things like “Phase 1” and “Phase 2” and convincing you that means they have a real plan other than herd immunity (they don’t), you’re instead walking around with a mask — meaner, dumber, more afraid — and doing everything you can to make sure we don’t develop herd immunity. Your mask is making you less safe.

Free Thinker Radio (5/1/20): Will Liberty Survive COVID19?

Derrick Broze and Micah Jackson are back for another episode of Free Thinker Radio on 90.1 KPFT Houston. Today Micah and Derrick break down the latest COVID19 news in Houston, talk about the effect on the global food supply, the economic impact, and much more.

Do We Actually Have a Test that Can Accurately Identify a COVID-19 Virus?

Tests that can accurately test for the COVID-19 virus have been a hot topic since the pandemic started.
I have previously highlighted the pharmaceutical infighting with each other over the lucrative COVID-19 test market, where it is admitted that some tests, in this case anti-body testings, are notoriously unreliable. See:
Roche CEO: COVID19 Tests “Not Worth Anything – Two of us could do it Overnight in the Garage”

This begs the question: do we actually have a test that can accurately identify a COVID-19 virus?

It is a controversial question, and yet the official numbers of COVID-19 deaths are broadcast daily, like the score of a sports game, and uniformly accepted as accurate, never questioning the accuracy of these numbers.

The War on Cash: Using COVID-19 to Make Sure the Rich Get Richer and Control the Monetary System?

There has been much written lately about how the COVID-19 “pandemic” is being used as an excuse to usher in some kind of national “Medical ID” that could be used as a tool to control our daily activities, and be used as a requirement to do almost everything in society, from buying goods to travel to receiving medical treatment and beyond.
Such concerns are certainly legitimate given what we have seen so far in the “war against the invisible enemy” and the government’s reaction to this “war.”

But opportunists taking advantage of the COVID-19 responses who would love to track and control most aspects of your personal life are not simply restricted to a medical ID card.

Millions More US Jobless than Reported. Real U.S. Unemployment Rate at 38%... - Global Research

EPI: “For every 10 people who said they successfully filed for unemployment benefits during the previous four weeks:
Three to four additional people tried to apply but could not get through the system to make a claim.

Two additional people did not try to apply because it was too difficult to do so.”

This disturbing reality shows that the official US unemployment rate is way understated.

It’s also evidence that millions of US jobless workers aren’t getting entitled to benefits.

COVID-19 Panic Leads to False CPS Report

Early in March, when a homeschooling family in Kentucky returned home from running errands in town, two officials—a Child Protective Services (CPS) investigator and a law enforcement officer—were waiting, demanding to interview their children and examine them for bruises.
Why did this happen? Short version: That day, mom and dad had gone to the bank with five of their children. The bank staff criticized them for bringing so many people into the building in light of COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. So the dad stood aside with the children while the mom transacted their business.

Episode 20: Exclusive Interview w/ Dr. Dan Erickson Under Attack for Questioning Coronavirus Mortality Rate

(video - Ben Swann interviews Dr. Erickson)

BREAKING: Funeral Directors in COVID-19 Epicenter Doubt Legitimacy of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic - Project Veritas


As Drug Failures for COVID Mount, Feds Ignore Natural Options | The Alliance for Natural Health

A large analysis has found that antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine had no benefit for COVID patients, causing more deaths than standard care. Other pharmaceutical treatments are also turning out to be useless. Emerging evidence suggests that natural medicines like zinc, quercetin, and potassium could help, sometimes in conjunction with drugs, but the government refuses to acknowledge these benefits because nutrients aren’t as profitable for drug companies.

Interview 1542 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato : The Corbett Report

Welcome to the 406th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

Hitchens COVID Warning: 'Freedoms Taken Away May Not Be Restored' - 21st Century Wire

British journalist Peter Hitchens has been one of the few dissenting voices from early on in the COVD-19 crisis, pushing back against government overreach in instituting what has turned out to be a disastrous ‘lockdown’ policy.

Food Crisis Coming - Should We Blame Coronavirus? - Dr. Ron Paul

Food industry leaders are warning that a huge food crisis is coming, with slaughterhouses closing across the country and the food supply chain badly damaged. Politicians will blame this coming crisis on the coronavirus, but their unprecedented "lockdown" policies have disrupted every aspect of the economy. Plus - now the World Health Organization is holding Sweden up as a model on how to handle the coronavirus? Flip flop?

Harvard Kennedy School To Host Conference Addressing The Campaign Against Homeschooling Rights - Activist Post

The outcry over a Harvard Law School professor’s call for a “presumptive ban” on homeschooling has been swift and steady. From education scholars to homeschooling alumni, there has been a flurry of harsh reactions over the recent Harvard Magazine article that highlights Elizabeth Bartholet’s recommendation to prohibit homeschooling.

Over 30 Million Americans Have Lost Their Jobs In The Last Six Weeks | Zero Hedge

That brings the six-week total to 30.31 million, which is over 12 times the prior worst five-week period in the last 50-plus years.


Former AIDS Scientist Exposes Dr. Fauci’s Medical Corruption - Valuetainment

Dr Judy A Mikovits PHD has a virtual sit-down with Patrick Bet-David and opens up about her fallout with Anthony Fauci that led to her 5 year arrest and whistleblower status.

Dr. Judy A. Mikovits earned her BA in chemistry with a specialization in biology from the University of Virginia in 1980 and her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University in 1992. In her 35-year quest to understand and treat chronic diseases, she has co-authored seminal papers culminating at least a decade of research in each of four fields: immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, and HIV/AIDs drug development. In 2006, she became attracted to the plight of families with neuroimmune diseases including ME/CFS and autism. Dr. Mikovits has been primarily responsible for demonstrating the relationship between environmentally acquired immune dysfunction, chronic inflammation, and these diseases.

Dr. Mikovits has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles, many in the world’s top medical journals and she has been profiled in Discover magazine as well as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Her pioneering work during her 20-year career at the National Cancer Institute includes the discovery of the modulation of DNA methylation machinery by human retro viral infection and the development of the concept of inflammatory cytokines and chemokine signatures of infection and disease, which was first published in 1999, when she directed the Laboratory of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms in developing therapeutics and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS and AIDS associated malignancies.

Saving Lives Inc: The Bill and Melinda Gates Con-sortium - 21st Century Wire

In February this year, Global Justice Now criticised the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for its “ideological commitment to promote neoliberal economic policies and corporate globalism”, calling for the foundation to be subject to an international investigation as a result of its global activities. “The World is being sold a myth … [the Gates Foundation] has regular access to world leaders and is in effect personally bankrolling hundreds of universities, international organisations, NGOs and media outlets, has become the single most influential voice in international development,” said the report.

The Dubious COVID Models, The Tests and Now the Consequences - Global Research

Two major models are being used in the West since the alleged spread of coronavirus to Europe and USA to “predict” and respond to the spread of COVID-19 illness. One was developed at Imperial College of London. The second was developed, with emphasis on USA effects, by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle, near the home of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. What few know is that both groups owe their existence to generous funding by a tax exempt foundation that stands to make literally billions on purported vaccines and other drugs to treat coronavirus—The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Millions of US workers blocked from applying for jobless benefits - World Socialist Web Site

While the US government has proceeded expeditiously to hand over trillions of dollars to the Wall Street banks and corporations, millions of workers who have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic have been blocked from applying for unemployment benefits.

As US Economy Tanks, Study Finds Unemployment Numbers Likely Double Official Figure

The unemployment figures, as bad as they are, are actually a significant underestimate of the problem, according to a new study by the non-partisan D.C. think tank, the Economic Policy Institute. Their survey of over 24,000 Americans found that, for every ten people who successfully filed for unemployment benefits in the last four weeks, three to four additional people attempted to apply but were unable to navigate the system to make a claim. Two additional people did not even try because of the complicated application process. Thus, they conclude, “When we extrapolate our survey findings to the full five weeks of UI (unemployment insurance) claims since March 15, we estimate that 8.9‒13.9 million [more] people could have filed for benefits had the process been easier.”

The Massive Inflatable Crisis That is COVID-19 - 21st Century Wire

By all accounts and from the very beginning it was clear to some that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) was at the very most a little more dangerous than the seasonal flu – but was being deliberately hyped to stampede the public into an increasingly tangled web of bad policies.
As early as last month, cooler-headed experts had warned that hyped death rates spread by politicians, the Western corporate media, other various panic-mongers, and even World Health Organization (WHO) officials would give way to much, much lower death rates as more people were tested and were found to have had the virus, most of whom showed little to no symptoms.

FBI Targeting "Anti-Vaxxers" for Causing COVID Pandemic Allegedly Backed by Russia

Since a 1986 law was passed prohibiting citizens of the United States from suing pharmaceutical companies for damages caused by vaccines, the U.S. Government, through its special “Vaccine Court,” has quietly paid out BILLIONS of dollars in damages to families who have suffered injuries and death due to vaccines.


This law was passed due to the fact that too many lawsuits were being filed against pharmaceutical companies for vaccine injuries and deaths, and so the industry approached the U.S. Congress and threatened to stop making vaccines if they were not given legal immunity from these lawsuits.

Congress obliged, and President Ronald Reagan signed into law the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Today, if you or any of your children are injured or killed by vaccines, you must sue the U.S. Government and go up against their top attorneys to try and get compensation.


I do not believe I am exaggerating when I say there are millions of families across this nation with vaccine-damaged children.

These parents were formerly pro-vaccine, and after watching their children suffer from the effects of vaccines, they are now ridiculed and ostracized by the corporate media as “anti-vaxxers.”


And now, they are being blamed for causing the COVID-19 pandemic, which allegedly was backed by Russia, according to an organization that allegedly works with the FBI.

Is this the last step in their goal of mandating vaccines for every single adult and child who lives on Planet Earth?


LOKIN-20: The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health Concerns – OffGuardian

A new public health crisis, very recently identified as LOKIN-20, is raising increasing health concerns in the UK. In their response to a respiratory illness called COVID-19 (C19) the UK State are among those who have responded by locking up their populations and destroying their own national economy. This appears to be causing LOKIN-20.
The most recent statistics from UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) raise significant concerns about health impact of the lockdown regimes favoured by some, but not all, governments. All in response to a disease which researchers at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University estimate to have an infection fatality rate (IFR) of between 0.1% and 0.36%. Similar to seasonal flu.

Crisis in America: Hospitals Across the Country Begin to Close due to Lack of Patients – Nurses and Doctors being Laid Off

During the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak, the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media flooded the airways with images of over-crowded hospitals, supposed corpses being carried out in body bags, and other gruesome details that brought fear to the public.
Soon, however, citizens around the country began going to these hospitals to see first hand these horrible images, and they began to film and share on social media what they were seeing: hospitals and emergency rooms either empty or less crowded than usual.

Was Covid-19 Modified by Humans? - A Basis for Scientific Discussion

"For purposes of developing vaccines, every year virologists “play around” with ... viruses, altering them and observing the results ... George Soros has sponsored such a lab in Wuhan, China, working with coronaviruses for some time. So, while the current coronavirus may have been engineered, it’s possible but not likely the release was accidental."

Leading Scientist Claims Lockdown & Quarantine is a “Human Catastrophe” (New Interview) – Collective Evolution

Below is a new interview with Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski, PhD, ScD, who headed the Department Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design at Rockefeller University in New York for 20 years. It’s a follow up interview from one he gave nearly a month ago, where he made a number of interesting observations about the new coronavirus pandemic, at the time. For example, he looked into the claim that people were making that in China and in South Korea, social distancing had successfully helped to control the epidemic. He went through the data and found out that social distancing, isolation and lockdown measures were not put in place until well after the peak of the epidemic in those countries.


Dr Buttar Accuses Fauci, Gates & The Media For Using COVID-19 To Drive Hidden Agenda - Valuetainment

Rashid Buttar is an American osteopathic physician from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is known for his controversial use of chelation therapy for numerous conditions, including autism and cancer. He has been reprimanded by the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners for unethical treatment of patients.

Michigan Doctor Charged with Felonies for Treating Coronavirus Patients with Vitamin C - Big League Politics

A Michigan doctor has had his Metro Detroit clinic raided following allegations that he was “illegally” treating coronavirus patients with Vitamin C.

Douglas Valentine Interview - How The COVID-19 Police State Was Born In Vietnam

Many have since referred to the Phoenix program as a civilian assassination program that killed an estimated 40,000 Vietnamese civilians. Some people say it’s even higher. Today, we will not only be discussing the history of Phoenix and its influence on so-called “dirty wars” in Latin America in the following decades, but also its use as a model for U.S. Homeland Security institutions that were created in the wake of the September 11th attacks as well as a roadmap for agendas that are getting a very disturbing boost amid the current coronavirus crisis.

Next in Coronavirus Tyranny: Forced Vaccinations and 'Digital Certificates'

In my first week in the House of Representatives in 1976, I cast one of the two votes against legislation appropriating funds for a swine flu vaccination program. A swine flu outbreak was then dominating headlines, so most in DC were frantic to “do something” about the virus.
Unfortunately, the hastily developed and rushed-into-production swine flu vaccine was not only ineffective, it was dangerous. Approximately 50 people who received the vaccine subsequently contracted Guillain-Barré syndrome, a potentially fatal form of paralysis. According to an expert with the Centers for Disease Control, the incidence of Guillain-Barré was four times higher among those who received the swine flu vaccine than in the general population.

That sad history may soon repeat itself. Right now, governments and private industries are working to rapidly develop and deploy a coronavirus vaccine. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who is a major funder of these efforts, has suggested everyone who receives a vaccine be issued a “digital certificate” proving he has been vaccinated. Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose record of wrong predictions makes him the Bill Kristol of epidemiology, also wants individuals to carry some proof they have been vaccinated.

The Bill Gates Effect: WHO’s DTP Vaccine Killed More Children in Africa Than the Diseases it Targeted

Anyone defending the Bill Gates/WHO global vaccine program needs to explain this study: Mogensen et al 2017. Prior to 2017, neither HHS nor WHO ever performed the kind of vaccinated/unvaccinated (or placebo) study necessary to ascertain if the DTP vaccine actually yields beneficial health outcomes. The DTP vaccine was discontinued in the US and western nations in the 1990s following thousands of reports of death and brain damage.
… girls vaccinated with the DTP vaccine—the flagship of Bill Gates’s GAVI/WHO African vaccine program—died at 10 times the rate of unvaccinated kids.

But Bill Gates and his surrogates, GAVI and WHO, made DTP a priority for African babies. The Danish government and Novo Nordisk Foundation commissioned this study by a team of the world’s leading experts on African vaccination. The two most prominent names, Drs. Soren Mogensen and Peter Aaby, are both vocal vaccine supporters. They were shocked when they examined years of data from a so called “natural experiment” in Guinea Bissau where 50% of children die before age five. In that west African nation, half the children were vaccinated with the DTP vaccine at three months and the other half at six months. Dr. Mogenson and his team found that girls vaccinated with the DTP vaccine died at 10 times the rate of unvaccinated kids. While the vaccinated children were protected from Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis, they were far more susceptible to other deadly diseases than unvaccinated peers. The vaccine apparently compromised their immune systems. Thanks to Gates, DTP is the world’s most popular vaccine.

Vitamin C For COVID-19: Critical Care Medicine Hospital Chief In Wuhan Provides Updates – Collective Evolution

Medicine in Drug Discovery, of Elsevier, a major scientific publishing house, recently published an article on early and high-dose IVC in the treatment and prevention of Covid-19. The article was written by Dr. Richard Cheng, MD, PhD, a US board-certified anti-aging specialist from Shanghai, China. Dr. Cheng has been updating everyone via his YouTube channel about vitamin C treatment cases out of China for quite some time now.

Chicago Doctors See “Truly Remarkable” Success Using Ventilator Alternatives To Treat COVID-19 – Collective Evolution

Doctors at the University of Chicago Medicine are seeing “truly remarkable” results using high-flow nasal cannulas rather than ventilators and intubation to treat some COVID-19 patients. High-flow nasal cannulas, or HFNCs, are non-invasive nasal prongs that sit below the nostrils and blow large volumes of warm, humidified oxygen into the nose and lungs. A team from UChicago Medicine’s emergency room took dozens of COVID-19 patients who were in respiratory distress and gave them HFNCs instead of putting them on ventilators. The patients all fared extremely well, and only one of them required intubation after 10 days.

COVID-19 and the Rise of the Police State - Global Research

Just over a century later, here we are, yet again, immersed in a global war. However, this war, which is ostensibly sold to all of us as a battle to “stop the spread of the coronavirus,” is in reality a war devised by “the powers-that-shouldn’t-be” to remove the last remnants of humanity’s inherent freedoms and liberties.

The Gates Foundation and the War on Cash – OffGuardian

In the discussion that follows, it will be shown that Bill Gates is a major player in trying to get the world to go digital and ditch cash, especially relevant given his role in the COVID-19 issue.

The Undeniable Correlation Between Lockdown And The Unprecedented Destruction of Economies, Jobs And Lives -- Society's Child --

Leaving aside the fact that multiple studies show that Covid-19 has a case-fatality of between 0.1% and 0.5% (see here and here for instance), I remain bemused at the attempts of those who believe lockdown is essential to dealing with the virus to explain away the very simple fact that there is *so far* no correlation whatsoever between the policy they advocate and a reduction in deaths.

Desperate To Identify People Staying At Home, Biometric Industry Holds "Festival Of Identity" Webinar - Activist Post

I am constantly surprised by how far biometric corporations will go to exploit COVID-19. But nothing and I mean nothing could have prepared me for what I read this past Friday.

Secret 'COVID-19 Manhattan Project' Led By Billionaires Seeking To Influence Trump Admin | Zero Hedge

The until now secretive group is led by a 33-year-old physician-turned-venture capitalist, Tom Cahill, and is described as an elite go-between the pharmaceutical industry and Trump administration decision-makers, or an "ad hoc review board" of sorts pursuing cutting edge outside the box ideas.

How Will History Treat The Coronavirus Lockdown? With Prof. Denis Rancourt - Ron Paul

You won't want to miss this very special Liberty Report! Former University of Ottawa physics professor Denis Rancourt joins today's program to examine the science behind government and media claims about the coronavirus outbreak. Does a national lockdown make any sense? Why did the scientists that governments listen to seem to get the numbers all wrong? And why have other scientists who challenged the accepted wisdom been silenced and ignored? What are the numbers? Why is the media only interested in bolstering government rhetoric, no matter how incorrect it proves to be? And, very importantly, why did state and local authorities take measures that almost guaranteed that senior care facilities would see more widespread suffering and death than necessary?

Interview 1451 – The Propaganda Report Dissects The Second Wave : The Corbett Report

A “second wave” is coming . . . and they’re going to blame it on YOU. Today James talks to Monica Perez and Brad Binkley of about their analysis of the “second wave” narrative and how it is going to play out in the unfolding covid crisis.

Monitoring being pitched to fight Covid-19 was tested on refugees — The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

In Italy, social media monitoring companies have been scouring Instagram to see who's breaking the nationwide lockdown. In Israel, the government has made plans to “sift through geolocation data” collected by the Shin Bet intelligence agency and text people who have been in contact with an infected person. And in the UK, the government has asked mobile operators to share phone users’ aggregate location data to “help to predict broadly how the virus might move”.

Food Banks Run - Breadlines - Planned Starvation of America !! - The Atlantis Report

An unprecedented volume of Americans are flooding food banks. And this is just the beginning of the beginning. It's going to get a lot uglier in the months ahead. In March alone food banks nationwide distributed more than Three hundred seventy-nine million meals, a 20 percent jump. Fifty-four million Americans could go hungry due to the pandemic, including 18 million children.26.5 million people have filed for unemployment benefits in five weeks as the economy crashes into depression. In Los Angeles, 50% of the people are unemployed.

Pandemic instructions from Jason Peck on FB - YouTube


ICU Nurse Whistle blower: Covid19 is Manufactured Crisis - Excerpt - YouTube


Doctors: Data Proves That Covid Death Rate is "Very Similar to the FLU" - Ben Swann

Two California doctors say their data proves that not only is Coronavirus "very similar to the flu" but that the death rate is actually 0.1 percent. They also share that other doctors say they are being pressured to attach Covid to any death reports.


Corona virus truth exposed - Dr Shiva Ayyadurai talks about covid 19 - YouTube

Dr.shiva ayyadurai has 4 degrees in MIT. Undergraduate in MIT of electrical engineering and computer science and took a master's degree in visual studies from the MIT Media Laboratory on scientific visualization. Also has a Master's degree in mechanical engineering in MIT and by 2007 obtained a Ph.D in biological engineering in MIT systems biology.

Butterfly of the Week, 27 April 2020: Under House Arrest as a Result of a Crime Committed by the CDC - David Martin World

Has the Covid-19 epidemic crossed to the wrong side of the law?

Operation COVID-19: Testing the Degree of "People's Submission". Activating our "Paranoia Switches"... - Global Research

After the traumatic event, even years later, any image, sound, word closely or remotely related to this event plunges us back into the same state of fear by activating the amygdala and depressing the hippocampus and our upper brain centres.
Martha Stout points out that among all traumatic experiences, the ones that will cause the most astonishment and terror are those intentionally caused by our fellow human beings, such as rape, kidnapping, aggression or a terrorist attack, far ahead of those caused by accidents (explosion, car accident…) or natural disasters (earthquake…).

The important thing to remember is that once stunned in this way, the human brain no longer thinks, or thinks badly [with difficulty]. A bit like a short circuit in an electrical installation.

As a result, despite all its intelligence, its possible knowledge or its reflexes of critical analysis of a situation, the human brain becomes as if frozen.

It is mature, ready to submit.

Front Line Medical Workers Speak Out on COVID19 Treatments: "Patients are Left to Rot and Die – This is Murder"

As we move into the last week of April, 2020, medical personnel working on the front lines of the COVID-19 response are increasingly speaking out about what they are seeing and experiencing, which they claim is a completely different narrative from what the corporate-sponsored media is portraying.


I have a friend in New York City who is on the front lines and for her safety she cannot come out and say these things, so I am her voice.
People are sick, but they do not have to stay sick. They are killing them. They are not helping them. She used the word “murder.”
(This is) coming from a nurse who went to New York City, expecting to help.

Patients are left to rot and die. Her words. She has never seen so much neglect. No one cares. They are cold, and they don’t care anymore.

What is happening, is that they are putting people on nasal cannula. If they require more than six liters of nasal cannula, they get intubated. They go on the vent or they get trached (tracheostomy) if there’s not enough vents.

They don’t get high flow, no non-rebreather, no non-invasive ventilation, no CPAP, no BiPAP. They’re on a closed system – the ventilator, versus a CPAP or BiPAP, for fear it will spread the virus.

Which by the way I know a nurse in Florida who was fired for exposing that – about CPAP and BiPAP and patients being put on the ventilator – like straight away to the ventilator to be on a closed system.

The patients don’t know any better. They don’t have family with them. There is no one there with them to advocate for them.

So they are scared and they give consent.

This is a power grab we haven’t seen since 9/11 | Sovereign Man

If you think about 9/11 in particular, its remarkable how much power the government grabbed, and how many freedoms they took away. Two decades later, it’s clear those freedoms are never coming back.


The government now maintains broad authority to spy on it citizens, with the NSA brazenly intercepting phone calls, emails, and communication metadata through an extraordinary surveillance dragnet.

Financial institutions submit ‘suspicious activity reports’ to the federal government to inform on their own customers, even for the most mundane transactions like withdrawing a few thousand dollars of cash.

US law now permits the indefinite detention, i.e. incarceration without charge or trial, even of US citizens. This law was originally authorized in 2001, then re-authorized again in 2013.


What I’m most concerned about at this point is NOT the virus, nor even the economic devastation.

I’m far more concerned at how governments have seized this opportunity to vastly expand their power.

They have us all cowering in our homes, stripped of the most basic freedoms to do just about anything.

People are being thrown off their own private property because they’re not an ‘official resident’ of the town. Others have been arrested for attending a funeral. Others threatened with jail for their social media posts.

Content everywhere is being heavily censored, with major tech companies like Google and Facebook telling us what we can/cannot say.

Governments around the world are tracking their citizens’ every movement, and now there’s talk of national health databases and special passports.

And they’re spending trillions of dollars without any thought of the consequences.

It’s a power grab we haven’t seen since 9/11. The circumstances are certainly similar: people are terrified, so the government is doing whatever it wants.

America's Super-Rich See Their Wealth Rise by $282 Billion in Three Weeks of Pandemic

A new report from the Institute for Policy Studies found that, while tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, America’s ultra-wealthy elite have seen their net worth surge by $282 billion in just 23 days. This is despite the fact that the economy is expected to contract by 40 percent this quarter. The report also noted that between 1980 and 2020 the tax obligations of America’s billionaires, measured as a percentage of their wealth, decreased by 79 percent. In the last 30 years, U.S. billionaire wealth soared by over 1100 percent while median household wealth increased by barely five percent. In 1990, the total wealth held by America’s billionaire class was $240 billion; today that number stands at $2.95 trillion. Thus, America’s billionaires accrued more wealth in just the past three weeks than they made in total prior to 1980. As a result, just three people ­– Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet – own as much wealth as the bottom half of all U.S. households combined.

Face Masks to Prevent COVID-19: Conflicting Facts & Advice - The Vaccine Reaction

In a media briefing on Mar. 30, 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) officials confirmed that facial masks for the prevention of COVID-19 should be worn by those who are sick or in close contact with those infected, and are not recommended for healthy members of the general population.1 A day later, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence reassured Americans that, “The average American does not need to go out and buy a mask.” U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, MD told Fox News the same day that masks were “not effective” to the general public and tweeted the admonition, “Seriously people-STOP BUYING MASKS!” Despite this guidance, masks and other supplies started to fly off the shelves as Americans stocked up due to fears of an outbreak.

Police Cancel Drone Spying, Showing Resistance to the COVID-19 Police State Works

In a time when good news is sparse, any shred of it can be inspiring. Such is the case out of Wesport, Connecticut in which resistance to the police state has paid off. When the citizens of Westport expressed their anger to the city’s plan to use drone technology to spy on its citizens by making sure they are adhering to social distancing guidelines, two days later, the program was shut down.

The Farce and Diabolical Agenda of A "Universal Lockdown" - Global Research

First comes the farce, an (almost) universal government lie around the globe about a deadly virus, WHO named COVID-19. The decision for a global lockdown – literally for the collapse of the world economy – was already taken at the WEF conference in Davos, 21 – 24 January 2020. On January 30, WHO declared COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). At that time, there were only 150 known COVID-19 cases outside of Chine. No reason whatsoever to declare a pandemic. On March 11, Dr. Tedros, DG of WHO converted the PHEIC into a pandemic. This gave green light for the start if implementing “The Plan”.

Narrative Managers Argue China-Like Internet Censorship Is Needed - Activist Post

Neoconservative publication The Atlantic has published an article authored by two university professors titled “Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal”, subtitled “In the debate over freedom versus control of the global network, China was largely correct, and the U.S. was wrong.”
The article is actually worth reading in full, not just because it’s outrage porn for anyone who values human communication that is unregulated by oligarchs and government agencies, but because it’s actually packed full of extensively sourced information about the way Silicon Valley tech giants are collaborating with Western governments to censor speech.

COVID-19, We Are Now Living the "Lock Step Scenario" - Global Research

Peter Koenig: First, I must tell you, it is virtually impossible to predict what might happen and in what time. We are quite possibly experiencing a huge paradigm shift. That means that nothing will – or almost nothing – will remain the way it was before. This is a well-concocted plan -emanating from the infamous 2010 Rockefeller Report. We are right now living the beginning of the first phase, called the “Lock Step” scenario.


This evil plan COVID-19 /2010 Rockefeller Report – contains many very people-unfriendly elements. It would be too long, to explain them here. But let’s list the most important ones – and how they may impact us and the economy:

  • A massive vaccination program
  • population reduction through vaccination – and other means, like induced famine, man-induced climate change, GMOs, 5G (strong electromagnetic fields – EMF) – and so on….
  • digitized ID
  • digitized money – no more cash
  • rolling out 5G – to control all and every move we take – plus our digitized bank accounts – what is commonly called and misleadingly called “the internet of things”
  • 5G is a weapon when used at its full strength – which is not yet the case. 5G is weaponized and can kill.

But we do not have to allow this to happen. If we are aware of the Plan, we can take control – I suggest that you all read the 2010 Rockefeller Report – it’s probably still to be found on Internet. So, you realize that I’m not talking “conspiracy theory” – but that this Conspiracy is REAL.

Resistance Strengthening: Small Business Defying Coronavirus Lockdown - Ron Paul

From New York to Texas and beyond, small business owners are pushing back against local and state governments who have deemed their livelihoods to be "non-essential." Can the authorities stop this growing revolt? Plus, only government could bankrupt the medical system during a "pandemic" - US hospitals going broke.

How the Fight Against Covid-19 Has Brought Us a Step Closer to an Orwellian Nightmare - Global Research

For many years, we in the alternative media have been warning that when a new crises emerges, a future of social engineering and control would bring us closer to George Orwell’s predictions right to our doorstep. Since the start of the Corona Virus Pandemic (Covid-19) the destruction of the world’s economy with the US in an already fragile state of affairs taking the biggest hit with its lock downs and an estimated 26 million people so far who are now unemployed. It has crippled the social fabric of society, basically forever and as a result, more invasive technologies are being introduced to the world now more than ever before. Recently, the US mainstream media has been reporting on the new technologies that can be implemented by governments to track the potential carriers of Covid-19 from drones that will be able to check your temperature and determine that you may or may not carry the virus to a program that can track individuals Smart phones through a mapping tool which was created by an Israeli company looking to have a footprint in the US market.

Life After COVID: A Look at the New Economy - The Organic Prepper

The government stepped in fairly quickly after lockdowns began to approve a massive number of small business loans. These loans were to be distributed by the institution with which the small business does their banking.
Unfortunately, the outcome would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

Here’s an example: Chase Bank gaveRuth’s Chris Steak House a $20 million forgivable loan meant for small businesses by dividing it up by locations instead of treating the company like the large corporation that it is. Incidentally, Chase “earned” $100K for processing the loan. After everyone rightly lost their marbles over this, Ruth’s Chris is returning the 20 mill. Chase and Ruth’s Chris aren’t the only culprits. There were all sorts of shenanigans that meant the fund ran out of money before the legitimate small businesses could even complete their applications. For example, big banks earned ten billion dollars in fees for processing the loans and here’s a list of big companies that played around with this system and drained it of millions.

The Big Lie. Senator Jensen: Hospitals receive $13,000 for a Covid-19 Diagnosis, $39,000 for Treatment with a Ventilator - Global Research

In the following video, Senator Jensen dismantles the statistical corruption. He explains that administrators pressure Doctors to use the Covid-19 descriptor. Why? Hospitals in his area receive $5,000.00 for a pneumonia diagnosis, $13,000.00 for a Covid-19 diagnosis, and $39,000.00 if the patient receives treatment with a ventilator.
Since the distinction between dying FROM Covid and WITH Covid-19 is not being made, most Mainstream Media and government statistics are not valid. They are being used to satisfy other agendas.

Coronavirus Fact-Check #4: “Why are so many healthcare workers dying?” – OffGuardian

The deaths of doctors, nurses and other medical workers has been a major talking point since the pandemic began.
It started in Italy, where a website was set up listing the deaths of doctors who “died on the frontlines”.

Despite being billed as “frontline” doctors, fifteen of the names are dentists. There are also surgeons, psychiatrists, paediatricians and other specialists who obviously would not have been “on the frontlines” treating Covid19 patients.

When Swiss Propaganda Research noted that many of them were retired, and that average age was over sixty-nine, the dates of birth were removed.

Let Freedom Ring: State Governments That Want to Track You by Your Smartphone - Activist Post

The pandemic is a gift that keeps on giving to Big Tech companies and other businesses already benefiting from “Surveillance Capitalism.” Some state governments now want to implement “contact tracing” apps on smartphones. Other countries are already doing this. They say it’s all about protecting us and our loved ones from getting sick. They’re also hiring people to call the infected and ask them about where they’ve been and who’ve they’ve been with. Creeped out yet?

Investigations & The Battle for A Vaccine: Where is This Headed? |

It’s hard for most people to see past their fears, their financial situation, and trying to cope in a situation everyone was forced into, not to mention the elevated anger everyone is feeling from freedoms being unnecessarily stripped away. But, this is about much more than a “cure” for COVID-19. There is a shift, a shake-up, and a dismantling taking place before our very eyes. If people realized the background of so many of these nefarious characters, they would understand just how significant this battle is for our healthcare industry, over livelihoods, and the future of mankind.

Stop Calling It Contact Tracing! – #PropagandaWatch : The Corbett Report

What’s in a name? Everything. Find out about the latest attempt to package the Orwellian total police state surveillance grid as something wonderful and wholesome—and why you should never, ever say “contact tracing”—in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.

Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Who Discovered HIV Says Coronavirus Was Created In Laboratory – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

12bytes says: Take this article with a HUGE grain of salt. There is a lot of contraversy and corrpution regarding the AIDS virus and the people that discovered it, including confilcts of interest, though i don't recall if Montagnier was one f them. Also i'm not sure if the virus that is said to cause AIDS has ever been properly isolated. This news piece *may* be intended to further scare the masses by associating COVID-19 with AIDS since it seems possible that many people are becoming aware of the fakery, fuckery and fraud that is COVID-19. Lastly, note that there are apparently multiple strains of COVID-19 and this may challenge the presumption that it was created in order to develope a vaccine for AIDS.
In a highly significant development, Professor Luc Montagnier, the French scientist who shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), has added his voice to those who believe the new coronavirus was created in a laboratory. Interviewed on the CNews channel in France, Montagnier asserted that the virus had been designed by molecular biologists. Stating that it contains genetic elements of HIV, he insisted its characteristics could not have arisen naturally.
Asked by the CNews interviewer what the goal of these molecular biologists was, Montagnier said it wasn’t clear. “My job,” he said, “is to expose the facts.” While stressing that he didn’t know who had done it, or why, Montagnier suggested that possibly the goal had been to make an AIDS vaccine. Labeling the virus as “a professional job…a very meticulous job,” he described its genome as being a “clockwork of sequences.”

Study Shows Link Between Fine Particle Air Pollution and COVID-19 Mortality - The Vaccine Reaction

A new nationwide study conducted by researchers at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health is the first to show a statistical link between long-term exposure to pollution and COVID-19 death rates.1 The study, which has yet to be peer-reviewed, shows that coronavirus patients living in areas that had high levels of air pollution before the pandemic are more likely to die from the infection than patients living in parts of the country with less air pollution.

National Guard Deployed At Nation's Food Banks To Ensure Stability During Unprecedented Times | Zero Hedge

There is increasing evidence on social media that the National Guard has been deployed to the nation's food banks to ensure food supply chain networks are not severed, and shortages do not materialize.

COVID SCIENCE: A Challenge to the Discovery of the Virus - 21st Century Wire

Is it possible that the entire coronavirus narrative is a house of cards? 21WIRE has already been asking questions concerning flawed statistics such as case fatality ratios, irregularities in how deaths are recorded, and the dubious wisdom of lockdown measures. We have also been covering the growing chorus of experts suggesting that COVID-19 may not be as deadly as feared. However, factors such as the number of COVID deaths and whether lockdowns work are totally dependent on other, more fundamental questions: How accurate are the tests being used? What do they actually determine? Has it even been proven that this virus causes this disease?


COVID-19 Hospitalized Patients and Underlying Chronic Disease - The Vaccine Reaction

A report released this month by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on COVID-19 risk factors found that approximately 90 percent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients had one or more underlying conditions, the most common being obesity, hypertension, chronic lung disease, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease.

Bill Gates: “Phase 2 Is A Bio Terror Attack” - Spiro Skouras

For generations the public has been controlled through fear. The progression of perceived enemies has evolved over time.

Did America Get It Wrong? – The Highwire

There is a growing recognition that some Covid-19 patients, even in severe cases, can be safely treated with simple nose prongs or face masks that deliver oxygen. How many patients have been unnecessarily injured or killed due to improper ventilation protocols? Have hospitals immediately activated the new findings and approaches to ventilation?
A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that more than 85% of those placed on ventilators in New York’s largest hospital system due to coronavirus symptoms later died. The study’s authors quickly updated data in the JAMA report lowering the total to 25% of Covid-19 patients placed on ventilators at Northwell Health died.

In a recent interview, Minnesota State Senator Dr. Scott Jensen told The HighWire hospitals coding patients as Covid-19 would get higher reimbursements, even more so if they were put on ventilators, according to numbers given to him by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The slowdown of supply chains will put the world on “the brink of a hunger pandemic” in just a few short months, according to David Beasley, director of the United Nations World Food Program.

In the U.S., farmers and food producers are being forced into impossible corners. Reports of dairy producers pouring milk out and farmers allowing their crops to rot in the field are headlines that are driving home the shutdown severity of America’s perilous state of the union.

Harvard Law Professor Calls for Ban on Homeschooling While Everyone is Forced to do it

At a time when schools all across the nation are closed, with many parents of school-aged children also out of work and families confined to their homes during a nationwide lock down that is undoubtedly causing much stress, and forcing families to homeschool even if they have never done it before, Elizabeth Bartholet has come out publicly and called for a ban on homeschooling, stating:
The issue is, do we think that parents should have 24/7, essentially authoritarian control over their children from ages zero to 18? I think that’s dangerous. I think it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless, and to give the powerful ones total authority.

FBI raids Allure Medical for alleged fraudulent COVID-19 treatments

The FBI raided Allure Medical Spa in Shelby Township on Thursday as part of an investigation into allegations that it provided fraudulent treatments for COVID-19
The clinic has been offering high dose, intravenous injections of vitamin C as treatment against the virus, according to a recent magazine article.

Let's Call the Geopolitical Operation of the "Global Elite" by Its Name, A Crime Against Humanity - Global Research

The restrictions imposed by the governments on the officially guaranteed civil liberties in connection with the so-called “Corona crisis” must be lifted in their entirety, because in the opinion of countless independent scientists who do not bow down to criminal policies, there are no convincing arguments for the current arbitrary restrictions!

This Week in The Guardian #5 – Coronavirus Special – OffGuardian

Nick Cohen has an “op ed on the same subject, urging action against free speech so that “Russian meddling” doesn’t persuade us all to break quarantine and rush outside like lunatics.


This article is a direct attack on the credibility of the recent California-based studies which found coronavirus antibodies to be far more widespread than previously estimated. Lowering the infection-fatality rate by at least a factor of ten.

According to The Guardian, Scientists and Experts have criticised the study. The fact the people who carried out the research were also “scientists” doesn’t seem to matter.

The New “Normal”: We Do Have Some Say in All This - Global Research

Essentially, Gates advised that life is not expected to get back to “normal” until a thorough, international vaccination infrastructure has been implemented. On Fox News Sunday April 5th, Bill Gates specifically told host Chris Wallace that life “won’t get back to normal” until a vaccine is delivered to the “entire world.”


At any rate, the narrative has been set. As news headlines everywhere have told us, things are expected to be upside down until we are vaccinated on a nearly worldwide scale.

In the meantime, society en masse has now been successfully programmed to quietly sit still and wait out the ensuing lockdowns so that, eventually, our collective discomfort from a bleeding economy and progressive intimacy-starvation leads us to such a state of prolonged desperation where we’re more than happy to bare our arms (and our children’s arms) to the awaiting syringe.

By that time, we will have also been more than sufficiently indoctrinated in the so-called dangers of COVID-19 where we will be ready and ripened for the ‘solution’ to everything that has fragmented our societies since “Wuhan” first became a household name.


While this article is not the place to examine the depth of research and analysis which rightfully questions the nature of our current pandemic, let me simply point out the fact that any self-respecting global citizen owes it themselves to look beyond the confines of the evening news (as well as seeing beyond the unquestioning mass obedience that has taken over our cities) and spend some time to at least review the rest of the information that experts, scientists and independent news producers are trying to share (that is, as long as the self-righteous techno oligarchs haven’t removed them from their hosting platforms yet).

The point is that our history has patiently demonstrated to us, time and time again, that society has often hindered itself by blindly adhering to the official narrative that some persons in power have fed to the overall population. As Marshall McLuhan put it so succinctly, “all media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values.”

The Gates Foundation and the "War on Cash": ‘Financial Inclusion’ in an Age of Neoliberalism - Global Research

When we look beyond the mainstream narrative to gain an understanding of the current crisis, it doesn’t take long before the name of Bill Gates and his foundation appears. And this is no coincidence seeing that he has placed himself firmly in the limelight on prime time TV shows offering his opinion on COVID-19 and what he thinks should be done. He has mentioned the need for maintaining some form of lockdown until a vaccine is discovered.
Much has been written on the Gates Foundation’s close associations with the big vaccine manufacturers and its questionable practices and record in rolling out vaccines in places like Africa and India. US attorney Robert F Kennedy Jr says that top Trump advisor Anthony Fauci has made the reckless choice to fast track vaccines, partially funded by Gates, without critical animal studies. Gates is so worried about the danger of adverse events that he says vaccines shouldn’t be distributed until governments agree to indemnity against lawsuits.

But this should come as little surprise. The Gates Foundation and its global vaccine agenda already has much to answer for. Instead of prioritising projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases and improve health – clean water, hygiene, nutrition and economic development – Kennedy notes that the Gates Foundation spends only about $650 million of its $5 billion budget on these areas.

It is fair to say that the Gates Foundation has an agenda: it believes that many of its aims can be delivered via the barrel of a syringe.

What Are The Motives Behind The COVID-19 Hysteria? - Activist Post

In most flu seasons tens of thousands of people die in the U.S. each year of the flu. The 2017-2018 flu season was especially severe and killed some 80,000 people. Hospital emergency rooms had “standing-room only” and many flu patients had to be treated in the hallways, according to Time.
But during all these flu seasons we haven’t had to do “social distancing,” wear face masks or close down businesses and shut down the economy and impose a flu-related Soviet police state like we are getting with COVID-19 hysteria.

The effect that COVID propaganda and fear-mongering has on the masses is tremendous. The news media do not mention that most of the people who die from COVID-19 are elderly and not just elderly but those with preexisting conditions and weakened immune systems.


Some officials such as Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker want to identify everyone who tests positive for coronavirus, and trace all their contacts and track everyone. It’s for your own good, of course, or to “protect others.” Bureaucrats seem to love to violate people’s privacy, and love social control by any means necessary.

And the vaccines. Some people want to force vaccines on everyone. Having to wear an “immunity passport” bracelet, ID or tattoo, as the evil and corrupt Bill Gates suggests. But now we are told that the virus has mutated into at least 30 strains, needing, what, 30 different vaccines?


And another possible motive could involve the brainwashed society-destroyers and socialists/communists who want to end capitalism, free markets, and private property, out of their envy and hate. They’ve already been destroying society with their cultural Marxism, “social justice” ideology and intolerance, as well as infiltrating many corporations with such ideologies just like they have with schools, sports leagues and everyday life.

This “social distancing” phenomenon is another ideology of dysfunctional co-dependence, another way to wreck society and turn normal social behaviors into anti-social behaviors.

For example, at the same time “we’re all in this together,” and because people may be “carriers” of COVID-19, we “must protect one another” by keeping people apart from one another by exactly 6 feet. So reduce human contact with others, cause isolation, at the same time turn people against one another by calling on people to snitch on others violating “social distancing” orders.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: The Real Danger is "Agenda ID2020" - Global Research

It seems, the more there is written about the causes of the Coronavirus – the more the written analyses are overshadowed by a propaganda and fear-mongering hype. Questions for the truth and arguments for where to look for the origins and how the virus may have spread and how to combat it, are lost in the noise of wanton chaos. But isn’t that what the “Black Men” behind this intended pandemic want – chaos, panic, hopelessness, leading to human vulnerability – a people becoming easy prey for manipulation?
Today WHO declared the coronavirus COVID-19 a “pandemic” – when there is not the slightest trace of a pandemic. A pandemic might be the condition, when the death to infection rate reaches more than 12%. In Europe, the death rate is about 0.4%, or less.


It’s not for nothing that Dr. Tedros, DG of WHO, said a few days ago, we must move towards digital money, because physical paper and coin money can spread diseases, especially endemic diseases, like the coronavirus. A precursor for things to come? – Or for things already here? – In many Scandinavian countries cash is largely banned and even a bar of chocalate can be paid only electronically.

We are moving towards a totalitarian state of the world. This is part of Agenda ID2020 – and these steps to be implemented now – prepared since long, including by the coronavirus computer simulation at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore on 18 October 2019, sponsored by the WEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates, one of the chief advocates of vaccinations for everybody, especially in Africa – is also a huge advocate of population reduction. Population reduction is among the goals of the elite within the WEF, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgens – and a few more.


CORONAVIRUS: Perspectives from on the ground in Sweden - 21st Century Wire

As Europe and North America continue to descent into economic and social chaos after imposing ‘Lockdown’ on their populations, other countries have opted to keep their economies and societies open with no lockdown. One example is the relative success of Scandanavian country of Sweden. While countries like the UK and US continue to see unusually large death tolls, alongside record unemployment and financial devastation – Sweden has suffered only moderately, achieving equal or better medical results than most European lockdown states – without all of the last economy damage and conflict between a suffering public and their increasingly remote governments. By avoiding the experimental lockdown approach, Sweden is now well underway to achieving natural herd immunity.

U.S. food banks run short on staples as hunger soars - Reuters

Food banks nationwide are squeezed between short supplies and surging demand from needy families as the coronavirus pandemic has put more than 26 million Americans out of work. In New York City, the mayor appointed a food czar as lines of masked people form outside overstretched charities. More than a third of the city’s food banks have closed for lack of supplies, donations or volunteers, who are harder to recruit because of infection fears, according to the New York Mission Society. In San Diego, a local food bank waits on a $1 million order it placed weeks ago. Chicago and Houston food banks say they are nearly out of staples.

Cops Wage Elaborate Undercover Scheme to Arrest Woman for Giving a Manicure Out of Her Home

Laredo police arrested Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia, 31, at the 1200 block of Harding Street after she allegedly agreed to provide an undercover officer with a manicure. Again, the horror. Castro-Garcia was arrested and charged with “Violation of Emergency Management Plan C/B” and was taken to the Webb County Jail where she was offered a $500 bond.

Video: Sweden: Europe's Lockdown Exception - Global Research

As of March 31, 2020, out of a population of 9,800,000 there have been 4,605 cases that tested positive, a rate of .0047% of the Swedish population.
Of course nobody knows how many of the positive cases were because of false positive tests (be aware that patient with just a common cold can be tested positive for coronavirus because about ¼ of all common colds are caused by a coronavirus infection and there is also no published data that shows that the newest fast-tracked test kits can reliably differentiate those two possibilities).
There have been 239 “coronavirus-test-confirmed” deaths in Sweden so far, a mortality rate of 8.5%, although that is again an over-stated figure, since the vast majority of asymptomatic and mild cases and cases that didn’t have easy access to a testing facility were uncounted. The calculated incidence rate for coronavirus infections in Sweden per million population was 490, which means that 999,510 Swedes out of every million were never diagnosed with coronavirus illnesses.

Incidentally, the incidence rate for Americans with coronavirus diagnoses per million as of 3-31-2020 was 650, meaning that 999,350 Americans out of every million have not been affected. The coronavirus death rate for America was 15/1,000,000, meaning that 999,985 Americans out of every million have not died from the coronavirus “pandemic”.

The incidence rate per million Italians was 1,829 and the death rate was 218, meaning that 999,782 out of every 1,000,000 Italians did not die from the coronavirus infection. In Australia there have been 5100 cases with coronavirus infections and 23 deaths, which calculates to a death rate of 0.9 patients per million population. In Brazil there have been 6930 cases and 244 deaths, which calculated to I Brazilian dying per 1,000,000 populations.

Consortium News deploys the CIA’s “conspiracy theory” meme – OffGuardian

Those independent outlets bold enough to tell the awful truths that all the other media ridicule as lunacy are few and far between; and Robert Parry’s was among the best of them.

I say “was” because Consortium News has just gone over to the enemy, by publishing a solemn editorial highlighting UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’recent diatribe against the “dangerous epidemic of misinformation” about COVID-19.


All four of what the Secretary-General “decries” as “wild conspiracy theories” are obfuscations of important facts that everybody needs to know, in order to protect ourselves from real “misinformation” that’s more dangerous than COVID-19.
1) “Social media has been inundated by opposition to vaccines.” Thus Guterres, following Big Pharma’s script, casts advocates of vaccine safety as “anti-vaxxers,” which is like calling critics of Vioxx, or opioids, “anti-drug,” or critics of GMO’s, glyphosate, or refined sugar, “anti-food.”


2) “Social media has been inundated by … promotion of the idea that Covid-19 is just like a normal flu.”

While that “idea” is clearly ludicrous — “a normal flu” does not entail acute hypoxemia, nor is it fatally exacerbated by the use of ventilators —Guterres’ blanket charge would necessarily include an “idea” that’s not ludicrous at all: that the death rate among COVID-19 patients is comparable to that of influenza.


3) “Social media has been inundated by … the idea … that hospitals are empty.”

While some hospitals are overwhelmed, as their workers have been saying (or would say, if their bosses hadn’t gagged them), a lot of hospitals are empty — too empty, as fear of COVID-19 has kept all too many people far away, with grave conditions (strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, appendicitis) that would ordinarily have them in the hospital.


4) “Social media has been inundated by … the idea …. that enforced self-isolation based on medical advice is a plot to impose a permanent police state.”

This last of Guterres’ charges of “conspiracy theory” is his craziest. Leaving aside the fact that there’s much expert “medical advice” against the policy of “enforced self-isolation” (a consensus that’s been growing steadily), the signs of the police state are as blatant as a rubber bullet in the eye, as governments have sicced the cops on people the world over, dictating day-to-day behavior with the zeal and vigilance of any Nazi Governor or Soviet commissar.

Shelter In Place Is Weakening The Immune Systems Of Everyone Who Complies - Greg Reese


Smoke Fags, Save Lives: The Remarkable Discovery That Smokers Are Far Less Likely to Contract COVID-19 -- Health & Wellness --

There's not much to laugh about these days, but the news that smokers might be protected from Covid-19 is certainly one of them. With study after study showing that smokers are under-represented in coronavirus wards, the renowned French neuroscientist, Jean-Pierre Changeux, is working on a randomised control trial to test the effect of nicotine patches on Covid-19 patients.
This is far from being a crackpot theory. Changeux has explained his hypothesis at length here. In simple terms, he says that nicotinic acetylcholine receptors play a key role in the development of the disease and that nicotine can put a brake on it. If he is right - and the banter heuristic says he is - it would not only save thousands of lives but would also be one in the eye for the 'public health' groups who have been claiming that smoking and vaping are risk factors for Covid-19.

Facts about Covid-19 – Swiss Propaganda Research

A comprehensive new update has been published on the latest medical and political developments as well as on the situation in the US, the UK, Sweden, Italy and other countries.

Can We Trust the WHO? - Global Research

The most influential organization in the world with nominal responsibility for global health and epidemic issues is the United Nations’ World Health Organization, WHO, based in Geneva. What few know is the actual mechanisms of its political control, the shocking conflicts of interest, corruption and lack of transparency that permeate the agency that is supposed to be the impartial guide for getting through the current COVID-19 pandemic.

CV-1984: China Rolls Out Test Of Digital Currency In Four Cities, Western Businesses Testing - Activist Post

While many see the release of the Chinese fiat cryptocurrency as bullish for Chinese-based blockchain projects, the outlying effect is that such a move by China is Orwellian. The Chinese now have a digital currency which, when it is fully rolled out, will be able to track all point-of-sale purchases. China’s new digital currency couldn’t be further from the original foundation and purpose of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency which is freedom from centralized structures through decentralized ownership. In other words, you control your own funds and no one can restrict them. However, with China’s new recent move we can surely expect that the Chinese government will be able to seize digital funds or turn off a person’s wallet if they disobey the Chinese Communist Party (CCP.)
China isn’t the first country to test a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), a consortium of banks tested digital cash in 2016 in a Wall St test run, which didn’t get much fanfare. China is also not the only country developing a digital currency, the UK is developing one as well, CoinTelegraph reported. Besides the UK, the U.S., Russia, and India to name a few countries, are also considering launching their own CBDC, or fiat cryptocurrency. BIS states that future is now inevitable in a PDF from January of this year compiled of research of more than 50 Central Banks polled entitled: “Impending arrival – a sequel to the survey on central bank digital currency.”

False Flag Weekly News - Helen of Destroy

(video regarding various aspects of COVID-19)

Relaxing 2020 Coronavirus Plandemic Music & Memes to Enjoy Your Lockdown


“If You Die of a Clear Alternative Cause, It’s Still Listed As A COVID Death” – Dr. Ngozi Ezike – Collective Evolution

Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, recently stated that, even if it's clear one died of an alternative cause, their death will still be marked as a COVID death.

N.Y.C. Death Toll Soars Past 10,000 in Revised Virus Count - The New York Times

New York City, already a world epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, sharply increased its death toll by more than 3,700 victims on Tuesday, after officials said they were now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it.

Predictions: What Will Happen Next in the Corona Crisis? — James Corbett

Sometimes it isn't all that hard to predict the future. All you have to do is listen to what the social engineers are telling you they're going to do.
For example, when the neocons tell you that we need a "new Pearl Harbor" to justify a transformation of America's military, you can bet a new Pearl Harbor is going to arrive as soon as they get into office.

And now, after years of Bill Gates warning us that a pandemic was going to strike and utterly transform the world as we know it. He even went so far as to "simulate" the exact scenario we're living through just before we started living through it.


1. The "Second Wave" Will Be Blamed on the Protesters

There is a second wave of Covid-19 coming in the next few months. We don't have to speculate about this. Not only have we heard this from all manner of politicians and health "authorities" over the past few months, but it was an integral part of MIT Technology Review's now-infamous "We're not going back to normal" article, which revealed how the waves of lockdown and release were going to restructure our lives and condition us into the Corona World Order. And, lest there be any doubt that this is an important part of the plandemic narrative, Bill Gates just reaffirmed it in his latest "GatesNotes" on "The first modern pandemic."

In fact, the pandemic planners have warned the public of a second (and third and fourth and fifth . . .) wave of this crisis so many times now that we can virtually guarantee that such a "second wave" will occur.


2. The Alt Media Are Being Given the Rope to Hang Themselves


No, I believe that what we are seeing is actually a push by YouTube and other tech companies to ensure widespread promotion of certain views questioning the official Covid-19 narrative precisely so that they will have the excuse to move ahead with the online purge, probably during that second (or third or fourth or fifth . . .) wave of the crisis.


3. China Will Be Blamed

Isn't it funny how just a few weeks ago it was a verboten thoughtcrime to suggest that this novel coronavirus could have anything whatsoever to do with the biosafety level 4 laboratory in Wuhan, and now such theories are mainstream headline fodder? Why do you think that is?

I'll tell you why: It's because this is World War III.


5. The Real Bioweapons Are Waiting in the Wings

Speaking of bioweapons, let us not rule out the possibility that we are dealing with a bioweapon of some sort. In fact, there are compelling reasons to believe that, and the knee-jerk dismissal of the idea from the usual crowd is easily debunkable as unscientific claptrap.

Yet another interesting clue along that particular cookie-crumb trail is emerging in the work of Li Lanjuan at Zhejiang University, who is now reporting the discovery of 30 separate strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Some of these strains, including the one prevalent in parts of Europe and in New York City, are capable of producing 270 times the viral load of the weaker strains.


50 Headlines Darker: More of the “New Normal” – OffGuardian

Despite the concise, well-intentioned and unavoidably ubiquitous nature of our previous Message, it seems some are still withholding their consent for necessary change.

China’s Covid-19 Reporting Is Truthful, Birx and Trump Demonstrate-Unwittingly - Global Research

Dr. Birx called China’s low number “unrealistic,” saying, “I put China on there so you could see how basically unrealistic this could be.” That was after President Trump pointed at China’s number and interrupted Birx to ask rhetorically, “Excuse me. Does anybody really believe this number? Does anybody really believe this number?”


But in her chart Dr. Birx omitted data coming from countries of East Asia and nearby which have been praised by the US media for their performance and whose data are unquestioned in the West.


Deaths per 100,000 population

South Korea: 0.5
Japan: 0.5
Australia: 0.3
China: 0.3
Singapore: 0.2
Taiwan: <0.1
Hong Kong: <0.1

China’s number falls right into line with that of neighboring countries! Birx’s exercise in fact is a classic example of lying by omission, a half truth being a full lie.

Four Dead in Ohio - "Feeding the Beast"... - Global Research

Trump crew ignored the crisis for almost 2 months, even denying it as a HOAX. Our economy is teetering on default as the super rich get most of the bailout. Oh, but the increased military spending survives, eating up around HALF of our federal tax revenues.

Dr. Rashid Buttar Interview - Why COVID-19 Is Not What You Think

Joining me today to discuss further some of the very relevant and important points we went over during our recent roundtable ( is Dr. Rashid Buttar. We discuss the very obvious way in which it seems we are all being deceived, and the many and varied ways in which that deception is taking place.


Chicago Health Commissioner Tells Public a Mass Vaccination Campaign is Underway, 'We've Already Bought the Syringes'

“…and then finally we’ll be moving towards this mass vaccination campaign, continuing to follow, and I want you to know, the CDPH is already deep in the planning stages around vaccination. We’ve already bought the syringes. We already know where it’s going to happen. We’re thinking about what that’s going to be. It’s all part of this plan.”

5 Million Cases Worldwide, 650,000 Deaths Annually: The Seasonal Flu Virus is a "Serious Concern", But the Wuhan Coronavirus Grabs the Headlines - Global Research

The common flu virus will infect millions across the globe. It can be easily spread and will especially strike the young and the elderly. But this is not what has been described as the Wuhan virus. The common flu is far deadlier. This is not to downplay the Wuhan coronavirus flu, or to give it its medical name, 2019-nCoV.

California Bans 'Gatherings' On State Properties After Protests Surge Against Newsom's 'Stay-At-Home' Orders | Zero Hedge

After Monday's anti-quarantine protests at the California State Capitol building and across many other cities in the state, California's Highway Patrol (CHP) will no longer grant permits to demonstrators on state property, reported The Sacramento Bee.

90 Days of Madness: Official Numbers Prove COVID-19 is STILL Benign -- Health & Wellness --

In my first SOTT article published on April 19th, I reported my statistical comparison of COVID-19 infection and death rates based on percentages of whole populations. I generously assumed that the numbers reported by Johns Hopkins University and elsewhere are entirely correct and accurate, fully cognizant that this assumption is extremely questionable.

In my earlier article we learned that, as of 10:00am, April 15th, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST):

99.994% of China's 1.4 billion population was uninfected
99.729% of Italy's 60 million population
99.817% of USA's 330 million population
99.633% of Spain's 47 million population
99.842% of Germany's 83 million population
99.910% of Iran's 83 million population
99.798% of France's 65 million population
99.698% of Switzerland's 8.6 million population
99.858% of UK's 67 million population
99.979% of South Korea's 51 million population
99.889% of Sweden's 10.3 million population
99.974% of Australia's 25 million population
99.974% of the World's 7.5 billion population

Now let us compare that with today, April 24th and see how much progress this virus has made in 9 days within the above populations, again assuming static population growth:

99.994% of China is uninfected (no change).
99.683% of Italy (-0.046% change).
99.737% of USA (-0.080% change).
99.547% of Spain (-0.086% change).
99.816% of Germany (-0.026% change).
99.895% of Iran (-0.015% change)
99.755% of France (-0.043% change)
99.669% of Switzerland (-0.029% change)
99.792% of UK (-0.066% change)
99.979% of South Korea (no change)
99.837% of Sweden (-0.052% change)
99.973% of Australia (-0.001% change)
99.964% of the World (-0.010% change)

That is the last 9 days of 'rampaging' activity from this coronavirus as a proportion of various whole populations.

Incredible, isn't it? The world infection rate is 'skyrocketing' at just 0.001% per day.

Coronavirus response: Ban alcohol, free speech, and homeschooling | The Daily Bell

Last week we talked about how the World Health Organization was coming for your sick family members.
This week, they want your booze.


On the heels of Sen. Rand Paul, M.D.’s powerful speech on the Senate floor, Del Bigtree interviews Sen. Scott Jensen, M.D. in a very revealing interview on the financial incentives of treating COVID, and what lawmakers are doing to help those they represent.

Gates Foundation Behind Completely WRONG Coronavirus "Death Toll" Numbers - Ben Swann

Plus, Sweden is about to reach "herd immunity"?

Video: Fake COVID-19 Data, Erroneous Death Figures - Global Research

According to the CDC the data presented for the United States include both “confirmed” and “presumptive” positive cases of COVID-19 reported to the CDC or tested at CDC labs.
The presumptive (PC) and confirmed cases (CC) are lumped together. And the total number (PC + CC ) constitutes the basis for establishing the data for COVID-19 infection. It’s like adding apples and oranges. The total figure (PC+CC) categorized as “Total cases” is meaningless. And there often no lab report. The figures do not measure positive COVID-19 Infection. And among those “total cases” are “recovered cases”.

Fake Death Certificates.

“Presumed” or “Contributed” is to be put on the Death Certificate, when there is absolutely no proof that COVID19 was the cause of death, nor was there a lab test indicating COVID-19 positive. (M. Ch. Editor)

Social Distancing: the Rationale, the Insanity

In the old days, parents would hold parties for their children at the house of a child who had developed measles. Let the kiddies get the red spots and be done with it. Make them immune. Of course, this accrued zero profit to pharma. Therefore, the idea had to be discredited, and abandoned as too dangerous. Must have a vaccine.
Ah, but COVID-19 is another story, right. It’s deadly.


As Food Banks Struggle to Cope with Demand, Desperate Farmers Dump Unsellable Produce

Even as food banks nationwide are inundated with hungry Americans, many of the country’s farmers are dumping or destroying their harvests. Amidst a pandemic that has seen tens of millions of workers laid off, the nation’s food banks have struggled to cope with the surge in demand for their vital services.

California ER Physicians: Sheltering in Place Does More Harm than Good – Lowers Our Immune System

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care in Kern County, California refuse to wear masks outside. They say the longer people stay inside, the more their immune system drops.

Scientific Study Traces the Evolution and Migration of SARS-CoV-2. Where did the Virus Originate? - Global Research

This is an early study – the sample size is only 160 humans – with 100 types. However, the results are stunning. Among the key conclusions:

  1. There are three major types of coronaviruses, A, B, and C, with type A being the ancestor of SARS-CoV-2 in humans and showing 96.2% similarly to a particular strain of virus in bats.
  2. Most of the viruses in China and Wuhan are of type B while most of the viruses found in America, Europe and Australia are of type A and C. Type C is not found in Mainland China but is found in significant numbers in Hong Kong, S. Korea, and Taiwan.
  3. While Type B is found in large numbers across Mainland China (including Wuhan), it is not found in significant numbers around the rest of the world.
  4. The methodology used was successfully used to trace several clinically verified cases of virus travel from Wuhan out to various nations, including Brazil and Italy. As such, the authors concludes the “character-based phylogenetic networks” methodology was useful and appropriate for studying the spread and evolution of the coronavirus.
  5. Yet, according to the methodology, the earliest sample of virus studied – collected on December 24 2019 in Wuhan – WAS NOT close to being the ancestor of SARS-CoV-2.

Video: Invalid COVID-19 Deaths Revealed. The Death Figures are Erroneous. Illinois Governor and Public Health Official - Global Research

An Admission of Invalid COVID-19 Death from Illinois Governor JB Pritzken’s Daily COVID-19 Update with Director of the Department of Public Health Dr Ngozi Ezike

Economic Collapse Far More Serious Than COVID-19 Contagion - Global Research

During the 1930s in America, an alphabet soup of constructive federal programs aided ordinary people in need, notably by jobs creation — positive actions, though not enough to end hard times for lack of greater spending needed that began in the run-up to and during WW II.
The 9/11 state-sponsored event launched endless wars on humanity at home and abroad.

The US attacked one country after another threatening no one, invented enemies, not real ones.

Police state laws were enacted, human and civil rights suffering a major body blow.

The standard of living in the US and West fell from the ravages of neoliberal harshness.

What Obama called “shared sacrifice” was all about ordinary people sacrificing so privileged ones could share at their expense — the earlier new normal entering its likely more devastating phase now.

COVID-19 combined with economic collapse continue war on humanity where 9/11 left off.

Toxic Agriculture and the Gates Foundation – OffGuardian

The Gates Foundation has rapidly become the most influential actor in the world of global health and agricultural policies, but there’s no oversight or accountability in how that influence is managed.”

During Coronvrius: Cuba to the Rescue, But Don’t Tell the American people

It is truly inspiring that this small, poor island has basic health indicators equal, or better, to those of the world’s richest countries. This is even more remarkable after it has faced a brutal US blockade and sanctions for sixty years. Cuba’s infant mortality rate of 4 per 1,000 live births is lower than in the United States — and that’s according to the CIA! There’s little food on the store shelves and shortages in the pharmacies, but, as Cubans say, “We live like poor people, but we die like rich people.” That’s because their life expectancy of 79 years is the same as in the United States, despite the fact that Cuba spends less than about $800 per person per year on healthcare compared with $11,000 in the United States.
Cuba not only trains its own doctors, it trains doctors from all over the world. The island of only 11 million people is home to the world’s largest international medical school, the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM). Since its founding in 1999, the school has trained over 35,000 young people from 138 countries, including the United States. And here’s the kicker: it’s free.

The Media-produced Fear Is What’s Killing Our Country, Not the Coronavirus - Global Research

The media’s incredibly irresponsible, “shock and awe” reporting on the coronavirus has created a monumental stampede of fear and panic which is a million times more damaging than the virus itself.
Fact #1. Deaths in the U.S. from influenza from 1950 to 2017 ranged from 13.5 to 53.7 per 100,000 (source

Fact #2. Deaths in the U.S. (as of this writing) from the coronavirus is 14.9 per 100,000 (source Bear in mind that this number includes “probable” deaths as well as confirmed deaths from the coronavirus.

Roche CEO: COVID19 Tests "Not Worth Anything – Two of us could do it Overnight in the Garage"

The current state of antibody testing for COVID-19 is “a disaster,” said Roche CEO Severin Schwan, as a large number of potentially inaccurate tests enter the market fueled by sky-high demand.


“These tests are not worth anything, or have very little use,” Schwan said during an early Wednesday conference call regarding the company’s first-quarter earnings, according to Reuters.


“Every kind of amateur could produce an antibody test,” he said. “The two of us could do it overnight in the garage.”

Study Using High Doses Of Malaria Drug Against Coronavirus Stopped Early Due To Patient Deaths – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

A study testing high doses of chloroquine, a malaria drug hyped as a potential treatment for the new coronavirus, has been stopped early after 11 patients died. The outcome came only days after a hospital in France had stopped an experimental treatment using hydroxychloroquine, a similar drug, earlier than intended, citing a “major risk” of heart damage. Both developments represent damaging blows to the pharmaceutical investment industry, which is seeking to benefit financially from the pandemic.
12bytes says: Vitamins C and D3 people, and lots of it. 4 grams (4000 mg.) of C / hr. minimum for an adult ... for any virus.

Pharma Industry Demands ‘Billions’ From Governments To Fund Coronavirus Treatments & Vaccines – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

This news story provides proof that the trillion-dollar a year pharmaceutical industry is deliberately abusing the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Likely To Have ‘Profound’ Mental Health Fallout As Billions Struggle With Isolation – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

With prescriptions for antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs and anti-insomnia drugs recently reported to have increased in the United States by 21 percent, the coronavirus pandemic has become a license to print money for the Pharma Cartel. Forced to remain in their homes as a result of emergency laws imposing draconian restrictions on their personal freedoms, it is hardly surprising that many people are increasingly battling anxiety and depression. In Ireland, around a fifth of people are said to be suffering from post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety as the coronavirus lockdown continues.

Time to Rethink Education - Taki's Magazine - Taki's Magazine

Parents around the country are homeschooling their children, and though that is hardly an easy endeavor, it can still be better than public education in lots of ways. Best of all, parents, by determining what their children study, can save them from the baleful influence to which public schools are almost certain to expose them.

Corona Grab: Who Benefits? - Mimir's Brunnr

Henrik is joined by Mimir's Brunnr to talk about the situation with the Coronavirus in the UK and the larger West. Who benefits from the strict measures that are now imposed (and going to be imposed) in order to "protect us?"


The Dengvaxia Disaster Was Twenty Years in the Making—What Will Happen With a Rushed COVID-19 Vaccine? • Children's Health Defense

Despite the fact that Sanofi tested Dengvaxia in several large clinical trials with more than 30,000 kids globally and published the results in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, there were serious problems. According to epidemiologists who reviewed the data, the trials were riddled with “small inaccur­acies, missing data, and uncalculated risks.” Buried in those clinical trials was a disease enhancement safety signal, but industry and the World Health Organization (WHO) turned a blind eye to the problem, calling it a “theoretical possibility.” Dengvaxia was subsequently admini­ster­ed to thousands of children in the Philippines. It was reported last year that the deaths of approximately 600 children who received the vaccine are under investigation by the Public Attorney’s Office. The vaccine has been permanently banned in the country.

The Dengvaxia Disaster Was Twenty Years in the Making—What Will Happen With a Rushed COVID-19 Vaccine? • Children's Health Defense

Despite the fact that Sanofi tested Dengvaxia in several large clinical trials with more than 30,000 kids globally and published the results in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, there were serious problems. According to epidemiologists who reviewed the data, the trials were riddled with “small inaccur­acies, missing data, and uncalculated risks.” Buried in those clinical trials was a disease enhancement safety signal, but industry and the World Health Organization (WHO) turned a blind eye to the problem, calling it a “theoretical possibility.” Dengvaxia was subsequently admini­ster­ed to thousands of children in the Philippines. It was reported last year that the deaths of approximately 600 children who received the vaccine are under investigation by the Public Attorney’s Office. The vaccine has been permanently banned in the country.

"Scan Your Code!": Dystopian Post-Lockdown 'Normal' In Wuhan Enforced By 'Anti-Virus Patrols' | Zero Hedge

"So far, Wuhan’s answer has been to create a version of normal that would appear utterly alien to people in London, Milan, or New York — at least for the moment," Bloomberg writes. It's a situation that appears 'normal' but with a totalitarian twist: "Bolstered by China’s powerful surveillance state, even the simplest interactions are mediated by a vast infrastructure of public and private monitoring intended to ensure that no infection goes undetected for more than a few hours."

#EmptyHospitals and Mandatory Masks in Houston??? - The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze breaks down recent news in Houston regarding an empty pop up hospital, the cost to the taxpayer, and a recent order for mandatory masks.

Just.....WOW!! Wanna Open the World Back Up? Share THIS!!


Stop snitching on your neighbors...unless you want a police state - Carey Wedler


'Similar to Flu' - Dr. Ioannidis explains why COVID-19 isn't as deadly as previously thought - 21st Century Wire

In this follow-up interview with Stanford University’s Dr John Ioannidis, he explain the findings from three preliminary studies, (including his latest, which shows a drastically reduced infection fatality rate); the negative health and economic effects of draconian ‘lockdown’ policies, as well as Sweden’s non-lockdown approach, Italian data, the pro’s and cons of testing and finally the feasibility of much touted ‘contact tracing’, and much more.

Big Pharma: COVID19 Vaccine by this Fall Not Happening – Mandatory Flu Shots Instead?

forced vaccines
Citizens in places like Pakistan have resisted Western vaccines for years now, to the point where the UN and local law enforcement have had to force vaccinate at gun point, while the Western media calls the parents “ignorant” for refusing vaccines. Is this what is coming to the U.S.?

Why you can’t trust the UK’s “daily” Covid19 updates – OffGuardian

The media then report these numbers as the “daily death toll”, presenting the total as if all these people:
A) Died of Covid19.
B) Died in the preceding 24 hours.

Neither of which is true.

Point A we’ve already covered in great detail. The UK government, like many other national governments, makes no effort whatsoever to distinguish between those who died of the coronavirus and those who died with the coronavirus. Therefore, of the “daily Covid19 deaths”, an unknown number may have died of something else. This is not new information.

Point B is as not as widely known: The reported “daily” death toll is NOT a list of those who died that day.

Essentially, the NHS’s daily mortality reports, which are supposed to cover Covid19 deaths over the previous 24 hours, will regularly, and apparently randomly, include data from many other days, going back six weeks or more.

CDC's Numbers 100% Destroyed by Street Dude With a Piece of Cardboard

If they're not interested in getting the numbers right...what else are they lying to us about?

Death Panel Ezekiel: “No Choice” But Mass Poverty and Death – Another Day in the Empire

If several weeks of state-imposed house arrest and unemployment have maxed out your stress level, wait until you hear what the experts have in mind to “mitigate” a bad seasonal influenza.
Here is Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm, the former mayor Chicago and a Clintonite:

Realistically, COVID-19 will be here for the next 18 months or more. We will not be able to return to normalcy until we find a vaccine or effective medications,” e said. “I know that’s dreadful news to hear. How are people supposed to find work if this goes on in some form for a year and a half? Is all that economic pain worth trying to stop COVID-19? The truth is we have no choice.

You may remember Mr. Emanuel. He’s a “bioethicist” in favor of so-called death panels. He advocated denying medical assistance to old folks who are not “participating citizens,” that is to say sickly retired elders no longer working and paying mandatory financial tribute to the state and its corporate owners.

COVID: The Projection of a Mass Illusion

Official fatuous pronouncements about 1929 would have you believe that every American was, unfortunately, leveraged up to his neck in crashing stocks. Pronouncements about 2020 would have you believe every American has suddenly become a transmitter of a deadly virus. Both big lies.
When it comes to what is laughingly called medical science, the basic energy, drive, ambition, outlook, and inner vision of the individual is discounted. His emotional force is discounted. The resilience of his immune system is discounted. The power of his spiritual beliefs is discounted. His ability to overcome obstacles is discounted. And of course, his natural right to make decisions about his own health is discounted.

Bill Gates — Most Dangerous Philanthropist in Modern History?

Bill Gates, who cofounded Microsoft in 1975, is perhaps one of the most dangerous philanthropists in modern history, having poured billions of dollars into global health initiatives that stand on shaky scientific and moral ground.
Gates’ answers to the problems of the world are consistently focused on building corporate profits through highly toxic methods, be it chemical agriculture and GMOs, or pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. Rarely, if ever, do we find Gates promoting clean living or inexpensive holistic health strategies.

A Handful Of Cops Are Standing Up to Tyranny WITH The People

According to a report from the Federalist, police chiefs from Texas to Washington are standing up against the draconian orders from local power-hunger tyrants demanding strict adherence to extreme social distancing measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Even with manipulated statics designed to strike fear into the masses being blasted all over the news, there is no excuse for the tyranny we are seeing spread all over the planet at a much more rapid rate than this virus could ever hope to achieve. People, by and large, have started looking beyond the falsified “facts” provided by those who don’t care about your health, only about controlling you.

Podcast: Whitney Webb on the Rise of the Biotech Industrial Complex Under COVID-19

In this segment of MintCast, investigative journalist Whitney Webb unpacks the many conflicts of interests at play in the government and corporate COVID-19 response and how the search for a cure ties into a larger agenda to use public fear over the pandemic to build a techno-tyrannical state worthy of Orwell’s “1984.”

Is The Continuing Lockdown Medical...Or Political? - Ron Paul

They say we must "follow the science" and not resist the near-total lockdown of the economy and our way of life. But is "the science" tainted by politics and ideology? Also in today's program: Houston Police push back against Harris County "mandatory mask" orders, the potential danger of ventilators, and a look at Bill Gates' dreams for 2020...

565 Americans Have Lost Their Job For Every Confirmed COVID-19 Death In The US | Zero Hedge

That brings the four-week total to 26.5 million, which is over 10 times the prior worst five-week period in the last 50-plus years.

EPA Makes Pandemic Worse | The Alliance for Natural Health

A recent Harvard study found that a small increase in soot air pollution is associated with a 15% increase in the COVID-19 death rate. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced they are waving multiple environmental laws that reduce air pollution for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19. Through these actions, the EPA is putting us more at risk from COVID-19 infection, prioritizing polluter profits over public health.

Media Bungles COVID-19 Prevention | The Alliance for Natural Health

Mainstream media outlets have come out swinging at the idea that supplements can help you during the COVID-19 pandemic. The takeaway from these articles is that there isn’t anything we can do to protect ourselves until a pharmaceutical intervention is developed. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pandemic And Economic Collapse: The Next 60 Days

Now I would like to tackle a shorter timetable and focus more specifically on the economic side of things, along with the effects of government lockdowns and how they will continue. Yes, that's right, if you think the “reopening” of the economy is going to be widespread, or that it will last, don't get your hopes up. I am using a 60 day model because I have observed that the average non-aware person appears to be about two months behind those of us in the liberty movement in terms of seeing the dangers ahead.

Techno-Tyranny: How The US National Security State Is Using Coronavirus To Fulfill An Orwellian Vision

Last year, a government commission called for the US to adopt an AI-driven mass surveillance system far beyond that used in any other country in order to ensure American hegemony in artificial intelligence. Now, many of the “obstacles” they had cited as preventing its implementation are rapidly being removed under the guise of combating the coronavirus crisis.

Interview 1539 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato : The Corbett Report

Welcome to the 405th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

De-mystifying the Coronavirus Statistics. Read Carefully: The Risks Are Exceedingly Low! - Global Research

Please pay attention to the following statistical facts that contradict what is being propagandized on every media outlet, including television, radio and national, regional and local print media:


1] The reported number of COVID infections (not all lab-confirmed!) in the US (as of today) is 564,000 cases. The US has a population of 330,000,000 (330 million), which, when divided into the 564,000 calculates out (at 0.0017) which represents a miniscule percentage chance of getting infected with COVID (170 infections out of every 100,000 Americans).

2] The risk of dying of COVID in the US (23,000 deaths so far, again an inflated number, mainly because of the many false positive PCR tests and the actual over-counting “guesswork” involved in filling out the death certificates) is even more unlikely at 0.007% (23,000 divided by 330,000,000 equals 0.0000696, or 7 Americans dying from COVID out of every 100,000 Americans).

3] Most of this miniscule risk of dying, it must be emphasized, is borne by the frail, the chronically ill, the elderly, the malnourished, the over-medicated, the over-vaccinated, and the terminally ill patients that are vegetating, often bed-ridden, in nursing homes. etc.

4] An important, but rarely mentioned statistic is the number of presumed COVID-19 deaths per million population [9which does not even prove COVID-19 infection] of any given nation. In the US, that number, as of mid-April is 15 (per million), meaning that only 15 Americans out of every 1,000,000 have died of COVID. That means that 999,985 out of every million Americans HAVE NOT DIED from COVID.

5] To put the US presumed COVID deaths per million into perspective, the number in the Scandinavian countries is in the high teens or twenties per million. Italy’s COVID deaths per million population is 218; Spain’s is 201; Germany’s is 11; Canada’s is 3; Israel’s is 3; China’s is 2 Brazil’s is 1; etc, etc!!)

6] Another important number to understand is the number of all cause deaths that occur each day in any given country, a number that has been averaged out over recent decades. As an example, 2,500 Germans die every day and 7,755 Americans die each day. Naturally, the vast majority of deaths occur in the elderly population that are mostly pre-terminally ill for one reason or another, including what happens during every one of the viral influenza pandemics that occur every year.

7] America’s All-cause Daily Death Number is 7,755 (= 2,830,690 deaths per year); India’s Daily deaths amount to 26,670 deaths; Japan’s is 3,630; Italy’s is 1,737; France’s is 1,647; Russia’s is 1,444; Canada’s is 780; Brazil’s is 920; Australia’s is 447; Sweden’s is 250; Israel’s is 122; etc, etc.

8] And, it is important to realize that the locations of deaths in America occur 60% of the time in a hospital, 20% in nursing homes and the other 20% occur at locations outside of institutions, usually at home.

9] For Minnesota (population 5,600,000), the risk of contracting COVID (total Minnesota cases, as of mid-April = 1621 cases) is a miniscule 0.00289% (1641 divided by 5,600,000 = 0.0000289). The vast majority of the cases are in high density metropolitan areas that are in the southern half of the state.

10] My Duluth home is in St Louis County (population = 199,000). As of April 18, there are 52 cases with 8 deaths, which yields an incidence of 0.000026 (or 0.026 % chance of getting a COVID infection; that is, 26 people are infected out of every 100,000 county residents) and a death rate of 0.000042 (or a 0.004% chance of dying from COVID = 4 people dying out of every 100,000 county residents).

11] The risk of contracting COVID for those of us that live in the northern half of Minnesota is even tinier. There were zero cases Up North until mid-March, following which the numbers only gently trickled up from zero by a handful of cases each day.

12] One must keep in mind that the CDC’s Bureau of Statistics is strongly encouraging (actually ordering?) all American physicians to list “COVID” as the cause of death on discharge and death certificates of every patient that was either test-positive or simply suspected of having COVID during the hospitalization, illness or death at home or on the street. This is true even if the patient was actually a terminally-ill, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) elderly patient who would be expected to succumb to their pre-existent cardiac, pulmonary, renal, immunologic and/or hepatic diseases that were therefore also being “treated” with large numbers of potentially toxic prescription drugs.

13] Because of the significant incidence of faulty and unapproved PCR tests, it is important to be mindful that an unknown, but significant percentage of coronavirus test-positive cases are actually false positive cases and therefore patients with common colds (or even no symptoms at all) can easily be erroneously confirmed as COVID-19! There are also known to be a certain percentage of cases of benign coronavirus illnesses, including A] cases of the common cold that can be caused by a coronavirus; B] cases of MERS or SARS-type coronavirus infections; or C] asymptomatic carriers of one of the many other non-COVID-19 strains of benign coronaviruses.

14] In Iceland’s extensive screening system, there is a 50% false positive rate in totally asymptomatic Icelanders that never developed any flu-like illnesses. Were these folks just on the verge of getting a common cold, carriers of a benign, non-COVID-19 coronavirus or was the test flawed?

15] So, I say to those of us who are fortunate enough to live in non-metropolitan areas like northern Minnesota, take a deep breath, take a walk, take a drive, go to the grocery store, exhale when passing someone on your un-masked walk, consider even giving a big hug to a fellow, un-infected, hug-compliant friend that has quarantined him- or herself for the past couple of weeks – and stop worrying so much.

Contact The World’s Political Leaders – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Use the email addresses and websites below to contact the world’s political leaders. Tell them about Dr. Rath’s Open Letter and encourage them to implement natural health approaches in their countries as a means of controlling the coronavirus.

The Seven-Step Path from Pandemic to Totalitarianism – OffGuardian

As if it was planned in advance, billions of people around the globe are being forced step by rapid step into a radically different way of life, one that involves far less personal, physical and financial freedom and agency

Coronavirus stimulus bill funds State Dept/USAID operations that once helped trigger polio outbreak in Syria | The Grayzone

Passed unanimously by Congress this March, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides $250 million for the State Department to implement “economic, security, and stabilization” activities through an “Economic Support Fund” (ESF). Earmarked for activities through September 2020, the bill authorizes the State Department to fund “international organizations.”
While the bill does not specify which organizations qualify for funding, many recent State Department “security and stabilization” operations have relied heavily on foreign proxies which did exactly the opposite of improving public health systems. This was particularly true in Syria, where the US embarked on a multi-billion-dollar regime-change operation that actively destabilized large swaths of the country, resulting in the resurgence of polio just 15 years after the Syrian government had eradicated it.

The disease likely returned to the country thanks to the infiltration of jihadist fighters from Pakistan, where the CIA had destroyed confidence in anti-polio efforts by launching a fake vaccination drive that doubled as a spying campaign in its hunt for Osama bin Laden.

At the center of the destructive interventions in Syria and Pakistan was the US Agency for International Development (USAID), a State Department subsidiary that functions as the humanitarian arm of American empire.


Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing - 23 ABC News | KERO

(video - two doctors doing a briefing for ABC 23 completely destroy the official (political/globilist) narrative and figures regarding COVID-19)

Who controls the British Government response to Covid–19? | UK Column

As Britain hurtles headlong towards neo-feudalist governance with heightened surveillance, micro-management of society and an uptick in fascistic policing of the draconian measures imposed to combat the "threat" of Covid–19, it is perhaps time to analyse the real forces behind this "new normal".
There is now serious doubt over the correlation between lockdown and saving lives. Reality is creeping into the Covid–19 dialogue. It is becoming apparent that people are getting sick because they are being isolated and effectively living under house arrest, condemned as "murderers" if they so much as think about breaking curfew, being snitched on by neighbours for "gathering" more than two people together in their back gardens.


Ferguson was instrumental in the modelling of the British Government's response to Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in 2001, which Thrusfield describes as "not fit for purpose" (2006) and "seriously flawed" (2012). Thrusfield has highlighted the limitations of Ferguson's mathematical modelling methods, and applied the doubts he expressed over FMD to the current Covid–19 "crisis" response.

An estimated twelve million animals were slaughtered as a result of Ferguson's 2001 initiative. The farming community was devastated by suicides and bankruptcies that irretrievably altered the landscape of British agriculture — forcing healthy smallholdings into agri-corporate mergers and empowering the EU central governance in the agricultural sector.


In 2002, Ferguson predicted that up to 50,000 people would die from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, better known as "mad cow disease", increasing to 150,000 if the epidemic expanded to include sheep. The reality is: "Since 1990, 178 people in the United Kingdom have died from vCJD, according to the National CJD Research & Surveillance Unit at the University of Edinburgh." (2017)

In 2005, Ferguson claimed that up to 200 million people would be killed by bird-flu or H5N1. By early 2006, the WHO had only linked 78 deaths to the virus, out of 147 reported cases.

In 2009, Ferguson and his team at Imperial College advised the government that swine flu or H1N1 would probably kill 65,000 people in the UK. In the end, swine flu claimed the lives of 457 people in the UK.

Now, in 2020, Ferguson and Imperial College have released a report which claims that half a million Britons and 2.2 million Americans may be killed by Covid–19. The report has still not been peer-reviewed; despite this and Ferguson's glaring record of mathematical sensationalism, the British Government has adopted the devastating socio-economic lockdown that Ferguson has proposed.


The VIMC is hosted by the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College. VIMC is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and by "GAVI, the vaccine alliance" (GAVI's own title for itself). Bill and Melinda Gates began funding Imperial College in 2006, four years before the Gates Foundation launched the Global Health Leaders Launch Decade of Vaccines Collaboration (GHLLDVC) and one year after Ferguson had demonstrated his penchant for overblown projections on mortality numbers from H5N1.

Up to the end of 2018, the Gates Foundation has sponsored Imperial College with a whopping $185 million. That makes Gates the second largest sponsor, beaten to the top spot on the podium by the Wellcome Trust, a British research charity which began funding Imperial College prior to Ferguson's FMD débâcle and which, by the end of 2018, had already provided Imperial with over $400 million in funding.


The Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) 2012–2020, endorsed by the 194 member states participating in the World Health Assembly (2012), is led by the same members of the Gates "vaccine decade" consortium, promoted by the WHO, and brings together governments, elected officials, health professionals, academia, manufacturers, global agencies, research and development, civil society, media and the private sector — to promote global immunisation. This is a profit-driven corporate complex harnessing the "humanitarian" sector to lend credence to the claims of philanthropy, or more realistically, philanthrocapitalism.


A glance at the partner page of the GAVI website reveals that not only is GAVI heavily invested in immunisation campaigns, it is also closely connected to the Gates, Microsoft and Rockefeller Foundation seed-funded ID2020 project (Digital Identity Alliance), which incorporates Accenture, Microsoft (Gates), Ideo-Org and Rockefeller Foundation into the GAVI alliance, all with ties to the ID2020 initiative.

ID2020 is promoting the concept that there is a need for universal biometric verification, because "to prove who you are is a fundamental and universal human right," as asserted on the ID2020 website.


"COVID–19 is the perfect Trojan horse for a control freak state itching to not only micromanage the lives of ordinary citizens but also ferret out critics and potential adversaries and punish them as enemies of the state."

It’s Game Over and the Swedish-Belarusian Herd Immunity Model Has Won – Anti-Empire

Game over. The Swedish-Belarussian model has won. Herd immunity is the way to go. Study and random testing shows that 600,000 or one-third of Stockholm county’s population have had the corona infection.
They had no symptoms or so little they did not even know they had it. Some 1,500 died, mortality 0.25%. In tough competition, the seasonal flu is still leading. 0.25% is share of those infected, the mortality to the whole population would be 0.015%, which would make the seasonal flu win hands down.

TAIWAN: No Lockdowns, No Closed Businesses, Non-WHO Member, and Relatively Unaffected by COVID-19

Johns Hopkins University had predicted that Taiwan would have the second most COVID-19 cases in the world, due to its close proximity to Mainland China.
But astonishingly, in spite of being only 80 miles from the coast of China with over 400,000 of its 24 million citizens working in China, as of mid-April, the country only had 400 cases of COVID-19, and only 6 deaths. And the vast majority of their 400 cases came into the country from abroad.

All of this has happened without shutting down the country with lock downs, and with almost all of its businesses continuing to operate. Is Taiwan doing something else the rest of the world is largely missing?


But unlike the U.S. and many other countries, Taiwan did not quarantine the entire nation. They focused on quarantining travelers coming in from abroad in their own homes, while the rest of the nation went about their business, with some restrictions in place such as wearing face masks, and practicing social distancing.

It is hard to argue with their reported results so far, with so few actual cases and very few deaths. They kept the country open, and did not destroy their economy.

What's In It For Bill Gates - Does He Want To Rule The World? - Ron Paul

Bill Gates doesn't need the money, that is for sure. So what motivates him to spend billions of dollars on organizations that seek to destroy our privacy and run our lives? It is a big ego trip...or worse?
Plus - shameful arrest of a mother in Idaho and Texas Governor Abbott's pitifully weak "recovery" plan. All in today's Liberty Report.

No Justification for a Coronavirus. Deprive Americans of Their Civil and Individual Rights - Global Research

Under the guise of protecting the public’s health and safety, there is every reason to believe that the Congress will again betray the American public in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis which provides just the right foil to further deprive Americans of additional Constitutional privileges.


Despite a frightened public willing to remain in home detention, the CDC’s own numbers do not provide the justification for another law in the lineage of a totalitarian state while the mortality numbers are not indicative of a pandemic or even an epidemic.

The CDC numbers should be suspect especially given the agency’s close association with Big Pharma when, in 1983, a negligent Congress allowed the agency to accept Foundation and outside sources of funds. In other words, Big Pharma and its friends are regular contributors to the CDC who will always recoup their investment in some way.

The UN Is Now Admitting That This Coronavirus Pandemic Could Spark Famines Of “Biblical Proportions”

What the head of the UN’s World Food Program just said should be making front page headlines all over the globe. Because if what he is claiming is true, we are about to see global food shortages on a scale that is absolutely unprecedented in modern history. Even before COVID-19 arrived, armies of locusts the size of major cities were voraciously eating crops all across Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia, and UN officials were loudly warning about what that would mean for global food production. And now the coronavirus shutdowns that have been implemented all over the planet have brought global trade to a standstill, they are making it more difficult to maintain normal food production operations, and they have forced countless workers to stay home and not earn a living. All of this adds up to a recipe for a complete and utter nightmare in the months ahead.

Weekly Update --- What If the Lockdown Was All A Big Mistake? - Ron Paul

Ron Paul on the lockdown of the Constitution...

FLU WORLD ORDER: Trump Hires Thiel's Palantir to Track Americans with Chinese-Style Surveillance App - 21st Century Wire

As 21WIRE has pointed out in previous reports, in their response to the coronavirus, Western governments have consistently looked to and copied almost all of the authoritarian measures and tactics employed by the Chinese state. Amid this global panic atmosphere, Western governments seem as keen as ever to show their public and the international community that they have the crisis ‘under control’. However, few politicians or media pundits have bothered to stop and consider whether China’s authoritarian social control grid is both appropriate and practical for western democracies. Is this system really necessary considering that real epidemiological science says that populations will normally be protected by achieving natural herd immunity? How will a total surveillance state imposed on citizens via a ‘virus’ tracking app’ impact the rights and civil liberties of individuals and families? Will this system be used to activate digital ID ‘immunity passports’ and be used to exclude and segregate people?

Billionaire-Backed 'Human Rights Watch' Lobbies for Lethal US Sanctions as COVID Crisis Rages

Human Rights Watch, the leading so-called rights organization in the United States, has actively lobbied for Washington to impose suffocating sanctions on leftist governments in Latin America. The group has even praised the Donald Trump administration for ramping up its aggressively destabilizing regime-change measures.

Blacklash Inevitable After Moscow’s Incompetent Rat Mayor Bungles Draconian Anti-Flu Measures

On Saturday, April 11, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the introduction of special digital passes in Moscow, starting on Wednesday, April 15.
Confusion was gathering momentum when a new app was discovered the same night, created by the Digital Development Ministry, called “Gosuslugi STOP Coronavirus.” When Muscovites started downloading it, they at once saw that the app required them to get a new pass for every trip to a shop or pharmacy and to walk the dog — and this was contrary to Sobyanin’s statement that the pass would be needed only to move in a car.

WATCH: Pastor Fined $1,200 for 'Violating' Social Distancing to Feed the Homeless

As TFTP reported earlier this month, in an act of “civil disobedience” Dr. Armen Henderson, a medical doctor at the University of Miami, defied the government’s stay at home order to fight the coronavirus pandemic on the front lines — and not in the safety of a hospital. The doctor took to the streets of Miami late last month to provide a much needed service and test the city’s homeless population for COVID-19.

Viral Video Arrest Of Idaho Mom At Neighborhood Playground Sparks Backlash - Activist Post

Police say that when they showed up they saw that caution tape and metal signs prohibiting the play area’s use had been removed, and they “observed numerous individuals gathered on the closed playground area.”

NYC Mayor Asks Residents To Snitch On Social Distancing Violators, Gets Dick Pics And Hitler Memes Instead | Techdirt

An NYPD source said that “dick pic” photos of real penises have also been texted to 311, and a caller phoned in a tip that de Blasio was seen performing oral sex on someone “in an alleyway behind a 7-11” early Sunday.

Covid-19: Check the Source of your Information! War against… Corruption? - Global Research

I am a doctor: seven years at medical school, three years of applications, four years of doctoral studies to obtain my MD in Belgium, in 1995. From 1997 to 2003, I specialised in anaesthesia-recovery, then in intensive care. For the last 17 years, I have worked in this field, now in the spotlight during this viral pandemic called Covid-19. I am therefore particularly qualified from a medical standpoint.


When it comes to healthcare, our societies have taken decisions rife with repercussions.

First, they decided to select, both on a supranational and a national level, one single committee as the official scientific reference point for world governments. All health decisions affecting millions if not billions of people now hinge on the recommendations of the experts in this one committee.

Second, they have granted these different committees and their experts unwavering trust: the kind of trust that once accorded, is never questioned.

As such, if these experts announce something, it is deemed to be truth. No criticism ensues.

On a global scale, we have the WHO, the World Health Organisation [5]. The WHO dictates, influences and directs the health policies in every country worldwide.

White House Press Corps Caught on Hot Mic "Take Off the Masks...It's a HOAX!" - HighImpactFlix


Let Them Eat Ice Cream! - #PropagandaWatch

Marie Antoinette didn't actually say "Let them eat cake" but you won't believe who is saying "Let them eat ice cream." Join James for this edition of #PropagandaWatch as he explores the latest fad among the celebrities and political puppets: Shaming poor people!

Coronavirus False Flag - Global Research

The coronavirus crisis is a false flag on a global scale. Sound evidence demonstrates that the mortality rate is similar to that of the flu — about .1% — so the “lockdown” shock is clearly unjustified. (1)


We the people are also being targeted. The pre-planned implosion of the economy will impoverish the vast majority globally, but the large corporations, the large monopolies — all bailed-out by you and me — will benefit by buying undervalued assets and bankrupted businesses. Corona will be falsely blamed for the bankrutpcies and widespread poverty.

What Did U.S. Intel Really Know About the ‘Chinese’ Virus? — Strategic Culture

The burning question is inevitable: how could the NCMI possibly know all about a viral pandemic, still in November, when Chinese doctors positively identified the first cases of a new type of pneumonia only on December 26?
Add to it the intriguing question of why the NCMI was so interested in this particular flu season in China in the first place – from plague cases treated in Beijing to the first signs of a “mysterious pneumonia outbreak” in Wuhan.


This chain of events reopens, once again, a mighty Pandora’s box. We have the quite timely Event 201; the cozy relationship between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the WHO, as well as the Word Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins galaxy in Baltimore, including the Bloomberg School of Public Health; the ID2020 digital ID/vaccine combo; Dark Winter – which simulated a smallpox bio-attack on the U.S., before the 2001 anthrax attack being blamed on Iraq; U.S. Senators dumping stocks after a CDC briefing; more than 1,300 CEOs abandoning their cushy perches in 2019, “forecasting” total market collapse; the Fed pouring helicopter money already in September 2019 – as part of QE4.


It’s never enough to repeat the question in full: how could U.S. intel have known about a contagion one month before Chinese doctors detected an unknown virus?

Mike “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal” Pompeo may have given away the game when he said, on the record, that Covid-19 was a “live exercise”. Adding to the ABC News and Israeli reports, the only possible, logical conclusion is that the Pentagon – and the CIA – knew ahead of time a pandemic would be inevitable.

Human Lab Rats: The U.S. Government’s Secret History of Grisly Experiments - Global Research

I have never known any government to put the best interests of its people first, and this COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.
Now this isn’t intended to be a debate over whether COVID-19 is a legitimate health crisis or a manufactured threat. Such crises can—and are—manipulated by governments in order to expand their powers. As such, it is possible for the virus to be both a genuine menace to public health and a menace to freedom.

Yet we can’t afford to overlook the fact that governments the world over, including the U.S. government, have unleashed untold horrors upon the world in the name of global conquest, the acquisition of greater wealth, scientific experimentation, and technological advances, all packaged in the guise of the greater good.

While the U.S. government is currently looking into the possibility that the novel coronavirus spread from a Chinese laboratory rather than a market, the virus could just as easily have been created by the U.S. government or one of its allies.

COVID-19: Comparing Results of LOCKDOWN vs NON-LOCKDOWN States - 21st Century Wire

All of this should beg the question: why did governments from Lockdown states ignore the real science and opt instead for an experimental medieval-style universal-national quarantine approach? Is it possible that mass-panic and rushed Lockdown polices have actually contributed to more unnecessary deaths and collateral damage that could have otherwise been avoided by adopted a more cool, calm and intelligent science-based approach taken by Non-Lockdown countries like Sweden, Japan, Iceland, Belarus, South Korea and Taiwan? What’s more, the Non-Lockdown countries and states have achieved much more favorable results without having to ruin their economies and societies by voluntarily initiating a downward spiral that could end up being hundreds of millions of lives, families, businesses and communities in the process. Lockdown governments may have also put their own populations at a great long-term risk by denying their own populations the opportunity of achieving natural ‘herd immunity’, thus putting them at greater risk to a ‘second wave’ of COVD-19 infections.

The Truth About India's Totalitarian Response to COVID19

Derrick Broze talks with Yohan Tengra of Anarchy Freedom India to discuss the authoritarian response to COVID19. Local police are violently abusing the nations poorest communities and rolling out the technocratic state.

From nanny choppers to police break-ins: Top absurd crackdowns in the fight against Covid-19 — RT World News

As coronavirus lockdowns go on without an end in sight, local authorities are testing the limits of their captive populations — from sending helicopters to break up football games, to recording license plates of rogue worshipers.
The coronavirus epidemic has most of the world going stir-crazy under lockdown — except for the police who’ve been given unprecedented powers to enforce a tempting slate of new laws — and a few rules that they seem to be making up as they go along. Here are some of the silliest — and most disturbing.

Coronavirus Lockdown Hysteria: How Did We Get Here? - Brian Young

Bring Young from High Impact Vlogs/Flix join Henrik to discuss how the wealthiest, most powerful & influential bankers and businessmen are benefiting from the Coronavirus lockdown. We cover how we ended up where we are, how they did it and what we'll be looking at moving forward.

Six Feet Apart in the Sunshine – OffGuardian

The War on Terror, the War on Drugs, the U.S. is always at war with someone or something. I am not buying this war any more than I have bought the others.

So About that 5G-60 GHz-COVID19 Connection...

Derrick Broze dives deep into the theories surrounding 5G, the 60 GHz frequency, and COVID-19.


US farm relief program hands billions to agribusiness while millions lack food - World Socialist Web Site

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced plans on Friday, April 17, for a farm relief program. Funded largely through the CARES Act, the $19 billion package will be used to funnel funds to corporate farms while providing little assistance for the vast majority of small or working farmers.

“Artificial Intelligence Plan" That Became "Coronavirus Plan” & “China Did It” Narrative Is WMDs 2.0 - The Last American Vagabond

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.

The Future of a Free Humanity Depends on Our Actions Today

I fear that while many people understand the obvious magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are far less people who recognize the truly historic nature of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The governments of the world and the official “authoritative” sources are doing what every experienced politician does best: never let a good crisis go to waste.

Welcome to Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Helen of Destroy

the pandemic response is increasingly taking on a "pod-people" cast. step out of line & some formerly-unremarkable citizen will go bug-eyed & scream at you (for not wearing a mask while sitting in your car alone with the windows rolled up, or while out on your bike; or some citizen snitch will swoop in & declare you can't buy an item they declare non-essential). a nation that once at least pretended to be all about Freedom has finally admitted it's all about Snitching & no one has batted (pun intended) an eye. in the movies, this was accomplished through an invasion of interstellar seed pods - in real life, it's more a long slow transformation done through ruling class entities like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, & more recently the G8s Foundation whose name one is not allowed to speak. this is headed somewhere ugly - the usual "divide & conquer" program is coming to a head...

U.S. Surgeon General Drops Outdated WHO, CDC, Gates Pandemic Model

Older models have predicted as many as a million deaths, which later were reduced to about 100,000-240,000, then again to 93,531, 81,766, and finally to the current number of 60,145 by August. That’s less than the number of people who died of the flu during the particularly bad season of 2017-2018.
Using these unreliable models, Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates have been threatening shutdowns of businesses for anywhere from six months to a year and until they can get the public inoculated with a new, minimally tested vaccine. Some experts have called this a “grossly disproportionate response”.


“Lockdown mandates…are sending the economy into a tailspin and wreaking havoc with our liberties,” says constitutional scholar John W. Whitehead, as many are wondering whether the government should retain the right to shut down private businesses and force healthy people into quarantine at all.

Dr Brownstein | The Good News Is Still There: Death Rate for COVID Falling in New Study

Folks, this is a perfect example of “Fake News.” COVID-19 is neither infecting everyone nor is it killing the vast majority who get infected. I have been writing about his since the start of the crisis. The best advice I can give you is to turn off the news. I can’t stomach watching it. I have been treating patients with COVID for the past 6 weeks and finding success in using vitamins (A, C, D) and iodine along with IV dosing of hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C and ozone.

Facebook Bans Stay-At-Home Protests Posts Calling them "Harmful Mis-information" - Ben Swann

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company won't allow promotion of protests 'that defy government's guidance' on social distancing

COVID19: Expert opinions that challenge the official narrative. Why are they being censored? - vanessa beeley

What is more important to you? Freedom or obeissance?

Cory Morningstar of has been compiling some of the opinions of eminent scientists, medical experts and analysts that challenge the dominant #COVID19 narratives.

Why are these experts being censored?

Ignorant Or Evil...What's Really Behind The Shutdown Madness? - Ron Paul

The coronavirus models have been so spectacularly wrong that it's hard to believe it was just incompetence. As we move from "lockdown to flatten the curve" to "lockdown until coronavirus disappears" who and what are behind this seeming descent into madness? What about the economic collapse - was coronavirus a convenient distraction from what was already cooked into the cake?

A Voice of Reason in Storm of Corona Hysteria - 21st Century Wire

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, a number of independent publications and journalists have come under attack from corporate and state-run media outlets and their pundits defending risky government ‘lockdown’ policies and the suspension of civil liberties. However, as the tide begins to turn and governments’ lockdown logic rapidly erodes, these dissenting voices are now being vindicated. One voice of sanity amid all the pro-government hysteria has been British journalist Peter Hitchens.

SARS-CoV-2 Mortality Is Distorted

SouthFront offers a scientific-based survey providing an in-depth look at the real death toll statistics and the spread of SARS-COV-2.

The Gates Foundation's Vaccination Activism - multipolar

Second only to the USA, the BMGF is one of the largest donors to the World Health Organization (WHO) and paid it more than $200 million in 2018 – more than Germany, France and Sweden combined in the same period. But this is not the only way in which the WHO is financed by Gates. GAVI, formerly known as the "Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation", provided the WHO with an additional $150 million in 2018. One of GAVI's main donors is again the BMGF, with $1.5 billion in 2016, for example.
It can therefore be said that the BMGF and thus the Gates family and Warren Buffett are the main source of income for the WHO through direct and indirect channels, which raises questions about its independence from these sources of finance. In addition, the BMGF also provided funding for the establishment of the "Coalition for Epidemic Prevention Innovation" (CEPI), which is concerned with the research and development of vaccines, amounting to around $100 million in 2017. In addition, the Foundation regularly supports non-governmental organisations such as PATH, which are involved in the development of vaccination technologies, with millions of dollars in funding. The list of BMGF's beneficiaries also includes the largest global pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi Aventis. The comprehensive influence of the BMGF in the vaccination sector is therefore obvious.
In the Corona crisis, it is striking that institutions that currently play an important role are likewise supported by the BMGF. For example, Johns Hopkins University which maintains the worldwide corona statistics that are disseminated in all media, regularly receives large donations. In the last ten years only, more than $200 million have been transferred to the university by the Gates Foundation. The purpose of the donations was family planning programs.

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute as the responsible national epidemiological agency received $250,000 in November 2019. The Charité in Berlin (employer of Prof. Christian Drosten, one of the most important government advisors during the crisis) received a total of more than $300,000 in 2019 and 2020. As with the WHO, the presumption of a conflict of interest is obvious if these institutions or their employees make policy recommendations that have an impact on companies that the Foundation sponsors or in which it invests for financial purposes.


The Foundation's activities in Germany are not limited to health aspects. It also provides financial support to established media. For example, Germany´s leading news magazine DER SPIEGEL received $2.5 million in December 2018 and the leading weekly newspaper Die ZEIT received $300,000 in December 2019.


Furthermore, the Foundation is one of the organisers of the pandemic simulation known as "Event 201", which took place in October 2019 shortly before the outbreak of the corona crisis. Other participants were – again – Johns Hopkins University and the World Economic Forum.

Given the many financial connections to influential institutions in the health care industry and the media, the BMGF and its associated institutions should be given special attention. This applies in particular to the prominent role that Bill Gates wants to assume in crisis management and which he is also offered without any critical consideration.


On the question of the aim of Gates' vaccination activism, it is worth listening to Gates himself. At a TED talk in 2010 he stated the following regarding the CO2 problem and a possible part of its solution:

"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent."


Furthermore, the tetanus vaccinations were administered without any particular health necessity and only to women between the ages of 14 and 49, which gave rise to the suspicion that they might be covert vaccinations for birth control. These are related to human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the hormone responsible for the onset and maintenance of a pregnancy.


A scientific paper published in October 2017 by the Universities of Louisiana (USA) and British Columbia (Canada), together with Dr. Wahome Ngare, confirmed the allegations made. The planned five vaccinations instead of the usual procedure for tetanus were identical to those for population control and the exclusive composition of the target group of girls and women of childbearing age could not be convincingly justified.

Moreover, the campaign was coordinated from a hotel rather than a medical facility, and the delivery and collection of the vaccine was carried out under police protection. The work of the nurses was also monitored by WHO and police. Pregnancy hormones were detected in the secretly tested vaccine doses, while the vaccine doses delivered later by the WHO tested consistently negative, the scientists said. The suspicion of an attempted manipulation by swapping the vaccine is therefore obvious and would also explain the extensive and unusual safety measures taken when handling the original vaccine. The essential role of the WHO in covert measures of forced sterilization and thus population control could therefore be proven for Kenya.

In this context, the scientists also looked at the history of population control measures within WHO, which has been operating under the euphemistic name of "family planning" since the organization was founded in 1945. The WHO research programme on vaccine development for population control started in 1972 and a study was published in 1976. According to the scientists, the WHO "services" of sterilization without the consent of those affected have been known since the 1970s, while the cases mentioned by Dr. Ngare also caused outrage in Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines in the 1990s.

The Gates Foundation, originally established in 1994 by Gates' father William Gates Sr., still funds family planning activities today. As mentioned above, Johns Hopkins University has received more than $200 million for this purpose in the last ten years. In addition, the BMGF also funds the Planned Parenthood organization, which was led by Bill Gates' father when the younger Gates was a teenager, and which originally emerged from the American Birth Control League. The funding of the WHO and the vaccination activism of the Gates Foundation, also in the name of population control, seem to be the continuation of a family tradition.


The "Digital Identity Alliance", or "ID 2020", says it is concerned with the creation of a digital identity that will enable people to identify themselves across borders while retaining control over their personal data. The founding partners of the project are Gates' company Microsoft, the Gates-sponsored vaccination alliance GAVI, the management consultancy Accenture and the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the oldest and wealthiest foundations in the USA.


Gates agreed and stressed that we could only return to normality "when we have either found a miracle cure that works in 95 percent of cases or when we have developed a vaccine". He also emphasized that "we" (!) will ultimately administer the vaccine to be developed "to seven billion people". The question arises as to who Gates is thinking of when he speaks of "we" in this context. One may assume that it is also the institutions supported by his foundation.

How the National Security State Is Using Coronavirus to Push AI-Driven Mass Surveillance

Now, less than a year later, the coronavirus crisis has helped spawn a slew of headlines in just the last few weeks that paint AI very differently, including “How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Fight Coronavirus,” “How AI May Prevent the Next Coronavirus Outbreak,” “AI Becomes an Ally in the Fight Against COVID-19,” “Coronavirus: AI steps up in battle against COVID-19,” and “Here’s How AI Can Help Africa Fight the Coronavirus,” among numerous others.
It is indeed striking how the coronavirus crisis has seemingly fulfilled the NSCAI’s entire wishlist and removed many of the obstacles to the mass adoption of AI technologies in the United States. Like major crises of the past, the national security state appears to be using the chaos and fear to promote and implement initiatives that would be normally rejected by Americans and, if history is any indicator, these new changes will remain long after the coronavirus crisis fades from the news cycle. It is essential that these so-called “solutions” be recognized for what they are and that we consider what type of world they will end up creating – an authoritarian technocracy.

Video: Respiratory Doctor Exposes the Fake Virus Pandemic - Global Research

This brave and intelligent respiratory doctor has blown the whistle on the fake pandemic that is COVID-19. He joins the ranks of a growing number of doctors on the frontlines who are reporting that this so-called pandemic simply doesn’t add up, due to various reasons that have been reported by independent and citizen journalists: empty hospitals, inflated figures and people being falsely counted as COVID-19 cases.
This respiratory doctor also exposes the COVID-19 test itself as useless. It is not testing for the virus but rather the reaction to the virus. Since it is a PCR test and not the gold standard of isolation and purification etc. (Koch’s postulates discussed here), it is merely testing for RNA sequences that could be caused by many other things, not a dreaded new coronavirus strain.

The PCR test is limited in function and flawed if used for broad diagnosis; it uses cycles to amplify the RNA sequence, which leads to many people getting a “positive” that in reality could be from cancer, radiation or many other things. He also had some scathing things to say about his fellow doctors just going along with the program and not asking the tough questions, a sad reflection on the profession, since it is well-known people look up to doctors and give away their power to perceived authority.

WATCH: Perspectives on the Pandemic #4 – OffGuardian

In this long-awaited follow-up to his interview in late March, Dr. John Ioannidis discusses the results of three preliminary studies, (including his latest, which shows a drastically reduced infection fatality rate); the worrisome effects of the lockdown; the Swedish approach; the Italian data; the ups and downs of testing; the feasibility of “contact tracing”, and much more.

Interview 1538 – Kit Knightly on Off-Guardian’s Corona Coverage : The Corbett Report

Kit Knightly of joins us to discuss the site’s ongoing coverage of the corona crisis. From experts questioning the panic to death figure over-estimates to pushback against the new normal, today we highlight the work of those who are speaking truth to power on the defining event of our age . . . and point out those who are cheering on the out-of-control police state.

Texas Attorney General's Office Says It Can Toss People In Jail For Suggesting Coronavirus Fears Are A Legit Reason To Vote From Home | Techdirt

Finally, to the extent third parties advise voters to apply for a mail-in ballot based solely on fear of contracting COVID-19, such activity could subject those third parties to criminal sanctions imposed by Election Code section 84.0041.

Video: COVID-19: Closing Down the Economy Is Not the Solution - Global Research

The unspoken truth is that the novel coronavirus provides a pretext to powerful financial interests and corrupt politicians to precipitate the entire World into a spiral of mass unemployment, bankruptcy and extreme poverty.


IDPH Director explains how Covid deaths are classified

"If you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means technically even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it's still listed as a COVID death. So, everyone who's listed as a COVID death doesn't mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of the death." Dr. Ezike outlined.

Air pollution may be ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 deaths – study | Environment | The Guardian

The analysis shows that of the coronavirus deaths across 66 administrative regions in Italy, Spain, France and Germany, 78% of them occurred in just five regions, and these were the most polluted.

Coronavirus Roundtable With Dr. Buttar & Dr. Mikovits - How Your System Is Being Used Against You

I was honored to be a part of a Coronavirus roundtable discussion with Dr. Rashid Buttar & Dr. Judy Mikovits recently where we discussed many different aspects of COVID-19 and the lies and misinformation surrounding this topic.

Montana County Demands People Wear Government-Issued Arm Bands To Do Business

In what might be one of the most over-the-top and draconian responses to coronavirus yet seen in Montana, Valley County is mandating that people wear government-issued pink arm bands in under to purchase products inside of stores. The measure, enforced by the Valley County Health Department, insists that store-owners keep customers out unless they have the pink arm-bands, which denote the customer has been in the area more than 14 days and submitted to quarantine protocol.

Early Antibody Testing Indicates Far More COVID-19 Cases, Lower Mortality Rate – NBC Los Angeles

Preliminary results from an antibody testing program indicates the number of COVID-19 infections in Los Angeles County far exceeds the number of confirmed cases, with potentially more than 400,000 residents having been infected at some point, University of Southern California researchers and county health officials announced Monday.
The good news from the antibody study, researchers said, is that the mortality rate from the illness is much lower than currently estimated. The bad news is that there are potentially hundreds of thousands of residents who are unknowingly infected with the illness and not showing any symptoms, but are still capable of spreading it to others.
12bytes says: The possibility that there are "hundreds of thousands of residents who are unknowingly infected" is not "bad news" as the article claims. In fact, getting the virus is the only way to develope natural immunity which is permanant immunity, unlike the potential and temporary immunity that vaccines offer, along with all the other potential side effects of the toxins contained in vaccines.

Techno-Tyranny: How The US National Security State Is Using Coronavirus To Fulfill An Orwellian Vision

Last year, a government commission called for the US to adopt an AI-driven mass surveillance system far beyond that used in any other country in order to ensure American hegemony in artificial intelligence. Now, many of the “obstacles” they had cited as preventing its implementation are rapidly being removed under the guise of combating the coronavirus crisis.

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Bill Gates, ID2020 & Vaccine Microchips - Spiro Skouras

Today we are going to fact check the fact checkers regarding many online reports that bill gates wants to implant microchips in people using vaccines to fight the coronavirus.

In this report we are going to focus on two articles that were published which claim to be the arbiters of truth, in these confusing times.

So, Is the claim that Bill Gates wants to inject you with a vaccine that contains a microchip to track who has and has not been vaccinated true?

Amazon Helps Spread Orwellian CV-1984 Love, New Thermal Cameras Take Temperature Of Employees - Activist Post

Essentially, this furthers the push for CV-1984 technology to be indoctrinated as the “new normal” then implemented and adopted by the masses. Of course, if your employer installs this technology you really have no choice as a wage slave but to follow the rules. However, what you should know is that these devices are not foolproof, U.S. health officials have warned that people can spread coronavirus without showing symptoms such as a fever by being asymptomatic. It’s also worth mentioning that fevers can be masked by over-the-counter drugs (OTC).

A Full Interview With Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis About COVID-19 “Hysteria” – Collective Evolution

The study, based on its findings, suggested that the number of infected people is somewhere between 50 and 85 times more compared to what’s been thought and compared to what has been documented so far. Immediately that means the infection fatality rate, the chance of dying, or probably of dying if you are infected diminishes by 50 to 85 fold because the denominator in the calculation becomes 50 to 85 fold bigger. Their data suggests that COVID-19 has an infection fatality rate that is in the same ball park as seasonal influenza, and they hypothesize that this is probably the case all over the world.

Fake Coronavirus Data, Fear Campaign. Spread of the COVID-19 Infection - Global Research

Do not let yourself be misled by the fear campaign, pointing to a Worldwide coronavirus calamity with repeated “predictions” that hundreds of thousands of people are going to die.
These are boldface lies. Scientific assessments of the health impacts of the COVID-19 have been withheld, they do not make the headlines.

PhD Epidemiologist: Social Distancing and Lockdown Worst Way to Deal with Airborne Respiratory Virus

This video lecture from Professor Knut Wittkowski has received over 1 million views since it was published earlier this month (April, 2020). He believes that the current approach being implemented to fight the COVID-19 outbreak is “the absolutely worst way to deal with an airborne respiratory virus,” and “that the schools be open now, so that the virus may spread harmlessly among the young, and thus shorten the amount of time the elderly and immune compromised must be sequestered.”

Tennesseans Protest Coronavirus Lockdown Order Across State - 'Stop Living in Fear' - 21st Century Wire

On Sunday, citizens across multiple cities in the state of Tennessee protested the ‘Safer at Home’ orders – Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Jackson and Memphis all held rallies putting pressure on Governor Bill Lee to end the statewide lockdown.

New Numbers: Economic Downturn Could Kill Hundreds of Thousands of Children in 2020

Even the most authoritarian of all regimes, the U.N., is warning about the upcoming death toll due to the economic destruction by governments. The United Nations is saying hundreds of thousands of children are likely to die in the upcoming year because of the economic depression caused by the lockdowns.
Let’s be clear: the pandemic didn’t cause the economy to crash. The tyrannical and draconian commands from governments and people willing to obey those commands crashed the economy.

REVEALED: UK Ministers Knew Crisis Had Peaked Before Lockdown, But Panicked Anyway - 21st Century Wire

Since March, 21WIRE has consistently said draconian lockdown measures being pushed by countries like the UK, France, US and Canada – were ill-informed and not at all necessary in order to ‘contain’ the coronavirus. Moreover, we have consistently stated across many media platforms that these were not science-based decisions either, but rather political decisions taken by government officials as part of a mass-panic, alongside a parallel roll-out of a broader authoritarian agenda. For this, our publication and its contributors were attacked and marginalised by other media outlets and pundits who insisted this was a ‘conspiracy theory’ and that we should accept the government’s rationale for unprecedented lockdown policies and the suspension of democracy and civil liberties. However, since then, a number of eminent experts have emerged who are also saying the same thing we were over the duration of this crisis.

We are Currently Not Measuring the Incidence of Coronavirus Diseases, but the Activity of the Specialists Searching for Them - Global Research

According to a prospective ARI-virus monitoring in Scotland from 2005 to 2013, the most common pathogens of acute respiratory diseases were: 1. rhinoviruses, 2. influenza A viruses, 3. influenza B viruses, 4. RS viruses and 5. coronaviruses.

The Lying Media And The Folly Of Lockdown - With David Stockman - Ron Paul

Legendary investor and former OMB Director David Stockman joins today's Liberty Report to take a hard look at the shutdown that has brought the US economy to its knees. Was it really necessary...and how can we ever recover?

The Swine Flu Fraud Of 1976, on 60 Minutes

CBS ” 60 MINUTES” documentary on the swine flu epidemic of 1976 in the U.S. It went on air only once and was never shown again. Watch this video documentary and listen to testimony of people who caught Gullian-Barre paralysis because of the swine flu vaccine. They sued the US government for damages.
Should you rush and take the vaccine that is about to be released for A/H1N1 swine flu? I don’t think so. Even if you do catch it, so what? It is only a mild 3-4 days flu. Dr. Russell Blaylock on 1976 Swine Flu and Current Outbreak :

I was in the military during the first swine flu scare in 1976. At the time it became policy that all soldiers would be vaccinated for swine flu. As a medical officer I refused and almost faced a court martial, but the military didn’t want the bad publicity. Despite the assurance by all the experts in virology, including Dr. Sabin, the epidemic never materialized.

What did materialize were 500 cases of Gullian-Barre paralysis, including 25 deaths—not due to the swine flu itself, but as a direct result of the vaccine. At the time President Gerald Ford, on advice from the CDC, called for vaccination of the entire population of the United States.

10 Billionaires Gained $51 Billion Last Week Including Tech Giants Bezos, Gates, Musk and Zuckerberg - Activist Post

The pandemic obviously hasn’t had a negative financial impact on everybody. This includes tech giants who have a tendency to market their own often unsafe products to everyone from cradle-to-grave while taking extreme measures to keep their own kids away from them.

Orwellian Lockstep and a Loaded Syringe - Global Research

We need look no further than the current coronavirus issue to understand how vested interests are set to profit by spinning the crisis a certain way and how questionable science is being used to pursue policies that are essentially illogical or ‘unscientific’. Politicians refer to ‘science’ and expect the public to defer to the authority of science without questioning the legitimacy of scientific modelling or data.

COVID-19: A Diabolical US Anti-China Plot? - Global Research

The US has a long disturbing history of bio-and-chemical warfare, waging it against Native Americans, during its Civil War, in WW I and II, and all its wars thereafter against invented enemies to the present day — along with homeland experiments.
Since at least the early 1940s, the US conducted research, development, and testing of bioweapons at Fort Detrick, MD, later at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore labs, Pine Bluff, AR and Dugway Proving Ground, UT.

Biological agents were introduced in New York, San Francisco, and other US cities to learn the effects of germ warfare.

The CIA’s Project MKULTRA research produced drugs and biological agents for mind control and behavioral modification.

The history of US development and use of banned weapons is long and disturbing.

Arsenals of chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons are maintained by the Pentagon and CIA.

Coronavirus Lockdown and What You Are Not Being Told – Part 2 – OffGuardian

We are going to look at the evidence which strongly suggests the State and the MSM, adhering to a globalist agenda, have colluded to mislead the public into believing the COVID 19 (C19) threat is far greater than it actually is.

The Pandemic as a Stealth Attack on ALL Nations – COVID19 Response Platform

KOEN JACOBS – When you want to control the entire planet – if you’re Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, the UN, a revisionist zionist cult and/or an international banking cartel – but you know at the same time that you will never be able to invade all the nations that you would like to see destroyed then your only option is for those nations to destroy themselves and each other.

How state-employed epidemiologists got it wrong


Is Amnesia a Symptom of Covid-19?, by Gilad Atzmon - The Unz Review

I ask because just three years ago the USA experienced one of its most severe influenza outbreaks in recent memory. I am talking about the 2017-18 influenza that according to The American Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was associated with “45 million illnesses, 21 million medical visits, 810,000 hospitalizations.” By September 2018 CNN announced that as many as 80.000 were dead for reasons associated with the outbreak.
The number of flu cases that year in the USA alone was about 18 times higher than the current number of Novel Coronavirus cases worldwide (2.5 million so far). The number of hospitalized American patients was more than 4 times higher than those who have been hospitalised in the USA with Coronavirus symptoms (200.000 to date). The fatalities/hospitalized ratio that year was around 0.1, about the same ratio we saw in Northern Italy last month. And if all of that isn’t enough, the number of American fatalities in 2017-18 was more than three times the deaths currently associated with Covid-19.

Coronavirus No. 3: Why You Are Now In Great Danger - Vernon Coleman

The lockdown remedy for coronavirus is deadlier than the disease. Dr Vernon Coleman explains why far more people will die from the so-called "cure" than the coronavirus.

The Massive Covid-19 Hoax - Global Research

By all accounts and from the very beginning it was clear that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) was at the very most a bad cold – little more dangerous than the annual flu – but being deliberately hyped to stampede the public into a tangled web of bad policies.
As early as last month cooler-headed experts warned that hyped death rates spread by politicians, the Western corporate media, other various panic-mongers, and even World Health Organization (WHO) officials would give way to much, much lower death rates as more people were tested, found to have had the virus, and showed little to no symptoms.

The numbers of infections versus deaths in Iceland where testing has been the most widespread shows a death rate of about 0.5%, though only 5% of the population has been tested. 50% of those tested showed no symptoms at all meaning that many, many more Icelanders likely had the virus, overcame it with ease, and never visited a doctor or hospital to avail themselves for testing or to make into national Covid-19 statistics.

Another study conducted in the United States by Stanford University found the infection rate was likely 50-85 times higher than reported – meaning the death rate was astronomically lower than reported at around 0.2% to as low as 0.12% – not the 3-4% claimed by the World Health Organization.


Should the media present Covid-19 deaths in the context of and in comparison to annual deaths from the flu, Americans – for example – would see that versus the 2019 flu season, Covid-19 is actually 30,000-40,000 deaths short of just matching the common flu – saying nothing of living up to the hype and hysteria the government and media have deliberately created around Covid-19 to justify lockdowns.


During a manufactured health crisis like the 2009 H1N1 “Swine Flu” outbreak, the unfounded fear of an uncontrollable pathogen ravaging the population helped justify the centralizing of control over people’s health and lifestyle while pumping billions in pubic funding into the coffers of big-pharma.

And here we are again with the very same interests who lied to us about all of the above, doing it again and on a much larger and more destructive scale – creating socioeconomic havoc virtually no one will escape completely.

Protests Build Across U.S. as Public Begin to Release True Scale of Government Recklessness - 21st Century Wire

As reality begins to dawn on American and the the atmosphere of mass-panic and hysteria gradually wears off, citizens are now coming out in droves and demanding answers as to why the country was shut down on the basis of completely baseless and elaborate doomsday predictions being promulgated by government officials last month. The result of Federal and State government gamble has been tens of millions of Americans forced into unemployment, with hundreds of thousands of businesses already destroyed, as well as communities across the country now fractured and broken.

Cheney’s 'One Percent Doctrine' Comes the Field of Public Health - Original

"…the median age of the deceased is 81 and more than two thirds of these people had diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or were ex-smokers. 14% were over 90 years of age, 42 % were between 80 and 89, 32.4 % between 70 and 79, 8.4 % between 60 and 69, and 2.8% between 50 and 59. In that country on the other side of the Alps (Italy) the deaths of people under 50 are anecdotal and there are no known death of anyone under 30".
Later, he adduced a chart from the Italian Institute of Heath from March showing the percentages of death from confirmed Covid-19 cases as distributed in each of the ten-year age blocks from 0 to 100. Here they are:

0-9 years, O%
10-19 years, 0%
20-29 years, 0%;
30-39 years, .1 %
40-49 years, .1 %
50-59 years .6 %
60-69 years, 2.7%
70-79 years, 9.6%
80-89 years, 16.65
90+ years, 19%
Data lacking on 3.2% of cases.


The third conclusion, which follows from the previous two, would seem to be that the best way to attack the problem is to concentrate the overwhelming focus of social efforts on isolating and treating people in the 50 to 100 age bloc, while also allocating places for those relatively few under 50 who become seriously symptomatic. The information also begs serious questions about why – assuming we can find ways to protect over 50 teachers, parents and grandparent with whom they interact – we are even debating the return of children who to schools when we know they have pretty much total immunity, certainly from death, and in all likelihood most serious consequences from the virus.

Professor At Health Sciences University In Istanbul Confirms Vitamin C Is Effective Against Coronavirus – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

As Dr. Rath describes in his recent Open Letter, the human metabolism is set apart from that of essentially all other animals by its inability to synthesize vitamin C from glucose. Most animals produce vitamin C in high amounts of up to 20,000 milligrams per day compared to human body weight. Humans and sub-human primates lack this ability due to a genetic mutation that occurred during their evolution. Thus, all humans today are dependent on an optimum intake of vitamin C, either from the diet or from supplements.


Dr Rashid Buttar Censored Next News Network Interview - altCensored


COVID19 Death Certificates are Being Manipulated According to Montana Physician with 30 Years Experience

Dr. Bukacek states:
The decision for unprecedented government mandated lock downs has been based on the alleged death rate of COVID19.

Is this death rate based on truth?

Are the reported deaths from COVID19 truly deaths from COVID19?

To address this question we need to discuss death certificates, since death certificates are the basic source of information about mortality.

History changing decisions are being made due to these figures, despite the fact that they are flat out wrong!

Few people know how much individual power and leeway is given to the physician, coroner, or medical examiner signing the death certificate.

How do I know this? I’ve been filling out death certificates for over 30 years.

More often than we want to admit, we don’t know with certainty the cause of death when we fill out death certificates. So even before we heard of COVID19, death certificates were based on assumptions and educated guesses that go unquestioned.

When it comes to COVID19, there is the additional data skewer that is, get this, there is no universal definition of COVID19 death.

The CDC, updated from yesterday, April 4th, still states that “mortality” data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID19.

Translation: the CDC counts both true COVID19 cases and speculative guesses of COVID19 the same.

They automatically over-estimate the real death numbers by their own admission.

Lockdown is costing lives – We The People

According to data South Korea, Iceland, Germany and Denmark, the overall lethality of Covid19 is between 0.1% and 0.4% and thus up to twenty times lower than initially assumed by the WHO.
A study in Nature Medicine points out that “drastic social distancing and mobility restrictions, such as school closures and travel advisories/bans, should only be considered if an accurate estimation of case fatality risk warrants these interventions”.

Numerous internationally renowned experts from the fields of virology, immunology and epidemiology consider the measures taken to be counterproductive and recommend a rapid natural immunisation of the general population while protecting risk groups.

50% to 80% of test-positive individuals remain symptom-free. Even among the 70 to 79 year old persons about 60% remain symptom-free, many more show only mild symptoms.

The median age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years and only about 1% of the deceased had no serious previous illnesses. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality. Up to 60% of all Covid19-related deaths have occurred in particularly vulnerable nursing homes.


Countries without lockdowns and contact bans, such as Japan, South Korea and Sweden, have not experienced a more negative course of events than other countries.


Contrary to original assumptions the WHO determined at the end of March that there is no evidence of aerosol dispersal of the virus. A leading German virologist also found no aerosol and no smear infections in a pilot study.

The virus test kits used internationally are prone to errors. Several studies have shown that even normal corona viruses can give a false positive result. Moreover, the virus test currently in use has not been clinically validated due to time pressure.

Wikileaks Highlights The Influence “Big Pharma” Has On The World Health Organization – Collective Evolution

Wikileaks recently posted about the WHO on their social media accounts, and they did so in the form of confidential documents they released nearly a decade ago highlighting the influence that big pharmaceutical companies have over the WHO. As Wikileaks states,
The compilation of documents shows the influence of “Big Pharma” on the policy making decisions of the WHO, the UN body safeguarding public health. These confidential documents were obtained by the drug industry before their public release to WHO member states. The document also illustrates that the WHO expert group was highly responsive to industry lobbying — a result that public health groups had feared since early 2009, when the expert group met with the industry, but refused to meet with public health groups known to be industry critics. The likely audience for these documents include countries, public health policy makers, civil society, industry, academia, media, patients and the general public.

Politics and Corruption at the World Health Organization (WHO) - Global Research

In the beginning, the WHO was supposed to receive funds only from the governments of United Nations members, but a few years ago, in order to swell its coffers WHO set up what it calls a “private partnership” that allows it to receive financial support from private industries. But which industries?
Since that time its credibility, seriously tarnished, has not improved very much, and its independence is seriously questioned because of its total lack of transparency with regard to the scientific proof that supports its recommendations, and its collusion with the multinationals. It is obvious that on the world stage, business and politics have a powerful influence on health.

Lock Step, This Is No Futuristic Scenario: Panic and the Post-Pandemic Future? - Global Research

Whatever has occurred inside China at this point it is almost impossible to say owing to conflicting reactions of the Beijing authorities and several changes in ways of counting COVID-19 cases. The question now is how the relevant authorities in the West will use this crisis. Here it is useful to go back to a highly relevant report published a decade ago by the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the world’s leading backers of eugenics, and creators of GMO among other things.
The report in question has the bland title, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.” It was published in May 2010 in cooperation with the Global Business Network of futurologist Peter Schwartz. The report contains various futurist scenarios developed by Schwartz and company.

One scenario carries the intriguing title, “LOCK STEP: A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.” Here it gets interesting as in what some term predictive programming.

In Protest We Trust: A Polarized America Debates Ending the Lockdown – The Highwire

After weeks of “social distancing,” quarantines, rising unemployment rates, grinding economic devastation and dubious messaging from government officials, it’s starting to look like The People have had enough.
Protests in North Carolina and Ohio kicked off a simmering summer of discontent in America last week. One protester in North Carolina was arrested by police. “I have a right to peacefully assemble,” she said as officers led her away, her hands bound with a zip tie. “God bless America.”

That was an inflection point. Teetering dominos began to fall and there was a rapid and powerful avalanche of civic civil disobedience.

In Michigan, an estimated 35,000 took to the streets, in cars, and swamped the state capital in Lansing, one day after the Ohio protests. Channeling her inner Marie-Antoinette, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer threatened to extend the state’s shutdown due to the protests. It was a stunningly arrogant and misguided ‘let them eat cake’ moment.

COVID-19, ACE2, Nicotinic Receptors And The Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory And Cognitive-Improving Pathway -- Health & Wellness --

The novel coronavirus might also indirectly damage the heart. In this scenario, the patient's immune system winds up "going haywire," Michos said. This scenario has played out in some really sick patients who have highly elevated inflammatory markers — or proteins that signal high levels of inflammation in the body.

Stanford Study Proves Covid-19 Was Overhyped. "Death Rate Is Likely Under 0.2%" - Global Research

MIT Tech Review’s hyped coverage of the Covid-19 outbreak is led by the tag-line, “Navigating a world reshaped by Covid-19.”
Their articles reflect an eager embracement of the public hysteria prompted by Covid-19’s spread, the socioeconomic paralysis it has created, and the many profitable solutions – particularly those involving technology – proposed to “shape” the world post-Covid-19.


This is particularly the case when MIT Tech Review covered the work of researchers at Stanford University who found a much larger number of people are infected with Covid-19 than reported – meaning that the death rate is much, much lower than we’ve been told.

In fact, MIT Tech Review had to admit that the actual death rate is likely under 0.2%, which means its is about as “dangerous” as the common flu. If the common flu isn’t “reshaping the world,” Covid-19 certainly isn’t – at least not the pathogen itself.

Miscounting Deaths from Coronavirus? - The Vaccine Reaction

Borrelli was clarifying that the 3,405 people who died did not all die from COVID-19 even though they tested positive for the coronavirus that can cause the disease. He was making the distinction between dying with the virus and dying from the virus, which is not a negligible thing. Particularly when the perceived lethality of the virus may be the key factor behind public policy decisions to encourage “social distancing,” quarantine certain people and mandate the closure of large segments of society and even potentially institute martial law, suspend constitutional rights and violate basic civil liberties.
Professor Walter Ricciardi, who is an adviser to Italy’s Ministry of Health, confirms Borrelli’s point. He recently noted that the way in which doctors code deaths in Italy is “very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus.”7 8 9 10

So why offer what appears to be an inflated figure for COVID-19 deaths in Italy? Why not simply provide the actual number of people who died from COVID-19? In a health crisis where the public is already fearful, why put publish inaccurate information that can only serve to panic people further? Padding the numbers doesn’t make sense unless the goal is to create more fear and panic.

The talented Doctor Fauci -- Puppet Masters --

Tony Fauci, a leading member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, is being promoted by major US media such as CNN, MSNBC or the New York Times as the great expert on all related to the Covid19 outbreak. He had dismissed the President's efforts to promote a known malaria medication as treatment for severe corona patients as "anecdotal," even though seven years before he backed the same drug. He has publicly taken projections from an institute created in Washington State by the Gates Foundation, the same foundation that virtually owns the WHO and owns major stakes in the leading vaccine makers, to claim that up to 200,000 Americans could die from COVID19. Fauci stated that COVID19 is "probably about 10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu," which would mean 300-600,000 coronavirus deaths this year, at the same time in a respected medical journal he compared Covid-19 as similar to seasonal flu in morbidity. When questioned how long the shutdown of much of the US economy must last, Fauci replied only when there is zero new covid19 positive tested cases, something impossible given the defective testing. He has also backed direct human tests of novel vaccines with no prior animal tests, including with radical non-tested mRNA gene-edited vaccines.
Giraldo and de Harven declared, "The alleged existence of HIV was asserted from the study of proteins, reverse transcriptase activity (RT), and RNA fragments that were found in culture supernatants, not from the direct analysis of purified viral particles." The CDC requires a positive antibody test for HIV to determine AIDS in the USA. Yet in Africa since 1985 the WHO requires no HIV test or any other laboratory test. Merely the patient's symptoms that can include weight loss, chronic diarrhea, prolonged fever, persistent cough and such, symptoms endemic to chronic poverty, malnutrition and lack of sanitation.

Yet this fraud has shaped the career of Tony Fauci for more than 35 years. Fauci as head of NIAID has taken millions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the Clinton Foundation along with tens of billions from US taxpayers for this bogus research. Suspiciously, the 2006 article by Giraldo and de Harven was suddenly retracted by the journal in 2019 just before the coronavirus Wuhan outbreak.

Despite the fact that he knew the established rules of virology, Fauci, as head of NIAID, recommended the Burroughs Wellcome chemotherapy drug, AZT as a "preventive drug" for HIV diagnosed patients even without symptoms! Burroughs Wellcome gave NIAID the study that was deliberately biased for AZT. Fauci even backed AZT for pregnant women despite the grave risk to the fetus. One mark of pregnancy in all women is a higher level of antigens as the natural immune system fights any infection to protect the fetus. AZT or Retrovir, a failed leukemia drug, has been proven to be a highly toxic drug. It was approved for AIDS testing in a record 5 days by Fauci and the US Government in 1987. Today despite more than thirty years funded research and billions of dollars, no effective vaccine for HIV/AIDS exists.


In October, 2019 Fauci and his NIAID got $100 million from the Gates Foundation to develop "gene-based" therapies for HIV and sickle cell disease. That means at the time of the first claims of novel coronavirus in Wuhan China, Fauci was still promoting a 35-year fraud around HIV. Fauci is also part of the Gates Foundation cabal. In 2012 Fauci was named one of the five Leadership Council of the Gates Foundation-created Global Vaccine Action Plan.

The Truth About Fauci Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovitz - Children's Health Defense

RFK, Jr.: Judy Mikovits is among her generation’s most accomplished scientists.She joined NIH in 1980 as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Mikovits began a 20-year collaboration with Frank Ruscetti, a pioneer in the field of human retro virology. She helped Dr Russetti isolate the HIV virus + link it to #AIDS in 1983. Her NIH boss Anthony Fauci delayed publication of that critical paper for 6 months to let his protégé Robert Gallo replicate, publish and claim credit. The delay in mass HIV testing let AIDS further spread around the globe + helped Fauci win promotion to director NIAID.
In 2006, Dr Mikovits became director of Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease + collaborated with Dr Ruscetti searching for the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which suddenly became epidemic in the 1980s. The male dominated medical community dismissed CFS as psychosomatic “yuppie flu" caused when fragile females cracked in corporate jobs.

Dr. Mikovits discovered that 67% of affected women carried a virus—called Xenotropic Murine Leukemia related Virus—that appeared in healthy women only 4% of the time.

XMRV is also associated with prostate, breast, ovarian cancers, leukemia, and multiple myeloma. Many women with XMRV bore children with autism.
In 2009, Drs. Mikovits and Ruscetti published their explosive findings in the journal Science. But the question remained: How was XMRV getting into people?

Other researchers linked the first CFS outbreak to a polio vaccine given to doctors and nurses that resulted in the "1934 Los Angeles County Hospital Epidemic." That vaccine was cultivated on pulverized mouse brains. Retroviruses from dead animals can survive in cell lines and permanently contaminate vaccines.

Dr Mikovits’ studies suggested that the XMRV Virus was present in the MMR, Polio + Encephalitis vaccines given to American children + soldiers.

Dr Fauci ordered Mikovits to keep her mouth shut. When she refused, he illegally confiscated her work books and hard drives, drove her from government work + blackballed her from receiving NIH grants ending her science career. XMRV remains in American vaccines.

COVID REVISED: Are New WHO Guidelines Adding to the Death Toll? - 21st Century Wire

It was front-page news this week that China has revised the coronavirus death toll for the city of Wuhan, the original epicentre of the outbreak. Three days earlier, New York City also revised its coronavirus death figures. Wuhan’s death toll jumped by 50%; New York’s jumped by 17%. In both cases, the change in the death toll reflected inclusion of “probable” or “suspected” cases of COVID-19 — patients who were not tested for the virus.
This is consistent with recent World Health Organization guidelines instructing certifiers to record COVID-19 on death certificates in the absence of testing, including where the disease is only “assumed to have caused, or contributed to death.”

The Coronavirus Death Toll Numbers Game - Global Research

At an April 7th press conference, Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the President’s CV Task Force said that in the US, ‘we’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality … counting the deaths of people with underlying conditions as covid-19 deaths“ and that if “someone dies with covid-19, we are counting that as a covid-19 death” even if it was not the clinical cause of death.
The Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists* (CSTE) which represent state health officials, also adopted guidelines to include ‘probable’ CV deaths without a test along with confirmed deaths. Ohio, Delaware and Conneticut all follow the CSTE guidelines with Pennsylvania not distinguishing between the probable and confirmed CV deaths.

NYC is one of those localities that count ‘probable” CV infections that have never been tested and add them to their confirmed deaths.

As Michigan’s Governor Witmer extended her state’s “StayHome” Order until April 30th, her state’s tolerance for increased citizen restrictions erupted in a noisy push back demonstration at the State Capitol.

With a statewide population of less than 10 million, Witner defended the new restrictions by claiming 29, 263 fatalities which is immediately suspect as that number cites more fatalities than the CDC is reporting for the entire country.

Israeli Lab Claiming To Have COVID-19 Vaccine Is an IDF Biological Warfare Research Facility - National Justice

Last month it was reported that scientists at the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) in Ness Ziona had developed a vaccine for COVID-19, though it still required clinical trials.
Whatever the merits of this claim are, there are striking ethical, historic and public health reasons to reject any "cure" coming from the IIBR. The laboratory is a highly secretive biological warfare unit of the Israeli military that is civilian in name only.

The IIBR is responsible for developing numerous poisons, microbial weapons, chemical weapons, and other banned materials. Multiple scientists at the laboratory have suddenly died in the middle of their research over the years, yet the nature of their deaths remains a mystery thanks to the Israeli government's ban on publishing stories related to military activities.


In recent years, the IIBR's work has been revealed to have been used in various assassinations.

For example, in 1977 Palestinian organizer Wadie Haddad was killed by Israeli intelligence using an undetectable poison manufactured by IIBR. The poison, administered by coating his favorite chocolate, mimicked the symptoms of Leukemia, which an East German hospital filed as his cause of death.

In 1997, another IIBR product was used to try and assassinate Hamas political leader Khaled Mashal. Mossad operatives snuck into Jordan, where Mashal was based, and exposed him to a concentrated form of the synthetic opiate fentanyl, also produced at the IIBR lab.

The Mossad agents were captured as Mashal fell into a coma. The Jordanian king threatened to break peace accords with Israel if an antidote was not provided. Under pressure from President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu begrudgingly provided the cure and Mashal survived.

Another high profile case involving IIBR was the attempt to fly chemicals used to produce Sarin gas to the facility from Holland in 1992. The El Al plane crashed during take off on the Dutch runway, releasing 50 gallons of dimethyl methylphosphonate into the local atmosphere. Citizens of the region continue to suffer from a crippling and mysterious respiratory illness linked to the crash.

Global Madness: The Official Numbers Prove COVID-19 is Benign -- Society's Child --

I began collecting data on the 26th of March and chose what was then the top ten countries by 'infection': China, Italy, Spain, the US, Germany, Iran, France, Switzerland, the UK, and South Korea. To these I added the world statistics as well as Australia - just because I live here - and on the 12th of April 2020 I added (and backdated) Sweden as a control group of a 'non-lockdown' country (although South Korea also did not have extensive lockdowns).

I also kept the statistics of the top ten countries by 'death', starting 26th March: Italy, Spain, China, Iran, France, the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Obviously I added the world total, Australia and Sweden to remain consistent with the above list.


The greatest surprise comes when we perform a 180 on the infection percentages. We will notice that the number 99% quickly becomes a repetitive theme. As of today, 15th of April:
99.994% of China's population is uninfected.
99.729% of Italy's population is uninfected.
99.817% of USA's population is uninfected.
99.633% of Spain's population is uninfected.
99.842% of Germany's population is uninfected.
99.91% of Iran's population is uninfected.
99.798% of France's population is uninfected.
99.698% of Switzerland's population is uninfected.
99.858% of UK's population is uninfected.
99.979% of South Korea's population is uninfected.
99.889% of Sweden's population is uninfected.
99.974% of Australia's population is uninfected.
99.974% of the World population is uninfected.


How to Cure COVID 19 with ClO2 a scientific aproach.

This video explains the mechanism of Covid-19 and the scientific reason why chlorine dioxide (ClO2) works against the Covid-19 virus with impressive speed in providing oxygen and eliminating the virus at the same time as being the ultimate solution to end this terrible pandemic.

Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation - Global Research

For over twenty years Bill Gates and his Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have been vaccinating foremost children by the millions in remote areas of poor countries, mostly Africa and Asia. Most of their vaccination program had disastrous results, causing the very illness (polio, for example in India) and sterilizing young women (Kenya, with modified tetanus vaccines). Many of the children died. Many of the programs were carried out with the backing of the WHO and – yes – the UN Agency responsible for the Protection of Children, UNICEF.
Most of these vaccination campaigns were implemented without the informed-consent of the children, parents, guardians or teachers, nor with the informed-consent, or with forged consent, of the respective government authorities. In the aftermath, The Gates Foundation was sued by governments around the world, Kenya, India, the Philippines – and more.

Systems Biologist Speaks Out About COVID-19 Response

Now we have this COVID-19, and we have this economic overreaction, in my opinion, from the fear-mongering. In many ways, it reflects the immune system.
The immune system fundamentally wants to operate well for you and maintain homeostasis, and it’s the overreaction of a weakened and dysfunctional immune system that causes harm. Similarly, when you look at it from the economic standpoint, we have this unbridled overreaction, in my view. [We’re] not looking at what modern medicine is saying — that we should take a personalized medicine approach, right?
One size doesn’t fit all. This is basically flatten the curve: Kick the can down the street. We’re just going to wait until, when? Until the vaccine is produced or until a drug comes out. The assumption is that the immune system of all of us is equally weak. That’s what this is based on. The assumption is that all of us are going to get it and all of us will suffer from it.
It’s a very interesting model. Look at the person leading this health policy, Dr. Fauci. His background is from the pharmaceutical world … [and] when you look at the NIH and the CDC, these organizations are heavily, heavily influenced by pharmaceutical companies.

Are Elected County Sheriffs America's Last Hope to Fight Medical Tyranny? Some Sheriffs Refusing to Enforce Stay at Home Orders, Siding with Constitutional Rights

Racine, Wisconsin County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling is one of those sheriffs, and he made waves this week when he took a public stand in favor of his constituents Constitutional Rights, and against Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ “Safer at Home” order. As ABC local affiliate WISN 12 reports:
On Friday, Schmaling released a statement that said he will not enforce the order because he believes it violates businesses’ and citizens’ constitutional rights.

“The overreaching measures taken by State government will have dire lifetime consequences for businesses, homeowners, and families. I took an oath to uphold the constitutional rights of our citizens and I can not in good faith participate in the destruction of Racine County businesses or interfere in the freedoms granted to all of us by our Constitution,” Schmaling’s statement said.

Killing Ourselves to Flatten the Curve — Part 1

An elderly woman sits on a park bench in England with no one nearby. Police draw near — apparently protected from covid-19 by their law enforcement costumes — to intervene and issue her a hefty fine…
Paris bans outdoor exercise during the day with disobedient joggers facing the threat of 6 months in jail.

Medical “authorities” at the W.H.O threaten “to enter homes and remove family members” in order to impose isolation on them.

Flashing signs at beaches in Australia warn visitors to monitor their “sand time” (without specifying how being on the sand might suddenly become “dangerous” — and after how long).

Innocent travellers are randomly pulled over and questioned — Nazi/Soviet-style — as to the purpose of the most mundane and innocuous voyages. “Papers please.”

Police in England threaten to literally examine the contents of people’s shopping trolleys to make sure people only buy “essentials.”

Crosses mark where we can stand “safely” in line for an ATM — fortunately the virus seems not to be able to move sideways between people standing in lines, but only forwards and backwards.

Sweden vs COVID-19: Why 'Herd Immunity' Matters and Why Lockdown Doesn't Really Work - 21st Century Wire

Professor Johan Giesecke, one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, advisor to the Swedish Government (he hired Anders Tegnell who is currently directing Swedish strategy), the first Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and an advisor to the director general of the WHO, lays out with typically Swedish bluntness why he thinks:

  • UK policy on lockdown and other European countries are not evidence-based
  • The correct policy is to protect the old and the frail only
  • This will eventually lead to herd immunity as a “by-product”
  • The initial UK response, before the “180 degree U-turn”, was better
  • The Imperial College paper was “not very good” and he has never seen an
  • npublished paper have so much policy impact
  • The paper was very much too pessimistic
  • Any such models are a dubious basis for public policy anyway
  • The flattening of the curve is due to the most vulnerable dying first as much as the lockdown
  • The results will eventually be similar for all countries
  • Covid-19 is a “mild disease” and similar to the flu, and it was the novelty of the disease that scared people.
  • The actual fatality rate of Covid-19 is the region of 0.1%
  • At least 50% of the population of both the UK and Sweden will be shown to have already had the disease when mass antibody testing becomes available

Covid-19 Man-Made? Rumors Resurface & Lockdown Protests Continue - FF Ep72 - Red Ice TV

Henrik and Co-Host Jared George cover the latest Coronavirus news and more.

Doctors and First Responders Losing Custody of Their Children Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 continues to keep people in isolation, but it is also being used to separate mother’s and father’s from their children.
March 25, 2020, brought you the story of a mother who had her two children removed from her home for the simple fact that she worked in a healthcare clinic.

Armed with a removal order, signed by a judge, a Child Protection Services (CPS) social worker and police showed up at this Oklahoma mother’s home at 10:00PM to remove her two daughters.


Antibody study suggests coronavirus may be far more widespread than previously thought | World news | The Guardian

That also means coronavirus is potentially much less deadly to the overall population than initially thought. As of Tuesday, the US’s coronavirus death rate was 4.1% and Stanford researchers said their findings show a death rate of just 0.12% to 0.2%.
The study has been interpreted by some to mean we are closer to herd immunity – the concept that if enough people in a population have developed antibodies to a disease that population becomes immune – than expected. This would allow some to more quickly get back to work, a strategy currently being deployed in Sweden.

Do COVID-19 Vent Protocols Need a Second Look?


This Is The Worst Employment Collapse In U.S. History By A Very Wide Margin - The Falling Darkness

At this point, we should no longer speak of “economic collapse” as something that will happen in the future. It is here. It is now. And it is going to get a lot worse.


Del Bigtree follows the coronavirus timeline all the way back to 2005 and makes a shocking discovery.

‘There’s no direct evidence that the lockdowns are working’ - spiked

As far as I can see, Sweden, despite not having anywhere near as severe a lockdown as we have had, actually has a very similar curve to ours. And Sweden’s death rate per hundred thousand people is roughly half of ours at the moment. So it is not a given that what we are doing is either working or is having all the right effects.

David Icke Interview: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & Soros Are Frontmen For The Top of the Pyramid - Spiro Skouras

In this exclusive interview, Spiro is joined by David Icke. Spiro and David discuss the ongoing coronavirus crisis. David explains how the public is being manipulated by the system in perhaps the greatest psychological operation in history, as medical and government officials admit the numbers have been inflated.

The official projected coronavirus numbers disseminated by the establishment to the public, which were used to justify the lockdowns, were based on controversial and inaccurate computer models funded by Bill Gates.

In this must see interview, David Icke and Spiro examine the events leading up to this current crisis, including the shutdown of the US military Bioweapons program Fort Detrick, to the world military games in Wuhan China (the alleged ground zero of the outbreak) to Event 201 and much more.

In this report, David Icke lays out the entire scenario piecing together the puzzle, leading up to present day and projecting ahead while not only exposing the frontmen for this global operation, but exposing who is at the very top of the pyramid, and its not Bill Gates...

Coronavirus: Are 'live-saving' ventilators actually dangerous? | Daily Mail Online

The death rate for those treated on ventilators is devastating. In one British study of 98 Covid-19 patients who were put on them or on similarly invasive breathing-support equipment, two-thirds died, according to a new report by our Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre.
In New York, which has been hit particularly hard by the virus, 80 per cent of ventilated patients failed to recover. The loss of life in other countries for those on the machines is equally terrifying.

Dr David Farcy, the president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, warns against using them indiscriminately. His patients have been treated successfully with fastflow oxygen delivered through a simple nasal tube or mask.

He also places patients on their left or right side, a process called proning that is simpler to perform on patients in masks than those on ventilators, which instantly raises oxygen levels in their blood.

'This has challenged everything we thought', he said. 'Six weeks ago everybody (in a hospital) would be running around getting ready to intubate you, put you on a machine'. But not any more.

So why the change of tune? The answer is that some doctors have a remarkable new thesis: that the virus's symptoms are more akin to highaltitude breathing difficulties (caused by a lack of oxygen at extreme heights) or even carbon monoxide poisoning (which snuffs out oxygen in the body's red blood cells).

Minnesotans Protest State Lockdown - Defying Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma Agenda - 21st Century Wire

More lockdown backlash today across the United States, this time in Minnesota, as protesters lined the streets of Governor Tim Waltz’s mansion residence, captured on video by CBS Minnesota:

Facebook Fact-Checker Who "Debunked" Wuhan Lab as Source of Coronavirus, Worked at Lab - Ben Swann

A Facebook fact checker who has 'debunked' articles suggesting that COVID-19 may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology has a giant conflict of interest; she worked at the institute.

Is there a Glyphosate-COVID19 Connection? w/ Dr. Stephanie Seneff | The Conscious Resistance Network

Are glyphosate and COVID-19 connected? Glyphosate, one of the most toxic chemicals in the world, may be the key to why some people get severely ill from COVID-19. Derrick Broze interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff about her recent paper discussing the potential for glyphosate to play a role in diagnosis of COVID-19.
Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She has a B.S. degree from MIT in biology and M.S., E.E., and Ph.D. degrees from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science. Dr. Seneff has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings. Her recent interests have focused on the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies in health and disease, with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide, Roundup, and the mineral, sulfur. Her investigations have led to a strong hypothesis that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is the key factor in the autism epidemic and in many other neurological, metabolic, oncological and autoimmune diseases. She has authored over thirty peer-reviewed journal papers over the past few years on these topics, and has delivered numerous presentations around the world.

Immunity Certificates: A Load of Nonsense and a Covert Op

Actually, since 1984, a positive antibody test has generally been taken to mean the person is infected, has the disease in question.
So why the sudden turnaround now? Why are Fauci and other government officials claiming that a positive antibody test signals immunity?

Answer: Because, with the widespread use of this simple and quick antibody test (much quicker and easier to perform than the current PCR test), a reason is invented for issuing immunity certificates. And this is what the goal is. Introduce the population to immunity certificates. As a tune-up for the underlying operation, which is:

Immunity certificates for people who eventually receive vaccinations against COVID-19 (and, finally, all vaccines).


And in this article, I haven’t discussed questions about what would actually be IN the COVID-19 vaccine. I took up that subject in a recent piece about DNA vaccines. The new DNA technology, if introduced, would PERMANENTLY alter the genetic makeup of the vaccine-recipient.

And meanwhile…don’t you just love the idea of the government first locking you up, and then “freeing” you with an official seal of approval?

Video: COVID-19. The Unspoken Truth. The Most Serious Global Crisis in Modern History - Global Research

The unspoken truth is that the novel coronavirus provides a pretext to powerful financial interests and corrupt politicians to trigger the entire World into a spiral of mass unemployment, bankruptcy, extreme poverty and despair.
This is the true picture of what is happening.

“Planet Lockdown” is an encroachment on civil liberties and the “Right to Life”.

Entire national economies are in jeopardy. In some countries martial law has been declared.

Small and medium sized capital are slated to be eliminated. Big capital prevails.

A massive concentration of corporate wealth is ongoing.

Its a diabolical “New World Order” in the making. The most serious global crisis in modern history.

Episode 376 – Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics : The Corbett Report

The numbers are in on the great Covid-19 pandemic . . . but unfortunately those numbers are unreliable. From mendacious models and puffed-up projections to dodgy death data and tainted tests, today on The Corbett Report James highlights what the accredited scientists and award-winning researchers are saying about the pandemic pandemonium of 2020.

How Complex Is This Pneumonia Crisis?

How complex is this? If 8 Million people die from air pollution a year, is the virus THE crisis?
Today is 8th of April 2020 and as I type this millions and millions of people have lost their jobs for some weeks now, food is disappearing, they are in lock down conditions in shanty towns, too scared to go out, walking home or trapped in the street crackdowns, India, South Africa, Philippines, all collapsed.

NJ Governor On "Stay At Home" Orders: "I Wasn't Thinking of the Bill of Rights"

oliticians are stopping at nothing to force authoritarian controls over the masses. New Jersey governor admitted to Tucker Carlson that he did not take basic human rights into account when proving himself a tyrant. On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) stated that he “wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights” when he implemented his state’s stay-at-home order, but that he did consult with legal counsel, according to a report by Breitbart.

Coronavirus Lockdown and What You Are Not Being Told – Part 1 – OffGuardian

Among the many things we are not told is how many lives the lockdown will ruin and end prematurely. Are these lives irrelevant?
We are not told the evidence for the existence of a virus called SARS-CoV-2 is highly questionable and the tests for it unreliable; we are not told that the numbers of deaths reportedly caused by COVID 19 is statistically vague, seemingly deliberately so; we are not told that these deaths are well within the normal range of excess winter mortality and we are not told that in previous years excess winter deaths have been higher than they are now.

We didn’t need to destroy the economy in response to those, far worse, periods of loss so why do we need to do so for this?

Bill Gates’ Latest Instagram Post Has Been Bombarded With Accusations & Comments Against Vaccines – Collective Evolution

“HOLY CRAP! Just went to @BillGates Instagram. How is no journalist reporting that millions of people from around the world are in his comments saying they want nothing to do with his corruption. Japan, Morocco, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Africa…” This is a tweet from Candace Owens published a couple of days ago, as soon as I saw it I rushed over to Bill Gates’ latest instagram post, the one where he is holding up a sign that reads “Thank you health care workers.” I was not surprised to see that Owens was correct, except for the “millions of people part,” from what I see so far there are nearly three hundred thousand comments, with many people expressing the fact that a lot of them are continuously being deleted, so perhaps Owens was right. Regardless, the number of comments that seem to question, call out, and down right accuse Bill Gates of crimes against humanity is overwhelming and interesting to say the least.

As Protests Mount Across the US, Multiple Sheriffs Openly Stand Against Lockdown

As TFTP reported this week, on Tuesday, more than 100 protesters took the the city streets of Raleigh, North Carolina to voice their desire to reopen the state’s economy. They were quickly met with police action but the well-organized protesters stood their ground through multiple threats.
According to the News and Observer, the protest was organized by ReopenNC, a private Facebook group organized last week that wants people to make their own stay-at-home decisions to avoid exposure to COVID-19 as the worldwide pandemic continues. The group surpassed 28,000 members on Tuesday afternoon.

Then, on Wednesday, Michigan followed suit. Thousands of Michigan citizens took to the streets — and literally blocked them — on Wednesday to protest the government’s stay at home order and demand the state reopen the economy.

As the Ocala Post reports, healthcare workers, EMTs, off-duty police officers, some military personnel, and thousands of others participated in the protest. Armed citizens even stormed the steps of the capitol building.

Unnecessary Coronavirus Policies Made Things Worse: The Fed's Bailout Is Doomed To Fail! - YouTube

In a matter of just weeks, 22 million Americans have been thrown out of work by politicians. So many small businesses and livelihoods have been destroyed by political decisions. A federal government that has blown trillions on endless wars, and that has promised trillions in welfare, looks to The Federal Reserve to counterfeit trillions of dollars to bail everyone out. Overwhelming government interference in our lives, and The Fed that enables it, are both doomed to fail.

Opening Up America, States to Decide on Current COVID-19 Restrictions - Global Research

According to US constitutional experts, state governors and local officials, not Trump, are empowered to decide on when and to what extent current COVID-19 restrictions may be eased.
Days earlier, Trump falsely said “ultimately, I have to make that decision.” On April 13, he tweeted:

“(S)ome in the fake news media are saying that it is the governors decision to open up the states, not that of the president…& federal government.”

“Let it be fully understood that this is incorrect…It is the decision of the president…”


UC Berkeley Law School dean Erwin Chemerinsky stressed that

“Trump is wrong as a matter of constitutional law,” adding:

“Quarantine and stay-at-home orders are entirely the decision of the state governors.”

“States have the police power and the authority to quarantine.”

“The president has no authority to override such orders and order the country open.”

“No federal statute gives the president such authority. Nor did the president order sheltering in place.”

“He can exhort, but the orders come from state and local governments.”

“(H)e cannot override state or local law…The bottom line is that if California, or other states, or cities or counties, feel the need to continue restrictions…they may (legally) do so.”

Why Are They Inflating the Numbers? New York City Adding 3,800 Unconfirmed Cases to COVID-19 Death Toll - Global Research

According to a report by Bloomberg News, ‘NYC Adds 3,800 Probable Virus Victims to Death Toll’ stated that “New York City added thousands of people to its coronavirus death toll to account for victims who died in recent weeks without a confirmed diagnosis.”

Are COVID-19 Outbreaks Peaking or Heading Higher Ahead? - Global Research

Mayo Clinic infectious diseases specialist Dr. Gregory Poland explained that seasonal flu in the US and elsewhere “cause(s) many more deaths than COVID-19, and the tragedy is that many people die because they consider it ‘just the flu.’ ”
It happens every year like clockwork with no screaming headlines.

Millions of Americans contract it annually. Hundreds of thousands are hospitalized, and tens of thousands die.

In terms of the human toll and cost, it’s far more serious than COVID-19.

Pollard: “Right now, the number of COVID-19 cases pales in comparison to the number of flu cases. Unlike COVID-19, seasonal flu is in every state and every community in the US” — every year.

Symptoms of seasonal flu/influenza and COVID-19 can be mild or severe. Both illnesses can cause pneumonia and are contagious.

8 MORE Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic -- Society's Child --

Our third batch of Medical experts dissenting from the media/political "consensus".

UK lockdown could cause 150,000 ‘avoidable’ deaths - 21st Century Wire

As more countries around the world pass the peak of coronavirus infections, it has been reported in British media that the UK’s response to the coronavirus crisis may cause 150,000 deaths that could have been avoided. This figure is much higher than current projections of deaths from COVID-19.
The figure came from Spectator editor Fraser Nelson who claimed it was a preliminary estimate circulating in Whitehall.

Most directly, many people are being denied life-saving medical treatments so that the health service can focus on COVID-19 patients. It is being reported today that leading oncologist Dr Karol Sikora estimates 60,000 deaths from a deficit of cancer treatments if the lockdown should last for 6 months.

The talented Doctor Fauci -- Puppet Masters --

Tony Fauci, a leading member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, is being promoted by major US media such as CNN, MSNBC or the New York Times as the great expert on all related to the Covid19 outbreak. He had dismissed the President's efforts to promote a known malaria medication as treatment for severe corona patients as "anecdotal," even though seven years before he backed the same drug. He has publicly taken projections from an institute created in Washington State by the Gates Foundation, the same foundation that virtually owns the WHO and owns major stakes in the leading vaccine makers, to claim that up to 200,000 Americans could die from COVID19. Fauci stated that COVID19 is "probably about 10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu," which would mean 300-600,000 coronavirus deaths this year, at the same time in a respected medical journal he compared Covid-19 as similar to seasonal flu in morbidity. When questioned how long the shutdown of much of the US economy must last, Fauci replied only when there is zero new covid19 positive tested cases, something impossible given the defective testing. He has also backed direct human tests of novel vaccines with no prior animal tests, including with radical non-tested mRNA gene-edited vaccines.
Fauci has more influence over US national policy on the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic than anyone, including the President. Much of media treats him with awe as an unimpeachable scientist, one of the world's finest. A closer look at Anthony Fauci's career gives a starkly different picture, a very alarming one in fact.


Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36% (and Other Supporting Studies) • Children's Health Defense

On March 12th, 2020, Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta held a global town hall on “Corona Facts and Fears.” During the discussion, Anderson said to the viewing audience, “And, again, if you are concerned about coronavirus, and you haven’t gotten a flu shot…you should get a flu shot.”

Setting safety and efficacy of influenza vaccination aside, is Anderson’s claim that the flu shot will help people fight COVID-19 remotely true? The short answer is no.

In fact, the results of many peer-reviewed, published studies prove that Anderson’s recommendation may have been the worst advice he could have given the public.

In searching the literature, the only study we have been able to find assessing flu shots and coronavirus is a 2020 US Pentagon study that found that the flu shot INCREASES the risks from coronavirus by 36%. “Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as “virus interference…’vaccine derived’ virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus…” Here are the findings:

#Whistleblowers Doctors say FAKE #CV19 Numbers - Dr Annie - altCensored


Coronavirus... What If? - Global Research

What if…? What if the number of Coronavirus cases is not accurate and is actually exaggerated by many times? What if the estimates are based on a flawed computer model? What if the developer of the model has so admitted? What if the death certificates are being modified to show more Coronavirus related deaths than actually exist? What if people who were already dying of serious conditions like heart disease or diabetes or COPD are now being counted as Coronavirus deaths because of the supposed presence of Coronavirus at the time of death? What if hospitals are assuming people have Coronavirus just because they exhibit one or more symptoms, like a cough or fever, even though no actual lab testing is performed (presumptive diagnosis)?
What if the CDC is as wrong about this virus as they were about Swine flu in 1976, or since then the Bird flu, or HIV or SARS or MERS? What if the Swine Flu Vaccine injured more people than the Swine Flu itself and the program had to be stopped? What if you found out that Fauci had very large financial ties to the Pharma agenda to provide vaccines, and that is why he is not mentioning any possible way to treat the flu except vaccines? What if Fauci has close financial connections to Bill (the computer and vaccine salesman) Gates? What if natural immunity from a virus entering your system through the throat is far superior to a synthetic chemical cocktail called a vaccine shot into your body with a needle? What if the alleged COVID-19 deaths were mostly people who were already dying? What if your best defense against all viruses was a healthy immune system? What if inexpensive things like vitamins A, C and D3 could boost your immune system? What if Zinc and Selenium were important to immune health? What if the people who play doctors on TV never mention the importance of vitamins and minerals?

What if “social distancing” really does not stop you from getting the virus, but only slows down the transfer of the virus through the population? What if slowing down the transfer of the virus, is just another way of prolonging the life of the virus and the ‘crisis’ and the ‘panic’ and the control of our lives? What if wearing masks does not really stop the virus? What if the virus can enter through your eyes and ears, which are connected to your mouth and throat? What if the virus is simply a seasonal flu, just like every other year, and the crisis is a drastic exaggeration, to intentionally create a panic? What if there really is nothing to fear but fear itself?

What if the FED and the Treasury are bailing out major corporations and banks to the tune of trillions of taxpayer backed fiat dollars, but it’s being called a Corona Virus Remediation package? What if you get a $1,200 check, but then your share of the total bailout debt is 10 or 100 times higher? What if the FED is destroying the value and purchasing power of your dollars and savings and retirement plans, by printing trillions of more money that only benefit the rich and well connected? What if all of our financial markets are rigged? What if the stock market was about to crash on its own, but the crash is being falsely blamed on the virus?

What if you stopped watching television, and actually started questioning the mainstream reports and did some research for yourself on the internet? What if you found out that there are many credible people and organizations that are questioning the mainstream reports? What if we are being lied to? What if the lies are intentional? What if certain people are going to gain financially from this crisis? What if there are people who will gain power over us from the crisis? What if you went to Youtube and looked up the following people and listened to the information they have about the ‘alleged crisis’ we are now enduring?

What if their names were DR Ron Paul, and he was calling for Fauci to be fired? Dr John Bergman? Dr Sherry Tenpenny? Dr Joseph Mercola? Dr Bruce Lipton? Dr David Brownstein? Albert E. Carter? Investigative journalists Robert Scott Bell or Del Bigtree or Bill Sardi or Daisy Luther or Lew Rockwell or Jack Kerwick or Jon Rappoport? Or economists and philosophers Doug Casey or Peter Schiff or Catherine Austin Fitz or Dr Greg Mannarino or Max Keiser or Lynette Zang or Larken Rose? What if these people and many others had important information about what’s really happening in America and the world that you are not hearing on television or radio programs? What if these people could help you be healthier? Or less fearful? Or happier? Or more Free?

What if we are being bamboozled? What if our nation is being looted while we are staying home and watching the daily fear porn on TV? What if it’s all a clever distraction? What if the remaining freedoms and rights we didn’t lose after 911 are being stolen from us today in broad daylight? What if our natural rights are being attacked and we are doing nothing to defend them? What if the virus is not our real enemy? What if we are so busy being obedient little sheep that we will wake up too late? What if when we wake up, the America we love is nowhere to be found? What if in the future, when you are old, and the children ask you what you were doing when the Greatest Depression began in 2019 and the Constitution died an ugly death, and all you can tell them is that you were hiding at home from a flu virus and watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island?

What if?

Kimberly Brady, MD, Douglas County

Protestor wears US Navy uniform and stands out in ocean amid closures - Business Insider

The man, who was identified by a witness as a retired US Navy chief, was seen photographed standing in front of a sign that read "LAND OF THE FREE."
Mike Conner, a longtime resident of Emerald Isle and a surfer, told Insider the retired sailor stood in the waters for about 10 minutes before he was approached by law enforcement officers. Conner said the man was asked to remove himself from the area, but refused the request.


Hours after the incident, the town announced it would lift the ban on access on Saturday. Surfers and other residents previously expressed their disapproval by staging protests throughout the area and were "fired up" by the closures, Conner said.

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses - The Next News Network

Rashid A. Buttar, graduated from Washington University with a double major in Biology and Theology,before attending medical school at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery.

What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step. - Dana Ashlie

Global Footage proving this admitted plan is playing out exactly as intended.

US unemployment surges by 22 million in a month | USA News | Al Jazeera

The government revealed another 5.2 million people have lost their jobs in a week, taking the total to apply for unemployment benefits in the past month to 22 million.
And, with many states expected to extend orders to stay at home, hourly workers are worried about how they will pay their bills.

COVID-19 Marshall Plan: Plunging UK Into Debt on a False Pretext - 21st Century Wire

Independent analyst Andrew Mather presents his Regular Chart Update for the global crisis, this time with a brief intro into what is shaping up to be a “Marshall Scam,” whereby the UK and other countries who voluntarily suspend democracy and summarily imploded their economies and societies in order to declare ‘war against an invisible enemy’ – will now require untold amounts of loans, emergency finance, and post-war austerity. All in order to limp forward into 2021, under a new and more centralised, corporatised and globalised Medical Marshall Law regime.

Facebook to Warn Users about "Fake" COVID19 Cures – Only W.H.O. Approved "Cures" Allowed

Facebook’s war against what they consider “fake news” is suddenly taking on a new level of effort on their part.
Besides using their own “fact checking” services to censor information they don’t like, they are now taking the unprecedented action of actually notifying users who have previously “liked, reacted to or commented on” coronavirus cures that they consider “dangerous and false information.”

New Study: The Flu Vaccine Is “Significantly Associated” With An Increased Risk of Coronavirus – Collective Evolution

Greg. G Wolff, an Epidemiologist with the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch recently published a study in the Journal Vaccine titled, Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017–2018 influenza season. The study examined virus interference in a Department of Defense population, this refers to the increased risk of other respiratory viruses as a result of, in this case, the influenza vaccine. The study found that virus interference varied among vaccinated individuals for individual respiratory viruses, and found that for coronavirus in particular, in this study, those who had been vaccinated with the flu vaccine had a 36 percent higher risk of contracting it

Is W.H.O. Director Tedros a Terrorist? Global Ties to Bill Gates, Clinton Foundation, Dr. Fauci, China and Genocide

From 2009 to 2011, Tedros Ghebreyesus was also the Director of the Global Fund, a program to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, initiated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as the head of the UNAIDS Program Coordinating Board.
A member of the Board of the GAVI Alliance for Immunization, Tedros Ghebreyesus was further closely associated with the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton AIDS Initiative (CHAI). Smiling and poised, he is portrayed as a humble, compassionate figure, a benefactor to humanity, dedicated to his heavy responsibilities.
It is therefore rather astonishing to discover that Ghebreyesus’ political career began at the politburo of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPFL), a terrorist organization of the Tigray minority ethnic group (6% of the Ethiopian population), listed in the U.S. Homeland Security Global Terrorism Database for a series of kidnappings, bombings and armed robberies.[3]

The United States has classified the TPFL as a Tier III terrorist organization.[4] [...]

Perhaps one could give Tedros Ghebreyesus the benefit of the doubt, imagining him as a noble reformer who, having strayed at the beginning, would have turned into a devoted humanitarian bringing his light into the darkness of a bad regime.

That illusion quickly fades away when one discovers the damning dossier presented by the Amhara Professional Union (APU), accusing him of having carried out a real genocidal policy as Ethiopia’s Minister of Health.[9]

Indeed, the Amhara ethnic group lost more than 2.5 million people between the 1997 and 2007 censuses. While the other major ethnic groups grew by a yearly average of 2.6%, the Amharas had a slower population increase, with only 1.9%.


Depo-Provera is a highly controversial product that received a black box warning[10, 11] in the U.S. for an increased incidence of osteoporosis and higher risk of breast cancer.

But it has also been associated with a rise in AIDS cases and difficulties to regain fertility after prolonged use, two conditions that also seemed prevailing among the Amhara population. The APU accused the Ethiopian government of racial discrimination by pushing the use of Depo onto their woman without their informed consent.[12] [...]

But Tedros Ghebreyesus is also known for covering up of several cholera outbreaks in Ethiopia (2006, 2009, 2011), by relabeling them “Acute Watery Diarrhea” (AWD).[16]

The report of a WHO field expert on the 2006 outbreak, however, certified that Vibrio cholerae had indeed been identified as the causal agent.[17]

Tedros preferred not to damage the image of his party and his country. By refusing to declare the outbreak, he deprived these populations of the basic help they needed, such as re-hydration measures and sanitation of water.

The same scenario was repeated in 2009 and 2011, even under his WHO leadership, when he ignored a massive outbreak in Sudan, Ethiopia’s conflicting neighbor, according to an open letter signed by a team of U.S. doctors and Genocide Watch.[18]

The Global Fund is a partnership led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. In July 2009, Tedros was elected Board Chair of the Fund for a two-year term. In a profile published in April 2010, The Lancet reported that he was “a household name at the Global Fund Secretariat” and that his achievements led to name Ethiopia as an exemplary high-performing country.


Then in 2012, at the end of his term in the Health Department, Tedros Ghebreyesus was appointed head of Foreign Affairs (from 2012 to 2016), a further confirmation that he had always remained at the heart of the Party’s decisions, and was still serving its goals with dubious methods.

For example, in 2013, when Saudi Arabia chose to send back immigrants from different nations, the only country that took no steps to repatriate its nationals was Ethiopia.

This inaction, for which he was responsible, led to violence against Ethiopians by the Saudis.[20]

In 2014, Tedros, the former TPLF terrorist, also organized the kidnapping, extradition and condemnation of several dissident leaders and hundreds of asylum seekers in Yemen, with the complicity of the Yemeni government.[21] [...]

When the candidates were interviewed before the votes, the Brazilian Ambassador asked Tedros how he intended to “represent the voice of developing countries by proposing a program that was much more aligned with the priorities of the countries of the North,” hereby referring to his approach of health through security (pandemic preparedness), and to treating ‘equality’ in terms of “coverage” (vaccines), rather than in the development of universal health systems (for example medical infrastructure and training or access to water).

He also remarked that Tedros had not proposed anything concrete in terms of sustainable development for vulnerable countries.[22]

In fact, this “northern agenda” was very much aligned with the priorities of the Global Health Security Agenda, promoted by WHO’s four main funders and influencers: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ($14b), the United States ($24b), the U.K. ($11b) and GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization which was again mainly funded by Gates ($17b), the U.S. ($11b) and the U.K. ($31b).

Clearly, the influence Bill Gates exerts on the WHO cannot be understated, as we are reminded by an article in the mainstream journal Politico published a few weeks before the vote “Meet the World’s Most Powerful Doctor: Bill Gates“[23] stating

“Some billionaires are satisfied with buying themselves an island. Bill Gates got a UN agency in Geneva.”


But Gates is obviously not the only ally of China. Its ties with a large part of the western globalist elite deserves a closer investigation.

Looking at the board members[25] of the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, hosted by Wang Qishan the vice-president of the Republic of China, we find individuals such as Henry Paulson, CEO of Goldman Sachs, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, Corbat from Citigroup, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Laurence Fink, and the CEOs of Dell, McKinsey, IBM, Walmart, General Motors, BlackRock, Tata and many others.

I was too easy on Bill - reallygraceful

In this video, I cover who Bill was AFTER Microsoft.

The Agenda behind Bill Gates Vaccine & ID2020 : Coronavirus Conspiracies - SyrianGirlpartisan

The Bill Gates' real agenda behind for creating a Corona Virus Vaccine will shock you!

The Backlash Is Here: From Michigan To Kentucky The People Are Rising Up - Dr. Ron Paul

Mass protests are breaking out across the United States against the tyrannical "stay at home" orders and forced shut-downs of businesses deemed "non-essential." More than 20 million are suddenly unemployed and they are demanding to know why, with seasonal flu deaths often even higher than those predicted for coronavirus, they are forced into joblessness, poverty, and despair by a political class that faces none of these things.

Baltimore PD Wants to Use Drones to Enforce Social Distancing

“It is equivalent to having a police officer follow us, each of us, outside all the time in case we might commit a crime,” senior staff attorney for the ACLU of Maryland, David Rocah said. “If that happened in real life, everyone would clearly understand the privacy and First Amendment implications, and it would never be tolerated.”

$60 Billion Flows To Handful of Airlines; Millions of Small Businesses Get Nothing - Ben Swann


UK: 50% of deaths not due to Covid – Swiss Propaganda Research

The latest figures from the UK confirm a disturbing reality: 50% of excess mortality might not be due to Covid-19, but due to the effects of the lockdown, general panic and partial social breakdown.

Trump Regime Immunity Certificates for Mass Vaxxing and Population Control - Global Research

Instead of serving public health and welfare, along with fostering free and open societies, policies of US-led Western officials are polar opposite — exploiting and otherwise harming ordinary people so privileged ones can benefit, no matter the human toll.
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Anthony Fauci is a front man for steering the US public to mass toxic vaccinations.

Last week he said the Trump regime is considering issuance of COVID-19 immunity certificates for individuals infected by and recovered from the virus.

“The proposal is contingent upon the widespread deployment of antibody tests which the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration are in the process of validating in the US,” he said, adding:

“Although coronavirus testing thus far has been able to determine if an individual has an active infection, antibody tests report whether an asymptomatic person was previously infected but has since recovered (and immune), potentially allowing them to return to their jobs.”

One problem with this scheme is that positive antibody tests would not be able to distinguish between infected individuals and others who recovered from the virus.

A second related problem is the accuracy of tests. COVID-19 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and antibody tests are producing false positives and negatives — why accurate numbers of infected individuals in the US and elsewhere are unclear.

Kill Gates Has Maimed Millions With His 'Philanthropy' and He Wants To Get You Next - Dollar_Vigilante


Are There Lockdown Protests? – Questions For Corbett #060 : The Corbett Report

Diane writes in to ask if there are any protests against the lockdowns happening. The answer is a resounding yes, but the fact that people aren’t hearing about these protests speaks volumes in and of itself. Join James for this important action-oriented edition of Questions For Corbett.

COVD-19: Why Big Government is the Disease, Not the Cure - 21st Century Wire

The current “pandemic” can be used to illustrate societal problems more destructive than disease. How Americans view the role of government in their lives and their belief that government can fix anything, including their mortality, demonstrates the madness that inflicts people when they become impressed with some delusion and run after it. The present response to the coronavirus has led to panic that has traded rational responses for irrational reactions.
Acting upon incomplete and probably inaccurate information, our government has embarked upon a spending spree and encroachment on the liberties of Americans of massive proportions. Logic would dictate that from now on, every flu season, our economy must shut down and the government print, thereby inflating, more money and spend it on non-productive transfers. The sphere of liberty shrinks as the size of government grows. The current response to “Chinese flu” has led to policies unheard of in American history with yet unknown consequences. When people believe that government can cure anything (pun intended), they are exhibiting symptoms of a disease far more serious than COVID-19.


Gates and Company’s COVID-19 Vaccine Boosterism Ignores Significant SARS Coronavirus Vaccine Risks Known for Over a Decade • Children's Health Defense

Just as COVID-19 (reportedly caused by the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2) has dominated the news cycle in 2020, so, too, the focus on an eventual coronavirus vaccine has crowded out needed attention to a wider range of prevention and treatment strategies. Self-appointed pandemic guru Bill Gates—through a complex tangle of direct and indirect funding mechanisms that includes being the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) second largest donor—is gleefully leading the contingent promoting planet-wide coronavirus vaccination, unashamedly asserting that a vaccine “is the only thing that will allow us to return to normal.” Gates has the effrontery to make such claims despite financial conflicts of interest blatant enough to be noticed even by the credulous, and a lengthy trail of vaccine-related destruction left in the wake of Gates-funded vaccine programs around the world.

In Coronavirus We Trust: Medical Surveillance State For A Gov That's Experimented On You 239 Times

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'Biggest Coronavirus Stimulus of All': Richest Man in the World Jeff Bezos Now $24 Billion Richer Amid Pandemic | Common Dreams News

Amplifying fresh critiques of wealthy inequality that have mounted throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos—the world's richest man—has added nearly $24 billion to his already massive fortune in 2020 as virus-related lockdowns across the globe have forced people to stay inside and fueled increased e-commerce demand. - Sarnia-Lambton MP says 'we need to get back to work' (AUDIO)

“In the United States, they’ve been successful with the treatment of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulphate,” said Gladu. “They’ve tried this on thousands of COVID patients, with nearly 100 per cent recovery rate, and so the FDA has approved this as an emergency measure, but Canada has not.”

U.S. Government’s $3.7 Million Grant to Wuhan Lab at Center of Coronavirus Outbreak • Children's Health Defense

The Daily Mail reported that it has uncovered documents showing that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) gave $3.7 million to scientists at the Wuhan Lab at the center of coronavirus leak scrutiny. According to the British paper, “the federal grant funded experiments on bats from the caves where the virus is believed to have originated.”


Fauci’s studies alarmed scientists around the globe who complained, according to a December 2017 NY Times article, that “these researchers risk creating a monster germ that could escape the lab and seed a pandemic.” Dr. Marc Lipsitch of the Harvard School of Public Health’s Communicable Disease Center told the Times that Dr. Fauci’s NIAID experiments “have given us some modest scientific knowledge and done almost nothing to improve our preparedness for pandemic, and yet risked creating an accidental pandemic.”

Lockdown Protest in North Carolina Called 'non-essential activity' by Raleigh Police - 21st Century Wire

More coronavirus lockdown backlash today, this time in Raleigh, North Carolina, as protesters from the group “ReopenNC” rallied in opposition to Governor Roy Cooper’s stay-home order calling it “an unconstitutional overreach that will kill the state’s small businesses,” according to The News & Observer.

Bill Gates Being Destroyed on Twitter is the Most Uplifting Thing You'll See Today

While there might be a herd of people who are looking for a savior like Bill Gates, so-called ‘conspiracy theorists‘ have been warning the world for decades that Gates has long been positioning himself to be the provider of a pandemic vaccine that would be a safety requirement for all people to travel, drive, work, engage in commerce, worship, gather, or go to school.
But no one elected him to take charge of the situation.

He’s not a politician, not a doctor, not a virologist, nor an epidemiologist, not a scientist, and he’s not even a populist. In fact, he’s been on record for years talking about the need to reduce the global population through vaccine programs that discourage population growth.

Did Anthony Fauci Just Allude to a Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine?

“When we get back to normal, we will go back to the point where we can function as a society. But … [i]f you want to get back to pre-coronavirus, that might not ever happen in the sense that the threat is there. But I believe that with the therapies that will be coming online, and the fact that I feel confident that over a period of time we will get a good vaccine, that we will never have to get back to where we are right now.”


The only way that they could “completely protect the population” is through a mandatory, and of course, lucrative vaccine. According to Fauci, “the ultimate solution to a virus that might be coming back would be a vaccine.”

If this is true then it is wonderful news for Bill Gates who has already invested billions of dollars into the development of a coronavirus vaccine. However, it does seem suspicious, and a potential conflict of interest, that Dr. Fauci is also on the board of the Bill & Melina Gates Foundation’s vaccine Leadership Council.

Objective:Health - Bill Gates: Philanthropist, World Savior, AntiChrist -- Health & Wellness --

When exactly did we start listening to Bill Gates about anything? Anything other than computer stuff, that is. Lately Bill Gates has been showing up on various platforms in various interviews telling everyone they can't leave their homes until there's a vaccine for the coronavirus. And who exactly put Bill in charge? Why is he acting like he's calling the shots? Why is the IT guy giving us medical directives?
In this episode of Objective:Health we take a deep dive into the agenda of William Henry Gates III, and the results are downright creepy. Bill Gates is a driven, power-hungry, megalomaniac with a strong fetish for vaccines and extreme forms of surveillance, not to mention creating technologies that move the human race closer and closer to a kind of technological slavery. Oh, and he has a depopulation agenda. The scariest thing is, despite never being elected to any political position, he manages to push through his agenda by wielding his massive wealth. So, no thanks Bill, we don't want your crappy vaccines and ID chips.

GOP Tax Cuts in Coronavirus Relief Bill Give 82% of Benefits to Millionaires and Billionaires

Hidden away in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act is a series of Republican tax cuts that will save the ultra-wealthy $90 billion in 2020 alone. According to a report from the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), a nonpartisan congressional body, almost 82 percent of the benefits of the tax breaks will go to just 43,000 Americans who make over $1 million annually. In contrast, less than three percent will go to the great majority who earn less than $100,000 per year.

Objective:Health - Bill Gates: Philanthropist, World Savior, AntiChrist -- Health & Wellness --

When exactly did we start listening to Bill Gates about anything? Anything other than computer stuff, that is. Lately Bill Gates has been showing up on various platforms in various interviews telling everyone they can't leave their homes until there's a vaccine for the coronavirus. And who exactly put Bill in charge? Why is he acting like he's calling the shots? Why is the IT guy giving us medical directives?
In this episode of Objective:Health we take a deep dive into the agenda of William Henry Gates III, and the results are downright creepy. Bill Gates is a driven, power-hungry, megalomaniac with a strong fetish for vaccines and extreme forms of surveillance, not to mention creating technologies that move the human race closer and closer to a kind of technological slavery. Oh, and he has a depopulation agenda. The scariest thing is, despite never being elected to any political position, he manages to push through his agenda by wielding his massive wealth. So, no thanks Bill, we don't want your crappy vaccines and ID chips.

Brave New World: Coronavirus Authoritarians Building Massive Surveillance State - Dr. Ron Paul

"Never let a crisis go to waste." Big tech is getting into bed with big government to build a massive surveillance superstructure that will monitor all of our movements - in the name of fighting coronavirus, of course. As Edward Snowden recently warned, these mechanisms of surveillance and oppression are not going to be dismantled once the virus is gone. They will remain.

Long Breadlines Form Outside of Food Banks as America Struggles to Cope With COVID-19 Fallout

At least 10,000 cars line up in an orderly fashion in San Antonio, all full of hungry, increasingly desperate people. Thousands already arrived the night before just to get a chance to eat. “We just can’t feed this many,” said the CEO of the local food bank that Texans have descended upon.
It is a scene playing out across the country; 1,300 cars swamped the drive-thru Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. The United Center, home to the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks, has been transformed into a huge food warehouse, as COVID-19 has driven a wedge through the cracks in American society, where tens of millions of people now face unemployment and hunger.

Police smashed a residents door in looking for 'social gatherings' GRAPHICS WARNING - YouTube


Ivory Coast Citizens Burn Down Coronavirus Testing Center - YouTube

Protesters in Ivory Coast's commercial capital, Abidjan, have destroyed a coronavirus centre that was being built in the district of Yopougon.

The Profound Effects of High-Dose Vitamin C (w/ Dr. Thomas Levy) - Hotze Health & Wellness Center

In this week’s podcast, Dr. Hotze sits with Dr. Thomas Levy – a board-certified cardiologist, bar-certified attorney, author, and world-renowned expert on Vitamin C to discuss the many benefits of high-dose Vitamin C and how to utilize in clinical practice.

Herd Immunity: Expert Explains Why COVID-19 Lockdown, Social Distancing Doesn't Actually Work - 21st Century Wire

Already one month into the policy of ‘lockdown’, and one of the popular talking points being pushed by governments and their mainstream media adjuncts is that “the numbers are dropping, the lockdown and social distancing are working!” Thus far, this talking point has gone relatively unchallenged, as people assume that there is some scientific basis to this statement, only there isn’t. Quarantining whole national populations has no historic precedent in the modern world, and thus no such claims of efficacy of an experimental policy cannot be made. Governments and media are simply saying it’s true, but according to some leading epidemiologists, nothing could be further from the truth.

German Lawyer Sent to Psychiatric Ward for Organizing Protest Against COVID-19 Lockdown - Global Research

It has begun: German medical lawyer Beate Bahner, who has been committed to a psychiatric institution for publicly disagreeing with lockdown.


“Bahner had become known in the past few days with a call for nationwide demonstrations and an urgent application for the abolition of all corona protective measures,” reports Welt. “The [medical specialist] lawyer from Heidelberg considers the corona rules to be excessive and advocates for them to be abolished.”


In America, the state has yet to lock dissidents up in mental institutions, although police have threatened people for attending church services and disobeying social distancing mandates.

In Mississippi, parishioners were fined $500 for attending a drive-in church service. In Massachusetts, the governor and local government control freaks ordered citizens to wear masks. The city of Lynn imposed a mandatory curfew. Authorities in Minneapolis charged twenty-three people with violating stay-at-home orders.

In Australia and Britain, police are fining citizens for daring to go outside (doing so in Queensland will result in a $100k fine). The dictator president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has ordered police and the military to shoot and kill all in violation of an iron-fisted lockdown.

US Physician: 'CDC and US Government Are Inflating COVID-19 Death Count' - 21st Century Wire

“The real number of COVID-19 deaths are not what most people are told and what they then think. How many people actually died from COVID-19 is anyone’s guess. …”
“Based on inaccurate, incomplete data, people are being terrorized by fear-mongers into relinquishing freedoms.”

What NO ONE is Saying About The Corona Crisis

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of this pandemic panic to one striking at the root. Join James Corbett on the streets of Japan as he strikes at the root of the pandemic problem that we are being presented with. Will you accept or reject the new governing principle of society?

Lockdowns in Third World Result in Starvation, Police Assaults - Activist Post

A number of developing countries which have initiated “Stay at Home” orders are now experiencing hunger and starvation deaths, as well as murders by over-zealous police.
Reports that the lockdowns in India and elsewhere have resulted in almost as many deaths as has the coronavirus are now emerging. A recent opinion piece in The Print discussed non-virus deaths in India which were a result of the loss of employment and loss of income, detailing these deaths as by starvation, suicide and assaults by security forces.

The Vaccine Debate Has Gone Off the Rails - By Design

Nor is the US government's response to a measles "epidemic" that has infected 880 people since January in a country of 327 million people designed to put anyone at ease. With a vocal segment of the population already alarmed over unprecedented assaults on First Amendment freedoms of speech and of the press, several states have put forward bills to end religious exemptions to mandatory vaccination laws, thus inflaming another vocal segment of the population, this one concerned for the First Amendment freedom of religion. Headlines like the New York Times editorial earlier this month, titled "Infecting people isn't a religious right," deftly add insult to injury. If the government's goal was to create civic unrest, to encourage division in a country already more divided than ever, they couldn't have done a better job.
And this may indeed be the goal. "Wedge issues" - controversies which divide and inflame a population, despite often having little or no bearing on their day-to-day lives - are a time-honored means of manipulating popular sentiment.


From Anthrax To Coronavirus - Same 9/11 False Flag Players, New COVID-19 Boogeyman

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Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures Funds Microchip Implant Vaccine

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated more than $21 million towards developing a vaccine technology that uses a tattoo-like mechanism which injects invisible nanoparticles under the skin that is now being tested in a vaccine against the virus that causes COVID-19


"To maximize the utility of this technology for vaccination campaigns, we aimed to create a platform compatible with microneedle-delivered vaccines that could reliably encode data on an individual for at least five years after administration," said the MIT paper, titled Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination. "In addition, this system also needed to be highly biocompatible, deliver a sufficient amount of dye after an application time of 2 min or less, and be detectable using a minimally adapted smartphone."

The movement for liberty, rationality and science is growing – We The People

People are starting to push back against this creeping police state and stripping of basic liberties like freedom of movement.

People are starting to push back against this creeping police state and stripping of basic liberties like freedom of movement.

Lockdown Backlash: Ohio Residents Protest - 21st Century Wire

Ohio residents assembled at the State Capitol in Columbus on Monday to protest the ‘Stay at Home’ order that was put in place on March 23rd. The order was recently extended and remains in place until at least May 1st.

Fauci's NIAID Gave $3.7 Million To Wuhan Lab To Study Coronavirus in Bats? - Ben Swann

Chinese Wuhan Lab Received $3.7 Million From U.S. To Study #Coronavirus in Bats. It also turns out that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the U.S. response may have provided that funding through his department of NIAID.

Bill Gates' Plan to use Microneedles to Deliver COVID19 Vaccine and Embed Vaccination Status into the Skin

The microneedle technology is also being wed to injectable technology, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which embeds under the skin a vaccination record visible by near infrared light that can be read by smartphone technology.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the technologies with aims to enable them in “house-to-house” vaccine campaigns undertaken by people with “minimal training.”

The Australian: 'We May be Over-reacting to an Unremarkable Coronavirus' -- Puppet Masters --

Even in coronavirus hot spots in Europe and the US, there's greater chance of being killed in a car accident than being harmed by COVID-19, according to research published last week by Stanford scientist John Ioannidis.
"The risk of dying from coronavirus for a person under 65 years old is equivalent to the risk of dying driving a distance of nine to 415 miles by car each day during the COVID-19 fatality season," he concluded.

Yet many of those under-65s have had their lives pulled apart, including loss of 195 million jobs around the world this quarter, according to the International Labour Organisation.

COVID-19 and the Rockefeller Pandemic – Another Day in the Empire

Following the introduction of the coronavirus—or what we are told is a virus—and weeks of nonstop media hype and horror film level theatrics that have produced mindless hysteria on the part of the public and demands the government do something to stop the alleged spread of a “novel” virus, the concept of an “immunity passport” was introduced by billionaire “philanthropist” Bill Gates, the COVID Credentials Initiative, and others.

US Government Helped Fund Chinese Coronavirus Research

Derrick Broze examines new reports indicating the U.S. government funded Chinese research into Coronavirus, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Episode #12 - Whitney Webb - Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson

Fresh off of her four-part expose on disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Whitney Webb is back with a story about an event almost two decades ago that has suddenly become one of the most important stories that nobody is talking about.

The recent pandemic simulation that was held in October 2019 called Event 201 has some very disturbing ties to another simulation that was also run three months before a world-changing event back in the summer of 2001 called Dark Winter.

In her three-part series called “All Roads Lead To Dark Winter”, available at The Last American Vagabond, Whitney Webb explains who is really behind these simulations that spring to life and become real-world events that suspiciously mimic the simulations that they created.

The People Waking Up: Coronavirus Lockdown Sparking Nationwide Protests - Dr. Ron Paul

From Ohio to Wyoming to Michigan to North Carolina, Americans are increasingly furious over being thrown into house arrest over a coronavirus scare that by all accounts has been wildly overblown. Now they are facing unemployment and worse. With nothing left to lose they are taking to the streets. Meanwhile several US states are teaming up to defy President Trump's top down approach. Are we in a (political) race to re-open?

Documents Reveal Feds Are Excited To Create A Mass Surveillance Network | MassPrivateI

In the United States, the Feds encourage private companies like Clearview AI, Amazon Ring and Flock Safety to use facial recognition and automatic license plate readers to identify everyone.
Under the section "State Datasets: Surveillance = Smart Cities" the presentation extol's China's smart city surveillance saying, "it turns out that having streets carpeted with cameras is good infrastructure for smart cities as well."

Americans do not need more government surveillance and we certainly do not need our smart cities carpeted with government surveillance devices.

Are Ventilators Killing More People Than They're Saving?? - Global Research

“Researchers in Wuhan…reported that, of 37 critically ill Covid-19 patients who were put on mechanical ventilators, 30 died within a month. In a U.S. study of patients in Seattle, only one of the seven patients older than 70 who were put on a ventilator survived; just 36% of those younger than 70 did.”

Get Ready for an Unacceptable "New Normal": Censorship, Extrajudicial Arrests, Is Martial Law the Next Shoe to Drop? - Global Research

Censorship is the new normal in the US and West — speech, press, and academic freedoms at risk. Without them all other rights are threatened.
Social and conventional media, Google, and other tech giants are complicit in a campaign to suppress content conflicting with the official narrative.

Controlling the message is the hallmark of totalitarian rule. Anything conflicting with the official narrative on vital issues is considered “inauthentic behavior.”

The US already is a police state. Is martial law the next shoe to drop? Will Trump declare it if current conditions worsen?

COVID-19 and the War on Cash: What Is Behind the Push for a Cashless Society? - Global Research

As these COVID-19 lockdowns drag out, more and more individuals and businesses are going cashless (for convenience and in a so-called effort to avoid spreading coronavirus germs), engaging in online commerce or using digital forms of currency (bank cards, digital wallets, etc.). As a result, physical cash is no longer king.
Yet there are other, more devious, reasons for this re-engineering of society away from physical cash: a cashless society—easily monitored, controlled, manipulated, weaponized and locked down—would play right into the hands of the government (and its corporate partners).

To this end, the government and its corporate partners-in-crime have been waging a subtle war on cash for some time now.

Dr Shiva Blasts Lockdown, 'Medieval Medicine' of Fauci, Bill Gates and W.H.O. - 21st Century Wire

Scientist and health freedom advocate, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD and biological systems expert, is now challenging the authority and “medieval medicine” decisions being made by America’s self-appointed technocratic medical elite, namely Dr Anthony Fauci and colleague billionaire oligarch and vaccine developer, Bill Gates. Is the pharmaceutical industrial complex using the fear surrounding the COVID-19 crisis in order to leverage government policy and seize power over decision making?

The Article That Got Me Booted Off

But few are aware that the epidemic playing out in China and two dozen other countries, including the US, is unfolding in line with a decade-old simulation titled “Lock Step” devised by the Rockefeller Foundation in conjunction with the Global Business Network. The scenario, one of four included in a publication called “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” in 2010, describes a coronavirus-like pandemic that becomes the trigger for the imposition of police-state controls on movement, economy, and other areas of society.

50 Headlines: Welcome to the “new normal” – OffGuardian

Our erstwhile collaborators at Consent Factory have put together a wonderful collection of all the great work being done by our Beloved Governments to keep us all safe.
Always remember that these Measures are for your own good. Doubting The Measures is a possible sign of infection. Consult your treatment diary for the required dosage of BBC programming needed to remove Doubts.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Killing Ourselves to Flatten the COVID Curve - Part 1 | Brendan D Murphy

An elderly woman sits on a park bench in England with no one nearby. Police draw near—apparently protected from covid-19 by their law enforcement costumes—to intervene and issue her a hefty fine…
Paris bans outdoor exercise during the day with disobedient joggers facing the threat of 6 months in jail.

Medical “authorities” at the W.H.O threaten “to enter homes and remove family members” in order to impose isolation on them.

Flashing signs at beaches in Australia warn visitors to monitor their “sand time” (without specifying how being on the sand might suddenly become “dangerous”—and after how long).

Innocent travellers are randomly pulled over and questioned—Nazi/Soviet-style—as to the purpose of the most mundane and innocuous voyages. “Papers please.”

Police in England threaten to literally examine the contents of people’s shopping trolleys to make sure people only buy “essentials.”
Thank God the virus can't move sideways

Transcript - US coronavirus 'bailout' scam is $6 trillion giveaway to Wall St - Economist Michael Hudson explains | Moderate Rebels

Facing the Covid-19 pandemic, the US Congress rammed through the CARES Act — which economist Michael Hudson explains is not a “bailout” but a massive, $6 trillion giveaway to Wall Street, banks, large corporations, and stockholders.
Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton discuss the enormous financial scam with Hudson, who reveals how the economy actually works, with the Federal Reserve printing money so rich elites don’t lose their investments.

COVID-19 epidemic declining or already over – We The People

“If you compare the epidemic in Sweden and the surrounding Scandinavian countries who did a lockdown, you don’t see any difference at all. Indicating that whatever the countries around Sweden did, it had no effect on the epidemic.”
He also states that getting outside, particularly if it is warm and sunny, is the best way to put an end to the spread of COVID-19. Staying indoors will just prolong the persistence of the disease.

We The People - An Open Letter to Our Democratic Representatives

Governments in the UK were influenced by advisers at British Imperial College who created a computer model claiming up to 500,000 people could die prematurely from this contagion. The British Imperial College study was never published in a journal or reviewed, and was based on largely unrealistic assumptions, as has now been shown.

These predictions have now been admitted as incorrect and the figure was revised down to 5,700 excess mortality. In other words, it is now predicted that this virus will cause the premature death 5 times less than the flu epidemic of 2015.


Using data from the cruise ship Diamond Princess, Stanford Professor John Ioannidis showed that the age-corrected danger of death from COVID-19 is between 0.025% and 0.625%, i.e. in the range of a strong cold or the flu.

In addition, the COVID-19 virus is not as contagious as the common flu virus that swept through the UK in 2015. The World Health Organisation has estimated that it spreads 50% slower than influenza (common flu).


Highly respected eminent virologists and specialists in disease control have publicly criticised lock-down measures as at best ineffective and very possibly damaging – resulting in possibly more deaths directly from the disease over a longer period and many more indirectly caused deaths (depression, suicide, drug-addiction etc.) associated with isolation, poverty and loss of livelihood.

Are COVID-19 Death Certificates Being Manipulated? A Conversation with Dr. Annie Bukacek - Global Research

Dr. Annie Bukacek [00:05:14] Well, I was suspicious from the start because I’ve followed all these so-called pandemics. You know, we had H1N1 back in 2008, 2009, we’re all going to die. Ended up passing. It didn’t have that high of a mortality and ended up passing. But then they forced it into the vaccines the next year. So that got my attention. And then the next one after that was Ebola. And so, you know, H1N1 didn’t sound very scary. So they had to come up with a scary sounding name. Ebola. And there was never a single documented case of Ebola in the United States. But they had everybody running around with gloves on and HAZMAT suits. So I look at the H1N1 hype. I look at the Ebola hype. And then the next one was the Zika virus, where they said, you know, all of our babies are going to be born with, you know, golf-ball sized heads and all this kind of stuff. I mean, it was not a single birth defect attributed to it in the United States, but that was the next scare. And then there was SARS and MERS. In SARS there were eight cases in the United States. MERS, there were two cases in the United States.

COVID-19 as a Weapon. The Crushing of the Disposable Working Class – by Design

And while the Amazonification of our economy ploughs full steam ahead, independent shops and services are pounded into dust, while public services are shut down, opening the door for further privatization. While prepping the citizenry for coming and required “certifications”, the deliberate and violent contraction of the economy continues. The decimation of small enterprise with monetary wealth directed, again, upward. McDonald’s, Starbucks and Walmart (“essential services”) remain open while small business is forced to remain closed. On April 13 2020, Amazon announced they would hire Amazon will hire an additional 75,000 workers to keep up with its soaring volume of online sales.

How many tests performed for #SARSCoV2 are positive? Visualization of the data of the US, Switzerland, Germany and France.

M.I.T. PhD Blows Fauci & Co Inc. Out of the Water - Activist Post

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (inventor of email) is an MIT PhD with 4 degrees, one in Biological Engineering, who studies the immune system nearly every day. I checked him out at the MIT website. He’s the real deal. Here’s his website: He says Fauci is a long-term criminal across many presidents, who “…should be indicted, and should be fired and all sorts of charges should be leveled at him…”

COVID-19: Proof That Governments Knew the Crisis Was in Decline Before Lockdown - 21st Century Wire

We reveal a new slide which shows how the government had access to clear data demonstrating that long before the declaration of UK lockdown and even at the time of the Prime Minister’s March 3rd broadcast, the data showed that Italy, Germany, Sweden and the UK were all decelerating, leveling off, and then falling away in terms of the rate of growth of the contagion. The crisis was over though the contagion would continue until exhausted. It is as inevitable as a ball thrown into the air, slowing down, and coming back to earth. Our work has shown for now 42 countries just how simple and smooth the progression of the virus is. It isn’t difficult to track its trajectory. It is difficult to understand how supposedly decent human beings – our leaders – could choose to so utterly disregard an opportunity to present simple and basic facts to reassure us, and instead could choose to pluck a figure out of thin air to scare us, deliberately so, and so immediately order us into our homes. What matters now is that they chose to do it, and chose to do it contrary to any possible logic other than their own desire or agenda, whatever that might be. Now it is our turn. Here is the information to bring down the governments who so abused their power.

COVID-19 Meltdown and Pharma's Big Money Win - The Vaccine Reaction

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) told Americans on Apr. 1, 2020 that modeling reports suggested COVID-19 infections could eventually “kill 100,000 to 240,000 Americans,”1 2 3 which was considerably less than the worst case 1.7 million mortality figure the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) talked about on Mar. 13,4 and a fraction of the doomsday 2.2 million mortality figure projected by a scientist at Imperial College London.5 6 The next day, Fauci called for an all-state nationwide lockdown7 and CDC officials instructed Americans to cover their faces with cloth masks if they have to leave their homes to buy food or seek medical care.8
On Apr. 6, University of Washington modeling experts, who influenced the setting of current federal and state “social distancing” policies, lowered U.S. COVID-19 mortality estimates from the worst case 162,000 fatalities they predicted on Mar. 26 to about 82,000 deaths.9 10 Two days later, on Apr. 8, they lowered U.S. mortality estimates even further to 60,415 deaths by Aug. 4, but included the caveat “assuming full social distancing through May 2020.”11

With the U.S. economy in meltdown, this week, Dr. Fauci warned that, until a COVID-19 vaccine is available, we have to prepare for a new normal.


Death certificates used to and are customarily supposed to contain “just the facts” around that which was known, no presumptions or probabilities. By passing along this new guidance, the CDC has forever skewed the true reporting, and by extension, all future data models which incorporate the tainted and now surly inflated mortality rates.

“We Will See More Deaths Because of Social Distancing” – Leading Scientist on COVID-19 Pandemic – Collective Evolution

According to Wittkowski, “There is nothing to be scared about, this is a flu epidemic like every other flu, maybe a bit more severe, but nothing that is fundamentally different from the flus that we’ve seen in other years.” Again, when it comes to lockdown and social distancing, he re-iterates by stating, “Well, we will see maybe a total of fewer cases that is possible, however we will see more cases among the elderly because we have prevented the school children from creating herd immunity. And so in the end we will see more death, because it’s the school children that don’t die it’s the elderly that die so we will see more death because of this social distancing.”

Kushner's COVID Task Force Is Looking To Expand The Government's Surveillance Of Private Healthcare Companies | Techdirt

[T]he Trump administration has sought to ease data-sharing rules and assure health data companies they won’t be penalized for sharing information with state and federal officials — a move driven in part by Kushner’s push to assemble the national network, according to an individual with knowledge of the decision.
To do this, the administration is likely to lean on its favorite weapon against privacy: national security. There are exceptions built into health privacy laws that make it easier for the federal government to demand access to this data. If the task force can sell the pandemic as a national security crisis, the government will be able to peer into multiple databases and do whatever it wants with that data. And it will be able to do so for as long as it wants, so long as it can claim the threat is still present.

Fauci On The Ropes...Lashes Out At Trump - Dr. Ron Paul

President Trump's coronavirus point-person Anthony Fauci is taking a beating after his warning of 240,000 Covid-19 deaths even after locking the country down has been revised downward to just 60,000. He's gone on the network news program in attempt to blame others for his colossal failure, but his CNN appearance over the weekend blaming Trump for not listening to him sooner has provoked a response from the president. Will Trump dump Fauci?

Where Will The Food Come From? - Bruce Fenton - Medium

Normally, about half of all U.S. food and agricultural products end up in direct to consumer markets including supermarkets, grocery and retail stores. The other half is purchased and distributed by the wholesale commercial and food service sector. This includes restaurants, schools, institutions, and the hospitality industry (including hotels, resorts, cruise ships, all primarily driven by tourism). The shut-down of many non-essential businesses, the closure of schools and universities and the issuance of stay-at-home orders and travel bans in states across the country have caused the demand for food products normally distributed through the commercial supply chain to come to a grinding halt. At the same time, the demand for food products in the grocery/retail sector has soared with some distribution warehouses running at 200% to 500% their average capacity for this time of year[1]. This extreme shift in demand and our inability to swiftly adapt our established distribution and supply chains to it is what currently poses the greatest threat to the food supply in the U.S.

The Elite’s COVID-19 Coup Against a Terrified Humanity: Resisting Powerfully - Global Research

Because the fear of contracting the virus (and its possibly deadly consequences) could be grotesquely magnified by inflating the figures, constant harping on it by the World Health Organization, the medical industry (in league with the pharmaceutical industry) and governments, and then magnified by the corporate media – with one outlet laughably suggesting COVID-19 could be worse than the flu outbreak in 1918 (falsely attributed to Spain): see ‘COVID-19 has the potential to become as severe as the Spanish flu’– it made virtually all people submissive to any measure taken, or order given, ostensibly to prevent the spread of the virus.

Solidarity in a Time of Pandemic, While the US Capitalizes on Disaster

The US government is exploiting the pandemic as an opportunity to increase misery in Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Syria and other countries the world’s hegemon doesn’t care for. And these besieged states are not alone. One-third of humanity is under ever-increasing US sanctions. These unilateral coercive measures, illegal under international and domestic law, are explicitly designed to cause the targeted people to suffer so much they will reject their leaders for those chosen for them by the US.

Was There Foreknowledge of the Plandemic? – Questions For Corbett #059 : The Corbett Report

This week on Questions For Corbett, a Corbett Report member asks about foreknowledge of the plandemic. From Event 201 to the intelligence “failures,” CEO resignations, QE4, and bioweapon research, James explores the many lines of evidence pointing to the fact that this pandemic was planned in advance.

New Info Contradicts Official Outbreak Timeline As People Begin To Resist Lockdowns - Activist Post

In this exclusive interview Spiro is joined by journalist Helen Buyniski. The two discuss and analyze new revelations regarding what the US Government knew about the coronavirus outbreak and when they knew it.
This new information directly contradicts what the media and the government have been telling the people from the start of the outbreak. Additionally, Spiro and Helen cover the growing level of unrest in the US as people are beginning to resist the mandated lockdowns.
Will there be an event to further justify the lockdowns as the public signals they have about had enough? This question and many more are addressed in this must-see interview.


A Comparison of Lockdown UK With Non-Lockdown Sweden

Looking at these charts, particularly charts 2 and 4 which are a like-for-like comparison, as at 11th April, I think we can say the following:
1. In terms of reported cases, the data shows no evidence that the UK lockdown approach has been any more successful than the Swedish approach. In fact, per million people, Sweden has had fewer cases than the UK.
2. In terms of recorded deaths, again there is no evidence so far that the UK lockdown approach has been any more successful than the Swedish approach. In fact, per million people, Sweden has had fewer deaths than the UK.

Dr John Ioannidis - Carter Creative


The US Declares War on America - Global Research

For the past 70 or so years, the US government waged a war against its own citizens, a reprehensible history of illegal, unethical and immoral experiments exposing countless US civilians to deadly procedures and pathogens.
According to a US Congressional investigation, by the late 1970s:

“at least 500,000 people were used as subjects in radiation, biological and chemical experiments sponsored by the US Federal Government on its own citizens”.

Episode 228 – How to Become a Billionaire (and what to do with it) : The Corbett Report

So you want to be a billionaire? Easy. Just come from a well-connected, eugenics-obsessed elitist insider family and steal, swindle and scam your way to the top. Getting rid of your billions in a way that benefits you and helps to depopulate the earth, however…now that’s the hard part. Join us today as we study the master of billionaire-fueled, eugenics-driven philanthropy of our times: Bill Gates.

Bill Gates: Lies About 201, The Rockefeller Connection, & Lock Step Simulation - The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze breaks down recent lies from Bill Gates, his involvement with Event 201, his relationship to the Rockefeller's, the Lock Step Simulation, and more.

Bill Gates, World Bank Helped Build Global Digital ID Structure Before Pandemic – Old-Thinker News

The GSMA Inclusive Tech Lab intends to promote access to financial, healthcare, mobility, and other services by supporting initiatives around open APIs, artificial intelligence, and digital identity… The GSMA Inclusive Tech Lab is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.“
Idemia is a central company involved in supplying the infrastructure needs of most digital and biometric ID systems around the world. Idemia also makes drivers licenses in the United States.

In 2019, Old-Thinker News reported that Bill Gates was pushing for India’s Aadhaar digital ID system, supported by Idemia, (now promoted to fight COVID-19) to expand around the world:

“It’s not just a social credit score system spreading around the world from China that threatens the free people of the world; India’s Aadhaar National ID program has the full support of Bill Gates and the World Bank as a model for other countries to follow.

Gates said in a 2018 CNBC interview that it was “too bad” if someone thought that Aadhaar was a privacy issue:

Brand New Study on 5g Explains The Dangers of EMF Exposure

Derrick Broze breaks down a newly published study which examines the health implications of 5g and why past studies have been flawed.

Why are some respected alt-media embracing a police state? – OffGuardian

This is Labour activists who mere weeks ago were calling Boris Johnson a murderer and psychopath, now cheering as he is handed total control of their lives and their children’s lives.
This is respected journalists, commentators and academics who loudly condemned the cynical lies about WMDs or ‘chemical attacks’ in Douma, the fake videos and fake White Helmets, suddenly and uncritically accepting the veracity of every government virus narrative, every unsourced video and media meme that has #covid19 as a hashtag.

This is people who have campaigned against the Patriot Act for 19 years, signing off on the new US anti-covid19 legislation without a murmur; who know that governments always abuse their powers, thinking they somehow just won’t abuse these.

This is people who know about Guantanamo and who have seen Julian Assange humiliated and abused, somehow thinking the people who did these things won’t use the new post-covid police state to do them even more.

It Just Got a WHOLE LOT WORSE! Will We Do Something NOW?!?!?

(video by HighImpactFlix)


Meet The Companies Poised To Build The Kushner-Backed “Coronavirus Surveillance System”

The three companies behind the leading proposal to build a “national coronavirus surveillance system”, an initiative spearheaded by Jared Kushner, boast deep ties to Google, intelligence-linked venture capital firms as well as one of last year’s eerily predictive “pandemic” simulations.

'Infect the young and isolate those at risk' - One German scientist's plan to end the lockdown

But he now believes the lockdown is in danger of going on too long and causing more damage than the virus, and has drawn up a plan for how it can be safely lifted.
“It’s impossible to wait for a vaccine,” Prof Kekulé told The Telegraph. “The quickest we could have a vaccine ready is in six months. Based on experience, I’d say the reality is closer to a year. We can’t stay under lockdown for six months to a year. If we did that our society and our culture would be ruined.”

'Unforgettable' Footage of Endless Line of Cars at Food Banks a Stark Illustration of Coronavirus Crisis in US

Images and video of miles of cars lined up at food banks in San Antonio and other cities across the U.S. present a striking example of the economic effects of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, which has thrown at least 16 million Americans out of work in recent weeks and increased pressure on the distribution centers to provide key staples for a flood of needy people in the country.

Snowden: Governments Using Pandemic to Build “Architecture of Oppression” Surveillance

Do you truly believe that when the first wave, this second wave, the 16th wave of the coronavirus is a long-forgotten memory, that these capabilities will not be kept? That these datasets will not be kept? No matter how it is being used, what is being built is the architecture of oppression.

Michigan Holistic Physician Group Report: 85 COVID Patients Treated – ZERO Hospitalizations and NO Deaths

Of course today’s medical system is NOT focused on prevention by building up the body’s immune system, as there is no profit from that. Today’s multi-TRILLION dollar medical industry needs sick patients to treat to remain economically viable.

WHO Official: It's Time To Remove People From Their Homes & COVID Task Force Admits Inflated Numbers - Activist Post

Day by day, Bill Gates is revealing himself in his own words as he calls for strict lockdowns, which cannot and must not be lifted until the vast majority of the global population is vaccinated.
Last week a top WHO official stated that it is time for authorities to come into your home to see who is infected and take them away, for the greater good of course.

At the same time, a top White House Coronavirus Task Force Doctor who has serious conflicts of interest and appears to be on Bill Gates’ payroll, just admitted the mortality rate of this outbreak is being inflated.

A New World Is Being Born: What Will It Be? - Global Research

But the disparity in economic benefits is only a part of it. Powerful vested interests, such as Bill Gates and Big Pharma, are determined to vaccinate us all, and to control our movements with an internal passport called “vaccinated, health cleared” or other words to that effect. New tracking procedures and technologies are to be put in operation reminiscent of the “mark of the beast” to police the access of varous categories of people to various areas and benefits.


The permanent government and its security agencies see in the population’s fear and confusion opportunities to put into place more tyrannical measures, more set-asides of Constitutional Rights, more impairments on free speech. The ability of freedom to resist oppression is ever diminished.


The greatest challenge we face is to restore the concept of community. There was a time when the United States was a community, a unique one as it consisted of a multitude of ethnicities. As each wave of ethnic immigrants arrived, they passed a test on the Constitution, learned the national language, and became assimilated into the American community.

This community has been destroyed by a variety of forces, the latest being Identity Politics.

A Letter to the Future - Activist Post

I know that it’s almost hopeless. That the chance of these words surviving the coming internet purge are slim at best. That even if—against all odds—this message does wash up on your digital shores, that the chance of these words being understood by you is even slimmer. Not because you don’t understand English, but because you no longer use these words I’m writing: Freedom. Humanity. Individual.


We know what it means when 17 million Americans—a full 10% of the workforce—are added to the unemployment rolls in a mere three weeks. When they are joined by millions more newly unemployed ex-workers all around the globe. When modern-day bread lines stretch for miles in the heart of America’s once-proud cities. When the phony baloney fiat funny money debt rises over $24 trillion and the Fed’s Sovietization of the economy is complete.

We know what it means when police start shooting people dead for not wearing a mask. When drones police quarantines from the sky and robots police lockdowns on the ground. When governments admit to tracking every movement of every citizen and begin internal checkpoints where digital immunity passports determine who may pass and who must stay in their home.

We know what it means when billionaires start telling us that only their new experimental mRNA vaccines will be able to release us from this nightmare. When they threaten to mark us with invisible ink tattoos to ID the vaccinated. When they tell us that we will not be able to buy or sell or participate in the economy until we can prove our “immunity”.

Has COVID-19 Testing Made the Problem Worse? Confusion Regarding "The True Health Impacts" - Global Research

A scientific study was performed in China that targeted subjects who had been in close contact with SARS-COV-2 infected patients. The results were peer-reviewed and published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology on March 5th, 2020. The data-driven conclusion of the study was that “nearly half or even more” of patients testing positive for SARS-COV-2 did not actually have the virus. In other words, half of the results were false positives.


Mysteriously, this peer-reviewed study was withdrawn a few days after publication and is no longer available for review. In response, one investigative team asked a Chinese graduate student to contact the lead author of the study, Dr. GH Zhuang, for explanation. Dr. Zhuang responded by email but did not cite a reason for withdrawal of the paper, only saying that it was “a sensitive matter.”


The RT-qPCR test for SARS-COV-2 is being used as a qualitative test, despite the technique name including the word quantitative. This means that the actual amount of virus in a sample is not considered important, only the presence of even a small amount of virus. This concern would be lessened if the actual test results showing levels of virus detected were available. Unfortunately, all the public sees are numbers of positive or negative determinations.


On February 28th, as the open letter to Congress was being recognized, it was reported that the N3 primer of the CDC kit was contaminated. The contamination caused the negative control within the kit, containing DNA that was unrelated to SARS-COV-2, to react as if it was a positive hit for SARS-COV-2. In other words, the kits were generating false positives for negative controls.

Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity… Are you willing to take the risk? - Children's Health Defense

Why are the world's top vaccine promoters, like Paul Offit and Peter Hotez, frantically warning us about the unique and frightening dangers inherent in developing a coronavirus vaccine?
Scientists first attempted to develop coronavirus vaccines after China's 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak. Teams of US & foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines. At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus. However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies terminating with fatal lung infections. Researchers had seen this same "enhanced immune response" during human testing of the failed RSV vaccine tests in the 1960s. Two children died.

Offit, Hotez and even Anthony Fauci (in an unguarded moment), have warned that any new coronavirus vaccine could trigger lethal immune reactions when vaccinated people come in contact with the wild virus. Instead of proceeding with caution, Fauci has made the reckless choice to fast track vaccines, partially funded by Gates, without animal studies (that could provide early warning of runaway immune response). Gates is so worried about the danger that he says he won’t distribute his vaccines until governments agree to indemnify him against lawsuits. On Feb 4th 2020, when there were only 11 active CV cases in the USA, the U.S. quietly pushed through Federal regulations giving coronavirus vaccine makers full immunity from liability. Are you willing to take the risk?

Coronavirus Fact-Check #3: “Covid19 is 20x DEADLIER than the flu!” – OffGuardian

Studies suggest that 50-80% of people infected with Sars-Cov-2 never experience any symptoms. Many others experience symptoms mild enough they never need medical treatment.
ccounting for these cases brings the death rate down by a factor of ten.

The countries that have done the broadest population studies – ie. testing random sections of the population who have no symptoms – are Germany, South Korea and Iceland.

They return death rates of 0.37% 0.6% and 0.4% respectively.

Dr John Ioannidis from Stanford University estimates a death rate between 0.025% and 0.65%. Another study, from Japan, found the death rate to be between 0.04 and 0.12.

Minnesota Doctor and Senator Speaks Out on Fox News Regarding Coronavirus "Padded" Death Statistics for Financial Gain

Right now Medicare is determining that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you get $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator you get $39,000, three times as much. Nobody can tell me after 35 years in the world of medicine that sometimes those kinds of things impact on what we do.

More Physicians Go On The Record Explaining Why COVID-19 Deaths May Be Exaggerated – Collective Evolution

Now look at what has happened since the emergence of Covid-19. The list of notifiable diseases has been updated. This list — as well as containing smallpox (which has been extinct for many years) and conditions such as anthrax, brucellosis, plague and rabies (which most UK doctors will never see in their entire careers) — has now been amended to include Covid-19. But not flu. That means every positive test for Covid-19 must be notified, in a way that it just would not be for flu or most other infections.

Respiratory Woes? Exposure to “Electrosmog” – 5G, Bluetooth, Cell Phone and WiFi – Can Make Them Worse - Activist Post

For many years health experts have been advising that we reduce our exposure because of increased cancer risk as well as other pesky and life-threatening illnesses. Instead, the exact opposite has been happening.


Subterranean Homesick News

Dr. Scott Jensen says the American Medical Association is now “encouraging” doctors to overcount coronavirus deaths across the country.

Jensen received a 7-page document that showed him how to fill out a death certificate as a “COVID-19 diagnosis” even when there isn’t a lab test confirming the diagnosis.

The Surveillance State Thrives During the Pandemic –

From cellphone tracking to drone eyes in the sky, perused health records, and GPS ankle bracelets, an epidemic of surveillance-state measures is spreading across the world. It's all done in the name of battling the spread of COVID-19, of course, since every crisis is used to justify incursions into our liberty. But long after the virus has done its worst and moved on, we're likely to be stuck with these invasions of our privacy—unless we push back, hard.

We Call For Investigations Into The "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" For Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

As we look at events surrounding the "COVID-19 pandemic," various questions remain unanswered. On Oct. 18th of 2019, only weeks prior to ground zero being declared in Wuhan, China, two major events took place. One is "Event 201," the other is the "Military World Games," held in none other than Wuhan. Since then a worldwide push for vaccines & biometric tracking has been initiated.
At the forefront of this is Bill Gates, who has publicly stated his interest in "reducing population growth" by 10-15%, by means of vaccination. Gates, UNICEF & WHO have already been credibly accused of intentionally sterilizing Kenyan children through the use of a hidden HCG antigen in tetanus vaccines.

Congress & all other governing bodies are derelict in duty until a thorough and public inquiry is complete.

IS SOCIAL DISTANCING WORKING? - The HighWire with Del Bigtree

Scientists & epidemiologists around the world have been sounding the alarm on social distancing measures. Del interviews top biostatistician, Knut WittKowski PhD, who has a sobering message about the effects of this quarantine.

Let’s stop the virus! Let’s end the hysteria! – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Social life is being disturbed, basic civil rights are being taken away, and economic damage in unprecedented proportions is being accepted, all in the name of curtailing the pandemic. And yet neither the so-called ‘experts’ nor the politicians they advise are providing people with the most basic – and potentially life-saving – health advice: An optimum intake of vitamins and other essential micronutrients is a key measure for anyone to strengthen their immune system. This scientific fact – recognized by nine Nobel Prizes and documented in countless textbooks of biology and biochemistry around the world – is notoriously absent from essentially every public health recommendation.

Video: COVID-19. The Unspoken Truth. The Most Serious Global Crisis in Modern History - Global Research

This video featuring Prof. Michel Chossudovsky is part of a Global Research series on the corona virus crisis.
The unspoken truth is that the novel coronavirus provides a pretext to powerful financial interests and corrupt politicians to trigger the entire World into a spiral of mass unemployment, bankruptcy, extreme poverty and despair.
This is the true picture of what is happening.

“Planet Lockdown” is an encroachment on civil liberties and the “Right to Life”.

Entire national economies are in jeopardy. In some countries martial law has been declared.

Small and medium sized capital are slated to be eliminated. Big capital prevails.

A massive concentration of corporate wealth is ongoing.

Its a diabolical “New World Order” in the making. The most serious global crisis in modern history.

Covid19 Death Figures “A Substantial Over-Estimate” – OffGuardian

The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus.

“We’re Falling Into A Trap Of Sensationalism” – Stanford Professor of Medicine on COVID-19 (VIDEO) – Collective Evolution

John P. A. Ioannidis, a professor of medicine and epidemiology, recently published an article entitled “A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data.“ In the article, he also argues that there is simply not enough data to make claims about reported case fatality rate. He stated that rates, “like the official 3.4% rate from the World Health Organization, cause horror — and are meaningless.”

FOLLOW THE MONEY Because Here Comes the MANDATORY Coronavirus Vaccine - Ben Swann

Anthony Fauci sets stage for mandatory, lucrative, vaccine!

Episode 375 – Corona World Order : The Corbett Report

Some are suggesting that the current crisis is the end of globalization, or that it will wipe out the New World Order altogether . . . but they are wrong. In fact, this crisis is the globalists’ dream, and what we are witnessing is the birth of a totalitarian control grid the likes of which could scarcely have been imagined before this pandemic panic kicked off. Welcome to the Corona World Order.

Led By Coronavirus Fake News, The Fed’s Depression Is Here — The Market Says 'Buy Gold'! - Dr. Ron Paul

The biggest bubble that the Fed ever created has burst. We're now seeing the answer to the question: "What happens if everyone needs a bailout at the same time?" The Fed creating trillions of new dollars out-of-thin-air will only make everything much worse. A return to sound money is an absolute necessity, and only a matter of time.

The "Secret Agenda" of the So-called Elite - Global Research

More than 50 years ago, Kissinger was Secretary of State and head of the US National Security Council and author of the “National Strategic Security Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200)
". According to the memorandum, depopulation should be "the highest priority in US foreign policy towards the Third World", (…) because "the US economy needs large and growing amounts of raw materials from overseas, especially from the less developed countries" (Eggert, W. (2003). The planned epidemics AIDS – SARS and military genetic research. Munich, p. 64)

In an opinion piece for the “Wall Street Journal”, Kissinger called for

"a first step to develop ‘new techniques and technologies for infection control and appropriate vaccines for large populations’. (…) In a second step, the focus should now be on ‘healing the wounds of the global economy’."

WATCH: Dr Scott Jensen Reveals “Ridiculous” Covid19 Guidance – OffGuardian

Minnesota State Senator Scott Jensen appeared on a local news show to report that doctors were receiving instructions from the Minnesota Department of Health to report Covid19 as a cause of death, even if the patient was never tested.

Irish Researchers Say Vitamin D Could Help Fight Coronavirus – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Ensuring an optimum intake of vitamins and other essential micronutrients is a key measure for anyone wanting to strengthen their immune system. This scientific fact – recognized by nine Nobel Prizes and documented in countless textbooks of biology and biochemistry around the world – is notoriously absent from essentially every public health recommendation regarding the new coronavirus.

Knight First Amendment Institute Sues The CDC For Failing To Provide Details Of Its Media Gag Order | Techdirt

But, perhaps the worst of all appears to be the gag order on actual infectious disease experts within the US government. Back in late February, when VP Mike Pence was first put officially in charge of responding to the COVID-19 threat, it was quickly reported that the White House had put in place a media gag order on all government officials, saying that all communication had to go through Pence's office. Indeed, various media appearances were cancelled by top CDC officials.

PNAC, COVID-19 And The Age of Bioweapons: 20 Years of Psychological Terror -- Puppet Masters --

Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb's February 2020 research demonstrated conclusively that DARPA had received funding in tandem with Fort Detrick since 2017 on genetic modification of novel coronaviruses (with a focus on bats) as well as the development of never before used DNA and mRNA vaccines which change the structure of DNA both for an individual and potentially for a whole race.


Coronavirus – The Aftermath. A Coming Mega-Depression... - Global Research

What the world is experiencing, resembles a well-planned worldwide declaration and implementation of Martial Law with socio-economically disastrous consequences, far worse than the disease itself. Nobody moves. The economy comes to an almost standstill.
This begs the question, what is behind it, and what comes next?


In 1974, under the Nixon administration, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was entrusted –under the auspices of the National Security Council– to outline the contours of a “depopulation program” largely targeting Third World countries. A Document entitled NSC Study Memorandum 200 was drafted.

The Depopulation Agenda has remained an integral part of US foreign policy. It was also endorsed by several corporate charities and foundations. In this regard, the Bill and Melinda Gates and the Rockefeller foundations have addressed the relationship between extreme poverty and depopulation.

Is population reduction part of this ongoing pandemic exercise which may be followed by a compulsory vaccination program?

Bill Gates in a 2010 TED show talked about a 10% to 15% population reduction (circa 1 billion people) through global vaccination, health care, etc.


The Gates Foundation has for the last 20 years carried out intensive children vaccination programs in Africa.

In 2014 and 2015 Kenya carried out a massive tetanus vaccination program, sponsored by WHO and UNICEF. The Government administered a vaccine of tetanus toxoid impregnated with beta human chorionic gonadotropin (BhCG) that causes permanent infertility among girls and women, to about 500,000 girls and women between the ages 14 and 49.

An organization called GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) is a public-private partnership; the public part being WHO and UNICEF; the private partners are a series of pharma-giants. GAVI is handing out free vaccines to poor countries, like Kenya.

If a vaccine can be implanted with a sterilization agent, any other health or DNA affecting molecule or protein can be put into a vaccination cocktail. (See these references Kenya: Thousands infertile after govt-sponsored vaccination and “Mass Sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine?

Report of Trump Sending 1 Million Face Masks to Israeli Army Angers Americans | Al Bawaba

An Israeli press report claiming the US Department of Defense had shipped one million face masks to Israel to help protect Israeli soldiers has angered Americans, causing some to question the Trump administration's priorities amid the coronavirus pandemic amid reports of shortages of protective equipment for US health workers.

An ICU nurse of 30 years speaks out - Dana Ashlie


Dr Scott Jensen With Laura Ingraham | The Ridiculous CDC Guidlines - YouTube

Apr. 09, 2020: Minnesota State Senator and family physician Dr. Scott Jensen reacts to CDC guidance on declaring CV-9Teen deaths.
If a hospital has a patient that they claim has CV-9Teen they get $13.000. if you put that patient on a ventilator that goes up to $39,000!

German study shows coronavirus mortality rate of 0.37%, five times lower than widely reported numbers - TheBlaze

The overall infection rate (current infection or already gone through) was approximately 15%. The mortality rate (case fatality rate) based on the total number of infected people in the community of Gangelt is approx. 0.37% with the preliminary data from this study. The lethality currently calculated by the Johns-Hopkins University in Germany is 1.98% and is 5 times higher. The mortality rate based on the total population in Gangelt is currently 0.06%.

A Killer Enterprise: How One of Big Pharma’s Most Corrupt Companies Plans to Corner the Covid-19 Cure Market

While BioPort seemingly faced imminent ruin from these and other scandals in August 2001, the 2001 anthrax attacks that followed a month later came at just the right time for the company, as demand for their anthrax vaccine soon skyrocketed, resulting in new lucrative government contracts. Their license was also quickly renewed thanks to intervention from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) despite many of the problems with its production facility persisting.


BioPort would be then renamed and repackaged as Emergent Biosolutions in 2004. It would then hire even more well-connected lobbyists and add several big names from government and the private sector to its board. One of these “big names” was none other than Jerome Hauer, who was added to Emergent’s board soon after leaving HHS. Hauer still remains a company director and sits on three of its corporate governance committees.


Given its history, it should come as little surprise that Emergent Biosolutions is now set to profit from the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. They are particularly well-suited to make record profits off of COVID-19, as they are backing not one, but two, vaccine candidates as well as an experimental blood plasma treatment already approved for trials in New York state, thanks in part to Jerome Hauer’s old boss, New York governor Andrew Cuomo. As noted in a previous article for The Last American Vagabond, the other main companies developing COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S. are strategic partners of the controversial Pentagon research agency DARPA, which has become increasingly aligned with HHS in recent years thanks to another Dark Winter participant, Robert Kadlec.

Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November: Sources - ABC News

As far back as late November, U.S. intelligence officials were warning that a contagion was sweeping through China’s Wuhan region, changing the patterns of life and business and posing a threat to the population, according to four sources briefed on the secret reporting.

How Hostile Foreign NGOs Raided the Small Business Bailout Fund – Fash the Nation

Congress set aside $349 billion for small businesses in the $2 trillion stimulus bill. The ADL and other Jewish groups demanded their own $60 billion carve out. Instead, Congress added non-profits to the language of the business bailout and delegated all the lending authority to big banks. The rollout of the program was plagued with issues – platforms crashing, banks setting their own onerous guidelines, asset cap restrictions – just about everything you can think of to prevent actual small businesses for getting the help they need quickly while ensuring the ADL and 200 other Jewish NGOs were very well taken care of.

Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination • Children's Health Defense

Promising his share of $450 million of $1.2 billion to eradicate Polio, Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) which mandated up to 50 doses (Table 1) of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to children before the age of five. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India. NPAFP rates dropped precipitously.
In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) reluctantly admitted that the global explosion in polio is predominantly vaccine strain. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, are all linked to vaccines. In fact, by 2018, 70% of global polio cases were vaccine strain.

In 2014, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates-funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.

In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a phase 3 trial of GSK’s experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions to 1,048 of the 5,949 children.

During Gates’ 2002 MenAfriVac campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gates’ operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against meningitis. Approximately 50 of the 500 children vaccinated developed paralysis. South African newspapers complained, “We are guinea pigs for the drug makers.” Nelson Mandela’s former Senior Economist, Professor Patrick Bond, describes Gates’ philanthropic practices as “ruthless and immoral.”

In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO saying, “We must make this the decade of vaccines.” A month later, Gates said in a Ted Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population”. In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a “tetanus” vaccine campaign. Independent labs found a sterility formula in every vaccine tested. After denying the charges, WHO finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade. Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Argument for a 5G – COVID-19 Epidemic Causation Mechanism by Martin Pall, PhD

Two documents reprinted on [1], each argue that there are reasons to think that 5G radiation is greatly stimulating the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and therefore, an important public health measure would be to shut down the 5G antennae and particularly the small cell 5G antennae in close proximity to our homes, schools, businesses, house of worship and hospitals.
The first of these documents [1] published by Miller et al., concerns the impact of 5G radiation on the immune system of the body and also suggests that 5G radiation may also increase the replication of the virus. In both of these ways, 5G radiation may be expected to make the COVID-19 pandemic much worse.

5G: Great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them

We have already discussed two issues that are essential to understanding 5G. One is that pulsed EMFs are, in most cases, much more biologically active than are non-pulsed (often called continuous wave) EMFs. A second is that the EMFs act by putting forces on the voltage sensor of the VGCCs, opening these calcium channels and allowing excessive calcium ions to flow into the cell. The voltage sensor is extraordinarily sensitive to those electrical forces, such that the safety guidelines are allowing us to be exposed to EMFs that are something like 7.2 million times too high

Let's Get Real About This So-Called "Plan-Demic" | GreenMedInfo

What’s most disturbing to me is not that this sort of thing is happening, rather, that so few seem to be resisting the mainstream narrative being fire-hosed 24/7. Billions of humans “sheltering in place” over a virus that was never properly identified, is not being accurately tested, nor is required by the US government or WHO to be virus tested, but only “suspected” to have been the cause of death to be officially recorded on death certificates, which fan the media flames of the already hysterical fatality statistics.

Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests

In a moment of truth, a propaganda pro might murmur to a colleague, “You know, we’ve got a great diagnostic test for the virus. The test turns out all sorts of results that say this person is diseased and that person is diseased. Millions of diseased people. But the test doesn’t really measure that. The test is ridiculous, but ridiculous in our favor. It builds the picture of a global pandemic. An excuse to lock down the planet and wreck economies and lives…”

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Blowing the Whistle on COVID-19 – The Highwire

A New York doctor treating Covid-19 patients drops bombshell observations. A top bio statistician has a message for Donald Trump and fake coronavirus news exposed:

Coronavirus Provides Dictators and Oligarchs with a Dream Come True • Children's Health Defense

As the coronavirus pandemic brings the world to a juddering halt and anxious citizens demand action, leaders across the globe are invoking executive powers and seizing virtually dictatorial authority with scant resistance.
As the new laws broaden state surveillance, allow governments to detain people indefinitely and infringe on freedoms of assembly and expression, they could also shape civic life, politics and economies for decades to come.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Questionable Death Certificates

This is a video that presents compelling evidence that the number of deaths as a result of COVID-19 are greatly inflated.

Fauci's Coronavirus Numbers Collapse - Why Still Listen To Him? - Dr. Ron Paul

Anthony Fauci has dominated the headlines for weeks with his doom and gloom predictions of two million Americans dead from Covid-19. If we lock the country down, maybe only 240,000 will die he claimed. But even those numbers collapsed, with the new official prediction coming in under the normal flu numbers for 2018. Was it "social distancing" that saved us? Let's look at the states and countries that did not lock down - they should have massively higher deaths. Do they?

Who Profits from the Pandemic? - Global Research

Wall Street, of course, lives in an alternative universe. In a nutshell, Wall Street turned the Fed into a hedge fund. The Fed is going to own at least two thirds of all U.S. Treasury bills in the market before the end of 2020. The U.S. Treasury will be buying every security and loan in sight while the Fed will be the banker – financing the whole scheme.

US Coronavirus Model Drops Predicted Deaths Down To Approximately 60,000 People – Collective Evolution

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were approximately 45 million cases of the flu in the United States during the 2017-2018 influenza season, which resulted in nearly one million flu-associated hospitalizations and an estimated total of 61,000 deaths associated with the flu. It begs the question, did this overwhelm our hospitals that year?

Derrick Broze on Building the Counter-economic Underground Railroad : The Corbett Report

Derrick Broze of joins us to discuss his escape from the US and how he is now preparing to build his own counter-economic network in Mexico. We discuss decentralization, agorism, and the importance of building freedom cells as the world faces the greatest crackdown on free humanity in our lifetime.

Bill Gates' Obsession With Vaccines -- Puppet Masters --

Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft's ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy — the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.
Gates' obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.


Some doctors moving away from ventilators for virus patients

NEW YORK (AP) — As health officials around the world push to get more ventilators to treat coronavirus patients, some doctors are moving away from using the breathing machines when they can.
The reason: Some hospitals have reported unusually high death rates for coronavirus patients on ventilators, and some doctors worry that the machines could be harming certain patients.

Coronavirus Death Predictions Bring New Meaning to Hysteria | Watts Up With That?

You’ve heard the apocalyptic claims. Imperial College in London – in a claim that would later get walked way back to far less fanfare* – estimated as many as 2.2 million U.S. deaths, depending on how drastically the population is locked down, locked out, and locked in. To reduce that figure to a “mere” 1.1 million, we would need to live a gulag life “until a vaccine becomes available (potentially 18 months or more),” they said. The CDC has issued an estimate of as many as 1.7 million American deaths.
Yet with lesser measures in place now – and for a very short period – the market has crashed, we are experiencing more unemployment claims than at the height of the Great Recession, and there looms a real possibility of a worldwide depression. And there are those who say those measures aren’t nearly draconian enough.

Do we really need to destroy the country to save it?

Consider that China has had fewer than 3,300 deaths even though the virus struck a country with a lousy healthcare system wholly unaware. Their epidemic peaked over five weeks ago, with almost no new cases now. So with a vastly better health care system, the U.S. can expect a per capita death rate about 666 times higher than the Middle Kingdom? Seriously, Imperial College?


When the coronavirus epidemic ends and the public health zealots inevitably slap themselves on the back for having prevented their own ridiculous scenarios, don’t buy it. This isn’t to say that thorough hand-washing several times a day and not sneezing and coughing in others’ faces won’t help: It will. But without the authoritarian and economically-devastating measures the U.S. and other countries are taking that are wrecking the world economy, there will be no Apocalypse Now or in the future. The streets are empty not because of direct effects of the disease, but from fear and from government dictates; as in a cognate of “dictatorship.”

Mass Antibody Testing in This Rural Colorado County Sheds Light on COVID-19’s Prevalence and Lethality –

Such a wide divergence between the official tallies and the actual number of infections has a dramatic impact on estimates of COVID-19's lethality. If those numbers are off by a factor of six, as suggested by the low estimate for San Miguel County, the crude case fatality rate (CFR) for the United States, currently 3.4 percent, drops to something like 0.5 percent, which would make COVID-19 about five times as deadly as the seasonal flu. If the official count is off by a factor of more than 20, as suggested by the high estimate, the actual fatality rate would be only slightly higher than 0.1 percent, the estimated CFR for the flu.

A 2017 Pentagon Memo Foretold Today's Pandemic With Creepy Accuracy

A 2017 report created by U.S. Northern Command warned that a future pandemic could have grave consequences for the military and the entire nation. The report warned that a “novel respiratory disease” could spread worldwide, seriously affecting American society and the economy for up to two years. The report also predicts global instability resulting in dramatic social disruptions, terrorism, and state aggression.

COVID-19 Coronavirus "Fake" Pandemic: Timeline and Analysis - Global Research

There were 150 confirmed cases outside China, when the decision was taken. 6 in the United States, 3 in Canada, 2 in the UK, etc.
150 confirmed cases over a population of 6.4 billion (World population of 7.8 billion minus China’s 1-4 billion).

What was the risk of being infected? Virtually zero.

The WHO did not act to reassure and inform World public opinion. Quite the opposite: A “Fear Pandemic” rather than a genuine Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) was launched.

Outright panic and uncertainty were sustained through a carefully designed media disinformation campaign.

After the Lockdown: A Global Coronavirus Vaccination Program... - Global Research

A coronavirus vaccine program was announced at Davos at the World Economic Forum (21-24 January) barely 2 weeks after the cornonavirus was identified by the Chinese authorities on January 7.
The lead entity for the novel coronavirus vaccine initiative is the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) an organization sponsored and financed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

John Titus Exposes the Fed’s Coronavirus Lies : The Corbett Report

John Titus of Best Evidence joins us to discuss Season 2 of his “Mafiacracy Now” video series, an exploration of the crimes of the banksters and their multi-trillion dollar heist that is being perpetrated during the current crisis. Today we talk about the Fed’s lies about the coronavirus and what horrifying truths about the collapsing economy are hidden behind them.

Video: How COVID-19 Death Certificates Are Being Manipulated. Montana Physician Dr. Annie Bukacek - Global Research

In this brief video, Dr. Bukacek blows the whistle on the way the CDC is instructing physicians to exaggerate COVID-19 deaths on death certificates.

Stop the Fear-Mongering! 12 Medical Scientists Speak Out on COVID19 Responses

We are afraid that 1 million infections with the new virus will lead to 30 deaths per day over the next 100 days. But we do not realise that 20, 30, 40 or 100 patients positive for normal coronaviruses are already dying every day.

[The government’s anti-COVID19 measures] are grotesque, absurd and very dangerous […] The life expectancy of millions is being shortened. The horrifying impact on the world economy threatens the existence of countless people. The consequences on medical care are profound. Already services to patients in need are reduced, operations cancelled, practices empty, hospital personnel dwindling. All this will impact profoundly on our whole society.

All these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide based on nothing but a spook.


Feds classify all coronavirus patient deaths as 'COVID-19' deaths

The federal government is classifying the deaths of patients infected with the coronavirus as COVID-19 deaths, regardless of any underlying health issues that could have contributed to the loss of someone’s life.

Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus? - UncoverDC

“PCR detects a very small segment of the nucleic acid which is part of a virus itself. The specific fragment detected is determined by the somewhat arbitrary choice of DNA primers used which become the ends of the amplified fragment. “
If things were done right, “infection” would be a far cry from a positive PCR test.

“You have to have a whopping amount of any organism to cause symptoms. Huge amounts of it,” Dr. David Rasnick, bio-chemist, protease developer, and former founder of an EM lab called Viral Forensics told me. “You don’t start with testing; you start with listening to the lungs. I’m skeptical that a PRC test is ever true. It’s a great scientific research tool. It’s a horrible tool for clinical medicine. 30% of your infected cells have been killed before you show symptoms. By the time you show symptoms…the dead cells are generating the symptoms.”

I asked Dr. Rasnick what advice he has for people who want to be tested for COVID-19.

“Don’t do it, I say, when people ask me,” he replies. “No healthy person should be tested. It means nothing but it can destroy your life, make you absolutely miserable.”


PCR is a needle in a haystack technology that can be extremely misleading in “the diagnosis of infectious diseases.” The first conflict between this revolutionary technology and human life happened on the battlefield of AIDS, and Mullis himself came to the front line arguing against PCR as diagnostic tool.


I conducted a two-hour interview with David Crowe– Canadian researcher, with a degree in biology and mathematics, host of The Infectious Myth podcast, and President of the think-tank Rethinking AIDS. He broke down the problems with the PCR based Corona test in great detail, revealing a world of unimaginable complexity, as well as trickery.

“The first thing to know is that the test is not binary,” he said. “In fact, I don’t think there are any tests for infectious disease that are positive or negative.”


“In one paper,” Crowe says, “I found 37 cycles. If you didn’t get enough fluorescence by 37 cycles, you are considered negative. In another, paper, the cutoff was 36. Thirty-seven to 40 were considered “indeterminate.” And if you got in that range, then you did more testing. I’ve only seen two papers that described what the limit was. So, it’s quite possible that different hospitals, different States, Canada versus the US, Italy versus France are all using different cutoff sensitivity standards of the Covid test. So, if you cut off at 20, everybody would be negative. If you cut off a 50, you might have everybody positive.”


“I think if a country said, “You know, we need to end this epidemic,” They could quietly send around a memo saying: “We shouldn’t be having the cutoff at 37. If we put it at 32, the number of positive tests drops dramatically. If it’s still not enough, well, you know, 30 or 28 or something like that. So, you can control the sensitivity.”

Yes, you read that right. Labs can manipulate how many “cases’ of Covid-19 their country has. Is this how the Chinese made their case load vanish all of a sudden?

“Another reason we know this is bogus,” Crowe continued, “is from a remarkable series of graphs published by some people from Singapore in JAMA. These graphs were published in the supplementary information, which is an indication that nobody’s supposed to read them. And I think the authors probably just threw them in because they were interesting graphs, but they didn’t realize what was in them. So, they were 18 graphs of 18 different people. And at this hospital in Singapore, they did daily coronavirus tests and they grasped the number of PCR cycles necessary to detect fluorescence. Or if they couldn’t detect florescence by…37 cycles, they put a dot on the bottom of the graph, signifying a negative.”

“So, in this group of 18 people, the majority of people went from positive, which is normally read as “infected,” to negative, which is normally read as “uninfected” back to positive—infected again. So how do you interpret this? How do you have a test if a test act is actually, you know, 100% positive for detecting infection, then the negative results must’ve been wrong? And so, one way to solve that is to move the point from 37 to say 36 or 38. You can move this, this cycle of numbers. It’s an arbitrary division up or down. But there’s no guarantee that if you did that, you wouldn’t still have the same thing. It would just, instead of going from, from 36 to undetectable and back to 36 or back to 45, it might go from 33 to undetectable to 30 or something like that. Right? So, you can’t solve the problem by changing this arbitrary binary division. And so basically this says that the test is not detecting infection. Because if it was, like if you’re infected, and then you’re uninfected, and you’re in a hospital with the best anti-infective precautions in the world, how did you get re-infected? And if you cured the infection, why didn’t you have antibodies to stop you getting re-infected? So, there’s no explanation within the mainstream that can explain these results. That’s why I think they’re so important.”


“There was a famous Chinese paper that estimated that if you’re testing asymptomatic people, up to 80% of positives could be false positive. That was kind of shocking, so shocking that PubMed had to withdraw the abstract even though the Chinese paper appears to still be published and available. I actually have a translation with a friend. I translated it into English and it’s a really, standard calculation of what they call positive predictive value. The abstract basically said that in asymptomatic populations, the chance of a positive coronavirus test being a true positive is only about 20%. 80% will be false positive.”


Crowe described a case in the literature of a woman who had been in contact with a suspect case of Corona (in Wuhan) they believed was the index case. “She was important to the supposed chain of infection because of this. They tested her 18 times, different parts of the body, like nose, throat—different PCR tests. 18 different tests. And she tested negative every time. And then they—because of her epidemiological connection with the other cases, they said: “We consider her infected. So, they had 18 negative tests and they said she was infected.”


“I’m sad that he isn’t here to defend his manufacturing technique,” he said. “Kary did not invent a test. He invented a very powerful manufacturing technique that is being abused. What are the best applications for PCR? Not medical diagnostics. He knew that and he always said that.”


“I don’t think they understand what they’re doing,” he said. “I think it’s out of control. They don’t know how to end this. This is what I think what happened: They have built a pandemic machine over many years and, and as you know, there was a pandemic exercise not long before this whole thing started.”

“I just want to identify who sponsored that simulation conference, 6 weeks before the first news broke out of Wuhan,” I interjected. “It was the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security, and the World Economic Forum. Incidentally, all the stats, projections and modeling you see in the media are coming out of Johns Hopkins.”


“Right. So, this beautiful pandemic machine is a lot like…let’s use an example of an aircraft simulator. Okay. So, so pilots are tested on an aircraft simulator. So if you’re flying along in an airplane and there’s a loud bang and you see smoke coming from an engine on the right hand side, this is probably the first time a pilot has ever been in an airplane that had an engine failure. But he’s tested this scenario 25 times on an aircraft simulator. So, he knows exactly what to do without being told. He goes through the procedure. He doesn’t have to think, he just does the steps that he’s been taught through the, the aircraft simulator and he successfully lands the airplane with one engine. So, a pandemic simulator is just like that. You sit down at the computer, you see the virus going around the world, um, and you say, okay, so what we need to do is we need to dress everybody in protective clothing.”

"We need to quarantine everybody who’s positive. Next step. We need to do social isolation. It’s a mathematical model. And at the end you always win, right? So, in the end, the good guys win, and the pandemic is defeated. But there’s, there’s never been like an actual real pandemic since they built this machine. So, there’s this huge machine, it’s got a red button on it and it’s like if you ever detect a pandemic starting, you press the red button."


In another part of our conversation, he said something unforgettable:

“So, we’ve essentially been taken over by the medical Taliban, if you like.”

I pressed him one last time:

“David, in conclusion, finish this sentence: “The PCR test for Corona is as good as…”

His reply made me laugh. I didn’t know I still could laugh.

“It’s as good as that Scientology test that detects your personality and then tells you need to give all your money to Scientology. “

Glyphosate and Covid-19, MIT's Stephanie Seneff Connects the Dots

I am a senior research scientist at MIT. I have devoted over 12 years to trying to understand the role of toxic chemicals in the deterioration of human health. I have been particularly focused on figuring out what has been driving the skyrocketing rates of autism in America and around the world. My research strongly suggests that glyphosate (the active ingredient in the weed killer Roundup) is a primary cause of the autism epidemic in the United States. When the COVID-19 pandemic began its march across the world, I started to consider whether glyphosate might play a role.
If there is indeed a connection between glyphosate and COVID-19, understanding why and how they’re connected could play a critical role in combating this pandemic.


My hypothesis is that the biofuel industry is inadvertently introducing glyphosate into fuels that power our cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, and ships. While it has long been known that exhaust fumes are toxic to the lungs, there has been a transformation in the fuel industry over the past decade that may have led to a critical increase in the toxicity of the fumes. Specifically, aerosolized glyphosate may be causing damage to the lungs that makes catching what should be a mild cold into a serious health crisis.

“Think deep, do good science and do not panic!” – OffGuardian

Dr. Joel Kettner [1], professor of Community Health Science at Manitoba University and Medical Director of the International Centre for Infectious Diseases declared recently:
"I have never seen anything like this… I am not talking about the pandemic, because I have seen 30 of them, one every year… But I have never seen this reaction, and I am trying to understand why…"

Kushner’s team seeks national coronavirus surveillance system - POLITICO

Health privacy laws already grant broad exceptions for national security purposes. But the prospect of compiling a national database of potentially sensitive health information has prompted concerns about its impact on civil liberties well after the coronavirus threat recedes, with some critics comparing it to the Patriot Act enacted after the 9/11 attacks.

World Is "Sleepwalking Into Surveillance State" As COVID-19 Crackdowns Escalate | Zero Hedge

Edward Snowden, last week warned that the temporary mass surveillance, built to combat the virus, will not be so temporary, and the new measures are the new normal. He said the virus is the perfect cover to usher in the Orwellian mass surveillance state and will long outlast the virus.

Look Who’s Coming to the Rescue! – Truthstream Media

No, it’s not God. It’s Bill Gates, and it would appear he’s a major player in picking up the pieces in what is unfolding to become perhaps our greatest modern disaster – economically, in terms of our freedom, in terms of the greater strategy of control.

Interview 1533 – John Titus Exposes the Fed’s Coronavirus Lies : The Corbett Report

John Titus of Best Evidence joins us to discuss Season 2 of his “Mafiacracy Now” video series, an exploration of the crimes of the banksters and their multi-trillion dollar heist that is being perpetrated during the current crisis. Today we talk about the Fed’s lies about the coronavirus and what horrifying truths about the collapsing economy are hidden behind them.

More People Died Of Suicide Last Week In Tennessee Than COVID-19

As we previously warned, this pandemic will bankrupt and kill more people from suicide than the virus will. When you sacrifice people’s livelihoods, you create a difficult situation of desperation for many who will see no other way out.

The Truth and The Lies About COVID19 with Dr. Shiva

Derrick Broze interviews Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is an Indian American scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur.

Webinar - Coronavirus Update - Hotze Health & Wellness Center

The media is giving us fear over facts! We need to realize that catching the Coronavirus is not a death sentence! There is a 1 in 2000 chance of being infected and a 1-2 in 1 million chance of dying from this virus. The majority of people dying from the Coronavirus are still elderly and with underlying conditions. It is very common for elderly people to die from a secondary infection.

What You Should Know About 5G Satellites—How Musk’s Sci-Fi Dreams Are Becoming Our Living Nightmare

These low-orbit satellites not only already contaminate our night skies and interfere with astronomy but also promise to flood Earth with powerful, focused electromagnetic beams that emit radiofrequency (RF) and microwave radiation proven to adversely affect the health of humans, animals and plants. The satellites also may have an impact on Earth’s natural electromagnetic field—essential to all life on our planet—yet no national or international agency has taken action to evaluate, reduce, prevent or publicize the environmental impact of the satellites’ emissions. Meanwhile, significant effects are already occurring.

Electromagnetic Radiation Due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technologies: How Safe Are We? • Children's Health Defense

People should be made aware that the EMR from using day to day cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices are harmful to human health. The levels of radiation observed in most cases such as phone calls, internet browsing on laptops and smartphones, using wireless routers and hotspots, Bluetooth smartwatches and smartphones are unsafe when compared with radiation limits determined by medical bodies. According to the current medical literature, various adverse health effects from exposure to RF EMR have been well documented… New and innovative wired solutions which provide the same level of user-friendliness should be encouraged.

Vitamins C and D Finally Adopted as Coronavirus Treatment

Remember last year when Washington Post reporters were boldly declaring that vitamins C and D could not (and should not) be used against respiratory infections? The information I was sharing about their use was deemed so dangerous to public health that I was branded as a “fake news” site by self-appointed, pharma-owned arbiters of truth like NewsGuard.
How times have changed. After having defamatory lies published about me, vitamins C and D are now (finally) being adopted in the conventional treatment of novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

The Government Wants to Decide What Items Are Essential Purchases and What Things You’re Not Allowed to Buy

Living under lockdown restrictions, prevalent in nearly every state, is about to get a whole lot worse. The government in the United States and Canada has decided to take away the guesswork in the stores that are still open and decide for you what’s “essential” and what’s not.

John Whitehead: The Attack on Civil Liberties in the Age of COVID-19

You can always count on the government to take advantage of a crisis, legitimate or manufactured.
This coronavirus pandemic is no exception.

Not only are the federal and state governments unraveling the constitutional fabric of the nation with lockdown mandates that are sending the economy into a tailspin and wreaking havoc with our liberties, but they are also rendering the citizenry fully dependent on the government for financial handouts, medical intervention, protection and sustenance.

Unless we find some way to rein in the government’s power grabs, the fall-out will be epic.


Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For Mass Vaccination & Global Governance - Activist Post

We are in the middle of the worst global health pandemic of our lives according to the Media, the Government and the United Nations. We are witnessing an unprecedented global lockdown in response to the Coronavirus outbreak known as COVID19.
The global population living in Western countries have been taught for more than a generation to live in a constant state of fear ever since 9/11. We have been encouraged to sacrifice our liberty for a false sense of security, being conditioned more and more each day to rely on the state for protection, and now many of us find ourselves relying on the state to pay our bills.

Despite the government’s budget and deficit continuing to grow exponentially every day… some are beginning to see that there may be more to the official story than what we are led to believe. The very few may have seen this coming and are waiting for the next phase of what very well could be another step closer to global governance. The very men and women, the exact same individuals and government agencies, in addition to global institutions who stand to benefit the most, are the ones calling the shots…

Welcome to COVID-1984 and the official rollout of the New World Order…

COVID-19: Inside The Hospitals & Why The Lockdown? |

What makes COVID-19 a bit of a mystery, is how contagious it seems to be. They keep telling us this, but no one wants to believe it, including myself. After all, it’s the perfect hoax to scare the hell out of everyone, get them to submit, break the economy during an election year, and prep us for what’s to come – the new vaccine cocktail out of one of Bill Gates’ newest facilities that is likely to be the Global Fund 2.0, packed with ID2020. It all makes perfect sense. And whereas all of that is likely the case, evidence does seem to point to this virus being as contagious as they claim. However, one in four people who contract it don’t even have symptoms, a larger majority have symptoms that don’t require hospitalization, and the smallest percentage are those at risk.

Conflict of Interest: The Anthony Fauci/Bill Gates Connection - Diverging Perspective

Is there connection between Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates? Let's have a look...

This IS The Global Reset. Prepare Accordingly. : The Corbett Report

It is now apparent to all that we have arrived at another world reset. This time we are being asked to believe that it is a viral pandemic that has pushed the reset button. Others would contest that it is in fact the panic over the (presumed) pandemic that is responsible for this crisis. Yet others insist that the p(l)andemic is nothing more than a distraction from the global financial reset which was going to happen regardless.
Whatever the case, the fact remains that the reset button has been pushed. No one knows for certain what lies on the other side of this chasm, but—as we’ve been endlessly told in recent weeks—life will never be the same.


Never Has So Little Done So Much Harm to So Many – The National Health Federation

In February 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) – never known for its accuracy or consistency – declared a “Pandemic” for the coronavirus and claimed that the mortality rate for the novel coronavirus disease now designated as COVID-19 was 3.4%, while that for the seasonal flu was 0.1%. Of course, the news media ran with those numbers and splashed scary headlines across the World stating how much more deadly this new virus was than the seasonal flu. The problem with WHO’s statement, however, was that they applied two different formulas for the two viruses. For the COVID-19 disease, for example, they simply didn’t count any of the mild cases of COVID-19 that resolved themselves; yet, they did with the seasonal flu. If WHO were to apply the same formula to seasonal flu cases as it did with COVID-19 cases, then the seasonal flu is revealed more truthfully as being twice as deadly as the COVID-19 virus.


COVID-19 is the weakest of the seven serious flus and diseases (West Nile, SARS, Bird flu, Swine flu, Ebola, and Zika) we have had since 2002. So far, as mentioned above, it is even less deadly – by one-half – than the ordinary seasonal flu.

Population-level COVID-19 mortality risk for non-elderly individuals overall and for non-elderly individuals without underlying diseases in pandemic epicenters | medRxiv

CONCLUSIONS: People <65 years old have very small risks of COVID-19 death even in the hotbeds of the pandemic and deaths for people <65 years without underlying predisposing conditions are remarkably uncommon. Strategies focusing specifically on protecting high-risk elderly individuals should be considered in managing the pandemic.

Fake Coronavirus Data, Fear Campaign. Spread of the COVID-19 Infection - Global Research

Do not let yourself be misled by the fear campaign, pointing to a Worldwide coronavirus calamity with repeated “predictions” that hundreds of thousands of people are going to die.
These are boldface lies. Scientific assessments of the health impacts of the COVID-19 have been withheld, they do not make the headlines.


The unspoken truth is that the novel coronavirus provides a pretext to powerful financial interests and corrupt politicians to trigger the entire World into a spiral of mass unemployment, bankruptcy, extreme poverty and despair.

This is the true picture of what is happening. “Planet Lockdown” is an encroachment on civil liberties and the “Right to Life”. Entire national economies are in jeopardy. In some countries martial law has been declared.

Small and medium sized capital are slated to be eliminated. Big capital prevails. A massive concentration of corporate wealth is ongoing.

Is a diabolical “New World Order” in the making as suggested by Henry Kissinger (WSJ Opinion, April 3, 2020):

“The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order”.

Recall Kissinger’s historic 1974 statement: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World.” (1974 National Security Council Memorandum)

Exposure to air pollution and COVID-19 mortality in the United States | medRxiv

The majority of the pre-existing conditions that increase the risk of death for COVID-19 are the same diseases that are affected by long-term exposure to air pollution.

Complying With Tyranny - Larken Rose

In the so-called "Land of the Free," how many people will ever even question the limits of what they will allow political "authorities" to do to them?

There Are Dark Days Ahead – James Corbett on Free Man Beyond the Wall : The Corbett Report

Pete invited documentarian, researcher and commentator, James Corbett, to come on the show. James has been consistently reporting on government’s reaction to the CV-19 pandemic and paints a picture of where he thinks individual liberty will end up when all is said and done.


Coronavirus – 3rd April 2020 - Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

A couple of weeks ago I felt quite alone in my views about the coronavirus. Now, I don’t feel quite so alone. For example, Professor John P.A.Ionannidis, co-director of Stanford University’s Meta-Research Innovation Center and professor of medicine, biomedical data science, statistics and epidemiology and population health has described the response to the coronavirus infection as a `fiasco in the making’. He says that we making are major decisions based on `utterly unreliable’ data. Moreover, he claims that the data which is available suggests that we are likely to be severely overreacting and that the extreme measures being taken may result in unnecessary and catastrophic consequences. He says (as I have frequently argued here) that the limited testing means that we are probably missing most of the people who have been infected and that this makes reported fatality rates from the World Health Organisation meaningless.

Perspectives on the Pandemic | Professor Knut Wittkowski | Episode 2 - Journeyman Pictures

Perspectives on the Pandemic Episode 2: In this explosive second edition of Perspectives on the Pandemic, Professor Knut Wittkowski, for twenty years head of The Rockefeller University's Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design, says that social distancing and lockdown is the absolutely worst way to deal with an airborne respiratory virus.

Further, he offers data to show that China and South Korea had already reached their peak number of cases when they instituted their containment measures. In other words, nature had already achieved, or nearly achieved, herd immunity.

A Bioterror False Flag : The Corbett Report

FROM 2008: Anthrax, bird flu and even the deadly 1918 Spanish flu are being toyed around with in secret government biological weapons programs. How safe do you feel?

#EmptyHospitals Trends on Twitter as U.S. Citizens Film Desolate Emergency Rooms Across America

There’s a growing number of people who are “suspicious” of the liberal news media’s reporting on the Coronavirus – especially after CBS was caught using a packed Italian hospital in their story on New York hospitals. Total fake news designed to create panic.


We are Currently Not Measuring the Incidence of Coronavirus Diseases, but the Activity of the Specialists Searching for Them - Global Research

We have experienced similar alarmist actions by virologists in the last two decades. WHO’s “swine flu pandemic” was in fact one of the mildest flu waves in history and it is not only migratory birds that are still waiting for “birds flu”. Many institutions that are now again alerting us to the need for caution have let us down and failed us on several occasions. Far too often, they are institutionally corrupted by secondary interests from business and/or politics.

Trump ended coronavirus detection pandemic program - Los Angeles Times

Months before the discovery of the deadly coronavirus in China, the Trump administration ended a program that helped laboratories around the world detect viruses that could spread from animals to humans and cause the next global pandemic.

Denmark: Sad Day for Freedom of Speech, Coronavirus Criticism Forbidden by Law – COVID19 Response Platform

I withdraw from the public disclosure and debate on corona from now on.
The reason is that the Danish Parliament today passed a new emergency law (L 157), which allows websites to be closed and to impose fines and imprisonment on persons who communicate information about COVID-19 that do not comply with the official announcements from the authorities.

As one can now risk imprisonment for up to eight months to make a critical statement about COVID-19 (and about the authorities in general in connection with corona), so I choose to withdraw from public information and debate from now on.

Coronavirus Fact-Check #1: “Covid19 is having an unprecedented impact on ICUs” – OffGuardian

In 2018 hospitals all across the United States were full to capacity with flu patients. Alabama declared a state of emergency. Elective surgeries were cancelled, patients were turned away.
California hospitals were “war zones” where people were treated in hastily erected tents.

The same year ICUs in Milan were “totally overrun” with flu cases.

In December of 2019 the NHS had to implement “emergency temporary beds” in 52% of its hospitals to account for their regular “winter crisis”. Most of those hospitals still had temporary beds operating from the previous winter.


All Roads Lead to Dark Winter - The Last American Vagabond

The leaders of two controversial pandemic simulations that took place just months before the Coronavirus crisis – Event 201 and Crimson Contagion – share a common history, the 2001 biowarfare simulation Dark Winter. Dark Winter not only predicted the 2001 anthrax attacks, but some of its participants had clear foreknowledge of those attacks.


Yet, upon examining not only these biosafety incidents at Fort Detrick, but the 2001 Anthrax attacks and the current Covid-19 outbreak, another odd commonality stands out — high-level war games exercise took place in June 2001 that eerily predicted not only the Anthrax attacks, but also the initial government narrative of those attacks and much, much more.

That June 2001 exercise, known as “Dark Winter,” also predicted many aspects of government pandemic response that would later re-emerge in last October’s simulation “Event 201,” which predicted a global pandemic caused by a novel Coronavirus just months before the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition, the U.S. government would lead its own multi-part series of pandemic simulations, called “Crimson Contagion,” that would also predict aspects of the Covid-19 outbreak and government response.

Upon further investigation, key leaders of both Event 201 and Crimson Contagion, not only have deep and longstanding ties to U.S. Intelligence and the U.S. Department of Defense, they were all previously involved in that same June 2001 exercise, Dark Winter. Some of these same individuals would also play a role in the FBI’s “sabotaged” investigation into the subsequent Anthrax attacks and are now handling major aspects of the U.S. government’s response to the Covid-19 crisis. One of those individuals, Robert Kadlec, was recently put in charge of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) entire Covid-19 response efforts, despite the fact that he was recently and directly responsible for actions that needlessly infected Americans with Covid-19.


Not unlike what is unfolding currently with the Covid-19 crisis, in Dark Winter, there is no means of rapid diagnosis for smallpox, no treatments available and no surge capacity in the healthcare system. The outbreak quickly spreads to numerous other U.S. states and throughout the world. Hospitals in the U.S. soon face “desperate situations” as “tens of thousands of ill or anxious persons seek care.” This is compounded by “grossly inadequate supplies” and “insufficient isolation rooms,” among other complications.

Since this exercise occurred in June 2001, the heavy hinting that Saddam Hussein-led Iraq and Al Qaeda are the main suspects is notable. Indeed, at one point in one of the fictional news reports used in the exercise, the reporter states that “Iraq might have provided the technology behind the attacks to terrorist groups based in Afghanistan.” Such claims that Iraq’s government was linked to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan would re-emerge months later in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, and would be heavily promoted by several Dark Winter participants such as former CIA Director James Woolsey, who would later swear under oath that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11. It would, of course, later emerge that Iraq’s connections to Al Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks were nonexistent as well as the fact that Iraq did not possess biological weapons or other “weapons of mass destruction.”


Dark Winter further discusses the suppression and removal of civil liberties, such as the possibility of the President to invoke “The Insurrection Act”, which would allow the military to act as law enforcement upon request by a State governor, as well as the possibility of “martial rule.” The Dark Winter script also discusses how options for martial rule “include, but are not limited to, prohibition of free assembly, national travel ban, quarantine of certain areas, suspension of the writ of habeas corpus [i.e. arrest without due process], and/or military trials in the event that the court system becomes dysfunctional.”

The exercise later includes “credible allegations” that those deemed “suspicious for smallpox” by authorities were illegally arrested or detained and that these arrests largely targeted low income individuals or ethnic minorities. In terms of current events, it is worth pointing out that U.S. Attorney General William Barr and the Department of Justice he leads have recently requested new “emergency powers” that are allegedly related to the current Covid-19 outbreak. That request specifically references the ability to indefinitely detain Americans without right to a free trial.

Weaving a narrative

After examining Dark Winter, it then becomes important to examine the events the exercise seemingly predicted, namely the 2001 anthrax attacks. This is particularly crucial for two reasons: first, that the source of the anthrax was later traced to a domestic source, allegedly the USAMRIID lab in Fort Detrick; and second, the mode of attack and the initial narrative of those attacks were straight out of the Dark Winter playbook.


In tandem with the development of BASIS shortly before 9/11 and the 2001 anthrax attacks, DARPA was sponsoring a surveillance program to collect data on U.S. citizens without their knowledge or consent by using their medical records. The ostensible purpose of that program was to develop algorithms that could detect a bioweapons attack based on real-time data input. The Bio-Event Advanced Leading Indicator Recognition Technology, or Bio-ALIRT, is at the heart of what Dark Winter co-author, Dr. Tara O’Toole, calls the “information supply chain.”

“We need to have a disciplined flow of information during epidemics that goes to the people who need to know what they need to know,” O’Toole recently told Ira Pastor in an interview. “That’s different from this cosmic surveillance system, that captures all the possible information all the time and tells us, in advance when an epidemic is coming. We need a supply chain of information to manage the epidemic.” O’Toole, who now works for the CIA’s venture capital arm In-Q-Tel, and her longstanding promotion of mass surveillance in the name of “public health” will be discussed in a subsequent installment of this series.

DARPA’s partners in this Orwellian endeavor were, perhaps unsurprisingly, recurring actors in the arena of biological attack simulations, from Johns Hopkins to the University of Pittsburgh – the Biosecurity centers of which were both previously run by O’Toole – and defense industry giants, General Dynamics and IBM.


As the next installment of this series will show, Dark Winter participant and 2001 anthrax attack insider Jerome Hauer epitomizes this merging of perpetual hawkishness and corporate pharmaceutical interests, as he has long held (and continues to occupy) key board positions of the very pharmaceutical company that not only sold tens of millions of anthrax vaccine doses to HHS following the 2001 anthrax attacks, but is now a partner in the development of the majority of vaccines, drugs and experimental treatments currently under development in the United States for the treatment of Covid-19.

Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?

This is a video about philanthropic billionaire, Bill Gates. We go into his family history, his early childhood, education, extracurriculars, and time at Harvard to answer the question "Who was Bill Gates before Microsoft?"


A view from the hVivo / Open Orphan #ORPH Laboratory - Professor John Oxford - Novus Comms

Personally, I would say the best advice is to spend less time watching TV news which is sensational and not very good. Personally, I view this Covid outbreak as akin to a bad winter influenza epidemic. In this case we have had 8000 deaths this last year in the ‘at risk’ groups viz over 65% people with heart disease etc. I do not feel this current Covid will exceed this number. We are suffering from a media epidemic!

More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't! - Dana Ashlie

More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't!


How to understand – and report – figures for ‘Covid deaths’ | The Spectator

The distinction between dying ‘with’ Covid-19 and dying ‘due to’ Covid-19 is not just splitting hairs. Consider some examples: an 87-year-old woman with dementia in a nursing home; a 79-year-old man with metastatic bladder cancer; a 29-year-old man with leukaemia treated with chemotherapy; a 46-year-old woman with motor neurone disease for 2 years. All develop chest infections and die. All test positive for Covid-19. Yet all were vulnerable to death by chest infection from any infective cause (including the flu). Covid-19 might have been the final straw, but it has not caused their deaths. Consider two more cases: a 75-year-old man with mild heart failure and bronchitis; a 35-year-old woman who was previously fit and well with no known medical conditions. Both contract a chest infection and die, and both test positive for Covid-19. In the first case it is not entirely clear what weight to place on the pre-existing conditions versus the viral infection – to make this judgement would require an expert clinician to examine the case notes. The final case would reasonably be attributed to death caused by Covid-19, assuming it was true that there were no underlying conditions.

Modes of transmission of virus causing COVID-19: implications for IPC precaution recommendations

According to current evidence, COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact routes.2-7 In an analysis of 75,465 COVID-19 cases in China, airborne transmission was not reported.8

Coronavirus: a NEW new Pearl Harbor - Helen of desTroy

The narrative has been handed down from on high that the coronavirus pandemic is the "new 9/11" (which was itself the "new Pearl Harbor" which was get the picture). It is, but not in the way they'd like us to believe. like that event, this one lays bare the sociopathy of the ruling class & makes it utterly impossible to trust any form of authority.


COVID-19 Vaccines: Continuing the Long History of Medical Experimentation on Children • Children's Health Defense

May 22 was a banner day for the encroaching global vaccine police state, with three announcements from the UK signaling what we can surely also expect on this side of the Atlantic. First, the entities rushing to develop an experimental chimpanzee-derived COVID-19 injection—the conflict-of-interest-ridden Oxford Vaccine Group, Oxford’s Jenner Institute and pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca—announced the imminent expansion of their clinical trials to a wider age range, including children aged 5 to 12 years, despite “troubling results” when they administered the vaccine to rhesus monkeys. Endorsing the scale-up of the experiment to more than 30,000 eventual participants, including a trial to evaluate the vaccine in young children, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) immediately awarded a generous “$1.2 billion cash injection” for the UK effort (provided without any input from economically strapped American taxpayers). Then, to cap the day off, a UK Court of Appeal ominously ruled that local authorities can vaccinate children in foster care against their parents’ wishes, deploying the argument that “it is in the best interests of children to be immunised unless there is a specific reason for them not to be.”

Further Anomalies of the Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine • Children's Health Defense

Manifestly, human testing proceeded both against an entirely misleading background, and prematurely – which poses the most serious ethical questions. And now that we know that though the product was defective everything ploughs on regardless – Oxford/AstraZeneca now have contracts for hundreds of millions of rounds of the vaccine from both the British and the United States government.

10 MORE Experts Criticising the Coronavirus Panic -- Society's Child --

Following on from our previous list, here are ten more expert voices, drowned out or disregarded by the mainstream narrative, offering their take on the coronavirus outbreak.

The Greatest Depression : The Corbett Report

The Age of Terror was inaugurated with a series of controlled demolitions in New York City on September 11, 2001. Now the world is being led into the Age of Biological Terror with a controlled demolition of the economy that is already causing unprecedented carnage across markets and around the globe. As the dust settles on this demolition, an entirely new economy is ready to be erected in its place: one in which no citizen will be out of the sight of the all-seeing government. This week on The Corbett Report we examine the details of this collapse and why the bankster class is seeking to destroy the financial Ponzi scheme that they themselves created.

Rhode Island Police Go Door-To-Door In Hunt For New Yorkers Seeking Safety From COVID-19 | HuffPost

Rhode Island state police backed up by the National Guard launched house-to-house searches Saturday to flush out New Yorkers who have traveled to the state seeking refuge from the coronavirus crisis. They’re being ordered to self-quarantine for two weeks.
Police on Friday also pulled over cars with New York license plates to give drivers the same orders. Cars traveling over the border encountered law enforcement authorities and signs ordering New York drivers to pull over to a checkpoint for questioning.
National Guard members have also been posted at Rhode Island’s airport, train stations and bus stops to grill travelers. The penalty for not complying with the state’s quarantine order is a fine of up to $500 and 90 days in prison.


The Coronavirus Scare – We Now Know What It Was All About - Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

A few days later (after the coronavirus had been downgraded) the country was put into lockdown. The key word there is `after’.


This morning I rather expected that the world would be cheering. I thought the lockdown would be lifted, share prices would soar and people would going back to their lives.

I thought maybe the Government would like to explain how they got it so wrong, what the hidden agenda was and why they put the country into lockdown days after they knew that the coronavirus was not the big killer they had been claiming it to be.

But no one else seems to have reported this news.

And then I found out what was going on.

Today, the Government published an `Emergency bill to strengthen coronavirus (covid19) response plans’.

The new Bill, gives the Government tremendous powers including `easing legislative and regulatory requirements'.

The bill is 358 pages long and, for a start, lasts two years. (They didn’t write a 358 page Bill in a week, did they? How long have they been working on this?)

Stability issues of RT-PCR testing of SARS-CoV-2 for hospitalized patients clinically diagnosed with COVID-19. - PubMed - NCBI

In this study, we collected a total of 610 hospitalized patients from Wuhan between February 2, 2020, and February 17, 2020. We reported a potentially high false negative rate of real-time reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) testing for SARS-CoV-2 in the 610 hospitalized patients clinically diagnosed with COVID-19 during the 2019 outbreak.


I Was Right about the Coronavirus! - Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

It has just been revealed that on March 19th (four days before the lockdown started!) the public health bodies in the UK and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens decided that the coronavirus should no longer be classified as a `high consequence infectious disease’.

SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Multiplex RT-qPCR Kit (CD019RT) - Creative Diagnostics

1. The detection result of this product is only for clinical reference, and it should not be used as the only evidence for clinical diagnosis and treatment. The clinical management of patients should be considered in combination with their symptoms/signs, history, other laboratory tests and treatment responses. The detection results should not be directly used as the evidence for clinical diagnosis, and are only for the reference of clinicians.

Quarantining the Constitution? - Ben Swann

As Governors and Mayors across the country are instituting "Stay at Home" Orders, there are big questions surrounding how parts of the government may be taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak in violation of 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment rights of Americans.

Coronavirus: What Newsweek Failed to Mention About "Continuity of Government"

Given the context of the current coronavirus crisis, the DOJ’s recent request for sweeping new powers and the role of Main Core in COG plans, one part of Barr’s pre-crime memorandum stands out. In the part of the document where Barr outlines what actions will be taken once an individual is deemed potentially violent or threatening, he writes that those individuals will be subject to detention, court-ordered mental health treatment and electronic monitoring, among other measures.

The possibility of pre-crime detention was also present in the DOJ’s recent request for new “emergency powers” in light of the coronavirus crisis, as it specifically asks that those new powers apply to “any statutes or rules of procedure otherwise affecting pre-arrest, post-arrest, pre-trial, trial, and post-trial procedures in criminal and juvenile proceedings and all civil process and proceedings.” Norman L. Reimer, executive director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, told Politico that the inclusion of the term “pre-arrest” likely means that “you could be arrested and never brought before a judge until they decide that the emergency or the civil disobedience is over. I find it absolutely terrifying.”

Thus, if DOJ is granted these new powers it has requested, the William Barr-led Department of Justice will not only be authorized to indefinitely detain Americans without trial, it will be able to detain them without any proof of those detainees having committed a crime or even having plans or the intent to commit a crime. Instead, the DOJ only needs to argue that the individual was “mobilizing towards violence,” an extremely vague phrase that could potentially be used against anyone who expresses discontent with the government or government policy.

Furthermore, with the FBI having recently flagged “conspiracy theorists” (and by extension those who distrust or question government narratives of both past and present) as a “domestic terror threat,” the DOJ could even make the case that failure to blindly trust government narratives presents a threat to the public order. Given that the Main Core database in its current form contains bulk surveillance gathered from social media, phone conversations/messaging apps and even financial information (i.e. purchasing history, etc.) on Americans deemed unfriendly “often for the slightest and most trivial reason,” this unprecedented power grab by the DOJ has an authoritarian and Orwellian potential to target legitimate dissent like never before.


Coronavirus – March 24th 2020 - Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I was horrified almost beyond words to read that surgery for cancer patients has been delayed for two weeks because of the coronavirus. I could weep. The physical and mental stress on patients with cancer who are waiting for surgery is unimaginable. Who the hell made this decision? Cancer is not a fringe disease; it causes more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK and I don’t mind betting that in the end it will cause considerably more deaths than the coronavirus.

12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic – OffGuardian

Below is our list of twelve medical experts whose opinions on the Coronavirus outbreak contradict the official narratives of the MSM, and the memes so prevalent on social media.

Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say? - WSJ

If it’s true that the novel coronavirus would kill millions without shelter-in-place orders and quarantines, then the extraordinary measures being carried out in cities and states around the country are surely justified. But there’s little evidence to confirm that premise—and projections of the death toll could plausibly be orders of magnitude too high.

Fundamental principles of epidemic spread highlight the immediate need for large-scale serological surveys to assess the stage of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic | medRxiv

Importantly, the results we present here suggest the ongoing epidemics in the UK and Italy started at least a month before the first reported death and have already led to the accumulation of significant levels of herd immunity in both countries.

We're Living in 12 Monkeys - Truthstream Media

We are slowly realizing like a creeping horror this is what we've been reporting on all these years and didn't know it. So many agendas coming together under one giant umbrella.

How to Practice Proper Social Distancing – #PropagandaWatch : The Corbett Report

We are being told to flatten the curve by practicing social distancing. We are being told to quarantine shame those who break the new societal taboos. So how exactly do you introduce entirely new cultural norms across much of the world in the space of just a few weeks? Watch and learn.


Coronavirus 23rd March 2020 - Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Why has Italy got such a high death rate from the coronavirus? There are several explanations but one is that many Italians smoke and there is much air pollution in areas such as Lombardy where there have been many deaths. Another explanation is that the majority of patients with the coronavirus in Italy are older and have serious underlying disorders. However, according to Professor Ricciardi, scientific advisor to Italy’s minister of health, another reason is that anyone who dies in Italy and who has the coronavirus will be listed as having died of the coronavirus. So, 80-year-olds who die of cancer or heart disease, but who tested positive for the coronavirus, are listed as having died from the coronavirus. Professor Ricciardi says, in the Daily Telegraph, that when the National Institute of Health re-evaluated the death certificates only 12% showed a direct causality from coronavirus whereas 88% of those who died had at least one, two or three underlying illnesses. A study published in JAMA (`Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid19) in Italy’) on 17th March 2020 showed that 87% of deaths in Italy occurred in patients over 70 years of age. All this inevitably pushes up the number of deaths in the country. It is surely dangerous to extrapolate from one country’s experience. It is, perhaps, surprising that more publicity hasn’t been given to these findings which seem to me extremely important. (If you remove just half of the Italian deaths from the global total the figure looks very different.) Yesterday, I said that I thought the Italian figures were wrong because they were putting down too many deaths as coronavirus. It looks as if I was right.

German Virologist of International Renown Warns Government Lockdowns Are a Horrible Mistake, Will Make Crisis Worse – Anti-Empire

“You are now told every morning how many SARS-Corona 2 deaths there are. But they don’t tell you how many people already are infected with influenza this winter and how many deaths it has caused. … Something similar occurred two years ago. This is not put into the right context.”


Rockefeller Blueprint For Police State Triggered By Pandemic Exposed - Activist Post

In this exclusive interview, Spiro is joined by journalist Helen Buyniski to break down and discuss the Rockefeller Foundation sanctioned report which appears to be the script for not only Event 201, but everything we are seeing unfold right now concerning the outbreak itself, and the police state response.

Medical Martial Law 2020 : The Corbett Report

As the lockdowns go into place and the military takes to the streets in country after country, the decades of preparation for medical martial law are finally paying off for the pandemic planners. Today on this emergency edition of The Corbett Report podcast, James lays out the steps that have led us to the brink of martial law and the steps that are being taken to implement it now. Please help to spread this important information and to raise awareness of the crisis that we are facing.

99% of Those Who’ve Died From COVID 19 Had Other Illness, Italy Says – Collective Evolution

A recent study published in Italy shows that 99 percent of people who have died so far from COVID 19 had pre-existing medical conditions that made them more susceptible to death.

Corbett Report Extras - Corbett Report Extras

In this clip from the "Medical Martial Law 2020" edition of The Corbett Report podcast, James warns against normalizing the chaotic events that are unfolding across the globe right now. The house is on fire, and we will never put the fire out unless we acknowledge that fact.

US Senators Dump Stocks with COVID-19 "Inside Information" - Global Research

Following a closed-door briefing on the threat of spreading COVID-19 infections — before markets began crashing — at least five US senators cashed in based on inside information unavailable to the public.
The quintet includes Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Byrd, James Inhofe, Kelly Loeffler, Ron Johnson, and Diane Feinstein.

The Lesson of COVID-19. The State has a Monopoly on Coercion and Violence - Global Research

The COVID-19 “pandemic” is primarily designed to empower the ruling elite and further its authoritarian reach. The primary tool is the innate human fear of death and this fear has been greatly magnified by the corporate propaganda media.


Coronavirus – 21 March 2020 - Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

A month ago it was predicted that 400,000 people might die from the coronavirus in Britain. However, according to a story buried inside the Daily Telegraph, the experts who warned that the coronavirus could kill 260,000 Britons now appear to be predicting a death toll of 20,000. I may be wrong but I rather think that 20,000 is considerably less than 260,000 and also considerably less than the death rate which might be expected from a nasty strain of the flu. Why wasn’t this news on the front page?

Episode 373 – Medical Martial Law 2020 : The Corbett Report

As the lockdowns go into place and the military takes to the streets in country after country, the decades of preparation for medical martial law are finally paying off for the pandemic planners. Today on this emergency edition of The Corbett Report podcast, James lays out the steps that have led us to the brink of martial law and the steps that are being taken to implement it now. Please help to spread this important information and to raise awareness of the crisis that we are facing.

Ten Questions for the U.S.: Where did the Novel Coronavirus Come From? - Global Research

Since the director of the U.S. Centers of Disease Control, Robert Redfield admitted that some Americans seemingly dying from flu were tested positive for the novel coronavirus, can I conclude that those people actually died from the novel coronavirus? Among the 34 million influenza patients, with a death toll of 20,000, how many were misdiagnosed?
When did the misdiagnoses start? And did it actually start from August 2019? These questions are so vital that the world is waiting for an explanation from the United States.

In Sweeping Power Grab, DOJ Seeks Ability to Detain People Indefinitely Without Trial - Activist Post

The move is part of a recent push to expand government powers during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Politico, which has reviewed documents that detail the DOJ’s requests to lawmakers on this and a host of other topics – including state of limitations, asylum, and how court hearings are conducted.


Nobel laureate: Israel will have no more than 10 coronavirus deaths - The Jerusalem Post

Levitt said that fears in Israel over the coronavirus were disproportionate to the threat, and that the number of cases in the country was uncertain due to reporting variances. "I will be surprised if the number of deaths in Israel surpasses 10," he said, adding that the Jewish state was "not on the world map for the disease."

Dr Brownstein | Coronavirus XI: What the Hell is Going On? The Fear Should Stop!

The good news is that you can let the fear go. This virus is not deadly to the vast majority—over 99%– who get it. In fact, I propose at the end of this nightmare, the death rate will be much lower than the common flu that many of us suffer from. Kids and young people are not dying from it in droves. As I have stated previously, in the end, when all the testing is done, I predict the death rate will be below 1%.


Denmark Passes Law Enabling Forced Coronavirus Vaccinations

Citizens who refuse to be tested for the coronavirus will face fines and potential prison time, and will be prevented from entering shops, grocery stores, public institutions and hospitals while also being restricted from using public transport.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg- The TRUTH about Corona (Audio Translation) - Ken Walton

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is the first specialist we met to understand the current crisis about the coronavirus.

Extreme measures based on scientific paper - WHAS11

Imperial College in London released a COVID-19 report and that's where most of our US leaders are getting the information they're basing their decision making on.


LISTEN: CBC Radio cuts off expert when he questions Covid19 narrative – OffGuardian

Dr Joel Kettner phoned into the March 15th episode of CBC’s Cross Country Checkup podcast to discuss the Canadian (and international) reaction to the Covid19 pandemic. He was in the middle of making a point about statistics when the host abruptly cut him off.
While the two invited guests were very much taking the governmental line on the threat of Covid19, Dr Kettner was striking a different tone


Tales from the Pandemic episode 1

pandemic + panic = be afraid, be very afraid...and obedient...and credulous
after all, it was FDR who said "the only thing to fear is fear itself...and the novel coronavirus, that shit is terrifying."

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : The Coronavirus Hoax

It is ironic to see the same Democrats who tried to impeach President Trump last month for abuse of power demanding that the Administration grab more power and authority in the name of fighting a virus that thus far has killed less than 100 Americans.


The chief fearmonger of the Trump Administration is without a doubt Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health. Fauci is all over the media, serving up outright falsehoods to stir up even more panic. He testified to Congress that the death rate for the coronavirus is ten times that of the seasonal flu, a claim without any scientific basis.


Orderly, dour, cowed: how my beloved Italy is changed by coronavirus | World news | The Guardian

Then, last Wednesday night, another emergency decree ramped up the restrictions: all shops, except chemists and food stores, were ordered to remain closed. If you want to leave the house, you now have to print off a document to explain to police your timing, destination and motive.


A Swiss Doctor on Covid-19 - Global Research

According to the latest data of the Italian National Health Institute ISS, the average age of the positively-tested deceased in Italy is currently about 81 years. 10% of the deceased are over 90 years old. 90% of the deceased are over 70 years old.
80% of the deceased had suffered from two or more chronic diseases. 50% of the deceased had suffered from three or more chronic diseases. The chronic diseases include in particular cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory problems and cancer.

Less than 1% of the deceased were healthy persons, i.e. persons without pre-existing chronic diseases. Only about 30% of the deceased are women.

The Italian Institute of Health moreover distinguishes between those who died from the coronavirus and those who died with the coronavirus.

Facts about Covid-19 – Swiss Propaganda Research

Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment.


  1. According to data from the best-studied countries such as South Korea, Iceland, Germany and Denmark, the overall lethality of Covid19 is in the lower per mille range and thus up to twenty times lower than initially assumed by the WHO.
  2. A study in Nature Medicine comes to a similar conclusion even for the Chinese city of Wuhan. The initially significantly higher values for Wuhan were obtained because a many people with mild or no symptoms were not recorded.
  3. 50% to 80% of test-positive individuals remain symptom-free. Even among the 70 to 79 year old persons about 60% remain symptom-free, many more show only mild symptoms.
  4. The median age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years and only about 1% of the deceased had no serious previous illnesses. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality.
  5. Many media reports of young and healthy people dying from Covid19 have proven to be false upon closer inspection. Many of these people either did not die from Covid19 or they in fact had serious preconditions (such as undiagnosed leukaemia).
  6. Normal overall mortality in the US is about 8000 people per day, in Germany about 2600 people and in Italy about 1800 people per day. Influenza mortality in the US is up to 80,000, in Germany and Italy up to 25,000, and in Switzerland up to 1500 people per winter.
  7. Strongly increased death rates, as in northern Italy, can be influenced by additional risk factors such as very high air pollution and legionella contamination, as well as a collapse in the care of the elderly and sick due to infections, mass panic and lockdown.
  8. In countries such as Italy and Spain, and to some extent Great Britain and the US, a serious overload of hospitals, notably by the flu, is not unusual. In addition, up to 15% of doctors and nurses currently have to self-quarantine, even if they develop no symptoms.
  9. An important distinction concerns the question of whether people die with or indeed from coronaviruses. Autopsies show that in many cases the previous illnesses were an important or decisive factor, but the official figures usually do not reflect this.
  10. Thus in order to assess the danger of the disease, the key indicator is not the often mentioned number of test-positive persons and deceased, but the number of persons who actually and unexpectedly develop or die of pneumonia.
  11. The often shown exponential curves of “corona cases” are misleading, since the number of tests also increases exponentially. In most countries, the ratio of positive tests to total tests either remains constant between 5% to 25% or increases rather slowly.
  12. Countries without lockdowns and contact bans, such as Japan, South Korea and Sweden, have not experienced a more negative course of events than other countries. This might call into question the effectiveness of such far-reaching measures.
  13. According to leading lung specialists, invasive ventilation of Covid19 patients is often counterproductive and causes additional damage to the lungs. The invasive ventilation of Covid19 patients is partly done out of fear of spreading the virus through aerosols.
  14. Contrary to original assumptions, however, the WHO determined at the end of March that there is no evidence of aerosol dispersal of the virus. A leading German virologist also found no aerosol and no smear infections in a pilot study.
  15. Many clinics in Europe and the US have been lacking patients and some have had to introduce short-time work. Numerous operations and therapies were cancelled by clinics, even emergency patients sometimes stay at home out of fear of the virus.
  16. Several media have been caught trying to dramatize the situation in clinics, sometimes even with manipulative pictures and videos. In general, many media outlets do not question even doubtful official statements and figures.
  17. The virus test kits used internationally are prone to errors. Several studies have shown that even normal corona viruses can give a false positive result. Moreover, the virus test currently in use has not been clinically validated due to time pressure.
  18. Numerous internationally renowned experts from the fields of virology, immunology and epidemiology consider the measures taken to be counterproductive and recommend a rapid natural immunisation of the general population while protecting risk groups.
  19. The number of people suffering from unemployment, psychological problems and domestic violence as a result of the measures taken has exploded in the US and worldwide. Several experts believe that the measures may claim more lives than the virus itself.
  20. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that the corona crisis is used for the massive and permanent expansion of global surveillance. The renowned virologist Pablo Goldschmidt spoke of a “global media terror” and “totalitarian measures”. Leading British virologist Professor John Oxford spoke of a “media epidemic”.


US Intel Agencies Played Unsettling Role in Classified and “9/11-like” Coronavirus Response Plan – Unlimited Hangout

As Coronavirus panic grips the world, concern over government overreach is growing given the involvement of US intelligence agencies in classified meetings for planning the U.S.’ coronavirus response.

'I Haven't Left My House in Three Weeks.' Life Under Italy's Coronavirus Lockdown

Police units are patrolling the streets to ensure we only leave our homes for work and health-related reasons. We can go out for a stroll, to buy food and medicines, but we must fill and carry certificates stating our reasons. If caught out for no valid reasons or without a certificate, we will be fined and face up to three months in jail.

Denmark rushes through emergency coronavirus law - The Local

Denmark's parliament on Thursday night unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police.

Is Coronavirus the Next 9/11? Discussion on The Ochelli Effect : The Corbett Report

In this conversation recorded on March 9th, James Corbett joins Chuck Ochelli on The Ochelli Effect to discuss the pandemic panic and its parallels to other “world-altering” (but ultimately manipulated) crises like 9/11. What is the real threat here? What is being neglected in coverage of the phenomenon? What else is happening in the world that this story is overshadowing? Your questions are answered in this in-depth conversation.


Why What Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Panic by Gerd Gigerenzer - Project Syndicate

Given this uncertainty, how we respond to a viral outbreak is as crucial as the nature of the pathogen. And how we respond to the COVID-19 coronavirus should be guided by what we have learned from past viral epidemics.
Don’t bet on it. The 2009 swine flu epidemic killed hundreds of thousands, mostly in Africa and Southeast Asia. But in Europe, where the threat was comparatively small, the media updated the death toll and the number of suspected cases on a daily basis. In the United Kingdom, the government predicted that as many as 65,000 citizens might die from the disease. In the end, fewer than 500 died.

Predictably, such daily accounting triggered fear and led politicians to make hasty, ill-advised decisions – such as stockpiling medication – without examining the evidence. All eyes were focused on the new, unknown virus, and not on protecting people from more lethal threats, such as seasonal influenza, which in 2009 killed orders of magnitude more people than swine flu. It still does – as would be clear if the media bombarded us with hourly updates of the flu-related death toll.


Is This THE Big Event? – Questions For Corbett #055 : The Corbett Report

As I’ve noted in my recent work, many globalist agenda items are up for grabs as the world continues to freak out about the novel coronavirus and Covid-19. So is this the main event? Is the disease much worse than it’s being portrayed? Are reinfections after “recovery” common? And what should we do to prepare. James tackles these questions in depth in this edition of Questions For Corbett.


Opinion: Strictly by the numbers, the coronavirus does not register as a dire global crisis - The Globe and Mail

Is COVID-19 a global crisis? Certainly for people who can’t add.


I pay close attention to the daily situation reports issued by the World Health Organization, particularly the new cases and the new deaths. I pay no attention to the various pundits and talking heads, because they are always wrong.
The information in the WHO reports is not perfect for many reasons, some technical and some political. Deaths are a more reliable measure, but deaths lag weeks behind the real outbreak. However, WHO is the best information we have, and it’s getting more complete and more reliable. And, as was the case with SARS, it paints a compelling picture.
The WHO started issuing daily situation reports on Jan. 21, six weeks ago. Initially, the numbers matched the perceptions: The new cases and new deaths, almost all from Hubei province, increased rapidly. Then, in the first week in February, the rate of new cases peaked at 4,083. Deaths peaked on Feb. 13, at 254. Then the number of daily cases dropped down quickly toward the end of February.
That’s because the Hubei outbreak peaked in late January. Indeed, it’s almost over.
Around the beginning of March, the number of new cases rose again because of outbreaks in South Korea, Italy and Iran. These outbreaks are smaller than the one that happened in Hubei. For the past week, the daily statistics have averaged fewer than 3,000 new cases and about 100 deaths worldwide.
Over the past month, the geography of COVID-19 has changed, but the global numbers have, if anything, become smaller. By the numbers, this is The Incredible Shrinking Pandemic.


Tom Jefferson: Covid 19—many questions, no clear answers - The BMJ

Perhaps the death rate, the ratio of confirmed cases to deaths, could explain the furore? It seems to be anything between 0.18% to 4.9% (depending on where you look), on average below that of other coronavirus outbreaks. And deaths seem to be concentrated in older age groups and in people with pre-existing morbidities. So I cannot answer my nagging doubts, there does not seem to be anything special about this particular epidemic of influenza-like illness.


Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted | NEJM

On the basis of a case definition requiring a diagnosis of pneumonia, the currently reported case fatality rate is approximately 2%.4 In another article in the Journal, Guan et al.5 report mortality of 1.4% among 1099 patients with laboratory-confirmed Covid-19; these patients had a wide spectrum of disease severity. If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.2


Crown Castle: Bill Gates Bought 5.3 Million Shares of This Hot Tech Stock

According to the latest U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the pair purchased 5.33-million shares in Crown Castle International Corp. (Source: “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,” U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, last accessed February 11, 2019.)

What’s Up With The Italian Mortality Rate? – QFC #058 : The Corbett Report

Tom from Scotland asks about the mortality rate of Covid-19, and why it is reportedly so much higher in Italy. James answers with an in-depth look at the numbers, how they’re being reported, and what’s being left out from the equation.


Meet Dr. Francis Boyle – He Believes the Coronavirus is a Lethal Engineered Bioweapon – True Conservative Pundit

Francis Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.
In an exclusive interview given to Geopolitics and Empire, Dr. Boyle discusses the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China and the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) from which he believes the infectious disease escaped. He believes the virus is potentially lethal and an offensive biological warfare weapon or dual-use biowarfare weapons agent genetically modified with gain of function properties, which is why the Chinese government originally tried to cover it up and is now taking drastic measures to contain it. The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring.


Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent DARPA Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak – Unlimited Hangout

DARPA recently spent millions on research involving bats and coronaviruses, as well as gene editing “bioweapons” prior to the recent coronavirus outbreak. Now, “strategic allies” of the agency have been chosen to develop a genetic material-based vaccine to halt the potential epidemic.


Police State Contagion: US Plan to Use Bioweapons to Impose Martial Law One Quarantine at a Time

the US military-industrial police state has never hesitated to sacrifice the lives of Americans in order to achieve its goal of locking down control of all movement - not just in & out of the country but within the country. Bioweapons, as the Rockefeller Foundation gleefully pointed out way back in 2010, are a fantastic way to convince an already-mentally-supine population to yield control of their physical forms to the state's machinations as well.

while the interview in this video was recorded in 2014 as an Ebola outbreak ravaged west Africa, Vox's observations are if anything even more applicable to 2020's coronavirus outbreak, which has set western powers salivating as China sets into motion its enviable (if you're a power-mad sociopath) state control machinery to quarantine some 50 million people behind a 'cordon sanitaire' that authorities admit has already allowed carriers of the virus to slip out ahead of its imposition - meaning this massive crackdown on free movement serves no purpose other than as a giant human experiment in what liberties a population will thoroughly trash for the fleeting illusion of security. spoiler alert: too many.


Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel - YouTube

Selected moments from the Event 201 pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated the pandemic preparedness efforts needed to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic.
Drawing from actual events, Event 201 identifies important policy issues and preparedness challenges that could be solved with sufficient political will and attention. These issues were designed in a narrative to engage and educate the participants and the audience.

For more information, visit: http://www.centerforhealthsecurity.or...



Event 201 videos including discussions and a highlights reel

Videos of Event 201 These five segments include discussions among high-level leaders of global businesses, governments, policy and public health.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates & His Relationship With Big Pharma – Collective Evolution

The German analysts and others have outlined key features of the Gates Foundation’s close partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, including the revolving door between the staff of the Foundation and pharmaceutical companies such as Merck and GSK; the preponderant focus of the Foundation’s largest global health awards (20/50 or 40%) on research and development of new vaccines and drugs; and the Foundation’s $52 million equity stake in CureVac (a German pharmaceutical company) to speed up development of mRNA-vaccines. The Gates Foundation also has increased its direct support for the biotechnology industry, which is of considerable relevance to the vaccine industry due to the rapidly increasing use of biotech in modern vaccine manufacturing. Recent articles have pointed out, moreover, that the Gates Foundation routinely pays public relations firms to manipulate scientific decision-making in favor of the risky genetic engineering technologies that the Foundation supports.


This Guardian Piece Touting Bill Gates’ Education Investment Brought to You by Bill Gates | FAIR

The Gates Foundation gives grants in the hundreds of thousands and often millions to such media organizations as NBCUniversal, Al Jazeera, BBC, Viacom (CBS) and Participant Media (the producer of pro-charter school documentary Waiting for Superman). Both Gates and the Gates Foundation are sizable shareholders in Comcast, which is the primary investor in Buzzfeed and Vox, as well the parent corporation of MSNBC and NBC News–the latter of which teamed up with Gates and other noted education experts like Exxon and University of Phoenix Online for the week-long charter school commercial “Education Week”.


His enormous wealth and the reach of media parent corporations seem to exempt Gates from routine disclosure requirements. He was offered up as an education expert in the pro-charter Waiting for Superman, without any mention of the fact that he donated at least $2 million to the film and had a media partnership with its distributor, Viacom. He is given softball interviews in Comcast-backed Vox without disclosure that he’s a major Comcast investor. Because his stake in media companies is laundered enough times, it’s assumed not to merit mention.

In the case of the Guardian, Gates effectively owns an entire vertical, so when one of his investments is written up, one doesn’t notice the conflict of interest—like a fish doesn’t notice water. Because his influence is everywhere, it appears to be nowhere.


Bill Gates: The next outbreak? We're not ready | TED Talk

If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war.

Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research : Nature News & Comment

An experiment that created a hybrid version of a bat coronavirus — one related to the virus that causes SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) — has triggered renewed debate over whether engineering lab variants of viruses with possible pandemic potential is worth the risks.

A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence | Nature Medicine

The emergence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)-CoV underscores the threat of cross-species transmission events leading to outbreaks in humans. Here we examine the disease potential of a SARS-like virus, SHC014-CoV, which is currently circulating in Chinese horseshoe bat populations1.

Date unknown

Coronavirus – the Madness of Governments - Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Governments around the world are clearly suffering from mass hysteria. It used to be a problem found mainly among groups of teenage girls. It is now a problem affecting national governments and international organisations.

This isn’t anything new, of course.

It has always been governments which have created unnecessary scares – and there has often been a hidden agenda.

And as a medical writer I have frequently found myself trying to defuse the fear created by stupid politicians and civil servants.

I was the only doctor in Britain to oppose the BMA’s view that `AIDS will affect us all’. (I was vilified for disagreeing with the establishment. At its peak, more people were employed as AIDS advisors than had the disease.)

Coronavirus – Why and How the Government and the Media Are Wrong - Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The World Health Organisation estimates that the number of people dying from `seasonal influenza’ each year is between 290,000 and 650,000.

Coronavirus and Continuity Of Government by Whitney Webb

This is an extended excerpt from yet another outstanding piece of real journalism by Whitney Webb, published as Coronavirus: What Newsweek Failed to Mention About "Continuity of Government" on Global Research. Please be sure to read the full article.

Given the context of the current coronavirus crisis, the DOJ’s recent request for sweeping new powers and the role of Main Core in COG plans, one part of Barr’s pre-crime memorandum stands out. In the part of the document where Barr outlines what actions will be taken once an individual is deemed potentially violent or threatening, he writes that those individuals will be subject to detention, court-ordered mental health treatment and electronic monitoring, among other measures.

The possibility of pre-crime detention was also present in the DOJ’s recent request for new “emergency powers” in light of the coronavirus crisis, as it specifically asks that those new powers apply to “any statutes or rules of procedure otherwise affecting pre-arrest, post-arrest, pre-trial, trial, and post-trial procedures in criminal and juvenile proceedings and all civil process and proceedings.” Norman L. Reimer, executive director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, told Politico that the inclusion of the term “pre-arrest” likely means that “you could be arrested and never brought before a judge until they decide that the emergency or the civil disobedience is over. I find it absolutely terrifying.”

Thus, if DOJ is granted these new powers it has requested, the William Barr-led Department of Justice will not only be authorized to indefinitely detain Americans without trial, it will be able to detain them without any proof of those detainees having committed a crime or even having plans or the intent to commit a crime. Instead, the DOJ only needs to argue that the individual was “mobilizing towards violence,” an extremely vague phrase that could potentially be used against anyone who expresses discontent with the government or government policy.

Furthermore, with the FBI having recently flagged “conspiracy theorists” (and by extension those who distrust or question government narratives of both past and present) as a “domestic terror threat,” the DOJ could even make the case that failure to blindly trust government narratives presents a threat to the public order. Given that the Main Core database in its current form contains bulk surveillance gathered from social media, phone conversations/messaging apps and even financial information (i.e. purchasing history, etc.) on Americans deemed unfriendly “often for the slightest and most trivial reason,” this unprecedented power grab by the DOJ has an authoritarian and Orwellian potential to target legitimate dissent like never before.

Going Viral: Medical Martial Law 2020 (video)

Episode 373 – Medical Martial Law 2020 : The Corbett Report

As the lockdowns go into place and the military takes to the streets in country after country, the decades of preparation for medical martial law are finally paying off for the pandemic planners. Today on this emergency edition of The Corbett Report podcast, James lays out the steps that have led us to the brink of martial law and the steps that are being taken to implement it now. Please help to spread this important information and to raise awareness of the crisis that we are facing.

The agenda behind the Coronavirus hyper-fear-mongering-pandemic-bullshit

Medical Martial Law

Top scientists are saying that the current swine flu outbreak came from a vaccine lab, but you won’t hear that in the controlled corporate media. Nor will you hear about Bilderberg plans to use the pandemic hysteria to flex the muscles of their nascent global government. But you will hear all about it in this week’s episode of The Corbett Report.

Is Coronavirus the Next 9/11? Discussion on The Ochelli Effect : The Corbett Report

In this conversation recorded on March 9th, James Corbett joins Chuck Ochelli on The Ochelli Effect to discuss the pandemic panic and its parallels to other “world-altering” (but ultimately manipulated) crises like 9/11. What is the real threat here? What is being neglected in coverage of the phenomenon? What else is happening in the world that this story is overshadowing? Your questions are answered in this in-depth conversation.

Is This THE Big Event? – Questions For Corbett #055 : The Corbett Report

As I’ve noted in my recent work, many globalist agenda items are up for grabs as the world continues to freak out about the novel coronavirus and Covid-19. So is this the main event? Is the disease much worse than it’s being portrayed? Are reinfections after “recovery” common? And what should we do to prepare. James tackles these questions in depth in this edition of Questions For Corbett.

Video: You're an anarchist ... even if you think you're not

I haven't been paying any attention to all the (horrible, ugly, rotten, neocon, warmongering) news in the world for the last several days because i've been working on a project, but i did come across this while taking a break:

Shining Candles In The Dark with Larken and Amanda Rose

Today James' identical twin brother Statist Jim talks to Larken and Amanda Rose about Candles In The Dark, the two day workshop they'll be running at Anarchapulco 2020 to help voluntaryists become more effective communicators of anarchist ideas.