Video: WARNING FOR HUMANITY / Covid-19 vaccine & transhumanism / by Dr Carrie Madej

WARNING FOR HUMANITY / Covid-19 vaccine & transhumanism / by Dr Carrie Madej

Dr Carrie Madej explains how the proposed vaccine for COVID-19 can change humanity forever.

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Video: 'Death is going to be excluded as an adverse reaction' - Dr. Carrie Madej: Reprogramming of Cells Without Informed Consent

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Blockbuster conversation with Dr. Carrie Madej exposing the fact that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-vaccine is experimental in nature, has not been properly tested in humans, has not been proven safe and effective (she explains closely how the raw data has been manipulated), and raises many questions regarding dangerous side-effects and adverse events, including death, as well as pointing to the genetic reprogramming of human cells without informed consent provided to those who take it: this is a transhumanizing and nanobot-containing vaccine, but people do not seem to understand this; given the multiple numbers of adverse effects being reported, she calls for an immediate moratorium to halt the rollout and calls for medical professionals to speak out.

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Video: 'Death is going to be excluded as an adverse reaction' - Dr. Carrie Madej: Reprogramming of Cells Without Informed Consent

Blockbuster conversation with Dr. Carrie Madej exposing the fact that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-vaccine is experimental in nature, has not been properly tested in humans, has not been proven safe and effective (she explains closely how the raw data has been manipulated), and raises many questions regarding dangerous side-effects and adverse events, including death, as well as pointing to the genetic reprogramming of human cells without informed consent provided to those who take it: this is a transhumanizing and nanobot-containing vaccine, but people do not seem to understand this; given the multiple numbers of adverse effects being reported, she calls for an immediate moratorium to halt the rollout and calls for medical professionals to speak out.

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so good afternoon everyone and welcome this is Ramola D from Ramola D Reports
and i'm here as you as you can tell with a very well known doctor and researcher
dr Carrie Madej who's really become quite famous worldwide because of the great
disclosure she's been giving everybody about the mrna vaccines and talking about
uh the entire covet plantermic pandemic whatever you want to call it um and
we're here today to talk a little bit in depth about vaccines i'm particularly
excited about speaking with dr kirima day today because she is a specialist or
researcher specialist in the field of vaccines dr Carrie Madej directed two
large medical clinics in the state of georgia usa and looking at her bio at i read that she's been fascinated by vaccines from from her
twenties onwards studied them ever since and her in-depth research led her to
discover what the proposed technologies are for the new covert 19 vaccines and
as everyone knows what she's revealing is alarming and um you know what she's
talking about really is how these new vaccines can alter our dna turning us into
hybrids connect humans to artificial intelligence and global control networks um
kicking off transhumanists and turning us into humans 2.0 and these are a rather
frightening topics and certainly we all need to have a say in our future as
humanity so for that reason uh you know we need to have the knowledge at our
fingertips so i'm very um so grateful um that dr Carrie made speaking out as our
other doctors today and i want to welcome you to the show thank you so much for
being here carrie thank you for thank you ramola i'm very happy to be here very
happy to help share this knowledge and um educate people as much as we can time
is of the essence right now this is our window of opportunity to take action
thank you i guess you know you must have also been following the news because
now at this point in time we have a situation where the vaccines have been
rolled out people are actually taking the vaccines right yeah yes obviously
there are many many concerns that you have pointed out um you know it's almost
as if you almost you are repeating your message but so i feel a little bad about
asking you to repeat repeat the main points over here but um you know your voice
is powerful and very much needed as a specialist and an ex expert at this time
so did you want to tell us briefly what exactly is so problematic and concerning
about these mrna vaccines um well to begin with these other these vaccines are
completely experimental on the human race it's such an experiment that right now
honestly by by all science and all legalities every single person taking a
vaccine is now a research participant there is no clinical study that has been
completed not one of them will be completed until october of 2021. that means
every single person that takes any shot is now a research participant that means
that not one person not one entity not one government can ever tell you what to
expect we don't know we really don't know we need the whole experiment to go
through so we're in a grand experiment on top of that they're introducing
minimum of two brand new technologies into the human body that has never been
launched or released on such a large population of people so we have the
experiment and then we have two new technologies being introduced um on top of
that we have um you know some substances inside the vaccine there are so many
things to go over as you know but many substances substances in the vaccine that
can not only alter our dna our genetic code but also introduce artificial
intelligence nanotechnology into the body and some other substances like
polyethylene glycol that can be very allergenic to people that we're seeing
problems right now so there's many things to go over and not only the research
is showing that this has a lot of risk but also the meetings that i attended
previously um their business and their scientific meetings when they were going
over the intent of these vaccines in my opinion it was not for the good of the
whole it was not for the good of humanity it was more about control and
surveillance of people and it's because of knowing that intent and then also
knowing the ingredients and the the risks involved that i've been warning
everybody and alarming everyone so i don't know which one you want to start with
first there wow that's a brilliant sort of summary and condensation of all of
the many many problems associated with it let's start with what you first
mentioned with the fact that this is experimental and everybody who's taking it
is a research participant voluntarily or involuntarily i mean are people being
told this do people know this absolutely not i i've been traveling around the us
recently and just talking to all kinds of people and i can tell you that their
understanding of the vaccine is that it is proven to be safe and effective and
those are both false absolutely a hundred percent those are false to begin with
there's the two manufacturers pfizer and modana moderna that are approved for
use in the united states and by emergency use so those two companies have been
researching the vaccine so far and in their endpoints what they're studying for
a successful vaccine are only two endpoints one is does it prevent you from
having a positive pcr test the second is does it prevent you from having one
symptom that's it only one symptom so for preventing you from having a fever or
cough it's successful that is it those are the only two endpoints they're
studying so when they say it's successful it's based on that now everybody's
scared of cover 19 they're scared of dying you're scared of going to hospital
they're scared of catching it they do not look at does it prevent transmission
or you being contagious it doesn't look at that it does not look at does it
prevent people from dying doesn't look at that it does not look at does it
prevent you from going to the hospital or icu doesn't look at that okay so the
benefits are very minuscule and by the admission of the manufacturers they admit
that the probably they're assuming only assuming that the immunity from the
vaccines could only last two months after the second shot that's it no more so
if it's only two months maybe of partial immunity that's all you're getting
that's not very much benefit right so then look at the risk because a doctor
should look at the benefits versus the risk and this is the little information
we know the what we know now are the short-term effects intermediate and
long-term effects to expect so short term well we know now and you've probably
people probably heard around the news that there's been allergic reactions
anaphylactic reactions happening so much so that people in the uk or the
institutions are now putting resuscitation units next to where they're
administering the vaccines that means people are actually going into a state of
needing resuscitation meaning bring back to life okay you're dying from the
vaccine within minutes i honestly don't know of any other vaccine that ever
works in that manner or has that side effect so we have that and that's due to
the polyethylene glycol that's what we're assuming in the vaccine right yeah
because 70 percent of people go ahead 70 percent of people are allergic go ahead
finish i just said uh we know that about 70 of people can be allergic to that
that's an incredible number huh we need to talk about that absolutely can we
just um go back a little bit because i wanted to simply emphasize the points
that you're making over here you're talking about benefits versus risks and
you're talking about the relative safety of this vaccine people that you've
spoken to imagine that the vaccine is safe but basic ones and then the
suppression of symptoms it sounds like and then the the vaccine is actually able
to do that pfizer is able to say i didn't hear that last part you froze on me so
could you repeat the last part yeah i was gonna no worries no this is happening
i'm so sorry this is uh we are being hacked but um yeah oh power for the course
apparently so it sounds like what f the fisa vaccine is doing what it can ensure
is basically two or three things and one of those is it ensures a partial
immunity for two months it suppresses the symptoms and it ensures that you won't
get a positive pcr test is that all that that they can uh that that's all
they're looking at for endpoints right now and you have to understand when
they're saying that that is what they're seeing as the benefit well we have very
little data on that because again we're inside the middle of the experiment at
the end of the experiment maybe they would see none of those are true because we
have to see the whole experiment in its entirety the other problem is that
they're not being honest with how they're accumulating that data how they're
presenting it to us and i'll give you an example um we need to look at all the
raw data raw data means this is this person and this is what happened to them
and you can go down the list that's raw data right um well in in modern and
pfizer studies they um were publishing to like the new england journal of
medicine saying their preliminary studies you know and they had maybe 45
patients well if you look at the raw data it was showing many more patients were
in that study so they took out omitted some patients before they presented their
research in the research article that's so unethical and so what i saw they were
doing is they had taken out the elderly patients the ones that were 65 and up
and why they did it it's quite obvious because if you look at the raw data that
i was able to get so far the people in that study group most of them could not
get the second vaccine in fact anyone over 70 did not they just said in
quotations lost to follow-up they didn't say or they were just angry not to take
it or maybe they died we don't know we don't know what happened to all of them
and so what they did is they presented their research and say okay we had 18
year old to a 60 year old in the trial no that's not true they had many more
that were older than that and they just took them out so they wouldn't be part
of the study that is such horrible manipulation of the data it's lying as
outright lying to the public and to other scientists and doctors so people need
to understand that we are being lied to on many levels and the data is being
manipulated at the largest extent that's just what i could figure out from the
little information i have received what if we got all of the raw data i could
imagine there's going to be a lot more than that also if you look at their
parameters for what do they exclude as a side effect or as an adverse reaction
from the vaccine in many instances they're saying that death is going to be
excluded as an adverse reaction they actually are saying cardiovascular events
will be excluded as an adverse reaction are you kidding me because they're
assuming that a cardiovascular reaction won't be from the vaccine what they're
also giving just short time frames for the adverse reactions okay nothing past
this point will be coming from our vaccine they're cherry picking everything
apart and so the bias of the studies will show that it's it's it's a good
vaccine when it's not a good vaccine and this is what if they gave us all the
data people need to understand they're not allowing us to look at all the data
to be real critical thinkers and look at this and it's quite frightening and i'm
very disappointed in my colleagues because they're not reading the research
themselves not all of them but a large number of them they're just saying well
the conclusion says it's a success you know you have to read the whole the whole
article to see um you know where did the patients study where were the patients
were they really and what are they studying what are the end points all these
things are they lying about their stats usually you have to go through and make
sure the statistician did a good job many times you'll see that the statistician
made mistakes so you don't take my point to you is yeah that no you're supposed
to studies are done very very poorly sorry i think we're both being frozen very
poorly so far the studies being done very poor yeah sorry i don't mean to talk
over you i think what's happening is we're being frozen at different times and
it sounds like we're stepping on each other not intentional so uh just to let
our viewers know you know we're not stepping on each other's stores over here so
um so wow that is huge information as far as i can tell basically you're saying
the data is being manipulated the raw data is being somewhat obscured and it's
being reformed and presented in a wrongful way there's an obvious kind of bias
that you are picking up large numbers of the people involved in the study are
not being accounted for so there's a lot of missing bits of information and your
colleagues who are reading and reading this data are not exercising critical
thinking faculties they're not looking at the stats themselves and they're not
looking they're not looking for the raw data or asking the right questions not
at all because people depend on their doctors to advise them and if the doctors
are ill-informed and uneducated they're not able to give you a proper assessment
uh proper recommendation i just am so just our profession is so important right
now and i am so disappointed and i'm calling my colleagues out because we took
oaths as physicians to first do no harm and to always look at the risks versus
the benefits of any treatment we do the benefits must outweigh the risks and
right now i am not seeing that and also it is our duty to tell the patient they
are they are entering into an experiment and give informed consent and let them
know of all these things and the potential risks as well and i see none of that
going on i see them advising them to get it it's a good idea don't worry it's
it's going you're going to be better and they don't tell them that they're in
the middle of an experiment that's really very scary and you know i along those
lines i recall just yesterday i think it was the surgeon general was on twitter
asking doing a q a and encouraging people to ask him questions but you know he
gave a little spiel before he started and i heard that bit and he was basically
saying the vaccine is safe and effective and he was encouraging people to get it
is that not disgusting that on the highest level that they're using such poor
science and professionalism i'm just i'm disgusted and horrified really ramola
um yeah do you also see the media reporting along those lines i mean because
they pick up what fauci says they pick up what the surgeon general says they
pick up what pfizer says yeah and they're presenting a little narrative here
that the vaccine is safe and effective and we shouldn't discourage people from
getting the vaccine because that's called vaccine hesitancy yes well and then
first of all it's good to go back to the media yes they are spinning that story
but we shouldn't even be calling it a vaccine i think you've heard that before
this is not a vaccine by all definition um you know vaccines are very different
you actually give the person the organism it's not really homeopathy but i tell
people it's kind of like getting a little bit of what makes you sick so that
your body knows how to protect itself that's a very simplified version but
people understand that in this instance no we're not doing that we're putting a
code into you to reprogram your cell to then force it to make a protein or
another genetic code that is not from nature that is completely synthetic uh
you're reprogramming a cell this is nothing to do with a vaccine nothing to do
with what we've done before um and a lot of things can go wrong because if we
put a program of code into anything and everybody has smart devices they know
that they don't always work and this is a this is the first time they're going
to roll this out look at microsoft they've been around forever they still have
so many problems and they're actually the number one programmer behind this
they've been doing this for years and they still have tons of problems now
they're doing it to a human body and of course they're going to have lots of no
idea that we're using brand new technology talking about microsoft i think
people you know it could be argued that microsoft sort of created a system that
was rife with bugs viruses to put it mildly the very same term and uh you know
that's how it was introduced on the market in the first place so then they could
produce all sorts of fixes for their bugs their bug fixes as well well i think
they just repeat history right i believe that that's the intention with this one
as well um you know it's programming you so that you keep needing another
vaccine and going back to the meetings i've been to that was told to us that
that was the intent that we would just be downloading our own vaccines as
medications many times a year from our smart devices indefinitely and that my
job as a physician in my lifetime would be obsolete because all we would need
are downloads and people should really think about what that means because a
human body organic human body uh that's we don't need downloads right absolutely
and you know i think this is where people sort of start going fuzzy and going
well how can your phone actually affect your body but that's because of what's
in this vaccine that begins to change the human body right that's that's the key
to all of this um you know it's not just introducing a genetic synthetic code
into the body it's that they're introducing nanotechnology or the nanolipid
particles are all under a term called nanotechnology which is under a term
called hydrogel okay they're right they're using different terms for the same
substance and so they have many different functions one of them is to be a drug
delivery system on demand drug delivery system and that's what they're saying
this is the intent of this but if you look at all the research and the
literature and the meetings i went to it's very clear that they intend to use
this nanotechnology for other purposes and the other main purpose would be for a
biosensor meaning your body would have sensors in it that are really like little
nanobots it's an artificial interface hookup it's an if you get enough of this
substance inside your body it would make you be it would make it feel like
having a smartphone inside your body so that remotely for via wi-fi you could
control things but also things can control you or your your body could put out
information and your body could receive information so messages going back and
forth without the need of this intermediate device here okay so the idea is to
accumulate data from your body all your physical characteristics which might
sound great your blood sugar your blood pressure medications in your body very
intimate details like sexual function um you know how much sun you're getting
your thoughts and your emotions the software is already built into the phones to
gather that they just need the hardware inside of us to do the ultimate hookup
and so the vaccines are a method and an excuse to get this kind of technology
into the human body and why would they want to do that uh well they're going to
tell us and they already have well this is great you know we'll be able to give
you instant feedback you'll know when you need insulin and we'll have devices
and you can make your own insulin if you're a diabetic what if you tore your
tendon great these little nanobots could go there and heal that oh you can have
better eyesight better memory you could be a superhuman that way that's what
they're going to tell you but if you look at what they discuss in meetings and
the patents that are out there there's nothing to do with it these biosensors
will be gathering the information but it's going to be used for other purposes
it's going to be used to know everything about you to do surveillance and
there'll no be there won't be any more privacy they'll know what you're thinking
before maybe you think it right um so it's really for surveillance and control
and then if you look at good old microsoft they put the patent out this year or
last year of the zero six zero six zero six we're using this biosensor data and
they would calculate that and give you your cryptocurrency based on whether or
not you are a good human or bad human based on all the data that they're getting
so they already have in their mind what a good human is and what a bad human is
and they're basing that off the social credit system from china so those things
i know not just from that patent but the business meeting that i attended where
they discussed this was the intent for populations of people that they had the
power and the autonomy and the right to control and modify behavior of a group
of people to do it and so again the only thing holding them back is again
getting that substance inside of us it's called a payload and how much do they
need i'm not sure and i don't think they know yet either that's why they said be
ready to get multiple vaccines and so this vaccine already looks like a failure
so far with as far as kobe 19 but i don't think they care about that that's not
the point of it the point of it is something else the point of it is to
introduce other technology and to us it's really for surveillance and control so
that is why we're warning people yeah and they haven't given full disclosure
have they i mean informed consent would mean that everybody knows all of this
that this is in the newspapers this is in on television this is what the report
is and npr and pbs and everybody should be talking about right but we don't that
is correct well you know moderna has finally put out a statement being somewhat
honest about their drug and they said our vaccines drugs are operating systems
and that we use each um rna that goes into the vaccine to act like a the the
download of an application on your phone they use that analogy so now they've
actually published a statement saying this is what it does okay so they're
becoming more a little bit as time goes on they're telling you more and more
about the truth of the vaccines um and it's crazy because yes you present this
data to people but i guess it's too much for them to believe they can't
comprehend it um and i i don't know how much difference to explain if we had it
on the major media that's right it would be a huge difference because it
absolutely does need interpreters and you know people to comment and explain and
talk about it there has to be a public debate and that's being denied the
populace by the media cover-up and the media silence about this because as we as
we noted i mean the surgeon general is pushing it fire she's pushing the cdc is
pushing it they're pushing the vaccine in other words they don't want people to
know too much about it they just want you to take it that is correct um and you
know by all science they should have rejected this vaccine based on the study
data they have so far any other medicine would have been thrown away they would
have stopped the study this time they're they're allowing this to go through you
we all know it has to be for another motive another agenda and that's when you
look at what is actually in it and you'll see that this is for another purpose
completely is nothing to do about the virus itself there's nothing to do about
that that is just an excuse to give out these injections and they won't be
satisfied until they get a certain amount in each person and they don't know so
again everybody's a guinea pig everybody's a lab rat and that's why we're seeing
these horrific um adverse events or effects happening in some people they're
getting these neurologic issues where they're having seizures and convulsions
that go on for days the convulsions are terrible and the people are having uh
just convulsions where they can't even walk and they can't talk um and then we
don't even have a diagnosis for that ramola we don't really know what that is
that's how scary it is it's brand new kind of a side effect we have never seen
it before i actually predicted that would happen because um of the the nanolipid
particle hydrogel has an affinity for the nervous system and i predicted that
people would have those kind of neurologic reactions we don't even know
long-term effects yet these are just short-term effects these are just
short-term effects wow that's really scary to contemplate paralysis is another
one we're seeing a lot again neurologic effects we're seeing a lot of those um
you know then there's the intermediate effects that we know from the previous
animal studies that show that the animals who got the same kind of vaccine in
the past with the same kind of virus when they were introduced to the virus in
the future instead of doing better they did worse they had cytokine storms the
body attacked itself more like the autoimmune disorder on steroids and they had
more lung inflammation liver failure and with these kinds of vaccines we can
affect that we can expect that effect in us as well meaning the next covert 21
that occurs or the next flu season people could have much more adverse events be
much sicker be in the hospital more so that's the intermediate and in the long
term we know with these kinds of vaccines to expect more cancers more autoimmune
disorders um more mutant genes and we definitely know there'll be infertility
with this with this vaccine for sure that's a definite wow that's a lot i don't
know anybody listening to this you know who would want to go out and take the
vaccine the gosh i don't even know where to start but this notion there are two
or three things that you talked about one of those was you talked about
paralysis which is such an important thing for people to take on board to
understand that this that this vaccine could indeed create paralysis um also the
bell's palsy right the face have to face being frozen yes we're seeing quite a
few reports of that and again what do what do we not know because we do know
that they're omitting a lot of side effects purposely because they won't say
let's say somebody does have a bell's palsy if the researcher or the physician
could say that well they had a predispos predisposition to something in the past
maybe they had lupus or something like that well that's because of that and then
they won't market as an adverse event so we already know many reports are coming
back where they refuse to market as an adverse event when we know it is i can
tell you we know for a fact many many many people in the nursing home are dying
within a day or two of getting the um vaccine and none of them are being
reported because they said they would have died anyway where is this information
coming from this is major everything there's some there's some uk reports i can
i can get that for you please do yeah this is amazing i'll definitely sort of
publicize it a little bit more um because people need to know you know because
this is what people are worried about and when they look at some of the
occasional um reports of death you know for instance that doctor in florida they
said oh no he had a pre-existing condition and then of course there's the whole
scandal about tiffany dover nobody knows what happened to her yeah you know
nobody knows because there's sort of conflicting information coming through um
so and my suspicion just so you know i think a lot of colleagues do think this
just we are in the middle of an experiment and a good experiment always has the
real drug and a placebo or um you know uh something that's the control meaning
usually 50 of the time you get the real drug 50 of the time the placebo since we
are still in the middle of an experiment i would expect that to happen in the
general populace right now i don't know this for sure but my suspicion is
there's they're only going to give the real vaccine 50 of the time and um some
inert substance another 50 of the time because that would be a part of a true
study they would have to see what was happening have a control now that would be
double blinded too meaning the researcher or the doctor would not know who's
getting the drug and who's not and also the patient or subject would not know
either which if if we were able to analyze these vaccines i guarantee you would
find that out are you still there yeah okay you just come back yeah something
happened blanked out for a second so um that is something that i wish we could
get an answer on but again with the emergency preparedness act we're we're
blinded and um we don't know what's going on really but that would be part of a
normal protocol that is um they're doing research on but we won't know that i
don't know if we can ever know that get that information we would have to
analyze these vaccines or get someone to be honest with us right yeah because it
seems like somebody should have have that information right so that well if you
could analyze them the initial data from moderna said we can expect in low-dose
vaccine group 80 would get systemic side effects right away the high dose 100
percent well that the moderna is being rolled out nobody's getting side effect
or not that many people are getting the side effects it doesn't match the
previous study so it had me very suspicious are we really giving out the vaccine
to every single person are we still in the study are we still in the experiment
and if we're still an experiment i would expect only 50 of the people to get the
vaccine and 50 to get a placebo it's it's crazy because we are i'm bringing
these things out because there are questions that should be answered but we're
not getting the answers to them because we're talking about our lives you know
it's not just a product that we're producing we're talking about our human lives
the future of us absolutely i'm so glad you're bringing up these questions
because they're very important for everybody to hear and everybody to know the
true nature of the situation which is even more dicey than i thought it seems
like it's an open experiment there's no data about the experiment there's no
information even into doctors there's no public information no public discussion
no information on safety and now we're seeing all of these horrific side effects
and you're suggesting also that these side effects are occurring for a couple of
different reasons right you've got the um allergic reactions you've got sudden
paralysis and policy being attributed to pre-existing conditions but could
possibly be a neurological in the vaccine is affecting the neurological system
the nervous system the the nanolipid particles they have an affinity for the
nervous tissue so the nerves um and you know we're all different we can't expect
the same thing to happen and this is brand new technology and our bodies are
very smart you know our bodies know when something synthetic is being entered
into it um you know and we have to understand that that code is synthetic as
well as the nanotechnology two synthetic things are going in not organic again
people have to understand not from nature not from the body this is unbelievable
um so of course the body's going to have reactions to that of course we're going
to see problems and that's this is only the beginning this is and like i said
their plan is to give us many of these vaccines if this only lasts for two
months are they going to really tell us every two months we must take something
what is their end game here what is the end result when when will it stop and
because it does not prevent transmission or to be contagious we are still told
to wear a mask to stay social distance to be in quarantine we're told to do all
the same things and when does it end it doesn't end and it sounds like they're
trying to make you sicker so that you know these idiotic measures that they are
suggesting that we all um participate in with the mask and social distancing
will have some validity or meaning or legitimacy as time proceeds because it
appears that they want to create disease they want to create chronic disease
they want to create neurological side effects i mean it's it's completely
shocking what is going on um this the the thing that you mentioned the synthetic
stuff that's going into the body does this have to do with the with the fact
that this particular virus has not really been isolated and how it's been put
together is just through codes on the computer that resembles the virus it's not
really the virus because it hasn't been isolated it's just a bunch of codes that
in some way uh imitates or comes close simulates the virus that is very correct
we've never isolated the virus yet nobody has so it's recombinant it is um made
from different sources and in computer program ultimately made the code a
computer program that's mind-boggling i mean i think that's something to stop at
right there and just marvel at how can we computer program actually yeah yeah
how can a computer program make this i i don't have an answer for that because
we've never done this before um i i just don't see that as a good thing to do
and just to remind everybody i say this all the time that if this synthetic code
becomes permanent in our bodies then by law by the supreme court justice ruling
anybody that has a patent on that synthetic gene which they all have patents the
owners of that patent will then own you own part are all of you that is the
ruling as it stands now that some entity microsoft department of defense bill
gates whoever else is involved on the patent of that synthetic gene can then
take ownership of all or part of you on a human being that is that is the truth
this is the scariest thing to me and it's very upsetting to me and they're not
even wanting to talk about it in the major media because they said don't worry
about it it won't be permanent wait we don't have the full study yet we don't
know that don't say that they don't know that and there's there's many ways it
can become permanent in our body what they're saying is it's it's temporary
because they're looking at how the function is in a petri dish we are not petri
dishes our bodies are very complex very intricate and we have many other
different enzymes and methods where we our bodies are smart where they can take
that code and then go in a reverse transcriptase enzyme go back words up into
the nucleus and put it back into the main genome yes we can do that our bodies
can do it so if it's permanent like i suspect it can be look at that we have to
face now of people literally being owned you think microsoft doesn't know this i
think they know this very well oh deliberate lecturers know that not only do
they know this it appears that if they're rolling it down they have to be very
aware they know these things yeah it's absolutely shocking because uh if you did
have children oh my gosh the royalties you would owe on that right my god your
children would belong to somebody else in a sort of digital enslavement scenario
and you might owe them money because you made a copy they think about it i mean
it's it's people think it's far-fetched but you know these guys are dirty you
think they really care it's on the law it's it's legal and who knows i've never
seen i'm not i'm not getting the vaccine but what are people signing when they
get the vaccine i i imagine there has to be some sheep they're signing i have no
idea yeah some kind of disclaimer right yeah you can't who knows what it is yeah
there's there's so many twists and turns and dirty little things that are going
on it's it's it's not being obviously not transparent and we need to put a
moratorium immediately on this and investigate it and see what's going on in so
many different levels and you know the the genetic manipulation um the code
happens to code for the same things as something some of the things in our body
so by chance in the code that they're putting in us part of that is coding for
synsitin a protein that's on the woman's placenta that means anything inside the
code your body will learn to attack that means your body will learn to attack
the placenta if a woman gets pregnant we know that why aren't we talking about
it also chromosome 8 the same sequence of chromosome 8 happens to be in the
spike protein again anything in that spike protein that the body will attack
that means the body will attack chromosome 8 it will damage it that means that's
your intelligence again your fertility i cannot believe we aren't talking about
this i can't believe we're going forward with this we know everybody knows
anything in that vaccine the body will learn to attack why are we going forward
with this and one more thing to bring up is in australia with one of the similar
vaccines their batches that they gave out they happened to test the people for
hiv after they gave the vaccine when they did the people were testing positive
now the manufacturer and the government of australia they said uh don't worry
it's only they're only false positives but we know that there's no way that any
of us could know that for sure until time goes on give it some years three years
five years maybe it's a true positive those poor people won't know until years
later so they were so concerned that they did ditch about one billion dollars of
those vaccines they were going to administer to the rest of the population we
expected that to happen because they also analyzed that code and found there
were at least 18 subunits of hiv one in the code of this fight protein by chance
so your body will be making bits of hiv one how much will that affect your
immune system only time will tell when this experiment ends people need to know
what is in the code yes there there's so much in here how i just am just
clueless and shocked at how my colleagues aren't speaking up more okay i i don't
understand it i've never seen anything like this in science ramola it's really
shocking are you in touch at all with any doctors who share your concerns on
this really intense level and perhaps would like to represent your group to
people like fauci and you know the guys at the top who are happily pushing this
vaccine uh you know sometimes you feel like you're in a bad movie you've had
that feeling this is a definitely because um i just i'm in a metro atlanta and
the word is that a lot of the doctors are getting it and they're saying it's
fantastic and they're recommending everybody else get it and they're not seeing
anything else than that that it's safe that there's no way that it can hurt you
they're actually saying those statements um i just like i said i'm speechless
yeah i'm seeing don't just take take the vaccine themselves anybody taking it
i've heard that yes they are taking the vaccine or they're telling the people
that they're taking the vaccine um at least they're telling people they are yeah
people are taking the vaccine so that we have no way of knowing if they've
actually you know as time goes on we're seeing that divide happen in people um
more you see one group of people learning more and understanding the agenda more
and then the other group seems to be purposely not wanting to learn um and just
accepting the dogma accepting whatever has been told to them by the talking
heads i am at least i'm seeing that divide definitely i can see how that can
happen if you are actually seeing it um is there a monetary incentive for
doctors to give this vaccine to their patients do you know um i'm not in the
insurance business i don't take insurance anymore so i don't know directly but i
can tell you in the past yes i was and with the vaccines i was penalized heavily
financially because i did not give the vaccines out to my patients so much
though that couldn't run the private business anymore it was a hundred and
seventy five thousand dollars five years ago it was taken away from me um just
for the vaccines alone what they'll do is you you see a patient for only 50 to
75 of what you normally would see them for so a lower amount and then the end of
the year they give you the rest of your money back it's not a they call it a
bonus it's not a bonus they're just giving you the rest of your money back but
the new law was when they did the central payer system even the private pay goes
through the central payer system so technically it's a socialized medicine marin
so when they look at that they said we'll give you the rest of your money but
you have to fulfill the criteria did you give the vaccines to so many percentage
of your patients yes or no and if it's no you don't get the money are your
patients take so many taking the cholesterol medicines most of mine didn't i got
docked on that but they didn't need it so you're seeing that it's just do as i
say or you don't get paid and so anyone in the system has been indoctrinated for
a while and has been brainwashed or that's the that's the path they have to go
or they don't work in that system anymore so you have to leave the system
they've adapted to the system yeah they've been successful in changing the
mindset of my um colleagues i'm sorry i guess we had another one of those
moments where you froze out for a second but it sounds like this is being run by
the insurance companies and the pharma companies behind them right yeah in our
insurance companies they're really there aren't any true private insurance
companies anymore years ago they all had to go through something called the
central payer system in our in our medicare which means and then medicare
determined who got paid out and what happened in essence it means our government
controls all the private pay it's the most expensive socialized medicine system
i've ever seen we really are in a socialized medicine already the way that it's
formulated it's a very yeah it's just very expensive one yeah wow so they have
to abide by all the rules of the government and if they don't there's no there's
no negotiating with another doctor trying to go back and forth prevent present
research is yes or no there's algorithms and protocols now period so this
changed a lot and it goes for i guess it goes for all of your um disease
diagnosis it goes for all your tests it goes for all the drugs you give out and
now it also goes for the vaccines it accounts for the vaccines as well so if it
does it's i mean it's possible that the covered vaccine is rolled into that
right i mean i would imagine what about the flu vaccine that's probably part of
that scenario as well oh definitely the flu vaccine is a part of it all the
vaccines are i'm sure this one is i i would i don't know this for a fact but
they've already been giving bonuses on diagnosis for coven 19. they could be
doing a bonus for this vaccine as well i don't i'll have to see if i can find
that information out though thank you yeah if you could look into that and you
know i'll try to look into that as well because i think that would be very
interesting information for all of us to know are doctors getting a payout yeah
i'll i'll do something around and see what i'm i can find out um on that one
brilliant yeah that would be interesting to know i also wanted to ask you um
carrie because you have studied vaccines for a long time perhaps you can sort of
indicate to viewers a little bit of why vaccines in themselves are problematic
or what your views are as a consequence of your research what is some of the
conclusions you came to regarding vaccines and you know because you chose not to
encourage your patients to get vaccinated so how did you come to that yeah well
um early on i questioned the tetanus vaccine a long time ago and even when i was
a teenager because the reason they give out the tetanus vaccine it's not because
it can give you cellulitis the reason is that if you got the bacteria in your
body within minutes to hours not days minutes to hours all the muscles in your
body would spasm so terribly you would die in a little curled up ball on the
floor suffocating to death which is a horrendous way to die you would think you
would hear about somebody dying like that in the news somewhere around the world
never so this got me questioning all the way through my residency nobody could
give me a bona fide case of any human dying in that manner that was proven to be
from tetanus even my very good infectious disease attendings looked into it they
admitted there was no case no case they could prove by science that someone died
this way so all of us the residents said well then tetanus doesn't exist why are
we giving the vaccine or deatness in that manner doesn't exist and we were told
to be quiet or we would be black bald from the industry we would never work
again and to continue to give the vaccine you're always told that in medicine
when you question quiet or you'll be black bald you'll never work again i've
just told that many times so i knew there was a reason it was given because it
wasn't for that very uh for for that manner of people dying so i noticed in one
of my hospitals i trained at that people with private pay got the tetanus
vaccine but people on social or the welfare did not get it in this particular
hospital they got all the other vaccines i asked why they told me be quiet this
is the protocol don't question it just go with it again no reason i did notice
that because i learned by patterns there was a pattern and of course the pattern
was with the welfare they were extremely fertile with people with private pay
having trouble with fertility so i thought maybe that was the link i researched
it and sure enough you can find lots of data about um the catholics and the
vatican being the ones to find this out that it was used as a sterilization or
an abortion vaccine that it has purposely been researched and developed since
1972 they started using it 1976 in this manner it's been identified through
independent labs that the pregnancy hormone has been in the tetanus vaccines um
in nicaragua mexico india kenya many other countries and they noticed that it
was like a 50 50 50 had it 50 didn't but it has been purposely researched and
developed to be a sterilization vaccine now who and how many people are getting
around the world will never know that the world health organization and the nih
won't admit it but when i found that out i was horrified because that means
everybody in the world has been lied to about the intent of tetanus vaccine all
the doctors our medical institutions our training institutions our hospitals
we've been lied to about why we're giving that out what other drug what other
vaccine has the same intent how can we trust anything now because we're all
being lied to so if that was the case then i looked into the other vaccines you
know and finding out that a lot of them didn't have studies to prove they were
efficacious that they even worked finding out that there was actually studies
done to show that they were hurting us that they're causing autism and cancers
and that nobody did anything they continued on giving the vaccines we know even
recently that the flu vaccine has many viruses inside of that that they can stay
dormant and human and become activated later and cause you to have cancer but we
still give out the very same vaccines we've never changed them we know that
african american boys with the mmr vaccine have a very high propensity for
getting autism because the vaccine itself is linked directly with their autism
there's an enzyme involved did anyone change that protocol no those boys still
get the mmr vaccine we could go on and on there's many instances of adenovirus
being in the vaccine like this one of the um the new uh copin 19 vaccines has
that virus in it that one's been linked to hiv and cancer we know why are we
using the same one again uh there's so many different things knowing that
they're using the aborted fetal cell lines um the animal cell lines lots of
different things like that you know medicine we only get four hours of training
and vaccines a doctor gets only four hours of training that's it so unless you
look in fast again your own you'll never know this wow this is absolutely
incredible information because it sounds like the average pediatrician or the
average physician has no idea and it's only people like you dedicated
researchers who go in and look at the actual studies or lack thereof that begin
to find out yeah also the poisons are have never been analyzed so the poisons
when they're cumulative and synergistic they work together and when they
accumulate in the body we do know they cause more and more problems we've never
had a full study to see exactly what happens but we do know with the more
vaccines and more autism and the cdc has admitted that by the year 2030 to 2035
that 50 percent of the children born will be on the autistic spectrum 50 percent
of our population we cannot survive humanity cannot survive that way you know
that no it's no absolutely no and you know we need to put a stop to the way
they're manufacturing these vaccines ramola you probably know that i didn't know
till recently with the fetal the fetal cell lines they have to get the the fetal
cells from a living fetus that's some really more mature in age so the baby has
to be born with a beating heart a beating it's really a it's a blood sacrifice i
i can tell you testimonies on this i read the actual doctors the researchers
diaries and i broke out crying you know they purposely will deliver the baby in
the sack bring it to the laboratory it's still got a beating heart and they
either people have to know this they either take scissors and cut through the
face while it's alive or cut to the chest while it's still alive or take a
needle and puncture it in the heart while it's still alive they say they do that
because they need the cells to be that fresh but i'm i cannot see by science the
justification of that i don't believe that at all um how many babies has this
happened to it's uh it's disgusting uh people need to know that we are doing
that to our own babies and i doubt the mothers know that they are doing that i
believe that they're just telling them that the baby's dead already and you know
they called you know 20 week old or 14 week old or 16 week old uh babies they
call them embryos sometimes the researchers will call them that to justify what
they're doing that is not an embryo that it's a fetus not an embryo right
exactly exactly so that's so you know i believe there's energies too you're
getting the energy of that of that murder that happened uh and that cell line is
being cloned and when it's cloned they actually purposely make the cell line
immortal when it's immortal it means it's cancer they purposely make now that
murdered baby cell line they turn it into a cancer cell line and that is part of
the vaccine almost every normal vaccine that we have regular mmr flu whatever
they have those cell lines in there the cancerous fetal cell lines and many of
them come from really bad genetic lines and we have we can transpose or
accumulate or assimilate some of those genes into our genome so we're not only
that we're using very unhealthy cell lines from unhealthy um they might have
autoimmune cancers in their lineage etc right i was going to say it's going to
probably induce cancer and also open the door for all sorts of autoimmune
diseases as well and all sorts of other hereditary genetic diseases as you
mentioned and the animal cells that we're using also again we're using all kinds
of animals even army worms and all kinds of creative things um but we do know
particularly from like a cow when they're doing getting the cell line from them
they have many viruses in them already just like we all have viruses in us we
know for a fact these viruses that are injected into us through the vaccines can
lie dormant and those can cause other kinds of cancers and problems too there's
been about 400 different viruses from these animal cell lines that are
potentials for being inside of the vaccine when you're injected with it this
incredible amount if you look at this hodgepodge of things put together inside
of us and then we get more and more and more and we're not getting the proper
research on it it's quite amazing imagine uh the damage that can be done from
that this is absolutely major major information i mean it's absolutely
horrifying to even imagine that all of this is going into the body and remember
we're giving it to our children at such a young age right between two you know
earlier than two i think they're doing it and the the first day or two of birth
first one to two days old and they don't have you know babies don't have their
own immune system they use their mothers up until two months of age so i always
question why are we giving them vaccines when they don't have their own immunity
it doesn't make sense it could only harm them it cannot help them they have to
form their own immunity first before you give them a vaccine but we don't do
that it's uh we're not going by science or rational behavior anymore so we need
to stand back and ask why are we doing it if we're not going by signs and
rational thought there's another motive there's another agenda you know it's
okay yeah that's all right i could tell i was being frozen so i stopped uh the
the one thing that was that struck me as you were speaking Carrie is that
perhaps there's a need for real public education of people you know from people
like you and doctors like you to tell us the great dangers of giving these um
sort of poison laden laden and other virus and other problematic cell-laden
vaccines to infants who haven't developed their own immune system and what the
importance of that development is and how the immune system actually should
naturally develop and you know how it can develop and be very strong in an
infant through breastfeeding through all sorts of other means you know better
than me um you know as the infant progresses and what exactly the infant needs
minus vaccines because you know what's happening now and this is one of my real
strong concerns is that the there's been such a paradigm shift such an
ideological shift thanks to what mainstream media has done that people imagine
we need vaccines in order to be healthy right and in order to to support our
immune systems we that's the sort of the storyline the narrative that's been
pushed on us immune system so perhaps we need people like you to you know inform
us a little bit more so that on a regular basis so that we understand that hello
you know the human body is much stronger than that yes you're right about all of
that um what we're fighting against right now as you know is the censorship you
know we have that uh to really overcome and the one of the hot words is vaccines
right you start talking about that you're already at censorship on the grandest
level and people are afraid to talk about it because of that especially medical
professionals you're definitely targeted for that um that's why people are
afraid however i i look at it this way again we are the most pivotal point of
human history right at this moment and we need these voices more now than ever
before and we're talking about the future of us of humanity and we have to speak
up so people say i'm brave i'm not brave i'm just doing what we all should do i
think i can't even think of another way to be there's nothing more important at
this time right now than to warn people of what is about to hap what is
happening right now um i love human 1.0 i love us i believe we're made in the
likeness of god we're beautiful beings we forgot who we are we're turning
ourselves over to this this um automated this artificial intelligence and
genetic modification and dumbing ourselves down and lowering our frequency and
lowering who we are i'm saddened by that because if only people remembered who
we are remembered that light inside of us our genetic code from god god is
within us the light is within us that they remembered that and turned it back on
we are powerful beings much more powerful than that ai could ever make us and if
we can ever get that message out and share it with our brothers and sisters
around the world and spread that love that high frequency energy you know that's
what makes this this world a paradise that's what will make us whole that's what
gives us that paradise on earth right and that absolutely that's the message
that we need to be sharing and get people out of the fear that fear is driving
them them to that low frequency and they can only see the answer in the low
frequency the answer there is the nanotechnology artificial intelligence the
high frequency you can see the light you can see what the real answer is and
it's not that absolutely absolutely powerful words and that may be a really
powerful note to close this interview on um dr gary thank you so much for
actually going in depth into this and you know the the distinction you're making
here between [Music] versus humans you know going in the direction of artificial
intelligence i think that is a primary and a huge distinction and what people
are being deprived from choosing for themselves by the lack of information the
lack of public debate and the huge cover-up by mainstream media so you know it's
voices like yours that are so important and so needed um is there anything else
that you would like to touch on today something to encourage people to do
perhaps before they i know well i tell people it's overwhelming so we need to
start the baby steps um and start to remember who we are so every week i
encourage you to go to each other's homes and you don't have your cell phone on
no zoo meetings you're with each other there's no masks you hug each other kiss
each other you cook together real food you know if you're i do bible studies or
you put on music and sing and dance all the things they tell us not to do
they're telling us not to do that because it breaks us down breaks the family
unit breaks your community breaks you down makes you think that you're not human
and if you ignore that and you know that that's your superpower your superpower
is remembering to be human remembering who you are so start doing everything
they tell you not to do and you start doing it in your homes and that will light
that fire that's in your heart and light that spark and i i'm telling you the
veil starts to come off your eyes and you will find that light and that courage
and you will know what to do when the time comes that's absolutely powerful you
know that reminds me so much of what dr christian northrup she says the same
thing and i guess pamela popper is saying the same thing with her groups she
says make little groups meet in people's homes in other words you know do not
sit around listening to mainstream media and listening to these government
eatings which are coming from this whole field of lack of knowledge lack of
safety lack of truth lack of science really when it comes down to it you know
because it's really it sounds like this is a pseudoscience politicized science
setup it's not true signs and you know gravitating over to trying to find out
more to learn more might start right here by just making a few decisions to
start getting back your freedom and getting back your sense of self and meeting
with other people and so on and so forth so wonderful wonderful advice gary
thank you so much for being here thank you for going in depth again into all of
these issues the dangers of these vaccines and boy the dangers of vaccines in
themselves you know the fact that they have poisons sort of by nature that's
that's what vaccines are they carry poison in them yeah they're not what you
think they are they're not what you were told they're not what you think they
are they're not what you're told and this is why it's important for everybody to
look into the real signs of vaccines instead of falling into this provax
anti-vax kind of weird debate and you know dismissing the concerns of people
calling them anti-vaxxers and anti-vaccine it's not an issue of anti-vaccine or
pro-vaccine it's an issue of what are they do what else need them and when it
comes to this vaccine do any of us need it you know i don't see the benefits in
this vaccine at all and i'm just looking at it purely from a scientific view i i
can't understand how this is going forward yeah i'm so glad that you spoke out
in just those terms and perhaps you'll inspire a lot of other doctors listening
to you to sort of wake up and start speaking in the same terms and asking the
same questions reap about and um make decisions whether we want to do it or not
obviously right who wants to become property of bill gates so never doing it
there's no way not taking it no way nobody's taking it nobody in my family
nobody i know that's good as long as i live and can speak right yeah it's been a
pleasure talking with you ramola and um uh yeah we'll have to talk again soon
and where we stand and what's going on huh wonderful absolutely i'd love to have
you but let's stay in touch by emailing you and let me know what your schedule's
like sounds great okay have a beautiful evening thanks everyone for watching
have a wonderful evening talk to you later


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What I find particularly disturbing, and I don't understand why the editors of the NEJM approved this, is that the authors of the article argue that it would be (ethically) unjustified to assess the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in the context of continuing the double blind study. This implies that they intended to also vaccinate the placebo group. Doing this will definitely eradicate the possibility to attribute any serious side effects to the vaccine with certainty. This directly serves the interest of the vaccine producer in the context of any liability, even if this liability has been deposited with the national authorities.


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Background and Aims
The most restrictive non‐pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) for controlling the spread of COVID‐19 are mandatory stay‐at‐home and business closures. Given the consequences of these policies, it is important to assess their effects. We evaluate the effects on epidemic case growth of more restrictive NPIs (mrNPIs), above and beyond those of less restrictive NPIs (lrNPIs).

We first estimate COVID‐19 case growth in relation to any NPI implementation in subnational regions of 10 countries: England, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, and the US. Using first‐difference models with fixed effects, we isolate the effects of mrNPIs by subtracting the combined effects of lrNPIs and epidemic dynamics from all NPIs. We use case growth in Sweden and South Korea, two countries that did not implement mandatory stay‐at‐home and business closures, as comparison countries for the other 8 countries (16 total comparisons).

Implementing any NPIs was associated with significant reductions in case growth in 9 out of 10 study countries, including South Korea and Sweden that implemented only lrNPIs (Spain had a non‐significant effect). After subtracting the epidemic and lrNPI effects, we find no clear, significant beneficial effect of mrNPIs on case growth in any country. In France, e.g., the effect of mrNPIs was +7% (95CI ‐5%‐19%) when compared with Sweden, and +13% (‐12%‐38%) when compared with South Korea (positive means pro‐contagion). The 95% confidence intervals excluded 30% declines in all 16 comparisons and 15% declines in 11/16 comparisons.

While small benefits cannot be excluded, we do not find significant benefits on case growth of more restrictive NPIs. Similar reductions in case growth may be achievable with less restrictive interventions.

Corona children studies "Co-Ki": First results of a Germany-wide registry on mouth and nose covering (mask) in children | Research Square

Background: Narratives about complaints in children and adolescents caused by wearing a mask are accumulating. There is, to date, no registry for side effects of masks.

Methods: At the University of Witten/Herdecke an online registry has been set up where parents, doctors, pedagogues and others can enter their observations. On 20.10.2020, 363 doctors were asked to make entries and to make parents and teachers aware of the registry.

Results: By 26.10.2020 the registry had been used by 20,353 people. In this publication we report the results from the parents, who entered data on a total of 25,930 children. The average wearing time of the mask was 270 minutes per day. Impairments caused by wearing the mask were reported by 68% of the parents. These included irritability (60%), headache (53%), difficulty concentrating (50%), less happiness (49%), reluctance to go to school/kindergarten (44%), malaise (42%) impaired learning (38%) and drowsiness or fatigue (37%).

NY State Proposes Detention Centers For Citizens Who Are 'Potentially Dangerous To The Public Health'

This 2021 bill in New York State has just been filed and has not yet passed but it appears to have support. If legislated, it will be the first instance of state-authorized detention centers for anyone who is deemed to be "potentially dangerous to the public health."

This means that the state can forcibly remove you from society if it believes you are a risk to public health. It would be an open-ended invitation to full-blown Technocrat tyranny.

Fauci Speaks: Vaccines Might Be Mandatory For Travel, School

Using extortion-like rhetoric to force people into submission for vaccination, Technocrat Fauci now suggests that if you want to go to school or ever travel again, you must take the COVID-19 vaccine and show proof that you did so. In other words, you life will be worthless unless you comply.

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : The 'Great Reset' is about Expanding Government Power and Suppressing Liberty

World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab has proposed using the overreaction to coronavirus to launch a worldwide "Great Reset." This Great Reset is about expanding government power and suppressing liberty worldwide.

Schwab envisions an authoritarian system where big business acts as a partner with government. Big business would exercise its government-granted monopoly powers to maximize value for "stakeholders," instead of shareholders. Stakeholders include the government, international organizations, the business itself, and "civil society."

Of course, government bureaucrats and politicians, together with powerful special interests, will decide who are, and are not, stakeholders, what is in stakeholders' interest, and what steps corporations must take to maximize stakeholder value. People's own wishes are not the priority.

The Great Reset will dramatically expand the surveillance state via real-time tracking. It will also mandate that people receive digital certificates in order to travel and even technology implanted in their bodies to monitor them.

Included in Schwab's proposal for surveillance is his idea to use brain scans and nanotechnology to predict, and if necessary, prevent, individuals' future behavior. This means that anyone whose brain is "scanned" could have his Second Amendment and other rights violated because a government bureaucrat determines the individual is going to commit a crime. The system of tracking and monitoring could be used to silence those expressing "dangerous" political views, such as that the Great Reset violates our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

COVID-19: The Emergence of the Pandemic Industrial Complex - Global Research

Based on what were clearly misused and incomplete statistics, the US, the UK, and much of Western Europe have led the world in stoking unprecedented hysteria, enforcing travel restrictions and lockdowns, including the closing of businesses and schools, and grinding the economies of the world to a halt either directly or indirectly – in a manner similar to but with an impact much greater than the US-led global "War on Terror" starting in 2001.

Pressure from "international organizations" like the World Health Organization (WHO) using its UN-affiliated platform to declare a "global pandemic," along with Western governments and the corporations that dominate foreign and domestic policy, has created a global crisis – not in terms of human health, but in terms of socioeconomics.

Businesses are closed – not because those who regularly run or patronize them are in hospital beds or dead – but by order of governments, and with official policy backing from organizations like the WHO.

The mainstream media has played a key role in this – not only repeating narratives provided by governments and healthcare institutions uncritically, but refusing to fulfill their role as watchdogs and investigators searching out impropriety.

It is a state of hysteria that is crippling small and medium-sized businesses (SME), but a boon to big-business.

Mask Harms in Kids: 68% of Parents Report Alarming Psychological and Physical Problems In First-of-its-kind Study

A German study involving over 25,000 children reveals that major negative impacts on the physical, psychological, and behavioral health of children may be far more widespread than reported in the media and by government officials -- affecting approximately 68% and contributing to 24 distinct health complaints, according to parent submitted observations.

Fauci on trial for a "vast pathology of crimes against humanity" –

1984 being not only the year of George Orwell's dystopian novel, but also, as Henderson explained in our recent interview, the year Dr. Anthony Fauci became director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (according to Wikipedia). Thirty-four years of scaring the sheeple into accepting deadly "medical" solutions for fabricated diseases (starting with the fake AIDS pandemic).

To help reveal his "vast pathology of crimes against humanity," New Earth Media is live streaming a mock trial against Dr. Anthony Fauci, with lawyers Robert J. Kennedy and Rocco Galati. It happens tomorrow, Tuesday, January 5th, at 11am EST (4pm GMT).

Video: The Illusion Of Safety Trials, COVID Isolation & The Dangerous Obfuscation Of Vaccine Side-Effects - The Last American Vagabond

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Health Worker Dies After Taking Pfizer Vaccine; Leaks Show Pfizer Infiltrated by Agents of Chinese Government | Coronavirus News

A 41 year-old pediatric assistant in Portugal with no " illness or health complication," according to a local paper, died mysteriously two days after being injected with the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Portuguese health authorities are described as being "on alert."

The woman was one of 538 health workers who received the Pfizer vaccine last Wednesday. She was found dead in her bed by her partner on New Year's Day.

Another Person Dies Hours After Taking COVID Vaccine – Summit News

The report states that the man was administered the vaccine on Christmas eve, and soon complained of urethral and abdominal pain, before his blood pressure tanked and his pulse spiked. He died on Monday.

Swissmedic claims that the man already had multiple illnesses, and that the death probably isn't connected to the jab.


The incident comes after a 75-year-old Israeli man reportedly died from a heart attack just two hours after receiving the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine.

Israeli health authorities have claimed there is no link between the man's death and the vaccination, saying he had previous illnesses.

"A 75-year-old man from the north of the country suffering from active heart disease and malignant disease, who has undergone a number of heart attacks, was vaccinated this morning against the coronavirus and died at home shortly after the procedure," an Israeli Health Ministry statement read.

The two reported deaths come in the wake of many reports about adverse reactions to the vaccine globally.

Video: Catherine Austin Fitts - Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

This sit down interview with Catherine covers the spectrum of the current situation we find ourselves in. It was conducted as apart of the full length documentary. We are releasing the full interview for the betterment of public understanding of the situation.


Incidence and Secondary Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Schools | American Academy of Pediatrics

BACKGROUND: In an effort to mitigate the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), North Carolina (NC) closed its K–12 public schools to in-person instruction on 03/14/2020. On 07/15/2020, NC’s governor announced schools could open via remote learning or a “hybrid” model that combined in-person and remote instruction. In August 2020, 56 of 115 NC school districts joined the ABC Science Collaborative (ABCs) to implement public health measures to prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmission and share lessons learned. We describe secondary transmission of SARS-CoV-2 within participating NC school districts during the first 9 weeks of in-person instruction in the 2020–2021 academic school year.
METHODS: From 08/15/2020–10/23/2020, 11 of 56 school districts participating in ABCs were open for in-person instruction for all 9 weeks of the first quarter and agreed to track incidence and secondary transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Local health department staff adjudicated secondary transmission. Superintendents met weekly with ABCs faculty to share lessons learned and develop prevention methods.
RESULTS: Over 9 weeks, 11 participating school districts had more than 90,000 students and staff attend school in-person; of these, there were 773 community-acquired SARS-CoV-2 infections documented by molecular testing. Through contact tracing, NC health department staff determined an additional 32 infections were acquired within schools. No instances of child-to-adult transmission of SARS-CoV-2 were reported within schools.
CONCLUSIONS: In the first 9 weeks of in-person instruction in NC schools, we found extremely limited within-school secondary transmission of SARS-CoV-2, as determined by contact tracing.

Important video: The Future of Vaccines - James Corbett

The Future of Vaccines - James Corbett

If the Gateses and the Faucis and the representatives of the international medical establishment get their way, life will not return to normal until the entire planet is vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. What many do not yet understand, however, is that the vaccines that are being developed for SARS-Cov-2 are unlike any vaccines that have ever been used on the human population before. And, as radically different as these vaccines appear, they represent only the very beginning of a complete transformation of vaccine technology that is currently taking place in research labs across the planet. This is a study of The Future of Vaccines.