Content update: Exposing Antifa, Black Lives Matter

The page, Exposing Antifa, Black Lives Matter, has been updated with new information.

While there are certainly decent people with good intentions in the BLM movement, there is without doubt a lot of rot, hatred and Marxism at its core and at the funding level. That the good people in this movement, as with most revolutionary movements of the day, are so blind as to not recognize how their cause has been co-opted by filthily rich and politically influential dirt bags is sad indeed.

Video: Harry Vox & Syrian Girl Dismantle US/Israeli Lies

Harry Vox / Syrian Girl Dismantle US/Israeli Lies - PressTV

With riots rocking major US cities and video of explosions and US military storming and attacking US citizens, mothers and veterans, could Trump be looking for a distraction in the form of a war with Iran? Harry Vox and Syrian Girl deconstruct the news of the US military plane which harassed an Iranian civilian passenger flight.

Jewish Philanthropy Tied to Epstein, Wexner, Jewish Schools in NYC

Jewish Philanthropy Group Tied to Epstein, Wexner and Pedophile Ridden Orthodox Jewish Day Schools in NYC – Dissident Mag

United Jewish Appeal, the largest local Philanthropy group in the world, raises hundreds of millions of dollars to support Jewish interests in New York City. Interestingly, Epstein's last donation (of many) to Jewish Groups was to UJA, on Dec. 31 2017.

UJA has financial ties to Jewish Day Schools in NYC which have been plagued by systemic pedophilia. Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy, a Jewish middle school in NYC, has employed at least 3 Jewish administrators charged with child porn and pedophilic activity. As recently as Sept. 2019, Rabbi Jonathan Skolnick was charged with production of Child Pornography. He was the assistant principal of Judaic Studies at the day school. His case is still pending in the Southern District of New York. Oh, and the Rebbe also blackmailed a young boy he solicited explicit photos from.

12bytes says: While some are aware, many are not aware that the story of Epstein is orders of magnitude larger than sex trafficking. This story is connected to many large and international organizations, as well as international Jewry, Israel and it's intelligence agency, the Mossad. For those wanting to know more, search this domain for "Epstein".