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Dick and Daz do Dallas: Multiple sniper teams hit JFK? (video)

Farsight just released a very interesting video in which both Dick Allgire and Daz Smith remote view the John Kennedy assassination in Dallas Texas on 22-Nov-1963. These guys seem to be among the top remote viewers in existence at this time, at least in the public sector, and i have come to trust their work over the years.

Here's an interesting screenshot of a portion of Daz's session annotated by me (click to enlarge):

Daz Smith JFK RV session screencap

Note that "CIA" is listed as an AOL. I forget what AOL stands for, but it's essentially when the conscience mind sort of interrupts an RV session with thought. Such thoughts are seen as possible contamination and are therefore listed off to the side. Daz is not stating that the CIA performed the assassination, only that the thought of the CIA entered his mind during the session. Daz lists many keywords during the session including directive, military and compartmentalized. He states that no one person was aware of the entire plan.

What is most interesting to me about Daz's session is that he puts two sniper teams in front of the car, the upper one in a low or lying position and the lower one in a raised position which seems to correspond with the grassy knoll area. Where could the team in the upper part of the image have been positioned? Daz states that the observer, or guard, for that team seemed very busy, as though he was making sure no one approached the sniper team from behind. He also says the man was close to traffic.

Dick's session largely corroborates what we learned from Daz's session. Again, words like CIA, military, mercenary, trained, professional, secret service, contract, sheep-dipped, coup d'état, cold, calculating and calm are used to describe the three or four, three man teams. Dick seems to place one of the teams on or near the roof of a building which appears may be the book depository or the Dal-Tex building. He also describes a man or men flashing fake badges which matches witness evidence, as well as a man posing as a workman with a tool case in which the gunman on one of the teams would deposit his disassembled weapon immediately after firing it, possibly only once.

Dick places a great deal of importance on what he describes as a red stone or brick, Gothic looking building with towers on it. The building he describes is undoubtedly the red sandstone courthouse and he feels this was the "command and control" building where there were men located high in its tower with communication radios overlooking the scene. He states that he feels they had a large, secret, state of the art device which was used to scramble their radio communications. Here's a screenshot of his session regarding the shooting teams, their positions and their triangulation of fire which converge at the red dot where Kennedy's car would have been. Again i have annotated the image (click to enlarge):

Dick Allgire JFK RV session screencap

Here's the complete video:

JFK Assassination: Part 1 - The Shooters

FBI releases pix from camera of 'Dancing Israeli’s'

I've researched the the terrorist attack on 11-Sep-2001 fairly extensively, though i haven't written much about it other than brief references. Why i haven't written more about it, i don't know. Perhaps because it's such an incredibly complex, convoluted subject that's full of misinformation and disinformation. One of the facts that many so-called 'researchers' choose to ignore is the role played by Israel and its intelligence arm, the Mossad. Indeed the fingerprints of the Israelis are all over 9/11. Even Fox 'News' aired a special regarding a potential connection, though it aired only once and was subsequently scrubbed from their website.

One of the most well known connections between Israel and the 9/11 attack is the so-called 'Dancing Israelis' who witnesses said appeared to be celebrating the event while photographing themselves against the backdrop of the burning towers. They worked for a company called Urban Moving Systems which appears to have been a Mossad front. Apparently the FBI has 76 photographs captured by the Israelis in their possession, however they only released a few redacted images as a result of a FOIA request. You can view here.

PSA: Firefox extensions wonkiness - recovering from extensions.json hack

UPDATE: deleting extensions.json did not work by itself - i ended up rebuilding my Firefox profile and importing on the necessities

In a previous post i offered a quick tutorial that i scarfed from which would re-enable all the add-ons that Mozilla disabled because of their certificate blunder. The file we manipulated in order to achieve this was extensions.json. Well, i started noticing some weirdness in that extensions that i installed post-fix weren't showing up in about:addons after a browser restart.

If you also employed the extensions.json hack to get your add-ons re-enabled, i suggest backing up your profile, deleting extensions.json and restarting the browser. There should be nothing more to do.

Is Charlie really the freak we've been led to believe?

I've been researching a very wide variety of topics for quite a few years and if there's one nearly universal truth i have learned, it's that the truth is often vastly different than what we've been told. Is the same true for Charles Manson?

Manson has been portrayed as nothing more than a brainwashing murderous cult leader and lowlife hippy freak, yet when you listen to his words, another dimension emerges. I think Manson was a highly complex person and he seems to have been quite well educated well beyond the "education" provided by our government indoctrination centers (public school). The man certainly had his faults and he was extremely eccentric, however we are products of our environment and his early life was spent in an incredibly toxic one.

Charles Manson died in prison in 2017. He spent much of his life in and out of various "correctional" institutions and "reform" schools. I think a lot of people probably think he was a murderer, yet there is no evidence that he ever killed anyone. This didn't stop the courts from charging him with seven counts of first degree murder and sending him to prison in 1971 for the remainder of his life.

Whatever you think of Manson, one must admit that he had a fascinating mind and perhaps a prophetic one. He may have been a habitual liar as well, yet he spoke the truth about certain controversial subjects, such as who and what we really are and about how our society functions.

I write this after having watched a video interview he gave in prison which i encourage you to watch also.

Charles Manson Interview With Penny Daniels