COVID: Legal resources for small businesses - know your rights!

The restrictions that state governors and law/code enforcement officers are pushing under threat of force are illegal and unconstitutional, but there are people and organizations that are fighting this "new normal" crap and winning big. These folks are here to help small business owners, so please take advantage of the services they offer.

The Constitutional Law Group
Genesee, PA

Rick Martin is a lawyer who is helping business for free and they offer a lot of free resources. This group is apparently *crushing* these criminal governors and dictators. Check out their videos and the 'Seeking Help' and 'Resources' pages.

This is the first resource i would heatedly recommend for all small business.

The Healthy American
San Clemente, CA 92674

Peggy Hall is a civil rights activist who seems to really get people fired up with her presentations. She is also helping small businesses
and offers free and paid resources. See the 'Documents' and 'Videos' pages (this website)

There's a lot of general resources here regarding the "pandemic", much of it news articles, studies and commentary from scientists, doctors, whistle-blowers and researchers. See the Coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2) news and resources page.

Alternative information

As you may be aware, the censorship on platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., has reached a truly Orwellian level. Anyone questioning the official "pandemic" narrative or the experimental vaccines, whether they be a scientist, medical doctor or government official, is not only subject to being censored and kicked off of all mainstream social media platforms, but may be in danger of losing their credentials. Here's a few alternative video platforms if you want to learn more about what these people have to say. Understand there's plenty of garbage on these platforms, however there's also a lot of solid, factual information from healthcare professionals and scientists.

Brand New Tube

Exposed: The Guardian, The Intercept and Greenwald

The Guardian, originally known as The Manchester Guardian, began as a British publication in 1821. Today it's funded by, or has received funding from, a laundry list of "think tanks" and foundations such as the Skoll Foundation, founded by Canadian-born Jewish billionaire and eBay co-founder, Jeff Skoll, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the Ford Foundation, which funds the Marxist-terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, the Rockefeller Foundation and, yes, the ever present Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as retarded billionaire assholes such as Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. In 2019 The Guardian was featured in a video on The Corbett Report website titled Episode 329 – The First Annual REAL Fake News Awards where it was crowned king.

In 2013 The Guardian and its 'woke' columnist at the time, Glenn Greenwald, a far-left Jewish gay man who, along with his "husband", adopted two kids, was one of the several recipients of the avalanche of documents provided by former NSA contractor and Booz Allen Hamilton employee, Edward Snowden. The documents would later come under the control of the newly founded Intercept, co-founded by Greenwald and heavily financed by Omidyar. The Intercept was marketed as a fresh, anti-establishment, pro-press freedom, digital media outlet that would cut through the crap. It failed spectacularly.

In March of 2019, The Intercept, the bastion of ethical journalism it is, scrapped the Snowden archive project, along with their research team. The employees were canned and the documents destroyed after the digital paper exposed to the public only a thin sliver of the whole of the documents. During a phone call with Greenwald, Laura Poitras, another a co-founder of The Intercept and producer of the documentary Citizenfour, expressed her disappointment regarding the shuttering of the research department:

On Tuesday March 12, on a phone call with Glenn and the CFO, I am told that Glenn and Betsy had decided to shut down the archive because it was no longer of value to The Intercept. This is the first time I am heard about the decision. On the call, Glenn says we should not make this decision public because it would look bad for him and The Intercept. I objected to the decision. I am confident the decision to shut the archive was made to pave to fire/eliminate the research team.

Source: Why The Intercept Really Closed the Snowden Archive

Reddit-like free speech platform announces x-mas shutdown


Reddit, as many of us know, has become a liberal left-wing Zionist-Marxist hug-box that has long abandoned anything resembling the free speech edict upon which its co-founder, Aaron Swartz, had based it. As a result of systemic and Orwellian censorship which forced users off the platform, Reddit's refugees began looking for alternatives and many of them flocked to Voat, originally named WhoaVerse, which launched in 2014 and which promised to hold free speech in the highest regard, a promise which it seems to have largely kept.

Yesterday, the CEO of Voat, Justin Chastain who uses the alias 'PuttItOut' on the platform, shocked the platforms users with an announcement that the site would be shut down on Christmas day, December, 25, 2020.

I will lay Voat upon the cross on December 25th 2020 at 12 noon PST. I have chosen Christmas as the day to do so in honor of the only True thing you will find in this world and that is Jesus Christ, the son of God, and the only way to the Father. I chose 12 noon in honor of the twelve disciples who spread the message of salvation to the world. In this way, my hope is that perhaps 12 people will carry the cross for Freedom of Speech and sacrifice part of their lives for an ideal in the way I did, but hopefully with much more success, glory, and reward.

Chastain provided two primary reasons for the closure, one being mental and the other being financial.

It's embarrassing but it's true, I just can't keep it up. I've tried meditation, I've tried prayer, I've tried reaching out for help. Some solutions worked for a little while but nothing has remedied the underlying issue. No matter what I do, I simply just can't keep it up. I expect most will be disappointed and let down, while others will just point and laugh. So be it, it's a problem every man like me will face at some point.


What happened

I fight not being bitter and resentful. You see, this wasn't supposed to happen, at least not now. The short of it is that the "Angel" defaulted on the contract in March 2020. This is when Voat lost all of it's funding. I personally decided to keep Voat up until after the U.S. election of 2020. I've been paying the costs out of pocket but now I'm out of money.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: I had here information about Bitcoin wallets which i assumed were associated with Voat and which contained well over $2m USD. In my mind this brought Chastain's claim of being out of money into question. Given that i do not posses sufficient knowledge about how wallets work and what types there are, it appears that my assumptions were wrong and that Voat does not control anything close to $2m according to comments left on Voat and other social platforms. Indeed, Chastain and Voat may well be broke and his words may well be honest and as heartfelt as they appear.

ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS: Don't let government force you into bankruptcy over COVID-19!


The governor didn't "shut down" any businesses. The businesses shut down because they didn't understand that there is no law or regulation to change their way of operating. No business is under any lawful authority to require masks, distancing or any other oppressive policies. And -- they do not need to fear getting their license pulled -- because there is NO REGULATION that requires masks or any of this other nonsense. PERIOD. Places of public accommodation are prohibited from denying entry to anyone based on their appearance -- PERIOD.

Alternate link:

Website: The Healthy American
BitChute: TheHealthyAmerican
YouTube: The Healthy American Peggy Hall (strongly suggested to subscribe to any of the above due to rabid YouTube censorship)