Morning News Bytes – 28-Jul-2019

Barry Krischer: The Democrat Prosecutor Who Let Jeffrey Epstein Get Away » Sons of Liberty Media

As Chief Prosecutor, Krischer had made his reputation with a zero-tolerance policy of prosecuting juveniles as adults. But after Epstein had abused underage girls, Krischer, according to the detective on the case, ignored police efforts to charge him with four counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and instead the billionaire abuser was indicted only on a minor charge of solicitation of prostitution.

Interviews with over a dozen girls and witnesses were ignored.

How to Debunk Transgender Madness in 2 Minutes – LEEKWire – Uncensored Video Host

Terrorists train in the US woods – LEEKWire – Uncensored Video Host

Israeli daytime television (Christians will be SHOCKED) – LEEKWire – Uncensored Video Host

Morning News Bytes – 27-Jul-2019

US Blocks UN Vote Condemning Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Homes – 21st Century Wire

NEW YORK – On Wednesday, the United States blocked a tripartite effort by Kuwait, Indonesia and South Africa to draft a resolution in the United Nations Security Council condemning Israel's illegal demolition of Palestinian homes near Jerusalem.

U.S. Congress Bipartisan Vote For Pentagon To Be Investigated For Using Insects as a Biological Weapon

In a real-life X-Files episode, United States House members are reportedly concerned in a bipartisan vote that the Pentagon may have unleashed biological weapons or entomological warfare in the form of ticks or other insects that caused the spread of Lyme disease.

"Unprecedented, Wasteful, and Obscene": House Approves $1.48 Trillion Pentagon Budget

In a bipartisan deal that one anti-war critic said demonstrates how thoroughly "broken and captured Washington is by the Pentagon," 219 House Democrats and 65 Republicans on Thursday voted to approve a budget agreement that includes $1.48 trillion in military spending over the next two years.

12bytes says: To those who think there is a fundamental difference between the republites and the democrites, please tell me again what it is? TIA.

Epstein's 'Lolita Express' pilots subpoenaed to corroborate new sex trafficking & pedophilia claims — RT USA News

The pilots who flew millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, his alleged young victims, and a bevy of celebrities around the world in his private aircraft – including the infamous Lolita Express – have been summoned to court.

The Dam Breaks: Merck Insider Spills Bad Science Secrets – The Highwire

"I just assumed the work had been done…It's not just safety studies. Efficacy studies…are weak in many cases." Jorge Araujo, Former Merck Lead Supervisor, Vaccine Sterile Quality Operations Division

The Terrible Truth About Robert Mueller – Diana West and Stefan Molyneux – Invidious

Diana West joins Stefan Molyneux to unravel the dark roots of the Mueller Investigation – and why the Republicans refuse to address them!

Siri 'regularly' records sex encounters, sends 'countless' private moments to Apple contractors — RT World News

Recordings from Apple's Siri voice assistant are fed to human contractors around the world, who grade the AI based on the quality of its response and whether its activation was deliberate, according to an anonymous contractor who spoke to the Guardian. They claimed accidental activations are much more frequent than Apple lets on, especially with Apple Watch users – and wants the company to own up to the problem.

Free film called 'Take Back Your Power' on EMFs, smart meters, 5G and more

Installing a Metal Roof on an Off Grid Log Cabin Alone | Alaska Update – Invidious

Morning News Bytes – 26-Jul-2019

'Obliteration' – Trump Threatens Iran With Nuclear Strike – Invidious

President Trump has threatened to "obliterate" parts of Iran if "anything American" is attacked by the country. This, combined with "all options on the table" clearly suggests the use of nuclear weapons. In an article in today's American Conservative, former US Marine and nuclear weapons inspector Scott Ritter shows how last year's US Nuclear Posture Review outlines scenarios that make this nightmare a possibility.

Alleging Censorship and Condemning Outsized Power, Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google for 'Threat to Free Speech, Fair Elections, and Democracy' | Common Dreams News

Gabbard says that for about six hours after the first Democratic presidential debate on June 27, Google suspended her campaign's ad account without warning, making it impossible for the campaign to advertise during a spike in internet searches related to the Hawaii Democrat.

Isolationism vs being a force for good through global leadershi – Invidious

UPDATE: Google Engineer Who Went Public Placed on Administrative Leave – Project Veritas

Greg Coppola, the senior Google engineer who spoke to Project Veritas in an on-the-record interview about alleged bias in Google News and Google Search, has been placed on administrative leave, Project Veritas has learned.

Meet Dr. Google – Invidious

Doctor/Cancer Researcher Shares A Very Heartfelt & Authentic Video About Glyphosate – Collective Evolution

Why are there no awareness campaigns regarding the pesticides sprayed on our foods? What about electromagnetic radiation bombardment? What about cosmetics and all of our household items like chemical cleaners that have clear links to cancer and several other diseases?

What about Glyphosate? It's the main active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide. It's a substance that has clear links to cancer and is poisonous, but for years it's been approved by our federal health regulatory agencies, similar to how DDT was back in the day.

Ben Swann ON: Why Iran Legalized Cryptocurrency – Invidious

The Iranian Chamber of Commerce has approved crypto mining and now the government is looking for ways to regulate the industry. Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins In Question to break this all down.

Pentagon Wants 16-year Old Kids to Fight the Empire's Wars

The Pentagon is desperate. Far too many millennials are criminals, so luring them in to become the latest crop of bullet stoppers for the state is a nonstarter.

Two dozen US Marines arrested & questioned in human smuggling, drugs probe at California border base — RT USA News

The Marines were arrested on suspicion of "various illegal activities ranging from human smuggling to drug-related offenses" at Camp Pendleton, the Marines' largest West Coast base located just 55 miles from the border with Mexico, on Thursday. Eight others were questioned concerning their involvement in "alleged drug offenses related to today's arrests," according to a Marine press release.

Pentagon May Have To Explain Their 1,000 Bases – Invidious

No Accountability in Washington. The CIA Wants to Hide All Its Employees – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Government that actually serves the interests of the people who are governed has two essential characteristics: first, it must be transparent in terms of how it debates and develops policies and second, it has to be accountable when it fails in its mandate and ceases to be responsive to the needs of the electorate.

Meet The Former Epstein 'Sex Slave' Who Helped Recruit Underage Girls For The 'Lolita Express' | Zero Hedge

While anybody even remotely familiar with the Epstein story knows that his actions were irredeemably heinous, there are other characters in Epstein's orbit – characters who may have participated in what appears to be a global sex-trafficking ring – who are more complicated.

Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump's Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era

Starting first with mob-linked liquor baron Lewis Rosenstiel and later with Roy Cohn, Rosenstiel's protege and future mentor to Donald Trump, Epstein's is just one of the many sexual blackmail operations involving children that are all tied to the same network, which includes elements of organized crime, powerful Washington politicians, lobbyists and "fixers," and clear links to intelligence as well as the FBI.

The Epstein Case Is A Rare Opportunity To Focus "On The Depraved Nature Of America's Elite"

We currently find ourselves at a unique inflection point in American history. Though I agree with Charles Hugh Smith's assessment that "Our Ruling Elites Have No Idea How Much We Want to See Them All in Prison Jumpsuits," we have yet to reach the point where the general public is prepared to do something about it.


The Highwire's 'Ex-Vax Files' Series Premiere. This former Bexar County, TX, District Attorney and his wife followed the CDC's recommendations, listened to their pediatrician and, when tragedy struck, went from "pro-vaxxers" to "ex-vaxxers."

Cannabis Can Relieve Pain 30 Times Better Than Aspirin: New Study

Medical marijuana is fast gaining credibility as a valid pain relief treatment, with data from various studies attesting to the medical and health benefits of cannabis as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

My name is Rachel, and Israel thinks I'm a security threat

I want to tell my story not because I want to get into Israel. In fact, I know that after I tell it, I probably never will.

I want to tell my story because if this is what the Israeli government is doing to a 21-year-old American Jew doing research, what do you think they are doing to someone whose skin isn't as white as mine?

Trees Communicate With One Another Through The "Underground Web"

For decades, scientists have known that trees communicate with one another through a network of underground fungi, which even allows them to trade nutrients back and forth.

Mandatory Holocaust Education in Oregon Schools

Gov. Kate Brown signed into law a bill that would mandate teaching about the Holocaust in Oregon schools.

"It has become impossible to explain to people fed fantastic tales for decades that what they have read or heard on television just does not correspond to the truth." — Leon DeGrelle, in The Enigma of Hitler, p. 3 (source)

"If the Holocaust that you talk about was real, why don't you allow the subject to be studied? One can freely research any issue, except for this issue, which is sealed. It is a black box, which they do not allow to be opened or reexamined." — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former president of Iran, in a speech which aired on IRINN, Sep. 18, 2009 (source)

"Jewish huckstering is most obviously apparent in its frenzied compulsion to uphold the "holocaust" myth, whose exposure would not only refute the Jews' claim to Palestine and to endless financial reparations and atonement for harm not done to them, it would also deliver Jews and their minions to the fury of a world deceived and victimized for centuries by their lies and conspiracies." — Gerard Menuhin in Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin, Oct. 2015, p. 456 (source)

"When they asked me, couldn't you give money out of the United Jewish Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe, I said, 'NO!' and I say again 'NO!' … one should resist this wave which pushes the Zionist activities to secondary importance." — Yitzhak Greenbaum, Chairman of the Rescue Committee of the Jewish Agency, addressing the Zionist Executive Council in Tel Aviv, Feb. 18, 1943 (source)

"Also, I saw no gas chambers, nor even heard of them until after my release." — Esther Grassman, prisoner of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, quoted from the 26-Oct-1979 edition of Hutchinson News (Kansas) (source)

"I was in the big concentration camps in Germany. I must truthfully state that in no camp have I ever seen anything that might have resembled gas chambers." — Dr. Benedikt Kautsky, Austrian Social Democrat and Jewish prisoner of various concentration camps from 1938-1945, including three years in Auschwitz, quoted in Auschwitz — A Personal Account, p. 4 (source)

"The only thing we know about Hitler is that he killed six million Jews which never existed in gas chambers which nobody ever saw." — Dr. Roger Dommergue, Jewish professor, philosopher, essayist and revisionist, during an interview conducted by Ernst Zündel (source)

Morning News Bytes – 25-Jul-2019

Epstein Map #2 the Bear Sterns SIV Bailout

Why did JPMorgan corporate officer James E Staley meet in person with Jeff Epstein at his Palm beach Property while Epstein was supposed to be in jail? Was it to facilitate the re-emergence of Liquid Fund Ltd or was it just to go play with children, perhaps both.

Jeffrey Epstein found 'injured & semiconscious' with suspicious marks on neck in jail cell — RT USA News

Millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has been found "injured and in a fetal position" in his New York jail cell with marks around his neck, leading to speculation that he'd been attacked or injured himself to get transferred.

Satellites show 740 square kilometers of Brazil rainforest cleared in 30 days

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil increased in May to the fastest rate in ten years, according to reports from an early-warning satellite system. Experts say that illegal logging activity has been encouraged by the easing of environmental protections by President Jair Bolsonaro.

Bear sneaks into Colorado marijuana dispensary, steals trash can – Invidious

Evening News Bytes – 24-Jul-2019

Ben Swann ON: Investigation Now Underway Over Epstein's 2013 "Work Arrest" – Invidious

LEAKED PAPER: EU Online Crackdown Even WORSE Than We Thought

Writer and journalist Glyn Moody joins us today to discuss his recent TechDirt article, "EU Looking To Regulate Everything Online, And To Make Sites Proactively Remove Material." We discuss the recently-passed EU copyright directive, including the imposition of upload filters, and the recently-leaked working paper on the EU Digital Services Act. We also remember some of the successes that protesters have had in the wake of internet-killing copyright legislation in the past.

End Forever War? Divest Zionism

The AIPAC servitors in Congress believe the ability to confront Israel's apartheid must be criminalized, even at the expense of the Constitution they supposedly swore an oath to uphold (and this has been a joke for some time).

Wikipedia is Ruled by Skeptics with Biased Agendas: Wrong on 90% of Medical Advice

You may think Wikipedia — originally funded with revenue from soft-core pornography1 — is the best thing since Cliff Notes, with quick and easy access to all the facts and news you ever needed to know. Some believe Wikipedia is even better than Encyclopedia Britannica; indeed, Wikipedia's founders intended it to be a replacement for it. But is Wikipedia really a trustworthy source?

Current Sr. Google Engineer Goes Public on Camera: Tech is "dangerous," "taking sides" – Project Veritas

(New York City) Project Veritas has published an on-the-record interview with an insider who works at Google named Greg Coppola. This video interview follows a series of insider Google reports, including internal Google documents, recently published by Project Veritas which exposed political bias, "algorithmic unfairness," and the use of "blacklists" at YouTube.

'Microdosers' of LSD and Magic Mushrooms are Wiser and More Creative

Specifically, we found that microdosers scored higher on measures of wisdom, open-mindedness and creativity.

Microdosers also scored lower on measures of dysfunctional attitudesand negative emotionality, which is very promising.