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Article update: Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017

After reading the majority of the recently released final police report by the LVMPD, i decided to update my article on the Vegas shooting. There isn’t much that was changed and nothing earth-shattering, other than i removed the entire section regarding the 134-135 hotel room adjoining door because i think my speculation regarding the explosive breech was unfounded.

Other than that, there were bits of information that were confirmed in the final report and i made a lot of minor edits and did some polishing.

Article update: Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017: An acoustic analysis

The article, Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017: An acoustic analysis, was updated to address recent information made available in the LVMPD Preliminary Investigative Report which was released within the last couple of days. While the report may raise more questions then it answers, it does not alter the single shooter conclusion drawn in my article.

Although the report does not specify which weapon or weapons were used in the shooting, it does catalog the weapons, among which were 13 .223 caliber AR-15 rifles, all outfitted with bump-stocks. These AR-15s were apparently the only rifles outfitted with bump-stocks and therefore, since we know the alleged shooter, Stephan Paddock, was using a bump-stock equipped rifle, the cartridge i happened to pick for my ballistic analysis is at least the correct caliber. This is further corroborated in the report where it catalogs approximately 1050 expended .223 casings, all found in room 32-135. Eight .308 rounds were found in room 32-134, the smaller room that Paddock allegedly rented under the name of his girlfriend, Marilou Danley. According to the report, all these rounds appear to be single shots that were directed at the airport fuel tank.

What is most interesting to me regarding the report is the bits of information regarding Paddocks physical and mental health. The report verifies that Paddock was very likely taking diazepam (Valium) and may have been taking a lot of it and may have been mixing the drug with alcohol. Given the highly dangerous laundry list of side-effects for these types of drugs, including potentially violent and unusual behavior, this alone could be the motive for the shooting, though i still think there may be much more to the story.

Here is the press conference regarding the release of the report:

Article update: Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017: An acoustic analysis

The article, Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017: An acoustic analysis (and possibly some answers for the victims), has undergone several revisions since i first published it. I realized that i made some errors in both judgment and math, however the end result has changed very little and the data still indicates that a single shooter was targeting the festival specifically. The newest revision of the data actually strengthens the single shooter hypothesis.

An acoustic analysis of the 1-Oct-2017 mass-shooting in Las Vegas

The mass-shooting that occurred in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on October 1st, 2017, was one which i was content in ignoring for the most part, not because i didn’t have sympathy for the victims, but because i already have an overall understanding of the bigger picture and how such events are often manufactured and used for political purposes. However upon discovering the video by Mike Adams of Natural News titled Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre, my curiosity as to the on-the-ground mechanics of the event was stimulated sufficiently enough that i decided to launch my own similar investigation with the goal of determining a), whether there were multiple shooters targeting the venue specifically and b), their locations.

My analysis of several videos captured by witnesses can be found in my article, Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017: An acoustic analysis and possibly some answers for the victims. In it, i tried to be very respectful of the witnesses and i hope to provide some possible answers that i’m sure many are seeking. There are many completely baseless accusations and theories being tossed about like so much confetti and some people are capitalizing on an event that has real human victims with complete disregard as to how the garbage they spout may further traumatize those victims.

There are certainly many unanswered questions, critical changes to the official story and timeline, and many anomalies to be investigated regarding this event. If the “Illuminati” pulled this off as a satanic ritual or whatever, fine, or if the FBI is involved in organizing and financing it, fine (i find that idea to be far less far fetched given their criminal history) however incredible assertions require the meat to back them up and it disappoints me that much of the speculation and accusations circulating on the web is of the lowest quality garbage originating from brain-dead people, including some so-called independent “investigative journalists”.

The web, as far as i’m concerned, is one of the only places left where one is going to get accurate, hard hitting news reporting, however it is also filled with plenty of garbage and knowing which is which is key. Here’s a pro-tip from an avid watcher of web news for over a decade: When an article or video title contains an exclamation mark, it may well be garbage. When it is typed in all caps it may well be garbage. When it contains anything like “100 PERCENT PROOF!” or “MUST SEE!”, or “SMOKING GUN!” or “BANNED!” or any other such click-bait sensationalist words and phrases, it is either very likely complete garbage, or it was copied from a potentially quality article or video and retitled.

Anyway, to read what i have discovered regarding the Vegas mass-shooting, please read my article and please share it. Ultimately i’d like to reach some of the victims that are being led down rabbit holes that go nowhere. They have suffered far more in 10 minutes of their lives than most of us ever will.