Monsanto/Bayer Roundup being banned world-wide (video)

I’ve worked with glyphosate in the past and though i hated having to use it, it does indeed work very well. Unfortunately i was unable to find an alternative way of killing weeds along a fence line. I’ve seen news of many studies linking glyphosate to health problems, as well as news of it being banned in various places. I’m happy to see Brasscheck report on the issue.

Courtesy of Brasscheck TV, Good news – strangely censored (click to see the video)…

Roundup – which contains the deadly biocide glyphosate implicated in many serious health problems – is being banned by countries and cities all over the world.

Even in the US!

It’s headline news, right?

No it isn’t.

Article update: Firefox Extensions – My Picks

I made a few changes to the article Firefox Extensions – My Picks. The changes are as follows…

  • added the Invidious Embed add-on
  • replaced ReFont with Toggle Fonts
  • removed ViewTube user script recommendation because i no longer use it
  • moved Violentmonkey to the privacy/security section
  • minor edits

I really like the service offered by the Invidious project. Basically it’s a YouTube front-end that allows the viewer to watch YouTube videos, which are actually hosted on a Google domain, without ever connecting to

New article: Greenpeace, Global Warming and the State of “Science” Today

I was going to write a short post about the “science” of human induced global warming (or is ‘climate change’ the new fad now?) based on the article, Greenpeace Founder: Climate Change Hoax Is Completely Made-Up Issue, which was posted at Breitbart, but my post turned into something a little bigger than a post apparently. Please read, Greenpeace, Global Warming and the State of “Science” Today.