Naomi Wolf - Vaccine Passports and the Social Credit System (video)

Naomi Wolf - Vaccine Passports and the Social Credit System

Naomi R. Wolf is an American liberal feminist author, journalist.
Following her first book The Beauty Myth, she became a leading spokeswoman of what has been described as the third wave of the feminist movement.
She is speaking as a technician/ CEO to explain the technology of this Vax passport being proposed recently.
This proposed Vax Passport platform is the same platform being used to enslave over a billion people in China now

It includes:
- a rigorous -Social Credit System,
- it will be one that rewards the discrediting of others
- with severe penalties for attempting to discredit the wrong people
- millions of 360 degree surveillance cameras outside and inside homes
- It can find any dissonant in minutes
- It can collate groups of dissonants, shut and lock down anyone's ability to buy/sell/move
-This can open or close opportunities to a person and any part of their future, in a microsecond.
- to restrict development edits
- to constrain payment provisions from bank card credits and PayPal, or Apple-Pay etc..
- to keep people in “continually locked CV status” based on their own secret algorithms
- their pursuit to indulge in tyrannically imposed public, mass behavior modifications
- the restriction of any type of discussion within any place, including your own personal space like at home
- the restriction of any type of communications technology through text, or even alleged walking by one.
- it is already tied to Apple pay and Google wallets
- there would be no opt-out options
She’s been deplatformed 5 times since beginning to share this information
This is the most dangerous technology she has ever seen.
There’s no such thing as coming back from this.
If this succeeds, there would be no such thing as refusing to opt-in
From then on, there would be
No more Capitalism
No more Free assembly
No more Privacy
No more personal preferences nor even referencing any better choices without credit penalties.
There would be no escape without substantial nuke's-EPS, or solar CME's wiping out everything else, too.
* It completely violates The American Disability Act
* It violently violates our 1st and 4th Amendments
And yet, She is a Democrat? This is far beyond her partisanship with them..
It is advised to listen to her recommendations for further education on this topic.
Search: Naomi Wolf this was originally posted on her personal page.
FORBES published an article 4/6/21 saying there will not be a Federal Sponsored V.psprt. This occurs carefully worded. Be aware and watching for industry & corporations take on implementation of any/various kinds.


Video: COVID-19 "Vaccines" And Planned Genocide - Stew Peters interviews Dr. David Martin

12bytes says: I'm not a huge fan of Stew Peters. Like Alex Jones, Peters tends to dramatize subjects, however unlike Jones, Peters seems to have a good heart and intentions. Nonetheless, the guests that Peters interviews, at least with regard to the COVID-19 "pandemic" bullshit, do indeed have vital information to share. My point is, always consider the information separate from the platform on which it's published.

EXCLUSIVE! Dr. David Martin just ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, politicians in ONE INTERVIEW

Stew Peters talked with Dr. David Martin in an historical interview with inarguable fact-based exposure that should be seen by the entire world as an absolute end to the COVID narrative.


5G: Excerpts from The Contagion Myth by Dr. Thomas Cowan

Following are excerpts from chapter 2, Electricity and Disease, of the book, The Contagion Myth, by Dr. Thomas Cowan. I highly recommend reading the book.


But with “coronavirus,” things started to intensify, particularly the dramatic, draconian responses by the authorities. Still, I didn’t think much about it, although I did wonder whether the illnesses were the initial consequences of the planned 5G rollout—or perhaps a cover-up for the rollout.

Today the quiet hum of life-giving current is infiltrated by a jangle of overlapping and jarring frequencies—from power lines to the fridge to the cell phone. It started with the telegraph and progressed to worldwide electricity, then radar, then satellites that disrupt the ionosphere, then ubiquitous Wi-Fi. The most recent addition to this disturbing racket is fifth generation wireless—5G.

5G is broadcast in a range of microwave frequencies: mostly 24– 72 GHz, with the range of 700–2500 MHz also considered 5G.

The telecommunications industry flatly denies any nonthermal effects on living tissue, even though a large body of research suggests considerable harm to the delicate electromagnetic systems in the human body from constant exposure to nonionizing frequencies. In particular, high-frequency electromagnetic fields like 5G affect cell membrane permeability—not a good thing when the architecture of a healthy cell ensures that it is not permeable except in controlled situations.

Of particular concern is the fact that some 5G transmitters broadcast at 60 GHz, a frequency that is absorbed by oxygen, causing the oxygen molecule (composed of two oxygen atoms) to split apart, making it useless for respiration.

On September 26, 2019, 5G wireless was turned on in Wuhan, China (and officially launched November 1) with a grid of about ten thousand 5G base stations—more than exist in the entire United States—all concentrated in one city. A spike in cases occurred on February 13—the same week that Wuhan turned on its 5G network for monitoring traffic.

Illness has followed 5G installation in all the major cities in America, starting with New York in Fall 2019 in Manhattan, along with parts of Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens—all subsequent coronavirus hot spots. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland, and Atlanta soon followed, with some five thousand towns and cities now covered. Citizens of the small country of San Marino (the first country in the world to install 5G, in September 2018) have had the longest exposure to 5G and the highest infection rate—four times higher than Italy (which deployed 5G in June 2019), and twenty-seven times higher than Croatia, which has not deployed 5G. In rural areas, the illness blamed on the coronavirus is slight to nonexistent.

In Europe, illness is highly correlated with 5G rollout. For example, Milan and other areas in northern Italy have the densest 5G coverage, and northern Italy has twenty-two times as many coronavirus cases as Rome.

In Switzerland, telecommunications companies have built more than two thousand antennas, but the Swiss have halted at least some of the 5G rollout due to health concerns. Switzerland has had far fewer coronavirus cases than nearby France, Spain, and Germany, where 5G is going full steam ahead.

Iran announced an official 5G launch in late March 2020, but assuming prelaunch testing in February, the advent of 5G correlates with the first Covid-19 cases at the same time. Korea has installed over seventy thousand 5G bases and reported over eight thousand cases of illness by mid-March. Japan began testing 5G in tunnels in Hokkaido in early February 2020, and this city now has the most cases of coronavirus in Japan, even more than Tokyo.

In South America, the 5G rollout has occurred in Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico, all of which have many coronavirus cases. Countries without 5G, such as Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and Paraguay have not reported any cases. Paraguay is doing what all countries should do— building a national fiber optics network without resorting to 5G.

Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre, a Spanish epidemiologist, has charted the rollout of 5G in European cities and countries with cases per thousand people and demonstrated “a clear and close relationship between the rate of coronavirus infections and 5G antenna location.”

What about Covid-19 in the Amazon basin? The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) estimates that there are at least twenty thousand active coronavirus cases among the indigenous peoples. They live a primitive lifestyle, but 5G is already there, along with “twenty- five enormously powerful surveillance radars, ten Doppler weather radars, two hundred floating water-monitoring stations, nine hundred radio-equipped ‘listening posts,’ thirty-two radio stations, eight airborne state-of-the-art surveillance jets equipped with fog-penetrating radar, and ninety-nine ‘attack/trainer’ support aircraft,’ [all of] which can track individual human beings and ‘hear a twig snap’ anywhere in the Amazon.”

The 5G system is also installed on modern cruise ships. For example, the Diamond Princess cruise ship advertises “the best Wi-Fi at sea.” On February 3, 2020, the ship was quarantined in Yokohama, Japan after many passengers complained of illness. In the end, 381 passengers and crew members became sick, and fourteen died.

Of interest is the fact that the military has crowd-control devices that operate in the same ranges: 6–100 GHz. The 95 GHz Active Denial System is a weapon that can penetrate the skin and produce intolerable heating sensations, causing people to move away from the beam.

The EUROPA EMF Guideline 2016 states “there is strong evidence that long-term exposure to certain EMFs is a risk factor for diseases such as certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and male infertility. . . . Common EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) symptoms include headaches, concentration difficulties, sleep problems, depression, lack of energy, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms [emphasis added].”

An article published in May 2020 in Toxicology Letters found that in real-world conditions, exposure to wide-spectrum nonionizing frequencies adversely impacted skin, eyes, heart, liver, kidney, spleen, blood, and bone marrow. Electromagnetic frequencies also disturb the immune function through stimulation of various allergic and inflammatory responses, and they adversely affect tissue repair.

The Russians studied the effects of millimeter waves on animals and humans in 1979. Workers servicing ultra-high-frequency generators complained of fatigue, drowsiness, headaches, and loss of memory. The blood was particularly affected, with a reduction in the amount of hemoglobin and a tendency toward hyper-coagulation. Even earlier, in 1971, the US Naval Medical Research Institute published more than twenty-three hundred references in a “Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (‘Effects’) and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation.” They found adverse effects almost everywhere in the body; in addition to “generalized degeneration of all body tissue,” they noted altered sex ratio of births (more girls), altered fetal development, decreased lactation in nursing mothers, seizures, convulsions, anxiety, thyroid enlargement, decreased testosterone production, and—of particular interest—sparking between dental fillings and a peculiar metallic taste in the mouth.

Of interest is the fact that Lloyd’s of London and other insurance carriers won’t cover injury from cell phones, Wi-Fi, or smart meters. EMFs are classified as a pollutant, alongside smoke, chemicals, and asbestos: “The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by continuous, long-term non-ionizing radiation exposure i.e. through mobile phone usage.”

According to Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, working in an emergency room (ER) in New York, the afflicted are literally gasping for air. “We’ve never seen anything like it!” he said. Covid-19 patients’ symptoms resemble those of high-altitude sickness rather than viral pneumonia. In fact, the ventilators that the hospitals have scrambled to obtain may do more harm than good and may be accounting for the high mortality rate, as they increase pressure on the lungs. These patients don’t need help breathing— they need more oxygen when they take a breath. Many turn blue in the face. These are not signs of a contagious disease but of disruption of our mechanisms for producing energy and getting oxygen to the red blood cells.

Remember that during the Spanish flu, the problem was the lack of blood coagulability; with Covid-19, a key problem is lack of oxygen in the blood—both conditions point to electrical toxicity rather than infection— iron-rich blood cells would be especially vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetism.

And there’s another symptom: fizzing. Many Covid patients report strange buzzing sensations throughout their body, “an electric feeling on the skin,” or skin that feels like it is burning. Those who are electrically sensitive report similar sensations when they are near a cell phone or use GPS-guided cruise control in their cars. Other symptoms include a loss of smell and taste, fever, aches, breathlessness, fatigue, dry cough, diarrhea, strokes, and seizures—all of which are also reported by those who are electrically sensitive.

MUST WATCH: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich interviews Whitney Webb on the people, organizations and companies orchestrating the "pandemic"

This is yet another mind-blowing masterpiece of investigative journalism by the lovely Whitney Webb who Robert F. Kennedy Junior recently referred to as one of the best investigative journalists in the U.S..

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich interviews Whitney Webb - Corona committee