News Bytes – 8-May-2019

We will not allow Iran to achieve nuclear weaponry – Netanyahu — RT World News

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged that his country will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weaponry after Tehran said it intends to start rowing back on its nuclear deal commitments.

The idea of nuclear weapons is stupid, much less actually possessing them. That aside, the U.S. is the only country that has used large nuclear weapons in war. Twice. On civilians. Israel has had an undeclared nuclear weapons program for decades and this fact is a wide open 'secret'. Both Israel and U.S. (Israel's puppet state) have been threatening Iran for decades and tensions are rising rapidly. Does Iran, which appears to be the only peaceful nation of the three, not have a right to defend itself?

No Enigma: Vaccines and the Food Allergy Epidemic – Collective Evolution

This declared bafflement is itself puzzling because—as Children's Health Defense has written previously—multiple strands of published evidence—including experiments dating back over a hundred years—indicate that injected vaccines are major culprits. The massive expansion of the vaccine schedule since the late 1980s, day-of-birth hepatitis B vaccination, changes in vaccine technology and the growing use of immune-dysregulating aluminum adjuvants are all factors that can explain the immune system overactivation currently manifesting in the form of food allergies.

Chemicals in Sunscreen Seep Into Your Bloodstream After Just One Day

A report published Monday in peer-reviewed journal JAMA found that after applying spray, lotion and cream, there is a "systemic absorption of sunscreen active ingredients well beyond the FDA's recommended limits. And while it remains unclear what the effect of this seepage into our bloodstream is, the data supports a need for further FDA investigation to determine exactly what the health impact of these findings are.

I haven't researched a link between sunscreen and cancer, but i believe the rate of skin cancer increased along with the use of sunscreen. Vitamin D is essential for good health and sunlight is an excellent source of D. Ever wonder why the winter season is flu season? It has nothing to do with colder temperatures.

EPA Contradicts Its Own Research to Say Monsanto's Glyphosate is Safe

The controversy surrounding the chemical glyphosate continues as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says the weed killer is not a carcinogen—a claim which contradicts recent rulings by U.S. juries and research by the World Health Organization.

News Bytes – 7-May-2019

Documents Expose How Hollywood Promotes War on Behalf of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA – Global Research

These documents for the first time demonstrate that the US government has worked behind the scenes on over 800 major movies and more than 1,000 TV titles.

Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War with Iran? – Taki's Magazine

After Venezuela's army decided not to rise up and overthrow Nicholas Maduro, by Sunday night, it was Iran that was in our gun sights.

Bolton ordered the USS Abraham Lincoln, its carrier battle group and a bomber force to the Mideast "to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime that any attack on United States interests or those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force.

What "attack was Bolton talking about?

Student Files $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Apple Over Supposedly Faulty Facial Recognition Tech That Falsely Accused Him Of Theft | Techdirt

An 18-year-old resident of New York City is suing Apple for $1 billion. His lawsuit alleges Apple uses facial recognition technology as part of its stores' security systems and that this led directly to him being accused of multiple thefts across a handful of states… despite him bearing zero resemblance to the thief caught on tape.

About Baidu Search Update in Firefox – gHacks Tech News

Some Firefox users spotted a new feature listing in the browser recently called Baidu Search Update. You can verify if the feature is installed in your version of Firefox by loading about:support and checking the "Firefox Features" section.

If you want hard evidence of how unethical Mozilla corporate is, this is it. They've been shipping these "system add-ons" with Firefox for some time and they go largely unnoticed by users because they cannot be seen, much less removed, in about:addons. I referenced this nonsense in a rant just yesterday in which i mentioned the Cliqz system add-on which any privacy respecting person would have considered to be flat-out malware. To remove this garbage, see this, but note that you will need to remove them every time Firefox is updated because Mozilla doesn't allow users to prevent their installation.

Breaking (video): The Story of the Young RussiaGate Mistress – And Why Trump Fears Her | Jake Morphonios

I've been reading the 2008 book, Supermob – How Sidney Korshak and His Criminal Associates Became America's Hidden Power Brokers, by investigative reporter Gus Russo. The book tells the story of the Russian-Jewish-Zionist mafia and their rise to power in the United States, beginning with their takeover of Chicago. The story is an incredible one that is centered around one Sidney Korshak, a labor lawyer who appears to have spent very little time in a court room, instead wielding his immense power via telephone. Half way through the book, i ran across the following video by Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence. The timing was interesting and the story more so.

This is the story of a very attractive young model, Anastasia Vashukevich, 21, who was apparently incarcerated in Thailand for running a dating/sex course without a permit and, according to the NY Times, without a visa. I was invited to vacation in Thailand long ago by an acquaintance who was interested in the country for seemingly one reason; cheap sex and beautiful women. Thailand is apparently quite popular with tourists for this reason and the U.S. dollar exchange rate at the time made it an appealing destination. The point is, why was a 21 year old model arrested for running a dating course without a permit in a country where prostitution appears to be a staple of the economy?

Belarusian Model/Sex Instructor Anastasia Vashukevich claims to have video evidence of Trump campaign members conspiring with a Jewish Oligarch from Russia to help #Trump win. Now Russia has her in custody…

Watch the video here:

The Story of the Young #RussiaGate Mistress – And Why Trump Fears Her | Jake Morphonios

Consortium News: Don't Hold Your Breath on US Troop Withdrawal from Syria

It would be nice to think the president has final say on foreign policy, given the U.S. Constitution. But the misleading troop withdrawal announcement, followed by Trump's boastful tweet, suggests the exact opposite, says Patrick Lawrence.

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