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Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - The Irony

"The killing by a Jew of a non-Jew, i.e. a Palestinian, is considered essentially a good deed, and Jews should therefore have no compunction about it." -- Yitzhak Ginsburg, "Five General Religious Duties Which Lie Behind the Act of the Saintly, Late Rabbi Baruch Goldstein, May his Blood be Avenged"

"The killing by a Jew of a non-Jew, i.e. a Palestinian, is considered essentially a good deed, and Jews should therefore have no compunction about it." -- Yitzhak Ginsburg, "Five General Religious Duties Which Lie Behind the Act of the Saintly, Late Rabbi Baruch Goldstein, May his Blood be Avenged"

To Palestine With Love, From Israel
Young Israeli girl writing on munitions that will be used to kill Palestinian women and children (click to enlarge)

I think the image at left, displaying a young Israeli girl writing a message on a weapon of mass destruction, perfectly encapsulates the mentality of the Israeli leadership and conveys how the arrogance, ignorance and racism of the Jewish-Zionists is passed on from generation to generation at the behest of that leadership.

The munitions shown in the image are intended for indiscriminate use against the Palestinians who are attempting to survive upon the tiny, ever shrinking strip of land known as the Gaza strip which Israel uses to contain the Palestinian Arabs like cattle before a slaughter. This particular attack, Operation Cast Lead, began on December 27, 2008, and brought 22 days of hell to the people of Gaza. Approximately 82% of the 1,400 victims would be women and children.

Prior to 1929, the Palestinian Jews lived in harmony with the Arabs in Palestine where they worked together, socialized and even tended to each others children. The relationship began to deteriorate after Zionism took hold and large numbers of Jews started to migrate to Palestine, just over 4000 in 1931 and nearly 70,000 in 1935. Peace between the two has been fleeting since 1948 and the on-going Israeli aggression, largely funded and condoned by the United States, is a primary source of tension and instability throughout the wold today.

I find it decidedly repugnant that the Zionist Jews, who claim to have lost six million of their own in the non-existent gas chambers of the Second World War, can accuse Germany of genocide while Israel engages in essentially the same kind of genocide Hitler is falsely accused of.

Israeli IDF soldiers using a rock to break the bones of a Palestinian

Israelis torturing non-Jewish children

The Empire Files: Inside the Hotbeds of Israeli Settler Terror

Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child

Palestinian Woman Kicked in Head as Jewish Mob Debates Whether to Kill Her


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Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - The Iron Grip

"There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it." -- Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935

"There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it." -- Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935

Video: AIPAC -- The Israeli Lobby

There has been a corrosive element of Jewry at work for a very long time that even many Jews are aware of and oppose. This self-serving criminal cabal, which many identify with Zionism, permeates every important institution throughout much of the world including finance, government and the media, all of which are invaluable in creating and managing government policies and public opinion. This stranglehold, made possible in no small part through the promotion of the Jewish holocaust, seems to be even more prevalent today than it was prior to and during the Second World War. That is a significant statement to make considering that the Jewish Zionists wielded enough influence in the 1930's to not only instigate a world war and coerce Britain and the United States to fight it for them, but to alter its course to ensure a favorable outcome, a significant part of which was the creation of the state of Israel.

This iron grip of Jewish-Zionist control is especially apparent today within the United States where one has virtually no hope of attaining a prominent place in government without the nod of approval, media coverage and generous financial backing provided by various Jewish lobby groups, particularly the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The holocaust, a term which was not applied to World War II until 16 years after its conclusion, has and continues to be used as a weapon by Israel and the Jewish Zionists to alter the course of history, deny freedom of speech, manipulate governments and alter the public perception of Israel. Regardless of the readers' position concerning the holocaust, i think most would agree that if the Jewish victimhood status were removed from the equation, Zionism and Israel would lose a great deal of legitimacy and political influence and the world would be far more critical of its actions regarding the Palestinians.

Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel, stated the following regarding Jewry and World War II during a speech given in New York on December 3, 1942:

We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry... Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going. The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance. And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy's fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.

In other words, according to Weizmann, approximately 50 million lives was an acceptable price to pay for Israel, where the Zionist occupiers would continue the carnage by murdering, torturing and displacing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the ongoing genocide it has inflicted upon them in order to satisfy the desires of "gods chosen people". Meanwhile, Israel extorts billions from generations of Germans and others who had nothing to do with the Second World War in order to enrich itself. The amount given to Israel by the United States alone is over eight million dollars per day. Following is a quote from the book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt:

"Since the October War in 1973, Washington has provided Israel with a level of support dwarfing the amounts provided to any other state. It has been the largest annual recipient of direct U.S. economic and military assistance since 1976 and the largest total recipient since World War ll. Total direct U.S. aid to Israel amounts to well over $140 billion in 2003 dollars. Israel receives about $3 billion in direct foreign assistance each year, which is roughly one-fifth of America's entire foreign aid budget. In per capita terms, the United States gives each Israeli a direct subsidy worth about $500 per year. This largesse is especially striking when one realizes that Israel is now a wealthy industrial state with a per capita income roughly equal to South Korea or Spain."

Video: AIPAC: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee

In an article about the book The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black that appeared in Veterans Today titled Truth Telling Transfer Agreement Exposes Hitler as Father of Israel we read:

In The Transfer Agreement, Edwin Black's compelling award-winning story of a negotiated arrangement in 1933 between Zionist organizations and the Nazis to transfer some 50,000 Jews, and $100 million of their assets to Jewish Palestine in exchange for stopping the worldwide Jewish-led boycott threatening to topple the Hitler regime in its first year, exposes historical truth.

This truth threatens to destabilize modern Zionism's stranglehold on the mainstream media propaganda that, in 2011, continues to suffocate U.S. Citizens and the world with "guilt" appeals and billions of US taxpayer "aid" dollars given each year to a state that neither has the best interest of the American people nor the best interests of it's own indigenous populations that the Zionist so-called democracy claims to represent.

Israel's Nazi hunting and extortion of non-Jews through holocaust reparations continues to expand even today. Following is quote from a Washington Post article from Dec. 5, 2014, titled, France to compensate American survivors of Holocaust:

France has agreed to pay reparations to American survivors of the Holocaust who were deported to Nazi death camps in French trains, after a year of negotiations with the Obama administration.

The agreement, a bilateral accord with the U.S. government to be signed Monday, includes a $60 million lump-sum payment to be distributed among eligible survivors, their spouses and, if applicable, their heirs.

Stuart Eizenstat, who is the State Department's special adviser for Holocaust issues and negotiated the agreement, said that it was uncertain how many would apply for the compensation. But on the basis of estimates and amounts paid in existing French government programs, survivors "could receive payment well over $100,000," with "tens of thousands of dollars" for spouses of those who died in the camps or since World War II.

Michael Collins Piper, a researcher who has looked extensively into the assassination of John F. Kennedy, concludes that Israel was intimately involved in the public spectacle that took place in Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963. His book, Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, makes a very strong case that Israel, through its intelligence agency, the Mossad, was intimately tied to the assassination in a number of ways. One of the primary reasons, Piper concludes, was Israel's secret nuclear weapon program which was centered around its Dimona nuclear plant. Israel has always tried to conceal the program, even stating that it was merely a textile mill at one time.

Video: Final Judgment: The Missing Link In The JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Video: Who Ordered the Hit on JFK? - A Johnny Gat Presentation

Kennedy was focusing on restoring peace in the Middle East and saw Israel's pursuit of nuclear weapons as a clear threat to the region and to a peaceful solution between the Zionists and the Arabs. In effect, there was a very real and very hidden and unpopular war taking place behind the scenes between the Kennedy White House and Israel which also included the Jewish arm of the Mafia and the CIA. David Ben-Gurion, the Israeli prime minister at the time, viewed Kennedy as a threat to very existence of Israel. Colonel Donn De Grand Pre, a former high-ranking official in the Pentagon, had this to say in his book, Barbarians Inside the Gates:

"Several high-level military officers believed that the killing of JFK was in fact a coup d'etat carried out by elements of the CIA working with the Israeli Mossad. Kennedy was attempting to halt the development of nuclear weapons by the Israelis, while simultaneously planning to disband the CIA and disengage our military troops from the Indo-China area. (Read Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper for more details.)"

Former Congressman, Rep. Paul Findley, had this to say in the March, 1992 issue of The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs:

"It is interesting -- but not surprising -- to note that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned. And yet a Mossad motive is obvious."

Revealed: The secrets of Israel's nuclear arsenal
Revealed: The secrets of Israel's nuclear arsenal, Sunday Times, 5-Oct-1986 (click to enlarge)

The fact that Israel possesses nuclear weapons is publicly known as a result of Mordechai Vanunu, a former employee of Israel's Dimona nuclear power plant who photographed key parts of the facility and blew the whistle in 1986. In an effort to keep the program secret, Israel imprisoned Mordechai for 18 years, 11 of which were spent in solitary confinement, and prohibited him from speaking to the media.

Despite mounting pressure and wide spread public knowledge of its nuclear weapons program, Israel continues to deny the existence of any such program and is therefore exempt from any U.N. resolutions, nuclear weapon peace treaties, or oversight of any kind. It is only recently that the UN has apparently decided to pressure Israel to renounce its possession of nuclear weapons. The following is an excerpt from an article posted on the Common Dreams website on Dec. 3, 2014, titled, UN Calls for Israel to 'Renounce Nuclear Weapons':

The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution on Tuesday demanding that Israel "renounce possession of nuclear weapons" and open its arms to global regulation.

The measure, which is non-binding, was approved 161 to 5, with the United States, Canada, Palau, Micronesia, and Israel voting "no" and 18 countries abstaining.

Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that refuses to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, with India, Pakistan, and North Korea also declining.

While Israel does not publicly acknowledge its nuclear arsenal, its existence is widely known. A report released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute this summer found that Israel unlawfully owns 80 nuclear warheads, making it the only Middle Eastern nuclear power.

This next quote was taken from an article that appeared on the WND website on July 25, 2004, titled, Spy claims Israel assassinated JFK:

Freed Israeli nuclear spy Mordechai Vanunu said in an interview published today that Israel was behind the 1963 assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, prompting some Israeli officials to hope aloud the far-fetched comments will hurt Vanunu's credibility.

Vanunu, a former nuclear technician who was recently released from Israeli prison after serving an 18-year sentence for exposing Israel's nuclear program at Dimona to Britain's Sunday Times, has been barred from leaving the country, talking to the media or meeting with foreigners.

But the London-based al-Hayat newspaper published an interview yesterday it claims is the first Vanunu has given, in which the spy said that according to "near-certain indications," Kennedy was assassinated due to "pressure he exerted on then head of government, David Ben-Gurion, to shed light on Dimona's nuclear reactor."

There are only a few major countries left who do not have Rothschild controlled central banks, including Cuba, North Korea and Iran. Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and Libya have been "democratized" and had their "brutal" leaders replaced with ones that are more sympathetic toward U.S. interests. As of the end of 2014, the U.S. has been working on restoring relations with Cuba. What most are not aware of however is the fact that a lot of Cubans are not interested in American culture which brings with it big-business, drugs, crime, consumerism and, of course, a Rothschild central bank. North Korea, which has been demonized for decades, continues to come under attack, the latest of which is the Sony hacking incident for which it denies responsibility. The peaceful country of Iran, who has not been at war since it was attacked by Iraq in 1980, is developing nuclear weapons and is an imminent threat to the region that must be stopped immediately we are told. Of course this is exactly the same baseless propaganda which was used to justify the invasion of Iraq which had neither biological weapons nor a nuclear weapons program.

Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) at the 'Wailing Wall' in Jerusalem (click to enlarge)

The iron grip of this criminal element of Jewry upon the worlds institutions, which ultimately dictates policy, shapes public opinion and enslaves much of the world through the regulation of the value of currency, must be broken not because they are Jewish or Zionists, but because they are criminals. This same cabal makes up a significant part of what the revolutionary movements of the day call "the 1%".

The reason for Hitler's rise to power was encapsulated by Ernst Zündel during a 1996 interview conducted by an Israeli journalist, during which he stated that "Hitler was an organic outgrowth to Jewish behavior". One would do well to carefully consider what Zündel meant by that statement and what role Jewish behavior had played in their expulsion from approximately 67 countries prior to World War II. Most importantly, one would be wise to consider what role the Jewish-Zionist influence plays today in the institutions that affect virtually every aspect of our lives.

Personally it seems to me that the United States is dangerously close to experiencing the same conditions that Germany had endured prior to Hitlers' rise to power and i shudder to think of what the result may look like if a peaceful transition to a new social system cannot be made. Zündel stated that he felt the Jews had another holocaust coming in the United Sates and, because of the number of gun owners, it would be a real one this time. I sincerely hope he is wrong for a number of reasons, including the fact that the average Jewish person is not responsible for the troubles discussed. Like Zündel, i also believe in karma however.

Video: Israeli Jews admit they run America

Video: The Incredible Success of Jews in America

Video: Course: Zionist Editing on Wikipedia


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Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - The Victim

"The [Nuremberg Trial was] the biggest legal farce in history... the legend about six million supposedly murdered Jews acquired a legal basis, even though the court did not have a single document signed by A. Hitler concerning the extermination of Jews..." -- Rick Sanchez, former CNN correspondent, 2010

"The [Nuremberg Trial was] the biggest legal farce in history... the legend about six million supposedly murdered Jews acquired a legal basis, even though the court did not have a single document signed by A. Hitler concerning the extermination of Jews..." -- Dr. Petras Stankeras, a Lithuanian historian and government adviser, 2010

Video: Jewish student caught painting Swastikas on her own door then claiming Anti-Semitic Attack

The phrase "final solution" which is attributed to Hitler, actually appeared first in reference to Germany in the 1941 book, Germany Must Perish! by Theodore N. Kaufman, an American Jew whose proposed "final solution" to the German problem was infinitely more barbaric than the expulsion of the Jews from Germany as was proposed by Adolf Hitler. Kaufman called for the total destruction of not only Germany as a country, but the complete eradication of the German people by means of forced sterilization. Following are some relevant quotes from his book (emphasis added):

Chapter 6, A Middle Road?:

With Germanism shown thus to be the very soul of conquest and world-dominion, may we not then pose this question: Is it possible for the world, in any manner, to find some compromise that will allow both it and Germany to exist side by side in peace and justice? In concrete terms, were peace declared tomorrow to Germany's apparent satisfaction, could this nation born and bred on blood, be expected to be appeased for more than the immediate future?

We should like to hope so; but the history of that nation cuts the hope out of our heart.

The majority of people claim that Hitler alone stands between war and peace. But is it Hitler alone who smashed Austria, Czecho-Slovakia, Holland, Poland, Norway, Belgium and France and the Balkan countries? Is it Hitler alone who tortures and oppresses these people?

But for argument's sake, let us assume that Hitler is no more and the world is seeking a just basis for peace with Germany. We quickly discover that the Germany of our dreams is not the Germany of dread reality.

For, in the first place, there is no longer living in Germany that so-called "older generation" with whom reasonable talk might be made. This woeful handful is gone and forgotten and in its stead stands that brown-shirted legion singing that glorious Horst-Wessel paean: Today Europe, tomorrow all the World! Enlightened reason with perverted chanters of a world-dirge composed by a drunkard, written in a brothel and dedicated to a pimp?

What then of a democratic Germany?

Democracy for a nation that has destroyed a mighty people of some thirty million Poles with the epithet "such a servant race has no existence"? Democracy for a people who believe only in superiority, not equality?

Well then, break Germany up into small autonomous states?

Nonsense !

That Pan-Germanism which has received blind allegiance in Berlin of every German irrespective of his remoteness or his nationality could not overnight endure such an arbitrary and weak barrier to its dreams.

Let us carve up the world and give Germany a share which the world and she will agree is her just due?

Germany already has given us her answer:

"Germany does not want a share of anything. She wants, she demands, all or nothing."

Re-educate the younger generation?

Even were such a vast program put into operation it is highly doubtful whether it would be worth the effort, or achieve its objective. The soul is a greater and infinitely more powerful force than the brain. And the martial characteristics of the German are linked indelibly with his spirit and have become an integral part of his soul. Some day that war-soul would again come to dominate his brain.

A final solution: Let Germany be policed forever by an international armed force?

Even is such a huge undertaking were feasible life itself would not have it so. As war begets war, suppression begets rebellion. Undreamed horrors would unfold.

Thus we find that there is no middle course; no act of mediation, no compromise to be compounded, no political or economic sharing to be considered. There is, in fine, no other solution except one: That Germany must perish forever from this earth!

And, fortunately, as we shall now come to see, that is no longer impossible of accomplishment.

Chapter 7, Death to Germany:

There remains now but to determine the best way, the most practical and expeditious manner in which the ultimate penally must be levied upon the German nation. Quite naturally, massacre and wholesale execution must be ruled out. In addition to being impractical when applied to a population of some seventy million, such methods are inconsistent with the moral obligations and ethical practices of civilization. There remains then but one mode of ridding the world forces of Germanism — and that is to stem the source from which issue those war-lusted souls, by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind. This modern method, known to science as Eugenic Sterilization, is at once practical, humane and thorough. Sterilization has become a byword of science, as the best means of ridding the human race of its misfits: the degenerate, the insane, the hereditary criminal.


The population of Germany, excluding conquered and annexed territories, is about 70,000,000, almost equally divided between male and female. To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to only sterilize some 48,000,000 — a figure which excludes, because of their limited power to procreate, males over 60 years of age, and females over 45.

While Hitler's distrust of the Jews clearly had a racist element to it, this alone was certainly not the motivating factor for wanting to rid Germany of the Jewish-Zionist-Communist threat. It is important to understand that Germany's solution regarding the European Jews was hardly unique as the Jews had been expelled from approximately 67 countries prior to Hitler ever coming to power, including Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Prague, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the Ukraine, sometimes more than once by a single country. Obviously there had to be reasons for the expulsion of the Jews from a laundry list of countries which contained a wide variety of people and political philosophies, however beyond simple antisemitism, few seem to seriously consider why no one wanted the Jews. As Ernst Zündel said, "There is no antisemitism without Semitism".

The victimhood status of the Jews, of which the holocaust became an integral part, is an essential component of Zionist Jewry. Without it, the very foundation of Zionist philosophy collapses because the world would be far less tolerant of the tremendous political influence Jewry imposes outside the occupied state of Israel. Nor would the world be as tolerant of Israel's genocide and mistreatment of the Arabs in Palestinian or elsewhere, which began shortly after the close of World War II and continues largely unabated to this day.

Contrary to what many believe, the victimization of the Jews, whether real or perceived, is not something that the Jewish-Zionist power-brokers find uncomfortable in the least; it is not only desirable, it is a crucial attribute which is leveraged in order to attain their geopolitical goals. Although i cannot speak knowledgeably as to whether the Jewish people as a whole are aware of how this victimhood status is used to manipulate them and the impact it has in the political arena, there are certainly many Jews who are aware of and disagree with how the holocaust is used for political gain. In fact, many books which are highly critical of Zionism and the mainstream version of holocaust history and Germany's role in World War II were written by Jews.

New World Order Pledged To Jews
New World Order Pledged To Jews, New York Times, 6-Oct-1940 (click to enlarge)

In 1916, during the First World War, the British were being pummeled by the German forces and defeat was imminent. The Zionists, who wanted to secure a homeland in Palestine but had no military or resources to do so, saw a golden opportunity and struck a deal with Britain; they would guarantee that the United States would come to their aid if Britain would promise a homeland for the Jews in Palestine after the war. This promise, commonly known as the Balfour Declaration of 1917, took the form of a simple personal letter from Arthur James Balfour, representing the Government of His Britannic Majesty King George the Fifth, to the powerful Jewish banker, Lord Rothschild:

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you on behalf of His Majesty's Government the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations, which has been submitted to and approved by the Cabinet:

"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

I should be grateful if you would bring this Declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur James Balfour

With World War II and the expulsion of many Jews from Germany came another major opportunity for the Jewish Zionists to expand their interests in Palestine. There is no doubt that, were it not for Hitler and the Transfer Agreement, Israels progress would have been stunted. One of the remaining problems however was how to finance its development since Israel had no income from manufacturing or trade. The solution was to convince the world that the Jews had been victimized once again, this time by Hitler and the Nazis. This would secure the political support and monetary resources required to not only secure Israel as a state, but to later extort the vast sums of money necessary to maintain it. And so the holocaust and the myths of gas chambers and soap and lampshades were born and phrases like "the final solution to the Jewish question" were twisted to insinuate "extermination". The suffering of the European Jews, both the factual and the fictional, would be used as collateral by the Zionists to ensure their geopolitical goals were attained for decades to come. Richard Harwood wrote in his book Did Six Million Really Die?:

It is very significant, however, that certain Jews were quick to interpret these policies of internal discrimination as equivalent to extermination itself. A 1936 anti-German propaganda book by Leon Feuchtwanger and others entitled Der Gelbe Fleck: Die Austrotung von 500,000 deutschen Juden (The Yellow Spot: The Extermination of 500,000 German Jews, Paris, 1936), presents a typical example. Despite its baselessness in fact, the annihilation of the Jews is discussed from the first pages - straightforward emigration being regarded as the physical "extermination" of German Jewry.

The following quote from the memoir of Jewish Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl clarifies how Jews holding key positions in Palestine had no intention of helping the European Jews migrate:

And you - our brothers in Palestine, in all the countries of freedom, and you, ministers of all the kingdom - how do you keep silent in the face of this great murder? Silent while thousand on thousands, reaching now to six million Jews, were murdered. And silent now while tens of thousands are still being murdered and waiting to be murdered? Their destroyed hearts cry to you for help as they bewail your cruelty. Brutal you are and murderers too you are, because of the cold-bloodedness of the silence in which you watch.

Because you sit with folded arms and you do nothing, though you could stop or delay the murder of Jews at this very hour. In the name of the blood of the thousands on thousands who have been murdered we beg, we plead, we cry out and demand that you take action, that you do deeds now - at once!

That the Ministers of Kingdoms and all the Lands raise a loud and piercing outcry that must enter the ears of the world, the ears of the German people, the ears of the Hungarian people. Let them cry out a warning to the German murderers. Let them proclaim that they know all that has been done in the past, and that which is still being done. And the Pope, himself, should join in this cry of outrage against the German murderers.

Let this outcry be heard over all the radios and read in all the newspapers of the world, that unless they stop at once the deportations of Hungary's Jews - then will Germany be forever exiled from civilization.

We ask that the crematoria in Auschwitz be bombed from the air. They are sharply visible, as shown on the enclosed map.

Such bombing will delay the work of the German murderers.

What is more important - to bomb persistently all the roads leading from Eastern Hungary to Poland and to bomb persistently the bridges in the neighborhood of Karpatarus. Drop all other business to get this done. Remember that one day of your idleness kills twelve thousand souls.

You, our brothers, sons of Israel, are you insane? Don't you know the Hell around us? For whom are you saving your money?

How is it that all our pleadings affect you less than the whimpering of a beggar standing in your doorway? Murderers! Madmen! Who is it that gives charity? You who toss a few pennies from your safe homes? Or we who give our blood in the depths of Hell?

There is only one thing that may be said in your exoneration - that you do not know the truth. This is possible. The villain does his job so shrewdly that only a few guess the truth. We have told you the truth several times. Is it possible that you believe our murderers more than you believe us? May God open your eyes and give you heart to rescue in these last hours the remainder.

Most important is that which I write about the bombing of the Auschwitz Crematoria and the bridges leading to them.

Such bombing can vitally delay the evil work of our slaughterers. And God who keeps alive the last remnant of Israel will show His mercy for which I pray. I pray as I write out of the sea of tears of the people of Israel. We wait God's help.

One from the Market who witnesses the woes of his people

In response to the pleas of the Jewish Rescue Committee regarding the European Jews, Menachem Bader of the Jewish Agency, who had received numerous letters like the one above from Weissmandl, wrote the following:

We are writing to remind you of the one factor of which you must never lose sight: that ultimately, the Allies will win the war. After their victory, territorial boundaries will be reshaped as they were after the First World War. Then, the way will be clear for our purpose at this time, with the war drawing to a close, we must do everything in our power to change Eretz Yisrael to Medinat Yisrael and many steps have already been taken in this regard. Therefore, we must turn a deaf ear to the pleas and cries emanating from Eastern Europe. Remember this: all the allies have suffered many losses, and if we also do not offer human sacrifices, how can we gain the right to sit at the conference table when the territorial boundaries are reshaped? Accordingly, it is foolhardy and brazen for us to negotiate in terms of money or supplies in exchange for Jewish lives. How dare we ask of the allied powers to barter money for lives while they are sustaining heavy casualties daily? So, insofar as the masses are concerned: RAK B'DAM TIHJE LANU HAAREZ, [Eretz Yisroel will be ours only by paying with blood], but as far as our immediate circle is concerned, ATEM TAJLU [you escape]. The messenger bearing this letter will supply you with funds for this purpose.

The Zionist desire to see European Jews suffer more than necessary and to ensure that they were seen as victims in the eyes of the world is made crystal clear in this short but important quote from Rabbi Moshe Shonfeld, who wrote the following in response to the pleas of Rabbi Weissmandl:

When they asked me, couldn't you give money out of the United Jewish Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe, I said, 'NO!' and I say again 'NO!' ... one should resist this wave which pushes the Zionist activities to secondary importance.

After the Second World War it was the World Jewish Congress which helped setup the show trials at Nuremberg, further strengthening the Jewish-Zionist position by insuring that the world would hate the Germans and forever associate the Swastika, a symbol of anti-communism, with the murder of eleven million people, six million of which were Jews.

Video: An Honest Israeli Jew Tell Real Truth About Israel

The desired victimhood status of Israel and the Jews continues to be maintained in the form of false-flag operations, where attacks upon Jewish people are committed by Jews and then blamed upon another party, most often for the purpose of some form of political gain. Jewish-Israeli-Mossad false-flag attacks are certainly not new to anyone who has studied Israel's history even lightly, but these type of attacks also occur on a much smaller scale where individual Jews attack themselves and then point the finger elsewhere. Though these "attacks" may only involve a single "victim", the disproportionate media attention they receive and resulting psychological impact upon the unwitting public can be quite significant. Following are a few examples of these types of false-flag attacks:

The Baltimore Sun, 9 October, 2008:

3 charged in Pikesville vandalism

A 19-year-old member of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation was being held yesterday after being charged in connection with the spray-painting of a swastika and the word "Nazis" at the synagogue in Pikesville.

Matthew Ian Saunders, whose family worships at the temple, and two other young Jewish men - Daniel Alexander Diaz, 19, and a 17-year-old who was not identified by police - were charged with two counts of destruction of property and damaging the property of a religious entity.

Haaretz, 1 September, 2013:

French Jews stunned by claims that rabbi faked own stabbing

The French Jewish community is in an uproar over allegations that Reform Rabbi Gabriel Farhi, who was stabbed on January 3, may in fact have faked the stabbing.

The allegations surfaced in a report this week by the weekly magazine Marianne, which was then picked up by Le Figaro. The journal reported that police officers investigating the stabbing said it is not clear whether Farhi was actually stabbed by an unknown assailant, and they are not ruling out the possibility that Farhi in fact stabbed himself.

The report stunned French Jewry, which for the past two years has been vociferously protesting law enforcement agencies' failure to take effective action against the hundreds of anti-Semitic attacks the community has suffered.

BBC, 13 July, 2004:

'Swastika attack' woman detained

The 23-year-old woman said six men cut her clothes and drew swastikas on her body, assuming that she was Jewish.

Police say there are trying to clarify some inaccuracies in the account of the woman who has not been named.

According to French media reports - citing unnamed police sources - the woman subsequently admitted having made the story up.

The case has sparked widespread condemnation amid concern that racist and anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise in France., 16 December, 2004:

Former Prof Gets Prison For Faking Anti-Semitic Hate Crime

LOS ANGELES -- A former Claremont McKenna College visiting professor, who spray-painted her car with racist and anti-Semitic slurs and then reported a hate crime on campus, was sentenced today to a year in state prison.

Pomona Superior Court Judge Charles Horan said Kerri Dunn "terrorized" minority students at the college and turned the rest of the students into suspects, adding that her actions could have sparked major racial violence.

BBC, 30 August, 2004:

Jewish man held over Paris fire

Police in Paris have arrested a man in connection with a fire at a Jewish community centre that was initially assumed to be an anti-Semitic attack.

French media report that the suspect is a Jewish man who worked there.

The centre was daubed with swastikas and set alight a week ago, prompting renewed pledges by French authorities to defeat anti-Semitism and racism.

In July, a French woman falsely claimed she had been the victim of vicious anti-Semitic assault.

Of course the scale of these attacks is much larger when they are carried out by by Israel's military or intelligence apparatus. Following are several examples of large scale false-flag attacks from the book, Final Judgment: The missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy, by Michael Collins Piper:

Video: The day Israel attacked America - Al-Jazeera


Israel, in fact, hoped to pin the responsibility on a "false flag" Egypt - and draw the United States into the impending 1967 war on the side of Israel. It is only because the Liberty did not sink and instead was rescued that the history books don't tell us today that "the Arabs" sunk an American spy ship and sparked another "Lusitania incident" that forced America to go to war.


Perhaps the best-known instance in which Israel used a "false flag" to cover its own trail was in the infamous Lavon Affair. It was in 1954 that several Israeli-orchestrated acts of terrorism against British targets in Egypt were carried out. Blame for the attacks was placed on the Muslim Brotherhood, which opposed the regime of Egyptian President Gamul Abdul-Nasser.

However, the truth about the wave of terror can now be found in a once-secret cable from Colonel Benjamin Givli, the head of Israel's military intelligence, who outlined the intended purpose behind the wave of terror:

["Our goal] is to break the West's confidence in the existing [Egyptian] regime . . . . The actions should cause arrests, demonstrations, and expressions of revenge. The Israeli origin should be totally covered while attention should be shifted to any other possible factor. The purpose is to prevent economic and military aid from the West to Egypt."

Ultimately the truth about Israel's involvement in the affair became public and Israel was rocked internally in the wake of the scandal. Competing political elements within Israel used the scandal as a bludgeon against their opponents. But the truth about Israel's use of a "false flag" had come to international attention.


A shadowy "right wing" group known as "Direct Action" was accused of the attack on Goldenberg's Deli in Paris on August 9, 1982. Six people died and 22 were injured.

The leader of "Direct Action" was one Jean-Marc Rouillan. It turned out that Rouillan had been operating in the Mediterranean under the cover name of "Sebas" and had been repeatedly linked to the Mossad. All references to Rouillan's Mossad links were deleted from the official reports issued at the time.

However, the Algerian national news service-which has ties to French intelligence-blamed the Mossad for these activities. Angry French intelligence officers were believed to have leaked this information to the Algerians. Several top French security officials quit in protest over this intra-intelligence community scandal.

This is just one of many such Mossad-orchestrated crimes in which others took the blame. There are others.


On October 3, 1980 a synagogue on Copernicus Street was bombed in Paris. Four bystanders were killed. Nine were injured. The media frenzy which followed the incident was worldwide. Reports held that "right wing extremists" were responsible. Yet, of all of the "right wing extremists" held for questioning, none was arrested. In fact, all were released.

In the upper echelons of French intelligence, however, the finger of suspicion was pointed at the Mossad. According to one report: "On April 6, 1979, the same Mossad terror unit now suspected of the Copernicus carnage blew up the heavily guarded plant of CNIM industries at La Seyne-sur-Mer, near Toulon, in southeast France, where a consortium of French firms was building a nuclear reactor for Iraq.

"The Mossad salted the site of the CNIM bomb blast with 'clues' followed up with anonymous phone calls to police-suggesting that the sabotage was the work of a 'conservative' environmentalist group-'the most pacific and harmless people on earth' as one source put it."

Other Mossad-orchestrated false flag operations also took place on French soil.


On June 28, 1978, Israeli agents exploded a bomb under a small passenger car in the Rue Saint Anne, killing Mohammed Boudia, an organizer for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Immediately afterward, Paris police received anonymous phone calls accusing Boudia of involvement in narcotics deals and attributing his murder to the Corsican Mafia. A thorough investigation subsequently established that Mossad special-action agents were responsible for the terrorist killing.


In October, 1976 the same Mossad unit kidnapped two West German students named Brigette Schulz and Thomas Reuter from their Paris hotel. Planted "clues" and anonymous phone calls made it appear that a Bavarian "neo-nazi" formation had executed the abduction. In fact, French intelligence established that the two German youths had been secretly flown to Israel, drugged, tortured, coerced into a false "confession of complicity" in PLO activities, and then anonymously incarcerated in one of the Israeli government's notorious political prisons.


In February 1977 a German-born, naturalized U.S. citizen named William Jahnke arrived in Paris for some secretive business meetings. He soon vanished, leaving no trace. Paris police were anonymously informed that Jahnke had been involved in a high-level South Korean bribery affair and "eliminated" when the deal went sour.

A special team of investigators from SDECE, the leading French intelligence agency, eventually determined that Jahnke had been "terminated" by the Mossad, which suspected him of selling secret information to the Libyans. Along with other details of this sordid case, the SDECE learned that Jahnke had been "fingered" to the Mossad by his own former employer, the CIA.


One of Israel's most outrageous "false flag" operations involved a wild propaganda story aimed at discrediting Libyan leader Muamar Qaddafi, one of Israel's favorite enemies. In the early months of the administration of President Ronald Reagan, the American media began heavily promoting a story to the effect that a "Libyan hit squad" was in the United States for the express purpose of assassinating Reagan. This inflamed public sentiment against Libya and there were repeated calls for blood.

Suddenly, however, the "hit squad" stories vanished. In fact, it was ultimately discovered that the source of the story was one Manucher Ghorbanifar, a former Iranian SAVAK (secret police) agent with close ties to the Mossad. Even The Washington Post acknowledged that the CIA itself believed that Ghorbanifar was a liar who "had made up the hit-squad story in order to cause problems for one of Israel's enemies."

The Los Angeles Times itself had already blown the whistle on Israel's scare stories. "Israeli intelligence, not the Reagan administration," reported the Times, "was a major source of some of the most dramatic published reports about a Libyan assassination team allegedly sent to kill President Reagan and other top U.S. officials... Israel, which informed sources said has 'wanted an excuse to go in and bash Libya for a longtime,' may be trying to build American public support for a strike against [Qaddafi], these sources said.

In other words, Israel had been promoting the former SAVAK agent, Ghorbanifar, to official Washington as a reliable source. In fact, he was a Mossad disinformation operative waving a "false flag" to mislead America.

This was yet another Israeli scheme to blame Libya for its own misdeeds, this time using one "false flag" (Iran's SAVAK) to lay the blame on another "false flag" (Libya). (In Chapter 18 we shall see yet another SAVAK crime carried out on behalf of Israel and its allies in the CIA.)


Israel's Mossad was almost certainly responsible for the bombing of the La Belle discotheque in West Berlin on April 5, 1986. However, claims were made that there was "irrefutable" evidence that the Libyans were responsible. A U.S. serviceman was killed. President Ronald Reagan responded with an attack on Libya.

However, intelligence insiders believed that Israel's Mossad had concocted the phony "evidence" to "prove" Libyan responsibility. West Berlin police director Manfred Ganschow, who took charge of the investigation, cleared the Libyans, saying, "This is a highly political case. Some of the evidence cited in Washington may not be evidence at all, merely assumptions supplied for political reasons."


On April 18, 1986 one Nezar Hindawi, a 32 year old Jordanian was arrested in London after security guards found that one of the passengers boarding an Israeli plane bound for Jerusalem, Ann Murphy, 22, was carrying a square, flat sheet of plastic explosive in the double bottom of her carry-on bag. Miss Murphy told security men that the detonator (disguised as a calculator) had been given to her by her finance, Hindawi. He was charged with attempted sabotage and attempted murder.

Word was leaked that Hindawi had confessed and claimed that he had been hired by Gen. Mohammed Al-Khouli, the intelligence director of the Syrian air force. Also implicated were others including the Syrian Ambassador in London. The French authorities warned the British Prime Minister that there was more to the case than met the eye-that is, Israeli involvement. This was later confirmed in repeated reports in the Western press.


In 1970, King Hussein of Jordan was provided with incriminating intelligence that suggested the Palestine Liberation Organization was plotting to murder him and seize power in his nation. Infuriated, Hussein mobilized his forces for what has become known as the 'Black September' purge of the PLO. Thousands of Palestinians living in Jordan were rounded up, some of the leaders were tortured, and in the end, masses of refugees were driven from Jordan to Lebanon.

New data, coming to light after the murder of two leading Mossad operatives in Larnaka, Cyprus suggested that the entire operation had been a Mossad covert action, led by one of its key operatives, Sylvia Roxburgh, who was also known as Sylvia Rafael and is believed to have been born Esther Paltzur.

Miss Roxburgh contrived an affair with King Hussein, known for his weakness for beautiful women, and served as the linchpin for one of the Mossad's major "cover and deception" coups designed to destabilize the Arabs.

In 1982, just when the PLO had abandoned the use of terrorism, the Mossad spread disinformation about "terror attacks" on Israeli settlements along the northern border in order to justify a full-scale military invasion of Lebanon. Years later, even leading Israeli spokesmen, such as former Foreign Minister Abba Eban, admitted that the reports of "PLO terrorism" had been contrived by the Mossad.


It is also worth noting that the attempted assassination-in London-of Israeli Ambassador to England, Shiomo Argov, was initially blamed upon the PLO. The attempted assassination was cited by Israel as one of its excuses for its bloody 1982 incursion into Lebanon.

Yet, ironically, the diplomat in question was considered one of Israel's "doves" and inclined toward a friendly disposition of Israel's longtime conflict with the PLO. He was the least likely target of PLO wrath. What's more, one of the suspects in the crime was found carrying a "hit list" which actually included the name of the head of the PLO office in London.

In fact, it appears that the assassination attempt was carried out by the Mossad-under yet another "false flag"-for two purposes: (a) elimination of a domestic "peacenik" considered friendly toward the Palestinians; and (b) pinning yet another crime on the Palestine Liberation Organization.

There are probably hundreds more examples of Israeli false-flag and other criminal operations for anyone who cares to look. Any time the United States decides to overthrow the "brutal" government of another country which does not have a Rothschild controlled central bank, one can often safely assume Israeli-Jewish involvement, as was the case in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Cuba, North Korea and Iran, as of January 2015, do not have Rothschild central banks and of course they all are given a prominent place on the U.S. government radar.

One of the most suppressed and documented facts of World War II was the utterly barbaric treatment which millions of German soldiers and civilians of all ages were subjected to by the United States, Britain, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia during and after the war. These wide-scale abuses consisted of torture, rape, enslavement and ethnic cleansing. Little girls as young as six and grandmothers in their eighties were gang raped while family members were forced to watch. German civilians were rounded up and beaten or simply shot in the streets.

Video: Hellstorm - The Real Genocide Of Nazi Germany

Eisenhower's post-war death camps, unlike Hitler's labor and transit camps, were nothing more than open-air gulags surrounded by barbed wire which were specifically designed to exterminate captured German soldiers through exposure and starvation. In order to accomplish this goal, Eisenhower circumvented the protections afforded to other prisoners of war by the Geneva Convention through the creation of an entirely new class of prisoners which was named 'Disarmed Enemy Forces'. These camps offered no shelter, proper latrines, or other facilities for the German prisoners of war and food and water rations purposely limited to the point that starvation was inevitable. The whole program of the Rhineland camps was kept secret.

Eisenhower's Death Camps
One of Eisenhower's Death Camps where around 800,000 to 1 million captured German soldiers were starved to death (click to enlarge)
Eisenhower's Death Camps detail
Living condition for the captured Germans in Eisenhower's Death Camps (click to enlarge)

Among the early U.S captives was one Corporal Helmut Liebich, who had been working in an anti-aircraft experimental group at Peenemunde on the Baltic. Liebich was captured by the Americans on April 17, near Gotha in Central Germany. Forty-two years later, he recalled vividly that there were no tents in the Gotha camp, just barbed wire fences around a field soon churned to mud. The prisoners received a small ration of food on the first day but it was then cut in half. In order to get it, they were forced to run a gauntlet. Hunched ocer, they ran between lines of American guards who hit them with sticks as they scurried towards their food. On April 27, they were transferred to the U.S. camp at Heidesheim farther wet, where there was no food at all for days, then very little. Exposed, starved, and thirsty, the men started to die. Liebich saw between ten and thirty bodies a day being dragged out of his section, B, which at first held around 5,200 men.. He saw one prisoner beat another to death to get his piece of bread.

Video: Eisenhower's Rhine-Meadows Death Camps


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Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - The Motive

"Whilst large sections of the German nation are struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews fill Germany with our vociferations. We supply the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter. We ridicule the highest ideals of the German nation and profane the matters which it holds sacred." -- Dr. Manfred Reifer, well known leader of the German Jews, Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung magazine, Sep., 1933

"Whilst large sections of the German nation are struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews fill Germany with our vociferations. We supply the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter. We ridicule the highest ideals of the German nation and profane the matters which it holds sacred." -- Dr. Manfred Reifer, well known leader of the German Jews, Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung magazine, Sep., 1933

Video: Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel (Complete)

The events leading up to World War II are widely misunderstood, as are the true intentions of Adolf Hitler. Germany had neither the military capacity nor the desire to dominate the world and this was clearly not a goal the German people aspired to. It has long bothered me that Adolf Hitler, a man who is relentlessly portrayed as the pinnacle of evil, could have been admired so enthusiastically by so many Germans. Were they all brainwashed, bloodthirsty barbarians? Gotz Aly, a liberal German historian, had this to say:

The Third Reich was not a dictatorship maintained by force. Indeed, the Nazi leadership developed an almost fearful preoccupation with the mood of the populace, which they monitored carefully, devoting considerable energy and resources toward fulfilling consumer desires, even to the detriment of the country's rearmament program.

To put the level of Nazi state coercion of its citizens into perspective: Communist East Germany would later employ 190,000 official surveillance experts and an equal number of "unofficial collaborators" to watch over a populace of 17 million, while the Gestapo in 1937 had just over 7,000 employees, including bureaucrats and secretarial staff.

After World War I, the leaders of 32 states convened in Paris to craft the Treaty of Versailles, though the proceedings were dominated by the United States, Britain, France and Italy, Germany being excluded entirely. Key advisers and representatives consisted of many prominent Jewish businessmen and politicians including Louis Rothschild, Interior Minister of France and adviser to Georges Clemenceau, Philip Sassoon, adviser to British Prime Minister Lloyd George, and Bernard Baruch and Stephen Wise, both advisers to President Woodrow Wilson. U.S. banking interests were represented by Paul Warburg, chairman of the Federal Reserve, while his brother, Max Warburg, represented a German banking firm.

Given the cast of characters and the tensions between Germany and influential Jewry, it should not be difficult to understand the motives driving the Treaty of Versailles, which would ultimately cripple and loot Germany by virtually eliminating her military, destroying her economy and dividing up her land and foreign assets amongst the victors. Though ultimately not responsible for the First World War, it was decided that Germany would be held solely responsible and ordered to pay approximately 226 billion marks in compensation, equivalent to roughly $800 billion U.S. dollars in 2013, 16 billion of which was to be paid to governments and private banks in the United States, France and Britain. Although this figure was later reduced, it was not until 2010 that Germany would satisfy the debt. The German people are still paying off the debt for World War II, including reparations demanded by many thousands of alleged Jewish holocaust survivors as well as new debts which are constantly being invented.

After the First World War and prior to the National Socialist revolution, Germany was in shambles and spiraling rapidly out of control. The Bolsheviks were undermining the government from within and spreading communist propaganda through the media outlets under their control. In the education sector, approximately 59% of Jewish children enjoyed a secondary education as opposed to only 8% of German children. Unemployment, crime, drugs, homosexuality and pornography all contributed to the degradation of German culture and values. Berlin became known as the sex capital of Europe where virtually anything that one could imagine could be purchased.

Video: Babylon before Hitler

Form an article in Veterans Today titled The Sexual Decadence of Weimar Germany, Lasha Darkmoon writes:

Annie Sprinkle Vagina Exam
Ellen Steinberg, known as Annie Sprinkle, is a Jewish feminist, porn actress, sex worker and lesbian. She is known to masturbate on stage and invite members of the audience to peer inside her vagina with a flashlight and speculum in a display she calls ‘Public Cervix Announcement’.

The biggest step in the direction of the decline of the German cultural life [however] was taken in the field of the light entertainment genre. Here—in the genre of musical comedy and above all in revue and burlesque—frivolity and lasciviousness were to rear their ugly heads. So much so that during these years Berlin was quite correctly considered the most immoral city in the world.

It was Jews who introduced this pornographic "art form" to Germany, a debased genre completely unknown before the Great War, and so it is the Jews who can be held responsible for the general decline in morals.

The Jewish sexologists Ivan Bloch and Magnus Hirschfeld became the representatives of "sex research" camouflaged as science—a bogus science that was merely an excuse for pornography and propaganda designed to destroy the institute of marriage and the sanctity of the family.

And again in a later article titled Secret Sex Life of the Jews, Darkmoon states:

Of one thing we can be reasonably certain: any society that attracts large numbers of Jews can expect within a few years to enter a spiral of decadence. Moral anarchy sets in. Sexual promiscuity throws open its Pandora's box of evils. We saw it in Weimar Germany.

We see it gathering pace in America today. We see it above all in Israel, a society of fanatical settlers and rabid right-wing rabbis: a country surely doomed to implode from within, sooner or later, under the pressure of its own moral and military excesses.

I cannot help feeling that a great storm is brewing and that only a military coup or revolution can now save America. Save it from what? From the spiritual cancer that is consuming it from within, and from the iniquitous wars into which it is being lured -- Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and soon perhaps Iran—on behalf of a foreign nation and its disinfo agents in America.

Unless a miracle soon occurs and some charismatic leader comes to our rescue, an unimaginably bleak future surely awaits us: a future in which the only consolations left to us will be mindless entertainment, drugs, alcohol, sexual intoxication -- and suicide.

German woman burning money
Woman burning money to heat her home in 1920's Germany (click to enlarge)

Because of the reparations Germany was forced to pay for World War I and the economic boycott imposed by world Jewry leading up to World War II, as well as other factors, the German economy was destroyed by the hyperinflation that resulted. By the end of 1923, the exchange rate between the Reichsmark and the dollar was approximately 4.2 trillion to 1. The rate of inflation was about 3,250,000% per month and prices for commodities was doubling every two days. A loaf of bread cost hundreds of billions of Reichsmarks and a kilogram of butter, thousands of billions. People were using wheelbarrows full of money to buy groceries. The currency became so worthless that it was used as wallpaper or to heat living spaces because it was cheaper to burn money than buy wood.

In his book Did Six Million Really Die?, Richard Harwood writes about the German policy toward the Jews prior to World War II:

Rightly or wrongly, the Germany of Adolf Hitler considered the Jews to be a disloyal and avaricious element within the national community, as well as a force of decadence in Germany's cultural life. This was held to be particularly unhealthy since, during the Weimar period, the Jews had risen to a position of remarkable strength and influence in the nation, particularly in law, finance and the mass media, even though they constituted only 5 per cent of the population. The fact that Karl Marx was a Jew and that Jews such as Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht were disproportionately prominent in the leadership of revolutionary movements in Germany, also tended to convince the Nazis of the powerful internationalist and Communist tendencies of the Jewish people themselves. It is no part of the discussion here to argue whether the German attitude to the Jews was right or not, or to judge whether its legislative measures against them were just or unjust. Our concern is simply with the fact that, believing of the Jews as they did, the Nazis' solution to the problem was to deprive them of their influence within the nation by various legislative acts, and most important of all, to encourage their emigration from the country altogether. By 1939, the great majority of German Jews had emigrated, all of them with a sizable proportion of their assets. Never at any time had the Nazi leadership even contemplated a policy of genocide towards them.

In a speech given before the Reichstag on 30 Jan., 1937, regarding the Jewish/communist threat to Germany, Adolf Hitler stated, in part:

The second division has been brought about by the proclamation of the Bolshevik doctrine, an integral feature of which is that they do not confine it to one nation but try to impose it on all the nations.

Here it is not a question of a special form of national life in Russia but of the Bolshevik demand for a world revolution. If Mr. Eden does not look at Bolshevism as we look at it, that may have something to do with the position of Great Britain and also with some happenings that are unknown to us. But I believe that nobody will question the sincerity of our opinions on this matter, for they are not based merely on abstract theory. For Mr. Eden Bolshevism is perhaps a thing which has its seat in Moscow, but for us in Germany this Bolshevism is a pestilence against which we have had to struggle at the cost of much bloodshed. It is a pestilence which tried to turn our country into the same kind of desert as is now the case in Spain; for the habit of murdering hostages began here, in the form in which we now see it in Spain. National Socialism did not try to come to grips with Bolshevism in Russia, but the Jewish international Bolsheviks in Moscow have tried to introduce their system into Germany and are still trying to do so. Against this attempt we have waged a bitter struggle, not only in defense of our own civilization but in defense of European civilization as a whole.

Judea Declares War on Germany
Judea Declares War on Germany - March 24, 1933

Into the vacuum created by the gutting of Germany by the Treaty of Versailles after the First World War, stepped opportunistic Jewish bankers, businessmen and politicians who would ultimately hold the influential positions in Germany that Harwood speaks of. Meanwhile a toxic element of Jewry, which included the Jewish leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, worked on overthrowing the current regime in favor of a communist one. This was not popular among the German people, who resented the growing influence of this Jewish cabal and made their discontentment known at the voting booths. Because the stranglehold of Jewish hegemony upon the country was eventually broken, international Jewry would seek revenge by declaring war against Germany in the form of a world wide call to boycott German goods. The Jews had no country or army of their own and so their choices regarding revenge were initially limited, though their position would later be substantially improved through their political connections. This declaration of war appeared on the front page of the March 24, 1933, edition of the London Daily Express in an article titled, Judea Declares War On Germany: Jews Of All The World Unite in Action. It read, in part:

The Israelite people of the world declare an economic war on Germany. It is not sufficient that we should buy no goods made in Germany. We must refuse to deal with any shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods. What we are proposing is to bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends.

Further declarations of war by Jewish power brokers would soon follow in publications around the world:

"The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler's people." -- Daily Express, March 24, 1933.

"For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community, at each conference, in all our syndicates, and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will trigger a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany's ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand the complete destruction of Germany. Collectively and individually, the German nation is a threat to us Jews." -- Vladimir Jabotinsky (founder of the Jewish terrorist group, Irgun Zvai Leumi) in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934

"Hitler will have no war (does not want war), but we will force it on him, not this year, but soon." -- Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, June, 1934

"The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world." - Brigadier General George Van Horn Mosely, The New York Tribune, March 29, 1939.

On 1 Apr., 1933, eight days after Jewry's original declaration of war upon Germany, Hitler responded in the form of an order to boycott Jewish businesses for a period of 24 hours. Because international Jewry had declared war upon Germany, it appears that the Jews residing within her boarders could be legally treated as an enemy of Germany, disarmed and subjected to internment, though this would not occur for another few years. Hitler did not disarm all Germans as many falsely believe. Harwood writes:


With the coming of the war, the situation regarding the Jews altered drastically. It is not widely known that world Jewry declared itself to be a belligerent party in the Second World War, and there was therefore ample basis under international law for the Germans to intern the Jewish population as a hostile force. On September 5, 1939 Chaim Weizmann, the principle Zionist leader, had declared war against Germany on behalf of the world's Jews, stating that "the Jews stand by Great Britain and will fight on the side of the democracies... The Jewish Agency is ready to enter into immediate arrangements for utilizing Jewish manpower, technical ability, resources etc ... " (Jewish Chronicle, September 8, 1939).


All Jews had thus been declared agents willing to prosecute a war against the German Reich, and as a consequence, Himmler and Heydrich were eventually to begin the policy of internment. It is worth noting that the United States and Canada had already interned all Japanese aliens and citizens of Japanese descent in detention camps before the Germans applied the same security measures against the Jews of Europe. Moreover, there had been no such evidence or declaration of disloyalty by these Japanese Americans as had been given by Weizmann. The British, too, during the Boer War, interned all the women and children of the population, and thousands had died as a result, yet in no sense could the British be charged with wanting to exterminate the Boers. The detention of Jews in the occupied territories of Europe served two essential purposes from the German viewpoint. The first was to prevent unrest and subversion; Himmler had informed Mussolini on October 11th, 1942, that German policy towards the Jews had altered during wartime entirely for reasons of military security. He complained that thousands of Jews in the occupied regions were conducting partisan warfare, sabotage and espionage, a view confirmed by official Soviet information given to Raymond Arthur Davis that no less than 35,000 European Jews were waging partisan war under Tito in Yugoslavia. As a result, Jews were to be transported to restricted areas and detention camps, both in Germany, and especially after March 1942, in the Government- General of Poland. [...]

Paul Rassinier, a prisoner at the Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps from 1943 until the end of the war, wrote:

Then one day I realized that a false picture of the German camps had been created and that the problem of the concentration camps was a universal one, not just one that could be disposed of by placing it on the doorstep of the National Socialists. The deportees — many of whom were Communists — had been largely responsible for leading international political thinking to such an erroneous conclusion. I suddenly felt that by remaining silent I was an accomplice to a dangerous influence.

Germany's persecution of the Jews was not a result of pure antisemitism as we are led to believe. There were many legitimate reasons why Hitler chose a similar course regarding the Jews as did approximately 80 countries before him. The parasitic nature of the Jews created Hitler, a man who loved his country so much that he could not bare to stand idly by while Germany was destroyed from within by "the chosen people" who intentionally set out to molest German culture and dominate and corrupt its institutions for their own benefit.

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Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust - The Man

"We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your fatherland, nor do we believe that you are the monster described by your opponents." -- Mahatma Gandhi in a letter to Adolf Hitler, 1940

"We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your fatherland, nor do we believe that you are the monster described by your opponents." -- Mahatma Gandhi in a letter to Adolf Hitler, December 24, 1940

Video: What NSDAP Was Trying To Achieve For A Beleaguered Germany - By Vertigopolitix

Was Adolf Hitler really a sadistic monster, hell-bent on world domination and the destruction of the Jews?

In the gallery above you may have noticed the presence of a particular young girl in more than one photograph. Her name is Rosa Bernile Nienau, a Jewish girl who was a favorite of Hitler and who shared his birthday. Here she is again in a special 1933 photograph Hitler addressed to Rosa's mother, the widow Frau K. Nienau, on which he attached with glue some of his favorite Edelweiss flowers. The caption reads "To my darling and good Rosa Nienau, Munich, June 16, 1933. Adolf Hitler":

Hitler and Rosa Bernile Nienau

You can read more about the photograph above in a page by historian David Irving titled Real History, and a Radical's Diary.

In the following video, Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben Porat talks about the Hitler's justification for wanting to rid Germany of its powerful Jews:

Video: Jewish Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Ben Porat Tells The Truth About Why Hitler Hated The Jews - 2017

Part of the series, Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told, this next video briefly portrays Hitler's rise to power from the writing of Mine Kampf to the rapid transformation of a destitute Germany to one that was admired by many world leaders.

Video: The Greatest Story NEVER Told (part 2)

Much like the myth of homicidal gas chambers, so too is the legacy of Adolf Hitler saturated in untruths bestowed upon us by Zionist-Jewish interests who wish to maintain their geopolitical grip and the significant stream of revenue that might otherwise be jeopardized should the truth about Hitler and the holocaust be widely disseminated. Here again we must be willing to put aside what we have been told by our governments, educational institutions and the mainstream media before we can consider who Adolf Hitler really was and what motivated him to abandon his desire to become an architect and pursue a career in politics instead.

Contrary to what the public is led to believe, Hitler was far removed from the image of an ignorant psychopath that has been painted by the victors of the Second World War. He was an inquisitive intellectual with a seemingly insatiable appetite for knowledge. Although a loner and extremely poor throughout most of his life, he had a passion for architecture and art and he devoured many books from great authors.

Leon Degrelle, who would join the Waffen SS and later become a General, and who was close to Hitler, wrote:

His behavior and his lifestyle never changed even when he became the ruler of Germany. He dressed and lived frugally. During his early days in Munich, he spent no more than a mark per day for food. At no stage in his life did he spend anything on himself. Throughout his thirteen years in the chancellery he never carried a wallet or ever had money of his own.


His intellectual curiosity was limitless. He was readily familiar with the writings of the most diverse authors, and nothing was too complex for his comprehension. He had a deep knowledge and understanding of Buddha, Confucius and Jesus Christ, as well as Luther, Calvin, and Savonarola; of literary giants such as Dante, Schiller, Shake- speare and Goethe; and of analytical writers such as Renan and Gobineau, Chamber- lain and Sorel.


The universality of Hitler’s knowledge may surprise or displease those unaware of it, but it is nonetheless a historical fact: Hitler was one of the most cultivated men of this century. Many times more so than Churchill, an intellectual mediocrity; or than Pierre Laval, with his mere cursory knowledge of history; or than Roosevelt; or Eisenhower, who never got beyond detective novels.

The Enigma of Adolf Hitler

Hitler's bravery and patriotism cannot be questioned. During the First World War he repeatedly volunteered for hazardous duty and was injured on several occasions, one which left him temporarily blind and with permanent eye troubles as a result of exposure to mustard gas. Regardless of the severity of his injuries however, Hitler always returned to his unit as soon as possible even when he was not obligated to return at all. From former sergeant Max Amann with the Bavarian R.-F.-R., 1916:

Hitler never hesitated in the least in carrying out even the most difficult order, and very often took on the most dangerous duties for his comrades.

Couriers for the regimental staff had to be among the most reliable people, because serving as a regimental courier during battles and skirmishes required iron nerves and a cool head. Hitler always did his duty, and even after his severe thigh wound, [he] volunteered to be sent back to his regiment from the reserve battalion, immediately after his release from the hospital.

During one particular battle, armed only with a pistol, Hitler single-handedly captured five French soldiers. For this he was awarded the coveted Iron Cross, 1st class, which was not only an highly prestigious honor, but also an award which was unlikely to be bestowed upon a mere corporal. The citation was signed in 1918 by Baron von Godin, the regimental commander, who stated:

As a dispatch runner, he has shown cold-blooded courage and exemplary boldness both in positional warfare and in the war of movement, and he has always volunteered to carry messages in the most difficult situations and at risk of his life. Under conditions of great peril, when all the communications lines were cut, the untiring and fearless activity of Hitler made it possible for important messages to go through. Hitler received the Iron Cross Second Class for gallant conduct during fighting at Wytschaete on 1 Dec 1914. [He] fully deserves to be awarded the Iron Cross First Class.

Hitler would eventually receive a total of six medals for bravery during combat.

Prior to Hitler's rise to power during the Weimar Republic after the close of World War I, Germany faced a serious threat of a takeover by communist sympathizers residing within her, many of whom were Jewish. Outraged by this and other factors, including the Treaty of Versailles which had gutted and vilified Germany, the young Adolf Hitler, who had wanted to become an artist, decided instead to pursue a career in politics and thus joined the revolutionary National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), eventually becoming its leader in 1921.

Hitler was imprisoned in 1923 after a failed attempt by the NSDAP to seize power of the German government in Munich. It was during this time that he authored Mein Kampf, one of the best selling books ever written of which more than 12 million copies were distributed by the end of World War II. Even today it still ranks high among some of the best seller lists despite the fact that the book is banned in over 20 countries, including the United States (in late 2015 the copyright expires and Mein Kampf will be in the public domain, negating the ban).

In 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Many Germans were willing to tolerate the socialist police state dictatorship that he had set up because he was the only leader who offered meaningful solutions to the utterly desperate situation Germany faced, including devastating hyperinflation, crushing unemployment, wide-spread drug use, pornography, prostitution and general lawlessness.

In the following interview of Ernst Zündel which was conducted by an Israeli journalist, we can learn a great deal more about what motivated Hitler and what his intentions were:

Video: Ernst Zundel Interviewed By An Israeli Journalist - 1996

Nazi Party Reichserntedankfest Rally, Bückeberg, 1934
700,000 people attend the Nazi Party Reichserntedankfest Rally, Bückeberg, 1934 (click to enlarge)
Nazi Rally, Nuremberg, 1934
Nazi Rally, Nuremberg, 1934 (click to enlarge)
Crowds cheering Adolf Hitler's campaign to unite Austria and Germany, 1938
Crowds cheering Adolf Hitler's campaign to unite Austria and Germany, 1938 (click to enlarge)
League of German Girls dancing at Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg, 1938
League of German Girls dancing at Reich Party Congress, Nuremberg, 1938 (click to enlarge)
Parade in Nuremberg, Germany, 1938
Parade in Nuremberg, Germany, 1938 (click to enlarge)
Nazi rally in the Cathedral of Light, c. 1937
Nazi rally in the Cathedral of Light, c. 1937 (click to enlarge)
Painting by Adolf Hitler
One of the many architectural paintings by Adolf Hitler (click to enlarge)
Adolf Hitler feeding deer
Adolf Hitler feeding deer (click to enlarge)

In just a few years after being appointed Chancellor, Hitler eliminated the massive unemployment problem by creating approximately six million jobs and restored the German economy while much of the rest of the world was still reeling from the Great Depression of 1929. The outpouring of admiration the people of Germany freely bestowed upon Adolf Hitler is abundantly clear in the massive and enthusiastic crowds he drew everywhere he spoke, especially in Nuremberg, Munich and Berlin which saw some of the largest gatherings the world has ever known.

Hitler would become the most popular leader in all of Europe and was supported by an unprecedented 90% of the nearly 80 million Germans because he followed through on the promises he made. To my knowledge, no other leader before or since has ever been able to come close to replicating the rapid and complete rise from the depths of poverty, chaos and social and political dysfunction as was experienced in Germany in the late 1930's. The people of Germany had placed their hopes for the future upon the shoulders of Adolf Hitler and he delivered. Hitler's accomplishments include:

  • Created approximately 3 million of jobs in his first year in office and went on to virtually eliminate unemployment.
  • Restored the German economy.
  • Eliminated debt slavery (interest on loans).
  • Cleaned up the massive crime, drug, prostitution and pornography problems, especially in Berlin where there had been approximately 270,000 suicides in 1932 alone.
  • Created various social programs, including financial support for expectant mothers.
  • Conceptualized the Volkswagen, a tough, reliable and inexpensive car that nearly every German could afford.
  • Greatly expanded the autobahn, a system of highways stretching across Germany.
  • Introduced a 40 hour work week with mandatory breaks for employees and paid overtime.
  • Introduced government subsided vacations for German workers.
  • Promoted environmentalism and introduced animal rights.
  • United the German people and restored their dignity and confidence.

Not popular with the mainstream historians are the many attempts Hitler made to resolve the growing tensions peacefully and avert the Second World War, however those who stood to gain from a war with Germany would have nothing to do with his offers of peace:

  • 17 May, 1933, Hitler delivers a speech declaring that Germany is willing to disarm if the neighboring countries would reciprocate, stating in part:

Germany will be perfectly ready to disband her entire military establishment and destroy the small amount of arms remaining to her, if the neighboring countries will do the same thing with equal thoroughness.

  • 18 Dec., 1933, Hitler submits a six point proposal for the improvement of international relations. The last point was:

6. The European nations guarantee one another the unconditional maintenance of peace by the conclusion of non-aggression pacts, to be renewed after ten years.

  • 26 Jan., 1934, Hitler completes a non-aggression pact with Poland.
  • 21 May, 1935, Hitler makes another attempt to avoid the growing possibility of war, stating in a speech:

Germany declares herself ready to agree to any limitation whatsoever of the caliber-strength of artillery, battleships, cruisers and torpedo boats. In like manner the German Government is ready to accept any international limitation of the size of warships. And finally it is ready to agree to limitation of tonnage for submarines, or to their complete abolition in case of international agreement.

  • 18 Jun., 1935, Hitler negotiated a Naval agreement with Great Britain in which it was stated that Germany was to have a naval strength limited to 35% of that of the British Navy.
  • 31 Mar., 1936, Hitler formulates a comprehensive plan for peace, stating in part:

The German Government believes that with the peace plan proposed above it has made its contribution to the reconstruction of a new Europe on the basis of reciprocal respect and confidence between sovereign states. Many opportunities for such a pacification of Europe, for which Germany has so often in the last few years made her proposals, have been neglected. May this attempt to achieve European understanding succeed at last!

  • 30 Sep., 1938, Hitler makes an agreement with the British Prime Minister, stating in part:

We regard the agreement signed last night and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again.

We are resolved that the method of consultation shall be the method adopted to deal with any other questions that may concern our two countries, and we are determined to continue our efforts to remove possible sources of difference and thus to contribute to assure the peace of Europe.

  • 6 Dec., 1938, Hitler instructs the German Foreign Minister to make an agreement with France which states, in part:

The German Government and the French Government fully share the conviction that peaceful and good-neighborly relations between Germany and France constitute one of the most essential elements for the consolidation of the situation in Europe and the maintenance of general peace. The two Governments will in consequence use all their efforts to ensure the development of the relations between their countries in this direction.

  • 23 Aug., 1939, Hitler signs the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact.
  • 3 Sep., 1939, Great Britain and France declare war on Germany followed by India, Australia and New Zealand. Several more countries soon follow.
  • 6 Oct., 1939, after war had been declared on Germany, Hitler makes a speech, stating in part:

In the war with Poland, I endeavored to restrict aerial warfare to objectives of military importance, or only to employ it to combat resistance at a given point. But it must surely be possible to emulate the Red Cross in drawing up some universally valid international regulation. It is only when this is achieved that peace can reign, particularly on our densely populated continent a peace which, un-contaminated by suspicion and fear, will provide the only possible condition for real economic prosperity. I do not believe that there is any responsible statesman in Europe who does not in his heart desire prosperity for his people. But such a desire can only be realized if all the nations inhabiting this continent decide to work together. To assist in ensuring this co-operation must be the aim of every man who is sincerely struggling for the future of his own people.

Following is a quote from Hitlers broadcast in Berlin to the German people in 1941:

This conspiracy of democratic Jews and Free Masons dragged Europe into war two years ago. Arms had to decide.

Since then a struggle has been taking place between truth and lies and, as always, this war will end in the victory for truth. In other words, whatever lies British propaganda, international world Jewry and its democratic accomplices may concoct they will not change historical facts. And it is a historical fact that for two years now Germany has been defeating one opponent after another.

I did not want it. Immediately after the first conflict I again held out my hand. I have been a soldier myself and I know how difficult it is to win a victory.

My hand was rejected. And since then we have seen that each peace offer was immediately exploited by the warmonger Churchill and his confreres so that they could say it was proof of our weakness.

At approximately 3 AM on 29 April, 1945, the day before his death, Hitler authored the following political testament:

The last known photograph of Adolf Hitler
The last known photograph of Adolf Hitler, captured outside the Berlin bunker shortly before his death on April 30, 1945

My Political Testament

More than thirty years have now passed since I in 1914 made my modest contribution as a volunteer in the first world war that was forced upon the Reich.

In these three decades I have been actuated solely by love and loyalty to my people in all my thoughts, acts, and life. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions which have ever confronted mortal man. I have spent my time, my working strength, and my health in these three decades.

It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted the war in 1939. It was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish descent or worked for Jewish interests. I have made too many offers for the control and limitation of armaments, which posterity will not for all time be able to disregard for the responsibility for the outbreak of this war to be laid on me. I have further never wished that after the first fatal world war a second against England, or even against America, should break out. Centuries will pass away, but out of the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred against those finally responsible whom we have to thank for everything, international Jewry and its helpers, will grow.

Three days before the outbreak of the German-Polish war I again proposed to the British ambassador in Berlin a solution to the German-Polish problem—similar to that in the case of the Saar district, under international control. This offer also cannot be denied. It was only rejected because the leading circles in English politics wanted the war, partly on account of the business hoped for and partly under influence of propaganda organized by international Jewry.

I have also made it quite plain that, if the nations of Europe are again to be regarded as mere shares to be bought and sold by these international conspirators in money and finance, then that race, Jewry, which is the real criminal of this murderous struggle, will be saddled with the responsibility. I further left no one in doubt that this time not only would millions of children of Europe's Aryan peoples die of hunger, not only would millions of grown men suffer death, and not only hundreds of thousands of women and children be burnt and bombed to death in the towns, without the real criminal having to atone for this guilt, even if by more humane means.

After six years of war, which in spite of all setbacks will go down one day in history as the most glorious and valiant demonstration of a nation's life purpose, I cannot forsake the city which is the capital of this Reich. As the forces are too small to make any further stand against the enemy attack at this place, and our resistance is gradually being weakened by men who are as deluded as they are lacking in initiative, I should like, by remaining in this town, to share my fate with those, the millions of others, who have also taken upon themselves to do so. Moreover I do not wish to fall into the hands of an enemy who requires a new spectacle organized by the Jews for the amusement of their hysterical masses.

I have decided therefore to remain in Berlin and there of my own free will to choose death at the moment when I believe the position of the Fuehrer and Chancellor itself can no longer be held.

I die with a happy heart, aware of the immeasurable deeds and achievements of our soldiers at the front, our women at home, the achievements of our farmers and workers and the work, unique in history, of our youth who bear my name.

That from the bottom of my heart I express my thanks to you all, is just as self-evident as my wish that you should, because of that, on no account give up the struggle but rather continue it against the enemies of the Fatherland, no matter where, true to the creed of a great Clausewitz. From the sacrifice of our soldiers and from my own unity with them unto death, will in any case spring up in the history of Germany, the seed of a radiant renaissance of the National-Socialist movement and thus of the realization of a true community of nations.

Many of the most courageous men and women have decided to unite their lives with mine until the very last I have begged and finally ordered them not to do this, but to take part in the further battle of the Nation. I beg the heads of the Armies, the Navy, and the Air Force to strengthen by all possible means the spirit of resistance of our soldiers in the National-Socialist sense, with special reference to the fact that also I myself, as founder and creator of this movement, have preferred death to cowardly abdication or even capitulation.

May it, at some future time, become part of the code of honour of the German officer—as is already the case in our Navy—that the surrender of a district or of a town is impossible, and that above all the leaders here must march ahead as shining examples, faithfully fulfilling their duty unto death.

Hitler's "final solution to the Jewish question" was not a policy of extermination, but a policy of expulsion. The Jews residing in Germany could leave at any time of their own accord and were certainly encouraged to do so. Those that chose to stay, and were more then half Jewish, would be forced out. To further encourage the emigration of the Jews, the Nazis made a pact the with the Zionists called the Haavara Agreement which allowed 60,000 Jews to emigrate to Palestine with their assets generally intact. This pact, also known as The Transfer Agreement, served the purpose of both the Nazis and the Zionists, the latter of which needed the German Jews in order to establish the state of Israel. The Haavara Agreement was in effect from 1933 until 1941 when it was terminated due to the outbreak of World War II.

Though the majority of the German Jews chose to migrate before the war broke out, those who were only partially Jewish, as determined by their heritage, were allowed to remain in Germany and many did. There was even a functioning Synagogue in Berlin, the same city in which the Reich Chancellery was located, until the allies bombed it in 1943. There were also as many as 150,000 Jews that served in Hitlers army, some of which rose to the highest ranks, and those that made up the Waffen Schutzstaffel (Waffen SS) were primarily volunteers of various ethnic backgrounds from approximately 30 countries including Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands and Ukraine. Germany had possibly the only multinational military at that time that did not segregate based on race, unlike the United States military which had special units for African Americans and others.

Video: Hitler's Shadow - In Service To The Fuhrer


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