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The 'land of the free' is dead - big pharma rules

I don't recall how many of these kinds of stories i've read over the last several years, but it's a lot. Cancer treatment is a business and the 'healthcare' industry is in it to make a killing.

Mom Thrown in Jail, Her Child Stolen—for Successfully Treating Her Cancer with CBD Oil

In the land of the free, parents whose children voluntarily wish to abstain from chemotherapy and have their parent’s consent, can and will be kidnapped and their parent jailed. This is exactly what is happening to Christina Dixon and her daughter Kylee—in spite of the fact that stopping chemo and using alternative treatment has worked.

"The only reason I’m in this position is because I stood up for my daughter’s life when she was on her last breath," said Christina. "I’m literally getting punished for saving my daughter’s life."

MUST WATCH: "The Big Secret" - The history of Rockefeller medicine (video)

Apparently the full documentary, "The Big Secret" - The history of Rockefeller medicine, is only available for free until the 25th, so watch it now and share it!

From the Brasscheck description:

According to the documentary, “The Big Secret,” unethical profiteering on the public’s health can be traced back to John D. Rockefeller, (1839–1937) a wealthy U.S. industrialist credited with creating much of our current medical system. Specifically, Rockefeller’s foundations along with the Carnegie foundation, revamped medical schools to emphasize the use of drugs made by companies they owned, instead of a less-drug intensive model that had been in use in schools.

This “drugs first” approach to health care continues today at medical schools and in traditional medical practice, both of which are enmeshed with Big Pharma. The “patent medicines” Rockefeller pushed have simply been replaced by brand name drugs.

Vaccines - What You Need To Know

"Unfortunately, your child is a small fish in a big sea. And if we were to admit this was the Gardasil vaccination, we would lose our funding for our research." -- Heidi Brill, parent of Ashlyn Brill, quoting what Ashlyn's doctor told the family after Ashlyn suffered severe damage which coincided with a Gardasil vaccine, 2019. (source)