Dick and Daz do Dallas: Multiple sniper teams hit JFK? (video)

Farsight just released a very interesting video in which both Dick Allgire and Daz Smith remote view the John Kennedy assassination in Dallas Texas on 22-Nov-1963. These guys seem to be among the top remote viewers in existence at this time, at least in the public sector, and i have come to trust their work over the years.

Here's an interesting screenshot of a portion of Daz's session annotated by me (click to enlarge):

Daz Smith JFK RV session screencap

Note that "CIA" is listed as an AOL. I forget what AOL stands for, but it's essentially when the conscience mind sort of interrupts an RV session with thought. Such thoughts are seen as possible contamination and are therefore listed off to the side. Daz is not stating that the CIA performed the assassination, only that the thought of the CIA entered his mind during the session. Daz lists many keywords during the session including directive, military and compartmentalized. He states that no one person was aware of the entire plan.

What is most interesting to me about Daz's session is that he puts two sniper teams in front of the car, the upper one in a low or lying position and the lower one in a raised position which seems to correspond with the grassy knoll area. Where could the team in the upper part of the image have been positioned? Daz states that the observer, or guard, for that team seemed very busy, as though he was making sure no one approached the sniper team from behind. He also says the man was close to traffic.

Dick's session largely corroborates what we learned from Daz's session. Again, words like CIA, military, mercenary, trained, professional, secret service, contract, sheep-dipped, coup d'état, cold, calculating and calm are used to describe the three or four, three man teams. Dick seems to place one of the teams on or near the roof of a building which appears may be the book depository or the Dal-Tex building. He also describes a man or men flashing fake badges which matches witness evidence, as well as a man posing as a workman with a tool case in which the gunman on one of the teams would deposit his disassembled weapon immediately after firing it, possibly only once.

Dick places a great deal of importance on what he describes as a red stone or brick, Gothic looking building with towers on it. The building he describes is undoubtedly the red sandstone courthouse and he feels this was the "command and control" building where there were men located high in its tower with communication radios overlooking the scene. He states that he feels they had a large, secret, state of the art device which was used to scramble their radio communications. Here's a screenshot of his session regarding the shooting teams, their positions and their triangulation of fire which converge at the red dot where Kennedy's car would have been. Again i have annotated the image (click to enlarge):

Dick Allgire JFK RV session screencap

Here's the complete video:

JFK Assassination: Part 1 – The Shooters

Update 2: FBI releases pix from camera of 'Dancing Israeli's'

More information and resources have been added to the article, FBI releases pix from camera of 'Dancing Israeli's'. I'm continuing to add and correct information as news of the FBI disclosure unfolds. Of particular interest is the fact that there is an Urban Moving Systems currently operating at the same address as the previous company of the same name. The previous Urban Moving Systems, a likely Mossad front, is the company for which some or all of the 'Dancing Israelis' worked. It is unknown at this time whether there's a connection between the two.

Update: FBI releases pix from camera of 'Dancing Israelis'

Ryan Dawson of ANC Report and Adam Green of Know More News present a detailed analysis of the 'Dancing Israelis' photographs released by the FBI in a video, Dancing Israelis Photos Analysis w Ryan Dawson.

The video has been added to the article, FBI releases pix from camera of 'Dancing Israelis'.

Article update: Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017 – An acoustic analysis and personal impressions

I knew about the supersonic boom produced by a projectile traveling faster than the speed of sound when i originally did my acoustic analysis of the Vegas shooting, however i ignored this for what ever reason and instead attributed the first sounds to reach the concert venue as bullet impacts. I think i was thrown off by the fact that in some cases these early sounds, followed 30-40 ms. later by the muzzle blast, were indeed bullets impacting objects including metal and glass as can clearly be heard in at least one of the videos.

Whatever the case, i have corrected the article to include information about the supersonic shock waves produced by projectiles which, by the way, is why silencers are not effective on high velocity rifles. In the end this oversight should make absolutely no difference in my calculations because the sonic blast of a projectile is produced by the projectile, not the gun, and so it would have been heard at almost exactly the same time as that same projectile impacted an object.

Anyway, this was a rather stupid oversight on my part and i will certainly own up to it.


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