News Bytes - sick masks, isolation camps, Antifa hungers - 21-Oct-2020

Medical doctor warns that "bacterial pneumonias are on the rise" from mask wearing –

"A group is suing Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum and Tulsa Health Department Executive Director Bruce Dart, saying the city's mask mandate is harmful to healthy people," reports Activist Post. The group includes business owners and two doctors who "are asking the city to immediately repeal the mask mandate which was passed by city council last month."

At a press conference, optometrist Robert Zoellner said: "…the fear factor has got to step back. This idea that I don't want to give you something that I don't even know that I have is almost at the point of ridiculous. Let's use some common sense."

German Neurologist On Face Masks: 'Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage'

The delusional madness of forcing children to wear face masks blatantly ignores expert warnings: "The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function. We don't need a clinical study for that. This is simple, indisputable physiology."

This well-known German neurologist and neurophysiologist, Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson, warns of a tsunami of dementia years down the road because of oxygen deprivation from wearing masks today. Are you willing to risk your brain to scientifically unfounded, politically-motivated mandates.

Canadian Politician's Microphone is Turned Off When He Asks about Canada's 'Isolation Camps'

Randy Hillier, an Independent member of Provincial Parliament, revealed Canada's plan to build COVID 'isolation camps, and now Canada's mainstream media is accusing him of disinformation and posting "completely false conspiracy theories." Hillier's microphone was turned off when he started asking tough questions. He revealed that the 'isolation camps' are not limited only to people with COVID-19, and he asked who else the government plans to detain. That's when his voice was silenced.

The Request for Information service provider document informs that Public Health Agency Canada is currently managing 11 designated quarantine sites across Canada, that quarantines will last for 14 days, and that guards will enforce the quarantines "24 x 7".

Rothschild filed COVID-19 test patent in 2015 ahead of outbreak, millions of test kits sold in advance

The Rockefeller Foundation in conjunction with the World Bank Group and lineage of the Rothschild Family bloodline have orchestrated, rolled out, and are currently conducting a worldwide live-action COVID-19 pandemic exercise which has subsequently lead to the announcement of so-called solutions which have thus resulted in newly formed public health crisis bureaucracies designed to further restrict human contact, human interaction, and human movement not to mention the invasion of one's privacy through required and in some cases forced testing procedures and it's all documented.

Not only did The Rockefeller Foundation document their plan to take over world governments and their populations through a pandemic scenario dubbed "Lockstep," as Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas reported in 2014, they telecast it in a white paper titled Scenarios for International Technology and Future Development — but it gets worse.

New Hampshire: Trump Supporters Receive Letters Threatening to Burn Down Their Homes

Trump supporters in Milford and Brookline, New Hampshire, received letters threatening to burn down their homes if Trump refuses to concede the election, writing, "Your address has been added into our database as a target for when we attack should Trump not concede the election." The homeowners who received the threatening letters displayed Trump 2020 signs on their yards.

Trump Administration Is Paying Big Pharma Billions in Rush for Vaccine - Global Research

Desperate to distract the national discourse from his criminal mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump is promising that a vaccine will be available before Election Day. His vaccine campaign is named "Operation Warp Speed" and there is a real danger that its speed will warp the results. Ironically, the Trump administration is comparing this effort to the Manhattan Project, the highly secret government program to develop the first atomic bomb. "This isn't a secret government weapon we're trying to keep from an enemy," said David Mitchell, founder of Patients for Affordable Drugs. "The enemy is the virus. This is actually a rescue mission to save Americans and humanity from the virus."

Occult Ritual in Boston as Antifa Member Eats a Heart

Boston: Video shows an Antifa group gathered in the middle of a street yelling and shrieking as a member reportedly sucked the blood out of a heart meant to symbolize that of President Trump. Others in the group chanted and praised the god of chaos during the display, indicating that the left is involved in the occult.

The Coronavirus War On Children - YouTube

NPR is reporting on several new studies concluding that schools are not nearly as dangerous for either students or teachers regarding coronavirus and also that the death rate from the virus is plunging. This is NPR - the mainstream media. So why does the war on children continue? Also in today's program: "excess deaths" - who are they? A return to lockdown in the US. And more Republican saber rattling toward China.

Google Meddling With URLs In Emails, Causing Security Concerns | Hackaday

For a subset of users, it appears Google is modifying URLs in the body of emails to instead go through their own link-checking and redirect service. This involves actually editing the body of the email before it reaches the user. This means that even those using external clients to fetch email over IMAP are affected, with no way to access the original raw email they were sent.

Defense Sectary Visits Hawkish Atlantic Council to Announce US Troop Buildup on Russia Border

The United States was supposed to be sending thousands of troops home from Germany. But Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced yesterday that they would instead be redeployed eastwards, right on the Russian border in some cases, supposedly to deter "growing Russian and Chinese threats."

IN-SHADOW (Animated Short Film by Lubomir Arsov) - YouTube

News Bytes - big tech and the "election", plandemic foreknowledge, unmasked - 21-Oct-2020

ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Google Ads Exec Boasts Company Can Censor 'Right-Wing' & Republicans - Project Veritas

Voter Fraud Caught On Camera? Poll Worker Appears to Write on Ballot – NewsWars

Footage showing a poll worker using a pen to mark a ballot has sparked claims of voter fraud.

In the livestream video, which shows poll workers in Germantown, Maryland, examining ballots, one man opens up a ballot and proceeds to look around suspiciously before appearing to use a pen to mark on the ballot.

So much for Russian disinformation: Hunter Biden's signed receipts turn up - American Thinker

Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, though, same as he did during impeachment, claims it's Russian disinformation, assuming he can go to that well more than once. His New York Times media toadies are following.

Other members of the leftist press are, with JournoList-style echo-chamber talking points, calling it a "garbage fire." See here and here.

Some leftists are claiming Photoshopping. Others are yelling partisan dirty tricks. Salon called it a "complete fabrication."

Now it's falling apart.

Signed receipts from the computer repair-shop owner where Hunter Biden abandoned his MacBook Pro have turned up, along with witnesses describing the drunken, drug-addled vice presidential son:


Facebook is censoring the communications of a United States Congressman to his constituents.

If social media can censor President @realDonaldTrump, Dr. Scott Atlas, or me, then anyone can be censored.

News Bytes - big tech and the "election", plandemic foreknowledge, unmasked - 21-Oct-2020

Response Brief Filed in Landmark Case Against FCC on 5G and Wireless Health Impacts • Children's Health Defense

CHD's case against the FCC is challenging the agency's refusal to review its 25-year-old obsolete wireless "health guidelines" and to adopt scientific, biologically-based radio frequency emissions rules that adequately protect public health.

How The EU Stopped The Pandemic (The Comic) - #PropagandaWatch

We've seen how the EU produced the dumbest propaganda video ever, but did you know they also produced the dumbest propaganda comic book ever? Well, they did! Join James for today's edition of #PropagandaWatch and read along as we thrill and chill to an exciting story of time traveling pandemic survivors and learn how the EU (and big pharma) teamed up to save the world from a deadly (fictional) virus.

Europe's Top Health Officials Say Masks Aren't Helpful in Beating COVID-19 - Foundation for Economic Education

Denmark boasts one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the world. As of August 4, the Danes have suffered 616 COVID-19 deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

That's less than one-third of the number of Danes who die from pneumonia or influenza in a given year.

Despite this success, Danish leaders recently found themselves on the defensive. The reason is that Danes aren't wearing face masks, and local authorities for the most part aren't even recommending them.

Update on the Purge - Technological Harassment

Have the wrong opinion? You will be burned to the ground. That's what is happening to an increasing number of people - our ability to buy & sell, contact our people, use the bank, use the phone, etc is not only under threat but absolutely under their tyrannical control. I talk about the insane level of technological harassment I and other have been subjected to in the past week. I must say once again that we should NOT BE AFRAID. This was expected. We fight on!

Follow the Money: Banking, Criminality and the US FinCEN Files - Global Research

It was all a fitting reminder of Bertolt Brecht's remark that bank robbery lies in the province of amateurs. The real professionals of plunder establish banks. Last month, the labours of Buzzfeed and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists revealed just that. Centre stage: international banking misbehaviour. And my, was there much to go on.

The journalists had been combing through leaks comprising 2,121 suspicious activity reports (SARs) filed with the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) between 2000 and 2017. The relevant amount in terms of transactions: somewhere in the order of $2 trillion. It was awfully good of the banks themselves to be filing such reports with the US Treasury. But such matters are mere formalities; there is no incentive for the bank in question to stop trading with a shady client, despite what is suspected in the report. The point is to merely keep an account of it.


In this episode Jake and Nicole are attempting to add another survival item to their homestead off of the grid. The item is a brick and cob wood fired Pizza oven which we will use to bake breads, pizza, desserts, as well as a dehydrate foods. We are about to finish the brick dome then insulate the brick dome with cob (a combination of clay, sand, and straw). Join us and don't miss our completion of the wood burning brick pizza oven and our celebration which will include cooking our first pizzas and breads!

News Bytes - Fauchi the idiot, Google slapped, COVID vax 'grave danger' - 20-Oct-2020

'All These Idiots...Got It Wrong!' Trump Turns Hard On Fauci - YouTube

Speaking on a conference call yesterday, President Trump made what appears to be a final and irreversible break with the "lockdown" and "facemask" policies of Anthony Fauci and the rest of the Covid "experts" who have spent the past half year or so attacking civil liberties in the name of fighting a virus. Will this last-minute attack on Fauci and all the other "idiots who got it wrong" pay dividends as the campaign winds toward the finish? Plus today: Dallas Morning News runs pro-Great Barrington Declaration op-ed: is the tide finally turning?

Dale Brown at Anarchapulco 2020 - Solutions for a Free and Safe Society - YouTube

Google Slapped With Sweeping Antitrust Case By DoJ

The Justice Department on Tuesday sued Google for antitrust violations, alleging that it abused its dominance in online search and advertising to stifle competition and harm consumers.

The lawsuit marks the government's most significant act to protect competition since its groundbreaking case against Microsoft more than 20 years ago. It could be an opening salvo ahead of other major government antitrust actions, given ongoing investigations of major tech companies including Apple, Amazon and Facebook at both the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission.

"Google is the gateway to the internet and a search advertising behemoth," U.S. Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen told reporters. "It has maintained its monopoly power through exclusionary practices that are harmful to competition."

What Are the Pharmaceutical Industry's Connections to Schools of Public Health? - Global Research

The NEJM connection to Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health prompts association with Johns Hopkin's Bloomberg School of Public Health, named after billionaire donor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg certainly invests strategically, as does businessman and fellow billionaire Bill Gates, leading WHO funder-cum-self appointed global health authority and a key figure at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Bloomberg School was one of the three hosts of Event201, the pandemic exercise that presaged the actual Covid19 Pandemic by 20 weeks. That the other two hosts of the Event201 simulation were the Gates Foundation and the WEF begs questions regarding the relationships and common interests of the three. So why aren't journalists reporting on the many connecting threads?

PRESS RELEASE: Placebo-controlled clinical study documents that Vitamin C greatly reduces mortality in patients at life-threatening stage of COVID-19: Effective, safe, and readily available way to help control the global pandemic – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

The multi-center clinical study was coordinated by the University Hospital of Wuhan, China, the site of the outbreak of the current pandemic. It included COVID-19 patients admitted to intensive care units because of the severity of the life-threatening stage of their infections. All these severely ill patients received standard medical treatment. In addition, one study group received daily doses of 24 grams of vitamin C, given intravenously, while another group received a placebo. Administration of vitamin C resulted in cutting the death rate (mortality) in about half, compared to those patients who only received the placebo.

Patients receiving vitamin C treatment also had a significantly better oxygenation of their blood, indicating that oxygen can better diffuse across the alveolar cells of the lung to saturate the red blood cells.

12bytes says: 24g of C per day is not a very large dose and receiving such a dose all at once makes it less effective. If 24g/day saved roughly half of the patients, what would have been the effect of 4g/hr. (96g/day) and why wasn't that done?

The New York Times Is Anti-White and Anti-American -

The vast majority of the New York Times's subscribers are white people. These are people who apparently are so emotionally and mentally weak and so full of guilt and self-loathing that they support a rabid anti-American propaganda organization that brands its readers "racists" and delegitimises the founding principles of the United States.

The US Defense Secretary, Espy, distracts us with the "Russian and Chinese enemies," while the worst enemy that the United States has ever had—The New York Times—carries on its deadly attack of deconstructing America.

Objective:Health - Are Face Masks Ineffective and Dangerous? -- Health & Wellness --

At this point it seems that anyone who is capable of comprehending the fact that face masks are physically incapable of protecting one from SARS-CoV-2 infection has already done so. The experts, the agencies like the WHO, the mask manufacturers themselves - all have told us as much, (even if they later backtracked on it).

Yet here we are - mask mandates in full effect through most of the world with tyrannical consequences for those who don't comply. And not only are the masks ineffective, there is growing evidence that they are actually harmful. Humanity is currently in a state where our leaders are forcing us to do harm to ourselves and our families (hardly something new) or face unreasonable consequences.

Those who are capable of independent thought recognize the situation for what it is, while those of authoritarian bent, or those who simply can't face the cognitive dissonance involved in realizing our "leaders" would do anything against our best interests, continue to comply and screech at those who don't. It's a mess of huge proportions on multiple levels.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we, yet again, delve into the topic of masks.

Kamala Harris Exposed - YouTube

The BBC Prepares Another Hit Piece on Independent Journalists

Vanessa Beeley joins the program to discuss the BBC's forthcoming hit piece on journalists like herself who dare call out the White Helmets as a foreign-founded, foreign-funded, terrorist-embedded propaganda construct. We discuss Beeley's reporting on Syria that clearly gives the lie to the White Helmets' humanitarian cover and the clear signs that the BBC is set to launch a new smear campaign against independent journalists.



With media attention focused on the #COVID19 "vaccine unicorn", several alternative therapeutics currently in trial are getting little attention. Monoclonal antibody cocktails, touted by President Trump, claim to give Covid patients a boost of synthetic antibodies to help fight against the virus. Sounds great, but is there a catch? Eli Lilly has put their late-stage trial on hold due to a safety concern, leaving the public in the dark as to why.


W.H.O.'s special envoy on #COVID19, Dr. David Nabarro, sent shockwaves across the globe after repeating the same warning from countless other medical, legal and economic professionals, including The Great Barrington Declaration, by calling for an end to the use of lockdowns as a primary way to curb a pandemic, and reminding us all of the sobering reality lockdowns bring with them.

When you tell Chrome to wipe private data about you, it spares two websites from the purge:, YouTube • The Register

Programmer Jeff Johnson noticed the unusual behavior, and this month documented the issue with screenshots. In his assessment of the situation, he noted that if you set up Chrome, on desktop at least, to automatically delete all cookies and so-called site data when you quit the browser, it deletes it all as expected – except your site data for and

Will We Be In Our HOME THIS YEAR?! - YouTube

News Bytes - censorship, dying for Israel, COVIDians not allowed - 20-Oct-2020

Jewish Organization Admits To Role Censoring Donald Trump and Conservatives On Facebook and Twitter; Promises More - National Justice

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), America's most prominent Zionist lobby, is the main culprit behind the social media censorship of Donald Trump and his supporters, according to its CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.

In an October 14th interview with the Times of Israel, Greenblatt credited a variety of ADL led groups such as "Stop Hate For Profit" and the "Real Facebook Oversight Board" for inducing the social media crackdown on Q-Anon, bans on Holocaust revisionism, and an aggressive program dedicated to "fact checking" political ads and news stories.

A recent study found that Trump ads on Facebook have been censored 65 times under the guise of "fact checking" while no Biden promotions have been tampered with.

U.S. fighting on behalf of Israel: ex- Israeli author - Tehran Times

TEHRAN – Ex- Israeli author believes that the U.S. is fighting on behalf of Israel, citing imposition of sanctions on other countries by Washington and sacrificing young American soldiers in the wars as examples.

"America is willing to sacrifice its young soldiers and national interests and even its economy for Israel," Gilad Atzmon, who was born in a Jewish family in Israel and grew up in Jerusalem al-Quds, tells the Tehran Times.

Atzmon, who now lives in Britain, also says, "Israeli pressure groups seem to believe that they are actually more powerful and certainly more important than the American constitution."

Sloppy Methodology: Social Media, Censorship and New York Post's Hunter Biden Story - Global Research

Last Wednesday, Twitter prevented users from posting links to a New York Post story. The story, claimed Twitter, was "potentially unsafe," replete with "hacked materials". Those attempting to post links to the article faced a terse message. "We can't complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful." Facebook followed suit by restricting the story's spread, placing it in the hands of third-party fact checkers.

The article in question featured Hunter Biden, making mention of an alleged email from April 2015 suggesting that he had introduced his father, Democratic presidential contender and former Vice President Joe Biden, to Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy firm. "Dear Hunter," goes this email supposedly obtained by the Post, "thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent[sic] some time together. It's realty[sic] an honor and pleasure."

Google Program Manager: Google "Trying to Play God" via "Drivers of Algorithms" In 2020 Election - Project Veritas

Sweden Is Attacked By MSM For NOT Destroying The Lives Of It's Population Because COVID

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 10/18/20.

LA Italian Restaurant Defies Newsom: No Masks, No Social Distancing, No Sanitizer, Still OPEN!

Italian Restaurant owner Tony Roman has defied Governor Newsom's edicts for 7 months now. Not only does he NOT require his customers to wear masks to enter his restaurant, he forbids anyone wearing a mask from entering his restaurant!

Governor Newsom responded by sending his "Strike Force" team to the restaurant to try to intimidate their employees by threatening to arrest them, and by threatening to remove their business and liquor license.

There's just one problem Governor Newsom encountered. Basilico's will not be intimidated, because they are not breaking any laws that can be prosecuted in a court of law!

German Microbiologist and Medical Professor Issues Serious Warnings about a COVID Vaccine

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is no nickel-dime physician. He has practiced medicine for five decades, was a post-doctoral researcher at one of the world's most prestigious research institutes, the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics, and later held the Microbiology Chair at the University of Mainz in Germany for a dozen years.

He has impeccable credentials that in our opinion outweigh many of our so-called medical experts preaching from their official soapboxes.

Dr. Bhakdi is not anti-vaccine, however he is deeply worried about the new technologies for a Covid-19 vaccine being rushed to market. One of the greatest fears being heard over the internet is that these new gene-based vaccines will recombine with our body's DNA and cause untold health problems. But this worries Bhakdi less than other far greater risks with life-long debilitating consequences.

Dr. Tom Cowan Explores the Covid Virus Invented Out of Sheer Nonsense - LewRockwell

Dr. Cowan: "[The CDC journal article] was published in June 2020 [original publication, March 2020]. The purpose of the article was for a group of about 20 virologists to describe the state of the science of the isolation, purification and biological characteristics of the new SARS-CoV-2 virus, and to share this information with other scientists for their own research. A thorough and careful reading of this important paper reveals some shocking findings."

"First, in the section titled 'Whole Genome Sequencing,' we find that rather than having isolated the virus and sequencing the genome from end to end, they found 37 base pairs from unpurified samples using PCR probes. This means they actually looked at 37 out of the approximately 30,000 of the base pairs that are claimed to be the genome of the intact virus. They then took these 37 segments and put them into a computer program, which filled in the rest of the base pairs."

In other words, the sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was done by assumption and arbitrary inference. If this is science, a penguin is a spaceship.

2nd Laptop Seized Hunter Biden

News Bytes - Ryan Dawson on Biden crime fam, vax trials making people sick, experts unmasked - 19-Oct-2020

Something Is Off

12bytes says: Ryan Dawson recorded this impromptu video in which he talks about the 'Biden crime family' and his new video documentary about the same subject which he expects to release on BitChute tomorrow. Given a remotely fair presidential election in November, it seems very clear to me that Biden will not only lose to Trump, bit lose huge. Ryan talks a bit about this and his feeling that the democrats may pull off something very big in order to save their retarded, war-mongering, Israel loving, hair-sniffing candidate.

Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine Provokes 'COVID-Like Symptoms' in Phase 3 Trial - The Vaccine Reaction

The first dose of the vaccine, which has been given to all participants, was followed up 28 days later with a second dose. As of Oct. 9, 22, some 194 participants have received the second dose. In August, some of the participants reportedly experienced adverse events such as fatigue, chills, headaches and injection site pain.

Michigan Court Blocks Democrat Postal Vote Scheme - 21st Century Wire

Last month, 21WIRE reported on a Democrat-led plot to delay vote counts in key battleground states. The Transition Integrity Project (TIP) are on record as war-gaming a plan to spread mayhem and misinformation following the November 3 presidential elections by capitalizing on a party-wide strategy which seeks to delay postal vote submissions up to 10-14 days after the national election on Nov 3rd. It relies on taking advantage of any presumed delays in determining the winner (due to the deluge of postal votes) in a group of key swing states, including hotly contested Michigan and Wisconsin.

The Year of Disguises – AIER

2020 is a year of disguises. Some examples include computer models/modelers disguised as "science/scientists," Tyrants/Dictators/Totalitarians disguised as "elected officials," propaganda machines disguised as "news sources," brainwashing disguised as "information," censorship disguised as "public health safeguard," panic and fear disguised as "social responsibility."

GMO Technocrat Scientists Are Redesigning The Entire Food Chain

Beef, pork, chicken, fish and now shrimp will be cultivated in a lab along with genetic manipulation. Add to that dairy, corn, soybeans, rice, canola, etc. For Technocrats, nature isn't good enough and needs their help in providing better food for the human race. Side effects are unknown, testing is scant and data is protected like the gold in Fort Knox.


With "Operation Warp Speed" being one of the biggest (over $1 billion) government funded vaccine projects in history, a major conflict of interest has come to light with Moncef Slaoui, the White House Scientific Head of Operations. Not only has he been the CEO to two of the largest drug companies in the world, both contenders in this race, but he also refuses to give up his $10 million in GlaxoSmithKline stock.

More Experts Speak Out About COVID-19 & The Efficacy Of Masks

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 9/5.

There They Go Again! Adam Schiff Blames RUSSIA For Biden's Laptop - YouTube

Deja vu! Once again those Russians have come through to plant disinformation during a US presidential campaign! This time they are accused of being involved with Biden's son Hunter's laptop. Rep. Adam Schiff claims he's as sure about Russian activity this time as he was sure of Trump collusion with Russia last time. How did that one work out? Also today, White House top Covid advisor Dr. Scott Atlas has his Tweets yanked - more politicization of science? And...the California governor does not want you to sing.

World Doctors Alliance: "We Do Not Have A Medical Pandemic." Fake News? – Collective Evolution

Once again, doctors and scientists are and have been sharing the opinion that COVID-19 should not be classified as a pandemic virus due to the fact that it's, in their opinion, nowhere near as dangerous as big media is making it out to be.

Govts & Public Ignore Studies Showing No Spread of COVID at Schools, Daycares | The Conscious Resistance Network

From Free Thinker Radio (10/15/20): The Truth is Rapidly Disappearing… Micah, Derrick, and Johnny explore recent studies showing spread of COVID19 does not increase at schools and daycare centers.

Popcorn Sutton - This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I'll Ever Make (full movie) - YouTube