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Just thought i'd drop this here. While i was going through my bookmarks i noticed that nearly every YouTube video was removed and so i had to find fresh sources.

Hey people, here's your (criminal) U.S. government in action

U.S. Government Plan, Dated 23 February 2018, for Coup in Venezuela, Now Leaks Out - Global Research

From the Global Research website...

A detailed plan from “UNITED STATES SOUTHERN COMMAND dated “23 FEBRUARY 2018 was issued with the title “PLAN TO OVERTHROW THE VENEZUELAN DICTATORSHIP ‘MASTERSTROKE’ and is here presented complete.

The complete leaked document is here. Following are some selected quotes from the plan...

“Encouraging popular dissatisfaction by increasing scarcity and rise in price of the foodstuffs, medicines and other essential goods for the inhabitants. Making more harrowing and painful the scarcities of the main basic merchandises. …
“intensifying the undercapitalization of the country, the leaking out of foreign currency and the deterioration of its monetary base, bringing about the application of new inflationary measures.

“Fully obstruct imports, and at the same time discouraging potential foreign investors in order to make the situation more critical for the population.

“compelling him to fall into mistakes that generate greater distrust and rejection domestically

“To besiege him, to ridicule him and to pose him as symbol of awkwardness and incompetence. To expose him as a puppet of Cuba.

“Appealing to domestic allies as well as other people inserted from abroad in the national scenario in order to generate protests, riots and insecurity, plunders, thefts, assaults and highjacking of vessels as well as other means of transportation, with the intention of deserting this country in crisis through all borderlands and other possible ways, jeopardizing in such a way the National Security of neighboring frontier nations. Causing victims and holding the Government responsible for them. Magnifying, in front of the world, the humanitarian crisis in which the country has been submitted to.

“Structuring a plan to get the profuse desertion of the most qualified professionals from the country, in order ‘to leave it with no professionals at all’, which will aggravate even more the internal situation and along these lines putting the blame on of Government.

“the presence of combat units from the United States of America and the other named countries, under the command of a Joint General Staff led by the USA.

In case you're wondering, yes, the CIA does more than just traffic drugs.

Video: Former LA Police Officer Mike Ruppert Confronts CIA Director John Deutch on Drug Trafficking

On November 15, 1996, there was a town meeting in Los Angeles on allegations of CIA involvement in drug trafficking. Former Los Angeles Police Narcotics Detective Mike Ruppert seized the opportunity to confront then CIA Director John Deutch.

Mike eventually put a bullet in his brain a few years back, and yes, it was a genuine suicide (this time anyway). I miss the man. Mike had a good heart and remarkable ethics. His troubles started when he began exposing government coverups and criminality. He would eventually lose everything and wind up living in a trailer on a friends land along with his dog. Mike started exploring a spiritual path and seemed to regain a foothold in his life, but apparently depression got the better of him. Mike was interviewed rather extensively for the 2009 film Collapse which i highly recommend.

The 1933 Jewish Boycott of Germany & the HR 336 Anti BDS Bill (video)

Courtesy of Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence...

The 1933 Jewish Boycott of Germany & the HR 336 Anti BDS Bill

In 2019, the Israeli #Zionist movement is pressuring US politicians to make it illegal for American citizens to boycott #Israel. They are pushing an anti-boycott bill known as HR 336.

But in 1933, against the wishes of German Jews, Jews in America and the United Kingdom organized a global boycott of Germany. Just as Jews were justified in boycotting German goods over concerns about abuse of Jews in 1933, today we are justified in organizing the global #BDS boycott of Israel over its abuse of Palestinians.

Please write your representative about HR 336, following these easy steps:

Return of Kim Jong-un celebrated after Putin summit, 2019 (video)

I find videos of North Koreans feverishly celebrating Kim Jong-un to be rather unsettling. Have a look at this one for instance, where Kim has returned from a summit with Vladimir Putin...

What immediately caught my attention was the first few moments where he steps off the train:

Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un returning from a summit with Vladimir Putin, 2019, with his right hand partially hidden in his coat.

I'm not an expert in symbolism, but i have digested some of the work of Jorden Maxwell and others and this image screams 'Freemason' to me. Partially hiding ones right hand in their coat as Kim does here is apparently a Masonic symbol that is typically referred to as the 'hidden hand'. Many examples of prominent and powerful people displaying the 'hidden hand' symbol and other symbols of Masonry can be found in the article, Masonic Hand Signs Explained: Hand Signals of Freemasonry, as well as on the Vigilant Citizen website.

“This conspiracy of democratic Jews and Free Masons dragged Europe into war two years ago. — Adolf Hitler in a radio broadcast from Berlin to the German people, 1941 (source)