News Bytes - PCR test a joke // 'domestic terrorism' bill // stop talking, stop the spread lunacy - 24-Jan-2021

Lower Cases Imminent As WHO Drops The Charade Of Erroneous PCR Test Protocol - The Highwire

"In case of virus detection, >35 cycles only detects signals which do not correlate with infectious virus as determined by isolation in cell culture [reviewed in 2]; if someone is tested by PCR as positive when a threshold of 35 cycles or higher is used (as is the case in most laboratories in Europe & the US), the probability that said person is actually infected is less than 3%, the probability that said result is a false positive is 97%"


Dr. Simone Gold - The Truth about the CV19 Vaccine

On January 3rd, 2021, Emergency Physician, Dr. Simone Gold gave this gobsmacking talk on the Great Awakening show about the breathtaking skullduggery that was coordinated worldwide across governments and health agencies against the drug, hydroxychloroquine, in the ordering of needless masks, lockdowns and now, in mandating the experimental vaccine.

I recommend that everyone share this with their normie friends and loved ones – actually, with everyone – she is so articulate and amazing, yet completely humble and cute.

Dr. Gold says, "I come before you on behalf of America's Frontline Doctors, which is a volunteer physicians organization that we started specifically to combat the serious and life-threatening disinformation that has really taken over America and really, the entire Globe.

Dr. Gold decided to speak out after she prescribed hydroxychloroquine and zinc to a COVID-positive patient, who recovered completely in 48 hours. However she, herself was called into see her Medical Director, who threatened to fire her, while her State Board threatened her with a potential investigation of unprofessional conduct.

"We are licensed as individuals. It's actually against the law to have a corporate practice of medicine…it has to be the individual doctor physician, that's why patients go to multiple doctors.

"It's very, very scary stuff. I've been a doctor for a very long time. Before me, my father was a doctor. I've never seen anything like this, where we have groups of physicians or scientists or government bureaucrat agencies essentially lying to the American people and people across the world."

The publication of fraudulent studies in the world's pre-eminent medical journals, including The Lancet and the draconian decrees have crashed the world economy and resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.

The experimental vaccine has not been shown to reduce mortality, in a disease which already has an almost non-existent mortality rate and there's no evidence that it stops transmission. Why is the vaccine being mandated, again?

Dr Gold raises the very real security threat of mandating an experimental vaccine. "What if, for example you've given that vaccine to all of your healthcare workers and you've given that vaccine to all of your military and all of your police officers. I find this shocking, as a public policy matter, that we would even consider giving anything to our healthy first responders and frontline people who defend our country…It's so shocking to accept that kind of risk."

She ends her talk with a call to action. "We, at America's Frontline Doctors intend to fight the urge that's sweeping the globe to mandate people taking an experimental biological agent. This is a big fight we have on our hands…we're very concerned with private businesses mandating this; employers, schools and travel – airlines, in particular.

"You can imagine if all the airlines got together, the CEOs and said, "You know what? We're just going to mandate this – the 6 biggest ones all got together and said that. It's just like the masks, right? You can't avoid their mandates. This is a very big problem. So, America's Frontline Doctors is tackling this. We intend to talk to the decision-makers in the airline industry.

"One of our tools in that battle will be to go in armed with at least 1 million signatures of human beings who are going to say, "No! We are not going to do business with anybody – and we're not going to comply with anyone who's going to mandate this…everyone hearing this can agree, we don't need the CEOs of big companies forcing experimental biological agents on anyone…

"We are going to be at their mercy if we don't get ahead of them. We must get ahead of that bad decision that they seem headed towards making. Qantas Airlines has already said that they're going to do this…

Sign the petition and get everybody you know to sign it!


Tulsi Gabbard: Domestic Terrorism Bill Is 'a Targeting of Almost Half of the Country' | National Review

"It's so dangerous as you guys have been talking about, this is an issue that all Democrats, Republicans, independents, Libertarians should be extremely concerned about, especially because we don't have to guess about where this goes or how this ends," Gabbard said.

She continued: "When you have people like former CIA Director John Brennan openly talking about how he's spoken with or heard from appointees and nominees in the Biden administration who are already starting to look across our country for these types of movements similar to the insurgencies they've seen overseas, that in his words, he says make up this unholy alliance of religious extremists, racists, bigots, he lists a few others and at the end, even libertarians."

She said her concern lies in how officials will define the characteristics they are searching for in potential threats.

"What characteristics are we looking for as we are building this profile of a potential extremist, what are we talking about? Religious extremists, are we talking about Christians, evangelical Christians, what is a religious extremist? Is it somebody who is pro-life? Where do you take this?" Gabbard said.

She said the proposed legislation could create "a very dangerous undermining of our civil liberties, our freedoms in our Constitution, and a targeting of almost half of the country."


Cancel Culture Intensifies - American Thinker

It may be too strong to say that a specter of uninterrupted disturbance of all social conditions is haunting the Western democracies, but two interrelated issues are cause for concern. One is the apprehension that the West is erasing too readily historical landmarks or individuals that are regarded as inimical to certain modern sensibilities or is downplaying past achievements while other factors are considered more important. The second is the emergence of a "counterculture" — not simply the lack of commitment to a common culture, but a modern form of ostracism removing or downgrading people, expressions, and ideas deemed offensive or problematic or not politically correct to particular groups or to social or professional circles.


Teen's Suicide Attempt Prompts Warning Over Pandemic's Mental Health Dangers

News Bytes - PCR test a joke // 'domestic terrorism' bill // stop talking, stop the spread lunacy - 24-Jan-2021

On Christmas night, a 14-year-old girl walked away from her family's Orange County home and headed toward a bridge.

When she arrived, she leaped from the 50-foot structure, shattering two back bones in an attempted suicide brought on by some inner demons she's been fighting since the start of the pandemic.

Sydney R., of Huntington Beach, is among many who've been struggling with isolation since the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus took hold, prompting state officials to issue stay-at-home orders to curb its spread.


Behaviour 'scientist' and Communist Party member advising the government on how to manipulate the behaviour of the population demands tighter lockdown restrictions as she has from the start including mandatory masks. How long are we going to take this calculated manipulative bullshit from Susan Michie? – David Icke

News Bytes - PCR test a joke // 'domestic terrorism' bill // stop talking, stop the spread lunacy - 24-Jan-2021

A scientist advising the Government on coronavirus has called for tighter lockdown restrictions, describing the current rules as "the problem" amid rising infections and deaths.

Professor Susan Michie, director of the Centre for Behaviour Change at UCL, said an "overwhelming" number of people were sticking to lockdown rules as she questioned how Government messaging was being targeted at the public.

It comes after the Government launched a new advert that asks people to "look in the eyes" of frontline medical workers and Covid-19 patients and tells them to stay at home.


Latest lunacy: France's Academy of Medicine advises people to 'avoid talking' on public transport to stop spread of 'Covid-19' – much better if these purveyors of idiocy stopped talking – David Icke

The French National Academy of Medicine has urged people to quit the chatter on packed buses and trains, where social distancing is impossible. The country's health minister earlier asked everyone to wear better quality masks.


'Catastrophically wrong': German court declares regional lockdown UNCONSTITUTIONAL in 'politically explosive' decision — RT World News

Thuringia's spring lockdown was a "catastrophically wrong political decision with dramatic consequences for almost all areas of people's lives," the court said, justifying its decision. It particularly condemned a restriction limiting private gatherings to the members of one household and one person outside of it.


UK Govt SLAMMED For 'FALSE INFORMATION' Advert / Hugo Talks #lockdown - YouTube


Democrats Planning to Use Senate "Reconciliation" Process to Enact Amnesty Legislation - The Last Refuge

The bill, known as the US Citizenship Act of 2021 and outlined in a four-page summary shared with reporters, would represent the most sweeping immigration reform package passed since 1986.

It marks both a symbolic and substantive break with the restrictionist immigration policies that have defined the last four years under Donald Trump, setting the tone for what Biden promises will be a more welcoming era for immigrants in the US. At its core is a long-awaited proposal to legalize the more than 10.5 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the US, many of whom have lived in fear of being deported and uprooted from their families for years.


Microsoft Channels 'Black Mirror': Turn Deceased People Into Chatbots | IndieWire

As reported by The Independent this week, Microsoft has been granted a patent that allows the company "to make a chatbot using the personal information of deceased people." Under the patent, Microsoft can create an artificial intelligence bot "based on images, voice data, social media posts, electronic message, and more personal information" of a deceased person.


Making Lego Car CLIMB Obstacles - YouTube


Exploring the Uncovered, Unsafe Tunnels Found in an Open-Pit Mine - YouTube


News Bytes - Sidney fighting the good fight // no lockdowns in SD - guess what happened? // 4-D chess - 23-Jan-2021

News Bytes - Sidney fighting the good fight // no lockdowns in SD - guess what happened? // 4-D chess - 23-Jan-2021

Sidney Powell Launches Super PAC to 'Fight Vigorously for Our Constitutional Rights'

Attorney Sidney Powell, who filed third-party election lawsuits on behalf of former President Donald Trump, has launched a Super PAC dedicated to a range of aims, including freedom of speech, Constitutional rights, and "the sacred right of free and fair elections."


Beijing Bidens Third Day: Selling the Grid to China and Killing Diabetes Patients


Gov. Noem never shut down South Dakota. Their unemployment rate just dropped to 3.0%. That's lower than it was BEFORE the pandemic. | Not the Bee

"Rather than following the pack and mandating harsh rules, South Dakota provides our residents with information about what is happening on the ground in our state—the science, facts and data. Then, we ask all South Dakotans to take personal responsibility for their health, the health of their loved ones, and—in turn—the health of our communities. The state hasn't issued lockdowns or mask mandates. We haven't shut down businesses or closed churches. In fact, our state has never even defined what an "essential business" is. That isn't the government's role."


20 Reasons Mandatory Face Masks are Unsafe, Ineffective and Immoral –

1. Cavities: New York dentists are reporting that half their patients are suffering decaying teeth, receding gum lines and seriously sour breath from wearing masks. "We're seeing inflammation in people's gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before," Dr. Rob Ramondi told FOX News.

2. Facial Deformities: Masking children triggers mouth breathing which as been shown to cause "long, narrow faces, narrow mouths, high palatal vaults, dental malocclusion, gummy smiles, and many other unattractive facial features," according to the Journal of General Dentistry.

3. Acne Vulgaris: Moisture and germs collecting in the mask cause "facial skin lesions, irritant dermatitis… or worsening acne" (according to Public Health Ontario) which stresses the immune system, can lead to permanent scarring and has been linked to depression and suicidal thoughts (according to the Journal of Dermatologic Clinics). Children also develop impetigo, a bacterial infection that produces red sores and can lead to kidney damage (according to the Mayo Clinic).

4. Increased Risk of COVID-19: "Mask use by the general public could be associated with a theoretical elevated risk of COVID-19 through… self-contamination," states Public Health Ontario in Wearing Masks in Public and COVID-19. "By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain," theorizes nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD (in an article at The Centre for Research on Globalization).

5. Bacterial Pneumonia: At an Oklahoma Press Conference, Dr. James Meehan, MD testified: "Reports coming from my colleagues all over the world are suggesting that the bacterial pneumonias are on the rise" as a result of moisture collecting in face masks.

6. Immune Suppressing: Masks are often worn by criminals trying to hide their identity while perpetuating an offence (theft, violence, rape, murder, etc.). They produce subconscious anxiety and fear. Fear and anxiety activate the fight-or-flight nervous system which down-regulates the immune system, as shown in a study by the American Psychological Association.

7. Germophobia: Masks create an irrational fear of germs and a false sense of protection from disease, leading to antisocial (or even hostile) behaviour towards those not wearing a mask. (See the paper in the Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders titled "COVID-19, obsessive-compulsive disorder and invisible life forms that threaten the self").

8. Toxic: Many (if not most) masks and face coverings (including cloth) are made with toxic and carcinogenic chemicals including fire retardant, fibreglass, lead, NFE, phthalates, polyfluorinated chemicals and formaldehyde that will outgas and be inhaled by the wearer. (See "5 main hazardous chemicals in clothing from China named" by Fashion United).

9. Psychologically Harmful: "I believe the real threat right now is what we're doing to sabotage the mental, emotional and physical health of… our children, whose development is dependent on social interactions, physical contact and facial expressions," writes Dr. Joseph Mercola of "Between mask wearing and social distancing, I fear the impact on children in particular may be long-term, if not permanent."
6 Proofs Masks Do Not Reduce Infections

1. Insubstantial: A CDC-funded review on masking in May 2020 came to the conclusion: "Although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza… None of the household studies reported a significant reduction in secondary laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the face mask group." If masks can't stop the regular flu, how can they stop SAR-CoV-2?

2. Unreasonable: "Evidence that masking as a source [of] control results in any material reduction in transmission was scant, anecdotal, and, in the overall, lacking… [and mandatory masking] is the exact opposite of being reasonable," ruled a hospital arbitrator in a dispute between The Ontario Nurses' Association and the Toronto Academic Health Science Network.

3. Ineffective: "Oral masks in healthy individuals are ineffective against the spread of viral infections," write Belgian medical doctors in an open letter published in The American Institute of Stress, September 24, 2020.

4. Unsanitary: "It has never been shown that wearing surgical face masks decreases postoperative wound infections," writes Göran Tunevall, M.D. in the World Journal of Surgery. "On the contrary, a 50% decrease [in bacterial infection] has been reported after omitting face masks."

5. No Protection: "There were 17 eligible studies.… None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask ⁄ respirator use and protection against influenza infection," concludes a research review in the journal Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses.

6. Unproven: Dutch Minister for Medical Care, Tamara van Ark, asserted that "from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks" after a review by the National Institute for Health on July 29, 2020 (according to Reuters).

5 Ways Forced Masking is Immoral

1. Reckless: "By making mask-wearing recommendations and policies for the general public, or by expressly condoning the practice, governments have both ignored the scientific evidence and done the opposite of following the precautionary principle," writes Denis Rancourt, PhD in his 2020 paper Masks Don't Work.

2. Manipulative: Dr. Andreas Voss, member of the World Health Organization expert team and head of microbiology at a Dutch hospital in Nijmegen, on July 24, 2020, told I Am Expat that masks were made mandatory "not because of scientific evidence, but because of political pressure and public opinion."

3. Fear-Mongering: "In fact, there is no study to even suggest that it makes any sense for healthy individuals to wear masks in public," write Drs. Karina Reiss, Phd and Dr. Sucharit Bakdi, MD in Corona, False Alarm? "One might suspect that the only political reason for enforcing the measure is to foster fear in the population."

4. Totalitarian: "If you look at the history of totalitarian regimes… they all do the same thing, which is they try to crush culture, and crush any evidence of self-expression…" explains Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in an interview regarding face masks. "And what is the ultimate vector for self-expression? It's your facial expressions…. [Yet] we've all been told to put on the burqa and be obedient."

5. Virtue-Signalling: "Masks are utterly useless," testified Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a pathologist, certified with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, at a city council meeting. "…masks are simply virtue-signalling… It's utterly ridiculous seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people — I'm not saying that in a pejorative sense — walking around like lemmings, obeying without any knowledge base, to put the mask on their face."


Weapons of Mask Destruction

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are killing grandma (and grandpa) at a rate similar to the OMFGVIRUS, but the narrative managers are conditioning us to forgive, even expect this - as if it is our duty to sacrifice our elderly relatives for a sickening simulacrum of Science™ (not to be confused with science, which abhors dogmatism and is devoted to forming, testing, and discarding hypotheses until the truth is uncovered).


What Happened to 'the Storm'? - American Thinker

This past week, in any case, rumors swirled of something big and stormy happening. An unprecedented number of military and National Guard descended on Washington D.C. There were fences around the Capitol and adjacent buildings. The razor wire atop the fences was facing inwards, supposedly to keep those inside from escaping.

This, a conspiracy theory went, was a giant trap for the deep state, President Biden's inauguration luring the deep state into the witch's oven, ready to be arrested by thousands of National Guard members recently deputized as U.S. Marshals, yet all secretly disloyal. In this soup of nuttiness we also heard that major Democrat players were already arrested, awaiting trial or execution.


US Foreign Policy Under Joe Biden Does Not Look Promising

The initial positions on issues of Foreign Policy set forward by newly appointed Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, seem to point towards a continuation of the wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. In the course of the four hour-long Senate Confirmation Hearing, a day prior to Joe Biden's Presidential inauguration, Blinken had indicated that the US would continue on the warpath.


DIA Purchasing Smartphone User Location Data Without Search Warrants - The Last Refuge

Essentially the U.S. security apparatus uses private sector data on cell phone users; purchasing as if they were commercial consumers of data; as part of their investigative and monitoring processes for Americans. This is a big privacy issue that has been the subject of several hours of backroom discussion amid the CTH 2.0 tech team.


America Is (Not So) Slowly Turning Communist Red - American Thinker

Perhaps the most contemptible action of the Democrats, and there have been so many, is the desire to completely erase Trump and, by extension, his MAGA movement.


4D Chess - Larken Rose


US Marshalls Rescue 33 Missing Children in 'Operation Lost Angels'

More than 30 children were rescued by U.S. Marshalls from human trafficking in Southern California, including eight who were being sexually exploited, the FBI announced Friday.


News Bytes - Hank Aaron dead after vax // Biden reopens the Syrian blood faucet // 'Q' and the Bolshevik psyop - 23-Jan-2021

Home Run King Hank Aaron Dies of 'Undisclosed Cause' 18 Days After Receiving Moderna Vaccine • Children's Health Defense

News Bytes - Hank Aaron dead after vax // Biden reopens the Syrian blood faucet // 'Q' and the Bolshevik psyop - 23-Jan-2021

Aaron made headlines earlier this month when he was photographed getting the Moderna vaccine. He told the Associated Press at the time that getting vaccinated "makes me feel wonderful." He added:

"I don't have any qualms about it at all, you know. I feel quite proud of myself for doing something like this. … It's just a small thing that can help zillions of people in this country."


Regime Change Back as Policy? JoeBama Sends More U.S. Troops into Syria - The Last Refuge

President Donald Trump attempted to draw-down U.S. military all around the globe, specifically Europe and the middle-east. However, as history often repeats, now it appears we are see the JoeBama administration sending troops back into Syria; perhaps to attempt the same regime change objective they failed in 2013 and 2014. The mid-east war machine is oiled with American blood.


Nearly half of Portland Antifa Inauguration Day riot arrestees were arrested at riots last year | The Post Millennial

Around 150 Antifa dressed in black first rallied in the afternoon at Revolution Hall in southeast Portland behind banners that read, "WE DON'T WANT BIDEN—WE WANT REVENGE," "WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE" and "A NEW WORLD FROM THE ASHES." The banners were accompanied with symbols of communism, anarchism, a Kalashnikov rifle and the Iron Front logo.

Antifa then marched unimpeded to the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon where they proceeded to smash windows one-by-one using hammers, batons and other tools. They then pulled dumpsters into the street and started a fire.

News Bytes - Hank Aaron dead after vax // Biden reopens the Syrian blood faucet // 'Q' and the Bolshevik psyop - 23-Jan-2021

News Bytes - Hank Aaron dead after vax // Biden reopens the Syrian blood faucet // 'Q' and the Bolshevik psyop - 23-Jan-2021


Biden's Opening Approval Rating Below That of Trump and Obama: Poll

President Joe Biden's opening approval rating on Friday came in below the ratings of his two predecessors when they had just started their presidency, according to a new poll by Rasmussen.


Q-Anon Bears Striking Resemblance to Bolshevik Psy-Op from 1920s to Stupefy Potential Resistance

"Operation Trust" was a Bolshevik program in Russia from 1921 to 1926 that was aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating false expectations that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the Communist takeover. Similarly, Q-Anon deluded freedom-loving citizens into believing that "White hats" in the military and throughout government would save them without them having to do anything except distribute the Q-Anon reports. While Q-Anon claims to fight the "deep state", it promotes the goals of the deep state, such as CIA regime change in Iran and support for Attorney General William Barr, who (1) failed to prosecute anyone in the 2016 attempted coup by the Obama administration, (2) failed to prosecute key players in the RussiaGate hoax, (3) failed to investigate the 2020 election fraud, and (4) covered-up the Jeffrey Epstein case. In this provocative article, Internet commentator An0maly delves into examples of how influencers in the MAGA and Q movement have defended many Deep-state goals, such as gun control, forced vaccinations, lockdown, and martial law.


Teachers Union Berated Trump for Reopening Schools, Now It's Praising Biden For Doing the Same

The same teachers' organization that roundly condemned Donald Trump's attempts to prematurely reopen schools are now applauding Biden's decision to do the same, even as the coronavirus pandemic reaches new levels.


Mayors Of 30 Cities Now Pushing For Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income was an original tenet of 1930s Technocracy, but every UBI experiment in modern days has failed. Nevertheless, thirty more mayors have stepped up to the plate to push for UBI. Governments have no source of income to pay for UBI, but that is overlooked.



Family doctor and former Minnesota State Senator Scott Jensen made waves last year when he was one of the first in his field to speak out about the number of #Covid19 deaths thought to be inflated by the CDC's irregular, and loose, guidelines on diagnosing death from Covid. Now, as the number of deaths has surpassed 400,000 in the US, Dr. Jensen and lawmakers are calling for an audit of these deaths.



As mass vaccinations roll out across the globe, reports of deaths and dangerous reactions continue. Hear the details on the allergic reaction cluster that shut down a vaccination super center in California and the new guidelines for vaccinating the elderly in Norway after 33 deaths following COVID vaccination.


Why Donald Trump Had to Go | The Vineyard of the Saker

There is an agenda. A huge agenda. It is a Globalist agenda that is in the process of inflicting gigantic harm to humanity. It is called the Covid-19 – The Great Reset, issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF), authored by its founder, Klaus Schwab. If left undisturbed, The Great Reset's plan is a crime of epic dimensions, never seen before in our civilization. Mr. Trump did not want to be part of this agenda.


Iran And Israel Are Gearing Up For A War

The Iranian parliament announced that it is preparing a draft resolution on a "defense and security treaty for the Axis of Resistance". By signing the treaty with its allies, states and non-state actors alike, Iran will officially create its own NATO-styled military bloc in the face of the everyday growing chances of a direct military confrontation with the US-Israeli alliance.


UKC News: Biden's Woke Inauguration, Boris's Endless Lockdown, Vaccine Refusal - 21st Century Wire

As expected, Joe Biden's inauguration was a woke-fest like no other, including strict adherence to masks and social distancing – and it's only going to get worse. In Britain, Boris keeps moving the goal posts on lockdown, as the country descends into an abyss of uncertainty as to when the 'pandemic' charade will actually end. The government are also scrambling to plaster-over any potential fallout from adverse reactions to the new experimental mRNA vaccine, as state agencies and corporations seem determined to nudge the public into complying with vaccine passports for travel. All this and more.


EU To Implement Block-Wide Vaccine Passport Standard

Technocrats pushing the Great Reset, total surveillance and social engineering are moving at high speed to lock in gains at the expense of real science and thousands of statements from health and medical professionals to the contrary. Anyone who thinks this madness will not come to America isn't paying attention.


Heather Higgins: Silencing People and Forcing Them to 'Accept Guilt' Not the Way to Unity

Heather Higgins, chairwoman of the Independent Women's Forum, suggested that the left's current narrative of "unity" is coming across to the other side as being asked to "accept guilt" and "shut up."

"There's a lot of 'we need to unify,'" Higgins told Jan Jekielek, host of The Epoch Times' American Thought Leaders program on Jan. 20. "That's the language now."

But she said the unity they're talking about is "'you need to accept guilt for anything that we say that you need to accept guilt for,' even if you're not guilty; 'you need to shut up, and you just need to go along with and comply with our point of view,'" Higgins pointed out. "Which is extremely unhealthy."


Rep. Boebert Introduces House Bill to Stop US Funding of WHO

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) has introduced new legislation aimed at preventing U.S. taxpayers' money from being funneled to the World Health Organization (WHO).


The SolarWinds Hack, The Takeover Of The US & The Final Stage Of The War On You

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (1/22/21).


Biden's Mask-Wearing Mandate - Global Research

Noted neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock explained the following about their use:

"As for the scientific support for the use of face masks, a recent careful examination of the literature, in which 17 of the best studies were analyzed, concluded that:"

"None of the studies established a conclusive relationship between mask/respirator use and protection against influenza infection."

"(N)o studies have been done to demonstrate that either a cloth mask or the N95 mask has any effect on transmission of the COVID-19 virus."

"Any recommendations, therefore, have to be based on studies of influenza virus transmission."

"The fact is, there is no conclusive evidence of their efficiency in controlling flu virus transmission."

Dr. Jim Meehan cited the following reasons why face masks aren't needed and don't work:

"Masks are ineffective, unnecessary and harmful," noting peer-reviewed data. The don't protect as falsely claimed.

"Risks outweigh the benefits."

"Your CO2 inhalation is increased to dangerous levels."

"Viral particles move through face masks with relative ease."

"Your mask is a petri dish experiment" by permitting viral spores to penetrate, concentrate in nasal passages, "enter the olfactory nerves and travel to the brain."

"Asymptomatic transmission of (covid…aka seasonal flu) does not occur to any significant level."

Studies showed that "masked subjects were infected at the same rate as unmasked subjects."

"You can take vitamin D," C, and zinc for protection.



Elizabeth Brehm, part of ICAN's legal team, joins Del for an update on yet another win, a statewide influenza vaccine mandate that was withdrawn after being served with a lawsuit from our lawyers. Winning!


The Illusion of Democracy: Government by the Rich for the Even Richer - Global Research

Many laws are heavily influenced by big companies. (This was discussed in the previous post on lobbying). Some laws are even written by corporate lawyers. As one commentator wrote about the US:

"Monsanto writes agricultural and food policy; ExxonMobil writes energy and foreign policy and Goldman Sachs writes financial policy for the federal government."


Interview 1613 – Catherine Austin Fitts on The State of Our Currencies : The Corbett Report

With the global technocrats taking the world through the "Going Direct" Reset into the abyss of the End of Currency and the ultimate transhuman slave state, things could not be more dire. But, as Catherine Austin Fitts of tells us, there are options on the table for taking things in a completely different direction and unlocking the incredible abundance of the planet. The choice is our, but for how long? Don't miss this important, solutions-focused discussion on The State of Our Currencies.


House Bill 1648: "Bigfoot Hunting Season" Filed with the House, January 2021 - The Black Vault

Humphrey said he doesn't want people to actually kill Bigfoot, so he will be working with the state wildlife and tourism departments to craft final language for his bill that specifies only the trapping of Bigfoot. He also hopes to secure at least $25,000 that can be used as a bounty for the first person to trap the creature.


Raising our Japanese timber frame, no machines, just one mans hands, ASMR - YouTube


Exploring the Abandoned Hotel Atlantis - 20 Years of Decay! - YouTube


News Bytes - bacterial pneumonias on the rise from masks // Biden's blunders, day 1 // Twitter OK with kiddy porn - 22-Jan-2021

Medical Doctor Warns that "Bacterial Pneumonias Are on the Rise" from Mask Wearing - Global Research

At a press conference, optometrist Robert Zoellner said:

"…the fear factor has got to step back. This idea that I don't want to give you something that I don't even know that I have is almost at the point of ridiculous. Let's use some common sense."

Dr. James Meehan, MD followed by warning that mask wearing has "well-known risks that have been well-studied and they're not being discussed in the risk analysis.

"I'm seeing patients that have facial rashes, fungal infections, bacterial infections. Reports coming from my colleagues, all over the world, are suggesting that the bacterial pneumonias are on the rise.

"Why might that be? Because untrained members of the public are wearing medical masks, repeatedly… in a non-sterile fashion… They're becoming contaminated. They're pulling them off of their car seat, off the rearview mirror, out of their pocket, from their countertop, and they're reapplying a mask that should be worn fresh and sterile every single time."

Dr. Meehan adds:

"New research is showing that cloth masks may be increasing the aerosolization of the SARS-COV-2 virus into the environment causing an increased transmission of the disease…"

In conclusion, Dr. Meehan states:

"In February and March we were told not to wear masks. What changed? The science didn't change. The politics did. This is about compliance. It's not about science… Our opposition is using low-level retrospective observational studies that should not be the basis for making a medical decision of this nature."


Biden Administration Took Several Big Steps in Wrong Direction on First Day: McConnell

"The president re-entered the failed Paris climate agreement—a terrible bargain that would set us up to self-inflict major economic pain on working American families with no assurance that China or Russia would honor their commitments. In fact, the U.S. has already been reducing carbon emissions while China and other nations in the agreement have kept increasing theirs. Rejoining will just set us up to kill American jobs while our competitors continue to roar on by," McConnell said on the Senate floor in Washington.

"The President also unilaterally cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline. The day-one priority was to kill thousands of American jobs including union jobs, disappoint our strong ally Canada, and reverse some of our progress toward energy security. This is a project that the liberal Canadian government and Prime Minister Trudeau support. An investment in North American energy. Even the Obama State Department concluded it would not harm the climate. But because canceling a pipeline project just feels like the green thing to do, the new administration killed these jobs."


Twitter sued for allegedly refusing to remove child porn

Twitter refused to take down widely shared pornographic images and videos of a teenage sex trafficking victim because an investigation "didn't find a violation" of the company's "policies," a scathing lawsuit alleges.

The federal suit, filed Wednesday by the victim and his mother in the Northern District of California, alleges Twitter made money off the clips, which showed a 13-year-old engaged in sex acts and are a form of child sexual abuse material, or child porn, the suit states.


WHO Finally Admits COVID-19 PCR Test Has a 'Problem' • Children's Health Defense

In an "inauguration" of its own while Joe Biden was being sworn into office, the World Health Organization (WHO) initiated new rules regarding the PCR assays used for testing for COVID-19.

Even though they've been widely used across the U.S. and around the world to determine who has a positive case of COVID, PCR assays are not designed to be used as diagnostic tools, as they can't distinguish between inactive viruses and "live" or reproductive ones.

Besides that, previously, the WHO had recommended 45 "amplification" cycles of the test to determine whether someone was positive for COVID or not.

The thing is, the more cycles that a test goes through, the more likely that a false positive will come up — anything over 30 cycles actually magnifies the samples so much that even insignificant sequences of viral DNA end up being magnified to the point that the test reads positive even if your viral load is extremely low or the virus is inactive and poses no threat to you or anyone else.


On His First Day in Office JoeBama Destroyed Women's Collegiate Sports Allowing Biologically-male Athletes to Compete - The Last Refuge

On day 1, Joe Biden has unilaterally eviscerated women's competitive sports. According to the executive order any educational institution that receives federal funding must allow biologically-male athletes to compete individually, on teams, and reward scholarships.

Yes, that means U.S. Women's soccer will now be played by men.


Foreman laid off after quizzing COVID test? Ironworkers' union says Joe was "not fired, Joe quit!" - YouTube

Ironworkers Local 721 union employee Joe MacDonald, foreman at Ontario Power Generation's Darlington Nuclear Centre, has been laid off, after questioning the forced COVID testing of asymptomatic employees.


YouTube Deletes Portion of 'Dislikes' From Biden Videos, Says It's Spam

YouTube deleted what appears to be thousands of "dislikes" from videos on the official channel of President Joe Biden's White House. The company said it's a part of its regular efforts to remove engagement it considers inauthentic.

People on the platform noticed that dislikes have been disappearing by the thousands from several White House videos and started posting before-and-after screenshots on social media shortly after the incoming administration took over the channel and published its first videos.

The screenshots indicate a total of at least 16,000 dislikes were removed from at least three videos. Even after the adjustments, the five videos on the channel had about 14,000 likes combined versus nearly 60,000 dislikes as of 3:30 p.m. on Jan. 21.


JoeBama Wants Return to Dependency on Mid-East Oil, Plans on Sending More Troops to Trade Blood for Oil - The Last Refuge

Despite the majority of American's being happy about the U.S. energy independence created by President Trump, it is adverse to the interests of Wall Street and Big Government to lose justification for U.S. troops in the middle-east.


US backs al-Qaeda in Yemen while dubbing its Houthi enemies 'terrorists' | The Grayzone

The United States government has designated the main enemy of al-Qaeda in Yemen, the Houthi movement, as a terrorist organization, after spending years backing al-Qaeda in the country.

Like the US-led wars on Syria, Libya, former Yugoslavia, and 1980s Afghanistan, Yemen represents an example of an armed conflict where Washington has supported al-Qaeda and similar Salafi-jihadist extremists in order to foment regime change and extend its hegemony.

Since March 2015, the United States has helped oversee a catastrophic war on Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, aiding Saudi Arabia as it launched tens of thousands of air strikes on its southern neighbor, bombing the impoverished nation into rubble — and unleashing the largest humanitarian crisis on Earth.


Experts Warn of 'Devastating' Economic Impact of Rejoining Paris Climate Accord

Rejoining the Paris climate agreement as it stands now will have devastating economic consequences for the United States, with little actual environmental benefit, according to experts.


Here We Go - 10 Executive Orders To Federally Weaponize COVID Against Us - The Last Refuge

One of the bigger issues never fully grasped by many Americans was President Donald Trump's restraint in relation to the power of the federal government under the guise of COVID-19 action. No president in our lifetime was ever more reluctant to weaponize the opportunity to expand government; Donald Trump stood the gap.

CTH warned since last summer of the ramifications if a leftist group used COVID-19 to expand federal power over peoples lives and livelihoods. Today, JoeBama's team has unleashed a series of TEN EXECUTIVE ORDERS fully weaponizing the opportunity.


Yet Another Study Shows—Yet Again—That Lockdowns Don't Work | Mises Wire

Although advocates for covid-19 lockdowns continue to insist that they save lives, actual experience keeps suggesting otherwise.

On a national level, just eyeballing the data makes this clear. Countries that have implemented harsh lockdowns shouldn't expect to have comparatively lower numbers of covid-19 deaths per million.

In Italy and the United Kingdom, for example, where lockdowns have been repeatedly imposed, death totals per million remain among the worst in the world. Meanwhile, in the United States, states with with the most harsh lockdown rules—such as New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are among the states with the worst total deaths.

Lockdown advocates, of course, are likely to argue if researchers control for a variety of other variables, then we're sure to see that lockdowns have saved millions of lives. Yet research keeps showing us this simply isn't the case.

The latest study to show the weakness of the prolockdown position appeared this month in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation, authored by Eran Bendavid, Christopher Oh, Jay Bhattacharya, and John P.A. Ioannidis.


Experts Warn Civil Rights Fallout from COVID Could be Far Worse Than the Pandemic Itself

The very first executive order Joe Biden signed upon becoming the forty-sixth President of the United States was the national mask mandate he promised at the Democratic National Convention back in August. The order makes face coverings and social distancing mandatory on all federal property and a legal requisite for interstate commerce. The move signals a clear intent on the part of his administration to double down on the "authoritarian" emergency measures – as described in a recent paper from Oxford University – implemented in the wake of the pandemic crisis and sets the stage for what may be the greatest threat to human rights and civil liberties the world has ever known.

Under the cover of a public health emergency, governments around the globe have imposed a litany of authoritarian measures to curb freedom of movement, assembly, and association. The implications have not been lost on most of us and pockets of resistance have sprung up in various cities and towns across America and the world. Even academia has now begun to examine the risks these measures pose to the rights enshrined in international treaties like the American Convention on Human Rights or Pact of San Jose, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), and the Arab Charter on Human Rights among others.

A study published in Oxford University's Journal of Law and Biosciences explores how these restrictions are leading the world down a path of totalitarian rule, that threatens to eviscerate decades of hard-won social progress through the expansion of surveillance and the "excessive and disproportionate" application of emergency measures across different countries.


Biden Releases National COVID-19 Strategy, Will Require Overseas Travelers Test Negative

President Joe Biden on Thursday released a national COVID-19 strategy and signed more executive orders, including one requiring people traveling to the United States to test negative before departure.

Biden's strategy includes working to get Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, increasing the number of tests, requiring masks in more places, reopening schools, rejoining the World Health Organization, and utilizing the Defense Production Act to manufacture vaccines, tests, and personal protective equipment.



ICAN'S legal team celebrates yet another historic win, this time against the Center for Disease Control, after releasing an official demand to remove dangerously false information from their website concerning vaccine safety.


Dems Want A "War on 'Domestic' Terror"; Plus to "De-program" Trump Supporters - YouTube

Now that the Neo-Liberal order has taken control of all branches of the Federal Government, media, big tech and academia, the new push for is a "war on domestic terror". Plus, there is now talk of "deprogramming" Trump supporters. I speak with Gad Saad, author of "The Parasitic Mind" about how to overcome this. Saad explains that 10's of millions of Americans must now channel their "inner honey badger."


Another Mega Group Spy Scandal? Samanage, Sabotage, and the SolarWinds Hack

The devastating hack on SolarWinds was quickly pinned on Russia by US intelligence. A more likely culprit, Samanage, a company whose software was integrated into SolarWinds' software just as the "back door" was inserted, is deeply tied to Israeli intelligence and intelligence-linked families such as the Maxwells.


Protest Organizer Charged in Multiple Attacks After Allegedly Beating Men With Metal Rod

News Bytes - bacterial pneumonias on the rise from masks // Biden's blunders, day 1 // Twitter OK with kiddy porn - 22-Jan-2021

Tatiana Rita Turner, a Black Lives Matter supporter and protest organizer from Long Beach, has now been charged with 13 felonies for the two attacks, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office. The DA announced the latest charges, involving an August protest in Seal Beach, on Jan. 20.


1776 Commission Chairman: The Founding Principles Offer the Only Hope of National Unity

The 1776 Commission's first and last report, despite being banished by the Biden administration, will endure because it upholds the founding principles of the United States, the advisory commission's chairman said.

The 1776 Commission, appointed by President Donald Trump for two years, was tasked with producing a report on the nation's founding principles while providing guidance on how the federal government could promote those principles in public education. It is commonly seen as a counter to The New York Times' 1619 Project, which is has been pushed by educators who teach the American story as one that's based upon racial oppression.

In one of his first actions as president, Joe Biden dissolved the 1776 Commission and tossed what's known as the 1776 Report, just two days after its publication. The Biden Administration claimed in a press release Wednesday that the commission "has sought to erase America's history of racial injustice."


Why Joe Biden Will Be the Greatest American President Ever! (If You Believe the Media) - American Thinker

Next was the accusation that he abused his power by asking the President of the Ukraine if they were investigating the Bidens' part in threatening to withhold a billion dollars in aid, unless he fired the prosecutor investigating the company that was paying his son, Hunter, over a million dollars a year, fired. Biden was on video boasting about it at a NSC conference:

"I'm leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money.' Well, son of a bitch. [Laughter.] He got fired."

A light bulb should have gone off. There it was, on video for all the media and America to see – but they saw nothing.


Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Biden by GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

The articles of impeachment concern Biden's alleged actions involving a "quid pro quo" deal in Ukraine and alleged abuse of power "by allowing his son, Hunter Biden, to siphon off cash from America's greatest enemies Russia and China," Greene's office announced in a statement just a day after Biden was sworn in as the 46th U.S. president.


empire babies everywhere (@influensopher): "On August 3rd 1993 producer Bill Bean recorded scouting reels..." | nitter

On August 3rd 1993 producer Bill Bean recorded scouting reels at Army Camp Grafton, ND. Years later he discovered he had recorded who he thought was one OKC bomber, Timmothy McVeigh. The twist: Beans believes to have filmed the McV on base 1.5 years after his official discharge.

12bytes says: For more about McVeigh and the OKC bombing, see Episode 305 – The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh by James Corbett.


Decentralization Urgent as Big Tech Condemns Free Speech -

In recent days and weeks, we've seen an unprecedented wave of censorship sweep across the internet. The only solution will be decentralized platforms that virtually eliminate censorship


My Wife & I Clear the New Off Grid Log Cabin Site | Workshop Build - YouTube


News Bytes - a coup in 2 pictures // vaccine bananas // Antifa still not happy - 21-Jan-2021

News Bytes - a coup in 2 pictures // vaccine bananas // Antifa still not happy - 21-Jan-2021

The US Coup: A tale in two pictures – OffGuardian

Today we just have a brief thought experiment for you to consider.

For starters, forget what you think about Donald Trump.

Instead, imagine an election in Russia – for example – where a graph of the winner's votes looked like this:

News Bytes - a coup in 2 pictures // vaccine bananas // Antifa still not happy - 21-Jan-2021

…and then there was an inauguration ceremony, where the streets of Moscow looked like this:

News Bytes - a coup in 2 pictures // vaccine bananas // Antifa still not happy - 21-Jan-2021

What would you think was going on in Russia?


Biden spotted maskless on federal property hours after signing mandate | Fox News

President Biden faced criticism for removing his face mask while visiting the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday night hours after signing an executive order requiring masks on federal property to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


SHOCKING! GMO "Vaccine Bananas" Will Vaccinate People | Organic Hawaii

GMO vaccine bananas are being developed as part of a relatively new field of biotechnology called Molecular Pharming. Molecular Pharming is basically growing GMO crops for production of pharmaceutical ingredients, including consumable vaccines, such as the genetically modified vaccine banana, vaccine tomato, and vaccine potato.


Fauci Now Says COVID-19 Vaccine May Become Mandatory - Global Research

In a January 1, 2021, Newsweek interview,1 Dr. Anthony Fauci said he was "sure" some institutions and businesses will require employees to be vaccinated, and that it's "quite possible" the vaccine will be required for overseas travel.


Vaccine Passports Adopted By A Barrage Of New Countries And Airlines

Countries and global corporations will drive herds of people to get vaccinated in order to travel, enter government buildings, participate in commerce, get discounts at participating retailers and wholesalers, etc. This is tantamount to extortion and will force many people to take vaccines against their own will.


Nearly Half of All Health Care Workers At Chicago's Loretto Hospital Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine – Collective Evolution

Earlier this month Dr. Nikhila Juvvadi, the chief clinical officer at Chicago's Loretto Hospital, said that a survey was administered there to healthcare workers in December regarding who would get the COVID-19 vaccine and who wouldn't. The survey found that 40 percent of the hospital staff said they would not get vaccinated and 60 percent said they would.


Why Hardly Anyone Trusts The Virus Experts -

Early in the pandemic, "trust the science!" could actually be used in a debate without attracting derisive laughter. But as the flip-flops, mistakes and, yes, lies have accumulated, a consensus seems to be forming that the health care authorities are no more trustworthy than the people running Congress or the Fed.


Greenwald Warns: A New Domestic War On Terror Is Coming

The focus on the 9/11 war on terror was radical Islamic militants. The 1/6 war on terror pivots internally to declare conservative Americans as domestic terrorists. Will the current Administration refocus the Intelligence and military communities against American citizens? There are already a chorus of calls to do just that.


WATCH: Antifa Blocks Streets, Sets Fire in Seattle Inauguration Day Protest

Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters joined forces in Seattle to block traffic in the downtown area. A video shows the protesters setting a large fire in close proximity to several commuter buses.


Another 900,000 Americans Filed for Unemployment as Labor Market Recovery Freeze Continues

The Labor Department stated in a Jan. 21 report (pdf) that the number of people who filed initial state benefit claims fell last week by 26,000 from from the previous week's revised level of 926,000. Economists polled by Reuters predicted the jobless claims number would come in at 910,000.


That $2.6 trillion stimulus was one heck of a holiday bonus to defense contractors – Responsible Statecraft

The dysfunctional budgeting process was on full display during the last week of 2020 when lawmakers crammed through a $740 billion defense funding deal as part of a massive $2.3 trillion spending bonanza. This included $696 billion for the Pentagon, and the rest for non-DoD spending like the nation's nuclear weapons program under the Department of Energy. Members of Congress didn't have all that much time to speed read through the bill's more than 5,500 pages, allowing special interests to insert massive giveaways to the military-industrial complex. One government watchdog called the overstuffed stimulus package "a sweetheart deal for defense contractors."


Study: Weekly Use of Disinfectants Greatly Increases Your Risk of Fatal Lung Disease – Collective Evolution

A 30-year study conducted by Harvard researchers and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research found that people who use disinfectants once a week have a 22-32% increased chance of developing lung disease.


Insurrection, Inauguration, the Q Psyop and Vaccination