Firefox user-overrides.js update

I updated my user-overrides.js again. You can grab it here (Ctrl+S). Changes follow…

* added 'toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets'
* added 'privacy.donottrackheader.enabled' to testing
* added 'extensions.blocklist.enabled' to testing
* added 'dom.push.enabled'
* added 'dom.push.connection.enabled'
* added 'dom.push.serverURL'
* added 'dom.push.userAgentID'
* added 'network.trr.mode'
* added 'network.trr.bootstrapAddress'
* added 'network.trr.uri'
* updated instructions

Evening News Bytes – 24-May-2019

Unvaccinated Population Called Upon to Participate in Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated Legal Study

No, the CDC / Big-Pharma-poison-factory-government-revolving-door-complex has never bothered to do a vaccinated verses unvaccinated study. Can you guess why?

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

Over 43% of VACCINATED children in the USA are now suffering chronic, disabling, and even deadly diseases. Our early study responses are already proving that UNvaccinated kids have almost ZERO chronic health problems AND they are far LESS susceptible to serious INFECTIOUS diseases, particularly if they did not receive an aluminum-filled vitamin K shot at birth.

You REALLY Want to Know? US Army Asks Members How Serving 'Impacted' Them, Gets Schooled in Replies

It all began with a a video of a soldier who told the camera he joined to serve "something greater than myself." The army, the featured soldier said, had given him the opportunity to "give to others" and better himself "as a man and a lawyer." The Army then made the mistake of asking Twitter at large for their thoughts. That was where the patriotism ended. The account was quickly inundated with responses from former service members and their families – and they make for some seriously disturbing reading.

Ben Swann ON: CIA Funding Amazon's "Deep Learning" – YouTube

Ben Swann discusses Pentagon and CIA creating tech giants and then buying its services.

Lee Camp: 18 Ways Julian Assange Changed the World

Assange and WikiLeaks revealed the American military's war crimes, the American government's corruption and the American corporate media's pathetic servile flattery to the power elite.

'Everyone else must take my place': Assange in letter from British prison

"I have been isolated from all ability to prepare to defend myself: no laptop, no internet, ever, no computer, no library, so far, but even if I get access it will just be for a half an hour, with everyone else, once a week," Assange wrote. "The other side? A superpower that has been preparing for 9 years, with hundreds of people and untold millions spent on the case."

Death Of Press Freedoms? Julian Assange Charged Under The Espionage Act On 17 Counts – Activist Post

Death Of Press Freedoms? Julian Assange Charged Under The Espionage Act On 17 Counts by Aaron Kesel.

The charges carry a shocking sentence of 175 years in prison if found guilty by the secret Espionage court — a horrendous statement to send to journalists and truth tellers.

"The Department of Justice wants to imprison Assange for crimes allegedly committed outside of the United States. This extraterritorial application of US law is explicit throughout the indictment… thereby classifying any territory in the world as subject to US law," WikiLeaks wrote in a statement, adding,

"In response to the unprecedented espionage charges filed against Julian Assange today, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson declared:"

"This is the evil of lawlessness in its purest form. With the indictment, the 'leader of the free world' dismisses the First Amendment — hailed as a model of press freedom around the world — and launches a blatant extraterritorial assault outside its borders, attacking basic principles of democracy in Europe and the rest of the world."

Firefox user-overrides.js update

I updated my user-overrides.js file. You can grab it here (Ctrl+S). Following are the changes since the last version…

* misc. edits to intro text
* changed/corrected some pref descriptions
* removed some unneeded prefs related to smooth scrolling
* removed all [DEF=*] tags since these vales could be changed by Mozilla at any time, yet are rarely ever re-checked
* removed 'alerts.showFavicons'
* removed 'browser.taskbar.lists.enabled' – duplicate of user.js
* removed 'browser.taskbar.lists.frequent.enabled' – duplicate of user.js
* removed 'browser.taskbar.lists.recent.enabled' – duplicate of user.js
* removed 'browser.taskbar.lists.tasks.enabled' – duplicate of user.js
* removed 'browser.taskbar.previews.enable' – duplicate of user.js
* removed 'extensions.blocklist.url' – essentially same as user.js
* removed 'network.trr.uri'
* changed value of 'layers.geometry.opengl.enabled' – temp prefs
* moved 'privacy.trackingprotection.cryptomining.enabled' from the testing section to the user customization section
* added '' to temp section
* added 'browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.asrouter.userprefs.cfr.features'
* added 'privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing'

Just a reminder that this user-overrides.js contains My Personal Settings and so those using it will need to edit it. I relax some of the settings in the 'ghacks' user.js in return for a less troublesome browsing experience and in dong so i trade a little privacy for convenience, but i use a VPN also.

One of the newly exposed preferences in the 'ghacks' user.js is privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing and it's a rather important preference that forces a generic inner window size which makes it harder for websites to fingerprint the browser. The caveat with the preference, when enabled, is that the you may notice an empty border around the web page content. I don't like that at all, so i disable this setting (for now). Just be aware that doing so makes the browser easier to fingerprint/track.

The other newly exposed preference is privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing.dimensions. I haven't played with this yet, but this is used to set the dimensions of the viewport when the earlier preference is enabled. The idea is to use generic sizes to make fingerprinting harder. From the newest 'ghacks' user.js…

/* 4504: enable RFP letterboxing [FF67+]
 * Dynamically resizes the inner window (FF67; 200w x100h: FF68+; stepped ranges) by applying letterboxing,
 * using dimensions which waste the least content area, If you use the dimension pref, then it will only apply
 * those resolutions. The format is "width1xheight1, width2xheight2, ..." (e.g. "800x600, 1000x1000, 1600x900")
 * [NOTE] This does NOT require RFP (see 4501) **for now**
 * [WARNING] The dimension pref is only meant for testing, and we recommend you DO NOT USE it
 * [1] ***/
user_pref("privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing", true); // [HIDDEN PREF]
   // user_pref("privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing.dimensions", ""); // [HIDDEN PREF]

Update 3: FBI releases pix from camera of 'Dancing Israeli's'

I added a lot of information to the article, FBI releases pix from camera of 'Dancing Israeli's'.

The release of the FBI report and photographs of the 'Five Dancing Israelis' celebrating the destruction of the towers is an extremely important part of the Israeli connection to 9/11.

Anyone who researches the 9/11 terrorist attack to any substantial degree will quickly discover that Israel's fingerprints are literally all over it. From Israeli owned companies running airline and building security to obvious Mossad involvement, Israel is the one common thread that runs throughout 9/11. Whether Israel was a key planner or executor of the attack, i cannot say for certain, but the evidence certainly points in that direction for two obvious reasons; 1, because of their known connections to the event and 2, because Israel is one of the most prolific disseminators of terrorism there is and this has been the case since its creation.