Video: Harry Vox & Syrian Girl Dismantle US/Israeli Lies

Harry Vox / Syrian Girl Dismantle US/Israeli Lies - PressTV

With riots rocking major US cities and video of explosions and US military storming and attacking US citizens, mothers and veterans, could Trump be looking for a distraction in the form of a war with Iran? Harry Vox and Syrian Girl deconstruct the news of the US military plane which harassed an Iranian civilian passenger flight.

Video: Harry Vox, Cynthia McKinney, Robert David Steele

This is an interesting discussion between Harry Vox, Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele. Together they discuss Israel, its influence in U.S. politics and what the future holds as a result.

Steele is apparently a Trump fan who essentially claims that Trump is playing 3-D chess. He claims to have a lot of inside knowledge which indicates that Trump is going to pull out all the stops during his second term, assuming he wins the "election", and actually "drain the swamp", which would be the complete opposite of what he has done thus far.

Vox and McKinney strongly disagree, stating that there is no evidence that Trump is going to do anything different and he is just another story in a book that's already been written regardless of who holds the office of president.

Personally, and without reservation, i side with Vox and McKinney because this is the scenario to which most of the evidence points.

Harry Vox interview with Cynthia McKinney & Robert David Steele

a discussion of the country's future, with or without the parasite's blood funnel sunk into its neck.