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An Inconsistent Truth (2012) - a documentary on Global Warming

An Inconsistent Truth (2012)

Description from the IMDB:

Interviewing multiple scientists on climate change, not only does this film cover the science and the facts, it explores the culture of the global warming movement and its motivation, and who stands to make millions.

BitChute link here.

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The Worst US July Heatwaves | Real Climate Science

During July 1936 four states were over 120F, twenty-three states were over 110F, forty-three states were over 100F and every state was over 90F.

During July 1954 Kansas was over 120F, twelve states were over 110F, thirty-nine states were over 100F and forty-six states over 90F.

During July 1980 California was over 120F, nine states were over 110F, forty-three states were over 100F and every state was over 90F.

During July 1934 California and Arizona were over 120F, twenty-four states were over 110F, forty-one states were over 100F and every state was over 90F.

During July 1930 seventeen states were over 110F, forty-two states were over 100F and forty-seven states were over 90F.

During July 1901 fourteen states were over 110F, forty-two states were over 100F and every state was over 90F.

The Washington Post knows about the 1930 heatwave. Unfortunately their editorial board doesn’t seem to read their own newspaper.

“By the end of the summer of 1930, approximately 30 deaths in Washington were blamed on the heat and thousands more had died nationwide. In Washington, there has never been another summer with a heat wave that has equaled the summer of 1930.”


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Tony Heller on the insanity of global warming alarmism

Tony Heller on the insanity of global warming alarmism - Jerm Warfare

Tony Heller is a scientist and software engineer, and runs RealClimateScience.com, in which he analyses climate change claims and debunks propaganda and alarmism using historical data and trends.

I’ve spoken to a few great minds, such as solar physicist Valentina Zharkova and Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore, and the reality is that, as Tony reiterates,

  • humans do not influence Earth’s climate in any meaningful way;
  • climate change has occurred for millennia;
  • there is no evidence of significant sea-level rise;
  • extreme weather has not been all that extreme over the last century;
  • the Arctic and Antarctic are doing fine; and
  • the climate change narrative has nothing to do with climate change, and everything to do with fear and control and taxation.


The Google AI Sentience Psyop

Ryan Cristian discusses the "Google AI has become sentient" bullshit, the people behind the psyop, and what their agendas really are.

I have a long-time friend that writes neural networks and he confirmed that the state of AI is no where near what it is said to be. He said that some of the fundamental building blocks that developers are relying on are essentially garbage.

Ryan and Whitney make a lot of great points here and talk about how AI is a subject to be watched very closely. They posit that the sheep are being programed to accept AI as being smarter and more trustworthy than humans and how a shift is taking place from evil government to 'loving' AI that has our best interests in 'mind'. Of course that falls to pieces completely the instant one looks into who is running these programs and what their interests and backgrounds are.

BONUS - The Google AI Sentience Psyop with Ryan Cristian

In this bonus podcast of a video interview, Ryan and Whitney discuss the likely motives behind the claim that an AI at Google is "sentient" and has a "soul", including how it benefits the narratives within the new book co-written by Henry Kissinger and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt – "The Age of AI".


New World Order insider reveals plans in 1968

What us older researchers have known as the "New World Order" (NWO) has simply been recently rebranded as "Build Back Better (Wikipedia)". The Build Back Better agendas are, in part, products of the UN agendas for so-called "sustainable development" and the World Economic Forum. The NWO plans present a top-down, centralized, authoritarian, technocratic police state which is orchestrated through a single world government. When one examines closely the state of affairs in the world today, it becomes exceedingly clear that these plans have been in effect for a very long time and are now coming to fruition. They touch every aspect of our lives. Though many of us have long known about these plans, i think the vast majority of researchers, myself included, were shocked and surprised at how the rollout of these dark agendas was massively accelerated under the guise of the non-existent SARS-CoV-2 "virus".

NWO Insider Dr. Richard Day Reveals the New World Order Plan - James Japan

This article started with a YouTube of a recording of the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. Surprise surprise! The video has been removed.

12bytes: The videos are still on YouTube and can be listened to here.

The lecturer at that gathering of pediatricians was a Dr. Richard Day (who died in 1989). At the time Dr. Day was Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. Previously he had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Dr. Dunegan was formerly a student of Dr. Day at the University of Pittsburgh and was well acquainted with him, though not intimately. He describes Dr. Day as an insider of the “Order” and although Dr. Dunegan’s memory was somewhat dimmed by the intervening years, he is able to provide enough details of the lecture to enable any enlightened person to discern the real purposes behind the trends of our time.

You can also read a transcript of the entire message on this site!

Here are just some of the topics covered in this video created from Dr. Dunegan’s audio tapes about the plans of the New World Order. He revealed this information in 1969! How many predictions can you count that have been fulfilled? Please write your answer in the comments section below.

  • Girls would be discouraged from playing with dolls so they wouldn’t think about babies. They would be encouraged to get out on the soccer field instead.
  • Guns would be eliminated almost entirely and the few that were allowed to have them for hunting would have to check them out from officials.
  • They already could cure over 98% of all cancers – they had the cures at the Rockefeller Institute. But they would not be released because there were too many people in the world and they had to die of something.
  • Homosexuality will be encouraged – anything goes.
  • Families will diminish in importance. People would be encouraged to live alone.
  • Euthanasia will be encouraged – they will use “the demise pill” to kill themselves.
  • Births will be strictly controlled and you could not simply have children because you wanted them.
  • “Stupid” people would not eat correctly and exercise so they would die much earlier and that’s what they wanted.
  • Private doctors will be eliminated – doctors make too much money.
  • They will make health care so expensive that you must have insurance or be financially destroyed. Limiting access to affordable medical care will make eliminating elderly easier. They would stop hospitals from giving any charity care.
  • New difficult to treat and diagnose diseases will come about as a means of population control.
  • Running shoes and sports equipment will be made glamorous to make the “smart” people get into exercise.
  • Romantic music will not be put out anymore. All the old music will be brought back on certain “oldies” radio stations and the young people will have their own radio stations. Old movies will be put again for the old people.
  • Entertainment will be used to mainly change and program the young people. The old people are important anyway so they don’t care much about them.
  • Entire meals will be made and put in grocery stores. Convenience foods will be made unhealthy. They wanted people that were too lazy to fix their own meals or exercise to die early.
  • Inducing heart attacks as a means of assassination.
  • They will blend all religions but Christianity had to go especially! Once the Roman Catholic is brought down then the rest will go next. Then they will create a new religion.
  • They will change the Bible over time – churches would help them!
  • The education system will be restructured as a tool of indoctrination. Kids will spend more time in school but won’t learn anything. Kids will have to specialize early on in their education and changing their plans will be very difficult.
  • ID will be required for all travel. They will implant IDs inside the skin so that nobody could say they lost their IDs.
  • They will control who has access to information. Some books will just disappear or be changed. They will even have thieves steal certain books from the library.
  • Drug use will be encouraged to encourage a “Jungle” atmosphere. Meanwhile police enforcement to put people in prison for drugs will be drastically increased.
  • Food will be strictly controlled and people would be not allowed to grow their own. They only would give you enough food to give you what you needed but hoarding food or growing food would be criminal activities. They didn’t want anybody to be able to support those outside their system.
  • Travel will be first made cheaper to encourage people to spread out their families but then made very expensive so few people could afford it.
  • Crime will be increased as a way to control society.
  • More jails would be made and they would even use hospitals as jails.
  • America would lose her manufacturing base. Other countries would be making the products America was making now.
  • Sports would be used as a tool for social change – Soccer was being encouraged since it was a global game. They wanted to do away with anything like football and baseball that were created in the United States. National pride of any type would be discouraged.
  • Sex and violence would be programmed through entertainment.
  • All television sets would have secret cameras that would watch everybody in the room.
  • They would implant IDs in everybody.
  • They would control what was in our food.
  • They already controlled the weather. They would stop rain in certain areas to bring them under their control. They would make rain during harvest to make it harder to get the food from the fields.
  • There were always two reasons for all their actions. The public reason they give everybody and the REAL reason.
  • People don’t ask the right questions – they are too trusting.
  • Scientific research would be falsified to push their agendas.
  • Terrorism would be used to control the people.
  • Home ownership will be a thing of the past.
  • The new system would be either be brought by peaceful means if possible or by bringing the nation to the brink of nuclear war. People would give up their national sovereignty to keep the peace.
  • If too many people resisted their plans, there might be a need to use one, two or more nuclear weapons to show that “we mean business”.
  • War was justified as a way to control the population. They were happy that World Wars had killed millions so they couldn’t keep having babies. But now with nuclear weapons they would not allow wars to be fought with nuclear weapons on a wide scale.
  • Americans have had it too good so nuclear terrorism might need to be used in order to implement the new world order system.
  • Inflation is a tool of control. Money would be turned into credit. Cash would be done away with. People would carry money only for small items such as chewing gun. All else is done electronically. They would ultimately have a single bank system but might appear as several banks.
  • All purchases would be tracked. If you bought too much of an item or a particular item, an official would be alerted to investigate. The ability to save would be curtailed so they would not be able to accumulate wealth. Wealth in the hands of the people is not good for those in charge.
  • If you saved too much, your pay would be cut in the future so you could not accumulate any wealth.
  • Credit would be encouraged so people would get in debt and get in trouble so authorities could come down hard on them.
  • Eventually there would only be one credit card and then after that there would be a skin implant located in your right hand or your forehead. He was told to not worry about what the Bible said about this because this was just the logical place for the implant.
  • Implants would also be used for surveillance. Every citizen could be identified by their own signal through tooth fillings etc.
  • You’ll be watching television and somebody will be watching you at a central station. The TV could be off and still monitor you. They could tell what you are watching and how you are reacting to what you are watching. The signals for monitoring you will go down the cable for your Cable TV and telephone wires.
  • Audio monitors would also be used in other rooms. Any wires that come into the home will be used to monitor you such as telephone wires.
  • There would be service trucks everywhere putting in the monitoring equipment.
  • People that already owned houses would be allowed to keep them but young people would never be able to afford a home. Cost of homes would not come down even with all the empty houses. They would control the price of homes to turn more and more people into renters.
  • People would be assigned where they would live and they would assign non family members to live with you. That’s why the census asks how many bedrooms you have in the home.
  • When the new system comes out, they would be required to sign allegiance to it. There would be no room for people that would not sign their allegiance to the new system. They would be secretly taken to special places where they would not live very long. People will just disappear so they couldn’t be martyrs.
  • The new system will come in over a weekend in the winter. They would announce the new system was in place on a Monday. Everybody will have less leisure time after the new system was brought in so they couldn’t figure out what was going on.