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Freedom Law School Declares:

  • There is no statute that makes any American Citizen who works and lives in the United States of America liable or responsible to pay an income tax. Individuals only become liable to pay the income tax when they “VOLUNTARILY” file a tax return and the IRS follows their assessment procedures as outlined in the Internal Revenue Code.
  • If there were a statute which clearly and unequivocally required the filing of such tax returns, that statute would be unconstitutional under the present income tax system to the extent that it would require individuals to give the government information which could be used against them to prosecute them criminally. Although the IRS and the modern American courts claim that the 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution permitted the income tax to be imposed on the compensation for labor of the average working man, the 16th Amendment was not properly added to the United States Constitution. See www.thelawthatneverwas.com for documentation of this issue.
  • The IRS, under the United States Constitution, cannot legally require information on 1040 returns from individuals. This is the reason the IRS continually refers to the income tax as “voluntary.”

The FCC gets ‘fake news’ complaints – get ready for a laugh

The Black Vault just published the result of a FOIA request to the FCC regarding complaints of ‘fake news’.

The FCC has two databases that contain complaints submitted to them for possible investigation. This includes the FCC Enforcement Bureau Database and the FCC Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau database.

Under the FOIA, you can request a search of both databases for keywords/phrases. In this particular case, I submitted a request in November 2019 for complaints containing the phrase “Fake News.”

The search yielded 1800 comments submitted to the FCC databases, some of which are rather funny. Most of them look like they were written by a fifth-grader at best. The vast majority of them criticize CNN.

With Google and Facebook’s announcement of no longer allowing “fake news” or “propaganda” to appear in AdSense. That is completely understandable and somewhat commendable that they are attempting to stop the spread of biased or untrue news. However, the inclusion of certain sources such as Infowars seems a little extreme if they are not going to include such publications as New York Times or Washington Post.

Good call.

I sent this same message to the DNC, Attorney General Lynch, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and I will pose it to you as well as the FTC as I believe each of your organizations should be protecting the public interest with regard to the false information which was disseminated throughout the election cycle and ultimately fed the frenzy if many Americans who apparently cannot distinguish between fact and fiction.

why has no one taken steps to file suit, at the federal level, against fake news sites which have fed republicans information that caused their frenzy and elected Trump?

I’m glad to hear it’s only republicans being fed bullshit. This should make the cleanup job half as hard.

Ben Swann knowingly did a so-called investigative journalism story on the thoroughly debunked “Pizzagate” story, thus encouraging more hate and division. If he is not fired, the station should lose its license to broadcast.

Swann was the only one ballsy enough in the mainstream media to call out pedophilia in government for what it is.

I am so sick of the fake news and lies told on news networks with CNN being the biggest abuser. What regulations do we have to control this? I am 63 and know there used to be laws that regulated the news outlets. What can our government do to stop this?

I have news for ya gramps; the government is in on it.

We are tired of CNN’s fake news and Trump bashing, so it took some work, but I was finally able to remove CNN from my channel line-up. My first call to Cox back in Nov, 16 said it could not be done. The second time I threatened to cancel, and they advised I could select the ‘Starter TV’ channel line- up, and I would also save $40/mo! :) Success.

I would like to to file a complaint against CNN. CNN has been going on live tv every single day this month and the other previous weeks, leaking out information, that is simply not true. I understand that it’s their job to report, but do they have the right to be publishing fake news? Also, FCC the other day, CNN’S guest made a seemingly racist comment, that was just bad. Please look into this.

Perhaps if you would’ve opened with ‘Dear Sirs’?

I liesten ed to Don Lemon on @cnn and also had a post on my twitter account with him saying he not post any news of certain important stories. This station is a “fake news” channel, but they are censoring the news and only sharing opinions rather than the truth…I think this wrong and does everyone else

A collage student, no doubt.

Also hacker secretly populate false data by ILLEGALLY ACCESS remote in pda with encrypted SIM CARD per officials from T-Mobile obviously commit a breach with many ppl coincidentally downloading contact info using bogus related websites or strange words “ISIS, AL-QADA, other unknown uncommon words upstage with hackers to implicate fake news intentionally possible RUSSIAN TROLLS PAID TO HACK WHICH FBI INVESTIGATION WITH NUMBERS AND WEBSITE IANA.ORG ASSIGNED IP NUMBER.

I hope they never let him out.

On 28th February, West Michigan’s 107.7 WRKR rocker morning show host Mr Mike McKelley regurgitated the ugly claim during his jokey jokes segment that witches were trying to destroy president Trump in clear violation of title 47 chapter 1 subchapter D part 95 sub part A subsection 95.183.

As a witch, I don’t normally let things like this get to me, […]


I wonder who at CNN wrote this?

we punch in fox news and dish puts us to cnn or msnbc,we walk away for a short time and were back on fake news again.my daughter said she is having the same problem with spectrum.i believe this is being done on purpose,(fake ratings and exposing the viewers to anti-trump news.i am feed up!!!!!!!!

Not sure that the FCC can help you, but maybe My Little Pony can.

Someone has been declared dead all over the media for years but there’s a confession by the person involved that the dead body “was NOT the same person” that was announced dead–this is available in video form. The dead body is proven to be a decoy body double. I also have a confession that person “looked different” in writing.

Mental institutions have internet access?

I followed @KGNSNews (NBC affiliate) on twitter and made a comment on their News Story that I knew to be false. And I called them out as fake news.. They blocked me, taking away my rights to make a public comment on a public site…

I would like them to unblock me because I would like to keep up with local news and news breaks…. Also I want my right to voice my opinion… I could understand maybe if I used vulgar words… But I never bring myself to that lowest level… I even subscribe to TV GUARDIAN to block out bad words from TV programs… Thank You for considering to restore my 1st Amendment Rights…

SHARED internet access?

I am one of the admins for a group page with the title, “I Am A Jew And I Did Not Vote For Obama In 2012”. First Facebook gave us a problem with changing the name of the group. Now they have unpublished it altogether saying we published fake news.

Based on the recent release of the Project Veritas video related to a CNN producer admitting that CNN creates/follows stories “for ratings”, I believe it is time that the FCC look into CNN and its operations/reporting. As Americans, we want and deserve honest reporting, and that is not what CNN is providing, as evidenced by their retraction of the Scaramuchi/Russia story. If we can’t get honest reporting, how can we make informed and intelligent decisions as related to our representative government? I ask the FCC to investigate this, to somehow get involved. Thank you.

My intention was to stick to the funny and stupid comments which i thought would be sparse, however as i read through this i realize they are, by far, the norm. This is one of the few reasonably intelligent comments.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

As an organization representing more than 1.2 million American seniors, we wanted to formally register a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission and to ask that serious consideration be given to revoking CNN’s license to broadcast.

This comment was submitted at least 261 times in various forms.

When your web host has a shootout with the cops … and loses

I didn’t know what a “furry” was until a few days ago. Apparently Simba Lion (yes, that is was his real name), former owner of Pride Tech Design, my web host until recently, was a “furry”.

“Furry” equates to weirdo in my book, but Simba’s personal life wasn’t my concern, at least not until a few days ago. Fact is, i think he was pretty damn good at what he did, which was reselling and managing VPS (Virtual Private Server) services for clients who, like me, want a website but have outgrown the shitty charade of shared hosting. Fifteen bucks a month for a fully managed and decently outfitted VPS running on Digital Ocean infrastructure from a guy who i saw as very knowledgeable and ethical was a deal i don’t think i’ll ever find again, not to mention the level of support he offered.

12bytes.org went offline on December 12th. The site has virtually never been offline since i’ve been with Simba so it was a bit of a surprise to see it down, but i wasn’t too concerned because i knew he’d jump right on it, except he didn’t. Eventually i opened a support ticket and my mail was returned. Weird. Then i visited pridetechdesign.com and it too was down. Very weird.

On November 19, 2019, Simba Lion apparently got into an argument with some bug exterminators and things turned toxic. The cops were called (you can listen to 911 call here). The news tells us that he shot at the officers, wounding one, and, in turn, they shot back. Simba died shortly thereafter. I was oblivious to all of this until December the 13th or so when i started searching the interwebs to figure out what the hell happened to my website and Pride Tech Design.

If you’re in to lot’s of drama and fluff, there’s a long thread about Simba over at Kiwi Farms. The Simba i knew was very different than the one described on Kiwi Farms. He came across as a straight-laced Johnny do-gooder who was very professional without being impersonal. Maybe he was a weirdo and maybe, if we can believe the media, he was unhinged enough to play O.K. Corral with the coppers for no good reason. Then again, maybe there’s more to the story. Either way, as web hosting provider, i’ll miss the man.

Notice to subscribers of 12bytes.org

For technical reasons over which i have no control, it has become necessary to disable all email notifications of content updates on this website, effective immediately.

I’ve been looking for an alternative method of notifying subscribers of content updates, but so far nothing has met my standards and so i cannot say when, or if, email notifications will ever be reinstated.

If you want to be notified when new content is posted here, please see the Subscribe page for information regarding RSS news feeds.

The collapse of WTC building 7 – when the alt-media’s ‘bombshells’ turn out to be duds

An article by Matt Agorist was published on The Free Thought Project website today titled Bombshell: CNBC Anchor Admits Building 7 Brought Down in ‘Controlled Implosion’. According to the brief biography for Matt on the same website, he’s “an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA.”

Given that the mainstream media is largely a joke, the alternative media is where many people turn for accurate information, however much of the alt media is often just as biased, shallow and inaccurate as its mainstream counterpart and the aforementioned article is a case in point.

I don’t know for certain why World Trade Center building 7 collapsed and certainly there is evidence to suggest that demolition may have been the culprit, however there is also evidence to suggest that the scenario proposed by NIST (thermal expansion resulting in de-seating a critical support beam), or something along those lines, could also have been the cause of the collapse and that evidence is corroborated in later studies.

Of course most of the alternative media doesn’t want to hear that maybe, just maybe, the government wasn’t lying through their teeth this time regarding the proposed cause of the collapse of WTC 7. They have their minds made up and nothing is going to change that, least of all such inconvenient things like facts and evidence. And if you present such facts and evidence that dispute their narrative, you still lose because they just move the goal post. A missile hit the pentagon you say? Okay, then explain why so many people saw a plane fly toward, or actually strike the building, yet no one saw it fly away. Not being able to provide any reasonable explanation, they simply ignore the question and move the goal post to their next ‘irrefutable’ point, like how a 124 ft. wide plane can’t fit in a 16 ft. hole, which of course it didn’t, unless, that is, you’re one of the dimwits behind the Loose Change series of ‘cartoons’, such as Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas. Bermas, by the way, currently writes for We Are Change, an activist organization headed by the equally dimwitted Luke Rudkowski who ran into a bit of legal trouble after soliciting donations for a legal defense that apparently cost him nothing, and it gets worse from there.

Time and time again a large portion of the alternative media fails to do any real research and, instead, cherry pick evidence that supports their untenable narratives while discarding anything and everything that doesn’t. This conformation bias is why much of the alt media is every bit as unreliable as the mainstream media is, though often for far less nefarious reasons. This is so very frustrating and disappointing because the alternative media needs to be doing it better than the corporate/NSA/CIA/government sponsored clowns that dominate all of the mainstream media.

A prime example of a most embarrassing incident that the so-called 9/11 truther community is happy to omit is that Richard Gage of A&E for 9/11 Truth — an architect, mind you — never bothered to look at the architecture of the Pentagon before promoting the nonsense that AA 77 could not have penetrated 6 reinforced concrete walls which, in fact, it didn’t. The ground floor of the Pentagon has only 2 exterior walls, not 6. Most recently it was Ryan Dawson of ANC Report who pointed this out in his article, 911 Truth for Grown Ups.

But i digress…

In the article posted on The Free Thought Project website, a statement made by CNBC senior analyst and former anchor Ron Insana is at the core of the article and its clickbait headline, however it seems Insana’s statement may not be all it’s been crapped up to be by Matt Agorist. Here’s what Insana said:

Well, remember 7 World Trade had not yet come down. And so when I went down to the [New York Stock] Exchange that Wednesday morning [September 12], I was standing with some military and police officers, and we were looking over in that direction. And if it had come down in the way in which it was tilting, it would have wiped out everything from where it stood to Trinity Church to the Exchange to, effectively, you know, the mouth of the Hudson. And so there were still fears that if that building had fallen sideways, you were going to wipe out a good part of Lower Manhattan. So they did manage for one to take that down in a controlled implosion later on. And the Exchange was up and running the following Monday.

Insana refers to WTC 7 when he begins his statement, but i have to wonder if he made a mistake because it seems he may be referring to a different building later. World Trade Center building 7 was no where near the Hudson and therefore could not have “wiped out everything from where it stood” to “the mouth of the Hudson”, but WTC 1 or 2 could have figuratively inflicted such damage had either fallen sideways. He then states, “So they did manage for one to take that down in a controlled implosion later on”. Why did he use the word “one”? Was he referring to the north tower and not WTC 7?

WTC 7 proximity to Hudson river

These discrepancies are overlooked by Agorist. Furthermore, even if Insana was talking about WTC 7 throughout his statement, Agorist provides no reasonable evidence as to how Insana came to the conclusion that the building was brought down by controlled demolition, though one likely possibility is the fact that news reporters stated that the collapse was reminiscent of a controlled demolition. Agorist quotes an article ostensibly by A&E for 9/11 Truth as supporting evidence, but nothing conclusive can be drawn from it:

Insana’s statement is all the more remarkable because it appears that he is unaware of the debunked official story of Building 7’s collapse […]

So a CNBC senior analyst and former anchor had never heard of the NIST report regarding WTC 7 18 years after the fact? Nonsense!

Lastly, i spent some time with a FDNY fireman who was in the intimidate vicinity of WTC 7 prior to it’s collapse and when i questioned him about the building, he replied without hesitation that he was not at all surprised it had collapsed since fires were raging unabated in the building all afternoon, another fact that the 9/11 truther community omits.

For more on WTC 7, see Possible problems with the UAF WTC 7 collapse study.

Also see “Fake News” sources worth reading.