The 'Moon hoax' cult - 5+ decades and still going

The catalyst for this article was discussions i had with two intelligent people who argue that man never set foot on the Moon. One has serious doubts and the other rejects the idea completely and it is the latter which has an extensive background in aerospace.

These recent discussions were certainly not my introduction into such claims however as i looked into this many moons ago (pun intended). There are many people who disbelieve that man walked on the Moon, some very smart and some just plain stupid, and the number seems to be growing. Smart people are just as easily fooled as is the dummy however.

If you've read some of the content on this website, especially in the history section, you'll know my beliefs are not main stream. I'm not sure they ever were. I enjoy finding fault with a given narrative and following the trail of breadcrumbs to a sound, or at least a logical conclusion. If you accused me of being a conspiracy theorist, i stand unapologetically guilty, however i'm also a conspiracy 'factist', if you will. I'm interested in truth, not confirming my own biases. Truth is not always easily discovered, however in this case there is a lot of evidence readily available and, in the end, that which is presented by the debunkers fails miserably when measured against the official claim.

My questioning of mainstream narratives began at an early age and when i delved into the validity of the Apollo Moon landings, i would not have been surprised in the least had the evidence led me to conclude that the whole thing was a big fat hoax as many believe. Matter of fact, i would have preferred such a result because it would have been yet another well deserved nail in the coffin of mainstream government bullshit.

I cannot prove beyond any doubt whatsoever that man set foot on the Moon. I wasn't there and i don't have physical access to the evidence. I've also learned to be critical of any claims i can't vet for myself, however there is indeed a wealth of evidence that strongly suggests we did, in fact, walk on the Moon and i'll lay out a tiny fraction of that evidence here. Yes, images, communications, telemetry and other evidence can be forged, however this overlooks the massive heap of evidence to the contrary as well as simple logic and reasoning. Simply put, the evidence which i've considered that the debunkers bring to the table ranges from completely retarded to inconclusive and much of it resides on the retarded end of the scale.

CLAIM: The entire Apollo 11 Moon landing was filmed using a miniature section model of the Moon hung upside down on a ceiling.
ANSWER: I don't know about this particular debunker, but personally i haven't yet been able to a) miniaturize myself to fit the scale of a model, b), managed to walk on my ceiling, or c), managed to kick up dust and drop things and have them fall up. Lastly, the morons who assembled the American Moon "documentary" in question rely on discussions about potential pitfalls that arose very early during the planning stages of the space program when a great deal of questions had no concrete answers, as though nothing further could be learned and nothing could possibly be changed during subsequent research and development.

CLAIM: Wikileaks released video showing the moon landing was shot in a studio.
ANSWER: Wikileaks never published any such information. The video is a compilation which includes behind the scenes footage from the filming of Capricorn 1 (1970) and actual footage of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Even the "fact checking" website Snopes, founded by a criminal and staffed by prostitutes, actually gets this one right.

Alleged Wikileaks moon hoax video
Alleged Wikileaks moon hoax video
Capricorn 1 film set
Capricorn 1 film set

Links to the full videos:

CLAIM: The Apollo missions never left Earth orbit.
ANSWER: If that was the case then there should be evidence of sightings of the Command Module as it orbited Earth in the night sky due to light from the Sun reflecting off of it as is the case with satellites.

CLAIM: There can be no combustion in a vacuum.
ANSWER: Fuels that contain or produce oxygen as they burn will burn in an oxygen deprived environment.

CLAIM: There is nothing in a vacuum for a rocket engine to push against.
ANSWER: Every reaction creates and equal and opposite reaction, even in a vacuum.

CLAIM: The intense radiation level of Earths Van Allen Belts were not survivable by a human given the minimal protection offered by the craft.
ANSWER: While "minimal" is an exaggeration, the claim is not entirely without merit. That aside, the level of radiation doesn't matter if you pass through the belts quickly enough. From Apollo Rocketed Through the Van Allen Belts | Popular Science:

By February of 1964, NASA was confident that Apollo crews would be passing through the belts fast enough that the spacecraft’s skin and all the instrumentation lining the walls would be enough protection.


To monitor radiation exposure during the flights, Apollo crews carried dosimeters on board their spacecraft and on their persons. And these readings confirmed NASA had made a good choice. At the end of the program, the agency determined that its astronauts had avoided the large radiation doses many feared would ground flights to the Moon. Over the course of the lunar missions, astronauts were exposed to doses lower than the yearly 5 rem average experienced by workers with the Atomic Energy Commission who regularly deal with radioactive materials.

CLAIM: There's no blast crater or radial dispersion of material under the Lunar Excursion Module which would have resulted from its engine.
ANSWER: The Moon is a rock; gravity is 1/6th that of Earth so not as much thrust is required to land as would be necessary on Earth; in some instances the engine was apparently shut down just prior to the Lunar Module contacting the surface in order to avoid debris from damaging it; dispersion of the dust can be seen in some photographs captured from the Command Module, the Japanese Space Agency Selene probe, the Indian Chandrayaan-1 probe, all of which would have to be co-conspirators.

CLAIM: The Lunar Module was too fragile to withstand space travel.
ANSWER: This claim often seems to hinge on a "thin foil" being the only barrier to space in parts of the Lunar Module which is a gross exaggeration. This argument is then used to insinuate that the entire 36,000 lb. machine was fragile.

CLAIM: Lack of a radial disbursement of material under the Lunar Modules engine nozzle cannot be explained by shutting down the engine on the Lunar Module before touchdown since this would have risked damaging the fragile vehicle.
ANSWER: The Lunar Module had some serious shock absorption capability with the primary struts having 32 in. of compression travel; the Lunar Module could sustain a fall of approximately 40 feet; the Lunar Module weighed approximately 36,000 lbs. on Earth, but far less on the Moon; considering its Earth weight alone, much less the added load and tremendous vibration it needed to withstand during the Apollo launch, the Lunar Module was obviously not the flimsy contraption the debunkers would have us believe.

CLAIM: Stanly Kubrick confessed to filming the Apollo 11 Moon sequence.
ANSWER: "In a statement released through a spokesperson, the [Kubrick] family made it clear the film published on YouTube was a complete hoax, using an actor who was purporting to be the Clockwork Orange film director." (source)

CLAIM: The U.S. flag is blowing in the wind on the "Moon".
ANSWER: Momentum happens in a vacuum too when the pole to which the flag is attached is adjusted. And if the Apollo 11 mission was filmed in a studio, well, there's no wind there either. Lastly, this assumes those perpetrating the hoax were too stupid to recognize such a blatantly obvious oversight.

CLAIM: There's a photo of a Coke can on the Moon.
ANSWER: See the last part of the answer above. There was plenty of other equipment left on the Moon however as is evidenced in photographs captured by probes sent by several countries, as well as those captured by the Apollo Command Module, all of which the debunkers avoid. Such equipment includes 70+ vehicles, vehicle tracks, sensors, transmitters, seismometers, reflectors, Lunar Modules, payload transport pallets, solar panels, cameras, foot prints, and the Apollo 11 service module which may still be orbiting the Moon, all of which would have to be forgeries by several countries, all of which would have had to be co-conspirators. Lastly, forging this much evidence is utterly unnecessary as it only increases the risk that the hoax would be exposed.

CLAIM: Converging shadows prove that the light source was much closer to the areas being photographed than the Sun would have been, therefore the Moon photography was performed in a studio.
ANSWER: Easily debunked using a light bulb and 2 fingers to create shadows on a table. Shadows can indeed converge, especially when they are produced by irregularly shaped objects resting on an irregular surface, and this is not dependent on the distance of the light source. There is also the matter of perspective.

CLAIM: There are no stars in the photographs allegedly taken from the Moon.
ANSWER: There's no stars because the camera exposure was set to account for the bright, highly reflective surface of the Moon. Ever notice how many fewer stars you can see with the naked eye during a full Moon? Now imagine the light from the Sun as seen on the Moon with no atmosphere in between.

CLAIM: There are no stars in photographs taken from the Moon because it would have been impossible to create an accurate representation of the visible universe.
ANSWER: They couldn't have used enlarged photographs of the universe as a backdrop? Or plotted stars on a backdrop from photographs? Also see the above answer.

CLAIM: The astronauts said they didn't see any stars.
ANSWER: While some of the Apollo astronauts did in fact state they didn't recall seeing any stars from specific perspectives, some also stated that they could see stars when standing in the shadow of the Lunar Module, when orbiting the back side of the Moon, or when looking through optical devices. Also the astronauts had darkened visors to protect their eyes during the Moon walks. Also see the above answers.

CLAIM: The astronauts are too well lit in photographs when they were in shade.
ANSWER: The Moon is highly reflective; lightening of darker areas can be accomplished in the darkroom (known as "dodging").

CLAIM: Photographs taken by astronauts on the Moon are too well composed considering there was no viewfinder on their cameras.
ANSWER: Have you seen all of them? Did cropping photographs suddenly become impossible post Moon landing? Did they not practice beforehand? Is it necessary to forge 8,000+ photographs in order to perpetrate a hoax?

CLAIM: The camera crosshairs in photographs on the "Moon" are behind certain objects.
ANSWER: While that indeed appears to be the case in some of the photographs, it isn't. The crosshairs were on a glass plate in the camera so they could not possibly be behind anything in front of the camera, and if it is posited that the Hasselblad cameras never existed, then a sheet of glass or a filter with the crosshairs on it could be placed in front of the camera lens, or they could be added when printing the photographs. In either case the crosshairs can never be behind anything. The reason the crosshairs appear to be behind certain objects in some of the photographs is because they are washed out when they intersect a bright object, such as a space suit, and, in fact, the crosshairs can be seen in some of the photographs used by the debunkers.

CLAIM: Given the technical challenges it is extremely unlikely that 6 out of 7 Apollo missions could have met with success.
ANSWER: This ignores all that happened prior to Apollo 11. The space program had many failures, including the loss of at least 3 astronauts. So did the automobile industry. Do we not learn from our mistakes? NASA had to be as certain as possible that, as Kennedy stated, we could land a man on the Moon and return him safely to Earth. The space program was a massive effort that, contrary to what some of the debunkers imply, wasn't thrown together over night by a bunch of idiots. All of the debunking videos i've seen feature clip after clip of NASA failures early in the space program while omitting mention of many of the successes. The aircraft industry had many more failures, yet planes are flying today because lessons were learned and changes were made. Furthermore, why fake 6 landings? Why not quit after 1 or 2? Again, the more fakery, the higher the chance of being exposed.

CLAIM: Some of the Apollo 11 astronauts acted strange upon return, as though they had been threatened to not disclose the hoax.
ANSWER: This is another very thin claim, however assuming the astronauts actually did act strange upon return, i think this could possibly be due to having seen things they didn't expect, possibly on the way to the Moon or on their orbit around the dark side of the planet (there is some evidence of artificial structures on the dark side which is never seen from Earth). Another possible answer is their general state of fatigue after having endured such an intense and dangerous mission.

CLAIM: Given the complexity and technological limitations of the time, it would have been impossible for the Service Module to re-dock with the Command Module after leaving the Moon.
ANSWER: This is the only potentially reasonable argument against the Apollo Moon landings that i've heard and, quite interestingly, this argument was made by a friend who spent decades in the aerospace industry, much of that working with missile systems apparently. The basis of the argument is that the docking, given the equipment and technology available at that time, including very limited computing power, would have made it impossible to perform such an incredibly complex, delicate and precise maneuver. I think this argument overlooks the human-in-the-loop factor however. While re-docking was certainly a highly complex operation, which is why it was practiced successfully during the Gemini program, i suspect the automated portion of it (computer controlled burn times, vectoring, etc.) would only have to place the Service Module in the proximity of the Command Module on approximately the same course and velocity after which the pilot could take control and do what the computers may have been incapable of.

One of the most obvious shortcomings of the debunkers is that they conveniently ignore the mountainous body of convincing evidence which contradict their claims, including that provided by countries and organizations other than NASA which orbited the moon and photographed some of the equipment left there during the Apollo program. Such evidence is the result of the work of approximately 400,000 people over a ten year period. One cannot possibly ignore this evidence and proclaim to be objective and when both bodies of evidence are weighed, it is blatantly obvious on which side the credibility lies.

A massive compilation of photographs, video and information for Apollo missions 11 to 17 is contained on the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal website. Also see the MOON HOAX: DEBUNKED! website as well as this fine video from the SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel which explores the construction of the Saturn 5 rocket:

Comments on Robinson's documentary, 'Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up of The Vegas Mass Shooting'

I watched Robinson's 'Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up of The Vegas Mass Shooting' documentary soon after release, but i just now got around to commenting on it.

In the video, Robinson claims to have proven beyond doubt that multiple shooters were targeting people in the concert venue. The video is a mix of truth, fiction and wild speculation. The conclusion Robinson draws regarding multiple shooters contradicts my own investigation which was a forensic investigation of the video, audio ballistics and location data.

I cannot explain the major discrepancy in our findings, nor have i found any evidence whatsoever of anyone firing a weapon anywhere other than at or near the north wing of Mandalay Bay. There are 3 distinctly different sounds of gunfire and each is perfectly explainable: 1) Paddock targeting the airport fuel tank from room 134, 2) Paddock targeting the venue from room 135 and 3), Paddock shooting down the hallway through his hotel room door from room 135. The differences in sound were captured very clearly in the 'taxi video' and many people, including Robinson, mistake this as being from multiple gunmen. The woman taxi driver was parked below Paddock's room and she even remarked at one point that the gunfire sounded like it was coming from further away when, in fact, Paddock had simply changed positions and targets.

The most annoying part of all this was dealing with Robinson. Because i found some of her evidence to support multiple shooters convincing, i tried to open a conversation with her in order to discuss our thoughts, but she had no intention of considering any evidence, forensic or otherwise, which contradicted her own. I found this to be very odd behavior for an "investigative journalist".

See the Post analysis updates section of my article, Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017 - An acoustic analysis and personal observations.

The Clinton Body Count: Murder On The Tracks Part 2 - ReCut

Murder On The Tracks Part 2 - ReCut

Originally posted in 2018, this video has been re-edited to remove reference to Billy Jack Hayne's claims.


2:11 - A North-ern mockery
3:44 - "Well no, they didn't tell me anything about it..."
7:38 - A Country Cracked
9:09 - Asa Hutchinson
14:13 - Roger Clinton
21:13 - Dan Lasater
30:59 - Sharline Wilson
36:29 - Barry Seal
39:59 - Cover Ups
45:17 - Don Tyson
57:55 - Fahmy Malak
1:09:00 - End


Murder On The Tracks - The Story of Kevin Ives and Don Henry

Murder On The Tracks - The Story of Kevin Ives and Don Henry

There's many more videos about this case on the Carnage On ice YouTube channel.


Petition · Release the Docs for Kevin Ives & Don Henry! ·

Why are they treating the documents on Kevin and Don's murders in the same fashion they do the J.F.K. records???

And here's another good question... WHY? are there thousands of F.B.I. documents (as well as C.I.A. / D.E.A., and so on) on the murders of two teenage boys to begin with???

... if it was just simply the case of some local random murders of two teenage boys, then why all the alphabet agency involvement?

And WHY is their documentation still hidden away and covered up to this day?

Technically, these are YOUR documents... they belong to you, the American public.

We're going to try yet again to get these documents released, and we need your support! Please help us out and sign the petition!


Israel, JFK and the bomb: The rest of the story on the assassination of John F. Kennedy

After viewing Oliver Stone's film JFK long ago, i wondered for years afterward how Stone could be permitted to release a film in the United States that told the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and which implicated the CIA and the American government. It would be many years before i would discover that the answer to that question is that he didn't, at least not the whole truth.

What was conveniently omitted in JFK and ignored by mainstream "historians", government indoctrination centers (aka "schools"), Hollywood and the mainstream media, is in fact the most important part of the assassination, a part which, 'till this day, much of the American public is still unaware of. Following are some excerpts from various resources that paint the picture...

Why Didn't Late Jewish Comedian Mort Sahl Ever Mention The Mossad's Role In JFK Assassination? - Christians for Truth

Remarkably, at the height of his success — when he was making over $1 million a year — an enormous sum at that time — he became convinced that the Warren Commission, which allegedly investigated the JFK assassination, was part of a massive cover-up — and he began discussing the “conspiracy” during his live stage shows, much to the chagrin of everyone except his fans.

Not only did he discuss the assassination during his shows, he actually joined the investigation team of Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney who indicted Clay Shaw as part of a conspiracy to murder JFK — which became the basis of the Oliver Stone movie, JFK, starring Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison.

Mort Sahl — given all of his personal experience working with Garrison — was mystified why Oliver Stone would not interview him during the making of the film. But considering that Arnon Milchan — the biggest military arms dealer in Israel with deep ties to the Mossad — was the executive producer of Oliver Stone’s movie, it’s not surprising at all that Stone would have avoided that can of worms by consulting Sahl.

COVER STORY : Oliver Stone Builds His Own Myths : The filmmaker has touched some very raw nerves--again. But now, with 'JFK,' it's big-time history he's messing with - Los Angeles Times

By the time cappuccino was served, they had a handshake deal. The details took months of bargaining to work out, but the commitment to a film for around $20 million was made and Stone knew "my movie had a home." CAA client Costner was signed to play Garrison in January, 1991, (two months before Costner's "Dances With Wolves" swept the Academy Awards). The budget doubled to $41 million when Arnon Milchan, an Israeli representing German and French money, became executive producer, and Stone was able to afford an impressive cast of supporting actors as well.

Arnon Milchan - Wikipedia

Arnon Milchan (Hebrew: ארנון מילכן; December 6, 1944) is an Israeli businessman, film producer and spy. He has been involved in over 130 full-length motion pictures[2] and is the founder of production company Regency Enterprises. Regency's film credits include 12 Years a Slave, JFK, Heat, Fight Club, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Milchan has earned two nominations for the Academy Award for Best Picture, for L.A. Confidential and The Revenant.

He is an Israeli and American citizen, and lives in Tel Aviv. Milchan was an Israeli intelligence operative from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s.[3][4]


His father owned a fertilizer company,[8] which Milchan inherited at the age of 21 upon his father's sudden death. Over the years, Milchan turned the company into a successful chemical business.[9] He also earned a degree from the London School of Economics, before he and his company (Milchan Brothers Ltd.) were recruited to Lekem, a secret Israeli intelligence organization responsible for obtaining technology and material for Israel's nuclear program, and other highly secretive programs.[10]


Speculation about Milchan's involvement in arms dealing and intelligence activities was sparked after the indictment in 1985 of Dr. Richard Kelly Smyth, an aerospace executive and scientist who had made illegal shipments of Krytrons, which could be used as nuclear weapon triggers, through one of Milchan's companies. This remained largely in the category of rumour until biographers Meir Doron and Joseph Gelman wrote a controversial unauthorized biography of Milchan that was published in July 2011. The biography Confidential, which is largely sympathetic to Milchan, revealed in detail how he involved himself in espionage, big-ticket arms-dealing, and obtaining sensitive technology and materials for Israel's nuclear weapons program. The research in Confidential – The Life Of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon established that "at least through the mid-1980s [Milchan] was a full-fledged operative for Israel's top-secret intelligence agency, Lekem. His activities included "buying components to build and maintain Israel's nuclear arsenal" and supervising "government-backed accounts and front companies that financed the special needs of the entirety of Israel's intelligence operations outside the country".[3]

The Jonathan Pollard Exception - Original

Two decades later, a network of companies owned by Hollywood movie producer Arnon Milchan smuggled 810 nuclear weapons triggers to Israel in an operation code-named "Project Pinto." The team included American scientist Richard Kelly Smyth and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu.


In 2001 investigators uncovered compelling new evidence of Hollywood movie producer Arnon Milchan’s participation in the "Project Pinto" nuclear weapons trigger smuggling ring. But the US Department of State, after initially trying to boot Milchan out of the country, finally extended him a long-term US resident visa after intense interventions by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Nuclear weapons and Israel - Wikipedia

The State of Israel is widely believed to possess nuclear weapons. Estimates of Israel's stockpile range between 80 and 400 nuclear warheads,[2][5][6][7][8][9] and the country is believed to possess the ability to deliver them in several methods, including by aircraft, as submarine-launched cruise missiles, and via the Jericho series of intermediate to intercontinental range ballistic missiles.[18][19] Its first deliverable nuclear weapon is thought to have been completed in late 1966 or early 1967; which would make it the sixth country in the world to have developed them.[2][20][21]

However, Israel maintains a policy of deliberate ambiguity, never officially denying nor admitting to having nuclear weapons, instead repeating over the years that "Israel will not be the first country to introduce nuclear weapons to the Middle East".[22][23][24] Israel has also declined to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), despite international pressure to do so, saying that would be contrary to its national security interests.[25]

Additionally, Israel developed the Begin Doctrine of counter-proliferation and preventive strikes, denying other regional actors the ability to acquire their own nuclear weapons. The Israeli Air Force conducted Operation Opera and Operation Orchard, destroying the Iraqi and Syrian nuclear reactors in 1981 and 2007, respectively, and the Stuxnet malware that severely damaged Iranian nuclear facilities in 2010 is thought to have been developed by Israel. As of 2019, Israel remains the only country in the Middle East believed to possess nuclear weapons.[21] The Samson Option refers to Israel's deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a "last resort" against a country whose military has invaded and/or destroyed much of Israel.[26]

Israel began to investigate the nuclear field soon after it declared independence in 1948 and, with French co-operation, secretly began building the Negev Nuclear Research Center,[d] a facility near Dimona housing a nuclear reactor and reprocessing plant in the late 1950s. The first extensive details of the weapons program came in October 5, 1986, with media coverage of revelations from Mordechai Vanunu, a technician formerly employed at the center. Vanunu was soon kidnapped by the Mossad and brought back to Israel, where he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for treason and espionage.[27][28]

Final Judgment: The Missing Link In The John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper


A former top-ranking Pentagon official . . .

Here's what Colonel Donn De Grand Pre has written in his own book, Barbarians Inside the Gates, citing Final Judgment, which Grand Pre describes as "brilliant"...

"Several high-level military officers believed that the killing of JFK was in fact a coup d'etat carried out by elements of the CIA working with the Israeli Mossad. Kennedy was attempting to halt the development of nuclear weapons by the Israelis, while simultaneously planning to disband the CIA and disengage our military troops from the Indo-China area. (Read Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper for more details.)"

—Col. Donn De Grand Pre



The second instance to which Congressman Findley referred is of special interest inasmuch as the intended attack on an American air force reconnaissance plane was designed to protect Israel's secret development of nuclear weaponry. It was Israel's nuclear offensive that led President John F. Kennedy into the "secret war" with Israel that he conducted with increasing intensity during the three years of his short-lived presidency.

As we shall see in Chapter 5, it was the very issue of Kennedy's intransigent opposition to Israel's nuclear arms development that became a central part of his standoff with Israel and its Mossad. It was this conflict that played a critical part in setting in final motion the assassination conspiracy that ended John Kennedy's life.



Operation Haman?
The Theory That Works.
A Summary

"Conspired All of Them Together." Nehemiah 4:8

The State of Israel had integral links with all of the major power groups that wanted John F. Kennedy removed from the American presidency.

Israel's global network had the power to orchestrate not only the assassination of Kennedy, but also the subsequent cover-up . Israel was indeed a key player in the JFK assassination conspiracy and, the evidence suggests, a primary instigator of the crime. All of Israel's co-conspirators—and those who had an interest in seeing Kennedy dead—had good reason to assist in the cover-up. They were protecting their own interests.



Ultimately, Kennedy planned to merge all of the American intelligence agencies - the FBI included - into a single entity under his brother Robert's direction. This plan, of course, was not greeted enthusiastically by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover whom Kennedy also planned to dethrone following the 1964 election.

Hoover, as we have seen, had his own secret arrangements with Lansky, individually, and with organized crime in general. Hoover also had a foundation established in his name with funding from Lansky-linked liquor industries and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, which functions as a de facto U.S. propaganda and intelligence arm of Israel's Mossad.

If Hoover himself did not actively conspire against the life of John F. Kennedy, he certainly looked the other way if he knew that a conspiracy to assassinate JFK had been hatched.


Kennedy's intended change in Vietnam policy-his plan to unilaterally withdraw from the imbroglio--infuriated not only the CIA but elements in the Pentagon and their allies in the military-industrial complex.

By this time, of course, the Lansky syndicate had already set up international heroin-running from Southeast Asia through the CIA-linked Corsican Mafia in the Mediterranean.

The joint Lansky-CIA operations in the international drug racket were a lucrative venture that thrived as a consequence of deep U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia as cover for the drug smuggling activities.


John F. Kennedy's bitter behind-the-scenes conflict with Israel brought him into combat with an ally of not only the CIA but also the Lansky syndicate, both of which entities also maintained intimate connections to the anti-Castro Cubans.

Vice President Lyndon Johnson's Lansky-Mafia and defense industry ties, coupled with his close relationship to the Israeli lobby, and his longstanding friendly dealings with both the CIA and Hoover's FBI made Johnson an acceptable alternative (among these diverse special interests) to a Kennedy dynasty.

Kennedy himself had long been suspect in the eyes of Israel and its allies in this country.



By April 1963, Kennedy's relationship with Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and the state of Israel was at a dangerous impasse, particularly over Israel's determination to develop a nuclear bomb.

At Kennedy's last official press conference, he bemoaned the Israeli lobby's deliberate sabotage of his own efforts to build bridges to the Arab world. Little did JFK know that the seeds of his own destruction had been sown as a consequence of his efforts to bring peace to the Middle East

Israeli leader David Ben-Gurion had developed an intense personal distrust-even hatred and contempt-for Kennedy. He believed that Kennedy's presidency was a danger to the very survival of the state of Israel-the nation that Ben-Gurion had helped create.
Ben-Gurion, by this time, was consumed with paranoia. He believed that Israel might be destroyed. It was because of his contempt for Kennedy and the American president's stance toward Israel that Ben-Gurion left his post as prime minister. It is likely that his last act as prime minister was to order Mossad orchestration of a hit on John F. Kennedy.



The evidence suggests that it was powerful CIA man, James Jesus Angleton—head of the CIA's Israel desk—who played the primary role in manipulating the CIA's involvement in the assassination. Throughout his career, Angleton's activities had intersected with those of the Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate, particularly in the CIA's dealings with the Corsican Mafia. It was Angleton's Israeli desk at the CIA that coordinated the agency's strange alliance with the Corsican crime figures.

As we have seen, anti-Castro elements in the CIA were involved in setting up the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald. In New Orleans, the CIA's assets including Permindex board member Clay Shaw, Anti-Defamation League-linked Guy Banister and David Ferrie were coordinating anti-Castro activities among the Cuban exiles. They were critical to the plot: they were manipulating Lee Harvey Oswald, making him appear as a "pro-Castro agitator." Banister and Ferrie were also involved in the machinations outside New Orleans at Lake Ponchartrain of CIA operative (and Mossad asset) Frank Sturgis. Oswald is said to have trained at this camp.

The WDSU media empire of the Stern family—major backers of Israel's Anti-Defamation League and close friends of Permindex board member Shaw—contributed to the conspiracy by publicizing Oswald's activities and making them available to the FBI, further laying the groundwork for Oswald's identification as a Castro agent.


Longtime Mossad asset Frank Sturgis—who also doubled as a CIA contract agent—met with Hunt (and with Jack Ruby) in Dallas the day before the assassination. Later Sturgis told Marita Lorenz, that he had been involved in the assassination itself. Looking at Sturgis alone, we can thus say, without qualification, that a known Mossad asset has thus confessed to have played a direct part in the president's murder.



As we saw in Chapter 13, Lansky's West Coast lieutenant Mickey Cohen—who maintained intimate ties to Israeli arms smuggling—played a bizarre role in intrigue against JFK. Cohen also had a longstanding link to Jack Ruby who was, himself, involved in smuggling arms to Israel. In fact, as we have seen, Ruby (who also trafficked in U.S. intelligence circles) was definitively "more Mossad than Mafia," quite in contrast to the old legends swirling about Ruby and his alleged "Mafia connections."

Just shortly before the JFK assassination, Al Gruber—a henchman of Mickey Cohen and a longtime Ruby friend (who hadn't seen Ruby in years)—showed up in Dallas to visit Ruby. Then, just about an hour after Lee Harvey Oswald's arrest was made public, Ruby called Gruber. It may be speculated that Ruby called Gruber to advise him that the chosen patsy had not been killed before his arrest, as planned, and that Ruby was then told it was his responsibility to finish the job.

Mickey Cohen's friend and lawyer, Melvin Belli, promptly stepped in as Jack Ruby's defense counsel, further tying Ruby to the Israeli-linked Lansky- Cohen apparatus that few JFK researchers care to address, preferring instead to focus on Ruby's mythical "ties to the Mafia."



The assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy-with an Arab as the '"false flag" - the fall guy - was a part of the continuing cover-up of the murder of President Kennedy. In the RFK assassination, as we have seen, [the Iranian SAVAK-a joint creature of the CIA and the Israeli Mossad - was responsible for coordinating the hit on the senator.

Opium Lords, Israel, the Golden Triangle, and the Kennedy Assassination

Dean Andrews’ testimony before the Warren Commission became a critical link to Israel’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Under oath, Andrews identified Clay Bertrand as the man who phoned him requesting legal representation for Oswald. Later it became known that Clay Bertrand was actually Clay Shaw, who was linked to international espionage activities with Louis Bloomfield, one of Israel’s most influential supporters. Obviously Andrews had reason to fear serious reprisal if he revealed to the authorities that Clay Bertrand was in fact Clay Shaw. This is why he clearly backpedaled regarding Bertrand’s height and was eventually convicted of perjury for lying about the true identity of Clay Shaw, the man who had asked him to represent Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of President Kennedy.


In 1962, French president Charles de Gaulle publicly accused Permindex of channeling money to OAS (Secret Army Organization),14 which made several attempts on de Gaulle’s life for liberating Algeria. Keep in mind that "Senator" John Kennedy publicly denounced France, in 1957, for its colonial rule over Algeria and for the brutality exhibited in the French-Algerian War.15

It appears that Permindex may have financed the 1965 kidnapping and murder of Moroccan exile leader Mehdi Ben Barka as well.16 When Morocco and Algeria had a brief war in 1963, Ben Barka sided with Algeria and went into exile.17 This is highly significant because it establishes an even stronger pattern that any head of state who openly supported Algerian independence was assassinated—or an assassination was attempted—by Israel via Permindex. De Gaulle, Kennedy, and Ben Barka all supported an independent Algeria. Israel’s objective was apparently to keep all Islamic nations oppressed.


Overwhelming evidence indicates that the man who engineered and organized the assassination of President Kennedy was Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, of Montreal, Canada. Bloomfield was an extraordinary individual in the sense that he operated behind the scenes influencing the highest echelons of power within many countries. He was a prominent Jewish philanthropist in Canada and Israel,1 a well connected international lawyer,2 a spy,3 a soldier,4 and a diplomat,5 all rolled into one human being. A declassified document from the State Department described Bloomfield as "intense, more inclined to talk than to listen, but polite—almost courtly."6

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"It is seldom considered that the Kennedy assassinations might have been serial murders. In fact, in speaking about the murders, Americans rarely use the plural, ‘Kennedy assassinations’. […] Clearly, this quirk in the Kennedy assassination(s) lexicon reflects an unconscious effort by journalists, politicians, and millions of ordinary Americans to avoid thinking about the two assassinations together, despite the fact that the victims are connected in countless ways."