Screw Gutenberg (and WordPress too)

I hope i don't regret this, but i made the decision to drop WordPress in favor of ClassicPress! I don't like the direction WordPress is going and i absolutely detest their asinine decision to FORCE the 'Gutenberg' editor (AKA 'block editor') down peoples throats whether they liked it or not, and many millions don't.

ClassicPress was forked from WordPress version 4.9 i believe, at or around the time the greedy morons at WordPress decided to foist their gimmicky GutenBORG editor on everyone. Classic press is, and promises to remain, a community driven project. Development is driven in part through petitions created by users and i like the idea, both for its simplicity and the willingness of the developers to listen to users, a quality that has essentially evaporated from the WordPress community it seems.

I switched over without doing any testing and, to my surprise, most everything *seems* to be working. The issue on the horizon is going to be ClassicPress compatibility with WordPress plugins as the project diverges further away from the WordPress core and the Gutenberg garbage infects much more of WordPress. We'll see what happens, but if you notice any problems, please let me know.

When your web host has a shootout with the cops ... and loses

I didn't know what a "furry" was until a few days ago. Apparently Simba Lion (yes, that is was his real name), former owner of Pride Tech Design, my web host until recently, was a "furry".

"Furry" equates to weirdo in my book, but Simba's personal life wasn't my concern, at least not until a few days ago. Fact is, i think he was pretty damn good at what he did, which was reselling and managing VPS (Virtual Private Server) services for clients who, like me, want a website but have outgrown the shitty charade of shared hosting. Fifteen bucks a month for a fully managed and decently outfitted VPS running on Digital Ocean infrastructure from a guy who i saw as very knowledgeable and ethical was a deal i don't think i'll ever find again, not to mention the level of support he offered. went offline on December 12th. The site has virtually never been offline since i've been with Simba so it was a bit of a surprise to see it down, but i wasn't too concerned because i knew he'd jump right on it, except he didn't. Eventually i opened a support ticket and my mail was returned. Weird. Then i visited and it too was down. Very weird.

On November 19, 2019, Simba Lion apparently got into an argument with some bug exterminators and things turned toxic. The cops were called (you can listen to 911 call here). The news tells us that he shot at the officers, wounding one, and, in turn, they shot back. Simba died shortly thereafter. I was oblivious to all of this until December the 13th or so when i started searching the interwebs to figure out what the hell happened to my website and Pride Tech Design.

If you're in to lot's of drama and fluff, there's a long thread about Simba over at Kiwi Farms. The Simba i knew was very different than the one described on Kiwi Farms. He came across as a straight-laced Johnny do-gooder who was very professional without being impersonal. Maybe he was a weirdo and maybe, if we can believe the media, he was unhinged enough to play O.K. Corral with the coppers for no good reason. Then again, maybe there's more to the story. Either way, as web hosting provider, i'll miss the man.


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